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tv   KPIX 5 News Saturday Morning Edition  CBS  April 25, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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how a woman ended up trapped in her car overnight. and-- the rain came . an incredible rescue overnight in walnut creek. how a woman ended up trapped in her car. >> the rain came down hard overnight. we'll have your complete forecast in just a minute. >> the carnage in nepal. a 7.9 earthquake hits early this morning. it is 7:00 on saturday morning. april 25th. thanks for join anne makovec. >> i'm mark sayre mark kelly. we can see plenty of clouds in the sky. most of the sprinkles have moved to the south of the south bay.
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we're talking about the central coast. temperatures in the upper 40s to the mid-50's all around the bay area and that is our high deaf doppler. that is what -- high def doppler. that is what we saw moving through the past several hours. the rain has moved out. we may see some pop up sprinkles around the bay area this morning and earth this afternoon but clearing generally as the hours pass staying cool and breezy. we'll have a closer look at your seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> unfortunately that rain may have caused multiple accidents overnight. a black honda smashed into a utility pole on dylan beach road. it brought down cable and phone lines there. the driver abandoned the car at the scene. plus, walnut creek a woman crashed her vw into an auto repair shop. that happened last night around 1:30. contra costa fire crews had to use the jaws of life and saw the top of the car just to get the woman out. as she was taken to the
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hospital no word yet on the extent of her injuries. good news for our record low snow packs. fresh powder is falling in the sierra right now. looks good. this is our tahoe cam. winter weather advisory is posted there through this afternoon. yesterday it was a mix of rain and snow along i-80. if you're headed to the mountains, bring change this weekend. several inches of snow expected at lake level close to a foot in the upper elevations. >> new this morning. hundreds of people are dead after a powerful earthquake jolted nepal this morning. an estimated 7.9 magnitude quake that hit around 4:30 our time was near the capitol still. 450 people were killed. that number is expected to rise. people describe the scene. victims trapped under collapsed debris. it was so strong that it set off avalanches on mount everest.
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a body of a fisher man washed up on the shore. ryan vial had set off on a shipping trip near bodega bay april 17th with three other people. when they did not return, they found the 21-foot boat over turned on the rocks. two other bodies had been found. one boater, though. is still missing. san francisco police chief accused of lying on protect the officers. back in february, 20-year-old perez lopez was shot and killed by officers in the mission district. he says he charged at officers with a knife but the lopez family disagrees. they show lopez was shot four times in the back. the family says that proves lopez was not charging at the officers. the family's filed a federal complaint. a san jose police officer is in jail this morning accused of being a drug dealer.
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sun vu was in court charged with marijuana with intent to sell. they found the large stash of weed and growing equipment in a storage locker last june but it was a long investigation. 10 months before vu was actually charged. he will be back in court movement. still no sign of the four men behind an armed robbery at the supermarket in san jose. the masked suspects stormed the store on monterey road on thursday. they ordered everybody to the store and took off with cash. a suspected serial robber in the south bay has run out of luck. officers arrested the gold finger bandit after he hit nearly two-dozen businesses. san jose police say this is surveillance video of him robbing a convenience store during a month long crime spree. he got the nickname for the yellow gloves he wore. baltimore police commissioner says he is staying on the job to investigate the unexplained death of a man in police custody. 25-year-old freddy gray died of a severe spine injury on sunday,
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a week after his arrest. people protesting the death are pressuring the commissioner andy bass to charge the six officers involved or resign. gray will be laid to rest on monday. truck drivers who haul goods at two of california's biggest ports will vote today on whether to walk off the job. at the ports of both la and long beach, drivers could strike as early as monday. about 16,000 drivers work at the port. most as independent contractors for trucking companies. they want their employers to hire them full time and agree to negotiate a union contract. five newsroom confirms all airport law enforcement agencies are on high alert this morning. this is nationwide. a sunnor government official says there is a terrorist threat against uniformed airport personnel. that threat has not named a specific airport. a somber remembrance in san francisco for the 100th
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anniversary of the armenian genocide. >> the empire slauter of the armenians left 1.5 million dead. the commemoration was a sea of red, blue and orange. the colors the flag. >> we stand in solidarity for all crimes against human beings. >> turkey wants the emtire to -- empire to admit that it was a genocide. nose san francisco should steer clear of venice avenue. the street closed between gary and post. this is a second phase to build an underground pedestrian tunnel. only buses are being allowed through. it will reopen this sunday morning. another alert for b.a.r.t. riders. b.a.r.t. is shutting down service between the fruit vale
