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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 29, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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searching for a suspect. several streets here in east oakland are blocked off. live in oakland, anne makovec, kpix 5. joy and relief when the mother of a bay area missing after an earthquake in nepal finds out he is alive. [ yelling ] >> 21-year-old spencer dickinson is from petaluma. he tweeted his cousin last night saying, i'm being helicoptered off the mountain. tell mom i'm okay. >> one of four americans who died in the quake was this man 48-year-old vin truong from sunnyvale. he worked in the i.t. department at kaiser permanente in santa clara. his friends say it was his lifelong dream to trek the base camps at the foot of mount everest. and today aid is reaching the areas near the epicenter of saturday's 7.8 quake. the world's food program is delivering high energy food
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biscuits, cargo trucks filled with rice, cooking oil and sugar waiting for helicopters to carry supplies to some of the remote villages outside of kathmandu. the u.n. says the disaster has affected about 8 million people in the area. more than 5,000 have died, another 10,000 were injured. let's check the traffic and weather. >> yesterday i didn't think it was too bad as far as the winds are concerned. we had some gusty winds up to 25 at times late day but did it wasn't ominous. >> did you use the aqua net? >> no. that would be frank. [ laughter ] >> we have stratus and low clouds and patchy fog lining the seashore. earlier burningoff today but we are in the 40s and 50s. by 8 a.m. this morning, you can anticipate those clouds to be lifting at the coast, temperatures in the 50s across
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the board. later today we'll realize afternoon highs very seasonal and maybe even a degree or two warmer than yesterday from 60 in pacifica low 70s bayside and peninsula to the mid- and high 70s away from the bay area into our inland areas. winds will be up to 15 out of the north. 90s back in the forecast. we'll talk about that later. but first, good morning, liz. >> good morning. out the door, we're doing relatively well. we are just seeing the usual congestion. by this time yesterday i think we already had two traffic alerts in effect so we'll take it. you can see a few slowdowns off of 580 and then into the tracy area there is this crash westbound 205 at macarthur. it has things slow in the area. but the drive time at least is still in the green and once you get past the altamont pass, into the livermore valley into pleasanton, everything actually looks great. here's a live look right before you reach 680.
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this is the time to go. no wait at all to get into san francisco. richmond/san rafael bridge traffic also moving at the speed limit. >> all right, elizabeth, thank you. let's take a live look at baltimore. this is the north avenue. we have a reported from andrew spencer. reporter: many protestors refused to leave when the 10 p.m. curfew went into effect causing minor clashes with police. police threw smoke canisters and fire pepper spray to disperse the crowds. only a few holdouts remained. at one point a man approached the police line telling the media to disperse. with an armored vehicle approaching from the other direction officers surged forward taking him behind the police line and into custody. >> we do not have a lot of
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activity or movement throughout the city as a whole so the curfew is working. >> reporter: a quiet night and a far cry from the intensity of riots monday which left vehicles and buildings burned, businesses looted and six police officers seriously injured. tuesday officials brought in roughly 2,000 national guardsmen and more than 1,000 police officers from throughout maryland and out of state. >> this combined force will not tolerate violence or looting. >> reporter: before tuesday night's curfew, crowds in baltimore were loud and energetic but peaceful continuing to voice their displeasure after the death of freddie gray. i'm andrew spencer reporting. >> the baltimore orioles will play at home against the chicago white sox today after games were postponed on monday and tuesday. but for the first time in baseball history there will be
