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tv   Mosaic  CBS  May 3, 2015 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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>>chris: i am here to introduce to you my guest here in san francisco and on today show will talk about some of the more frequently discussed and believed in teachings of the catholic faith -- faith. it will be quick chokers were covering a lot of ground but i want to let you know at the website but i want to let you know@thewebsitefsarchdiocewe
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believe if you want to follow up on a list of all of these and you can go to that page itself --.orrick but i wanted to reduce you to father john who is a jesuit priest and thicker in san francisco. >> great to be with you. >>chris: you recently published an article that will be published in the newspaper. it's a great introduction to what were going to talk about. what is it? in secular society we get a lot of our views and they tend to follow different trends and secular culture does not necessarily mean that everyone believes that. there's different accent groups and things like that but over time they have input and influence and they can have influence on institutions which
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can be positive or negative. a little example that i used because i think it's good involves ice cream shopping. over the past 48 to 50 years when you go into one of the shops they have lots of brownies cookies, other little sweet things that you can have. that has been the trend where you can imagine that there would be one ice cream shop that said we make good ice cream and that's what we want to stick to so they haven't really popular and somehow they make it through and they're trying to emphasize the fact that they're stuck to the basics of in the rename it and call it nothing but ice cream.
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it's all hinging on ice cream and people hear about it say oh my gosh, that's something completely new. they've been doing the same things for 40 years. a lot of things change within society and some catholics have gone away a little bit that as far as institutions and the catholic schools it's pretty important to let people know that the institution leaves the same thing they did 40 years ago or 2000 years ago. it hasn't changed.>>chris: forgot to talk about some of those things and some the main tenet of faith, for example the four tenets of the church and what is it mean to believe in the truth presence of jesus in the eucharist? big topic, hell, heaven, the
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priesthood, people have questions often about the priesthood and then life and what you believe and how to live out a life. all of these things that are connected to the teachings of the church and how do we live them out and why do we stand up for example 50,000 people walking down the street of san francisco market street standing up for life all based on one essential issue on a belief in life. working to talk about the details of these and we come back you are here watching mosaic and i am chris. we will be right back.
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>>chris: welcome back in my guest today is father john and
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he is here at the archdiocese in san francisco. i want to go through the rest of this list, we started reading it before the break and arrest if the essential teachings of the church we are sometimes confused on. we will go back and maybe say a word about each one, the priesthood, chastity what is chastity? chastity in the state in life. homosexual acts, contraception, homosexual orientation versus acts and the call to chastity for everyone in marriage. the sacrament covenant of marriage and marriage in the civil law, and finally reproductive technology and clothing and things like that. >> this is probably enough for a series of 13 shows, but in just a few words what can you
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say about the catholic church.>> focus on the asked to tolerate the bishop today are connected to the apostle and there is an unbroken line between them and it's important because we believe that even the scripture and interpretation is linked to tradition. let me go to magisterium. that is for the leadership of the church and usually that refers to the bishop and the holy father and teaching in an authoritative way. it's part of the gift given to the church to teach and example of this were a magistrate may come out is they have done it in the past and it would be the
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immaculate conception. it would be possible to clear the sanctity of life and being against that for portion of that is evil in the church early teaches this and it has not chosen to define that infallibly so the magisterium's have talked but not in an infallible way. >>chris: the troop presence of jesus in the eucharist. >> to think jesus is to present in body, soul, presence and nobility. i see young people that have good habits they just don't get the understanding of the eucharist. part of it is you have to be focused on christ, it is truly the body of christ and that is
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the ancient and incurring teaching of the church and again we will give you the website where you can read more about this. >>chris: hell and purgatory.>> the church has never said anyone is in hell, the presumption is they are there, but the reason they don't say that is where you to say, god is efficient alone but the reason it's so important is because you truly have free choice and you can choose not to love god. i am not compelled and that's the way he made us and that's the whole point of the story. >>chris: purgatory, this means if you're going to be in heaven you can't have all of these faults coming up to be a nice
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guy. purgatory is the taking away of the purifying part. >> the priesthood, people get confused on this as there are two types of priesthood, like me i am a priest as referred to as the ministerial priest in serving others but there is also the priesthood of the lady in. right after baptism on the baby's head you say to the person you are now free, profit, and king and that is that we all have to give sacrifice and it cannot be done without a priest that everyone participates. >>chris: that's a good one. >>chris: can we talk about
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conception. >> the church in all of this is supported by science, once you have the dna thing you know, the position is if a woman conceives and you don't intervene and there are no different events than everything will be human life and human person will develop into a baby and we have to respect that. >>chris: chastity applies to both you and me and don't want to confuse it was celibacy.>> a changed person means essentially that you look at the other person as a child of god complete, not for how pretty your hands and they are or what type of close they were but this is a child in god, meaning image of god we have
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all of these abilities and we don't use them until the appropriate moment. whenever they interact with another win cash man josh josh josh -- a man or woman. we will be right back and we are going through the essential teachings of the catholic faith. you are watching mosaic, we will be right back.