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and coliseum stations. it is to allow crews time to do repairs on the track while the line is closed. b.a.r.t. will have a bus running between the two stations. yuni is about to make major upgrades. they want to make passengers more comfortable. >> more on what you can expect and how soon. >>. >> it is pretty crowded. >> that allowed josh daily. it is something she loves to hate. >> kind of crappy at times. >> they announced help will be on the way adding service to the work horse roots including the 38 which will run more buses along the route. it is increasing service for 30% of the riders. >> but particularly focussing on the routes and coordinator doors such as the 38 and gary boulevard, that are going to have the biggest impact. >> the changes have been on tap for sefrl years but -- several
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years but the economic times slowed it down. it is about time to move forward. >> to increase in the buses will be great. >> another goal is to make the bus stops more identifiable. across the street you can tell that is a bus stop but on this side of the street, the sign is just this painted pole. william rutherford lives in the marina and says tourists get lost here all the time. >> people are just wandering around with the map and ask me; this a bus stop. >> improving the inouyie maps to make -- yuni maps to make people understand. >> look forward to seeing rejamped shelters -- revamped shelters renamed routes and maps. >> the route changes go into effect tomorrow. in san francisco kpix five. >> you saw the red bus lane right behind ryan. another part is to paint more of those bus lanes red to ease congestion. bruce jenner made it pretty
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. >> for all intents and purposes, i am a woman. >> he said that to abc news diane sawyer. jenner is transitioning into a woman. the 65-year-old talked about secretly wearing his sister's dresses as a boy. >> i would say i've always been very confused with my gender identity since i was this big. >> jenner shot to international fame when he won an olympic gold. decades later he married kris kardashian and is known as the millennial generation -- to the millennial generation as the stepfather to the kardashian kids. if you want to come to the united states and get a job a student jees is an easy ticket in? all you need is 20 grand to enroll in the right university. >> deserted hall ways, half empty classrooms. last year, 2,700 students were
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enrolled at international technology call universities, so where then is eve? itu's president dr. gregory o'brien took us on a tour of the brand new campus. he said it may look empty because many work full time in a paid intern ship program. most only come to class three weekends a semester. >> they couldn't come here, enroll in the program and get credit for this critic lar training -- curic lar training -- curricular training and work in a grocery store. >> that hasn't always been the case. five years ago a full time itu students was murdered in a robbery in oklahoma. he was working there at a gas station. a former admissions officer at the time says the school was nothing more than a visa mill. she would not go to camera but gave us a copy of her letter of resignation which she was told to falsify documents stating that students were attending
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classes when in fact, quote many had never been to california. >> it all comes down to not border security, internal security. >> tim cane is an economist with the hoover institution. >> the real danger is the fact that half of the illegal immigration population in the u.s. is an over stay. someone that came here legally and continues to stay here illegally. >> one of the 9/11 bombers was in the united states on an expired student entry permit. immigration officials had lost track of them. >> they aren't going to go to mexico and sneak across the border. they will get a legal veesa. what is the easiest they can get? it is probably the f one student veesa. at any time you have a system -- visa. at any time you have a system that allows opportunities for students and criminal organizations to exploit it, they will. >> he heads up the explaining student visitor program that certifies and monitors students with international students. >> there are red flags in the system devon that alert us to
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schools that aren't reporting properly. >> say for example if a school, which a coordinating to your own numbers had nearly 3,000 people, but at any time that we've gone to visit it is empty would that be a red flag? >> absolutely. he says his agency is cracking down. just last month ice agents operated the operator of a chain of schools saying they were a pay to stay immigration scheme. the president of tri-valley university was sentenced last december to one years for operating a visa mill out of this building in pleasanton and the former ceo of hergula university just down the street of itu pled guilty to falsifying documents. dr. o'brien admits that itu used to have that reputation, but now. >> i couldn't say that there aren't people that come here to find work, but they're not welcome here. this is a learning experience
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not an employment experience. >>reporter: devon feelle. kpix five. >> we asked who is hiring the intern s. there are thousands of them so far. we got no response. a possible terrorist attack at the vatican stopped in the knick of. >> no sitting down for these kids. how this unusual classroom set-up is helping them learn. >> let's take a live look at the golden gate bridge this morning. you can see some of the r
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ha, you better have a jet pack under there turtle. tortoise, actually. on your marks, get set...go! later road kill. huh, huh. on your left, coming thru! hmm.
