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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 27, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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of the brands of corinthian colleges, they are best known for traininged a mines and business, legal and medical professionals and also i. t. courts, today the company announced they are ceasing operations in 28 of its campuses all over the state. that affects 10,000 students in california. now the trouble started a couple of years ago when the company was accused of inflating its numbers to please investors and attracting even more students. corinthian denied the charges, nonetheless they were fined $30 million by the department of education. the company was forced to sell most of its campuses last fall. and was trying to sell its california campuses but ran into legal problems with the state. and then students in california got a bombshell e-mail sunday morning. the school was closing. jessica was months away from getting her paralegal center's degree and now owes $30,000 in student loans. >> feels like they didn't care. seems like all they wanted was for us to come in and take our money and get rid of us.
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>> reporter: the company issued a statement that says in part -- now students can try to transfer credits to another school. that is a time son qumeing and very difficult process. right now they do however qualify for a full discharge of their federal loans. we're live in milpitas, kiet do, kpix 5. more than 3700 people are now confirmed dead in the wake of that power 68 earthquake in nepal. as an drew spencer reports that number keeps rising as seven crews get to hard the reach areas. >> reporter: this video posted online shows climbers at a camp on mount everest scrambling for cover. you see the chaos after the ground starts shaking a massive wall of ice and snow hits the camp. [ bleep ] >> are you okay? >> huh, yeah. >> you all right.
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>> yeah. [ bleep ] >> reporter: more than a dozen people on everest were killed. helicopters came to rescue many of the others as aftershocks created more avalanches through the weekend. in kathmandu it was as if the ground itself had opened. huge fishers in the -- fizz yours in the asphalt. the death toll only continued to climb as teams searched through the rubble and officials get reports from the rugged country side which makes upmost of nepal. >> because we have nearly getting aftershocks. one after the other. as if panic among people still lot on unaccounted for. >> reporter: buildings that have stood for generations such as oric dorara tower reduced to rubble. the 7.8 quake and its aftershocks turning one of the world's most scenic regions into a panorama of devastation. i'm -- devastation. i'm andrew spencer reporting. >> climber from sonoma county still on top of mount everest.
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john ritter on the left in the green jack it said the surround look for a long time and moments later the avalanche began. he survived but some at the base camp didn't. orange tents were converted into makeshift field hospitals. and elite team of l. a. firefighters now heading to nepal to help. the rescue team's focus will be on getting into damaged buildings, finding survivors and many communities that were perched on mountain sides are completely devastated. in some places 70% of the houses are now destroyed. today in sacramento, a key vote aimed at speeding up the process for water storage projects. the state assembly's natural resources committee is set to vote on the bill it calls for streamlining the environmental review process. the water storage projects are the result of proposition one a $2.7 billion bond measure approved by california voters last november. 5:303. check of weather and traffic.
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and something unusual friday into saturday. rain. >> rain. little much-needed rain. it was very nice. i was swimming at the lake on saturday. the water level is high and i asked them about it. they let some water in from the delta and it tasted like the dell that. no it was fine. it was a great swim day out there. good morning everyone. hope you had a great weekend. heading out the door right now clear skies and winds are under 5. later today we'll increase out of the southwest 10 to 20. our numbers are stacked up in the 50s and boy you're going to feel it. those very mild out the door. and later today you will feel this. 88 degrees in antioch. tracy, brentwood. discovery bay. 80 in san jose. low 80s in santa rosa. we're going to talk about the 70s in san francisco but first here's liz. thank you roberta. let's gofullying over the altamont pass -- flying over the altamont pass and tracy. it's all red on the sensors now. and it's really bottlenecking right there between 20 are 5 and north flynn -- 205 and north flynn. past that exit it's fine all the way out to the dublin interchange. if you're continuing westbound