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no fans in the stadium so that police can focus on protecting the city. a meeting planned this morning to deal with noise complaints from people near the san carlos airport. most of the concerns are related to surf airs a small airline that offers turboprop service. earlier this month it announced it would add 31 weekly flights out of san carlos and people are upset saying they had no prior warning that surfair would expand the san carlos service. governor brown says kurt back or pay up. mark kelly has a detail that would allow for thousands of dollars of fines a day. >> reporter: doesn't look like a drought in alameda green lawns as far as the eye can see. >> i can show you around right now people that should be on the $10,000 fine list. >> $10,000, that's a lot of money. has the governor lost it? >> it is a lot of money and certainly it's more than we have ever fined anyone. >> reporter: a lot more considering east bay m.u.d. has every right now to fine
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water wasters $500. and they haven't issued a single one of those. choosing to have a discussion instead. >> talk to them. visit them. work with them on the conservation side. what can they do to reduce their use? that's what we're doing. >> reporter: but the carrot approach hasn't turned the dial enough. east bay m.u.d. customers need to cut 20% this year. at this tequila bar in alameda, they have already started. >> we only give water when requested. >> reporter: nicholas flores called the $10,000 fine bogus. he has his own drought plan. >> they water, pay tequila. >> reporter: in alameda, mark kelly, kpix 5. today a santa clara county judge will consider sending the so-called pillowcase rapist back to a mental hospital. christoper hubbart assaulted about 40 women between 1971 and 1982 using a pillowcase to muffle the screams of some of the victims. he currently in los angeles county and prosecutors say he
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is a violent predator who continues to pose a danger. this surveillance photo led to air groper. he grabbed the buttocks of a 12- year-old girl at a farmer's market last weekend. the photo was circulated prompting rod chapman of san mateo to turn himself in yesterday. 5:07. a pivotal legal question is before the u.s. supreme court. do americans have the right to marry someone of the same-sex? while the court was hearing arguments on the issue in washington, dc people in san francisco gathered to support marriage equality. the high court heard challenges to same-sex marriage bans in four states, ohio, michigan, kentucky and tennessee. the court appears to be divided with justice kennedy as the probable swing vote. a decision is expected in june. right now.
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5:07. several american airlines planes grounded for hours. the high-tech glitch being blamed for delays. >> plus, summer is right around the corner. details on the new heat regulations aimed at protecting outdoor workers. >> did somebody say summer? here we are in springtime and we're going to hit temperatures in the 90s. i'll tell you which days to expect it. >> and we have a major police presence going on right now in oakland. streets are blocked including the intersection at 55th and foothill. we'll show you the best way to get around the mess coming up. first we want to know what drives you crazy during your commute. ask a question or share a gripe by emailing or tweet me at #ewengerkpix and watch to see if your question gets answered on air.
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good morning. time check at 5:11 on this "hump day." san jose looking at the santa clara valley, clear skies fall wind. today's forecast high temperature of 76 degrees. california has new rules to protect outdoor workers during hot weather. cal/osha's regulations taking effect on friday. they require that all employees like farm workers, landscapers have access to free cool water. supervisors and workers must also be trained to recognize signs of heat illness. in addition, the rules require
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that shade be made available when the temperature reaches 80 degrees or more. a cupertino cement quarry will end up paying millions of dollars to settle a pollution lawsuit. kiet do joins us live from cupertino to explain how this battle is coming to an end. reporter: good morning. this big announcement coming in just a couple of hours. finally, after years of legal wrangling, lehigh southwest cement company will pay for dumping millions of gallons of toxic water into the bay to the tune of up to $10 million. years ago they were sued for dumping water with high levels of selenium, nickel and other chemicals into the creek and bay. the selenium was the focus of the lawsuit and although it is not harmful to humans it is harmful to fish and microorganisms in high concentrations. as part of the settlement the parent company lehigh hanson must build an advanced waste water treatment plant and pay $2.5 million in penalties. the company released a statement saying in part, we are pleased to resolve these
