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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 4, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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[ shouts ] [ blasts ] >> fire! >> and there you go. this is the 21 gun salute for the new royal princess. >> we've yet to get her name, know, right! >> we've yet to get her name. but there's a lot of bets going. frank thinks diana may be one. >> we've heard charlotte. >> and maybe elizabeth! after her grandmother, great grandmother, actually. >> elizabeth! so there you go. they're celebrating. >> yes, they are. thousands felt the shake of nine earthquakes in the east bay. the last was before 2:00 this morning. ask all were in the concord area. the largest measured 3.6. kpix5's ryan takeo is in walnut creek to show the spot where crews just completed repairs to a ruptured water line. ryan? >> reporter: that's right, michelle. and that aftershock, a 1.6. that was just before -- centered before downtown concord before here at 2:00 this morning. but here's a look.
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you can see the patch work right here in the road. right here at north main and geary in walnut creek. they think the leaking water line from overnight may have ruptured from yesterday. the strongest quake, a 3.6 yesterday at 3:00 p.m. thousands of people reported feeling that earthquake. it was centered in concord on the concord green valley fault. the usgs warns the fault is very active. but not much is known about it as far as -- little known compared to san andreas and the other faults. geologists at the usgs says if we saw a magnitude 6 in concord, we'd see more damage than in napa last year because of the population. the earthquakes are all these kids are talking about. >> the commercial, the san andreas commercial. when the 4.8 hit yesterday,
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they were freaking out. oh, dad, is this going to happen to me? i'll be long gone and dead before it happens. but i said, california will end up like nevada. they were freaking out. it was funny. it was funny. >> reporter: the usgs says the 3.6 magnitude was one of the strongest quakes to strike along the concord fault in about 60 years. live in walnut creek, ryan takeo, kpix5. >> thank you, ryan. a magnitude 3.9 quake hitting baldwin hills north of englewood. the moment when the earthquake happened captured on that camera at a 7-eleven. >> today was a heck of an earthquake, though! it shook the whole house! >> a big shake. >> a magnitude 3.5 quake hit the same area threes ago. and now the latest on the
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aftermath of the deadly quake in nepal. nine americans and 100 other foreigners remain missing more than a week after the quake. the number of confirmed dead is now more than 7200. meanwhile, nepal's government says foreign rescue workers are no longer needed in the cat mandu area, but they're welcome to help in some of the remote areas they're still searching. we're getting a look at the man who police say left a wine festival, got behind the wheel of a corvette, and slammed into a mom and her toddler, killing them both. it happened at marietta boulevard in livermore. marine medina talked with witnesses there. >> the whole car just disintegrated. >> reporter: she watched the crash that left a mother and her 14-month-old baby dead. >> he will be up and down this road all day long! >> reporter: she said she witnessed brian jones in his
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corvette racing up and down marietta before he plowed into the apartment, where the victims were gathered outside for a family party. >> i knew he came from that beer and wine festival. >> reporter: police say jones was at the livermore wine festival and was nearly two times over the legal limit. >> he seemed to be a quiet neighbor. >> reporter: we're told he was marred and worked for tesla. he didn't answer his door. but a neighbor says they saw him coming home in hospital scrubs. the community of livermore is trying to comprehend the crash. >> herbed not be out of jail. no. he's taken two people's lives. >> reporter: marine medina, kpix5. construct robins has been named the next chief executive. he'll replace john chambers beginning july 26th.
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chambers has been cisco's c.e.o. for the last 20 years. he'll stay as an executive chairman. now talking to our traffic c.e.o., elizabeth! >> i like that. going first to 280 where we've been life all morning on the side of the freeway there. traffic moving well right now into downtown and by the ball park. all lanes now back open on westbound 80 approaching that southbound 880 connector. unfortunately, the delays are still there. we're seeing the backup. kpix mobile units have been sending their crews out. it does loosen up toward ashby. again, the travel time is not great. over 20 minutes. that's our traffic. here is roberta with another check of your forecast.