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all the way through the castro valley wide. there you go and all the way to the maze, if you can make it that long. but you get that point that after that north flynn exit everything looking good and the drive time still not budged but that should be jumping up here any second. a few delays now on highway 4 approaching hillcrest, a few days on the sensors there. those just kind of jumped into the yellow. probably about five minutes ago. and the bay bridge, the toll plaza still clear even in the cash lanes. no delay into san francisco. that eastbound road work though continues until about 6:00. and it is essentially a new section of eastern span. so between the tunnel and the toll plaza. or you can always ride b.a.r.t.. everything is on time. back to you guys. all right elizabeth thank you. a young man is under arrest suspected of stabbing a boy to death. it happened yesterday at the 9- year-old victim's home in east contra costa county. kpix 5's ryan takeo is outside the home where there's a growing memorial. ryan? >> reporter: yeah, we're outside the boy's family's home
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here on frost way. right now you can take a look at the memorial for the 9-year- old boy. the victim in this case. you can see candles and flowers here on the sidewalk. and it's just outside the crime scene. his house. neighbors gathered here yesterday to remember the little boy who was murdered in his discovery bay home and we've confirmed the 9-year-old victim's name is jordan allgren. the prime suspect is 18-year- old william schultz. those who knew him say he'd gotten kicked out of his home and was staying with the boy's family. the suspect's father visibly shaken told kpix 5 his heart went out to the victim's family. >> i have not spoken to my son. please just let us be. >> this wasn't a random act. this wasn't some sort of you know stranger that came into the home. and murdered a child. this was -- this was a family friend. >> reporter: a neighbor says there may have been a sign schultz would snap. he saysishments has been placed
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on a hold and was released saturday night just hours before the boy died. we're live in discovery bay, ryan takeo, kpix 5. thank you. a funeral will be held this morning for a baltimore man who died while in police custody. among those attending service for freddie gray the head of president obama's initialtive for young men of color. more now from cbs news' don champion. >> reporter: as family members prepare to bury freddie gray they're calling for calm. sunday mourners carried flowers into his wake. jasmine lee is his cousin. >> when i go in there it's reality that he's really gone. >> reporter: hundreds attended the wake even people who did not know gray. >> i have sons, i have two sons. you know. it could have been one of them. >> reporter: unanswered questions about gray's death only add to the grief and outrage. the 25-year-old died from a spinal injury a week after being taken into police custody. >> hey, hey. >> reporter: protests over the
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case turned violent in the city saturday. with stores trashed and some people clashing with officers. yesterday, community members helped with the clean-up. >> we have to stand up for those who are upset. when people are grieving they say things they don't mean and they do things they don't upper level disturbance. you have to stand -- understand. you have to stand in the gap for them and sometimes it's about cleaning up their mess. >> reporter: longtime maryland congressman elijah cummings called for a thorough investigation. >> out of this will come a stronger baltimore. a model police department. >> reporter: four officers are on administrative leave while the investigation continues. don champion, cbs news, new york. loretta lynch is set to be sworn in today as u.s. attorney general. it comes after the senate finally confirmed her last week. republicans had refuse to bring her nomination up for a vote until democrats cut a deal on abortion language in an up related build -- unrelated bill. she will replace eric holder and be the first african- american woman to be the attorney general.
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she was previously u.s. attorney for the eastern district of new york. california's new motor voter act will be debated today at a state assembly committee hearing. the bill calls for data collected by the dmv to be provided to the california secretary of state's office. secretary of state alex padilla will testify in favor of the bill which he says would get more californians to register to vote. 5:09 on this monday. major change for chipotle. what the restaurant will be the first of its kind to do when it opens for business today. >> plus california reese drought has new -- california's drought has new water restrictions. >> are you ready for 90-degree weather? well, we'll tell you where it will hit 90 today and how long it will last. >> with we have a brit -- and we have a pretty good start orphan this morning commute. conditions between pleasanton and is sunol grade. the travel times still in the clear. we'll take a look at the rest of the commute coming up but
