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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 24, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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lo porto. after weeks of aerial surveillance. cia analysts concluded the compound targeted was being used by al qaeda militants. on thursday, president obama himself took full responsibility for the loss of civilians blaming the mistake on the fog of war. >> i cannot begin to imagine the anguish that weinstein and lo porto families are enduring today. >> i'm addressing this video to president obama. >> reporter: weinstein was kidnapped in 2011 and spent the past four years as an al qaeda hostage. flowers and yellow ribbons now line the road leading to the 73- year-old's maryland home. >> this is not the outcome any of us had hoped for. >> reporter: the deaths are renewing calls for the review of the entire drone program, which requires a near certainty that no civilians are harmed. >> these strikes, which have been fairly aggressive since 2008, um, have prevented another 9/11 style attack in the united states. >> reporter: two other
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americans were also killed in the january operation both the administration says were members of al qaeda. congress plans to launch its own investigation. mark albert, cbs news, washington. increased bus service, more informative signs, new bike racks are some of the improvements muni is rolling out today. kpix 5's ryan takeo is in san francisco to tell us how a healthy budget helps spur the changes. ryan. reporter: yeah, it's all thanks to record ridership. now, one of the changes we'll see here, revamped shelters i like to one on the n-judah line in the haight. there are new maps to highlight the changes that go into effect this weekend. this is all to make muni easier to navigate but another huge change aims to ease overcrowding on buses. muni says it will increase service for almost one-third of its riders. so riders on the busiest lines at the busiest times are going to see a boost in service. the hope is they won't have to cram into a bus or get passed
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over by overloaded buses. the changes have been on tap for several years but the economic decline and the budget issues in recent years delayed the plan but now muni says that there's record ridership, it's time to move forward. there's a ribbon-cutting today. the changes officially take effect tomorrow. live in san francisco, ryan takeo, kpix 5. okay, ryan. thanks very much. time for a look at your big weekend forecast. it's most important forecast of the week. >> but what is today? >> today is friday! >> yes. one more time all together? >> friday!! >> good morning, everybody. as you step out the door, no need for an umbrella today but look at that thunderstorms over fresno, lightning bolts. that's the only rain in the area. otherwise we have mostly cloudy skies looking out towards mineta international airport at levi's stadium where currently numbers are in the 50s but the big story of the morning happens to be the very gusty winds west-southwest up to 24, 25 right now in san francisco.
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later today west winds 10 to 20. turning partly cloudy except at the coast remaining on the cloudy side. hey, we're going to track the incoming rain together and how it will affect your weekend in a matter of minutes. first here's liz. >> if you are about to hit the road westbound 4 in lafayette a dead deer is blocking a couple of lanes. there may be slowdowns there. everything is fine after that to the caldecott tunnel. we have seen a number of deer reports today by the way. a's and houston 7:05 first pitch, somebody to be aware of on the nimitz freeway in the evening commute. everything great now at oakland coliseum and oakland airport fine in both directions. you can see the wind moving the camera around a bit. we have one high wind advisory in effect for the san mateo bridge. live look through the livermore valley once again it is "friday light" so far still early 5:03 but 15 minutes is that drive time out of the altamont pass to 680 and we can show what you
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it looks like right now on the sensors just the usual pattern begins around mountain house on 205 and then past north flynn everything is in the green clear through pleasanton. that's "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. caltrans reportedly knew about leaks in the new bay bridge span more than a year before it opened. that's according to the morning "san francisco chronicle." the steel structure meant to be watertight leaked as early as 2012. the newspaper cites documents which also warned the water could cause corrosion. more than a dozen students were injured when a stage collapsed in indiana. it happened last night during a finale at a musical being performed at a high school. don champion reports. reporter: one minute student performers were dancing and singing. the next, in need of help. ♪[ music ]♪ >> reporter: the accident happened during the performance
