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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 27, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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it's just before 4:30. >> really early. >> no kidding, good morning everyone, it's monday, april 27th. i'm michelle griego. >> and it's going to be a hot monday too. hi everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. hope you had a good weekend. thank you for joining us here at 4:30. little weather a little traffic and i hear 88? >> 88-degrees is going to be the outside number today in the antioch area, discovery bay, but it's very short-lived. at this hour right now we're talking about temperatures from 48 degrees to 55-degrees in fairfield. later today the westerlies will kick in late day out of the southwest and west 10 to 20 it. temperatures 65 at the beaches to again 88 antioch. your full forecast is coming up. as you guys saw across the golden gate bridge just a few cars out there. here's a live looked at the bay bridge toll plaza, everything is moving fine. eastbound though a lot of road crews out there. caltrans hard at work assisting on the new span of the bridge. from the tunnel almost all the way out to the toll plaza. we'll tell you how your commute is shaping up on monday.
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it's all coming up. [ bleep ] [ bleep ] >> an incredible look inside the avalanche triggered by the massive earthquake in nepal. the death toll continues to rise from saturday's 7.8 earthquake. it's now more than 3700. meanwhile a climber who survived avalanches triggered by the earthquake has taken some remarkable video. kpix 5's ann notarangelo reports. >> the ground is shaking. >> reporter: moments later climbers at base camp realized what's about to happen and run for what little cover they have. >> go. go. [ bleep ] bleep [ bleep ]
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>> reporter: it was over in seconds. >> are you okay? >> huh, yeah. >> reporter: larges like this one killed at least -- avalanchings like this one killed at least 17 climbers on everest, one was google executive dan fredinburg. this is video showing him preparing for his climb. >> every day has been a completely different workout. last four and a half months in order to confuse my mind and my body and just keep myself on edge at all times. >> reporter: ann notarangelo, kpix 5. >> and a climber from sonoma county is still on mount everest, john ritter on the left in the green jacket said the ground shook for a long time and moments later the avalanches thundered towards them. ritter survived the onslaught but other climbers at base camp did not. >> there was quite a cloud that took out a rock and -- ice that took out a large section of the base camp. we recall ducked for cover -- all ducked for cover until the cloud passed and started
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dealing with the aftermath. >> orange con territories -- tents were converted into make field field hospitals. snow still came down and survivors slept in two shower shifts -- hour shifts and returned to help out. they made a hell bad. and -- helipad. now traveling to nepal. the focus will be on getting into damaged buildings and finding survivors there. many communities that were perched on the mountainside have been devastated and some places 70% of the houses are destroyed. >> today in sacramento a key vote aimed at speeding up the process for water storage projects. the state assembly's natural resources committee is set to vote on the bill. it calls for streamlining the environmental review process. the water storage projects are the result of proposition one a $2.7 billion bond measure approved by california voters last november. roberta is now and she is bringing the heat. >> oh, yeah. what a great weekend it was.
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we had the much-needed rain showers on saturday. then we had the abundance of sunshine on sunday and today we're going to have near or record warmth right here in the bay area and then we have a dry cold front working its way into the bay area for tuesday. right now stepping on outside, we do have clear skies and it's very mild. you're going to feel it as you step out. 51 degrees in santa rosa to 56 degrees in oakland. later today the southwest wind 10 to 20 miles per hour and temperatures well above average. we're talking 60s at the beaches today and 70s to 80s around the peninsula. 80-degrees in morgan hill then we sweep around to the eastern portion of the bay area out towards discovery bay 88 degrees. otherwise low 8 #s towards mountain house. upper 70s in santa rosa and today in cloverdale you can expect really a high of 88 degrees. hey liz we're going to have that seven day forecast but first what's up? yeah and overall we're doing pretty well. sometimes monday mornings take a while to get going and it appears to be the case.