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and it is 5:12. we're going get a look at the nation's capital. that's washington, d.c.. a briesy high of 64 today. home now to the golden gate bridge where we have clear skies and high temperature there today going up to an inseasonably mild 71 degrees. two people are dead and five still missing after a powerful storm capsized several sailboats in alabama's mobile bay. the severe weather hit as more than 100 sailboats were all participanting in the -- participating in the dolphin island sailing regatta. one sailor shot this video of the storm on a go pro camera on the boat. coast guard pulled as many as 40 people out of the water. the drought is drying up hydroelectric power in the state and it could mean higher electricianty bills. in a normal year the state gets about a quarter of its power from hydroelectric sources but this year is projected to be about 7%. hydropower relies on snow melt
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that fuels reservoirs and then flows through dams. but less water means power companies will have to rely on priceyer alternatives like natural gas for power. today a rally is planned to protest san francisco's archbishop proposed morality clause for teachers. the archbishop came under fire for calling on teachers to abide by the church's stance against things like sex outside of marriage and homosexuality. fight over the language in the new teacher handbook has been going on since february. today's rally starts at 4:30 at the san francisco archdiocese. 5:14 right now. a check on the roads with liz. >> okay thanks guys overall like i said we have not seen too many major sents. not as much road work out there but the congestion is really picking up. out of 580 all of a sudden all red on the sensors from mountain house in tracy straight on through the north flynn exit. then more pockets of slowing in the livermore valley. a few more pockets of slowing
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as you get closer to the dublin interchange. we're really the worst of it is right there near the 205 and 580 split. here's a lye lock out the -- live look out the door. san mateo bridge traffic and things are moving along right now like clock work. westbound and eastbound 92. no delay on the flat section or the high-rise. bay bridge no delay even in the cash lanes yet on a monday. eastbound road work continues until 6:00 by the way on the eastern span. certainly from the tunnel to the toll plaza. westbound is still great and 880 the main lines of the freeway have remained clear between hayward and downtown oakland. a few on and off ramps may be shut down around 29th but again, no travel delays as you head toward oakland airport or all the way down to highway 9 # and the san mateo bridge. and one of the earlier traffic reports we saw the zipper crews drive by across the golden gate bridge. they have continued their journey further north opening another southbound lane and everything is pretty quiet so far between novato and sausalito and across the span. south bay check and you can see
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we put up some live drive time sensors. mostly in the 60s so all moving at the speed limit right now and 101, 280 and here's some other drive times for you. in the east bay, your more popular routes. everything like i said is still pretty much in the clear. and we're also checking in on mass transit. and everything on time for b.a.r.t. system wide with by now more than 36 trains all reporting no delay. that is your latest kcbs traffic. we had a nice little brush with some rain drops over the weekend. let's see if there's more. we do actually have a dry cold front that's moving into the bay area on tuesday and 2010, the word there is -- again, the word there is dry. but temperatures will timmable on tuesday especially in comparison to today. good morning everybody. heading out the door this is the scene at mineta international airport. so far no reports of any local airport delays. you know what i noticed letting out the door this morning, felt so balmy outside. 50 degrees currently in livermore. 54 san francisco. 56 degrees in oakland. the winds are under 5 miles per hour through most of our
5:17 am
reporting stations. oakland at 6. otherwise it's calm around the peninsula. later today the winds will retate to the southwest and increase 10 to 20 miles per hour but until then we are under this influence of high pressure. sunshine from the coast all the way into our inland areas. very dry air mass and temperatures well above average. then look what happens. this is futurecast. with a dry cold front on the approach, our marine laserrer is going to deepen -- layer is going to deepen tonight. in fact tomorrow morning we'll wake up in the clouds and as far as a good 50 miles into the inland areas the numbers are going to crash and burn bay good 10 degrees, but no rainfall just mostly cloudy skies. until then we have the sunshine throughout the entire state. 57 in eureka. 85 in fresno. 65 in mendocino and mid 60s in the greater lake tahoe area where currently this 23 degrees in truckee. and that's some snowfall over the weekend there. here's a look at your temperatures for today. 65 in pacifica. to 85 degrees in throughout the tri-valley. 80 in san jose.