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issues with an agreement that is aligned with our company's commitment to operating in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. the epa, department of justice and the state attorney general's office will holding a press conference at permanent creek this morning. an apple ipad software glitch grounded several american airlines planes here in the u.s. the airline says the error involved a digital map used by pilots in the cockpit. more than 2 dozen flights were affected. it's unclear whether the fault is with american airlines or apple. we're doing better than yesterday. we had 4 traffic alerts all within the span of a few hours yesterday so this is a hot spot yesterday for sure that ride between san leandro and oakland. this morning, it is all clear even with the overnight roadwork still possibly out there. caltrans crews had it scheduled
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until 5 or 6:00 southbound 880. it's closer to san leandro if you are continuing south. we have this morning breaking news in oakland. a large police presence and they have several streets blocked around 55th and foothill boulevard. this is pretty close to the macarthur off-ramp from 580. so if you are searching for an alternate seminary boulevard will be a good one. we're not sure how long crews will be out there but it was overnight shooting around 1a here's a live look out of tracy turns out it was a car fire that turned into an accident. westbound 205 at macarthur yeeks all those delays right now on 205 just trying to get past the scene and it's actually improving conditions through the altamont pass because everything is so backed up in that area. and once you get past the truck scales, it actually looks good 580 is fine through the livermore valley and if you are heading to the dublin interchange that's a live look the headlights heading westbound approaching the pleasanton area and then it continues to look good into the
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castro valley y. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no delay into san francisco. no metering lights. give it another half-hour or so and likely it will look different and the richmond/san rafael bridge all is quite as well on westbound and eastbound 580 between the east bay and san rafael. that is "kcbs traffic." let's go over to roberta with a check of the forecast. >> you have all those traffic cameras to give you a look at what's going on outside. i have weather watcher to give us an idea. they are my eyes out there throughout our microclimates. right now we're seeing 60 degrees very mild at this early- morning hour. paul from brentwood reports that condition there. also let's take a look at 52 degrees. who's that? dave in napa. 52 degrees and clear skies. thank you very much. we do have lots of clarity this morning. not quite as foggy as yesterday just 24 hours ago. low clouds hanging tight to the coast right now. temperatures 47 degrees in santa rosa to 54 degrees in oakland and concord.
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by 8:00 this morning when many people are heading out the door we have temperatures into the 50s from the coast to our inland areas and the burnoff will be a little quicker today in comparison to yesterday. we had the low clouds and fog. it developed overnight. hanging tight to the seashore this morning. and scrubbing away much more rapidly. a tad warmer today than yesterday but not as warm as thursday and friday. so we have the tail end of the dry cold front brush through the state of california and it enhanced our marine layer but today we are going to see the westerly winds about 10 to 15 rotate late day more to an offshore component so while we have that ocean span that nice sea breeze we see the high pressure begin to build in late day into the evening hours. that will return us to that offshore flow. wait until you see the seven- day forecast. 80s and 90s throughout the interior valleys today. low 70s in the high sierra. 60s around the coast and monterey bay to caramel. meanwhile your forecast high temperatures in and around the
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bay area quite close to average from 60 in pacifica to 60s, 70s bayside low 70s peninsula mid- 70s santa clara valley and bumped up to near 80 in many of our locations east of the bay. 70s common north of the golden gate bridge. again, the winds rotating from the west to more of an offshore flow late day but look at your thursday and friday. and with those low 90s extremely low relative humidity then a return of the onshore push over the weekend dropping our temperatures back down to seasonal levels. a's they are in town playing host to the l.a. angels of anaheim. jesse hahn is on the mound for the good guys. mostly sunny at 7:05. 62 degrees dress in layers heading out to >> not bad baseball weather. >> thank you. never a bad day for baseball weather. >> okay. well, moving right along here. um, east bay high schoolers are learning what it takes to land a great job.
