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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  April 25, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> he was a wild man. >> tonight, a bay area casualty of the catastrophic earthquake in nepal. a google engineer killed when the 7.8 quake rocked the world's tallest mountain. i'm ann notarangelo. >> and i'm brian hackney. tonight, the death toll from the nepal quake is at 1900 and climbing. the aftershocks are making matters worse. at night, people felt safer in the shelter of the air than their own home. the 7.8 magnitude quake is the strongest to hit nepal in 80 years. it is now a race against time to save people trapped in the
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rubble. >> reporter: it was just after noon when the killer earthquake struck and triggered chaos on the streets of the capitol kathmandu. brick by brick, rescuers raced against time in a desperate certificate for survivors and any sign of life. but throughout the day, the death toll kept climbing. a security camera captured the terrifying moments the quake hit. the earth below and everything above trembles violently for a good 30 seconds. survivors describe seeing panic and mayhem as people scattered onto the streets to avoid being crushed by toppling vision. >> i tell you, it was a very horrifying situation. we barely were able to move out of the house. we held ourselves together. just praying to see and witness the walls outside our house
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collapsing in front of us. >> reporter: the quake ripped through roads, centuries old temples and monuments came tumbling down. this is all that is left of the 19th century darahara tower in kathmandu. it had stood at 200 feet. now the people who paid a visit are trapped behind its ruins. 100 miles away at mount everest, shock waves triggered a massive avalanche sending snow, sheet, ice, and boulders that swept the face of the mountain and flattened part of base camp killing a dozen people. >> among the dead, bay area climber and google engineer dan fredenburg, our christian hartnett spoke with a friend invited to join fredenburg on the trip. >> reporter: he was a successful google employee and avid mountain climber. his friend says he was doing what he loved when tragedy
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struck in nepal. >> dan was a wild man in the best sense of the word. he always went full tilt. >> reporter: steven met dan a couple of years ago. thanks to mutual friends and their shared passion for climbing. >> i think it is a brotherhood that really thrives on the risk. >> reporter: steven says dan was in nepal for the past few weeks in an attempt to climb mount everest for a second time. last year, his group was unable to complete the climb. but earlier today, steven's wife called him with tragic news. >> she is my wife. i know the tone when something is not right. >> reporter: dan had died after an earthquake in nepal trickled an avalanche. his younger sister megan posted i regret to inform all who loved him that on mount everest, our dan suffered from a major head injury and didn't make it. all our love and thanks to
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those who theired their life with this strong willed man. he was everything to us. steve almost went on the trip to everest with dan and his group but stayed home this time. he says dan's court and jury to climb everest is indicative of the way he lived his wife. >> he took risks not just on the mountain but as a human being, a leader. and i hold that in the highest regard. >> reporter: according to google, fredenburg was hiking everest with three colleagues. they are all safe. tonight, google says it is working to get them back home as soon as possible. in the news room, christian hartnett, kpix5. google is launching a google person finder data base in nepal. it helps people reconnection with friends in the aftermath of a disaster. a family turned to social media to connect to their
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relatives in nepal. communication after the quake has been sparse. facebook launched this special site where people in nepal can click on a button to let loved ones know they are okay. >> i am glad they are okay, but you see how the houses and the temples, most of nepal was destroyed. that was really heartbreaking. she said it was nothing like she has ever experienced before. it was like out of the movies. like a post apocalyptic movie. >> reporter: the pandeys said their family slept in tents overnight because the aftershocks made it too unsafe to go back in their homes. a california man, jonathan khoo was about to grab some coffee when it hit. >> i was in the shop about to put my order in. it felt like some big trucks rumbling by and i was not sure
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how the billing was built. no one seemed too alarmed. maybe it was some trucks. it kept going and got stronger and stronger. and people started screaming a little bit. and a lot of people ran out. >> khoo is not the only california visiter to ride out the earthquake. another started tweeting from his base camp at everest. a few hours later, balinger expressed his sadness saying grieving here. john rider of kenwood posted these pictures on his blog a couple of days ago. he wrote today his team is fine and no one was hurt. his wife told the santa rosa press democrat, he is reassessing the climb and isn't sure if he will continue up the mountain. we will follow this story closely in the coming days and
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you can track the latest development ifs the quake zone on our website, the bay area is soaking ouch much needed rain. we got more rainfall in the last few months than in the entire month of january. and the sierra got some fresh snow. in the south bay, the santa cruz mountains picked up an inch-and-a-half of rain. in the city, we had six tenths. up in the north bay, half an inch at santa rosa. about the same in napa. in petaluma, good for the plants, bad for the roads. in marin, one car hit a power pole, and another spun out and flipped. and in the east bay, firefighters had to cut the roof off this car to free the driver after she crashed into an auto repair shop in walnut creek. tonight, investigators suspect arson in a house that burned to the ground in walnut creek after police broke up a big party there. this is what is left of the
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home in a rural area on top of a hill. late last night, police chased about 100 teenagers out of the house. a couple of hours later, it caught fire. it isn't clear exactly what started the fire, but the house is a total loss. tonight, the golden state warriors are a big step closer to an nba championship. >> they will do it. they are working around to thompson. and thompson with a killer three. >> that shot by klay thompson sealed the game and the series sweep against the new orleans pelicans. the warriors move onto the second round of the nba playoffs. the crowd at rickey's in san leandro stood and cheered when the final buzzer sounded. tonight, they are dreaming of much better than a single series win. [ screaming ] >> the warriors! we are taking them all! we are taking them all! >> it's a great win. a great win, we are going all
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the way to the finals! this is our year, baby! this is our year! dubs all the way! >> the warriors did make a little history tonight. this is the first time they swept the seven game series since 1975. that is also the last time they won the championship. the warriors will face either the memphis grizzlies or portland trailblazers in the second round. they will have home court advantage no matter who wins that series. tonight, the secret that's may have cost a former bay area journalist her life. >> i think she was so close to him, she never thought he would turn on her. >> her unusual friendship with an eccentric billionaire accused of killing her. >> and chaos in baltimore as destructive protesters try to keep their promise of shutting down the series. >> first the rain, now the heat wave. big changes coming our way.