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80s will be common north of the golden gate bridge and 70s around the bay and more sailboats on the bay now that we have day on bay on sunday. so it's -- the bay on sunday. so it's sailing season. the extended forecast and we have partly cloudy conditions on tuesday. and on wednesday. and then 80s return under the influence of high pressure on wednesday all the way through sunday. so warm today. near 90 degrees snot outlying area -- in the outlying areas, that's too warm. >> crazy warm. >> it's hot. and the allergies are up too. >> i know we were suffering this weekend. right? even with the rain. >> yeah. >> all right roberta thanks. well today the air quality officials are beginning the summer spare the air season. the goal is to encourage people to reduce air pollution. the bay area air quality management district says the most effective strategy people can take is to rethink their commute and to avoid driving alone. that might include carpooling, taking public transit, or biking or walking. the daytime emmy awards were presented last night and
5:19 am
warner brothers studios in burbank. among the big winners the long running "jeopardy" for outstanding game show. the ellen degeneres show for outstanding entertainment talk show and it ended in a tie between days of "days of our lives" and cbs' young and the restlessless. only serve food that doesn't have genetically modified ingredients at chipotles. they reportedly has been working on it for years and now for example, soybean oil is being swapped out for gmo free sunflower and rice brand oils. still to come, at 5:19. yankees' slugger o rod rod rod -- a-rod alex rodriguez closing in rather on the major league milestone. tell you that that is. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell, coming up can the a's avoid a sweep to houston? the lpga's number one ranked player had a chance to come from behind with her golf
5:20 am
clubs. >> what's cool about your school? e-mail your nominations to us
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okay. let's hit the road and here's a live look right now at the bay bridge. the toll plaza. you can see the cash lanes are filling in. that's quite a bit different than even just five, ten minutes ago. and we're all starting to
5:23 am
really heat thing up right now through the altamont pass. pretty heavy traffic right now through about north livermore avenue and then sluggish out to the dublin interchange. we'll take a full look at your drive to work, kcbs traffic is all minutes away. alex rodriguez is now a home run away from tying willie mays on the all-time list. he hit his 659th home run last night as the yankees beat the mets 6-4. so when rodriguez hits number 660, he will be tied with mays for fourth in career home runs. and in doing so, he will lay climb to a $6 million bonus in his contract with the yankees. good morning everybody. 72 holes not enough to decide the swinging skirts lpga classic, so they had to go overtime. lady oko would make a birdie on 18 to force a playoff with morgan prussel who couldn't do the same on the final hole, she pars the secondplay hole so if
5:24 am
ko make this is putt she wins and she wins. she's 18 years old. she wins swinging skirts for the second straight year. fortunately bob mel win viz not around to see the -- melvin was not around to see the finish at the coliseum. evan gattis knocked in the go ahead run over the head. astros rally back to win 7-6. they sweep the a's for the first time ever. tony parker being reminded things are a bit more physical in the playoffs. chris paul and the clippers bounce back from friday night's blowout win in san antonio and evened that series now at two games apiece. i don't think that lake merced will have any gator sightings when the pga comes to harding park this week. justin rose shot a final round 66. he would outlast him to win the zurich classic. and the giants they got the day off because of rain in colorado. be back in business this week. i'm dennis o'donnell, see you tonight. all right dennis, thanks.
5:25 am
and a tip of the cap santa cruz war where is, their d league team -- warriors, their d league team defeated the ants last night to win the championship. with the warriors coming home for round number two the d league team already victorious. play of the day now. how about some major league baseball? who says baseball isn't a contact sport? i'd like to differ. we have royals and white sox and watch the left fielder for kc. that's alex gore don, he's going and going and he's going to take a -- seat, two, three row seats. does he have it? yeah. got it. great catch. although kc didn't win the ball game. they lost 5-3 but gordon with a spectacular catch in the nice seat down there in the left field line. play of the day. a small clothing store sends a big message. why its owner charges men more than women for the same items. >> and the parent company of heald college in the bay area announces suddenly they are
5:26 am
closing, i'm kiet do with a live report on how thousands
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how many gasolines clean better than chevron with techron? the answer is a big fat zero. chevron with techron. care for your car. this makeshift memorial continues to grow here in the east bay. a 9-year-old boy stabbed and killed inside of his own home. coming up we'll tell you what some say might have been a warning sign the suspect would snap. and the death toll in nepal is now over 3700 people. after a massive earthquake over the weekend. nearly 90 degrees today. i'll show you where and just how long this heat wave will last. and if you're hopping a ride with mass transit you're if luck, everything is son time. a check on the roads.
5:30 am
that's all coming up. thank you liz, good morning everyone. it's monday, it's april 27th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. a stunning development for hundreds of bay area college students. their schools have abruptly shut down. kpix 5's kiet do joins us live from milpitas to explain what went wrong. >> reporter: good morning. the best known of these sites the heald college in mill pees that, this also affects the other campuses called everest and bio tech. they have campuses all over the bay area. today the parent company announced they are ceasing operations in 28 of its campuses statewide. that affects 10,000 students in california. now the trouble started years ago when the company was accused of inflating its employment numbers to please investors and attract even more students. well, cent january denied the charge but nonetheless they were fined $30 million by the department of education. the company was forced to sell most of its campuses last fall. and was trying to sell its campuses in the western u.s.
