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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  April 29, 2015 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> another night of unrest in baltimore. riot police faced off with protesters as a city wide curfew goes into effect. and tonight, the mom who read her son the riot act in the middle of it all explains to cbs news why she did it. >> national guards men an police officers are on the street of baltimore enforcing the curfew. military vehicles cruising the streets making sure people are staying inside. police hauled this man away after he walked toward his hummer with his hands up.
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earlier, as the curfew took effect, 200 defiant protesters squared off with police on the west side. cbs reporter kris van cleave is there tonight. >> reporter: police used smoke canister to get protesters off the streets of baltimore. >> we have bottles thrown at police. >> reporter: water bottles were hurled at the officers. >> anyone out past curfew will be stopped unless they are out for work or a medical emergency. >> reporter: protesters are promising to be out in force through saturday. we are hearing reports of another incident in another part of town where police had rocks in bottles thrown at them. one officer did suffer some injuries. police say, and some arrests were made. in baltimore, i'm kris van cleave. back to you. >> this is the scene last night. 144 cars and 15 buildings were set on fire. it is the worst rioting in
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baltimore in almost 50 years since 1968. 235 people were arrested last night. one guy, not arrested, a 16- year-old named michael. >> get your [bleep] [bleep] [bleep]. >> yeah, his mom gave him a piece of her mind and hand on live tv after spotting him throwing rocks at the police. today, toya graham spoke to a cbs reporter. >> i was like oh my god, you know, this is really happening right here with me. and, lo and behold, i turn aroundened i look in the crowd and my son is actually coming across the street with this hoody on, and a mask. and at that point, i just lost it. he gave me eye contact. at that point, not even thinking about cameras or anything like that. that is my only son. and at the end of the day, i
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won't want him to be a freddie gray. for him to stand up there and vandalize the police officers, that is not justice. i'm a single mom with six children and i choose not to live like that anymore and i don't want that from him. >> what was his reaction when he saw you and you pulled him out of the crowd? >> he said to me, mom, when i seen you, my instinct was to run. everybody knows i don't play that. he knew. he knew. he knew he was in trouble. >> you can hear a lot more from toya graham tomorrow on cbs this morning at 7:00 right here on kpix5. a former oakland police chief is right in the thick of all of this. anthony bass is now the police commissioner in baltimore. kpix5's christin ayers is with us. christin, you covered him extensively during his tenure in oakland. >> reporter: i did.
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and tony bass was popular in oakland. today, he is facing a storm of criticism over his hands off approach to the riots last night. but listen to the interview we dug up. police commissioner anthony bass defending what some are calling a slow response to the riot. >> we have opposite ends of the city. this will aus to get on top of the issues. >> reporter: batts is no stranger to violent protests. in 2010 as oakland's police chief, he talked about holding back as small groups of protesters upset about the oscar grant verdict vandalized buildings downtown. he gave this interview for an exhibit at the oakland museum of california criticizing the city's response to occupy oakland. >> he had a rookie crew at that time. >> reporter: his words giving a glimpse of how he would handle
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future riots. >> i ask myself how i would have done things differently. you i have to take a little more time and be a little more patience and look at what you have there. >> >> reporter: it is unclear if the strategy is working. batt says measured response is a strategy he developed as chief of police in long beach. he seems proud of it. we reached out to his coworkers from the oakland police department and none of them had comments. >> a dozen cops went to the hospital in baltimore. you don't want to throw all of your guys in that mess. sometimes it is better to pull back and assess the situation. >> reporter: i think you are right. i think some people are frustrated because they wanted more action on that night. but definitely, it has been calm tore night and you wonder if that hanging back had anything to do with that. >> a world of difference with the curfew and help with the national guard and coordinated police effort to get people off the street. all right. thank you christin for that perspective. one more note, the