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we have a beautiful view from lake observatory at this time. you can see the low clouds of fog ashoka mukpo worked its way over the -- fogs working us way over the mountains. here's at santa clara valley. you can see it's overcast. we have areas of patchy fog and air temperatures in the upper 40s in santa rosa to 54 degrees in livermore. it's 54 in san jose. in the 50s from the coast to our inland areas. temperatures today below average. 50s, beaches and minimal clearing. 60s bay side and peninsula to low 70s inland. the full forecast coming up at 18 minutes after the hour. frank and michelle? >> thank you. today, san jose city leaders will unveil a major plan to help traffic accidents. we have details on a plan called vision zero. >> reporter: good morning. we're live on lincoln avenue
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where they're testing proposals. in a road diet, they reduce lanes one lane in each direction to make it more pedestrian friendly, if you will. the city is set to unveil an ambitious plan to do much the same across san jose. itit's called vision zero to get cars to slow down and encourage people to car pool, bike, and walk. san jose would be the fourth city in the country to take on a project of this magnitude behind new york city, seattle, and san francisco. the project will cost roughly $80 million and will come mostly from federal and state grants. they'll look at a variety of traffic calming measures, including, yes, red light cameras. >> in 14 other states and the district of columbia, they have automated radar. that gives tickets automatically. and it's proven very successful to reduce speeding, unsafe driving. and that's something we want to lobby sacramento to allow
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cities to use. >> reporter: and other ideas would include lowering speed limits, installing led lighting, extending crosswalk times and improving or installing bike lanes. the city of transportation makes the pitch at city hall at 1:30 this afternoon in downtown san jose. a bomb squad is examining a car from where two gunmen opened fire outside a contest for cartoon depictions of the prophet muhammad in texas. they say the men drove up and began shooting at a security officer. as it was about to end, police officers returned fire, killing both suspects. the building where the cartoon contest was held was evacuated as well as surrounding businesses. they're searching the suspects' car for bombs. >> because of the situation of what was going on today in the history of what we've told at
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other events like this, we're considering their car of possibly containing a bomb. our bomb unit is there. they're still working on the vehicle. that's where we are at this time. >> reporter: a witness described the tense moments as officers responded to that initial shooting. >> there were military or policemen everywhere running. and they were urging us quickly to get back inside as fast as we could. and of course, we followed their instructions. >> main stream islam prohibits any depictions of the prophet. so far, the mote i for the attack in -- motive for the attack in texas is unclear. politically motivated lane closures of the george washington bridge heads to court.
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chris christie and two of his allies are expected to plead not guilty. the two connected to chris christie say they were not motivated by punishing a mayor not in is port of chris christie christie. in concord, police say one of the football players, drew crabb, pulled a gun. he reportedly bought marijuana and then returned later taking pot and phones. for warriors fans, life is good. they're still undefeated in this year's nba playoffs. >> curry steps back. bam! [cheers and applause] >> 20-point game! >> and in oakland, steph curry helped golden state to a 101-86 victory against the grizzlies.
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meanwhile, espn announces that curry will be named the nba's most valuable player today. >> good time to be a warrior and a fan! 6:10, the curfew lifted in baltimore as the national guard begins to leave the city. the first effort to rush to normal underway. >> and a live look at london where right now the canons are firing around the city in celebration of a new baby princess. but her name is still a mystery. >> good morning, everyone. we have a very deep marine layer. we'll talk about any clearing you may experience. >> and taking a check at the roads. it looks like in byron, you could see big delays around th
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[beeping] ooo come on everybody, i think this is my grandson.
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it is 6:14 in the morning. and taking a look outdoors right now. see all that right there? that is a very deep marine layer sweeping across the city of san francisco. all time -- i'll time out when the sun will shine in the bay. that's coming up. people in baltimore relieved when far fewer police were on the street. on sunday, they lift aid mandatory curfew. troops began -- lifted a mandatory curfew. troops began filing out. many residents say what counts as normal in baltimore is the real problem now. >> you have a former policing where people suspected of minor offenses subjected to overwhelmingly major uses of force are often lethal. that's what we have to focus on here. >> reporter: fremont died after suffering a severe spinal injury while in police custody april 12th. six officers involved in the arrest facing criminal charges.
