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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  April 27, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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just can't seem to escape... another sneeze attack... you may be muddling through allergies. don't get caught off guard. try zyrtec® dissolve tabs. powerful allergy relief, now in a tablet that starts dissolving instantly. zyrtec® dissolve tabs. muddle no more™. chaos on mount everest. after a massive earthquake hit nepal. video posted online, showing climbers scrambling for cover. and a huge wall of ice and snow heading straight for their base camp. good afternoon, everyone.
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i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. the death toll from nepal's worst earthquake in more than 80 years has now topped 4,000. crews are frantically digging through rubble hoping to find survivors two days after the quake. aid workers are struggling to reach small mountain side communities, cut off from help. drone footage over katmandu shows the devastation, and people are flocking to city squares, and open areas, away from buildings out of fear of more after-shocks. and at least three americans died in the nepal earthquake. one of them, google executive dan fredenburg, he was scaling mount everest, and died in an avalanche. his close friends are raising money in his name now, with plans to donate it to often nages that he worked with in nepal. most of them have been destroyed. one northern california man stranned on mount everest finally got to speak with his family using face time. >> i'm good. >> charlton churchill told his
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wife and daughters he is okay but the aftershocks are still scary. still no word on he will be able to come home. search crews in the country's capital are working nonstop to find survivors. cbs holly williams reports from katmandu. >> reporter: the ground began to heave in nepal at midday on saturday. the security video captured the violent tremors. in just a few minutes, the quake razed buildings to the ground. splintered tarmac roads. and claimed more than 3,000 lives. >> there is just floods of people just running to open spaces. the wounded, some with head and spine injuries, poured into nepal's hospitals. many of them poorly equipped for a disaster like this one. >> they are still digging through the rubble here in katmandu. hoping to find survivors. but expecting to discover many
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more bodies. we found this search team working furiously. digging through the rubble, with shovels, and even their bare hands. they have already begun to cremate their dead in nepal, lighting funeral tires for their loved ones. holly williams, cbs news, katmandu. >> search and rescue teams from california are headed to nepal. the death toll is expected to rise. while workers eventually reach remote mountain villages destroyed by the earthquake. and a climber from sonoma county is now involved in rescue efforts on mount everest. john ritter on the left, in the green jacket, said the ground shook for a very long time. moments later, the avalanches thundered toward him. ritter survived the onslaught of snow and rock but other climbers at the bait camp did not. -- base camp did not. to find out how you can help, just head to our web site cbs- sf .com. an east bay community mourns the loss of a 9-year-old
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boy murdered in his own home. jordan almgren was stabbed yesterday in the home. and the suspect is in custody, 18-year-old william shultz, a friend of the boy's older brother. we talked to jordan's classmates as they visited his memorial this morning. >> reporter: one after another, classmates of 9-year-old jordan almgren came to the crime scene turned memorial site to pay their respects. >> he was a really good friend of i have known him for a long time. >> reporter: since kindergarten, 8-year-old niko has known jordan almost half of his life, they last saw each other on school on friday and expected to trade pokemon cards at school today. >> i was going to trade with him on monday but he passed away. >> reporter: instead he and his brother visited the memorial filled with candles flowers and stuffed animals. niko and his brother steven brought this handmade card and attached the pokemon cards
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jordan was supposed to get in that trade. >> hard to tell the kids. >> reporter: niko's mom karlo galo found out about the boy's death yesterday afternoon. >> we waited for quite some time to tell the kids because it hit way too close to home. >> reporter: by all accounts, jordan beamed positivity and energy. 13-year-old maria says he stood out when the two shared a school bus. >> a good personality. and a nice smile. and he has to go this young. it just really sucks for him to go. >> it is a really small community. and a really, really small school. >> parens are already noticing this tight-knit east bay community coming together. it comes in the middle of so much heart break. in discovery bay, kpix 5. a bicyclist was hit and killed by a car this morning in a busy sunnyvale intersection. the collision happened on west fremont and south mary around 8:30. police have placed several evidence markers around that intersection. no word yet on the age of the cyclist, authorities say the
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victim was not a student at one. nearby schools. bay area college students are left scrambling for options after a for profit college provider abruptly closed its campuses. kit doe explains what went wrong. >> reporter: the college here in millipitas, they have other brands in everett and all across the bay area, and the parent company is known as corinthian college, and today, they announced they are shutting down operations in 28 of the remaining campuses, and this affects 10,000 students in california. trouble began years ago, when the company was accused of inflating its employment numbers to please investors and attract even more students. corinthian denied the charge. nonetheless, they were fined $30 million by the department of education. the company was forced to sell most of its campuses last fall and they were trying to sell the remaining campuses in the western u.s. but then ran into legal problems with the state. and then students in california got the bomb shell e-mail sunday morning. the school was closing.
