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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  April 27, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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to the cvs. black smoke pouring out. baltimore playoffs were injured, some hit by flying chunks of concrete. >> this afternoon a group of outrageous criminals attacked our officers. right now we have seven officers that have serious injuries including broken bones and one officer who was unconscious. >> here is the fallout from the violent protest. the baltimore orioles game was postponed because of the threat of violence happening close to camden yards. the city has closed schools tomorrow. religious leaders in baltimore are appealing for peace. >> i think it's to bring all these young people together to realize we're in a code red a crisis that i'm asking everybody to go home and clear the streets. >> before the chaos erupted thousands filled a church for freddie gray's funeral remembering the 25-year-old's life came with a passionate discussion about his death demanding justice. white house
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officials and reverend jesse jackson were in attendance. gray's family had asked for a peaceful remembrance. there's said to be shock by this outbreak of violence. city officials are talking now. let's listen in. >> our priorities right now is officer safety and the safety of the community. thank you. >> good evening. i am deeply saddened by what's taken place in the great city of baltimore. this reminds me of 1968 when the riots were taking place during the assassination of dr. martin luther king where people were destroying their own stores and properties in their own community. this is unacceptable. this is not what freddie gray's family wanted. they ask that there be no protests. >> we've been listening in on a press conference with city leaders in baltimore. the tensions are having an effect here in the bay area. san francisco and oakland police departments say their officers
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are now riding in pairs as a precaution. we'll continue to monitor developments from baltimore throughout the newscast. a chilling jailhouse confession. the teenager charged with stabbing a young bay area boy explains his motive for murder. tonight his disturbing fears about the end of the world. the teen admitted to stabbing a 9-year-old family friend in his sleep in a newspaper interview. kpix 5's joe vazquez reports it happened just a day after he was hospitalized for a mental health check. can see a growing memorial of teddy bears and candles. this is where the young boy was killed and as you mentioned today we're hearing from the suspected killer who apparently believed the end of the world was near. >> reporter: it's still too heartbreaking for friends and neighbors to believe. >> it makes absolutely no sense and that makes it even harder to deal with. >> reporter: that 9-year-old jordy was stabbed in his own
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house while he lay sleeping. >> i don't know what the person who stabbed him feels. i'm glad they caught him. >> reporter: 18-year-old william schultz is behind bars for the murder. he tells the contra costa times in a jailhouse interview quote i wanted to see what it was like to take a life before someone tried to take mine. schultz told the reporter he thought the world was ending. his family called the sheriff's department saturday to see about committing him for mental illness but he was back on the streets within hours. instead of being involuntarily committed he agreed to get medical treatment. but then a doctor released him later saturday evening. in the jailhouse interview schultz said he decided to come spend the night here with his best friend since 6th grade, jordy's older brother. jordy's clas mates are learning the news today, as much as the grownups will tell them. >> he had a great personality and a nice smile. >> reporter: schultz who has an 8-year-old brother of his own
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says he feels some guilt for the killing. quote, i wish that i hadn't. i think about what if that was my little brother? i do have remorse for what i did but there's a reason for everything that happens. >> there's a process in california by which law enforcement can hold somebody for 72 hours. it's called the 5150 law. it basically is determined by if a suspect is a threat to himself or others. sheriff's deputies said today in a statement that this did not rise to the level of 5150, that's why that young man was released to go by himself to get medical help. reporting live, joe vazquez kpix 5. developing news in san francisco. police are searching for a gunman who opened fire onboard a muni light rail this afternoon, hitting one person. the victim and suspect were both passengers when it happened. it was on the t line in the bayview district. that's at 3rd street.