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of westfield high school's american pie musical. moments after cast members rushed the stage for the finale, the structure gave way. >> a falling of faces. i just saw just this shock, this look of shock. >> reporter: more than a dozen people were hurt when they fell several feet down into the orchestra pit. stunned parents and students in the audience then ran to the stage to help. this picture was snapped moments after the accident. the student who was singing solo before the collapse talked about what happened. >> i had just stepped forward on to the steps right off of the orchestra pit, um, when i heard a crash. like mid note. >> reporter: one student who was hurt later tweeted that was like falling in a nightmare but not waking up. the injured were rushed to several area hospitals, where the school principal and the mayor spent time overnight. >> very good spirits. i was thrilled to see that. and couple of 'em said they're ready to get back again. >> reporter: westfield high is
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about 20 miles north of indianapolis. overnight, police and city officials started inspecting the stage. the school will be open for classes today and counselors will be on hand for students. don champion, cbs news, new york. >> overnight some of the kids that got hurt were released from the hospital. the injuries included broken bones, cuts and some possible concussions. today the family of a man killed by san francisco police will file a federal lawsuit. he was shot in february sparking protests at a town hall meeting. his parents say the story that he lunged at police with a knife is false. the parents and their attorneys say based on witness accounts and autopsy results, it appears lopez dropped the knife and was running away when he was shot. police are still looking for the people behind a shooting that critically injured a 7-year-old boy in vallejo. kumar polk is still being treated at children's hospital in oakland after he was hit by stray bullets on wednesday. he was shot late in the afternoon in the leg and the chest while standing in front
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of a home near 5th and cherry streets. bullets also damaged some nearby cars. at the time he was shot, he was among a group of people gathered to remember a neighbor who had died. contra costa county has set up some hotlines for former patients of the now defunct doctors medical center. the hospital in san pablo shut down this week because of financial problems. here's a look at the phone numbers. it is 5:07 this friday morning. a rising trend in binge drinking here in the bay area. why a new study says people here consume more alcohol. >> reporter: i'm kiet do live in santa clara county where the county makes a big push to try and solve homelessness. we have a live report on how two political enemies are coming together to make this happen. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, good morning, everybody. we have rain. it's making tracks towards the bay area. i'll tell you how much and when
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to expect it. >> and checking mass transit, everything is rolling along on time. we have a word of warning though for bart riders in oakland this weekend. we'll tell you
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good morning. 10 minutes after the hour of
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5:00. put your hands together big round of applause for this right here. this is mineta international airport. what we have happening here is mostly cloudy skies. but rain is moving into the bay area. we'll tell you exactly when to expect the raindrops on the rooftops. that's coming up at 5:18. all right, roberta. thank you much. 5:11. stargazers in china had a spectacular display of the lyrid meteor shower. it was recorded by observers with stop motion cameras. the lyrids are pieces of debris from a comet. each year we run into the debris stream which causes the shower. nasa says they have been observed for more than 2600 years. two very different groups are coming together in a major effort to curb the homeless problem in santa clara county. kpix 5's kiet do joins us live from the county building to explain what's happening today. kiet. reporter: good morning. this task force is different from all the other ones that came before it because it
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brings together two political enemies, business and labor. the silicon valley chamber of commerce and the south bay labor council. they all meet this morning to tackle a complex wide ranging problem. they will hit the ground running today because the county has already improved investments into so-called microhousing. it's prefab tiny homes. now, another option is allowing homeless people who have cars to sleep in their vehicles on city-owned parking lots that is staffed with counselors and security guards. this task force is also different in that there will be a particular focus on families and younger children. the idea is that with labor and business coming together, perhaps they can come up with creative solutions on where to put the nearly 8,000 people who are homeless in the county every night. the task force meets at 9 a.m. this morning until 11 a.m. and itself it last only until the end of the year. kiet do, kpix 5. lapd looking for a brazen graffiti artist who tagged a
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police horse in broad daylight. it happened at venice beach. the horse named charlie was marked while working on a crime suppression detail according to the police department. graffiti was safely removed from charlie and he is going to be just fine. a new report says binge drinking is on the rise in the bay area. binge drinking is defined as five drinks on one occasion for men and four for women. researchers say santa clara county showed the biggest increase in the state over the past decade. santa clara county was up 28% compared to 22% in san mateo county and 19% in san francisco. >> it's a lot of pressures here, right? it's a high pressure area. silicon valley is a high pressure area. and when people get out of work maybe they have a few more drinks. >> binge drinking has increased more among the women than the men. that may be a reflection of changes in social standards making drinking more acceptable for women. happening right now, parts of van ness avenue in san francisco are closed until monday. the 72-hour closure is between
