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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  May 3, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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breaking news, a series of earthquake rattles the east bay. the largest a 4.0. geed evening. it started way 2.0 this morning and then just after 3:00 this afternoon there was a cluster of quakes that hit. the biggest just before 3:15. magnitude 4.0. at least 3 aftershocks have been reported since then. taking a look at the kpix5 seismograph you can see it picked up the quakes. the first one is the 2.5 that hit at 3:00 and then comes the 4.0 that rattled most of the
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east bay. kpix5 is in concord, christian you talked to a lot of people who felt the shaking? >> reporter: that is right. in fact, it stopped b.a.r.t service. we are at the concord station, it stopped for a little bit. part of precautionary measures taken here in the activity. no reports of damage in the immediate area. so far, but the strength of the quakes it was enough for people to feel. the biggest 4.0 and several more following that. people we spoken with today say it was not the biggest quake they felt but the 4.0 lasted a few seconds was enough to give them a startle. >> just the whole wall and bed went boom, boom like this. my mom and i thought someone hit the house. >> feels like a boom, boom, boom, what was that?
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then it was just -- the quake. >> reporter: there were people tweeting about the quake for about b.a.r.t stoppinger is veswhile they were on b.a.r.t car. one of them said that -- stopping the car for awhile they were on the b.a.r.t car at the time but it was just for a few minutes. everything is back up to speed with b.a.r.t. back to you. >> all right, thank you. immediately after this afternoon's quake we had a number of calls to the news room from people saying they felt the shaking. calls came from as far away from fairfield in the east, to san bruno to the west. people felt the shaking in berkeley, richmond and hayward. now, paul is here now to talk more about the specifics of this earthquake. >> this was the concord fault, the one that does not get much publicity because we have other faults, this is one of the more significant faults in the bay area and the magnitude 4est of
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several that happened today. when exactly? 3:13. four miles away from walnut creek, 1 mile from concord. here is the significant thing, we can pull up video from the napa earthquake that obviously was stronger. that was a 6.1. that was also shallower. how deep was this earthquake? this one was 9 miles deep. the one in napa was 3.7 miles deep. so, the deeper a earthquake is the lessenner gee that makes it up to the surface. in this case it wasy -- lesser energy that makes it up to the surface. in this case it was not as widespread felt because it was keeper in the earth. not as much of the energy on the surface. the concord fault, one of the many east of the hayward fault. green valley, greenville, and most significant fault was magnitude 5.9 that occurred back in january of 1980. here is a look at the fault on
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your television screen. north of vacaville, all of the way south. a lot of phobes live near that concord fault and a lot of folks felt the shake -- a lot of folks live near that concord fault and a lot of folks felt the shake. not a lot from oakland but we were saying it was at the warriors game. >> yes, a lot of people jumping up and down with the warriors jumping up and down, and the east bay hills, mountains in the way of it. like shock absorbers so, it was felt let's in oakland that was 10 miles away but to the west as opposed to north of fairfield, the mountains are not in the way. ground can act like a shock absorber and take most of the energy and the east bay hills did most of that. >> rattled nerves, not a lot of damage. >> yes, a reminder we live in earthquake zone everywhere. >> all right, thank you, paul. we are going to have much more on today's earthquake coming up at 6:30. we are going to continue to
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follow the quake, stay with us for the latest. also, a quake quack almost as large as concord's largest shaker today rattled los angeles early this morning. the usgs says the quake had had a magnitude of 3.9. it was centered just north of englewood and colver city. no reports of damages or injuries. now, a east bay mother and her baby daughter are dead after being hit by a suspected drunk driver. it was a horrific crash. the police say a driver of a corvette came roaring down the street just before 7:00 last night. the crash was so violent that the car was obliberated. two children were hurt from debris flying when the corvette hit trees. they were treated and released from the hospital. we are told a mother and daughter were walking on a pathway on the sidewalk to the apartment complex. the police say the driver is 35-
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year-old brian jones. he has been arrested and charged vehicular manslaughter and drunk driving. they are trying to put together a time line of what happened. >> we have information that he was at the livermore wine country festival. it serves alcohol until 5:00 p.m. the accident, the collision occurs 2 hours later, during that time we don't know where he was. >> the police say that jones blood level was nearly twice the legal limit. he posted bail this afternoon and he is due in court on tuesday. the victim's names have not been released. >> at the crash site a memorial is growing. mark kelly tells us these deaths struck a cord with the livermore community. >> reporter: some came alone. others with someone at their side but everyone came here with the same pain. >> this hurts. it is so sad. >> reporter: at the crash site this child play set tossed upside down. the fence, a barrier between
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the apartment and the street, snapped into pieces. >> it is so sad. >> reporter: vicki used this white board to write her prayer. >> god has his angels. >> reporter: vicki used to live in the same building. the accident got her thinking about her own life. >> in the morning you are having fun with your family and the next thing you know, this happens. you hug one another, you never know. >> reporter: a small memorial grew all morning, many not knowing the victims only their story are and wanting to send their love. justin saw the devastation last night including the father who lost his wife and little girl in a flash. >> he was beating his chest. he did not know what to do. what to say, he was just crying and just like -- in shock. >> reporter: all of livermore is in shock tonight. don shakes his head. the pain he says runs deep but the justice hopefully swift. >> can't bring that man's family back. so, you know, he should pay.