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mike sugerman is there. you talked to someone who witnessed this all? >> terrifying moments you're on a muni bus that comes to a stop you're waiting to get off. somebody shoots somebody close range and a panic then to get off that bus away from danger. >> reporter: it was half past noon on a crowded muni train 3rd and paloo. reginald daniels was about to get on. >> pow, pow, pow. see a whole bunch of people running and falling all over each other trying to get off the train. it was like a stampede. >> reporter: he saw a man slumped on the ground with a bullet hole in his head. the victim a 20-year-old san francisco man, rushed to the hospital badly injured. doctors say he may not survive. police say it was a single shooter and he's still on the loose. >> you live over here, you're used to it. so that's what you have to do. you deal with it,
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get over it and hop out of the way. >> reporter: this part of san francisco is in fact a high crime area, double the national average, but this kind of crime a shooting on a muni train is very rare. >> these things do happen. they happen rarely but they do happen. we want to make sure they provide information for what happened. >> reporter: each muni car has at least eight and sometimes 12 cameras capturing every section of the car and all the video from this crime is now in the hands of police. >> it stopped at t line for several hours. everything is back to normal now. and police continue to search for that suspect. in the bayview mike sugerman kpix 5. now to the latest on the devastating earthquake in nepal. the number of dead has climbed to more than 4,000 from saturday's 7.8 quake. the state department says at least four of those killed are americans. more than 7,000 people are
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injured. survivors are still being pulled from the rubble including a child who was dugout from a collapsed building. ken bastida following developments from the quake zone. >> just amazing photos and videos coming in. this is drone video right now that we've got that shows an aerial view of damaged temples in the capital city of katmandu. tens of thousands of people are sleeping in the streets. they're afraid to go in to any building because of the aftershocks waiting for relief from the outside world. >> reporter: nepal's last moments of normalcy were captured on video. customers are seen struggling to stay on their feet to exit this restaurant while the ground shakes violently beneath them. two days after the earthquake reduced parts of nepal's largest cities to rubble, the world is getting its first look at devastated rural areas cut off from the most basic supplies. many in nepal are now living outdoors. >> i never want to go inside the house because i feel unsafe.
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>> reporter: relief crews from the united states and the world are streaming in to nepal with much of the infrastructure destroyed, they're tasked with keeping a natural disaster from causing a humanitarian one. >> the united states will provide additional $9 million for nepal earthquake response and recovery efforts. >> reporter: at least four americans are known dead, all of them killed at the mount everest base camp where the quake caused a massive avalanche. the search continues for those trapped in residential areas but hope fades by the hour. survivors are left to dig. and wait for help. >> you can imagine this massive quake was widespread. it was felt thousands of miles away. it left more than 60 people dead in neighboring india and 25 people dead in tibet. >> those numbers only going to go up. remote villages are inaccessible. >> usgs says it could be double
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that. tonight climbers on mount everest stranded by avalanches caused by the quake have all been rescued. a camera captured the moment one avalanche thundered down the mountain. 150 people were trapped at base camps by routes blocked with snow. they were taken off the mountain by helicopter. 18 people were killed. one of those who died was 33-year-old dan fredinberg, a google executive and well known adventure from the bay area. his friends said they always knew tragedy was a possibility. >> we threw him a really big party before he left, but you just especially with dan you don't assume -- you'd just assume he'd be able to get out of it, be able to figure this out. >> his friends are raising money for orphanages he had personal connections within nepal. many people in the bay area
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reaching out to help quake survivors in nepal. maria medina in mountain view with what one community is doing to help out. >> please help us. please let us know what's going on. >> reporter: for hours he had no idea if his family in nepal survived saturday's massive earthquake. with phone lines down social media was his only connection to his country. >> my mother, my father, my brother. >> reporter: his parents and brother live in nepal. but call it luck or just good timing, they were here visiting him in the south bay. still, with so many of his family in nepal he says his mom feels the urge to return home. >> traveling i don't feel seeing these beautiful places, my heart is in a country [ inaudible ] >> reporter: now from thousands of miles away, he and many in the bay area nepali community are coming together to do what they can to help the survivors.