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geary and post and from alice to pine. muni and golden gate transit will still run through the area. crews are building an underground walkway to sutter health california pacific medical center's campus. >> just to be sure i understand, liz is working this weekend just to make sure people get through van ness. >> you're so nice liz. >> working the evening shows today, as well! >> wait a minute! >> all right. >> i'll take it back. outside, we actually have a number of kind of construction related bart issues this weekend. we'll get to that in just a minute. all right. first let's go out to 580. roberta has been talking about the winds this morning. i want to show you this camera. of course it's quiet now when i want to show it to you but earlier it was rocking and rolling all over the place. westbound 580, must be gusty as you make your way through dublin-pleasanton. high wind advisory for the san mateo bridge issued at 1:00 still in effect. highway 92 is there, as well. mass transit is on time. bart delays once again this
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weekend in oakland. weekend track work work. it could stretch well into the summer. that's when it's planned for straight through august. so they are running shuttle buses between two stations but if you are a weekend warrior you're a weekend commuter or just planning on using bart expect up to an hour of extra transit time between those two stops. here's a live look out the door right now. back to the south bay southbound 880 we are seeing that roadwork continuing from caltrans. it's southbound 880 between stevens creek and 280. actually we are seeing a few slowdowns in that area. i think it's scheduled to wrap up by about 6:00. i'll check that here in just a minute but obviously it's still there blocking lanes. it's really our only delay in the south bay. 101 clear from morgan hill into san jose and it's still fine all the way into santa clara. 880 in oakland, we haven't seen much in the way of roadwork
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yet. so yeah, everything is kind of cruising by if you have to hop a flight to oakland airport. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." let's get an update on this forecast. here's roberta. >> thanks, liz. good morning, everyone. we have over 100 weather watcher in and around the bay area to assist us in the current conditions to get you out the door with an idea of what's going on around the bay area. so let's see what's going -- let's look at this one right here. it says 52. that's gordon steele from san mateo. reporting a little bit of a breeze at 12 miles per hour. one more, let's take a look at this one over here 53 degrees that would be keith rodriguez reporting a slight breeze in san leandro with mostly cloudy skies. thanks, guys. this gives me a really good picture of what's going on around the bay area. and speaking of pictures, i have a nice one for you this morning. this is a live weather camera looking out towards the embarcadero and see the blue and see the gold lights? they are saluting our golden state warriors who are now three games up on the pelicans. we have dennis o'donnell's sports report coming up at 5:23
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but right now your current weather conditions suggest 50 to 56 degrees out the door, but the morning story is a very gusty wind. right now the winds west- northwest 19 miles per hour in san francisco 21 at sfo, across the bay 16 in hayward. slight winds in san jose. and to the north we have a west- southwest wind at 16 in fairfield. the winds will continue to blow today out of the west 10 to 20 miles per hour. meanwhile the clouds linger along the coast. we'll turn partly cloudy. and then we have rain arriving late night tonight overnight through your saturday morning. this is an area of low pressure. it's tracking to the south. behind it high pressure and that will bring us a sunny dry condition for sunday. futurecast let's track the raindrops as we move into the bay area. a slight chance of rain during the evening hours. just a chance. but for the most part this is the leading edge about 10:00 tonight in santa rosa. it's very quick moving. it will rain in the overnight hours. most of the rain will be out of here say by 10:00 in the
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morning by noon to give us a little fudge way here. as far as the futurecast numbers are concerned .25" of rain in san francisco. heftier amounts to the east and south. temperatures today 50s and 60s. our outside number will be 70 degrees but again, a robust breeze late day. have an umbrella for the hall winery cabernet cookoff tomorrow a daytime high temperature 69 to 70 degrees. make it a great day, everyone. >> thank you. 5:18. puppies sealed inside a box left at a goodwill donation site were found just in time. a worker at a tennessee store first noticed something unusual about the donation when the box labeled stuffed animals started to move. inside were these little guys. three malnourished puppies. they are now being cared for at an animal center. they will be put up for adoption as soon as they are healthy to go home.