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plot twist. woo hoo! who's your turtle? (huh?) introducing the hair-raising power and performance of the mercedes-amg gt. it's no fairytale. . welcome back. let's take a look at our forecast today. we finally got rain. it felt good overnight. here is the roof top cam this morning. you're looking at the bay bridge. it is partly cloudy in the bay area some left over showers still out there. but that big rain, that large chunk, is headed out. here is the hief def doppler where -- high def doppler. you're seeing a loop heading in a southeasterly direction there.
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left over morning showers partly cloudy day still cooler and breezier than what we had yesterday. more sunshine though in warmer days to come. let's fly around the bay and take a look at some of the temperatures. first to the south bay. santa claira. you'll get to 67. the same for san jose. fremont. 65 and union city, of 65. over in the east bay we'll see the warmest temperatures today but only8 degrees in ontoock -- of 68 degrees in antioch and brent wood. the same for danville and san ramone. over in san francisco you'll get to 59 degrees and to the north bay petta luma. dfks petalu -- petaluma, 67. it will give way to sunshine later on this afternoon. the same for tomorrow. we'll see the warming trend both sunday and monday. but then the second half of our work week it will start to cool off a bit. >> italian anti-terror police say they may have stopped a plot
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to attack the vatican. prosecutors say wire taps indicated a would be suicide bomber had arrived in rome in 2010 to target vatican city but he didn't go through with that attack. the group behind that planned attack is believed to be the same islamic extremist group suspected in the 2009 bomb attack at a pack scan -- pakistan market. a classroom chan showing promising results in a high school. >> the special desks keeping students focussed. a lot of people say we shoul stand up for education -- we should stand up for education. but at this school, they're actually doing it. >> to me, this is the way of the future. >> in four of the school classrooms the chairs have removed and students spend the day standing at the desks. some parents concerne sedentary kids have become, donated the money. >> it seemed weird. >> that is what a lot of kids thought and it took a few weeks
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for legs to stop being sore but something really weird started happening. the kids goon like it. >> you can get your bones stretched out and you don't have to get it stretched in together again. >> to me it is really fu makes me more focussed. >> it turns out all of the energy they have at recess doesn't just evaporate when they go back to class. instead of tiring students out the new desks allow them to let off a little steam. in fact, they come equipped with a swinging foot stand called a fidget bar. >> it let's them wiggle but the mind and focus is on me. >> do you think it made you a better student? >> i'm not sure about that part. >> the teachers are. they say the kids are calmer and more attentive and parents say they're sleeping better at night. what seemed like a kookie idea is having a real benefit.
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>> you can roll your eyes but you have to come and see it. >> there are stools available if someone gets tired but mostly, they stand. it seems for these kids, going to school isn't something they're going to take sitting down. in san raphael john rams. kpix -- john ramos kpix five. >> the principal hasn't received a single complaint from parents. it is good advice. no using your phone while driving. but now a bay area city wants you to. the system that they say will make the roads safer.
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. beautiful flounder, swiss charred. rainbow swiss charred. >> we're mixing it with bacon to give it flavor and serving it with the seared flounder. we took it out of the water and put it in the pan with the bacon. because we have the beigeon already in the pan we did not -- bacon already in the pan p we didn't need to add any oil. it is beautifully done and the flavors mix and it was awesome. we'll top it with the fish fillet. >> a little bit of the pepper in there. >> and lay it on top and it just drapes. >> you put oil in there and let everything -- >> you really don't need too. we have the oil in the pan and the fat from the bacon in there.