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jessica aravalo was months away from getting her para legal associates degree and owes $30,000 student loans and has 2- year-old twins. >> i feel hustle. bamboozled. everything. disrespected. everything. i just wasted a year and a half away from my children, who are young, that i will never get back. >> reporter: the company issued a statement that says in part, unfortunately, the current regulatory environment would not allow us to complete a transaction with several interested parties that would have allowed a seamless transition for our students. now these students have been left in the cold, they can try to transfer their credits to another school. that will likely not happen because it is a very difficult and time consuming process. however they do qualify for a full discharge of their federal loan. in millipitas, kit doe, kpix 5. hill college students got an e-mail saying they can meet with school administrators on thursday for more information. thousands in baltimore filled a church this morning for freddie gray's funeral. he is the 25-year-old man who died of a spinal injury while
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in police custody. gray's death has sparked massive protests. today's service was about remembering gray, and demanding answers. >> i'm here to support the cause. hope this will be a peaceful ending, you know, after all of this happening for the last couple of days. >> the baltimore police department promises a complete investigation into gray's death by the end of this week, six officers have been suspended. opening arguments begin today for the man accused in the mass shooting at a colorado movie theater in 2012. 12 people were killed, 70 others wounded. and james holmes is tethered to the floor in the courtroom today, as the trial gets under way. and he could face the death penalty. >> a jury will have to decide if holmes was legally insane at the time of the shooting. the supreme court set to hear arguments on same-sex marriage cases from four states that could lead to a ground breaking decision. and people on both sides of the issue are already camping out in washington, d.c., before
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tomorrow's hearing. and until now, court has generally ruled states have the right to decide, but it is the justices rule, in favor of same- sex couples, in these cases, then same-sex marriage would likely be the law of the land. >> it is the supreme court. if it dares to issue a roe v. wade of marriage, we will not obey it. >> we are here to support not only the movement for equal rights for lesbian, gay, bi- sexual, transgender and to witness this very historical chance. >> and arguments begin at 10:00 eastern time and expect to last several hours. a ruling is expected from the high court in june. the drought has california looking to other energy sources to prevent rolling blackouts this summer. shrinking water reserves have put a strain on hydro power which normally accounts for a quarter of the state's power. that number this year is expected to be closer to 10%. the lope is that we will avoid power interruption -- the hope is that we will avoid power interruption by boosting other energy sources like natural,
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solar and wind power. state lawmakers will vote today on a bill to speed up construction of new water storage projects. the bill would streamline the environmental review process. the water storage projects are the result of proposition one, a $2.7 billion bond measure approved by california voters last november. a section of freeway remains closed in southern california, after a fiery tanker crash, the truck was hauling two fuel tanks, with about 8500 gallons of gasoline, and when it toppled over on interstate 710, yesterday afternoon, you can see the after-effects. nobody was hurt. caltrans is inspecting structural damage, on the freeway, and could reopen it this afternoon. catholic students and teachers holding a rally in san francisco today, to sound off against a proposed morality clause. the archbishop is calling on teachers to follow a constrict catholic doctrine both on and off the job. the clause specifically sites opposition to abortion, contraception, and homosexuality. today's rally starts at 4:30 at
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san francisco's archdiocese. today, air quality officials are asking for the public's help at the start of spare the air season. and the goal is to encourage people to reduce air pollution. the bay area air quality management district says the most effective strategy is to re-think the commute and try to avoid driving alone. that might include car-pooling, taking public transit, biking, or walking. it is e-mail only you can read, the super secure system, from the california startup. >> and google is getting stylish. the internet giant expands to the fashion industry. >> from the kpix weather center, good afternoon, everyone. we are talking about temperatures near 90 degrees today. i will show you where but
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checking wall street now, a good start but not such a good finish on this monday. still a little time, though. we are down about 14 points. at this hour. >> and new startup e-mail service is promising to keep all of your messages private. the service encrypts e-mails so only the sender can decide who seeing it. >> danielle nottingham shows us how one california company is promising a new level of online privacy. >> reporter: e-mail privacy used to be a big concern for cal tech professor maria spearapulu. >> when i was writing an e- mail, i was thinking that i was basically putting it as a headline in the newspaper. >> but for two years, she has been testing an encrypted e- mail service, one of her students designed called proton mail. it promises to keep third parties and the government from snooping through your inbox. the recipient must enter a password to decode and read the message. proton mail co-founder jason stockman says the edward snowden nsa leaks inspired the
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idea. >> you kind of trust the services to keep your data secure and private but they hold the lock and key and with proton mail, you hold the lock and key. >> it is based in switzerland where strict privacy laws encrypt and not only proton mail can read what is on the sever. >> all we can give people is completely encrypted information that only the original recipient can read. >> there are other secure features, like self destructing e-mail. similar to snap chat. it lets users set a time for the message to expire. >> do you feel like your e-mail is truly secure with this system? >> yes, i feel that my e-mail is absolutely truly secure, as secure as can be, with the technology we have today. >> she is one of about 400,000 users around the world testing proton mail. it could be available to everyone this fall. danielle nottingham, cbs news,
