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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  April 30, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> reporter: the city and the neighborhood want to break up the party. now this chain-link fence blocks the left half of the staircase, it's the city's experiment to see if it will enough to reduce foot traffic and the number of people using it as their personal gym. >> likes waiting in line for a ride. >> you only have one lane now, one side. two people barely fit. >> reporter: neighbor ashley says the temporary fence is a bit of an eyesore. it hasn't stopped the late night noise. >> i haven't noticed a lot of people at night but there's still that issue. >> reporter: it's still not solved yet? >> no. as far as far from being solved. >> reporter: so while runners have to deal with the space issue, for now here on the staircase, the city says it does have plans still preliminary plans to build another staircase in the area one completely separate from this area so that runners can use that one instead. they tell me that one will be
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regular width, not shrunk down. live in san jose christian hartnett, kpix 5. >> the city hasn't responded on how long this temporary fence will be in place. it was called in as a freeway race. reports of two high end sports cars speeding up 101. it ended with one of the drivers veering off into san francisco bay. this happened about noon just south of candlestick point. that orange nissan there wound up halfway in the water after it was pulled out you can see the damage to the back of the car crushed part of the roof, too. a white aston martin pulled over on the side of the road. the drivers deny they were racing. the one in the water had minor injuries. new at 5:00 the family of a 9-year-old boy stabbed to death in his sleep is speaking out. our da lin with what they say they won't change in the wake of this tragedy. da. >> reporter: that's right, liz. the victim's family says they couldn't have gone through the last five days without the support and prayers from the community.
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they say even though jordanie had a short life it was a life full of joy. >> he was happy and a great boy. >> reporter: the father shifts the attention to celebrating the life of jordan almgren who went by jordie. >> he was only 9 years old. but he passed a lot of great experiences, happiness and friends into those nine years. >> reporter: it's the first time the family is speaking publicly after finding jordie neck sunday morning. his father john read a statement. but did not take questions about the horror that happened in his home. police arrested 18-year-old william schultz a family friend sleeping over. he had mental illness. he said "i wanted to see what it was like to take a life before someone tried to take mine." the victim's father says, the senseless murder won't stop
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them from helping others. >> we will continue to offer our love and home to our family and friends and our children's friends as we know that's what jordie would have wanted to us do. >> reporter: the family released pictures of jordie playing on his brentwood pony league team the angels. his father says he loved playing baseball. >> and though he is no longer with us, we know that jordie is still an angel looking down on us from above. >> reporter: on sunday, when the giants play the l.a. angels, both teams plan to honor jordie during the game. as for the suspect, he remains locked up here at the county jail facing murder charges. live in martinez, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> thealmgren family set up a website and "go fund me" page. police on the peninsula still keeping an eye out for a home invasion suspect who got away. two of his friends were caught
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last night in menlo park. it all started in fremont when officers spotted a car from a home robbery. the suspects fired at police officers and then drove off. the chase across the dumbarton bridge ended in menlo park where two suspects were arrested. no one was injured. a wild early-morning rescue in the marina district after a sea lion pup is spotted hiding under a car. turns out the 10-month-old pup has a history with rescuers. sick this morning, the little guy was between cars on the sidewalk and headed toward davisadero and marina boulevard. at 7:00, the marine mammal center caught up to him. turns out they had rescued him before and he goes by the name rubbish. >> he was an animal found in santa barbara county back in february. >> reporter: this time he is so weak he just lay his head on the curb. rescuers netted him and coaxed him into the crate. turns out rubbish had lost 17 pounds since his release from the mammal center five weeks ago. >> obviously he was out swimming around and wasn't able to really figure out how to
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take care of himself and somehow he ended up in the marina in busy morning traffic. >> reporter: when he came here in february he had pneumonia and malnourished but after being set free five weeks of being by himself was tough and he is not the only one. >> there aren't enough fish for the sea lion mothers to take care of the pups so earlier this year we had hundreds and hundreds of little pups like rubbish in the spring come in and just because they are starving to death. >> hopefully rubbish isn't seriously ill can put that weight back on and be released again. the mammal center says it rescued more animals in the first four months of this year than all of 2014. the bay area is playing host to the japanese prime minister today. the visit is focusing on tech ties between japan and silicon valley. kpix 5's cate caugiran on why his arrival was greeted by
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protestors. >> reporter: he talked about partnerships design to foster innovation and revitalize business but he didn't address the concerns of the protestors who [ indiscernible ] [ screaming ] >> reporter: dozens of protestors chinese-americans korean-americans chanting for the prime minister to go home. calling him a liar. one organizer told me they plan to present him or his people with a list of demands one of those an apology from the japanese government for what they called war crimes from world war ii including the issue so-called comfort women that term describing japanese wartime sex slaves. in addition the protestors asked that textbooks in japan be changed to acknowledge what they called japan's wartime aggression. the prime minister did not bring up any of these topics in his speech nor did stanford's president or former secretary of state george schultz who was also present. the pressure to confront japan's past comes partly because this is the 70th anniversary of japan's surrender in world war ii.