5:18 am
300 students from alameda and contra costa counties are attended this "stem" career day held in berkeley yesterday. the event is intended to highlight math and science careers also toured several different companies to see what kind of jobs are out there. >> the the whole purpose of it is to show these kids inspire these kids to find -- to keep looking for "stem" education jobs science, technology, engineering, math, also arts, engineering is involved in art and all the art around here. and to help them to understand what jobs are waiting for them. >> the event aims to educate students about the math and science skills they need to get big jobs. it is 5:18. barry bonds' legal trouble may not be over. more to come on why he is on the fed radar again. >> i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up i have quite a pitch for you this morning. the a's got a command performance from their ace and for the second straight week a premier pitching matchup and the giants make it 4-1 against
5:19 am
the dodgers. we're up next. >> in today's jobs report, jill schlesinger looks at a career in human resources. reporter: organizations want to attract motivate and keep qualified employees. that's why employers invest heavily in human resources professionals. hr professionals must have strong interpersonal and analytical skills in order to serve as a link between an organization and its employees. here in the bay area, the median annual wage for human resources managers is more than $135,000. in general, there are five specialties within hr, compensation and benefits, training and development, employment recruiting and placement, information systems, and employee assistance. most people start as human resources specialists. they learn the nuances necessary to recruit, screen, interview and place workers. the goal for most is to become a manager. managers oversee the department
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and also consult with executives regarding the organization's strategic planning. before you leap into the profession, most hr pros caution that there can be stress involved with dealing with employee conflict. but if you can manage it, the rewards are great. i'm
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good morning. through tracy, mobile 2 was stuck in a backup 20 to 30 minutes long. 205 is stacked up to i-5. we'll explain what's going on a look at "kcbs" drive to work coming up. >> the nfl is going to start paying taxes. commissioner roger goodell announced yesterday after 73 years, the nfl is giving up its nonprofit status. all 32 individual franchises have been paying taxes but now the league's headquarters will be, too. the nfl pulls in more than $1 billion in profits and says the move won't make a material difference to to its business. good morning, everyone. i'm not sure i could call it mayweather pacquiao but for the second straight week two heavyweights baumgarner versus kershaw and last week's bout they got a no decision. last night, i'm scoring it at tko. in this courter madison baumgarner got three rings.
5:24 am
in this corner clayton kershaw. baumgarner best start since game 7 of the world. he will have one run, five pitches 8 innings he struck out nine dodgers. kershaw looked glass joe. it turned out to be the knockout blow. baumgarner gets his second win. the giants beat the dodgers 3- 1. they are 4-1 against l.a. a's starter sonny gray gave up two runs over 8 innings against the angels. lowered his era to 1.98. brett lowry three-run jack. six runs batted in, in the past two games. don't look now. looks like josh reddick is back. solo shot his third of the year. he has 11 runs batted n he is batting .360. the ace snap a four-game losing streak. another premier governing event starting here today at san francisco at harding park
5:25 am
match play championships. highlights and i'm predicting a rory victory. world of international soccer. barcelona suarez who responds with a mighty impressive kick. and there it goes. the right foot puts it in. they won 6-0. and a pretty nice goal there. right corner. play of the day. still to come, california's controversial vaccine bill takes a bill step forward. who lawmakers say will be required to get vaccinated. >> reporter: the s.w.a.t. team is called out after somebody fired several shots at officers in oakland. several st
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i'm kiet do live in cupertino. one of the biggest polluters in the bay area will be paying millions of dollars in fines. >> governor brown calling for strict new fines for water wasters. >> back into the 90s. i'll tell you which day to expect the heat. >> and the early-morning backups certainly have begun in the cash lanes in the bay bridge and a hot spot in tracy. more coming up. good morning. it's wednesday, april 289th 29. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. suspects fired shots at officers in oakland. anne makovec is on foothill boulevard with the latest. >> reporter: the search appears to be wrapping up to some
5:30 am
extent. they had a large command post set up at foothill and 55th and it's blocked off. they have s.w.a.t. teams and detectives still in east oakland. the trouble started at 1 a.m. when a man was shot and killed nearby on 46th avenue and as police were investigating that murder, somebody apparently shot at them. no officers were injured. but they have been looking for that shooter ever since. this neighborhood has been on lockdown for several hours. police have been going door to door searching for a suspect. this is video from ignacio avenue. several streets here in east oakland are blocked off. we have been told that an officer is going to be made available to give us some information as to where the search stands. we'll bring you the information when we get it. live in oakland, anne makevoc, kpix 5. governor brown sending a message to water wasters. cut back now or pay a lot