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>> reporter: in livermore, mark kelly, kpix5. >> neighbors say that stretch of the road has been dangerous. they would like the city to do something to slow traffic down. well, scary moments for passengers on a tour bus in san francisco when it caught fire. the rear of the bus was engulfed. it was driving on a street when it happened. witnesses say they saw black smoke coming out of the back engine compartment. they got the driver's attention who quickly got everyone off of the bus. no one was hurt. it is not clear what started the fire. up you next in a story you will see only on 5. a look at a proposal voted when account lead craig wilson books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and practice his big pitch. and when craig gets his pitch down pat, do you know what he becomes?
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to sense your movement, heartbeat, breathing. introducing the sleep number bed with sleepiq™ technology. it tracks your sleep and tells you how to adjust for a good better and an awesome night. the difference? try adjusting up or down you'll know cuz sleep iq™ tells you. only at a sleep number store. where you'll find the best buy rated mattress with sleepiq™ technology. know better sleep with sleep number. up for vote, a proposal that will make it more ebbs pepsive -- more expensive sugar drinks in california. we heard of it in other cities. here is a look at the statewide proposal. >> reporter: california lawmakers are taking aim at sugary beverages, a bill
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putting a fee on every distributor for the privilege of distributing it. the goal, encouraging people to drink less. >> reporter: no secret that it can cause obesity and diabetes. the money raised goes towards health programs statewide. >> to tell you the truth i should of had that when i was a kid. >> reporter: it can add up. take this 20oz coke, they will be charged 40 cents just to make this sale and a lot of that cost will likely be passed on to the consumer. >> reporter: berkeley voters passed a law last december and the roll out is not smooth. confuse how the fees will be be collected to charges on nonsweeten beverages. >> what are they going to tax next? >> reporter: if passed it will
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take effect immediately. the bill qualifies as an urgency statue. in san francisco, kpix5. natural nonsweeten juices and diet drinks would be excluded from the fee. hillary clinton will be back in the bay area this week. her first appearance wednesday in san francisco. clinton also has a lunch scheduled for friday at the silicone valley area. tickets for the events are expected to cost $2700, that is the maximum donation for the 2016 primary. both events are private. well it is not just your adult beverage choice anymore. what is behind the come back for whiskey. the doppler looking for rain, coming up dry. a lot of cloud cover. cooler temperatures, we will talk about rain marching towards the first full week of
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were more than 1800 active distilleries in the u.s. that is more than double the amount from 5 years before. part of that boost is fueled by small distilleries. it makes a singel malt, bush an and american whiskey. lisa hawkins says the u.s. is experiencing a global whiskey renaissance as sales of the spirit continue to chime. >> one key reason for that is the renewed interest in the cocktail culture. cocktails are back in the united states. they are exciting and they are fun. and, small craft distillers are playing into that trend. >> reporter: they expect to double their whiskey production. >> i think the skies the limit. >> reporter: back to you. >> kwrou, right now there are 4,000 brands of spirits in -- right now there are 4,000 brands of spirits in the marketplace. >> all right, what a gorgeous day.
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despite a little shaking going on in the east bay. >> yes, that always interrupts an afternoon. it was chilly outside today. we do chili differently than the rest of the country. our chilly is 72, 73. was it chili for you in livermore? 74. now, san jose you hit 70. below average. we should be warmer than that this time of the year. now, fremont, 68 today. nap a65, san francisco, only making it up to a high of 60. now, what did the weather watchers experience, 120 strong, we appreciate the reports we get from the backyards of our viewers. sunshine, 66 degrees in san rafael. nothe south bay, now, making it to the 70s, now, sunshine, and just a little up the road in redwood city. robert sullivan wants sunshine, 72 degrees. everybody with west wind, now, that flow, knocking down the temperature, 88 in san jose on thursday. now, 4 degrees cooler than 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. we subtracted 4 more today and
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today was 4 below today's high of 70. overnight tonight, cooling off to the middle to upper 40ss. now, livermore, 48. now, san joes a48, mountain view, 48. now, what is going on? well, a west wind. it can be created differently and last for different durations, this guy will be here for awhile. big brood area of low pressure, the swirl, feeding in the flow. for so many months it is about big areas of low pressure, high pressure, now it is about low pressure t is the opposite. we will not receive rain from this pattern. low pressure hanging out to the north all weeklong, staying on the cool side. the flow will be there. widespread clouds, afternoon sunshine, temperatures running a few degrees below average, when that low moves out there is another area of low pressure that is poised to move in. i really don't see this pattern ending for awhile. cloudy morning, sunny afternoon. temperatures near or below average, mother nature's air- conditioning will be with us for the next 7-10 days, foggy
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in the morning, sunshine in the afternoon. the temperatures will stay on the cool side. we will get a little bit of the drizzle in san francisco, half- moon bay, south of santa cruz. organized rainfall is not in the forecast. now, we are running below average. san joes a72 tomorrow. comfortable. looking at a high of 71. morning clouds in the six80 corridor. now, only 59 in san francisco, another chilly day in the city tomorrow. napa, 72, clover dale, 76 degrees. now, set it and forget it. every day for the next week will feature highs. now, did you love today's weather? i have more coming. >> that is nice. we will take it. >> not going to change much at all. >> you now, look luck at today's warriors game.