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and it's official. former hewlett packard c.e.o. carly fiorina announced this morning she's running for president. so far, she'll the only woman running in the gop candidates in 2016. she's never held public office, but in 2010, she rehabilitation for u.s. senate but lost to barbara boxer. ben carson is expected to announce the start of his presidential campaign as well. and a live look out at london, england. royal guns fired in celebration of the birth of a new princess. the ceremony just ended and it looks like the troops are leaving now. royal family enthusiasts are waiting to find out the name of the new princess of cambrigde. prince william's wife, kate, the duchess of cambrigde, gave birth saturday after three hours of labor. lucky woman. she and william left the hospital with their daughter just nine hours after the little princess was born. one newspaper called the baby
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girl "sleeping cutie." the new family of four will live in eastern england instead of london. >> we would see william driving his range rover. we will miss them. but, of course, they'll be coming down here off and on. >> reporter: celebrations will continue later today in london when the queen's soldiers fire gun salutes in honor of the princess. prince william and kate say they're hugely grateful for the public's support. and in a couple months, when we're leaving the hospital, elizabeth, we need a hair and makeup team! >> we're bringing a camera outside the hospital! >> we'll be looking like that, too! >> i don't know. [ laughter ] >> you come in the morning and you look great. >> i heard she will not be announcing the name of the child until after the baby meet it is queen first. >> okay. >> yes. that is the rumor. and frank thinks diana may be a name. >> i think it's too much
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pressure. >> yeah, a lot of pressure. >> a great middle name. >> i'm voting for elizabeth. >> where's that? >> i like charlotte. >> it may have become too popular la. we'll see what's going on the roads. early, early, around 5:35 this morning, we're stacked up. the eastbound lanes stacked. so it's clear now. traffic is backed up through richmond, berkeley. that pittsburgh lane, 5 to 10 minute delays in all directions. the san francisco direction and in the direction of pittsburgh. everything else is on time. here's a life look -- well, i should say, we don't actually have sensors in this area. but our mobile units have been driving around in byron at camino diablo. a crash is there. expect delays in that area.
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in oakland, no delay near oakland airport, coliseum. that's northbound traffic there. but both sides of the freeway looking great between hayward and downtown. and westbound 580 is unusually backed up. still, out of tray, is beginning at mountain house and continuing straight on through to about north 1st street. that's our kpix traffic. now to roberta gonzales. i like this camera because we're looking at very low level fog. it gives you an idea how far inland that marine has stretched this morning. above will temperature-wise, we're in the 40s and 50s. 54 in oakland. 54 in san jose. breaking down the temperatures today. by 8:00 a.m., low 50s. by 2:00 p.m. a i high of 60. that's -- a high of 60. that's optimistic. we could see temperatures not even climb to 60 in san francisco because of the cloud cover. but the bottom line, we have a
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deep marine layer this morning. below average temperatures today. it'll be cooler today than yesterday. it's about 3,000 feet deep. it's hanging tight to the coastline of california. as we walk you through the future track, there's very minimal clearing at the san mateo coast today. so that's going to keep the temperatures down. low 80s, state capital. again, a thunderstorm is possible in yosemite. allergy sufferer? the count is down. but if you suffer from mulberry, that's a big problem. that's just floating around. about 72 degrees toward antioch. otherwise, there you have it. we had some cloud cover on friday with a -- we may have some cloud cover on friday with a chance of showers. 6:20. the fault line that could cause catastrophic damage in the near future. >> and coming up, what was rory
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mcilroy's consolation prize for missing the fight in vegas saturday night? >> and the warriors begin the second round like the first round coming up. >> and what is cool about your school? you can e-mail your nomination to
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(scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at good morning, everybody! steph curry will be named the nba's most valuable player later today. mark conly would warm up the sideline following facial surgery. warriors against memphis yesterday.
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golden state shot 62% in the 1st half. they take game 1, 101-86. rory mcilroy may not have made it to vegas for the fight. but he made all seven of his matches. the match play championship. it was a great day for the top of the giants' batting order. ? a. the first pitch to jared weaver. into the arcade. and joe followed it up with a home run to that man! eight shutout innings. tim lowered his e.r.a. to 7.0. >> if a's capture hit two home runs yesterday and leads the team in home run, runs batted in, and average. they take 2 out of 3 in texas. warriors win, giants win, a's win, rory wins at harding. it's a perfects, perfect weekend! i'm dennis o'donnell.