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>> they're fighting for water. it's about humanity. humans are to help each other in times of need. >> reporter: he's using social media to help families find the missing. he says his family, like many others, is choosing to live outside for fear the after shocks will send their homes to the ground and take more lives. he says this is just the beginning in the campaign to help rebuild nepal. >> it's our obligation, our responsibility to help each other in need. every minute we're calling people and telling them to donate. >> and they have raised thousands of dollars since that earthquake. nepali organizations plan to meet tonight in san francisco for an emergency meeting to talk about what more they can do. live in mountain view, maria medina, kpix 5. >> you can help the people in nepal by donating to organizations providing services there. you can find a list plus the latest information on the quake on our website
5:12 pm a major college chain collapses and hundreds of bay area students are blindsided. >> in church i look down and there's an e-mail from heald saying my school is now closed. >> tonight the harsh reality who will get stuck paying their loans? >> gunfire on campus then a teacher jumps in to action. the move that prevented a school shooting. >> trick question for you. was today the warmest day of the month? or one of the coldest days of the month? it was both. depends on where you were. 50s or 90s. we'll talk about a
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wildfire season is back. people were force d to evacuate after two brush fires broke out in southern california. the first brush fire broke out in granada hills in los angeles the other two miles away in mission hills. the first fire
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cut across 5 acres. the fire burned close to this mansion with tennis courts and a swimming pool. firefighters stopped the flames from burning any structures. the second fire broke out just an hour after the first one. it burned about an acre on a hillside but also didn't threaten any homes. a man was robbed by someone who may have been his uber driver after getting a ride. the man requested a man through uber. he was taken to embarcadero and brandon streets in san francisco, when police say the driver refused to let him out of the car and the rider managed to get out and was chased by the driver and knocked down his cell phone and debit card were taken. but tonight police say that they aren't sure if it really was an uber driver who attacked the man. paloo -- palo alto police looking for this guy. they say he grabbed a 12-year-old girl inappropriately at the stanford shopping center yesterday. police are asking anybody who knows that man to give them a call. two dozen college campuses
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shut down today. why students may still have to pay back loans for an education they'll never receive. >> winds strong enough to blow train cars off the bridge. the amazing close call in the south. just can't seem to escape... another sneeze attack... you may be muddling through allergies. don't get caught off guard. try zyrtec® dissolve tabs. powerful allergy relief,
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now in a tablet that starts dissolving instantly. zyrtec® dissolve tabs. muddle no more™. thousands of students are dealing with the sudden shutdown
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in one of the country's largest for-profit universities. corinthian college has been on a downward spiral since last year. consumer watch reporter julie watts reports the closures of 28 campuses still coming as a shock. >> in spite of millions in recent fines students at this campus behind me say faculty assured them their education would not be in jeopardy. >> we needed each other for support when it came to finals. >> reporter: set to graduate in october, their dreams of a career in the medical field were crushed this weekend via e-mail. >> sitting in church i look down and there's an e-mail from heald saying my school is now closed. >> reporter: hoping for divine intervention, they came down to the heald campus looking for answers. instead students were handed a brief form letter through the door. >> is there another school
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that's going to pick us up? are they cutting checks along with the transcripts? >> reporter: there are no clear answers today from heald or corinthian colleges which owns everest and wietech-- wyotech. a lawsuit from the state attorney general prevented corinthian from selling its california campuses. california students have a recourse that others do not. these students qualify for federal loan forgiveness because their schools are officially closed. unfortunately many also owe tens of thousands of private loans to the lending arms of corinthians and so far neither the regulators or corinthian can say what will happen to the debt. while the form letters encourage students to continue their education elsewhere emilia and maria are left wondering if their years of hard work will pay off as few schools
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are willing to accept career credits from other colleges. >> they're trying to find other schools to provide continuing education but haven't confirmed they've found any to accept the credits. they blame the regulatory environment from selling the schools. a seattle teacher is a hero tonight. he jumped in to stop a school shooting this morning. civics teacher brady olson saw a student fire two gunshots in a crowded hallway at a high school. within seconds olson tackled the 16-year-old shooter to the ground. police arrested the suspect and classes were canceled for the rest of the day. opening statements began today for the man accused in the 2012 mass shooting at a colorado movie theater. james holmes wore glasses and a trimmed beard looking nothing like this mugshot taken of him after the massacre. he's accused of killing 12 people and wounding
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70 others. holmes has pled not guilty by reason of insanity but the prosecution said today two psychiatrists found him sane. holmes could face the death penalty. severe storms slamming the south. winds so strong they knock rail cars off a bridge. you can see the train cars falling slowly off those elevated tracks. luckily we're told there were no injuries. there they are falling. we're told the rail cars were all empty. fortunately nobody below. >> unbelievable how strong those wind gusts can get. meanwhile here in the bay area hard to figure out what we're going to wear today. in one part you'll need shorts and sun dresses and the other part you needed your winter coat. >> tank top if you leave the house. if you're driving to san francisco, you need the heavy coat. it was a 40-degree temperature spread in the bay area which is not uncommon in july. that's pretty rare for late april. we did it today.