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>> yes, giants/angels game. now, harding park. now, who would be
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warriors guard, curry will be named the mvp tomorrow as golden state continues to cleanup the awards and the
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opposition. jeery west with the executive of the year award. mike connely warmed up but remained sidelined following surgery to his face. tony alan made himself publicly enemy number 1 after he walked through the kid's dance routine. they hated him. they came out on fire. curry, on the back. now, going through 4-3. warriors shot 62% in the first half. zach randolph did his part by keeping it close. the shot cutting it to 6 in the 2nd quarter. curry would not let him in closer. coming back with 2 threes in the final seconds. now, the lead at the break. the 3rd quarter, thompson, tries to throw it down. barns, coming up with the loose ball. gets it it back to clay. now, johnson, 18 today. curry continued to toy with the defense. now, watch them tkraoeul it. now, stretching the lead to 20 points. curry led it with 22.
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they beat memphis, 101-86 to take the series opener. >> the first round is tricky. it is -- it feels like opening night. feels like the tournament. you know, you want to survive in advance and everybody is nervous. then you move you on and you kind of settle in a little bit. >> we are getting to the point where if you move the ball enough they can not stop it. >> that is the case. now, we have 2 new weapon. >> the other big event going on right here in the bay area, rory, and casey played until the sun went down in yesterday's quarterfinal match yesterday. well, rory was supposed to take the jet to watch the fight but instead he did not, he had to watch it on tv. he played 21 yesterday. that pitted rory against fouric. now, down 1 to play, t-shot, a thing of beauty. winning the hole skpefpb the
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match. he reached the green in 2 on 18. had a long eagle for the win. -- winning the hole and even the match. he reached the green in 2 on 18. had a long eagle for the win. >> now, hooking the t-shot into the trees, they struggled to find the fairway all day off of the. it. the stick on the 6. long birdie putt. he stretches it to 4. woodland, on the 11th, the par 4, 12. drove the green. the t had-shot not nearly as good. so, he wins the hole. cuts the lead to 2. now, a chance on 13. cutting it to 1. missed the 4 footer. they would have the hole and that gets it. now, going on to win 4 and 2 and he is the first top seeded
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player to win the championship since tiger in 2008. speaking of which other golf newses, tiger woods and lindsey vonn ended their relationship after three years. she made the announcement on facebook saying the decision was mutual. woods is expected to play in five tournaments this this summer. top of the giants order, going to produce. now, he is looking to be like a really good pick up, a batter later, joe gets in on the act. 2-0 giants. now, getting the second career second season home run. hard to believe it. plenty of support for lincecum. now, working out a jam, 2 on, no outs in the 6th. now, popping out to end the inning, now, going 7, 8 scoreless innings. now, giants sweep. how about the rangers hoping to cool off sunny gray who has not
5:57 pm
lost so far this season. gray walked -- 7 batters. now, this was a 2-0, but the a's bust today open with a 3- run shot. second home run of the game to make it 5-0 and the a's win 7-1 against the rangers team that is not really good. nascar, things literally heated up with the number 3 car over with 30 laps to go. dale earnhardt jr. led for 67 laps, cruised across the finish line for little e's first win of the year. the first win there since 2004. a busy day especially right here. the wariors, what is scary? they really did not play a good game. that was not their
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>> glor: tonight: curfew over, baltimore returns to a new normal and more cities equip officers with body cams. u.s. military aircraft arrive in nepal as aide workers struggle to reach remote villages. the 2016 presidential field is about to get a lot bigger. wages are finally on the way up in america. but slowly. and the princess has arrived. up next, her name. >> alice is a good name. >> victoria. >> mary i think quite a nice name. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" >> glor: hi, everyone, i'm jeff glor, this is our western edition.


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