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>> things are winding down in baltimore after a night of destructive protests. thousands of people marched over the death of a black man who suffered a fatal injury while in police custody. the protests began peacefully, but quickly turned violent. demonstrators faced off with police, even throwing a flaming trash can at officers. >> we are tired of being pushed around, tired of police brutality. and it needs to stop. >> our police employees fail to
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give him medical attention in a timely manner multiple times. >> it got so chaotic that fans in the baseball stadium were told to stay inside. at least a dozen protesters were arrested. a woman died in custody today at the contra costa facility in richmond. doctors were treating several inmates when the woman suddenly became unresponsive. they were unable to revive her. the cause of death is under investigation. a man tossed several guns out of his car out during a high-speed chase through half- moon bay. it started on route 1. when the chp cruiser stopped, the driver sped south and tossed three guns out of the car. he got out and ran away. not fast enough, though. officers caught up and arrested
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him. tonight, justice may finally be near for a former bay area journalist with ties to kpix5. susan burman was murdered 15 years ago. the man suspected of killing her, billionaire robert durst. fbi agents arrested him. tonight, linda yee described the unusual relationship between the two that may have resulted in burman's death. >> reporter: she was a gangster's daughter. >> she was a very ballsy gal. >> reporter: who lived large. >> very theatrical. >> reporter: nothing stopped susan burman. >> she was totally outspoken. >> reporter: she was provocative. >> she was fearless. >> reporter: burman and her posse of journalists often met
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in the bars at north beach. it was the 1970s . they talked about the sad fate of getting sex? san francisco. describing her own sexual exploits with her editor. >> tried to get him to dally with her. sat in his lap and all that sort of stuff. she describes the whole thing in there. and she couldn't get him to tumble at all. >> reporter: she honed her writing school at uc berkeley's school of journalism. ed arnold was her teach therapy. >> she was feisty, she was in your face. she was fun. and she also wrote very, very well. >> reporter: her skills and her rolodex of famous contacts led her to an associate producer
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job at kpix5's show, evening magazine. but not everyone was impressed. former producer bob cline says she took credit for stories that came from a press release. >> she wasn't forthcoming and she was self-promoting. >> she told me right away, my father was a gangster, my mother was a show girl. they are both dead now. it was that kind of straight- forward, but she was shrewd. >> reporter: but producer margarita liked burman and her fast life. >> she would have party ins this big mansion in pacific heights that she owned. and they would be rock stars, and journalists, and all kinds of interesting people. >> reporter: no one remembers meeting her college friend and now suspected killer rst except for hinkle. >> he was kind of weird. i was not scared, but wary of
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him. he had a strange look in his eye. >> reporter: she was durst's confident. she may have covered for him when he killed his first wife. prosecutors were reopening the investigation into his missing wife. soon after, burman's body, a bullet in the head was found in her home in los angeles. now, 15 years later, durst is finally arrested for her murder. but no one is surprised. >> i think that she was so close to him that she never thought he would turn on her. that is where she is trusting and vulnerable and blind. >> she was not discreet. she talked and told her secrets and everybody else. >> >> reporter: secrets that killed her. linda yee, kpix5. >> durst is still awaiting extradition to california. tonight, he remains behind bars in louisiana on a federal gun
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charge. all right, the weather department, we already chanted about the rain which was a pretty good soaking overnight. and now, for something completely different. high pressure begins to build in over the bay area. big time strong winds tonight. the golden gate bridge and the numbers at concord. oakland, 54. 53 degrees, heading out tomorrow morning, it will be nice. a few clouds along the shoreline. low 50s for much of the bay. by the afternoon, we will be in the mid 70s inland. upper 60s around the bay shoreline and out by the coast. 60 degrees. that low pressure is out of the bay area. the rain exits, the sun returns, this high pressure builds in over the west coast and strongly. it will warm up dramatically on monday. really back into the low to mid 80s . so the numbers fairly chilly today warm up a little bit tomorrow and more on
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monday. we will be in the mid 80s inland by monday afternoon. cooled off a little bit tuesday, but no big changes after that. we will be very pleasant week ahead, but dry. the future cast shows low clouds in the shoreline by tomorrow night. but tomorrow looks like a mostly sunny day for the bay area. so, to sum it all up, the windy tonight, the winds abate tomorrow morning. then excellency of sunshine, a lot warmer monday. we get milder temperatures coming in wednesday, thursday, friday, and low clouds along the shoreline. opening day on the bay tomorrow, 64 degrees. forecast out on the water, the winds will be strong enough to put a little wind in your sails which is the point, right? if you are heading across the bay to oakland, the as taking on the astros and game time 1:05 p.m., forecast, 69 degrees. a great day for baseball in the bay area. heading out, it is 82 degrees in redding. down 99 to fresno. 76 degrees. headed to the hills, 61 at