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it is nice and moist. >> i can't wait to get in there. that is beautiful! simple and always delicious. look how beautiful that looks! thank you,! >> let's take a live look outside at san jose. you can see plenty of dark clouds in the sky. they're giving way to more sunshine as we speak. it looks like the rain is pretty much over right now and we have the butter and egg day festival in petaluma today and parade. that will be6 degrees and should be pretty dry besides the possibility of a pop up shower. a new smart phone app is designed to help drivers in walnut creek. it is called enlightened. it uses information from the traffic system to let users know how much time they have before stop lights turn green. it gives a countdown and a honking to you when it is finally time to go. the goal is to keep drivers alert. being a teen these days is
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tough, especially growing up in the toughest neighborhoods in oakland but there are so many stories of kids who rose above the challenges. one of them is the boys and girls club of oakland youth of the year joining us live in studio. thank you for being here today. tell us how you got to this point. it is an honor that you're representing a couple thousand kids? >> yes. i got to this poinlt just -- point just actually trying my hardest in school. trying to be my best and be a focussed student. >> you grew up in a family, six kids single mother. what were some of your challenges? >> challenges was growing up in poverty. that was number one and just focussing and keeping my head straight. so being able to over come the challenges and being able to stay focussed within school. >> and tell me about the influences too. in your neighborhood, west oakland. influences on the streets. i know there are a lot of temptations i would assume to get pulled in the wrong
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direction. >> yes. >> how were you able to over come that? >> over coming the drugs shootings, violence, killings, i just had support from my mother and my family and other mentors around me that helped me get through these challenges and help me guide along the path. >> and a lot of that was from the boys and girls club. you started as a member at age4 or 5. it a huge part of your life and now you're representing these kids. what do you want you sto know about the youth in oakland. >> you can be someone and you can make it no matter where you come from and your background. >> is it hard to get that message of inspiration across to some of your peers? is it hard to communicate that? how do you do so? >> actually it is kind of hard because some youth is already immune to this such poverty so, like used to it, so i try to
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lead by example and just let them know that it is a way and that god is able to change things away around for you and that you can make it in such a way. >> it seems like a lot of teens who just feel disgruntled or feeling like their voices are heard. you're on a special council with the city of oakland council the youth advisory board. do you feel like you're being listened to? >> actually, yes. we help the youth around the city of oakland to try to help them get their voices heard and to give them more opportunities and resources for them. >> and doing it the right way. >> yes. >> very good. you're making all of us proud. the boys and girls club is holding the salute to youth and i have the honor of being the emcee. go to our website congrats.
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>> thanks. the dmv's surprising response when a woman demands a new license . >> youtube is 10 years old but what was the very first video? we'll look back next. >> here is a live shot of the transamerica this morning looking good. some showers out there though. just can't seem to escape... another sneeze attack... you may be muddling through allergies. don't get caught off guard. try zyrtec® dissolve tabs. powerful allergy relief, now in a tablet that starts dissolving instantly. zyrtec® dissolve tabs. muddle no more™.
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. welcome back. it is 7:30 on this saturday morning. good morning. i'm mark kelly. >> i'm anne makovec. the rain is pretty much out of the bay area but wasn't that refreshing overnight? >> i loved it. >> it helps you sleep better to hear the rain outside on your window sill. you may have to turn on your windshield wiper if you're headed out sometime soon. you can see there is drizzle out there in some spots. temperatures in the 50s around most of the bay area. a little cooler up in the north bay and this is what the rain looked like overnight according to our high def doppler. there is video of some of the conditions we're working with creating slippery roads. >> a couple accidents. a black honda smashed into a utility pole in dylan beach road. it brought down cable and phone lines. the driver abandoned the car at
7:31 am
the scene. in walnut creek. a female driver was stuck for hours after crashing into an auto repair shop. that happened this morning 1:30 a.m.. could nota costa fire crews -- contra costa fire crews had to use the jaws of life to get the driver out. no word yet on the extent of her injuries. good news for our record low snow pack. fresh powder is falling right now in the sierra this is a live look from the tahoe cam this morning. a winter weather advisory posted through this afternoon. new this morning hundreds are dead after a powerful earthquake jolted nepal this morning. the estimated 7.9 magnitude quake hit around 4:30 our time near nepal's capitol city. 450 were killed and that number is expected to rise. people described scenes of panic and victim's trapped under