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see you tonight! thank you, dennis. play of the day, we'll take you to st. louis. we have cards, pirates. it's the bottom of the 14th. long will send one home with a swing of the bat. a walk-off at 14. that finished the sweep or the pittsburgh pirates. your play of the day. 6:26 right now. changes are coming to roads in the south way. the proposal to keep us out of harm's way. >> nine earthquakes for us here in the east bay. all on a fault not very well known. but coming up, we'll tell you why experts are warning
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-- herschel walker and son coming up on "cbs this
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morning." live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix5 news. a cartoon contest for depictions of the prophet muhammad ends with gunfire this morning. investigators are trying to figure out the motive behind the shooting. >> and we have a live report on san jose's bold, new plan, that costs millions of dollars to get people out of their cars and trying to make our streets a little safer. >> from the kpix weather center, good morning, everyone. we have rain back in the forecast! i'll show you which day. >> and i mentioned traffic was unusually heavy on 205 out of tracy. it's because of a new crash near the altemont pass. we'll tell you about it coming up. it's may the 4th. i'm frank mallicoat, and i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. a swarm of earthquakes rattled
6:31 am
the eastbound. east bay -- rattled the east bay. more than 4400 people told the usgs they felt the shaking. kpix5's ryan takeo is in walnut creek where they fix aid water line. ryan? >> reporter: and overnight, there was even aanother aftershock. so the ninth earthquake in 24 hours. a 1.6 four miles from here in downtown concord happened before 2:00 this morning. we are in walnut creek over on north main and geary. you can see the patch work there by road crews overnight. the engineers think the leaking water line that happened over here could have ruptured ruptured because of the shaking. the strongest quake yesterday, a 3.2016 at about 3:00 in the afternoon -- a 3.6 at about 3:00 in the afternoon. thousands of people reported feeling that to the usgs. it was in concord on the the concord green valley fault.
6:32 am
it doesn't get headlines like the san andreas fault. but the usgs warns that the concord fault is very active. those downtown say the tremors were short but did pack a punch. >> i was on the sofa. and it was shifting forward and backwards. >> the whole wall wasn't like this. and my mom -- went like this. and my mom and i thought somebody hit the house. >> reporter: it runs just north of vacaville. ex-pers are worried about it -- experts are worried about it because so many people live in the area. we're talking about 120,000 people in concord alone. live in walnut creek, ryan takeo, kpix5. investigators in a dallas suburb are working to find out a motive of a shooting at a controversial event. gunmen opened fire where a contest was held featuring cartoons of the prophet muhammad. >> reporter: news photographers
6:33 am
caught the event and gunfire on tape. the shootings happened as the controversial prophet muhammad art event was ending. two people drove up in garland, texas, and shot a security guard. the gunmen were killed by police officers in the parking lot. >> what surrounded these type of events in other parts of the world, additional security was added to this event tonight. luckily it was -- >> everybody just get comfortable and relax. >> reporter: about 200 people who attended the event were evacuated from the building safely. the event featured a contest for cartoons depicting the prophet muhammad which is considered blasphemous to muslims. it was hosted by the american freedom defense initiative which is consider aid hate group by the southern poverty law center. it's not known if the gunmen targeted the event. overnight, local and federal investigators worked to make sure the car driven by the men did not have a bomb inside. >> it's a very slow, tedious
6:34 am
operation that goes on. a lot of things, and maybe even having to x-ray things. >> reporter: the security forward was treated and released from the hospital. don champion, cbs news, new york. [ waves ] surf's up in southern california. but these waves are potentially dangerous. at new port beach in orange county, waves reached 18 feet yesterday. they're linkerred to a big storm thousands of mile -- linked to a big storm thousands of miles away in new zealand. they posted signs for dangerous waters and rip currents. the waters were so rough that a cruise ship had to change its route. carnival was planning to dock in long beach. but instead, they had to go south to san diego. those who left the ship had to be transported north to long beach. >> nothing like a ride an hour and a half to san diego. >> it could be fun, right!