5:31 am
later. he unveiled legislation that calls for fines up to $10,000 a day for the most flagrant viral laters. >> it is a lot of money and certainly it's more than we have ever fined anyone. >> governor brown announced it yesterday. it would let cities, counties and water district issue fines without going to court. it needs approval from the state legislature and some lawmakers are already opposing it. my in-laws are in town for colorado. and i have to remind them, hey, we're in a drought. turn off the water. >> when you have people come to visit you're using more water because of additional people so rent a room get a hotel. [ laughter ] >> you know what the new saying is in fresno? down frown on brown. pretty good. brown is the new green. we have earlier burnoff in many areas across the bay and especially around the coastline. currently we have temperatures into the 40s. i love your in-laws, michelle, i do. i'm glad they are visiting. [ laughter ]
5:32 am
>> 57 in mountain view. 54 in concord. numbers in the 50s and 60s by lunch hour with daytime high of 76 degrees. 50s up to 70 by lunchtime low 70s your afternoon high and east of the bay and danville kick-starting with 54 climbing to 80 degrees much warmer for your thursday. but let's break it down like this. temperatures today along the coast into the 60s. 70s and 60s around the bay today. 72 in mountain view which is spot on for this time of the year. mid-70s across the santa clara valley to 80 in blackhawk. 77 in santa rosa. again, elizabeth, i'm talking about 90 degrees. we'll pinpoint that coming up at 48 after the hour. >> not even summer yet. all right, thank you, roberta. let's see out the door i mentioned this one hot spot in tracy still there unfortunately on 205 all starting with a car fire and we have been following kcbs traveling in mobile 2. it took about a half-hour to get
5:33 am
through all that mess. you can see how stacked up it is to i-5. at least once you get past macarthur the scene of that car fire everything is fine. it really looks okay a little bit of congestion through the livermore valley but just your usual stuff and then once you get past the truck scales, maybe past vasco everything looks good to the dublin- pleasanton area. and it continues to move well. dublin grade castro valley y commute two thumbs up at 5:33 this morning. over to the bay bridge now, and the cash lanes are filling in. if you have a fastrak pass you're fine no delay in the middle lanes at all. it is just the cash lanes backing up to the first overcrossing. anne makovec has been live at the scene of this overnight shooting. there's still a large police presence so a number of streets are blocked off around 55th and foothill. use seminary for the best alternate. that's "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. caltrans is fighting a contractor over a problem with a new bay bridge tower. the two sides agree that water keeps accumulating at the
5:34 am
bottom of bolts that anchor the tower. but they are at odds over why it's happening. a caltrans engineer says it's all due to water that the contractor used during construction. but the contractor says the water may be coming from voids in the bridge structure. curfew helped curb violence in baltimore overnight but not completely. authorities picked up more than a dozen people from violating the curfew order. police in riot gear moving in on demonstrators telling them to disperse but some threw bottles and rocks prompting officers to deploy smoke and pepper spray. all this follows the funeral for freddie gray who died in police custody. happening today the teen accused of killing a 9-year-old boy is scheduled to be in court today. the contra costa district attorney says 18-year-old william schultz stabbed a man to death early sunday morning in discovery bay. schultz is also accused of leaving the crime scene in a stolen car. prosecutors are not seeking the
5:35 am
death penalty. barry bonds not out of legal trouble yet because the feds may ask the u.s. supreme court to reinstate his obstruction of justice conviction. an appeals court said there wasn't enough evidence last week. now the u.s. attorney's office in san francisco has asked the court to hold off on finalizing the ruling pending a possible appeal. most of the nation's 8th graders are struggling in history, civics and geography. about a third answered that most people in the u.s. believe the government should be a democracy. and less than half were able to interpret time differences using an atlas with time zones. a much debated vaccine bill has now passed through its third committee in sacramento. it moved forward on a 5-1 vote in the senate judiciary committee. the bill would require virtually all california schoolchildren to be vaccinated
5:36 am
but it was slightly amended to limit vaccinated to those only currently required by the health department. parents could still opt out. pediatricians run dating guidelines on lice -- are updating guidelines on lice. a child with lice should not be kept out of school. instead, the student should finish the schoolday be treated with an over-the-counter medication and go back to class the next day. they say lice is a nuisance but not a serious disease. the u.s. supreme court appears sharply divided over whether homosexuals have a constitutional right to marry. >> our kpix 5 political analyst melissa griffin-caen is here this morning with some of what the court is considering. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> thanks for coming in so early. >> very early. >> reporter: it is very early. >> tell us, this is a big deal. >> reporter: exactly. we hear about supreme court cases and other court cases that deal with same-sex marriage all the time. but this is the big one, right?
