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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 29, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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cars on the road and haze. >> a little dewy. >> fog, a little moisture. >> dirt on the camera. something. >> it's something. [ laughter ] >> we are going to get to the bottom of it. >> we are. good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, april 29. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. happy "hump day," everybody. time to rise and shine at this wonderful hour of 4:30. we have the gang in today. roberta is going to tell us about another hot one on tap today. >> i vote on 2 and 3. a little haze and dirt on the camera. that's what's working this morning. we have fog and low clouds. we are into the 40s and 50s. today warmer than yesterday. 60 to 80. the full forecast straight ahead but first here's liz. >> thank you. out the door here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. you know, they are in the clearing process right now with a two-car rash. it's on the flat section of the span blocking the slow lane for now but i know chp is out there with the tow crews.
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no huge delay but we'll break down the rest of your morning drive coming up. >> all right, elizabeth. thank you. breaking news now in oakland. there is major police activity in oakland right now. a command post has been set up on foothill boulevard and a large number of officers is on the street. police tell us they are also investigating a deadly shooting. a male victim was found on 46th avenue and we're working to find out if it's all related. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is at the scene gathering information and we'll have a live report in the next half- hour. a live look at the city of baltimore where a curfew largely held overnight. clashes occurred between the police and about 200 protestors but there was no repeat of rioting from the neither before. it started because of freddie gray who died of a spinal cord injury while in custody. edward lawrence shows us the conditions on the streets. reporter: national guard troops in armored humvees are patrolling the streets of baltimore.
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overnight authorities picked up more than a dozen people for vie a littling the curfew in -- for violating the curfew order that's in effect. >> the city is safe and stable. we hope to maintain it. >> reporter: shortly before the curfew went into effect at 10 p.m. tuesday, police in riot gear backed by community members moved in on crowds of mostly peaceful protestors instructing them to go home. >> show's over people. let's go home. >> reporter: but some defiant protestors squared off with police throwing bottles and rocks. officers deployed smoke and pepper spray. the situation on the ground is a far cry from the events of just 24 hours ago when rioting overshadowed the calls for justice for freddie gray. he died of a spinal cord injury a week after being taken into plus custody. many think it highlights issues between law enforcement and their communities. >> it's important for us to establish a national standard for excessive use of force. we can't have ferguson and baltimore happening again and again. >> reporter: many of the
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demonstrators on monday were teenagers. toya graham saw her 16-year-old some in a crowd of protestors and took matters into her own hands. >> that's my only son. and at the end of the day i don't want him to be a freddie gray. >> reporter: results of an investigation into gray's death are due on friday. police are concerned something will happen at sun-up. they are expecting a large demonstration in the same area as yesterday. in baltimore, edward lawrence, kpix 5. >> and you can hear more from toya graham and her son. they are going to be interviewed on "cbs this morning." you can watch it here starting at 7 a.m. now, the unrest is having an impact on major league baseball, as well. the baltimore orioles will play at home against the chicago white sox today after games were postponed on monday and tuesday of a live shot of camden yards in baltimore. there will be no fans so police can potential on protecting the city. governor brown is expected
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to make an announcement this morning in los angeles. the governor's office hinted that the speech could have to do with climate change. later today he will speak at the navigating the american carbon world event and the governor is sending a clear message to water wasters, cut back now or pay up later. he unveiled legislation that calls for fines up to $10,000 a day for the most fragrant violators. >> it is a lot of money and it's more than we have ever fined anyone. >> the governor announced the plan yesterday after a meeting with big city mayors. the plan would also let cities, counties and water districts issue fines without having to go to court. still need approval from the state legislature and some lawmakers oppose it already. a cupertino quarry will pay fines to settle an agreement.
