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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 28, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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right here. because for the unfortunate folks who were caught like really close to this traffic crash about 3:00 this morning, they've been waiting here ever since. as the chain reaction crash we're told started at about 3:00 this morning. here is a look at the fiery crash -- this video just into our newsroom. chp officials say up to seven vehicles collided in what may have been a chain reaction collision. one person was trapped inside a vehicle and fire crews were working to get that person out of that vehicle. we don't have the update right now as far as any injuries but we're keeping in touch with chp. obviously the first priority right now is to make sure everyone is out and safe. i can tell you i saw several emergency crews up there and some of the video shows people being taken away on a stretcher. at least one person was transported but as far as the exact injuries, the exact number of cars, we don't have all that information. of course this is developing right now. we just got here on scene. but as you can tell, 880
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northbound at san leandro davis street is a mess right here. you don't want to be caught up in this and so of course liz will get you around that. but we'll continue to give you updates from here and at the same time stay in contact with chp but this is a cig alert going to be a mess -- cig alert, going to be a mess for a while now. police have arrested more than 20 people and six police officers are in the hospital. ryan nobles is on the ground in baltimore. >> reporter: just hours after the funeral service for freddie gray. rioting and looting on the streets of baltimore. [ chanting ] protesters threw bricks and rocks at police. more than a dozen officers were injured in the violence. six seriously. cars and businesses were set on fire. maryland's governor declared a state of emergency and baltimore's mayor said they were deploying every resource to regain control. >> this is one of the darkest days as a city. and i know that we're much
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better than this. we know that the world is watching. and we cannot allow our city to devolve into chaos. >> reporter: one local resident took to the streets telling people to go home. >> this right here is not relevant. they need to have their butts at home. they -- do not respect this young man's death. >> reporter: freddie gray's family also condemned the violence and called for the riots to end. >> i want you all to get justice for my son but don't do it like this here, don't tear up the whole city. just for him. >> and we're taking a live look now out here in -- live look in baltimore right now. and you can see that line of police officers on the street right there. many of them in riot gear waiting for those crowds again a live look out on the streets of baltimore. where they are trying to calm things down riots have been going on all night.
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shortly after freddie gray's funeral. this is when they began and again the mayor says -- called it one of the city's darkest days, a lot of destruction. at least a dozen police officers we know of were injured. and they're trying to calm things down in the city. but we're not seeing a big crowd out there. we're just seeing that long line of police officers blocking that street in riot gear. we're going to go back -- what's that? >> i was going to say it's what 8:00 in the morning right now? probably more of a precautionary thing right now. just to make sure that the city is policed well and that they take care of the issue. but it looks like it's calm right now at least. well that rioting in baltimore has police in oakland and san francisco on heightened alert as well. they've been riding in pairs last night and this morning. all as a precaution. oakland officers keeping an eye on a demonstration that popped up last night a few dozen protesters marched around the city last night. earlier in the evening roughly about 100 gathered at broadway
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and 14th street fortunately though there are no reports of any trouble in oakland or san francisco over the night. more water restrictions may be coming soon in san francisco. this afternoon the city's puc will take up the idea of placing mandatory restrictions on outdoor water use and on overall water usage by commercial businesses. and today the board of east bay mud will discuss getting extra water from the sacramento river. a total of 21,000 acres -- would come -- acres of water would come from three districts on the upper sacramento and it would cost about $25 million and customers would end up paying for the extra water supply under a higher drought water rate proposal. 5:04. let's talk a little weather on a tuesday and i guess -- it's blowing out there a little bit of wind huh? >> we have some breezy conditions right now. town 26 miles per hour at the delta but under 15 miles per hour everywhere else. but later today that's going to be the most notable feature.
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west on shore winds. 20 to 30 miles per hour. and it's all due to the return of the marine layer which is right now boy you can see shrouding the tiptop of the bay bridge. temperature-wise we are into the 50s across the board and later today the numbers are coming down significantly in comparison to yesterday. we were in the 40s to 50 degrees in concord. that's it. a huge deck of low clouds lining the coast and into the bay. a little bit of drizzle associated with it. temperature-wise today, 58 degrees and pacifica and 78 decks in livermore. down from 90 in gilroy to 80 degrees and down from 86 to 76- degrees in santa rosa. the full forecast is just minutes away. but first, liz? okay. thank you roberta. and back out to the kcbs traffic alert. taking a look at the current backup right now in northbound 880 a lot of folks are trying to get to work on time and they are unfortunately going to get stuck in this huge backup. right now it's jammed solid beyond 238 all the way to davis street. that's where the crash happened. you may have heard ryan's live report just moments ago.