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cute. >> they are cute. still to come, the u.s. defense secretary is recruiting in silicon valley. but he is not looking for soldiers. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, break out the brooms, the giants sweeping the blue right out of the dodger dugout and the warriors on the verge of doing the same after a record-breaking night in new orleans. tip-off straight ahead. and in today's jobs report, jill schlesinger has tips for finding a successful career in sales. reporter: sales is the second largest occupational group in the u.s. and employing millions of people. whale it can be a lucrative career you have to be ready to assume the risk of variable income and the pressure to hit specific bottom line goals. successful salespeople love the idea of making a direct impact on the amount of money they can earn. highly tuned sales skills can also be used to command increased compensation over a career. one of the highest paying subcategories in the industry is for sales representatives of
5:20 am
wholesale manufacturing, technical and scientific products. according to a 2014 report from harvard business school, those are among the hardest jobs to fill which is why congestion pricing are paying. here in the bay area these folks earn a median wage of more than $100,000. if you have no direct experience and still want to enter the field, highlight sales related experiences like fundraising or giving presentations. i'
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let's go flying over the altamont pass. you can see the slowdowns are beginning already. so even on friday it doesn't let up through that stretch. so the worst of it is really on 205 out of tracy. continuing to north greenville and then more slowdowns between hopyard and the dublin interchange. at least the drive time is only 17 minutes though. we'll take a full look at your "kcbs" drive to work. it's all coming up. good morning, everyone. the warriors entered the 4th quarter down 20 points in new orleans. and then came alive. one look at this guy, too many hurricanes, too many beignets out there on bourbon. probably needed a few more when it was over. curry misses the three. harrison barnes though cuts the lead to 8 with under 4 minutes to go. and then curry hits and it's 2. warriors down 3 now. 8 seconds to go. the pelicans elect not to foul. curry misses his first attempt,
5:24 am
gets the second attempt. we got a tie game. curry ice water in those veins! that really took the air out of the mood at the king center. curry for the lead yeah. barnes for the five-point lead. the warriors roar back from 40 points from the hands of steph curry, they take a commanding 3- 0 series lead. warriors can wrap up that series with a sweep on saturday. the giants swept theirs yesterday and sent the dodgers a message in the process. the world series still goes through san francisco. hunter pence inching his way back from a broken arm. his replacement, justin maxwell nearly gave the giants a lead in the 8th but look at kendrick with the bases loaded. the giants would tie it in the ninth and in the tenth maxwell got revenge. base hit down the line to score angel pagan. the second straight walkoff for the giants in the series. and they sweep the dodgers 3-2. the a's and angels jesse
5:25 am
chavez only allowed one hit but it was this one to calhoun, a two-run shot. you know, the a's outhit the halos 8-1. but lost the game 2- 0. one other quick hit i'll tell you about in golf at the swinging skirts, it's lydia ko your first round leader, 19 of the 20 best players in golf are right here in the bay area. we'll see you tonight, everybody. thank you, dennis. play of the day. nba play-offs got to take another look at steph. the warriors' steph curry the circus three pointser shot at the baseline a guy in his face somehow gets it off and here it comes right there. there's the baseline shot. eventually leading to an overtime win in new orleans again golden state could sweep the opening round series with a win in new orleans tomorrow. that's your play of the day. maybe your play of the week. go, warriors! 5:25. a look back this morning on how youtube got started.
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recently, a 1954 mercedes-benz grand prix race car made history when it sold for a record price of just under $30 million. and now, another mercedes-benz makes history selling at just over $30,000. and to think this one actually has a surround-sound stereo. the 2015 cla. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services.
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you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! ♪[ music ]♪ frightening moments when a stage collapses injuring neither two dozen high school students. >> president obama is apologizing after killing two hostages in al qaeda custody. >> rain is back in the forecast. i'll show you when and how much. >> and we're not quiet at 5:30.