5:31 am
but ran into legal problems with the state. then students in california got a bombshell e-mail sunday morning. the school was closing. jessica was months away from getting her paralegal social's degree and now -- associate's degree and now owes $30,000 in student loans and she has #- year-old twin -- 2-year-old twins. >> i feel hustled. bamboozled. everything. disrespected. everything. i just wasted a year and a half away from my children who are young that i'll never get back. >> reporter: the company issued a statement that says in part -- now these students here at heald college can try to transfer their credits to another school. that's very difficult and time consuming and likely will not happen. however, they do qualify for a full discharge of their federal leans. live in milpitas, kiet do, kpix 5. well today rescue workers in nepal pulled a man alive from the rubble of a destroyed
5:32 am
building in kathmandu. the this is the death toll from saturday's wig earthquake rose to -- big earthquake rose to more than 3800 people. crews are trying to reach any possible secure rivers even as the region experiences some powerful aftershocks. many people have abandoned their homes and up on mount everest the climber from the bay area described an avalanche triggered by that same earthquake. >> there was quite a cloud that took out a rock and rice that took out -- ice that took out a large section of the base camp. we all ducked for cover until the cloud passed and started dealing with the aftermath. >> orange tents at the base camp were concerted into makeshift -- converted into makeshift field hospitals and survivors slept for two hour shifts and then returned to help out. they made a helipad to get the injured out more quickly but folks still stuck up on mount everest. >> no kidding it's deaf stating there. -- devastating there. 5:32 right now. san francisco with nearly a half inch of rain.
5:33 am
livermore with .4 of rain and then we rebounded with lots of sunshine yesterday and today the warming trend continues with nearly 90 degrees in many of our east bay locations. good morning everyone. here's a look at the current conditions in and around our microclimates. 48 degrees in pacifica to 54 degrees in concord and fairfield. it's in the low 50s in san jose. winds later today southwest 10 to 20. otherwise look at these temperatures. 10 degrees above average in concord and 73 today in san mateo to 83-degrees in sunnyvale. we wrap around the santa clara valley and head to east and we top off in the mid and high 80s. these will be some of the warmest temperatures around bay area. 88 ant brock, brentwood, tracy. mountain house. back in through blackhawk and north bay numbers with the sunshine in stinson beach in the 60s. otherwise 78 degrees in mill valley and there you have the high 80s again in cloverdale. low 80s in windsor, we'll talk about a cold front heading this way that's coming up next time around. liz? thank you roberta. and you know the chp reports
5:34 am
just moments ago are reporting a new accident now coming into san francisco. northbound 101 by 280. and a lane may be blocked. so we'll continue to watch that one. but first we'll take you outside and here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. wow the cash lanes are filling in quick and no sign of metering lights just yet. if you're a fastrak pass user you're fine so far. but in the next ten minutes that camera will likely look different with the metering lights on and filing in in the middle lanes as well. here's a live look at how traffic is growing as well out of the altamont pass, pretty heavy right now all the way through the love more truck scales and past that everything is just slow all the way out to the dublin interchange, that's your latest kcbs traffic. back to you. liz thank you. gas prices are on the rise. jumping by at least 25 cents in just the past week. according to aaa, the average price in san francisco is -- up from $3.18 just a week ago. in san jose it's $3.42. up from $3.14.