5:37 am
as soon as we heard that there was going to be another supreme court case my husband said how are they going to weasel out of it? they can't. they have to actually consider the case of whether same-sex marriage is constitutional. so we will be getting a definitive ruling one way or the other. that's why this is such a big case. >> it took a couple of hours with oral arguments. what happened yesterday? >> reporter: there are nine justices on the court. four seem to be in favor of same-sex marriage. four seem to be opposed. the chief justice -- no, the chief person we're watching, justice kennedy appears to be the swing vote. based on the questions he was asking he is grabbing with two things. on the one hand marriage has been the same between a man and a woman for millenia. that was his word. on the other hand, denying same- sex marriages is an affront to the dignity of gay people. and for those of us court watchers, the word dignity is a bit of a dog whistle because
5:38 am
justice kennedy has used that concept of dignity to strike down cases -- laws against gay people in the past. so that seemed to give a lot of people some hope. but he did genuinely seem to be torn. he doesn't appear to have made up his mind. >> so the justices they could rule in favor of same-sex marriage or they could rule against it but is there a third way maybe a compromise? >> reporter: there is one thing that is possible and that is that the justices could say, let's say you live in kentucky. and where gay marriage is not permitted. and you have traveled to california and you get married in a state that does recognize same-sex marriage and then you travel back to kentucky. the justices could rule that kentucky has to recognize that out of state marriage even though within the borders of kentucky that couple could not get married. it would be complicated. it probably won't happen but there is a third way that this decision could go. >> so will the ruling have an
5:39 am
effect on recent religious laws that have passed? >> reporter: it's possible actually because there's about five or six different ways they could rule here of course and one of the ways that they could rule is to say that gay people are protected from discrimination just like women and minorities. now, if that's the case, then those state laws that permit discrimination against gay people will be called into question just like a law that discriminated against women or minorities would be. based on the questions yesterday the justices weren't taken with the discrimination argument. but if it were able to get five votes for it, other religious freedom laws could also be held unconstitutional. >> we were saying wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall when they get back together to make the decision. >> i would give anything. they could auction that off for millions. >> thank you. a premature release of twitter's earnings numbers triggers a steep drop in its share price. jill wagner of
5:40 am joins us live in new york with more. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. the commerce department just announced that the gdp grew at a measly .2% in the 1st quarter from january to march. a bunch of factors could be contributing to the disappointing numbers. of course there was the port dispute on the west coast, also severe snowstorms that kept people home in much of the country. economists are hopeful the economy will rebound as the weather improves. yesterday dow up 72, nasdaq down 50, twitter stock tanked after its earnings report was leaked on of all places twitter. the tech company was scheduled to report after the closing bell but a financial firm tweeted it out an hour early. earnings fell short. the company is make less money from ads. twitter stock was down 18% by the end of the trading day. and several dozen american airlines flights were delayed
5:41 am
last night because of technical glitches with pilots onboard ipads affecting manage and flight planning which made -- mapping and flight planning which made it impossible to take off. >> a little concerning. >> a little. we hear the show about nothing that was a hit in the '90s is about to be streamed. tell us about that. >> reporter: hulu has reached a $180 million deal with sony pictures for the streaming rights to seinfeld. the "wall street journal" is reporting that hulu paid $700,000 per episode. that's more than amazon and yahoo were willing to pay. netflix paid about $500,000 per episode to stream friends reruns. >> isn't that about as much as jerry seinfeld made per episode maybe? >> i bet he makes more than that now. >> reporter: yeah. either way, it's a lot of money. >> it is. thank you, jill wagner of
5:42 am
it isit is 5:41. uber is expanding into food deliveries. the cities getting a taste of the new service coming up. >> let's take a live look at 880 in oakland. looks like traffic is moving along well. but elizabeth is going to let us know what