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all part of an agreement with the u.s. eps. they are accused of dumping of millions of gallons of toxic waste water into the permanente creek. joy and relief when the mother of a bay area man missing after the nepal earthquake finds out he is alive. >> oh!! my gosh, yay! he is getting on a helicopter in kathmandu. >> 21-year-old spencer dickinson from petaluma tweeted his cousin last night same eying being helicoptered off the mountain. tell mom i'm okay. one of four americans who died in the quake was this man 48- year-old vin truong from sunnyvale. he works at kaiser permanente in santa clara at the i.t. department. his friends say it was his lifelong dream to check the base camps at the foot of mount everest. >> if it was dangerous, he wanted do it. >> it's not a shock trauma he
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would be shock he would like to be there. he did something he enjoyed and he went out that way. >> truong was killed in the avalanche that thundered down everest and wiped out a base camp right after the quake. and today aid is finally reaching areas near the epicenter of saturday's 7.8 quake. the world food program is delivering high energy food biscuits. cargo trucks filled with rice, cooking oil and sugar are waiting for helicopters to carry the supplies to remote villages. the u.n. says the disaster has affected about 8 million people. more than 5,000 have died and another 10,000 are injured. 4:36. a check of weather here in the bay area. >> early this morning i was watching coverage of nepal and they pulled out a person out of
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a home after 80 hours. so there are some positive things still coming out of the area, as well. here at home patchy, dense fog but not as extensive as yesterday. this is the scene towards the embarcadero. oh, yeah. looking at our blue and gold saluting our golden state warriors, frank, have they made a decision when they're playing is it sunday? >> if they play sunday it's between memphis and portland. >> okay. >> currently we have temperatures in the 40s and 50s out the door and by 8 a.m. as most you have head out temperatures in the 50s from the coast to inland areas. daytime temperatures today close to average. we'll talk more about this but first, here's liz with traffic. >> okay. thank you, roberta. and let's go back outside to the san mateo bridge. so once again the overnight roadwork is there. we'll talk about that in just a second plus we also have reports of a car fire coming into pinole westbound 80 approaching appian way and it doesn't sound like any lanes are blocked. it is on the right-hand shoulder but we know the fire crews are out there now. so we also have the overnight
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roadwork on the san mateo bridge. in addition to this accident now in the clearing stages, westbound 92, on the flat section, it was reported as a two-car crash blocking the slow lane. so we continue to check on it but right now it sounds like tow crews are there in the final clearing stages bay bridge fine into san francisco. eastbound there is some roadwork approaching the center anchorage that's "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. caltrans fighting a contractor over problems with the new bay bridge tower. the two sides agree that water keeps accumulating at the bottom of the bolts that anchor the tower. but they are at odds over why it's happening. caltrans engineer says it's due to water jets the contractor used in the both sleeves but the contractor says the water may be coming from voids in the actual bridge structure. happening today, william schultz is scheduled to be arraigned today. he has been charged with killing a 9-year-old boy. the contra costa district
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attorney says schultz stabbed jordan to death early sunday morning in discovery bay. he is accused of leaving the crime scene in a stolen car. prosecutors are not seeking the death penalty because schultz is 18. some stanford university students are disgusted at an act of vandalism. swastikas were painted at a fraternity with a jewish membership. yesterday evening about 100 people gathered on campus to stand in solidarity with the fraternity. >> i was surprised. it's not something i expected to see on stanford campus. i think a lot of jews are upset but also we really appreciate all the support and, um, kindness that we have gotten from people on the campus and we feel like we have a lot of allies here. >> it's still unclear who is responsible for the graffiti. the university says it's investigating. most of the nation's 8th graders are struggling in history and civics and geography. only about a quarter of them
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showed solid performance in those subjects according to the national assessment. about a third answered that most people in the u.s. believe the government should be a democracy and less than half were able to interpret time differences using an atlas with time zones. much debated vaccine bill has now passed through its third committee in sacramento. it moved forward on 5-1 vote in the senate judiciary committee. the bill would require all california schoolchildren to be vaccinated but it was also slightly amended to limit it those only currently required by the health department. the appropriations committee votes on it next up. time now 4:40. bart officials say they need more money to finish upgrades. who they may turn to next for help. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nominations to us at we may come and feature your school on the show.
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do americans have a constitutional right to hear someone of the same-sex? the court heard arguments on that issue and people gathered in san francisco to support marriage equality. they heard it about ohio, michigan, kentucky and tennessee. the court appears to be deeply divided with justice kennedy as the probable swing vote. a decision is expected in june. some tough times for anyone who owns a stock in san francisco-based twitter. the company's stock was down yesterday after someone leaked the latest earnings report. shares were down by 20% before rebounding closing down at 18%. twitter's 1st quarter revenue fell short of estimates causing investors to bail out. at one point, the new york stock exchange halted trading of twitter stock.