7:32 am
collapsed building and debris. the earthquake so strong it even set off avalanches on mount everest. a san jose police officer is in jail this morning accused of dealing drugs. sun vu is charged with possession of marijuana with intent to sell. they found the large stash of weed and growing equipment in a storage locker last june. it was a long investigation. 10 months before vu could actually be charged. he will be in court on monday. baltimore's police commissioner says he is staying on the job to investigate the unexplained death of a man in police custodity. freddie gray died of a severe spine injury on sunday, a week after his arrest. people protesting his deat pressuring commissioner anthony bass to charge those cops or resign. gray will be laid to rest on monday. the body of a missing fisher man washed a shore near point
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reyes national seashore. ryan vial had set off on a fishing trip with three other people. rescue crews found the 21-foot boat over turned on the rocks two other bodies have been found. one boater is still missing. drivers in san francisco may want to steer clear of van nyes avenue this weekend. it is closed again. this is the second phase of a construction project to build an underground pedestrian tunnel there. only buses are being allowed through. it will reopen early monday morning. not traffic alert. this one foshgs -- another traffic alert this one for bus riders. they're shutting down starting 7:00 tonight. it is to allow crews time to do repairs on the track there. now while the line is closed, b.a.r.t. will have a bus running between the two stops. muni is making changes that will be commuter friendly. starting this weekend more buses will be added to muni's
7:34 am
busiest routes including the 38 which gets packed during commute times. it will paint more red bus lanes that are specifically for buses. they will refurbish some bus stops and yeah, like this one right here. this is in the marinea. it is just now a painted pole. >> people just wandering around with their map and they ask is this a bus stop. >> improving the muni map to make it easier to understand and direct people where the best rapid service will be. >> muni says the changes have been on tap for several years but the economic decline and budget issues caused delays. san francisco has sued simbad's restaurant on the water front in order to shut it down. the restaurant's lease expired last month but it is still open and hasn't left. the city wants to build a new ferry terminal at pier two. the owner says his understanding is his restaurant is stay open
7:35 am
through the spring of next. olympian and reality tv star bruce jenner made it official. he is transitioning into a woman. he spoke to abc news diane sawyer last night. the 65-year-old says this is his last interview as a man. jenner shot to international fame back in 1976 when he won olympic gold. decades later he married kris kardashian and became known to millennials as the stepfather of the kardashian kids. >> i've always been confused with my gender identity since i was this big. >> jenner said this is the last interview he will do as . youtube is marking 10 years since it first went online. >> the bay area based site has more than an a billion users and here is the home video that started it all. >> it gained fame as a wild
7:36 am
kingdom of musical cats, dramatic chipmunks and screaming goats. a place where embarrassing moments live on in infamy. . children have always been favorite subjects. the infamous charlie bit my finger has been viewed more than 8 hundred million times but that has also made youtube a platform for protests, a place to spread the word, it is the video champ. . how else could a korean rapper become a global phenomenon with two boishgs 3 billion views gang man style is the most popular video. it all started with this video posted by a pay pal founder that started youtube. more than 300 hours of video are up loaded every minute. it may not be making a profit but it made a difference becoming an repository of
7:37 am
history and cu. >> the president of the united states of america. >>reporter: youtube opened the first office between a pizza place and japanese restaurant in san mateo. the company is now w $40 billion. google bought youtube in 2006. in the newsroom, kpix five. here is something you can film yourself doing and then toss on youtube. happening today the san francisco league. it is an an shint of -- ancient festival of color. the money goes to schools in india. it is happening at sanchez elementary school in the mission district from noon until three today. still ahead helping people help themselves. how this week's jefferson award winner is helping thousands of people elderly and disabled no longer feel lonely. >> and their energy vampires,
7:38 am
the common electricity that you can shut off to save energy. >> we have showers here but they're on
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. welcome back. let's look at our saturday forecast for today and here is a shot of dublin this morning where it is partly cloudy. left over showers lingering out there and we could see pop up showers this morning but for the most part the big system which you can see on high def doppler is moving out of the bay area. here is what you can expect today. left over morning showers into partly cloudy day cool and breezy and more sunshine and warmer tomorrow and heading into the beginning of the work week. let's look at some of the temperatures into the south bay. sunnyvale,the same for paloalto and 65 in union city. the highest temperatures will be antioch and brent wood at 68 degrees. pretty cool.