5:35 am
and in oakland, it's $3.40. trouble at several refineries in california have reduced supplies including a flaring problem at chevron in richmond and maintenance issues at receive sorrow in martinez -- tesoro in martinez. a funeral set in baltimore this morning. freddie gray's friends and family held a wake for him yesterday just hours after a protest over his death turned violent. community members helped with the clean-up in baltimore. >> we have to stand up for those who are upset. when people are grieving they say things they don't mean and they do things they don't understand. you have to stand in the gap for them and sometimes it's about cleaning up their mess. >> president obama is sending an aide to represent the administration at gray's funeral today. a high school soccer keep is accused of sending a sexually explicit to toe to a girl on the team. julian vargas was arrested
5:36 am
yesterday morning. a 16-year-old girl told them vargas propositioned her for sex and text messaged her an inappropriate foe toy of himself. vargas is a coach of napa high's junior varsity girls' team. sheriff's investigators are trying to determine what motivated a young man to stab a 9-year-old boy to death. it happened yesterday and our ryan takeo is live outside the house where that deadly stabbing took place over the weekend. ryan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning frank. yeah that house was the crime scene now it's a sight of a makeshift memorial here on the sidewalk. right in front of the house here on frost way. you can see the candles, flowers and some teddy bears here for the 9-year-old boy victim. here's a picture of 9-year-old jordan almgren. police say he was murdered inside his discovery bay home yesterday morning. contra costa county sheriff's investigators say their suspect who is in custody is 18-year- old william schultz. he had gotten kicked out of his home and was staying with the
5:37 am
boy's family. a neighbor says there may have been a sign he would snap. he says schultz was released saturday night from a psychiatric hold just hours before the boy died. >> i think he was released last night. >> i've never seen any like problems between those -- them two. like he'd treat him like a little brother. >> reporter: a nurse at a local kaiser helped deputies track the suspect down. she noticed the social media post and realized the patient in the emergency room -- that person was a patient in the emergency room. the investigators' main suspect. we are live in discovery bay, i'm ryan takeo, kpix 5. in sacramento today, a key vote is planned on a bill aimed at speeding the process for water storage projects. the state assembly's natural resources committee is set to vote on the bill. it calls for streamlining the environmental review process. water storage projects are the result of proposition one a $2.7 billion bond measure
5:38 am
approved by california voters last november. apple will report innings later today and the numbers are expected to be strong. >> jill wagner of joins us now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning frank and michelle. the markets open at a new record high today. the s&p at the all-time high friday. the dow finished 21 points higher and the nasdaq rose about 36. also hitting new high for the second day in a row. apple will report its earnings to the second quarter after the closing bell today. and investors are expecting another strong quarter. last time around, record sales for apple's new iphones really helped fuel the most profitable quarter ever. not just for apple but for any publicly traded company. chipotle now removed all genetically engineered ingredients in its menu. it's the first major restaurant change to do so. frank and michelle? >> all right well coffee lovers can breeze easy this morning jill. -- breathe easy this morning
5:39 am
jill. star bucks is now back open after a computer problem. what happened? >> reporter: stack bubs is blaming the outage on -- starbucks is blaming the outage on the internal problem not the external breach. baristas couldn't ring up transactions and starbucks actually closed shops across the country early on friday night. but it was not before many baristas started to give away free coffee because they couldn't ring people up. so of course i missed that wonderful event. i don't know about you guys, frank and michelle? >> i had to pay for mine over the weekend. i missed out too. all right jill wagner on a monday for us. thank you jill. it is 5:39 now. gm's first female ceo is making way more than the last guy who held the job. last year mary barra earned $16.2 million. that's 78% more than her male predecessor dan ackerson. but barra's pay trails that of mark fields ceo at rival ford motor company who made $18.6
5:40 am
million. both were named ceos just last year. a retail store in pennsylvania is making a statement about women making less money on the job than men. the shop in garfields gives female customers a 24% discount on everything while male customers have to pay full price. >> there's been a few guys that have come in. i've been nervous to tell them about what this is. >> the items in the store are all made by women and many of them are local artists, what do you think? you have to pay more as a man. >> i'm okay with that. what the heck? >> i understand their point but yea it could make a lot of men a little angry. >> i don't feel a lot of men in the store. >> just so send in you know their -- female friends or -- >> there you go. >> wife or girlfriend. >> go in and buy some pottery. i'm all set. all right, it's r5:40. a dream come true for a teen too sick for the prom. great story, how one hospital didn't let her situation get in the way of a very special night.
5:41 am
>> and let's take a live look out at oakland right now. this is 880. traffic is moving along pretty well on this monday morning. elizabeth is going to be back to let us know how the rest of the roads ar
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muddle no more™. good morning and time check for you on this monday 5:43. a look at -- look at that. you have to stop and just look at that. that is your monday. that is clear. and we have temperatures today topping off 60s beaches and 70s 8 #s around the peninsula and up to the mid and high 80s inland. the full report though coming up. >> how about that robert that? already light out at what quarter to 6:00 here? a live look at the golden gate bridge. little light there too where there's growing concern about drones. the bridge district says drones have been flying over the bridge and into areas where photography is banned. the drones are considered a
5:44 am
security threat for the bridge. the district is calling for federal regulations that would allow it to cite drone operators for trespassing. tanker crash forcing the closure of the freeway near l. a.. this morning one side remains closed. the truck was hauling two fuel tanks with about 8500 gallons of gasoline. you see the aftereffect here. when it toppled over on interstate 710 yesterday afternoon. chp says at least some of the southbound lanes near florence avenue and bell, california will stay closed indefinitely because of structural damage from that fire. up tate now on a story we reported friday night about a terrorist threat involving airports. we saw more security than usual at mineta international in san jose. a senior government told told us a -- official told us a threat prompted a warning to law enforcement. we know more. that u.s. intelligence picked up communications from known isis operatives overseas specifically mentioning california.