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everything is juliette goodrich good across the bay bridge. more on the morning drive to work coming up. good morning. it's friday, everyone! april 24th. good to have you with us. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. well, it seems like everyone has a muni horror story to talk about from overcrowded trains to buses that never seem to arrive. but the transit agency making some big changes and kpix 5's ryan takeo is in san francisco to tell us about improvements riders can expect and it all starts this weekend. ryan, good morning. reporter: good morning. the main goal is to address the overcrowding issue. muni faces record ridership so that's a good thing. but if you ride muni you know that the buses are crowded sometimes they just pass you by. so on the busiest routes like here on the n-judah line, that is where they will be throwing more buses on the routes and its aim is to avoid that overcrowding. muni says it will increase service for a third of riders
5:31 am
so busy lines will see a boost in service at peak times. hopefully they won't be passed over by overloaded buses. the changes have been on tap for years but the economic decline and the budget issues have delayed the plan in recent years. muni says now that there's record ridership it's time to move forward. and riders say it's about time. >> rush hour when there's only one train and going to somewhere like a j-church and it's overcrowded and everybody is slammed in there like a bunch of sardines. >> it would be less frustrating, i guess. >> reporter: back here live now part of the plan's goal is to make muni easier to navigate, too. so that means new shelters are on the way. new decals are on the way at many of the shelters like here in the haight. there are new maps to highlight the new routes that go into service tomorrow. ribbon cutting today but the new routes and changes go into effect tomorrow. live in san francisco, ryan
5:32 am
takeo, kpix 5. environmentalists have filed a lawsuit in hopes of draining hetch hetchy reservoir. the reservoir in yosemite national park serves 2.6 million bay area residents. the group restore hetch hetchy is suing to get the water stored downstream now. they say the reservoir has ruined the valley's natural glory. san francisco says it will fight that lawsuit. 5:32. a check of weather now with roberta. a little bit of rain coming our way, huh? >> yes. much-needed precipitation. good morning, everyone. let's fire up our hi-def doppler radar picking up a thunderstorm near the fresno area. otherwise we'll be dry today with the rain arriving during the over my hours. the lights of blue and gold saluting the golden state warriors. our temperatures are into the 50s but the big story this morning happens to be the very gusty winds out of the west and northwest at 23. temperatures today across the bay area very close to average at 50s coastside 60s around the peninsula, 60s, 70s around the
5:33 am
santa clara valley and east bay. we'll not see clearing at the coast today. partly cloudy elsewhere. the rain we'll track it together in just a couple of minutes but first here's liz. >> out the door i have to say it's been relatively quiet this morning. a few things going on but nothing really big to slow you down. use congestion through the altamont pass, livermore valley continuing farther west past vasco road and more slowdowns between hopyard and 680 so the drive time up to 19 minutes. that's why they changed that category to yellow, slow. and our cameras also moving around a little bit so there are some high winds out there in fact there's a high wind advisory for the san mateo bridge. there will be a full review of u.s. drone strikes. an incident in january, it
5:34 am
wasn't determined until this month that two people were killed in the drone strive. warren weinstein and giovanni lo porto. >> i profoundly regret what happened. on behalf of the united states government ioffer our deepest apologies. >> based on the intelligence available in january the u.s. believed it was attacking an al qaeda compound with no civilians present. drone strikes killed two american members of al qaeda. today a new effort to ease dollar is county's homeless problem. -- to east santa clara county's homeless problem. kiet do reports. reporter: >> reporter: folks in the trenches battling homelessness in santa clara county center noticed a problem nowhere to put them. average rent is up to $2,400 a month in santa clara county. there just isn't enough affordable housing and so for the first time this morning, its task force will be meeting to look at solutions. this task force is different from all the other ones because this time it has two political opponents coming together.
5:35 am
the silicon valley chamber of commerce and the south bay labor council. they will hit the ground running today because the county has already improved investments into so-called microhousing. that's prefab tiny homes. another option allowing homeless people who have cars to sleep in their vehicles in parking lots on publicly owned land that is staffed with counselors and security guards. this task force is also different in that there will be a particular focus on families and younger children. the idea with bringing labor and business together perhaps they cab come up with creative solutions on where to put 8,000 homeless in the county every night. this meeting goes from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. this morning here in the building in downtown san jose. the task force itself will only last until the end of the year. kiet do, kpix 5. culprits at large after a shooting that seriously injured a 7-year-old boy in vallejo. kumar polk is still in the hospital in oakland after being
5:36 am
hit in the leg and chest while standing in front of a home near fifth and cherry streets. bullets also hit linda tyler's car windows but nothing prepared her for the news that her you can neighbor had been hit -- that her young neighbor had been hit. >> that's terrible. who would shoot a 7-year-old kid? it don't make no sense. i don't understand it, i never will. >> at the time he was shot he was among a group of people gathered to remember a neighbor who died. a suspect who tried to rip a necklace off a woman is at large. police say this man cased her house. when she got out of her car wednesday night he pounced and she fought him off and he fled in this honda accord. it's gold with continued rear windows and alloy rims. the car was missing a front license plate. police have released a photo of a man accused of trying to abduct several high school girls in hayward. sagar patel faces charges of attempted kidnap in a string of cases that began in february.