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so we've learned that caltrans sweeper crews are going to be heading out that way. they're going to try to open a few more lanes here shortly. whatever that means. i mean we really don't have an estimated time of opening at this point but we know crews are heading out there now. so 580 is going to be the best bet. this is actually a live look at some of that closure. we spun this camera around so the right -- or the left side of the screen rather that's where the hard closure is in effect. they're actually detouring cars off at davis street and you can use international boulevard to get back on to the freeway. next -- i say that it looks like they're letting some cars through. there may have been an update on that. i'll have to check that here as soon as i can get to the chp report but 5850 is the best -- 580 is the best alternate. it's early enough you can cruise on through although oakland exits without much of the issue, big rigs can also use 580. that can change if lanes continue to be locked really into -- blocked really into the
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heart of the morning commit. that's not the -- commute. that's not the only traffic alert. hercules, eastbound 80 at will doe avenue. three locke -- willow avenue. three lanes blocked. thanks. a controversial vaccine bill is scheduled to be heard in the senate's judiciary committee today. senate bill 2237 would require all california school children to be saxuated. now only -- vaccinated. now only children who have health problems would be exempt. the bill created a stir though, those against it say vaccines are a personal choice and parents should be able to decide what is best for their children. supporters say what's best for the public needs to come before personal beliefs. studenters and teachers will be in sacramento later today to push for the passage of accreditation reform for community colleges. a bill aims to improve fairness, objectivity and transparency. supporters of the legislation will meet in front of the capitol today at 11:00 a.m. there are 112 community
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colleges in california. recently city college of san francisco was in danger of losing its accreditation. new details are emerging about the fatal stabbing of a 9- year-old boy in discovery bay. jordan almgren was killed in his own home while he was sleeping sunday morning. a friend of his older brother 18-year-old william schultz was arrested and charged with murder. the victim's classmates spoke yesterday about the boy they called jordy. >> he would do anything if it would make someone happy. if it would make their day he would do it. just a great little boy. just -- he didn't deserve this to happen to him. >> in a jailhouse interview schultz told the contra costa times quote i wanted to see what it was like to take a life before someone tried to take mine. on saturday his family asked the sheriff's department to have him committed for mental illness but he was released after agreeing to seek treatment. a former stanford hospital worker has been arrested on
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suspicion of sexual battery involving patients. 55-year-old robert laughinger was an operating room technician at stanford's outpatient surgery center in redwood city. he's accused of inappropriately touching four male patients while they were still sedated after surgery. and the university is investigating the spray painting of swastikas after a fraternity house. vandalism at the sigma alpha epically son house was discovered early stud morning. in addition -- sunday morning. in addition a pent gram was discovered painted. so far there are no suspects. on this tuesday, california's drought forcing new water restrictions. how one community is getting residents to cut back. >> and the death toll continues to climb in nepal. i'm kiet do, we've got a live report on how a bay area man from sunnyvale has been confirmed as one of the victims. >> from the kpix weather center, good morning everyone. temperatures will come down and the winds will increase.