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>> the prime minister went to facebook after his stop at stanford and right now he is wrapping up a visit to tesla. soon he will be heading to san francisco to meet with governor brown at the fairmont tonight. he plans to invite the governor to try a bullet train simulator that he brought on his trip. meanwhile, the prime minister's wife also accompanied him to the bay area. the first lady stopped by rosa parks elementary school where they have a japanese bilingual program. she spent time meeting students before heading to the senior home. that's where she met a 11-year- old japanese-american. well, she lost her case on judge judy but police say one woman did not learn her lesson. what happened on the flight home that has her headed right back to court. >> cheers in nepal two incredible rescues in the past 24 hours. how a teen created his own survival shelter in the rubble. >> the warriors are in the playoffs. the a's and the giants just
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started. why are we talking about football? because it's a draft party. we are live in santa clara with thousands of 9ers fans. and yeah we'll have your forecast, too. weekend and beyond that's (music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen.
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the sportier utility vehicle. a new plan in san francisco to put body cameras on every police officer. today the mayor proposed spending $6 million over two years for 1800 cameras. the move comes in the wake of nationwide protests of course over the police killings of unarmed black man. >> the officers know they are wearing them so their behaviors are going to be better and by telling the citizens that they are going to be on camera, then the citizens are going to behave better, too. all the way around it will make for a better police-citizen interaction. >> the city still needs to come up with the rules and address privacy concerns over those cameras. but it's not just the officers on streets. today san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi laid his his case for arming deputies with body cameras in prisons and
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jails. the sheriff plans to spend $50,000 on 30 cameras for a pilot program. it would be a first for california sheriff's department. >> i believe that the national clamor where everybody is saying, body cameras, body cameras, um, must also include prison and jails. >> the sheriff's department has just completed an internal probe into allegations of deputy staged jail fights. sheriff mirkarimi plans to fire the suspected ringleader. three other deputies are back at work but not with prisoners. baltimore protestors on the move again tonight hundreds in the streets demanding answers in the unexplained death of 25- year-old freddie gray. a heavy police presence and national guard troops are trying to keep the calm. authorities said since monday, nearly 100 officers have been injured in the clashes. the baltimore police department delivered its
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investigative report to the state's attorney's office. prosecutors will then decide whether charges will be filed against the officers. a "washington post" report says another prisoner inside the van with gray could hear him banging against the walls suggesting gray was intentionally hurting himself. or cbs affiliate spoke to dante allen who says he was a prisoner in that van. >> they trying to make it say like i told them that, you know, i mean that freddie gray did that to his self. why the [ censored ] did he do that to his self? >> go home! >> community leaders have been out on the streets of baltimore trying to keep things peaceful. congressman elijah cummings urged crowds to stay focused and calm. former baltimore ravens linebacker ray lewis visited the schools talking to students in an effort to ease tensions. two remarkable rescues nepal today. crews pulled survivors from underneath collapsed buildings five days after the devastating earthquake. a 24-year-old woman was rescued near kathmandu's main bus
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terminal. she was trapped alongside three bodies in rubble from the hotel where she worked. sniffer dogs found her. and crowds cheered on as an american rescue crew helped pull a 15-year-old boy from the wreckage of a seven-story building. the teen said he survived on butter and water from wet clothes. he threw rocks at a piece of metal to get attention from the rescue crews. he has no broken bones and is being treated for dehydration and cuts. a high-tech car that talks to your home. this half million-dollar ride is more than just eye candy. how it's setting the bar for cars of the future. >> and she went from a scolding on judge judy to jail. the crazy arrest on a flight after a woman lost her case.