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baltimore orioles will play their scheduled game against the white sox tomorrow. but for the first time in major league baseball history, there will be no fans in the stands. how weird is that? camden yards will be closed to the public. empty, quiet. so police can focus on protecting the city. the governor has been sounding the drought alarm for some time now. and tonight, he is upping the ante dramatically. he wants to up the fines to $10,000 for the biggest water wasters. but before you say what? $10,000? wait until you hear what mark kelly found out. mark? >> reporter: well liz, keep in mind here in alameda, east bay mud has not handed out a single big fine during the entire drought. so the idea they are going to hand out a $10,000 one sounds unrealistic. doesn't look like there is a drought in alameda. green lawns as far as ken's eye
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can see. >> i can show you around right now. people who should be on the $10,000 fine list. >> that's a lot of money. has the governor lost it? >> it is a lot of money and more than we have ever fined anyone. >> reporter: a lot more considering east bay mud has every right now to fine water wasters $500. and they haven't issued a single one of those. chooseing to have a discussion instead. >> talk to them. visit them. work with them on the conservation side. what can they do? that is what we are doing. >> reporter: but this approach has not turned the dial enough. east bay mud customers need to cut 20% this year. at this bar in alameda, they have already started. >> we only give water if requested. >> reporter: nicholas flores causes the $10,000 fine bogus and wants to know what the governor considers a water waster. he got his own drought plan. >> save water, drink tequila. >> reporter: in alameda, mark kelly, kpix5. in a few minutes, a kpix5
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investigation into where some of that money is going from recent water rate hikes. the answer may surprise you. about an hour ago, a mother found out her bay area son missing after the earthquake in nepal is alive. >> oh! oh my gosh! yes! >> he is getting on a helicopter in kathmandu. >> you can imagine the relief. the mother lives in san diego. 21-year-old spencer dickenson is from petaluma. he tweeted his cousin tonight saying i'm beg helicoptered off the mountain. tell mom i'm okay. one in four americans killed in the quake was this man, 48-year-old vin turong from sunnyvale. it was his lifelong dream to trek from the base camps at the foot of everest. >> if it had a little danger involved, he liked doing it. >> it is shocking that he is one of them who died but not shocking that he would be there.
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it is his kind of crazy wacy trips he likes doing. >> he was killed in that massive avalanche that thundered down everest and wiped out a base camp right after the quake. in nepal tonight, an estimated 8 million people are affected by this including a million children who need help. hope for finding survivors darkens with each passing hour. though crews have pulled a few people from the rubble, in the last two days, more than 5,000 people now confirmed dead. a rally tonight at stanford to protest an apparent hate crime. swastikas were spray painted on the windows of sigma alpha epsilon. >> i was very surprised. it is not something i expected to see on the campus. i think a lot of jews are very
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upset, but we appreciate all the support and kindness that we have gotten from people on the campus and we feel like we have a lot of allies here. >> now, it is still unclear who sprayed the graffiti. stanford is investigating. the question before the supreme court. do americans have the constitutional right to marry people of the same sex? while the court was hearing that question in washington dc, people gathered to support marriage equality. and they heard challenges to bans in four states, ohio, michigan, kentucky, and tennessee. >> today, he asked very tough questions from both sides. he started off kind of stressing the gravity and magnitude of this decision saying that this has been the definition. the traditional definition of marriage has been in place for millennia and they are asking for a change. but later in the argument, he seemed troubled that same sex
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couples of course wanted to have children and be part of a loving family. really pushes back on opponents of same sex marriage. so he was tough to read. at the end of the day, this would come down as it has in the past to justice kennedy. >> who gave the most compelling argument today? >> reporter: i think the argument went off the rails for opponents of same sex marriage. >> the court is expected to rule in june. barry bonds isn't home free just yet. the feds may ask the u.s. supreme court to reinstate his obstruction of justice conviction. they threw it out last week saying there wasn't enough evidence. now, the u.s. attorney's office in san francisco has asked the court to hold off on finalizing the ruling pending a possible appeal. we all know bay area real estate is crazy expensive, but we are seeing big change ins many neighborhoods. ghost homes, andria borba is in palo alto tonight.