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good morning everyone. it is tuesday, april 28th. time check for you is 5:12. we are taking a look out from san francisco towards the east bay. looking at the bay bridge. and if you notice, we cannot see the tiptop of the bay bridge which stands 526 feet which means we're possibly going to see some airport delays, that's a marine layer and i'll talk about the impact it will have on your forecast coming up in four minutes from now. okay, roberta. thank you. the captain of that south korean ferry will spend his life in prison. the court decided today the ferry captain was negligent when he steered a ship that sank last year killing more than 300 people on board. captain is also being charged with abandoning passengers in need. most of the victims in that deadly ferry accident were teenagers traveling to an island for a school trip. nepal's military is preparing food, emergency supplies also water to bring to isolated areas near the epicenter of that deadly earthquake. the number of confirmed dead is
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now more than 4400 including several dozen people in neighboring india and tibet. more than 8,000 other people are injured. tens of thousands are displaced living out in the open without clean water or sanitation. and this morning we're learning about two people from the bay area who were in nepal when that earthquake hit. and only one of them made it out alive. kiet do is in sunnyvale the hometown of the man who died. kiet? >> reporter: good morning, the state department has confirmed that a sunnyvale man was killed in the nepal quake. he was a vietnamese american man. he was among four americaned who was killed at base camp when the avalanche overtook their position and friends describe him as an avid outdoorsman from a love of hiking. stories from secure civil -- of survival are also starting to emerge. dave gordon was flown out by harassment. he saw -- helicopter. he saw them buried under
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tumbling debris and rock. the popular hiking trails are simply gone and wiped out stranding many on the mountainside. >> the trails are -- are destroyed. lot of the trails are destroyed. people are stuck. they can't get out. it's -- very bad. >> reporter: helicopters continue to bring people out including tourists and locals. the fear is that many, many more people need help. the death toll is now nearly 4400 people. the prime minister said it could top 10,000 victims. we're live in sunnyvale, kiet do, kpix 5. thank you. new this morning, palo alto police arrested a burglar after they sea she dropped her -- they say she dropped her driver's license at the scene of the crime. the burglar broke into a home yesterday morning as she was trying to get away she ran into the homeowner. well, the homeowner tried to stop the woman and that's when she dropped her license. and it didn't take long for police to finally track her down. all right, let's check in with liz now on this traffic alert. >> all right guys we have a bit
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of a surprise they actually just canceled the traffic alert a minute ago. 5:123 you know all lanes back open northbound 88 # at dais. so -- 880 at davis. so yeah i guess they cleaned up some of the chain reaction crash. i want to show you some video of what it looked like a little while ago. this was moments after the crash happened shortly after 3:00 this morning. it was a chain reaction seven car crash and obviously one of the cars erupted into flames for a while. all lanes were blocked. and shortly after 5:00, they got one lane open. and then we just got word that they reopened the remaining lanes. so there's still a traffic backup in that area. if you actually can go back to our maps i can show you it is still pretty slow from just beyond 238. so until kind of those residual delays clear out you may want to consider 580 but at this point of the morning, i think it should clear out relatively quickly. major injuries involved in the crash and we were concerned all lanes were going to be closed for a while but again chp just gave the word that all lanes are now lee clear and this is a
5:17 am
live look near -- the oakland coliseum kind of turn that camera around and yeah, it looks like lanes are now back open northbound. great news there. all right, well we still have another traffic alert. this one in hercules, eastbound lanes of 80 at willow. this one unfortunately is not cleared and three lanes remain blocked and it is pretty slow from at least highway 4 right now so the only bright spot in all this is that it is countercommute. so we haven't seen any huge backups with this yet. westbound traffic moves fine. but at one point another car was on fire. with that crash. so yeah, we had two separate incidents major crashes going on at the same time. that one at least still remains an issue. and if you're heading to the bay bridge, everything is quiet right now. into san francisco. that's your latest kcbs traffic. let's get an update on the fuse forecast. here's -- tuesday forecast. here's roberta. good morning everyone, 5 condition 17 and so amaze today see how many people are awake and reporting in for us this morning. yeah. these are our weather watchers scattered all around the bay area. so we can get a good handle on your morning.
5:18 am
it looks like right now it's 51- degrees and let's see who that is. that's george hughes. meanwhile one more reading here. let's take a look at -- this one right here. 55 degrees that would be tim woods in benicia. the most notable feature this morning is the return of the marine layer. and in fact we cannot see the tiptop of the bay bridge at this hour. and that right there the top is about 556 feet from the bay waters so if you can't see the top of the bay bridge, that leads me to believe we have a lowering ceiling this morning and when that happens we certainly do have delays at sfo and arriving flights. temperatures are into the 50s. winds right now are beginning to increase. west-northwest at 7 in livermore. we have winds up to 13 in concord. 24 in fairfield. winds become quite aggressive today. westerly 20 to 30 miles per hour. and area of low pressure it's a cold front it's descending on the bay area enhancing the marine layer butting up against the high pressure. that's when we have the gradient and that's when we have the very windy conditions.