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according to bloomberg company, cofounder evan williams and jack dorsey lost about $750 million. we know bay area real estate is expensive. but there's a new trend in many neighborhoods. andria borba reports from palo alto on the proliferation of ghost homes. reporter: with only a six- week supply of homes for sale in palo alto, finding a sold sign is rare. that's not the only thing going extinct in the heart of silicon valley. >> i don't see kids. i don't see pets. i don't see anything but gardeners. that's all i see. and new construction. >> reporter: there's even plenty of parking to be found. a lot of the homes getting snapped off the market are sitting empty. >> i do see houses in the neighborhood that don't seem to be inhabited that seems like a lot of money has gone into them. >> reporter: before you throw your remote and blame more of the bay area housing crisis on tech, realtor kevin de leon wants you to consider this. >> probably about 20% of the buyers are coming from china. >> reporter: and only half of those chinese buyers are choosing to live in the homes
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they have purchased. >> they are coming in paying really strong prices generally all cash. >> reporter: de leon and his team now print brochures and make videos in mandarin. it's at hot new trend for them to have a house in the valley. >> it's a good investment and they are not worried about losing $10,000 a month in rentals. >> reporter: leaving some neighborhoods empty. in palo alto, andria borba, kpix 5. a 175-pound black bear now back in the wild after wandering into the backyard of a southern california home. one woman's dog started barking at the bushes outside her home on monday night. she figured it was a raccoon maybe a possum or something then yesterday morning she and her family realized it was a much bigger deal. >> it was actually a bear, a real bear. >> he got in the backyard over the fence. >> it was a bear.
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fish and wildlife workers tranquilized the bear and released it into the wild yesterday afternoon. >> where was that? >> ventura in southern california. >> how would you like to see that in the backyard? >> that's more coastal. he went hiking that bear. [ laughter ] i hope you can bear temperatures in the 90s. not so much today but we are going to have a little mini heat wave beginning on thursday into friday right now as you step out the door. we have areas of low clouds and patchy fog. it's not quite as extensive as just 24 hours ago and it will burn off sooner. numbers from 47 in santa rosa to 54 concord oakland and in san jose. many people going out to school we'll have the stratus line at the coast otherwise temperatures in the low to mid- 50s. here's what we all need to know on this "hump day"." low loafer night. now a tad warmer -- low clouds and fog overnight to
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understand. now a tad warmer, but big warmup thursday and friday. this is our satellite and radar and it shows the coast is trying to clear out with the passage of that dry cold front that breezed through yesterday. we have a sea breeze kicking in. we'll flatten out in the afternoon about 5 to 15 miles per hour, otherwise high pressure begins to build in and it's going to be sunny, dry into the 90s inland. today's highs anywhere from 60 in pacifica to 79 towards clayton and walnut creek, antioch and tracy. mid-70s in san jose which is pretty much spot on for this time of the year. low 70s in oakland and in mountain view. here's a look at your extended forecast. i'm going to get out of the way so you can get a peek at it. outside number 80 in pleasanton and also blackhawk and in danville. and then thursday we are warming all the way into the low 90s extremely dry conditions with low relative humidity through friday. then we reintroduce the low
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clouds and fog on saturday and sunday. so we'll drop our temperatures back into the seasonal levels into the 70s. we have a baseball game tonight as our oakland a's host the l.a. angels of anaheim. 60 and breezy. and looking ahead, traffic problems usually, right? >> there are, i know, just in time for that. what time does that game start start? 7:05. so that's the heart of the evening commute. off to work this morning, we have these -- not really a delay but it is an issue through pinole westbound 80 at appian. most of the activity of the car fire is on the shoulder. but somebody may still be on the shoulder as well as chp. here's a live look out the door. 880 in oakland. cruising along this was our hot spot yesterday. hopefully you didn't get caught in t the only thing going on now is the roadwork southbound between davis and marina
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heading into san leandro. and that accident we have talking about is officially cleared from our reports. westbound 92 a two-car fender- bender that chp was blocking the slow lanes for a while. all lanes are open. everything is great out of hayward. no delay in either direction even with overnight roadwork out there both sides of the span. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no delay into san francisco eastbound if you are heading into the oakland area. that roadwork continues until 6:00. that's when it's scheduled approaching the center anchorage really from the center anchorage to the toll plaza. and we started off with some breaking news this morning. a major police presence in oakland. there was a deadly shooting overnight so we have 55th and foothill boulevard blocked. you can use seminary as an alternate and i think we'll get a live report from the scene shortly. that is your latest "kcbs" drive to work. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. bart may have voters to pay for billions of dollars in upgrades a new report saying the agency needs nearly $10 billion for new train cars and