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andria? >> reporter: here in the south bay, we have the allegedly haunted winchester mystery house. but there is a new phenomenon. a ghost home that is not filled with spirits or anything. with only a six week supply of homes for sale in palo alto, finding a sold sign is a rarity. that is not the only thing going extinct in silicon valley. >> i don't see kids, or pets, just construction. >> reporter: there is plenty of parking to be found. a lot of homes getting snapped off the market are sitting empty. >> i see a lot of homes uninhabited. >> reporter: realtor kevin wants you to consider this. >> 20% of the buyers are coming from china. >> reporter: and only half of them are choosing tony the homes. >> they are coming in with all
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cash. >> reporter: they now print brochures in mandarin. >> they are happy to park their money in a safe investment and they are not worried about losing money in rentals. >> reporter: leaving some neighborhoods owned but spookily emptied. andria borba, kpix5. joe montana is moving into the marina in san francisco. he and his wife jennifer just bought this two-med room condo on bay street. price tag? 2.3million. it has wood floors, arched windows an doors and almost 1900 square feet of space. the couple will share this back patio with their upstairs neighbors. well, a test model of an ipad was missing tonight. it was stolen. but the alleged crooks didn't know what they got their hands on. the couple is behind bars accused of luring a man they met through an online ad. pulling a knife on him,
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ransacking his place in cupertino, and stealing $7,500 worth of his stuff including the ipad prototype. >> the victims didn't describe the ipad. they just said it was a test model with no seral number on it. we believe the suspects still have it. if they sold it, we need to know that also. it is an open imvest grace. >> no word on if it was part of an upcoming product release or an older model. on only 5 tonight, we look at an east bay water district that is raising water bills. you would think it would have something to do with the drought right? well betty yu talked to people who said that extra money is paying for lavish spending habits with an old boys network. >> reporter: 15 years of water rate hikes has made eric a suspicious man. >> i feel they have been misleading us. >> reporter: a financial
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analyst by profession, he decided to take a look at the books of the alameda county water districts. it supplies water to the city of fremont along with newark and union city. the numbers don't add up. >> they are using the drought as an excuse to justify rate increase. >> reporter: they say it will bring in $6 million to bring in increased water supply related costs but when eric did the math, he found most of the money has been going to labor costs. >> it is completely different than what they have been telling the public. >> reporter: turns out employees of the district have it pretty good. more than 22 people on staff including meter readers and customer service reps make six figures if you include benefits which are very generous. topping the list at $377,000, robert shaver. >> we are competing for quality individuals with the likes of
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google. >> how many years have employees received raises? >> they have received raises since i can remember. >> reporter: he says the latest rate hike has nothing to do with labor costs. >> actual labor costs will be significantly lower than budget. >> reporter: even water supply costs are projected to go down. >> how do you explain a rate increase if you paid less? >> you know, i would have to talk to my finance manager about this. >> reporter: later, he confirmed water purchase costs will be lower this year than last. what is not expected to change is the perks, especially for board members. two of them in particular have a habit of attending conferences held at expensive reports in disneyland and monterrey. >> what happens at these conferences? >> basically, the employees participate in the american water works association. conference.
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so, what employees learn is about new advances in water treatment technology. >> if we take one of your employees, john wheat for example. he has gone to a number of conferences, stayed at pricey hotels, nice steak dinners. that just doesn't sit well with rate payers. >> so, john weed is a director at acwd. he does attend a number of conferences. >> reporter: but more than $2,000 for one of these trips? that seems over the top. >> does it? >> yes. to a rate payer. like myself. >> i believe that our customers receive value out of that. >> customers like eric big to differ. >> i think the process makes it very easy for them to raise rates. and it doesn't put pressure on them to cut costs because why cut costs when you can just raise rates? >> reporter: betty yu, kpix5. >> and get this. last year, the water district board voted to spend $280,000
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on a book about the agency's history in honor of its 100th anniversary. the author, a former general manager, will be paid $60,000. southern california family woke up to a huge surprise in their backyard. check it out. a 175-pound black bear. the dogs were interested. jamima says her dogs started barking at the bushes outside their ventura home last night. but she figured it was just a raccoon or maybe a possum. look closely. this morning, the family realized it was a much bigger deal. >> it was actually a bear. a real bear. >> he obviously climbed this fence here in the corner and got in the backyard. >> fish and wildlife were able to tranquilize the bear and haul him away. he was released back into the wild this afternoon. >> he was probably looking for
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water. we are too. >> absolutely. that is some raccoon. >> that's a big raccoon. >> that's a hungry raccoon. they are looking for water and food. we have it and nature doesn't. we are in a big time drought. four years and counting. we received a decent amount of rainfall this month, but regoing dry once again. hang on and check out the temperatures. we are getting the hottest we have seen so far this year. tonight, no fog, yet, it will be there tomorrow morning. livermore, you have been all over the place. 76 on sunday. 87 yesterday. and the flow of air changes and we are back on an on shore flow and you are 10 degrees cooler. high of 77 degrees. vallejo, 50, fremont, 50, san jose, 50. san francisco, 52. sun is up at 6:17 tomorrow. speaking of san jose, the warmest day of the calendar year for you will be friday when i am forecasting a high of 90 degrees in the most populous city here in the bay area. we have low pressure bringing rainfall to the pacific
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northwest. why does that matter to us? that low pressure area is big and strong and the counterclock wise wind brought back the on shore flow. oakland, 82. 18 degrees cooler today, only a high of 64. more of that tomorrow. the ocean influence is still there. then the low takes off. it is going up toward north dakota. then we have high pressure coming in. thursday and friday, the ocean is chilly but the rain is not coming from us. warmer thursday, record heat possible coming up friday. with many of you away from the water flirting with the 90- degree mark for the first time this year. low clouds and fog. it will be back after midnight tonight. still another cool day tomorrow. we begin the warmup thursday. then, the hot stuff gets here on friday. san jose tomorrow, 76. pretty comfortable. 72 in sunnyvale. union city, 70. no morning clouds but a nice comfortable afternoon in pittsburgh and san ramon. lit be foggy in the city.