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[message beep] the average text takes your eyes off the road for nearly five seconds.
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[screaming] will>>chris: welcome back to mosaic.
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i am here today talking with father john who works at the archdiocese of san francisco and we're talking about touching on the essence of asic catholic teachings. we've gone through a lot and there are some other ones that have to do with sexuality and are often misunderstood. maybe a brief understanding to help us understand the concept of what the church believes. >> the basic notion is that a man woman coming together in marriage should be open to the gift of life. it's something given by god and they should be open. they can be intimate with one another where it's less likely that a woman will get pregnant but in that situation you have to be open to life.
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>>chris: there's so much we can talk about. homosexual acts one of the church beliefs on homosexual acts? acts always belong in a certain context. so homosexual acts should only occur or any action only occur in marriage. homosexual acts should not occur and that's just the reason our bodies are not made like that so what can easily understand a man having an attraction to another man and wanting to become intimate but the way our bodies are built it's not possible that you can be intimate the way a heterosexual couple can be. our bodies are made male and female and that is the natural
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level.>>chris: the cumulative and procreative aspects of human sexuality happen. the more we talk about i encourage you to study the theology of the body to find out more about the why.>>chris: that's talk about the church's ministry and the concept of the different integration between homosexual orientation and acts. i discourage that whatever orientation person has that can be distorted. but the church still accepting the person as a child of god and a full member of the church. there is no attempt to push the person outside. it says you cannot act on that and many of our gay and lesbian brothers or sisters is they want to assess the inclination
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and the attraction and things like that should be bound to action, that's what they want to say with regards to chastity and that is not write the inclination is distinct from the act itself. >>chris: i want to speak about the inclination. for modern society, most young people, their attitudes towards heterosexuality are distorted. they are always thinking of the sexual component, the visual part in the physical part it's going for one very small component of each person in the church will say it has to be us looking at ourselves as complete and utter people and
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complicated individuals and we have to explore. i should not really identify myself as gay or heterosexual. i'm human person trying to get other people and the catholic perspective is a healing remedy to the over sexualized nature of our culture. >>chris: leading to the next one that we are all called to chastity whatever the state in life. >> i think this is a challenge for many people, married people as well we always have to look at the other person as someone who is endowed with gifts and we can relate to and we don't think of or act in initially or ultimately in a way that's inappropriate with their
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commitment. if it's my wife or husband or non-sexual component, acting on that. but otherwise they cannot be married and looking there. >>chris: even jesus said if you look with last been looking with positive regards and rather than taking above versus lost. >> we're talking about people that are married and you already have chastity with the
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engagement something like that. >>chris: we're going to take a break and we are on the home stretch to talk about basic catholic teachings. we will be right back. ♪ music ♪
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>>chris: welcome back to mosaic i'm here with father john and we are sharing some of the basic catholic teachings of our faith and we've gone through quite a few and it worked out pretty well but when we talk about marriage is an institution, covenants and sacrament. >> the covenant is that it's christ loving the church and the head of the church's body.
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that is imaged in the love of a man and woman and the love of man and woman is supposed to remind them of the love of christ for this church and it's also an agreement or contract and the reason there can be an all men's is there can be times that you fully intend that you promised to be married to this man or woman until death parts and you think unless i do this freedom is important.>>chris: it's wonderful about the covenant aspect of marriage and civil law why is the church strong about this perspective
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?>>chris: -->> register with the government and bring a marriage certificate with you. then they get the official marriage certificate and the church is the official witness for the state. because there are so many people who are changing their understanding of marriage and the definition of marriage there are administrators that are saying we should change this. we should get out of the business of being officials of the state and we should just separate the things. in europe there are many countries where this is been true and they say do you want
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to get married and you go to city hall first and you are officially married as far as the gunman is concerned and you go the following days and you are not that with one another. >> the church wedding is distinct and the good thing about that is our concept of marriage is very different from the civil union and what it's becoming. >>chris: that something to look into. last topic, reproductive technology and with the church believes? >> many women want to have children and they try but it's not working. they are inclined to say i'll
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get the baby and get it inseminated outside the home. first of all the way that happens is many eggs are inseminated and only one is used. that's the primary reason. a secondary reason they are against it is because the medical procedure but in general it should be happen as a result of a loving act, not a surgical or medical act. the church insists on that and you can see this portion. >>chris: what a great explanation for a huge topic. i'm going to ask you guys if you want to hear what the church believes in a little segment about cloning and this is how all of them are listed and will develop this as the weeks go by.
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i really appreciate you for having such patients to go through and just give a little antidote about.>> i'm delighted to have so much on the website.>>chris: you've been watching mosaic my name is chris likert and you can check out our website. until next time, god bless.
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