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later tonight tesla's ceo elon musk will unveil his latest creation. he wants to take batteries like the ones in his cars and put them into homes and businesses. it could allow some people with solar systems to get off the grid completely. insiders say the battery will use the same lithium ion system used in the tesla s. it could
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cost thousands. another company showing off what future cars would, like. kpix 5's don ford got a look at what future cars would look like. >> reporter: it's been 10 years since ford built a high performance super car the ford gt. a lot has changed in the less decade made almost entirely of carbon fiber lighter better fuel economy and performance. it is rumored to cost $400,000 perfect for that n and out burger run. >> reporter: what's under the dash can be just as important. the gt is just to draw attention to ford's new research and development center here in palo alto. the new boss used to work for lockheed martin. >> technology you need to go to space has a lot of relevance to the technology you need to build great cars, lightweighting, controlled
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technology, software. >> reporter: they theythey are developing a car that talks to your home. in other words, it says, get ready, i'm almost there. the big goal is fine-tuning software that allows a car to drive itself. here, testing in a virtual world. >> you're going to try to figure out what they are going to do next and act accordingly. you don't want to hit pedestrians. >> reporter: the new 2016 ford g. it will not drive itself. it doesn't even have cup holders, th gt will not drive itself. don ford, kpix 5. >> you're not going to take a drink in that car in that car. the gt is rumored to cost about $400,000. ford isn't saying how much they are going to sell it for. it didn't take long for a woman who just lost her case on judge judy to get in trouble
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with the law again. melissa perez was in los angeles to appear on a future episode of judge judy. whatever that dispute was, judge judy was not buying her story and ruled against her. now, only hours later, police say perez stole an ipad from a crew member and took a passport and bank card from a fellow airline passenger. when the pilot ordered a search for the items, she apparently hid the passport and bank card in her underwear. former students were allowed back on corinthian college campuses today. they showed up to get their transcripts and, of course, meet with other colleges about transferring. corinthian abruptly closed on monday. the government says the school misled students about job opportunities and loan repayments. 16,000 students are now scrambling to finish their educations. >> it was very abrupt and happened overnight and we should have been more in the loop or the school shouldn't have been allowed to start a new semester.
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i just paid $600 last week. so it was kind of ridiculous. >> former corinthian students can have their federal student loans forgiven if they don't transfer any credit. chief meteorologist paul deanno live in santa clara where it is draft day and you're at a party outside which is pretty perfect. >> it's a big warm party. we have thousands of fans here for the san francisco 49ers football in april draft night. the draft is going on right now tennessee titans on the clock but we're all worried about pick number 15 here. the 49ers draft party, the 9ers likely picking around 7 to 7:30 this evening. in case you're wondering the raiders will pick in about 20 minutes. the 49ers will also unveil their first alternate jersey in team history. that will come up about one hour from now. but what a warm day it was outside. not only here in the south bay but throughout the entire bay area. as we're looking at a live short toward the golden gate bridge 80s everywhere after a high in the 90s. 89 degrees in livermore.
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oakland 83 right now san bruno 84. san jose 87. how about san francisco still at 80 with a sea breeze kicking in santa rosa 87. overnight tonight clear and fog- free. lows in the mid-50s for vallejo, oakland, san francisco, santa rosa, 52. san jose 57. today we were hot because of an east or offshore wind. the ocean didn't move but we didn't feel any of that ocean air today because of the wind coming from the east. tomorrow, the winds begin to shift. we'll get an onshore flow near the bay and along the coastline but inland you'll still be toasty but the cooling trend actually begins as soon as tomorrow. so we're clear tonight. mild to warm. sunshine throughout the day tomorrow again still warm for a lot of spots especially away from the water with cooler weather for everybody moving in by the weekend. check out your highs tomorrow. oakland not the 80s, mid-70s. san francisco down to 70 degrees. redwood city 83. napa 85. livermore 89 degrees. san jose your high 84. so not as warm still prettity warm. saturday the onshore flow gets
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all of us. 60s at the bay, low 80s inland. monday cooler still. there is no rain in my extended forecast but there is cooler weather with highs down to the 60s near the bay. next monday, tuesday, wednesday. a lot of folks out here waiting to see who the 49ers will draft in the first round tonight. as i mentioned they are picking at number 15. likely a little after 7:00. it's a big night and guys, we have the warriors, we have the giants, we have the a's. but -- but -- we're talking football! 49ers and we're wearing 49ers colors out here because apparently april is now football time. >> yeah. any excuse for a party outdoors. thank you, paul. >> and any reason to have a party outside, why not, yup. >> thanks, buddy. satisfying your craving without leaving the couch. we put food delivery apps to the test to see if convenience is worth the cost.