5:37 am
all the cases the girls were able to provide descriptions to police. investigators used a sketch atmospherist to help track down patel -- sketch artist to track down patel. girls were approached as they walked home from tennyson high school and they fought back and ran to safety. a dozen people were hurt when a stage collapsed at a high school in indiana. ♪[ music ]♪ >> it happened during a performance of a musical called american pie. cast members had just rushed on the stage for the finale when that structure gave way. students fell several feet into the orchestra pit.>> you just see this 12-foot drop and just students being covered in huge pieces of wood and debris and, you know, people just screaming for help. >> the injured were rushed to three area hospitals. overnight some of the children who got hurt were released from the hospital. the injuries include broken bones, cuts and possible concussion. 5:37. comcast is abandoning a $45
5:38 am
billion merger with time warner cable. the fcc met with them this week and questioned whether the deal was in the public's best interests. fcc recommended the case be heard by an administrative law judge and that apparently was enough to nix that big merger. the stock exchange that specializes in tech companies is at a record high. and this time the gains may be durable. jill wagner of joins us from new york on a friday. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. happy friday! so the nasdaq will open trading today at a new all-time high. yesterday jumped 21 points closing at 5,056. it passed the old record which was set in march of 2000 at the height of the dot-com bubble. this time around analysts say the nasdaq had a better footing because its more diverse, there's health in biotech stocks plus tech giants like apple, facebook and google have been turning massive profits. general motors is trying to move past its recall debacle.
5:39 am
the automaker says profits rose nearly 8 times above a year ago. consumers have been taking advantage of low gas places splurging on pickups and suvs which is general motors' sweet spot. starbucks sales are up in the last few months. new drinks really helped drive profits because they are a little more expensive than other drinks. >> i know. it's just getting pricier and pricier. all right jill. chipotle is starting to deliver now? >> reporter: now you can get it without ever leaving the house or the office. the mexican food chain is teaming up with a delivery service to bring the burritos straight to your door. that service is available in dozens of service wherever the delivery service operates. >> a burrito bowl on your doorstep, like that. jill wagner on a friday, thank so much, jill. enjoy your weekend. defense secretary ashton
5:40 am
carter is recruiting the best minds in silicon valley. ash carter believes the next war will be fought in cyberspace. he says tech companies and startups can offer the pentagon the best defenses. one student who just got accepted to stanford and princeton says it got him thinking about joining the "cyber service" > you want students to try it first and i think that's one of the biggest obstacles to, you know, students getting involved with helping the government and military is that, you know, nobody really knows what it's like and it seems like a very rigid structure, you know, horde to, like, get into. >> the last time the head of the pentagon visited silicon valley was in the '90s. one bay area city wants you to use your smartphone while driving. why they say it could make the roads safer. we'll explain. >> and let's get a check on the roads right now. this is i-880 in oakland. not looking too bad.