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overall no bighorns out there. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. some overnight roadwork in shots including eastbound 80 going to the oakland area from san francisco. from about the tunnel all the way to the toll plaza. they have various lanes blocked and scheduled until 6:00. here's a live look at the nimitz freeway, free and clear from hayward into downtown oakland but some on and off ramps may be shut down for a while. a quick check of east bay drive times so far all in the green. that's kcbs traffic. back to you guys. gastritises on the rise -- prices -- gas prices on the rise. that's all according to aaa. the average price in san francisco is now $3.43 a gallon. that's up $3.18 from a week ago. and in san jose it's $3.42 up from $3.14. in oakland it's $3.40 a gallon. some trouble at refineries in california have reduced supplies including flaring problems at chevron in richmond
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and maintenance issues in martinez. a funeral is set this morning for freddie gray. gray's friends and family began a wake and held a wake for him yesterday just hours after a protest over his death turned violent. community members helped with the clean-up in baltimore. >> we have to stand up for those who are upset. when people are grieving they say things they don't mean. you have to stand in the gap for them and sometimes it's -- it's about cleaning up their mess. >> president obama is sending an aid to -- aide to represent the administration at gray's funeral. 9-year-old boy is dead stabbed to death in discovery bay in east contra costa county. and an 18-year-old man is under arrest. yesterday neighbors gathered to remember the young boy. those who know the suspect william schultz say he had been kicked out of his home and was say thing with -- staying with the boy's family. the suspect and the victim did know one another the sheriff
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confirms. >> this wasn't a random act. it wasn't some sort of you know stranger that came into the home and murdered a child. this was a family friend. >> family member took the child to the hospital where he was pronounced dead and next door neighbor on frost way says schultz had just been released from a psychiatric care facility the night before he was arrested yesterday afternoon. a napa high school soccer coach is accused of sending a photo to a girl on the team. julian vargas was aiested yesterday. a -- arrested yesterday. a 16-year-old girl told police that he text messaged her a sexually explicit photo of himself. he is a coach of napa high's junior varsity girls' team. now scrambling come up with new education plans as christian hartnett reports their schools have abruptly
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shut down. >> reporter: hold college students are fed up angry and confused after receiving the e- mail saying their school is shut down. >> teals like they don't care. it seemed like all they wanted was for us to come in and take our money and get rid of us. >> reporter: it affects 16,000 students nationwide at 28 campuses operated by corinthian colleges. jessica was months away from completing her paralegal associate's degree and on the hook for $30,000 in student loans and feel like she's been cheated. >> i feel hustled. bamboozled. everything. disrespected. everything. >> reporter: it comes less than two weeks after the u.s. department of education fined the massive for profit institution $30 million for misremitting graduate employment numbers, the corinthian colleges said in a statement quote --
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>> reporter: that's little comfort for jessica. who has 2-year-old twins. >> so i just wasted a year and a half away from my children who are young that i'll never get back. >> reporter: what happens to the studentings? tip -- students in typically their loans would be forgiven but that still roadway mains to be -- remains to be seen in this situation. for now the u.s. department of education has a page on the website for all the students. in concord, christian hartnett, kpix 5. apple will release its quarterly en, today and -- earnings today and all signs point to a very good report for the tech giant. some analysts estimate apple sold 58 million iphones in the first three months of this year. a san francisco jewelry store is being priced out of the building that bears its name. sleeve and company cannot afford to renew the lease at its union square location. the sleeve building on post street survived the 1906 earthquake and fire. the co-owner of the company told the chronicle there was fierce competition for the
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spot. they are now trying to find a new location to move to when its lease expires next year. it is 4:40 on this monday morning. a new problem for the golden gate bridge. what officials want to keep away from the famous span. >> and what is cool contact your school? -- about your school? you can e-mail your nomination to us at
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we got a live look at the golden gate bridge where drones are now a growing concern. the bridge district says drones have been flying over the bridge and into areas where photography is banned. the drones are considered a security threat. the district is calling for federal regulations that would allow it to cite drone operators for trespassing. a concord man is hospitalized after trying to put out a fire at his neighbor's apartment. investigators say the man saw flames shooting from a neighbor's stove at the complex on kirkwood drive. he then used several fire extinguishers but could not put
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out the flames. firefighters say when they showed up the good samaritan ran out of the apartment and collapsed. >> what we like to emphasize is if there's a fire in a unit or a fire in any building you just get out. we don't want people to risk their lives by entering a unit to put out a fire, leave that to the professionals. >> the fire district says the good samaritan is expected to recover. the exact cause of the fire is still unicolor. city of an -- unclear. city of san rafael just reopened a popular park. people came to the boyd memorial park for a family fun day. it was closed for four months after the city got fed up with the mess from a homeless. but residents say homeless aren't the only people to blame. the park is just a few blocks from police headquarters. >> just as important to me that being -- close proximity to the police station they couldn't get control of it without closing the park to everyone. >> originally it was supposed to be closed for just 30 days but council extended the
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closure so the park could be cleaned up and the portable restrooms removed. there's a new effort to bring salmon back to part of the san joaquin river even though it would mean adding extra water during the drought. biologists say the project will lead valuable information about spawning conditions for the salmon which have not been seen in the river for almost 60 years. if drought has been keeping the government from releasing water to push the project forward. researchers say suspended the effort now means sacrificing hundreds of young fish. it is 4:44. mother nature gave us a little bit of a sprint -- that was nice friday into saturday. >> yeah, wasn't it right on cue? and in fact i was at the a's game on friday night and it went into extra innings. i'm like no we can't do because i knew the rain was coming between 10:00 and 11:00 at night and sure enough it didn't dampen the spirits, didn't have a good outcome. >> didn't win. >> they didn't. but everybody stayed at the game even with the heavy drizzle. good morning everybody.