5:19 am
limited or no clearing at the coast at all today. what a big difference from yesterday. this means our temperatures are going to come down from 90 yesterday in gilroy to 80 degrees. down from the 80s in santa rosa to the mid 70s. 65 in mendocino today. low 70s in the greater lake tahoe area. 50s beaches and 69-degrees in oakland down from 82 degrees yesterday a record high. mid 70s 234 throughout the trivalley -- in throughout the tri-valley. low 70s around the bay. here's the extended forecast. another cool day on wednesday before we have a warmer and -- day on thursday near 90 degrees, frank and michelle? all right thank you. during this ongoing drought, the tiny town of woodside is among the areas not keeping up with water conservation. most woodside households use an average 230 gallons a day. that's nothing compared the with the top 10% of the town's water users which average more than 1300 gallons a day.
5:20 am
>> unfortunately, i don't think the financial incentives will affect them very much. because money doesn't really mean too much to them. >> some woodside residents gathered last night to discuss water saving ideas. they range from hiring so- called water cops to publicly naming and shaming the biggest water wasters. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, do we know who the warriors are going to play in the second round yet? and can tim lincecum continue his resurgence against the dodgers? we're up next. >> and what's cool about your school? e-mail your nominations right here or check in on the facebook page bulldog: oh boy! mattress discounters memorial day sale! what's this? a queen size serta mattress and box spring set for just $397.
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good morning. it is no longer a parking lot in san leandro. kind of surprised us, how quickly they were able to reopen lanes. but all lanes are now officially back open. northbound 880 at davis. after a fiery crash shut down lanes overnight. and in fact just about 3:00 this morning. but everything is improving quickly. it is still a little sluggish from 238. we'll have the latest don delays that's all coming up in the kcbs report minutes away. good morning everyone. and tim lincecum's first three starts, he had an earned run average of 2 with 14 strikeouts. the former giants' ace credited off-season workouts with his father and last night tried to
5:24 am
stay hot against the dodgers. he doubled his e.r.a.. already 3-0. dodgers in the 3rd when the palo alto kid peterson rifled one to the wall. lincecum gone after four innings. peterson later homered. bret anderson didn't take advantage of the lead. joe panik took one of a foot over the wall and runs for it to cut the lead in half. anderson didn't get out of the 5 2:00. but then justin -- 5th inning. but then justin turner, that's a three run jack. dodgers win it 8-3 after the giants swept them in san francisco just last week. nba now, the warriors are awaiting for their second round opponent. memphis had a chance to sweep the blazers last night but the warriors hoped it wouldn't be quite that easy. >> as a fan you like to see them battle and you know you want to see some good basketball. so we wouldn't mind if the series was extended. >> portland would grant clay thompson's wish. tied at 88 and fourth quarter.
5:25 am
mccouple up the three for the lead. the blazers win and force a game five wednesday in memphis and the warriors continue to get rest at home. if you're looking at memphis you're looking at game one for second series on sunday. that could happen. so stay tuned for that. giants -- try to get a win. madison bumgarner tonight for san francisco. i'm dennis o'donnell. place of the day and back to the nba and atlanta and brooklyn with the shot clock winding down. the nets' williams going to throw up a prayer and why not? and he buries it. he had a huge game. 35 and don't look now. but brock lynn just locked that series up at 2-2 with the high flying hawks 120-115. a winner last night and the play of the day. it is 5:25 right now. frightening moments when a fast moving suv nearly hits a group of kids trying to get on a school bus. >> fire, looting chaos, riots
5:26 am
in baltimore, now the national guard has been called in to help. i'm edward lawrence with the latest coming up. >> big surprise here, i-880 northbound at davis and san leandro already back open. and wait until you see the video of the fiery crash. that's what is so surprising. is that this is already back open. we
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5:30 am
sunnyvale. from the station station weather center, good morning everyone. our temperatures will go down today. the winds will increase and then we have another day hitting 90. after a very messy rough start two separate traffic alerts across the bay are now canceled. we'll show you how traffic is flowing right now. it's all coming up. all right liz it's been a busy morning. good morning everyone, it's tuesday, it's april 28th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. the governor of maryland has called in the national guard and declared a state of emergency after riots and looting broke out in baltimore. the violence followed yesterday's funeral for freddie gray who deed in police custody -- died in police custody. edward lawrence joins us now live from baltimore. >> reporter: frank and michelle the national guard is here on site. the extra resources they brought in the state troopers are behind me holding a perimeter here trying to coordinate to make sure that the violence of last night doesn't again happen today. right now, there's a calm in baltimore.