6:35 am
>> party bus. >> skip wouldn't want to be docked there -- and i wouldn't to be docked there either. it's just a slim chance in the east bay mountains for rain, but we'll keep you posted on that. i just love this picture! it's from lake observatory in the santa clara valley. and we're looking out over the value lie! now let's go under-- valley. and now let's go under that deck of low clouds and fog. that's what it looks like in san jose. it's overcast. all clouds just sweeped over the mountain range and into the south bay. currently at 54 in san jose. it's 54 in livermore, as well. everybody has cloud cover at this hour. minimal clearing at the seashore today. in the 50s. 60 at san francisco. all these numbers are below average. we'll talk about when we'll see average high temperatures for this first full week of may. that's coming up at 48 minutes after the hour. but first with liz first. okay. we'll take you out to the bay bridge, toll plaza.
6:36 am
it is slow, obviously. it's backed up through the maize. but it's the eastern freeway that's unusually bad near the maze. so that section is in the red already between richmond and berkeley. here's outside the door at oakland. northbound 880. we have a wreck there blocking one lane. once you get past all that, into oakland coliseum, looks fine downtown. if you're heading toward the dublin interchange, it's slowish now. you see it slow through livermore and a few delays in the pleasantton area. but this is the worst of the backup at north glenn. it's solid right now from tracy boulevard all the way to 205. that's the thick of it, the worst of it there. if you're continuing southbound 280, we're seeing slowing from another wreck. that's our traffic. back to you.
6:37 am
san jose city leaders will unveil a plan to reduce accidents on their streets. we have details on the plan called vision zero. >> reporter: we're in lincoln avenue in the willow glenn neighborhood where they've reduced the traffic lanes from two to one in each direction. this is a so-called road diet. if this works, you may see more projects like this all over the city. san jose is set to unveil a plan called vision zero, an effort to reduce fatalities and injuries by getting people to get out of their cars, slow down, encourage more car pooling, biking and walking. san jose is only the fourth city in the country to take on a project of this magnitude behind new york city, seattle, and san francisco. this would cost $80 million and mostly funded by state and federal grants. san jose has one of the lowest injury numbers of anyone in the country. but still, 42 people died on san jose roads last year. >> ultimately, when you
6:38 am
eliminate unsafe droving, it becomes safer -- driving, it becomes safer for bicyclists. obvious ride everywhere, safety. you know, the goal is -- obviously, safety. you know, the goal is no one should die due to unsafe driving in the city. >> it would include installing lower speed limits, led lighting and bike lanes. they make the pitch at a hearing at city hall at 1:30 in the afternoon in san jose. a bus carrying tourists caught fire on hate street in san francisco yesterday. witnesses saw smoke and flames shooting from the rear engine compartment. they drove down the driver of the double decker bus, and everyone was able to get out safely. no word on what caused the fire. a mother and her two teenage drivers were killed when a wrong-way driver slammed into their car on a yolo county highway. it happened near the town arbucker.
6:39 am
they say they saw the car driving the wrong way. they tried to overtake it. but it was too late. driver crashed head on to the car the mother and her daughters were in. only the mother's husband survived the car. >> i'm speechless. they were so nice. they were so -- best people you could ever meet. >> lisa was only a junior in high school and had a whole another year. brenda was a freshman. she had four years of high school to go to. >> the wrong-way driver was also killed in that crash. carly fiorina confirmed online just a short time ago she is running for president. the republican is a former c.e.o. of hewlett packard. she ran for u.s. senate in 2010 but lost to incumbent barbara boxer. ben carson is expected announce his run for the white house. he's never run public usa.
6:40 am
but the surgeon is known for his criticism of obama's heald college reform. hill -- health care reform. hilary clinton will attend the homes of environmentalist tom styer in san francisco. she'll be in portola valley on friday for a luncheon with ebay's c.e.o. a new push to tax your soda no matter where you live. >> a driver trapped under a truck truck down the freeway. the quick action that saved his life. >> take a quick peek at the early numbers on a monday. out of the get a, looking good. 81 plus points. coming up, we'll get
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i do good morning! time check at 6:44 on this monday, may 4th a. as e call it -- may 4th. as we call it in our house, precinco de mayo. i wouldn't count on sunshine. 50s and 60s east of the bay today. a west wind 10 to 20. numbers stacking up high 60s and low 70s. a few 70s toward antioch. partly cloudy today. it'll take a while to see the sunshine. and good morning windsor at 67 degrees! cinco de mayo eve, roberta! [ laughter ] in san berdy know county, a motorcycle -- bernardino county, a motorcyclist was pinned under a truck friday.