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as you are heading out the door this morning, we have clear skies. look at the embarcadero center. what do you see there? you see the blue lights, see the gold lights, that's a salute to the golden state warriors who are coming back home. temperature right now 51 degrees if santa rosa and 56- degrees in oakland. the winds are light this morning but will increase out of the southwest 0 to 20 miles per hour -- 10 to 20 miles per hour late day. vallejo west at 4 miles per hour. all the winds rotating as high pressure builds into the bay area. the temperatures are going to usher into near or record warmth. you want to take a look at the futurecast, we will see later on tonight the return of a very deep marine layer and in fact this marine laser going to have these temperatures today crash and burn for our tuesday. and tuesday is going to pan out to drop by at least 10 to 15 degrees very gusty winds for the tuesday as well. 87 degrees at the state capital today. 70 monterey bay. sun up at 6:19 and set at 7:56.
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by then we will have seen temperatures soar to low 70s. in the mission district wow 81- degrees in san rafael. 80 san jose. we're talking mid and high 80s east of the bay. outside number today will be 88 degrees that will be in antioch, tracy, brentwood, mountain house as well. here's a look at the extended forecast. we deepen that marine layer tonight overnight waking up with mostly cloudy skies on tuesday. it's a dry cold front that will enhance that marine layer tomorrow. so no precipitation but the numbers go spiraling downward. we do have breezy conditions on wednesday then rebound with high pressure for the tail end of the workweek. that's a look at your morning forecast. here's elizabeth. thank you roberta and out the door we just popped the zipper -- spotted the zipper crews with the first kind of inkling they are going to be -- there it is. moments away you can see it right there on the camera. perfect timing. so right now they're opening another southbound lane in the commute direction. and everything looks good between sausalito and san francisco. so east bay drive times for you --
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880 and east shore freeway, usually we don't see as much road work on a monday morning so yeah there's some out there but not as much as on your typical tuesday through friday. if you want to ride mass transit everything looks good as well. so b.a.r.t. system wide no delays. maybe you are catching the flight out of town. if you're heading to sfo or just somewhere along the peninsula. san bruno to san mateo looks clear. 280 is also moving fine into san jose. also downtown 280. guadalupe parkway. 101 like i said we're off to a quiet start relatively. i'll show you where we have a few slow sensors out there coming out of tracy. and it really is only to about north flynn. the drive time has not budged since 4:30 this morning. or really about 4:00. it's still looking pretty good. we haven't seen any jumps in that and really looks good all the way out to the dublin interchange. which you're looking at here, no delay yet from hacienda to 680. another hour or so and that
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will likely change. that's your latest kcbs traffic. frank michelle back to you guys. thank you liz. fiery tanker crash forced the closure of a freeway near l. a. and this morning one side is shut down. the truck was hauling two fuel tanks with about 8500 gallons of gasoline when it toppled over on interstate 710 yesterday afternoon. as you can see it was a mess. chp says at least some of the southbound lanes near florence avenue and bell will stay closed indefinitely because of structural damage. an update now on the story we reported friday morning about a terrorist threat involving airports. we saw more security than usual at mineta international in san jose. and the senior government official told kpix 5 a threat prompted warning to law enforcement. we now know more that u.s. intelligence picked up communications from known isis operatives overseas specifically mentioning california. there's no mention of specific airports or plans for any particular attack. we will of course pass on any new information. a woman whose job was to
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clean airplanes faces charges for allegedly stealing almost $15,000 worth of contraband. the items came from planes grounded at new york's jfk airport. she was arrested friday and investigators say a search of her home turned up more than 1400 tiny bottles of liquor as well as apple ipads, laptop computers, kindle tablets and toiletries, a witness tip to american airlines' security led investigators to column. movies now, furious 7 leading the box office this weekend by a mile. >> you didn't think it could get any better huh? >> here we go. >> well, it earned more than $1.3 billion worldwide since the release four weeks ago and it's expected to become third highest grossing film of all time excuse me following "avatar" and "titanic." furious 7 revved up $18 million in sixty teams that is -- ticket sales at the box office over the weekend.