5:43 am
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...guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ good morning. at 5:44, we can see the clouds are breaking up next to the bay. we'll have earlier burnoff today and the effect that will have on your temperatures. we'll talk about that at 48 minutes after the hour. >> sun is coming up up earlier and earlier. thank you, roberta. a legal battle over pollution coming to and end with a cupertino cement quarry
5:45 am
paying millions. kiet do has a preview of the planned announcement. >> reporter: lehigh cement has been ordered to pay up to $10 million for dumping millions of gallons of toxic watered into the bay. years ago, the company was sued for dumping millions of gallons of watered with high levels of chemicals into permanente creek and san francisco bay. the selenium is harmful to animals but not people in high concentration. lehigh must build a waste water treatment plant and pay $2 .5 million in penalties. the company says we are pleased to resolve this issue with an agreement that is aligned with our company's commitment to operate in a safe
5:46 am
environmentally responsible manner. there will be a press conference later today. live in cupertino, kiet do, kpix 5. san francisco-based uber is expanding into food delivery. uber eats will launch in chicago and new york city today. the rideshare company says customers ordering through a smartphone app can get food from a selection of restaurants in as little as 10 minutes. it's already operating in l.a. and barcelona. here's liz with the traffic report. >> we had four traffic alerts before our show was over at 7:00 yesterday. it was a ripple effect one right after another. this morning, nothing like that. no major delays. we have seen a few incidents out there and, of course, the metering lights are already at the bay bridge so we are seeing the usual usual trying to get into san francisco. up to 15 minutes to get on the span but like i said just your
5:47 am
typical stuff. no huge worries popping on to the bridge this morning. once you get on the span, it's crystal clear all green on the sensors from end to end. earlier in trace sit hot spot is cleared and this is the latest tweet from "kcbs traffic." they have been driving the mobile units in the area so they have a good feel for the current conditions. the car fire is out but a vehicle needs to be towed westbound 205 before macarthur drive. traffic still solid at i-5 but now all lanes are open and things should recover. we showed you a live look at 880 in oakland a little while ago looks great near oakland airport if you are traveling southbound roadwork until 6:00 between davis and marina already picked up. this was our hot spot yesterday. it was bad news yesterday after that major injury crash. and here's a live look at highway 4 in antioch just beginning to see the delays now hillcrest to "a" street. that is "kcbs traffic." your latest forecast, here's roberta. >> frank, give you that drum roll. it is time for our weather
5:48 am
watcher. oh, yeah. we have over 10 weather watcher in and around our microclimb mates. let's see who is awake with us this morning. 52 degrees dave in napa. thank you so much, dave. how about another one? he is reporting clear skies. this one, right here, i want to try that one, 50 degrees and that's george hughes. he is always up early. we appreciate that george in san francisco. winds under 5 miles per hour. skies clearing out sooner this morning than just 24 hours ago. low clouds lining the bay and hanging tight to the coast. we have clarity, it is 51 degrees in san francisco. mid-50s in oakland and concord. getting out the door this morning, getting the kids off to school, patchy clouds at the coast otherwise temperatures into the 50s across the board. see that right there? that was that dry cold front that breezed through the area yesterday enhancing that marine layer. it's pretty much going east. that's it right there. as it does, again very dry cold front just causes some windy
5:49 am
conditions. this is the high pressure building in and we have 90s back in your forecast with that seven-day outlook. but today 90s in fresno backing through merced and modesto. upper 80s in redding. and 83 in yosemite where i got to thank phillip, a park ranger there he said this was yosemite yesterday. half dome glorious and thank you, mr. russell, for sending that photograph in. today's high temperatures in the bay area with sunshine very seasonal, 60s beaches, 60s, 70s across the bay and peninsula to the upper 70s and 80 degrees east of the bay today. the winds will fluctuate to the north 5 to 15 miles per hour. there you have it the extremely dry conditions thursday and friday. marine layer returns over the weekend with seasonal temperatures we have a baseball game tonight jesse hahn on the mound for the good guys.