6:45 am
>> i see this f-50 pickup truck. it looked like there was a butcher under his car. as i lot -- bumper under his car. as i got closer, i could see tvs a human body. there was a foot. >> they were able to jack up the pickup truck off the motorcyclist. he reportedly suffered only minor injuries! very lucky guy! >> incredible. look at him. >> yeah. the well known c.e.o. of cisco stepping down. >> here is our financial reporter, jason brooks. good morning! >> good morning, michelle. good morning, frank. a big change in silicon valley. he turned the company into one of the major gear changers in the world. so chambers will step down july 26th. he will remain chamber of the board in his place as c.e.o. chuck robins as the senior vice
6:46 am
president of worldwide operation. he'll take over as c.e.o. on july 26th. the investigators seem to like this move. cisco stock up 1/2 a%. mcdonald's turning -- half a percent. mcdonald's turning around and focusing on operational growth and improving its bread. right now, their shares are down half a percent. had a strong close to the stock market on friday. we're starting out well this morning. let's take a look at the big board and see how we're doing so far. the dow up 90 points in the early going. the nasdaq is higher by 27. and the s&p is up by 10 points. michelle, frank, back to you. >> thank you! >> thank you, jason. bay area drivers get ready to pay a little bit more to fill up your tank. right now, the statewide average $3.70 for a gallon of regular. drivers are paying a little
6:47 am
more in san francisco. $3.82 in the city. san jose, $3.70. and oakland at $3.67 a gallon. >> drivers are paying more but not driving less, right? >> no, they're not! we have some updates for you. some transitions. we'll talk about mass transit for a minute. there are some delays. they had to cancel the 6:30 and 6:40 alameda-oakland ferry departures. no reason why. but the next boat leaves oakland at 7:00 -- 7:05. thank you for that. through the bridge, stacked up through the maze right now. we had that accident on the freeway. it really backed up traffic all the way through the east shore freeway. it's long since cleared but really heavy right now from hercules. and let's go out to the brentwood area. we're going to our maps for
6:48 am
this. southbound vasco road. they're calling tow crews out there. it's still blocked. approaching camino diablo. we showed you the live look there. this is the drive time on the east shore freeway because of that early morning wreck approaching the maze. so obviously seeing big delays there. and if you're traveling on the 8 880, that previous wreck gone. and looking good into downtown oakland. that's your latest traffic. still gray out the door. here's roberta. out the door this morning, very similar yesterday when i jumped tot saddle with my -- to the saddle with my friend, donna mcgee. we rode for 100 miles to help raise awareness for diabetes research. last count, more than $1 million yea! our toes were frozen. but looking at the current conditions in napa now.
6:49 am
53 degrees there according to dave perazzo. thank, dave! very similar to yesterday with the overcast sky. this is the same to the south now in san jose where we have a deep marine layer. santa rosa in the upper 40s. hour by hour, the city of san francisco, city by the bay, temperature tops off by 60 at 2:00 p.m. we'll see some clearing then. notice the clouds next to the coast. again, a very deep marine layer there. minimal clearing along the coast. watching the showers move towards yosemite today with a chance of thunderstorms. otherwise, future track is illustrating san mateo coastline fogged up all day long. -- is showing san mateo coastline all fogged up all day long. a chance of a thunderstorm in yosemite.
6:50 am
60, montaray bay. our temperatures will clock in below average for this time of year. 60s, beaches. to the low 70s, maybe towards antioch, tracy, and brentwood. a slight chance of a rain shower in the east bay mountains by friday! michelle, make it a great day! >> all right, roberta. thanks! a farewell special tonight to pay tribute to retiring host david letterman. we'll look at his best interviews. this one with drew barrymore. they'll look at the top lists of stupid human and pet tricks. you can watch the special at 9:30 tonight right here on kpix. >> the dvr will be cranking tonight. the city of san francisco is issuing more tickets to people sleeping and camps at parks. they've cited more than 700 people for being at the parks after hours.