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don't people like getting off the couch to get food? there's an app for that. kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts test drives a couple of the apps to see who can get food to your door first? >> club western. >> reporter: these aren't techies ordering food to their desks although they may be sending it to someone else's desk. >> i'm calling from customer service. >> reporter: placing orders and dispatching post men to deliver food ordered via app. >> you press a button and second late your you see a person on the -- you see a person on the map purchasing an item and then it's delivered. >> reporter: post mate is known for restaurants, instacart for groceries and google express for pantry items convenient for those who can't leave their homes or desk. but it comes at a price.
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we ordered chips and guacamole. post mate wants to log you in to facebook. we chose chipotle but the service and delivery fees added 70%. expensive but quick. post mate delivered in about 20 minutes. instacart on the other than hand took an hour and a half and while their delivery charge is 6 bucks we had a little trouble with our order. instead of restaurants, they offer grocery store options and we found a deal a two pack of 16-ounce guac for 5.99. we ordered two expecting to get four 16-ounce packs but ended up with 4 eight ounce packs for the same price and our 18-ounce bag of chips shrunk, too. substitutions are common with delivery services but for those too busy or lazy to get stuff themselves, the substitutions and surgeon charges can be
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surcharging can be a fair trade. you might have to make some compromises. privacy, money or limited selections. but that can be a fair trade to save time. ander will, if you have a consumer store -- and remember, if you have a consumer storied why, call us at 888-5-helps-u. >> it depends how hungry you are. >> a little in-n-out delivered to your door. >> i have sat in lines that have taken forever. >> big time. >> absolutely. >> thanks, julie. in tonight's jobs report jill schlesinger looks at the career opportunities in marketing. reporter: behind most innovative marketing and social media campaigns is a whole marketing team which relies on research, pricing strategy and creative services to prompt consumers to act. sending the right message about a company and its product or service can mean huge bottom line success which is why companies invest significant dollars in their marketing efforts. some of the more common entry level marketing positions are
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marketing coordinator and assistant marketing or product manager. these positions usually require bachelor's degrees in marketing or business and job duties can vary. and while some go foot field to find their inner don draper, it's important to understand that marketing is more than the mad men story lines of beautiful ads. it relies on hard data which is why a finance or statistics background can help you leap to the top of the field. marketing managers here in the bay area earn a median annual wage of more than $169,000. with that salary, you may be able to emulate don draper's wardrobe. i'm jill schlesinger for kpix
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zyrtec® dissolve tabs. muddle no more™. i'm ken bastida? >> new at 6:00 tonight, a closer look at tesla's new plan to take people off the power grid. sounds like a game changer. but we look at the risk and another so-called breakthrough that didn't quite get off the ground. plus, the anniversary of the fall of saigon hitting close to home for so many today. tonight, a well-known bay area journalist tells us her own personal story of escape and survival. it's part of our special coverage on the "the fall of saigon: 40 years later fall. join us tonight at 7:00 for that. >> thank you. and, of course, our special is coming up at 7:00 tonight. >> you got it. >> all right. ken, we'll see you in 30 minutes. fangs for watching the. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. remember the latest news and weather are always on our website, captions by: caption colorado
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>> pelley: the police report is in. new details and troubling new questions about the ride of fatally injured freddie gray took in a baltimore police van. also tonight, an american team pulls off a miracle in nepal. >> reporter: he is finally free 120 hours after this earthquake. >> pelley: the judge who threw the book at three educators caught cheating cuts them a break. and the kentucky derby. for this jockey, it's a race against time. >> everybody is like, "are you nuts?" captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. tonigh


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