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high tomorrow, 64. kentfield, 73. petaluma, 75. lake county, a beautiful day with high ins the low 80s . we are getting warm thursday. we are getting hot friday. 80 near the bay. 70 at the beach. but we cool down for the weekend. you will enjoy saturday and sunday. 60s near the bay. temperatures going up. going down. moving all over the place. lack of rainfall? that is the constant. >> yep. >> all right. thank you paul. coming up to night, how to lose $750 million in one day. the tweet that cost
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stock crashed today after someone leaked the latest earning reports on twitter. >> it happened an hour-and-a- half before the san francisco company actually planned to release those numbers officially. before the closing bell, it was not pretty. shares plunged as much as 20% before rebounding a bit closing down 18%. twitter's first quarter review fell short of the estimates causing investors to bail at one point, the new york stock exchange halted the trading. >> evan williams and jack dorsey lost $750 million as a result of today's crash. >> oh wow. amazing. >> that is about what it costs to attend the fight this weekend in las vegas. >> i believe it. [ laughter ] >> if you can even get a ticket. >> it is pretty tough. pretty tough. but you know, just ring side
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for about $150,000. >> that's it? >> that's all. >> that's a deal. >> second straight week, we have a premier pitching matchup. can the giants make it 4-1
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>> i'm not sure i'll call it mayweather and pacqiauo. i'm scoring a tko.
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madison bumgarner and clayton kershaw. his best start since game seven of the world series allowing one run and five hits in eight innings. he struck out nine dodgers. buster posey hit kershaw with a right cross that was the knock out blow. his third home run. bumgarner gets his second win. giants beat the dodgers 2-1. 4- 1 against la. as , sonny gray has an e.r.a. of 1.98. there is a a three-run by bret lori. six runs batted in the past two games. dote look now. looks like josh reddick is back. as win 6-2. they snap a four- game skid. the top four players in golf at the world golf championship. jordan spieth. number two player in this week's tournament. on the other side of the
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bracket? that man. rory mcilroy who may make a quick trip to vegas saturday after he scored a tick ticket to the big fight. >> where do i get my ticket? i don't know. well, i do know, but don't want to say. i don't want to tell you how much i paid for it. >> i may see him at the fight if things don't go perfectly. who necessary. maybe we will duke it out right after. >> they are expected to split almost 300 million on saturday night. top five, please. number five, saint louis cardinals fan got busch stadium painted on his stomach. in the words of rodney dangerfield. >> oh, it looks good on you, though. >> always keep your eyes on the road. watch the rider in black and blue hit by the wind. number three, pass of the year was to himself.
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the former globetrotter angelo threw it to himself and it goes down. not even steph curry has this shot in his arsenal. barcelona's montoya switched the kid. number one, is baseball worth losing your liquid gold, ken? your thoughts? >> absolutely. >> elizabeth? >> absolutely. >> and paul? >> i don't know. >> really? >> a loss of dignity. >> there is no way. cell phone popped out. >> dignity doesn't matter. beer matters at the ballpark. i was at the warrior game the other da
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