5:31 am
thousands of armed national guard members have taken position on the ground in baltimore. where tensions continue to escalate over the death of freddie gray. hours after the 25-year-old was laid to rest monday, this city descended into chaos. authorities say protesters, many of them teenagers, pelted officers with objects including rocks and sticks. police responded with pepper spray. demonstrators looted stores, damaged cars and set fires. the governor of maryland issued a state of emergency monday night. >> we have opposite end of the city. pulling us at the same time. the extra resources here will allow us to get on top of the issues at multiple locations. >> reporter: close to 30 arrests were made and as night fell, members of gray's family emerged to condemn the violence. >> i want you all to get justice for my son but not like this here. >> reporter: police reinforcement are in place around the city and if the mayor imposed a city wide week long cure fie that starts at 10:00 -- curfew that starts at 10:00 p.m.
5:32 am
tonight. >> it's a destruction of a community. the same community they say they care about they're destroying. >> reporter: gray died more than a week ago from a severe spinal injury after being taken into police custody. the newly sworn in attorney general loretta lynch says the justice department will send two officials to baltimore as it continues its own investigation into gray's death. and within the last 30 minutes or so, the governor and the mayor of baltimore have both been here at the scene checking out to make sure that the calm stays, make sure that they have enough resources on each street corner in order to keep the peace if protests start again today. reporting live the baltimore, edward lawrence, now back to you. >> edward, they are obviously trying to premain calm and keep the peace as you said. what is the mood out there like right now? >> reporter: yeah, it's an eerie calm right now. it's not adversarial but it's an uneasiness between the residents who are here who are cleaning up, quite frankly telling us that they want to take back their streets from
5:33 am
the violence. and keep it peaceful. it's an uneasy calm. but it is a calm at this point. >> and we've seen -- we saw a live aerial shot and then also right behind you, police there in riot gear. >> reporter: yeah. and that's a fact of life here in baltimore today. today for the next -- for the rest of the week there's a curfew in place. it starts at 10:00 p.m. tonight and you're going to see police officers in the areas that were affected by the riots. there's a very heavy police presence today on the streets of baltimore. >> all right edward lawrence live in baltimore at the very latest, thank you. breaking news here on the home front. a fiery accident causing major traffic problems this morning on interstate 880, kpix 5's ryan takeo he joins us live from san leandro where there are some welcome news for commuters. they got it open didn't they ryan? >> reporter: all lanes are back open. i-880 in san leandro over on davis street. i tell you this is a huge surprise because just 30 minutes ago it was a parking lot. we showed you those pictures.
5:34 am
just in the -- at the top of the hour and now all lanes are open. we were surprised by that. because this just happened a couple of hours ago. here is a look at the fiery crash video we got in the last hour into our newsroom. the first report of this crash northbound 880 at davis street. at 3:00 this morning. according to the chp. up to seven vehicles collided in was probably a chain reaction crash. started with one vehicle spinning out. we know five people were injured including one person critically injured. one person was trapped inside a vehicle. and so chp issued a cig alert obviously since 880 is so important to the east bay and to the commute. that's why they worked to get everything off to the shoulder. that's why they were so quick to make this happen. but still it's a surprise from the beginning of all this to the -- when they opened up the lanes. we're talking about two, two and a half hours that just shows how quickly and how --
5:35 am
how speedily the chp worked in an effort to open up i-880 northbound here at davis street in san leandro. reporting live i'm ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> that's good news for commuters out there. yeah, ryan did say though it was kind of a surprise how quickly they got the sweep you are crews out there. we've had it go into the heart of the morning rush and fortunately they were able to get things open early and being so early actually seeing the recovery happen pretty quickly as well. not too bad right now. few delays from just beyond 238 but this tweet from the alameda county fire department. it was tweeted out just a moment ago. and you can see what the residual was with some of that crash. so did erupt into flames at least one car and the latest on the injuries, there are five people were injured. one critical and one moderate. and three other people with minor injuries. so it was a pretty serious crash that happened shortly after 3:00 this morning. and it was not the only traffic alert. this one is now cleared as well
5:36 am