5:50 am
he is a big boy. 6'5 "! 190 pounds and he is a righty. >> just checking. >> just a little factoid for you baseball fans out there. got a stat guide over there or something? >> who is this guy? >> talk about big! 175-pound black bear is roaming the wilderness again after spending some time in the backyard of a southern california family's home. metcalf says her dog started barking outside her home monday night. she figured it was just a raccoon or a possum and then yesterday morning, she and her family realized it was something much different. >> it was actually a bear, a real bear. >> he obviously climbed this fence right here in the corner and that's how he got in the backyard. >> fish and wildlife released
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
good morning. this is the last "hump day" in the month of april. temperatures where they should be in the 60s at the beaches today, peninsula 76 degrees in
5:54 am
los altos. east the bay today topping off at 80. late day today 77 degrees in santa rosa and 57 in novato. we have -- 75 in novato. we have high temperatures in the mid- and high 70s in cloverdale. >> off to a good start on the roads different than yesterday. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. even the southbound 880 approach into hayward it's not looking too bad still all green. we will take a look at more coming up. teens who binge drink could have later troubles later. it may cause memory problems in adults and to make matters worse, brain cells may become more vulnerable to injury from trauma or disease. 5:54. investigators in the south bay are trying to find a test model of an ipad that was stolen but the alleged thieves may not have even known what they stole. what they had.
5:55 am
this couple is behind bars accused of luring a man they met through an online ad pulling a knife and ransacking his home in cupertino and stealing $7,500 worth of his belongings including an ipad prototype. >> so the victims didn't describe the ipad. they just advised us that it's a test model with no serial number on it. we believe the suspects have it. they may have it or sold it. so we are investigating. it's an open criminal investigation. >> it's not clear if the ipad was part of an upcoming product release or an older ipad model. uc-davis women's lacrosse team is coming under fire for a post on social media. you can see the group of seniors mocking hispanic stereotypes. uc-davis officials held two workshops to address the issue. there's the picture. instead of punishing the athletes, they wanted to address it. some students feel the workshops are not enough. >> i don't think it's by any
5:56 am
means we want to punish people. but at the same time, we have seen the trainings done before and the incidents continue to happen so where's the larger, like, process and protocol for really creating meaningful change? >> the lacrosse players have apologized for the photo. happening today an exciting announcement for bay area soccer fans. levi's stadium could host the international champions cups. teams from the premiere team in europe will be playing all over the u.p.s. the cup takes place this summer. 556. more than 5,000 people are dea in nepal after the earthquake. >> a shooting investigation in oaklan
5:57 am
it's, it's positive thinking. and teamwork. yes. okay, so we, were going downtown... so i start thinking, parking space, parking space there was no spaces. but then one appeared, right? positive thinking really works. no it, it really does, you know, like when i need gas, i start thinking techron. mmm. techron. and before i know it, we're
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pulling into a chevron. you put positive thoughts out there and then i just... oh, wait, are you like controlling me? n-n-no. your car takes care of you care for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. that's a long leash.
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i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. breaking news in the east bay. police have now arrested a third suspects as they continue to investigate an incident where suspects fired at officers in east oakland overnight. anne makovec is on foothill gloved in oakland with the latest. -- boulevard in oakland with the latest. >> reporter: the road is open again. three suspects have been caught. nobody else is remaining in this search. the suspects shot at police officers in the early-morning hours. from what we have been told by a police lieutenant this morning, the officers were out investigating a, quote, serious crime. they were in their vehicle when they were shot at by several men in another vehicle.


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