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yosemite. overnight tonight, the numbers will be in the low 50s to the upper 40s in the cooler spots. and daytime highs tomorrow, a little warmer than we have grown accustomed to lately. con ford four above average at 75 degrees. in san jose, we will see a reading of 72 in oakland, 70 degrees. down in the south bay, plenty of sunshine, 72 in santa clara. milpitas, 67. fremont, 72. in the east bay, 73 fairfield. 75 concord. 75 livermore. in the north bay, a little cool, low clouds tomorrow night. daytime hay 71 degrees. 75 napa. and finally, around ukiah, 71. and 73 at clear lake. extended forecast, pressure is on, temperatures up. we will be looking at reedition in the low 80s monday. a few clouds come in the shoreline tomorrow night. the rest of the week looks mostly sunny. we will cool it off tuesday,
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but the readings give us an above average week. anymore rain on the horizon? no. ann? >> as promised, we are talking warriors. >> the warriors get the job done as they sweep the pelicans out of the first round. we have highlights and reaction and a look at who
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>> well, the pelicans put up a good fight in the first three games of the series, but couldn't stop the warriors from advancing for the second time in three years. anthony davis and new orleans were trying to recover. shawn livingston finds draymond green down low. he had a career high of 20 points in the first half. later in the quarter, klay thompson for the three. 60-47 warriors at that point. thompson had 25 point ins the game. curry gets into the paint in the third quarter and slips. pass over to harrison barnes who finishes with the dunk. the warriors up 74-60. they led as much as 24, but just like the warriors on thursday, new orleans comes
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back. the pelicans go on 18-7 run. but out of a time-out, steph curry gets davis to bite on the pump fake and hits the jumper. pushing the lead to 12. the warriors win 109-98 to sweep the series that coach steve kerr said was anything but easy. >> first three games came down to the wire and tonight was our best effort of the series. i'm very pleased with the effort and i'm very pleased that i don't have to see anthony davis until november at the earliest. [ laughter ] >> playing against steph, man, it is not fair at times. some of the shots he hits. our guys fought and played hard. they will say it is bad defense, but our guys played their butts off. >> we didn't celebrate it too much today. nobody was more excited as we were the other day. this win wasn't thrilling
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enough. i know somebody will tweet me and say i'm cockey. >> i'm going to cabbo tomorrow. i guess we don't play until sunday at the earliest. i told the guys to get some work in if they want. but i'm just kidding. >> ha, ha. well oakland's damian lillard and the blazers hosting the grizzlies. jeff green hits the shot. free-throw made it. 85-71. they lead the series 3-0. the warriors await the winner of that series. well, a second left in the game. milwaukee gets it to bayless who scores on the layup at the buzzer. so the bucks win 92-90 avoiding the sweep. chicago still lead it is series 3-1. the as looking to avoid dropping three games in a row. while the giants take another game into extra innings. we will
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>> torture baseball is back in full swing for the giant. they needed extra innings for the fourth time this series as they try to beat the rockies the first time this year. this fan looks a little conflicted. rockies jersey, orange mohawk. drew stubs grounds to second.
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hundley ties the game. joe panic lays down the bunt. aoki drives it home. their first win over the rockies in five games. well max making his major league debut for the as . jose altuve extends his hitting streak to 28 games. goes deep, a three-run shot for houston. they would win 9-3. the as are 3-6 at home this season. and third round of the swinging skirts at lake mersed. morgan started the day tied at 13-13. she would land right next to the cup. she was five under today and moved into second place, but everybody is still trying to take brook henderson her chip just misses so she is tapping for a birdie. the 17-year-old is five under. >> looked pretty out there today. >> it looks gorgeous
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>> here is something you don't see on the mean streets of manhattan, a coyote. >> it took over an hour for officers to corner it. but they finally did get it tranquilized on a restaurant patio and took it to animal control. the coyote was not hurt, but it is not clear how it ended up in manhattan. >> that is what we were talking about. >> they said in the story, occasionally, but very occasionally, they run a cross a coyote. there is still the call of the wild in the animal kingdom in new york. our next newscast tomorrow morning with anne makovec
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