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pasadena, california. >> the company plans to make its revenue from paid subscriptions from premium e- mail features. trending now, the fast-food chain chipotle will only be serving food that does not have genetically modified ingredients. and today marks the first time any major restaurant chain has made such a move. for example, soybean oil is being swapped out for gmo free soil and rice bran oil. google wants to be your personal stylist. the company released the first- ever fashion trends report based on google searches. google plans to work with the fashion brands and retailers to help them capitalize on trends, so you ask what is in this? >> i do. >> and google predicts americans will be wearing jogger pants and toulle skirts. >> tell me what they are and i might wear them. taking a look at this fire burning in southern california, grenada hills, the wind-driven
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brush fire is dangerously lose to some homes, started around 11:00 this morning, and so 15 acres scorched. no evacuations but they are trying to keep it under control. >> that's what we fear in the dry weather is the wildfires. >> the temperature in granada hills is 85 degrees and the relative humidity is at 20%. we have very dry conditions here, too. let's take a look at some of our temperatures according to our weather watchers in and around the bay area. i want to see a variation in temperatures. let's try this one right here. 63 degrees. reported by lindsey patten of pacifica. right on the coast there. and thank you so much, lindsey. and let's compare that with something inland. how about this one right here, 80 degrees out toward brentwood. that would be paul smith checking in with us and the winds are currently under 10 miles an hour. let's take another look right now at what is going on around the bay area. this is the scene from sausalito, looking out toward the city of san francisco, and where i want to give you a wide variety of temperatures right now. because boy, we are in the 60s and 70s, along the coast, and it is currently 77 degrees in
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san jose, and 83 degrees, at this hour, in pleasanton and just heard from the weather watcher cathy munch and show says it is toasty out there. sure enough. 83 degrees in santa rosa. here is the deal. we have this huge dome of high pressure. and that is encompassing the west coast and that's where we have the 85 degrees in grenada hills and extremely dry air mass as well. that moves out tonight as we have the dry cold front that plows down the coast of california and it is going to enhance our marine layer and we are going to become overcast tonight. the west winds will increase. 20 to 30 miles per hour. and look how far inland the fog bank goes. all the way into the try valley. so at least a good 50 miles. and then so we will become partly cloudy tomorrow, but it is going to be much cooler. and 88 degrees, and high today in sacramento, and 67 in monterey bay. and mid-60s, in the high sierra. and pollen reports on the medium to high side. and you can blame it on the mulberry, the oak and the grass counts. and the temperatures today, in and around the bay area, 10 to 15 degrees above average. in san francisco, 77 degrees.
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same story across the bay. 80 in san jose. mid-80s to 88 degrees for the warmest location of our inland areas. we drop substantially tomorrow. and pick up the winds to 30 miles an hour. you know, everybody is going to be talking about the wind tomorrow. and kind of a buffer day on wednesday before we warm back up again. no rain in sight. >> no rain in sight. >> all right. roberta, thank you. the bay area gets a golden shovel. how super bowl l
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time to eat and we are going to healthy today. >> we are. tony and stephie tantillo are mixing up a little salad using quinoa and oranges you. >> make the simplest things but so much flavor. >> sometimes if the ingredients are good and the quality is good, simple is best. with the quinoa, we cook it and toss it with a little bit of oil and it is important it cools down. >> why do you want it to cool >> that's the way we are serving it. >> and we will have this chopped nice and fine. and pomegranate seeds. and right now, they are kind of -- they are still in season but you want to get them now. >> yes. >> and toss those in. we will add the juice. and that is almost the dressing for this. and then just a pinch more of olive oil. >> of olive oil.
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>> look at the colors. one more scoop. because i am going to eat this. >> oh, stie. so beautiful. look at that. >> a nice dish. >> it is a picture. thank you, bella. i like it. >> hey, looks pretty good. >> pomegranates look good, too. >> not bad. super bowl l coming to the bay area. it is not just about the game. >> it also means a big boost for the environment. the golden shovel was officially passed from the arizona host committee to the bay area super bowl l host committee and four trees were planted at a san francisco elementary school, it is the kickoff to the environmental initiative with the nfl that we will see leading up to the big game. >> everything we are doing with super bowl 50 is community first and to be here with kids, with young people, and having them participate in a school that is already doing some great things with their guard en is a great treat for us. >> the super bowl 50 will include dozens of local schools and organizations in the next year and hopes of leaving a green legacy behind after the game. we are only 286 days away
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from super bowl 50. you can watch the big game here on kpix 5. and all of the things super bowl heading to our web site, check it out at cbs-sf .com,/super bowl. a reminder, if you have a consumer problem or question, call our
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coming up tonight at 5:00, an urgent move from san jose's mayor to deal with the drought crisis, and the plan he has try to fast track to turn waste water into drinking water. that story, and much more coming up tonight, at 5:00. >> and that should be interesting. nice day out there today. it is amazing. near record warm temperatures. near 90 inland. let's go enjoy. >> have a great afternoon. >> bye.
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