7:42 am
walnut creek. . the same for san ramon. fairfield. 68 degrees. san francisco is getting to 59. oakland, 65 and the north bay negativado 6and petaluma 66 for your high today. a little cooler and breezier once the showers get out of here it will be a partly cloudy day. tomorrow and monday, a little bit of a warming trend before it cools off. tuesday through the rest of the week but no more showers in sight. some call this week 's jefferson award winner a hero to seniors. >> sharon is here to tell us how she helps them create a sense of comm. >> there we go. >>reporter: whennian orialis had surgery to remove a brain tumor she didn't know how she would manage. but then marie helped get her home and gave her a refur bishoped computer so she
7:43 am
wouldn't -- refurbished computer so she wouldn't feel alone. >> i had this wonderful connection. >>reporter: to this day anna remains grateful marie kept her connected. >> it is always exciting to see people grow and the light bulb goes on. >>reporter: anna is one of 1,500 people marie serves every year through the community living campaign. a non-profit she founded in 2007. >> look at that. >> marie has worked with seniors and adults with disabilities for years in san francisco as executive director for community living campaign, she provided a network of resources to help them turn strangers into neighbors and neighbors into friends. >> we found the most important thing is to give people the opportunity to contribute. and to really be active participants in their own community. >>reporter: a handful of staff and several dozen volunteers organize denies neighbors to join activities. >> the real magic is that the community decided what was next. >> to shop online or not.
7:44 am
>> the event ranged from computer training to fitness classes and food deliveries for those who can't stand in line at local pantries. >> it wasn't just about the food it was to let people know that they're still a part of the community and that we care that they're healthy. >> clients judy has become an active organizer getting paid part time for coordinating events with marie's over sight. >> she gets in there all the way, talks to the people who need to be talked to. >> people, like anna. >> you saw me coming in and you had this wonderful smile on your face. >> she is my healing circle. >> has anybody gone on to facebook. >> for helping seniors and disabled neighbors create community through neighborhood networks. the jefferson award goes to marine jobbing. >> the community living campaign is funded by the city, grants and individual donations. and the jefferson award selection committee is meeting in a few days.
7:45 am
now is the time to nominate your local hero o. if you're looking to buy insurance for your car house or your life, you may want to take a closer look at your social media pages. insurance companies are scanning customer's facebook, twitter and instagram accounts. your posts show how risky your behavior is. your level of risk is what they use then to determine your premiums. the one good thing you do have to opt in to the social risk scoring. a berkeley woman loves her new car but has a big problem with her new license plate. she is a devout christian. when she was receiving her license plate she was shocked that it ened in66. she in a 666. she drove with the plates inside her car to request new ones at the dmv. >> i couldn't believe it! it sent a chill through my entire body. she said, well, you can get a replacement but you have to pay
7:46 am
money for a replacement plate. >> requesting new plates usually cost 20 bucks. they did later agree to waive the fee but it has no intention of taking 666 out of random circulation. if you have a tv there is probably an energy vampire sitting on top itself. >> that cable box is actually using more energy than your prij. on the consumer -- fridge. on the consumer watch jul yae watt explains what you can do about it. >> by limiting your media con sungs you think you're limiting your energy. but you would be rong. >> the consumer electronics might be using two fridges worth of electricity each year. >> 10 to 20% of your total electric bill is going to power things like tv, cable box and in many cases it doesn't matter if they're on or off. >> in terms of electricity use about six power plants are needed just to keep these boxes running even though you're not watching them.
7:47 am
>> this device measures how much energy an appliance is using. plug in a cable box while it is on and it measures about 25 watts. turn it off it only goes down to 24. >> the industry is working hard to make those better, we're looking at potentially saving a billion dollars a year nationally. >> in the meantime, he suggests requesting an energy star 4.0 set top box from your provider and choosing an energy star tv in the future. but tweaking your current tv picture settings could help you save a lot right now. >> if you pick something like vivid it will be overly bright and use 30% more than necessary. >> whenever possible, think portable. desktops use four times more power than laptops but if you absolutely need one keep in mind, screen savers can be costly. >> we recommend people have a power strip and just hit the power strip when they're done for the day. >> so while limiting your kids screen time may continue to be a struggle at least now you can better limit how much energy those screen views.