all lanes are back open in hercules eastbound lanes of 80 at willow. for a while three lanes were blocked and traffic super quickly recovered. no delay any longer from pinol. for a while we had backups from highway 4. not the case any longer and bay bridge, gosh i bond for they just turned the metering lights on. it looks like this. sometimes around the time they turn them on because the delays are just beginning to build now towards the end of the parking lot. that's the latest kcbs traffic. the forecast here's roberta. it will be cooler today and it will be windy. our live weather camera right now looking out towards the bay bridge. you can't see the top of it. and again, the top of the bridge is 526 feet tall. so when you can't see the top that means we have a lowering ceiling and all due to the marine layer. we have temperatures currently in the #rs and concord you have -- 50s and concord you have wind gusts at 26 miles per hour. we will have west winds 20 to 30 today and limited or no sunshine at the coast today into the 50s. 60s 70s around the peninsula. we had high temperatures in the mid 80s across the santa clara
5:37 am
valley yesterday. today 75 degrees. east of the bay coming down 87 degrees in livermore to 78 degrees. you will feel the difference. a raw blustery day in stinson beach in the 50s and 74 degrees in petaluma. quick santa rosa at 86 yesterday. today in the mid 70s and windy in cloverdale at 77 degrees. michelle, coming up at 48 minutes after the hour, we have the full forecast. can't wait roberta thank you. more water restrictions may be coming soon in san francisco. this afternoon, the city's puc will take up the idea of placing mandatory restrictions on outdoor water use and an overall water usage by commercial businesses. and today, the board of east bay mud will discuss getting extra water from the sacramento river. a total of 21,000-acre feet of water would come from three districts on the upper sacramento. it would cost about $25 million and customers would end up paying for the extra water supply. under a higher drought water rate proposal. a controversial vaccine
5:38 am
bail is scheduled to be heard in the senate's committee today. senate bill 227 would require all california school children to be vaccinated. only children who have health problems would be exempt. now the bill has created a big stir in the state. those against it say vaccines are a personal choice and parents should be able to decide what is best for their kids. supporters say what's best for the public needs to come before personal beliefs. and students and teachers will be in sacramento today to push for the passage of accreditation reform at community colleges. the bill aims to improve fairness, objectivity and transparency and supporters of the legislation will meet in front of the state capitol today at 11:00 a.m. there are 112 community colleges here in the state. recently city college of san francisco was in danger of losing its accreditation. the government has just announced new rules for the reverse mortgage market. >> let's chat. here to discuss how the loans work and what you need to know about the changes is cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger.
5:39 am
on a tuesday morning. i guess jill out of the gate tell the viewers exactly what is a reverse mortgage. >> reporter: well, this is a loan that allows homeowners who are 62 years or older who have a bunch of equity in their home to convert that equity into cash. now you got to stay in the house as a primary resident and the amount you can borrow depends on the age of the youngest borrower. the older you are the more you can borrow. also depends on the current interest rate and the appraised value of the home as well. they are guaranteed by fha and are given through hud. >> what are the new rules jill? >> reporter: you know, before yesterday, applying for a reverse mortgage was pretty easy. you kind of just sort of presented it and like said i own this house give me my money. today this process is going to be much more like qualifying for a traditional mortgage. borrowers are going to have to complete financial assessment tests and they've got to prove they paid their taxes.
5:40 am
and homeowner fees and other property related charges for the last couple of years. and they're going to have to produce documentation, tax returns, pay stubs if they're still working, bank statements and an overview of their monthly expenses and their cash flow. >> so what happens if potential borrowers fall short? >> reporter: well. it doesn't mean you're shut out it. does mean that you could be required to fund something called a life expectancy. what that would do is it would take a portion of your loan proceeds and put it into a separate account so the government would ensure that funding is available for your future tax and insurance obligations. this is kind of like an escrow account on the conventional mortgage. but the deal here is the new rules are going to seriously reduce the number of people who can qualify for a reverse mortgage. so before you start, go to and i've got a big analysis of the new reverse mortgage rules. >> i hope i never need one. [ laughter ] >> reporter: i know. >> very good okay jill
5:41 am
schlesinger thank you so much jill. today the u.s. supreme court will hear arguments in cases that could lead to legalizing same sex marriage nationwide. currently same sex couples can marry in 36 states and the district of columbia. people are watching closely on both sides of the issue. >> if the supreme court dares to issue a roe v. wade of marriage we will not obey it. >> it just shows you the wheel of justice and the rule of law truly work. >> the cases before the court come from michigan, ohio, tennessee and kentucky. four of the states that don't allow same sex marriages. still to come, a new push from bay area leaders to drop water use to record lows. what some customers may be drinking next. >> and we're going to take you outside again take a live look at highway 880. which has just been a mess today after a multiple car pileup in san leandro. around the davis street exit. that is now clear but as you can see the morning commute crawling along. liz has you covered there.