6:51 am
compare that to 2011 when 165 citations were for the entire year. the spike in citations makes it more difficult for homeless to find housing. they'll put a tax on sugary sodas. individual cities have already considered it. and voters pass aid measure in berkeley last -- passed a measure in berkeley last fall. we look at the first statewide proposal. >> reporter: california lawmakers are taking aim at sugary beverages, a new assembly bill would impose a fee on every distributor for the privilege of distributing bottled sweetened beverages at 2 cents per ounce. the goal? to encourage people to drink less. >> taxing people is not the way to do it. >> i'm okay with it. it's not healthy. >> the main mostly sunny raised
6:52 am
would go toward health programs statewide. >> to tell you the truth, i probably should have had that when i was a kid. >> but that can really add up. take this 20-ounce coke. a distributor would be charged 40 cents just to make the sale. and likely the cost would be passed on to the consumer. berkeley passed a similar law in 2014. and the rolling out has not been smooth. in the statewide bill, the board of equalization would collect the fee. >> if you're saying it's fair to do this, what are they going to try to tax next? >> if passed, it would take effect immediately. this qualifies as an urgency statute. anne makovec, kpix5. time now is 6:52. another stellar nba playoff game for warrior player steph curry. the sharp shooter gets the
6:53 am
league's top honor today. nine earthquakes in the past day all on a fault you may have never heard of. why experts are warning you've tried to forget your hepatitis c. but you shouldn't forget this. hep c is a serious disease. left untreated it can lead to liver damage and potentially liver cancer. but you haven't been forgotten. there's never been a better time to rethink your hep c because people like you may benefit from scientific advances that could help cure your hep c. visit or call a hep c educator to help prepare you for a conversation with your hep c specialist.
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five things to know at the 55 right now. the f.b.i. is searching an apartment complex in phoenix. some live pictures here. it's related to the deadly shooting outside an art exhibit for cartoon pictures, we think, of the prophet muhammad in texas. the suspects drove up to the center and began shooting at a security officer. but they were shot dead by police. thousands of national guard troops have begun pulling out of baltimore. on sunday, the city's mayor
6:57 am
lifted the weeklong curfew following the deadly prodecember over the death of fremont -- over the deadly protests over the death of fremont. heading to court, two former allies and chris christie are head to plead not guilty to disrupt abrupt traffic to punish a mayor that did not endorse chris. former hewlett parkard c.e.o., carly fiorina, made her bid official a few hours ago. ben carson is expected to make a formal announcement later today in detroit. the neurosurgeon has never held elective office. >> and espn is reporting steph curry will be named the nba's most valuable player today. yesterday in oakland, curry
6:58 am
helped the warriors to a 101-86 victory in game 1 of their playoff series against the memphis grizzly. i'm ryan takeo here in the east bay where there's another aftershockover night. we're talking about -- aftershock overnight. we're talking about the concord green valley fault. there's been nine over the last 24 hours. right here, there's some marking right there from work overnight. there's a water line leak. and possibly because of the strongest quake from yesterday. east bay mud crews finished the repairs overnight. the strongest was a 3.6 yesterday at about 3:00 in the afternoon. it was centered in concord on the concord green valley fault. the usgs warns the fault is very active and could cause a lot of damage because it runs through downtown concord. the usgs says the 3.6 magnitude was one of the strongest quake
6:59 am
to strike the concord fault in 60 years. ryan takeo, kpix5. and your traffic update for you before you head out the door. trying to confirm how many accidents are in the area. we know there's one westbound 580 at grant line road involving two to three cars. three lanes are blocked. out of tracy boulevard, some congestion. and to update you on mass transit. b.a.r.t. is back on time. but the alameda oakland ferry canceled some of their ferry service. the next one out of oakland leaves in about 5 minutes. >> i love this picture. this is overlooking over lake observatory out toward santa clara valley. you can see the fog over the mountain range. we have the clouds at sfo as well. so we have some delays on some flights. later today, talking about highs in the 50s, beaches.
7:00 am
70s, inland. >> not too bad! thank you for watching kpix news this mornin good morning. welcome to cbs "this morning." texas police kill two gunmen who opened fire outside a controversial prophet mohammed cartoon contest. >> backlash against the boxing match hyped at the fight of the century. and could the app periscope deliver a knockout blow to pay-per-view. plus cbs' salute to david letterman as he counts down to his final show. we'll look at the biggest moments features in the prime time tribute. >> but we begin with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> we are not leaving,


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