5:45 am
there's no mention of specific airports or plans of any particular attack. we will of course pass on any new information. a woman whose job was to clean airplanes is accused of stealing contraband worth almost $15,000. what net callup was arrested on friday. a search of her home turned up more than 1400 tiny bottles of liquor as well as apple ipad and toiletries. a witness tip to american airlines' security led investigators to her. feel good story here. a hospital stay kept a nebraska teen girl from going to her high school prom. so the prom came to her. madison hud had already picked out a prom dress before she became ill with a heart condition but the staff didn't let madison's situation stop her. they decorated the hospital room and bought cake and cider and even madison's date was in
5:46 am
on it. there he is on the right tuxedo and all. the girl's mom was overwhelmed with what everyone did for her daughter. >> this is above and beyond. never seen a staff and doctors at a hospital go out of their way just to make one day special for my 16-year-old. >> and that they did. teachers at madison's school also helped out. they set up a video chat from the real prom so madison should chair the experience with -- could share the experience her classmates while she was back in the hospital no doubt in her begin. >> isn't that nice? >> yeah that's nice. you hear you know a lot of stuff about what kids do bad. but that's awesome. >> wonderful and she looks beautiful is the best. >> she did and her date is right there by her side. very nice. all right, thanks guys. let's go out the door and so things are getting interesting on the roads. suddenly within the last two minutes i don't know what happened. all of a sudden all these accidents popped up on the chp reports and this is probably the worst of it right now. coming into san francisco. we're hearing two lanes are blocked northbound 101 at 280. or maybe just south of the interchange.
5:47 am
it's already backing up right around paul. and not sure about injuries but again, so watch out for that 280 might be the best bet. and if you're heading to the bay bridge they flicked on the metering lights just ten minutes ago and it's already stacked up beyond the west grand overcrossings. pretty crowded there already trying to get into the city from the east bay. also not to be outdone we have more issues right now on westbound highway 4. this is coming into martinez westbound approaching morello avenue. solo car crash ran into a ditch. we're not seeing much of a delay yet. and here's a live look at 880 in oakland. problem free. it looks great in either direction near oakland airport. i want to show you the -- in commute now between pleasanton and sunol though. usual beaucoups on a -- backups on a monday morning. this started within the last 10, 15 minutes that slowed traffic on southbound 680 or you can always ride b.a.r.t., everything is on time. what do we have going on in the studio? roberta a check of the forecast. good morning everyone. frank michelle drum roll please.
5:48 am
thank you very much. it's time for the weather watcher program. we have weather watchers in and around our microclimates, they report to us different temperatures in and around the bay area. right now we currently have temperatures into the 50s. very balmy out the door this morning. look at the clear skies as we take a peek out towards the bay bridge. official sunup this morning 6:19. it will set at 7:56. and smack in-between we are under the influence of high pressure. it will be warmer today than yesterday. in fact unseasonably warm. and then we have a dry cold front that's going to scoot downtown thest -- down the coast. that will increase the marine layer for tuesday and also bring us much cooler air mass. this is futurecast. and you can sees this what's happening tonight. -- this is what's happening tonight. the return of the on shore push. in fact by tomorrow morning at this time we'll have the overcast conditions at least a good 50 of, 60 milessen land and the -- inland and the temperatures will come spiraling down as a direct effect. but no rain, just some clouds and very breezy conditions tomorrow. until then, today, nearly 90 at
5:49 am
the state capital. 85 in fez know and also back through -- fresno and also back through ansford it's 66 today in the greater lake tahoe area. pollen report, boy a lot of allergens in the atmosphere today. on the medium to high side. you can blame it on the mulberry the oak and the grass count. temperatures today for the mid 60s at the beaches with the sunshine. 70s common across the bay where it is day on the bay. yeah we have sailing back. 80-degrees in san jose and 85 degrees in throughout the livermore area. 88 degrees for the outside number today. numbers crash and burn on tuesday we moderate on wednesday. and then high pressure firmly in command again by thursday for day baseball for the oakland a's. and unseasonably mild. but again today all the way up to 88 degrees in the warmest locations after that rain event that we had on saturday morning. >> the lawns got a little slurp of water you know? all happy. >> yeah. what are they doing? >> yeah.