5:42 am
roberta has your forecast and it's all coming up
5:43 am
5:44 am
good morning everyone, time check for you on this tuesday, 28th day of the month, it's 5:44. we're taking a look out towards mineta international airport where currently it's mostly cloudy. it is 54-degrees and the winds are under 5 miles per hour there. but will gust to 30 today. we'll have that full forecast at 48 minutes after the hour. thank you roberta. now the very latest on that deadly nepal earthquake. the country's military has helicopter now to remote areas. a number of confirmed dead is now more than 4400 including several dozen in nearby india and tibet. more than 8,000 others have been injured. tens of thousands have been displaced living outdoors now
5:45 am
without clean water or sanitation. this morning we are learning stories of tragedy and survival by bay area people. kiet do is in sunnyvale the hometown of a man who died on mount everest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right, a sunnyvale man was killed in nepal. this comes from the u.s. state department who confirms that he was a vietnamese american named vin truong. he was among four americans caught at base camp over the weekend when the avalanche overtook their position and they were killed. friends describe truong as an avid outdoorsman with a love of hiking. dave gordon of san francisco was in the lang tang area. he says the popular hiking trails are badly damaged or simply wiped away. many hikers are stranded on the mountainside and they cannot get out and they are desperate. gordon was airlifted out by helicopter. others are not so lucky. >> few days ago, afternoon,
5:46 am
violent -- earthquake. lifts come down. lifts come down. four, five porters deceased and buried in the rock fall. >> reporter: helicopters continue to bring people out. tourists and locals. the fear is that many, many more people need help. the prime minister says the death toll could top 10,000 people. very close call caught on camera. an suv nearly hits a group of kids about to get on the school bus, take another look. the car comes so close it will make you gasp as its passes by there. this happened in washington state. luckily nobody was hurt. it is illegal to pass a school bus while it's stopped. all right, well lot going on on our roads this morning. elizabeth with the traffic alert. >> yeah another one. can't get away the them. this is the third of the morning. and we've only been on the air since 4:30. this is the scene now in san
5:47 am
jose. northbound 101 we're hearing about a crash involving a motorcycle. a commercial truck. and lanes are blocked. this is the latest tweet from kcbs traffic. saying chp needs that traffic alert at brokaw because the left lane will be blocked for a while due to injuries, the backup is solid from mckey and actually another crash in the backup right before you reach 880. a more minor fender-bender, it's a mess already trying to get out of san jose on 101. use 280 as the alternate. i mentioned a couple of earlier traffic alerts the biggest one was the earlier fiery multi- vehicle pileup in san leandro. northbound 880 at davis and financial they kind of shocked us and cleared it earlier than anyone expected and traffic is completely recovered. no longer delays between san leandro and oakland as you go through the davis -- through the area right around davis or even continuing up to the oakland coliseum. out to the bay bridge now, where the metering lights were switched on within the last ten minutes or so. and so you can see the backups
5:48 am
now extend beyond that first oses covering pushing to 880 and just kind of the usual commute right hered the bay bridge. so once you get onto the span things move okay into san francisco. no longer seeing any overnight road work. and westbound 580 maybe a little fog in the camera as well if you're heading to the dublin interchange and it's pretty slow now already through the livermore valley especially through the truck scales, that's why the drive time is in the red. that's your latest kcbs traffic. update on the forecast with roberta. you have all the wonderful traffic cameras, we need your eyes and your weather equipment to help us try to see what is going on around the bay area at this time. let's take a look at the weather watcher program. this particular number right there 56 degrees. that's jerry wilcox, he is in antioch. hi jerry. thank you so much. how about this read right here? that's 53 degrees, keith rodriguez, he's reporting a wind at 4 miles per hour and mostly cloudy skies and that would be in san leandro. thanks for joining our weather watcher program. we have this pretty picture to share with you it the. a little -- at this time. a little improvement at the bay
5:49 am
bridge. we couldn't see the top before but still mostly cloudy skies. it is the return of the very aggressive marine layer. it's bringing our temperatures down. san francisco currently cloudy and 51 degrees and winds are under 10 but the winds will be increasing today. right now for the most part, south-southwest 10, in the san ramon area. becoming more westerly on shore 20 to 30-mile-per-hour winds later this afternoon. right now fairfield area, 24- mile-per-hour winds. this is it. very deep marine layer it's being enhanced by this area of low pressure right here. can you see? it's really big and beautiful. it's dry though has no precipitation associated with it. but as that begins to exit and high pressure tries to build back in, we are going to see those winds increase as the day progresses. very limited sunshine anticipated today along the san mateo coast. otherwise partly cloudy in most areas and you will feel the difference. a good tendings cooler today due to the on shore push. 86 sacramento and we are down