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a train control system. that money would be spread out over the next decade. bart directors could put the measure on the ballot as early as next year. gas prices are going up again but concord drivers were stunned to see one station selling gas for more than $9 a gallon. it was's mistake. take a look -- it was a mistake. take a look. it was on a chevron station. a prankster did that. as a result the station lost business. employees didn't realize the problem until they started getting phone calls. the sign now reflects the correct prices once again. san francisco-based uber is expanding into food delivery. uber eats will launch in chicago and new york city today. the rideshare company says companies ordering through its smartphone apps can get food from a selection of restaurants in as little as 10 minutes. it's already operating in l.a. and barcelona. a good day for a local
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major league baseball fan. both struggling teams victorias. the giants madison baumgarner allowed just one run in five hits in 8 innings in dodger stadium helping the team to a 2- 1 victory over the dodgers. good news there. and oakland another fine pitching performance by sunny gray. that's roberta's favorites, sonny retired 13 batters in a row. brett lowry a three-run home run getting a 6-2 win over the angels. they meet again at the coliseum tonight. coming up, what youthful binge drinking can do to
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good morning, everybody. as you take a look at your temperatures across the bay area today, we will see near seasonal high temperatures from 60 degrees in pacifica and yes, we'll see earlier burnoff there today. 60s and low 70s across the bay, low 70s around the peninsula. san jose the average high for this time of the year is 76 degrees. expect up to nearly 80 east of the bay and 74 in san rafael. overall we're off to a great start this morning. a live look it cross the golden gate a cars heading out. they ran out of camera range heading northbound adding another southbound lane in the commute direction. we'll take a full look at your ride to work all coming up. >> they are camera shy i think, thank you, liz. 4:54. a new study reveals that binge drinking when you are young could lead to brain issues when you get older. study says that a young adult's brain is sensitive to binge drinking and as a result, it may cause memory problems later
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in life. brain cells may be more vulnerable to injury from trauma or disease. investigators in the south bay are trying to find a test model of an ipad that was stolen. but the alleged thieves may not have even known what they had. this couple is behind bars accused of luring a man they met through an online ad pulling a knife on him ransacking his place in cupertino and then stealing $7,500 worth of belongings including the ipad prototype. >> the victims didn't describe the ipad just a test ipad mod well no serial number. we believe the suspects still have it. it's a test pad i model with no serial number. if they sold it we need to know if it's sold. it's an open investigation. >> it's not clear if it was part of a product release or older model. a photo of a woman lacrosse team stirring controversy on campus.
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it shows seniors dressed in a style stereo typically associated with male hispanic groups. uc-davis didn't suspend them but held workshops to address it. some students say the workshops are not enough. >> i don't think it's by any means we want to push people but at the same time we have seen this before and incidents are happening so where's the larger process and protocol for creating meaningful change? >> students have apologized for the photo. it is 4:56. calm in the streets of baltimore following a mostly peaceful night of protest. >> reporter: several blocks are shut down as police here in oakland search for somebo
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a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza as people are coming into work nice and early. a little before 5:00 right now. and people are already on the run. >> yes. good morning, it is wednesday, april 29. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. a major police presence in east oakland at this hour after suspects fired shots at officers. kpix 5's anne makovec is on foothill boulevard with the latest. >> reporter: detectives and the s.w.a.t. team are here. a man was shot and killed around 1 a.m. at 46th avenue. somebody shot at police while they were investigating. there were no injuries then. this neighborhood is on lockdown. police going door to door
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searching for a suspect. several streets here in east oakland are blocked off. live in oakland, anne makovec, kpix 5. joy and relief when the mother of a bay area missing after an earthquake in nepal finds out he is alive. [ yelling ] >> 21-year-old spencer dickinson is from petaluma. he tweeted his cousin last night saying, i'm being helicoptered off the mountain. tell mom i'm okay. >> one of four americans who died in the quake was this man 48-year-old vin truong from sunnyvale. he worked in the i.t. department at kaiser permanente in santa clara. his friends say it was his lifelong dream to trek the base camps at the foot of mount everest. and today aid is reaching the areas near the epicenter of saturday's 7.8 quake. the world's food program


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