5:50 am
>> like that. all right. mild weather here but wild weather whipped around parts of northern texas. heavy rain and tornadoes brought hail and high winds yesterday. look at all that debris flying across this driver in rising star, texas and so far no reports of any injuries. many people sought shelter in libraries and other buildings. superheroes have taken over movie theaters overseas. the avengers has already pulled in an estimated $201 million in ticket sales since debuting outside the u.s. last wednesday. that performance is better than that of its predecessor the original avengers movie. it is set to premiere in the u.s. this friday and set all kinds of records. it is 5:50 on this monday. a new study linking tv
5:51 am
it takes nature 90 days to grow the most golden oats. 1800 days and a bit of rain to make thejuiciest cranberries. 7,200 hours and 40,000 bees to create the purest honey ..and, it only takes you 3 minutes to enjoy it. perhaps we made it too delicious nature valley, delicious granola bars made with the tastiest ingredients from nature. nature valley, nature at its most delicious.
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good morning everyone. time check for you is 5:53 open this monday -- on this monday, april 27th. if you suffer from algaes and who doesn't -- allergies and doesn't anymore? today the count on the medium to high side a little bit of relief for your tuesday and wednesday. otherwise, have a great day everyone. and -- taking a live look out the door as we get closer
5:54 am
to the 6:00. unfortunately our accidents are really rolling in. 880 in oakland is okay but continuing into hayward. check out the tephrite if kcbs traffic -- tweet from kcbs traffic. we'll have latest on the days all coming up. thank you liz, supreme court will hear arguments on same sex marriage this week. people are already camping out in washington, d.c. before tomorrow's hearing involving cases from four states. until now, court has general little ruled states have the right to decide but if the justices rule in favor of the same sex couples in these cases, then same sex marriage would likely be the law of the land. a ruling is expected in june. >> this is the big one. this is no more technicalities. the court has to rule on the issue very specifically is it constitutional to prohibit same sex marriages? >> the court is not going to settle this issue. in fact, i think it does a disservice to both sides if the court weighs in on public
5:55 am
policy like this. the courts are decided to interpret the constitutional and the constitutionality of laws. not create public policy. >> right now same sex marriage is legal in washington, d.c. and 36 states including here in california. a trial is set to begin today for the man accused of going on a deadly shooting rampage at a movie theater in a denver suburb. james holmes is accused of killing 12 people and injuring 70 others in aurora in 2012. prosecutors say holmes planned the massacre carefully. but his defense attorneys say he was in the grip of a psychotic episode. electronic cigarettes come in several different flavors, no surprise it's growing in popularity among minors. 11% of teens smoked e- cigarettes, that's up from 8% in 2012. and 5 and 6-year-olds who watch an hour of tv a day are more likely to be overweight or obese compared to kids who watchless.
5:56 am
that's according to a new study by the national center for education statistics. it found u.s. kindergarteners watch an average of up to three hours of television a day. it is 5:56. thousands are dead after a powerful quake hit nepal over the weekend. we'll hear from the bay area climber who was on mount everest when disaster struck. >> and the parent company of heald college has closed all of its campuses. i'm kiet do with a live report on now -- how thousands of students are wondering what next.
5:57 am
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and good morning everyone. good morning. >> good morning morning? >> yes it's good morning. it's monday, it's april 27th. got a bit of irish in me, i'm frank mallicoat. >> yes. i'm michelle griego. time now is just about 6:00. on to our top story now.
6:00 am
more than 3700 people are now confirmed dead in nepal after a powerful earthquake as andrew spencer reports, search crews are finding more bodies as they get to more rubbled areas. -- rugged areas. >> reporter: this video posted online shows climbers at a camp on mount everest scrambling for cover. you see the chaos after the ground starts shaking, a massive wall of ice and snow hits the camp. [ bleep ] >> are you okay? >> huh, yeah. >> you all right. >> yeah. [ bleep ] >> reporter: more than a dozen people on everest were killed. helicopters came to rescue many of the others as aftershocks created more avalanches through the weekend. in kathmandu it was as if the ground itself had opened. huge fissures in the asphalt. sections of road disjointed and askew. the death toll only continued to climb as teams searched through the rubble and officials get reports from the ru


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