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paul burglar mall cop came in at number two. at the theaters over the weekend. and the story is only going to get faster and more furious since furious 7 passed the billion dollar mark. it's going to make an automatic sequel now. producers say furious 8 is expected to hit theaters sometime in april of 2017. a hospital stay kept a nebraska teen girl from going to her high school prom. so prom came to her. madison heard already picked out a prom dress before she became ill with a heart condition. but the hospital staff did not let madison's situation get in the way. they deck raided her hospital room -- decorated her hospital room and even madison's date was in on it. tuxedo and all. the girl's mom was so overwhelmed with what everyone did. >> this is above and beyond. i've never seen a staff and doctors at a hospital go out of their way just to make one day special for my 16-year-old. >> well, teachers at madison's school also helped out.
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they set up a video chat from the real prom so madison could share the experience with her classmates. and she looked beautiful. >> she did some great kids. still to come the u.s. supreme court is set to confront one of the biggest civil rights
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good morning everybody. happy monday. it's 4:53. heading out the door this is what you can expect today. look at our temperatures. well above average for this spring day. numbers with the sunshine in the 60s at the beaches today. 70s and 80s common around the peninsula and santa clara valley. 86 degrees today in san ramon. bested by antioch and in brentwood. good morning pleasanton at 87 degrees and southwest breeze 10
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to 20 miles per hour and san rafael in the upper 70s and low 80s. 79 degrees petaluma and today we have a forecast high of 88 degrees in cloverdale. and let's take a live look right now across the richmond- san rafael bridge. here's the toll plaza of course things are monday light. kcbs traffic will take a look coming up. a wild weather lipped around parts of northern texas. heavy rain and tornadoes brought hail and high winds yesterday. and look at all that debris flying across the driver in rising star, texas. so far, no reports of injuries. many people sought shelter in libraries and other buildings. it is 4:54 now. the battle over same sex marriage reaching the supreme court this week. people are already camping out in washington, d.c. before tomorrow's hearing involving cases from four states. until now the court has generally ruled states have the right to decide. but if the justices rule in favor of same sex couples in these cases, then same sex
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marriage would likely be the law of the land. a ruling is expected in june. >> this is the big one. this is no more technicalities, the court has to rule on the issue very specifically. is it constitutional to prohibit same sex marriages? >> the court is not going to settle this issue. in fact, i think it does a disservice to both sides if the court weighs in on public policy like this. the courts are decided to interment the constitution and the constitutionality of laws. not create public policy. >> right now same sex marriage is legal in washington, d.c. and 36 states including california. a trial is set to begin today for the man accused of going on a deadly shooting rampage in a movie theater in a denver suburb. james holmes is acould haved of killing 12 people and injuring 70 others in aurora in 2012. prosecutors say holmes planned the massacre carefully. but his defense attorneys say he was in the grip of a
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psychotic episode. the defense will begin arguing its case this morning in the penalty phase of dzhokhar tsarnaev's trial. the boston marathon bomber was convicted earlier this month of 30 federal charges. 17 of those charges carried the possibility of the death penalty. the defense only needs to convince one juror to spare tsarnaev's life if that happens he would be sentenced to life in prison. electronic cigarettes come in several different flavors is it's no surprise -- flavor sos it's no surprise it's flowing -- flavors so it's no surprise it's growing in popularity among minors. 11% of teens smoke e- cigarettes. that's up from 8% in 2012. and 5 and 6-year-olds who watch an hour of tv a day are significantly more likely to be overweight or obese compared to kids who watch less tv. that's according to new study by the national center for education statistics. it found u.s. kindergarteners watch an average of three hours of television a day. it is 4:56 right now.
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the death toll continues to rise following a massive earthquake in nepal. search for survives coming up. is this -- survivors coming up. >> and the parent company of heald college announced all of its campuses are closing immediately. i'm kiet do with a live report on how thousands of students
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good morning everyone. it's monday, april 27th. i'm michelle griego. >> hi everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 5:00 on this monday. college students in the bay area and across the state will have no classes today after their schools suddenly shut down. kiet do joins us live from milpitas to explain which schools are affected on this monday. good morning kiet. >> reporter: good morning. we're live here at the heald college in milpitas, this is
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one of the brands of corinthian colleges, they are best known for traininged a mines and business, legal and medical professionals and also i. t. courts, today the company announced they are ceasing operations in 28 of its campuses all over the state. that affects 10,000 students in california. now the trouble started a couple of years ago when the company was accused of inflating its numbers to please investors and attracting even more students. corinthian denied the charges, nonetheless they were fined $30 million by the department of education. the company was forced to sell most of its campuses last fall. and was trying to sell its california campuses but ran into legal problems with the state. and then students in california got a bombshell e-mail sunday morning. the school was closing. jessica was months away from getting her paralegal center's degree and now owes $30,000 in student loans. >> feels like they didn't care. seems like all they wanted was for us to come in and take our money and get


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