7:48 am
>> that was julie watts reporting. game consoles consume a billion dollars a year in energy. >> unbelievable. instead of watching dvd's they recommend using a streaming device like roku or apple tv. they use 20 to 50 #50 % less power than a gaming con sul. have i got highlights for you, you you you know what? i'll just spread the wealth. i have highlights for everybody. don't move! >> we also have puppies in studio. stick around for that live look right now at golden gate bridge as the rain clears out of the bay area. your weather forecast as well
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. i have two bay area baseball teams with some fireworks toward the end. we'll start you off in oakland. the a's the pitching duel here. this is astros dallas .
7:51 am
open up the storing. bottom of the 10th. josh redick in dic in pinch hit fashion. it might have been more but they waived him in and he is a dead duck at the plate. want to go to the 11th inning? let's take you there. >> hit hard. robbie grossman. he singled in two. houston retook the lead and in fact added another and led 5-2 but the a's kept coming back as i pound the desk for emphasis. down a run brett got one back, back but just on the emg of the warning track. the evening ends. the astros held on to win final of 5-4. the giants do any better in chilly downtown denver? to face the rockies top of the 2nd. justin maxwell.
7:52 am
look at this homer. that is his second big fly in the last three days. it was 2-0. giants up one in the 6th and then here came the colorado rockies, boy some of them playing here. djlamnk thieu. it is -- dj lameathiuu. did you know in four games against the giants, the rockies have won all of them? that is sports at this hour. don't forget later on today. game four, warriors at the new orleans pelicans and a win and this first round series is over. have a good saturday. see you around. we have a pretty cool live shot from our transamerica tower. you can see there is, as you can see the city. it is beneath the layer of fog and low clouds. the rain we saw is moving out of the bay area today and there is
7:53 am
that big event going on in saint hilena of course, the cook off if you're looking for good food and wine. partly cloudy skies 69 de. well, welcome back, we have rebasica here with -- rebecca here with oakland animal services. tell me about these. >> sky is shyer, luna wants to get away from me. >> they're eight weeks old. they want to play. look at her tail. they are both really happy puppies. fostered by one of our vet techs and doing great. their two siblings have been adopted and they're ready for their new homes. >> what do they tell you about them? they're a mix of a couple of different things. >> the mom was a dotson, shelty mix. we don't know what dad was.
7:54 am
they're mixes, super sweet personalities, and she is the smarter, more rambunctious one. >> she's like you're talking about me. >> our shelter is completely full right now of dogs. we have, we're probably about 200 % capacity so we're really looking for adopters at end of may. we have maddie's pet adoption day. we have so many puppies and great dogs available. >> if you find these ladies cute and adorable, come over to the shelter, if you go to oakland animal it tells the hours and come on in. >> very good. we put more information about oakland animal services
7:55 am
. tomorrow on kpix this morning. a political insider dish on the super bowl l week long party. >> you know, i'm so glad that
7:56 am
the city leaders are handing over the key to the city to the nfl, but would they do that for any other employer who's workers suffer a one in three chance of getting alzheimer's and dementia? workers have a greater chance of getting park sans? -- parkinsons. >>. the presidential race is a year and a half away but too early for a candidate to throw a hat in the wing. we'll be joined by the former chairman of the republican party. he has a big announcement to make. that is tomorrow at 7:30 a.m.. >> let's take one final check of the weather forecast today starting with our doppler is that what we're looking at here? doppler, we saw the rain move through. we can see the last few hours. we saw all of the spots of yellow and green indicating moderate rain. right now, just a few sprinkles hanging around for the rest of
7:57 am
the day. the highs today pretty cool, san francisco 59 degrees san jose 67, vallejo 67. we'll remain pretty cloudy. we do have the clouds hanging around for the rest of the day. before overnight they leave and we'll see sunshine tomorrow. sunshine monday. pretty much for the rest of the week besides patchy clouds and fog near the coast midweek. >> no rain in sight. but we enjoy what we got overnight. >> it was refreshing. >> thanks for joining us this morning. we'll be back tomorro 7:30 a.m.. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
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