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90s to pittsburgh but 50s at the beach. while you're enjoying sunshine most of the bay area is socked in with low cloud cover and fog as is the coast down to monterey including half moon bay and pacifica. 64 in san francisco but still close to 90 in livermore. the 80s in oakland. our kpix 5 weather watchers reporting in this wide temperature spread. san francisco, 63 with sunshine. it's 92 degrees in jerry wilcox' backyard. 91 in walnut creek. we'll head too -- head to the south bay 87. we do it better than anywhere else in the world when it comes to a metropolitan area in temperature spreads over one day. fremont, 50. san francisco, 52 . we all start at the same spot. but we rarely finish that way. we got some
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rain over the weekend, felt good. allergies went away because of the rain we received. up to a half inch for some of you and it's adding up to rainfall totals. we're near normal in livermore and san jose and not that far behind in san francisco. big strong ridge of high pressure today. minimal onshore flow. minimal offshore flow. kind of a big ridge sitting over top of us. things are progressive. it's moving quickly. tomorrow the ridge is gone and low pressure passes by to the north. the fan from the ocean affects everyone. pittsburg, 75. 18 degrees cooler for you. but this low isn't going to hang out that much. high pressure builds back in on thursday and friday. we're going to get toasty again away from the water and even the coast makes it up near 70 degrees. low clouds and fog they're back tonight especially away from the water. it will be markedly cooler tomorrow and wednesday. then we warm back up thursday and friday. still above average but not as warm as today. concord, 76 tomorrow. san jose, 75 . much cooler. los altos 76
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and only 50s once again. foggy along the coastline. san ramon 76. antioch, 77. a very foggy start in san francisco tomorrow. 63. novato, 74. santa rosa 76. lakeport, highs in the 80s. we're cooler on tuesday and wednesday. we're warmer on thursday and friday. and then we're weekender on saturday and sunday. temperatures move a lot as the onshore temperature ebbs and flows but one thing that's constant i don't see anymore rain. chipotle cleans house for your health. the menu makeover that's a first in the fast food world.
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become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ the bay area is about to get a bit more green in the months leading up to super bowl
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50. the golden shovel was officially handed over to the super bowl 50 host committee. it's part of the greening effort by the nfl. four trees were planted today at a san francisco elementary school. it's the first of several environmental initiatives before the big game. and we are 286 days away from super bowl 50. there's the countdown clock. you can watch the big game right here on kpix 5 and for all things super bowl, head to our website at big news, burrito fans. chipotle has just said goodbye to genetically modified organisms. gmos. the mexican food chain now the first national restaurant to boast only non-gmo ingredients. the move comes as companies
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coming up at 6:00, it would be a bay area first. only on 5 how the drought may be putting a plan for hundreds of new homes in jeopardy. a city improvement project backfires. how some say it is driving business away instead of bringing people in. and of course we're keeping an eye on the riots and protest in baltimore tonight. we'll have a live report from baltimore coming up at 6:00. >> thank you for watching. the cbs evening news with scott pelley is next.
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>> pelley: an explosion of anger and violence on the streets of baltimore this evening. rioters are battling police. many have been wounded on the day that freddie gray was laid to rest. also tonight, rescue. the desperate search for survivors among thousands dead in nepal. and for the first time prosecutors explain what they say drove the colorado gunman to commit the movie theater massacre. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. the governor of maryland is ordering national guard troops into baltimore. riots and looting e


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