5:50 am
from 86 in the livermore area to 78 degrees. down from 76 in san francisco to 63-degrees. so cooler today and windy. it the doe wednesday. thursday we're tack -- ditto wednesday, thursday we're back to # 0 degrees and we'll hang on to the weather pattern until we coop down over the weekend. >> it was 90 yesterday in gilroy. 87 livermore and 86 santa rosa. >> how about a ban? i'd like to go to bed. >> thought about hitting the ac. not ready. >> open the window. all right. bell city leaders in san jose hope that people will soon be drinking recycled waste water. on monday, mayor sam liccardo joins others to take a big swig of that treated water. they're promoting a $612 million expansion plan for the local recycling plant. the facility purifies water from sinks, showers even toilets. state law currently prohibits the use of that water for drinking, but the city wants the governor to
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
shooting trial must decide if james holmes was of clear mental
5:54 am
state. holmes opened fire in a colorado movie theater three years ago killing 12 people and wounding 70 others. he has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. if jurors agree he was insane, holmes will be sent to a mental institution. if they disagree, holmes will either spend his life in prison or be executed. people are calling a high school teacher a hero after he tackled a 16-year-old student who opened fire on campus. investigators in lacey, washington say a student fired two shots into the air before classes began yesterday morning. >> then they're like he's shooting, there's a gun. he has a gun. >> government and civics teacher brady olson tackled the student from behind and two other teachers held the teen down. no one was hurt and the suspect is in custody. the motive is still unclear. 5:54. students who attended the now closed corinthian colleges will meet with state officials today. they want their tuition money back after their entire school
5:55 am
system suddenly shut down. corinthian colleges closed all of its 28 colleges including heald, everest campuses, this happened less than two weeks after the feds fined the school some $30 million for misrepresentation. students got a brief letter encaging them to continue their education but offering no advice on how to do it. >> it's very devastating. and it's -- especially for a school of business that you know, always wanted to embed approximatallism in us and that's not professionalism at all. >> students will also be asking state officials to help them get their transcripts. people were forced to evacuate after two brush fires broke out in southern california yesterday. the first fire erupted in grenada hills in north los angeles. the second one just two miles away in mission hills. the first fire cut across five acres threatening close to a dozen homes and it took more than 200 forgots working on the ground and from the air to put
5:56 am
out the flames. and that second fire broke out just an hour after the first one. it burned about an acre on a hillside but didn't threaten any homes. fires, widespread damage and clashes between protesters and the police. we're going to have the very latest out of baltimore where state of em
5:57 am
5:58 am
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you eat the heat. coming in hot! jack's blazin' chicken sandwich is back and it's got a new bacon buddy. they're both fired-up with spicy crispy chicken sliced jalapeños and ghost pepper ranch sauce. you've. been. warned. good morning everyone, it's tuesday, april 28th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. time now is just about 6:00. governor of maryland has declared a state of emergency in baltimore after an afternoon and evening of riots and violence and looting occurred hours after the funeral of freddie gray the 25-year-old man who died in police custody. >> and a live look out at baltimore this morning. overnight the national guard
6:00 am
fanned out and firefighters responded to multiple locations for people had set fire to buildings and you see an armed vehicle there. police have arrested more than 20 people and six police officers have r in the hospital. -- are in the hospital. brian nobles has more on the situation on the ground. >> reporter: just hours after the funeral service for freddie gray, rioting and looting on the streets of baltimore. protesters threw bricks and rocks at police. more than a dozen officers were injured in the violence. six seriously. cars and businesses were set on fire. maryland's governor declared a state of emergency. and baltimore's mayor said they were deploying every resource to regain control. >> this is one of our darkest days as a city. and i know that we are much better than this. we know that the world is watching. and we cannot allow our city to devolve into chaos. >> reporter: one local resident took to the streets telling people to go home. >>


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