5:41 am
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good morning. it is friday, 5:42. we're looking towards the embarcadero in the city of san francisco. can you see it? look carefully. we have the blue lights, the gold lights, we have the embarcadero saluting our golden state warriors. we have the sports report coming up right after weather. but the news continues first. thanks, report roberta. missing chilean hiker found alive after a volcano eruption. it was dormant for the past 42 years but wednesday and thursday, it erupted once again. 15 to 20 inches of ash raining down on a town at the foot of the volcano. thousands forced to evacuate there. back home youtube is marking 10 years since it first went online. >> the bay area-based site now has more than a billion users. cate caugiran shows us the home
5:44 am
video that started it all. ♪[ music ]♪ reporter: it gained fame as a wild kingdom of musical cats, dramatic chipmunks and screaming goats. a place where embarrassing moments live on in infamy. children have always been favorite subjects. the infamous charlie bit my finger has been viewed more than 800 million times. but that reach has also made youtube a platform for protest. a place to spread the word it's become the world's video chant. >> began gangnam style. >> reporter: how could it become popular? it's the youtube's most popular style. it started with this video posted by one of the three former paypal employees who founded youtube. >> that's all that i have to say. >> reporter: more than 300 hours of video of uploaded every minute. it may not be making a profit but it's made a difference
5:45 am
becoming a repository of history and culture. >> the president of the united states! >> reporter: youtube opened its first office between a pizzeria and japanese restaurant in san mateo. fast forward 10 years later the company is now worth $40 billion. google bought youtube in 2006. in the newsroom i'm cate caugiran, kpix 5. a new smartphone app is designed to help drivers in walnut creek. it's called enlighten. it uses information from the city's traffic system to let users know how much time they have before stop lights turn green. it gives a countdown and a honking cue when it's time to go. the goal is to keep drivers alert. >> even the best of us sometimes day dream. when the whistle goes off i'm glad that it's doing that instead of the guy behind me honking because i haven't been paying attention. >> it can also tell drivers if they will make it to a green light at the current speed. >> the driver that got nailed for a red light ticket, i think
5:46 am
i may need to get that. >> it will be good, right? >> went through and went oh-oh. click. >> don't touch your phone while you're driving because then you get in trouble for that ask exactly. how are we doing, liz, on a friday, are we light out there? >> okay. we are. we saw some early-morning issues, and we saw like a dead deer blocking a couple of lanes for a while a couple of stalls but now all that is cleared out. so yeah, we're just kind of seeing the usual congestion kind of picking up now around the bay area. so something happening later this evening, as well. first we have critical mass happening in san francisco. and then we have an a's game on the other side of the bay a's versus houston first pitch 7:05 so right now we can show you current conditions near the coliseum and everything is looking good like i said 15 minutes between 238 and the may see. over to the bay bridge, they may have just activated the metering lights. i'll have to check on that. you can see delays beginning to build at the incline section. and so far the approaches are moving fine including 580, 24, and, of course, the eastshore freeway. and let's go flying right now over the altamont pass. this is our slowest drive time all morning and it often is.
5:47 am
it looks heavy to about north first street now. clears out a bit and then more pockets of slowing between about hacienda and the dublin interchange. the drive time is 19 minutes so not too bad. and mass transit, yeah, everything is on time. bart systemwide no delays there. ferry, caltrain and ace everything problem-free. what drives you crazy on your commute? we like to ask this question on a friday. we got an email: >> well, we looked to the state vehicle code for this one. and some trucks are allowed. turns out two axle trucks like some box trucks are allowed in the carpool lane as long as there's two people sitting in
5:48 am
the cab. but for anything bigger three or more axle trucks or ones that are towing something, yeah, it's not okay. they should be driven in a lane designated for them or in the two right lanes. thank you. we want we want to know what drives you crazy during your commute. ask a question or share a gripe by emailing or tweet me at #ewengerkpix and watch to see if your question gets answered on air. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." here's roberta >> you know what drives me crazy? when my weather watcher don't wake up in time for this program. drum roll, let's wake up our weather watchers this morning! 57 degrees jerry wilcox in antioch. he reports a wind up to 13 miles per hour. how about right around there? that's 52 degrees. gordon steele a 12-mile-per- hour wind in san mateo. thank you so much for checking in and giving us a good picture of what's going on around our microclimates. here's a picture for you this morning our live weather camera
5:49 am
looking towards mineta international airport. so far, no reports of any local airport delays. it is 50 to 56 degrees but the story of the morning it's blustery winds. right now west-northwest 16 in hayward. 19 san francisco. 17 sfo. 11 pleasanton. upstream we go. west-southwest wind at 16 currently in fairfield. these winds will rotate to the west 10 to 20 miles per hour throughout the day today. we will become partly cloudy except at the coats where we will see -- except at the coast where we'll see low clouds and patchy fog. near average temperatures if not slightly below normal and rain is moving this way. cold front stacking to the south very rapidly moving through in the overnight hours early saturday then high pressure builds in. that means sunshine and drier conditions for your sunday. follow along. this is futurecast. 11:00 hour, rain moves through
5:50 am
overnight. by 4 a.m., the bulk of the activity south of the bay area. easily 9, 10, 11:00 p.m. we'll so clouds and partly cloudy conditions during the afternoon hours tomorrow. by the time this front is over the monterey bay area, quarter inch of rain in san francisco, half inch to the east. nearly .4" san jose. 74 today at the state capital. low 50s in the high sierra. 50s to 70s in our area. then this weekend once high pressure begins to build in, we are talking back into the 80s inland on monday and tuesday. going to the a's game? they were on the road for like three weeks. they were gone forever. >> they're back and i'll be there tonight right above the dugout. come by and say hi. i know where to sit! i like to watch the expression on the boys when they're running on back into the dugout. >> thank you. hey, if you want to take a trip here you go. one of the world's leaders in
5:51 am
luxury hospitality launching an around-the-world experience aboard a private jet. not any jet, though. four seasons aircraft can carry up to 52 passengers. plush white leather seats lie flat and extend six feet. chefs also prepare meals in the air including lobster and cavier. guests receive their own personal bose headphones, ipad air, travel journal and a cashmere blanket. ticket around the world is $119,000. but then you have to pay for hotels and food and all that other good stuff. $119,000? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> you can go anywhere. >> i can think of something else i'd
5:52 am
it takes nature 90 days to grow the most golden oats. 1800 days and a bit of rain to make thejuiciest cranberries. 7,200 hours and 40,000 bees to create the purest honey ..and, it only takes you 3 minutes to enjoy it. perhaps we made it too delicious nature valley, delicious granola bars made with the tastiest ingredients from nature. nature valley, nature at its most delicious.
5:53 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ have a day to remember. it's easy with a free red velvet cake with a 10 piece meal or larger. i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] check the bay bridge toll plaza they activated the metering lights at 5:40 so you are stacking up close to the foot of the maze. slowdowns now around the berkeley curve. a check. friday morning commute is all coming up. thank you, liz. it is 5:54. new this morning a warning for parents in contra costa county. police say two students were approached by strangers this past week. yesterday a man in his 30s tried multiple times to get an
5:55 am
antioch fifth grader inside his truck. the boy was able to run to school. a sixth grade girl was earlier this week accosted while walking home from school and wasn't harmed. if you work in san francisco try to leave the office early this evening. the critical mass bike ride starts at 6 p.m. at justin herman plaza. you can expect very heavy traffic wherever the cyclists decide to go. labor leader cesar chavez received military honors more than two decades after his death. an honor guard presented the honor to his family at his graveside in kern county yesterday. he was in the navy in the '40s after world war ii. the idea for the ceremony came from a current navy sailor who learned chavez didn't get the honors at the time of his death. he was a civil rights leader known for starting the united farm workers union. yesterday marked the 22nd anniversary of his passing. the bay area armenian community is coming together at san francisco city hall to
5:56 am
commemorate a tragic event in history. they will be joined by many elected officials and special guests. 100 years ago today, 1.5 million armenians were taken from their homes and killed by ottoman turks. to this day, turkey denies this act of genocide. tonight city hall will be illuminated in the armenian flag colors. red, blue and orange. the prosecution has wrapped up its case in the penalty phase of the boston marathon bombing trial. powerful testimony and video of an 8-year-old victim killed in the blast brought the courtroom to tears. prosecutors want dzhokhar tsarnaev executed for his crimes. the defense though will begin presenting its case next week. and they will argue that his life should be spared because he was under the influence of his older brother, tamerlan. 5:56. more than a dozen suspected terrorists arrested in italy this morning, at the same time we're learning about a plan to attack the vatican. >> muni riders tired of overcrowding? there's help on the way.
5:57 am
we'll let you know about the big changes
5:58 am
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orning. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:00. >> president obama calling for a full review of u.s. drone strikes after two hostages were accidentally killed in pakistan. it happened in january. the cia didn't realize until this month that two hostages were killed. warren weinstein and giovanni lo porto. >> i profoundly regret what happened. on behalf of the united states government, i offer our deepest apologies. >> the president said the u.s. believed it was attacking an al qaeda compound with no civilians present. two american members


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