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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 5, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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taking a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza right there, usually around this time we see cars backing up. but not right now. so that may be a good sign. >> come on into work right now. >> why not? good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, may 5. i'm michelle griego. >> happy cinco de mayo, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:00. a video shows a san jose police officer using physical force to subdue a suspect. was it reasonable use of force or was it a case of police
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brutality? that's a question this morning. kiet do reports from san jose police headquarters. there is an internal investigation going on. >> reporter: a video 3 minute clip on youtube with a lot of yelling in it. take a look. [ sirens ] >> reporter: the video begins with two police officers holding a suspect on the ground. and then more officer arrived and appeared to kick and beat the suspects with their fists and hit him with batons. they speaking in english and spanish in the background asking them not to hit the man. police said the man in the video is 22-year-old juan moreno lopez toesed who threw
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something into the bushes as they got closes. then they say he was combative. lopez attempted to attack one officer with a bottle. lopez continued to resist arrest and officers used physical force to subdue him with little effect. he was put on a gurney in four point restraint due do his continued violence. when he got out of the hospital he was booked on possession of meth, destruction of arrest, assaulting a police officer and others. kiet do, kpix 5. the driver accusedded of killing a mother and her 14- month-old daughter in livermore is due to be arraigned this morning. police say brian jones was nearly 2 times over the legal blood alcohol limit when he lost control of his car and plowed into four people at an apartment complex saturday night. he is currently free on bail. an emotional prayer vigil was held yesterday at the site of the tragedy.
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the victims, esperanza morales- rodriguez and her daughter julie, were from monterey county in livermore visiting relatives. a "go fund me" account has raised close to $18,000 for the family. this morning, a teenaged girl is recovering after she shot herself in the leg with a police officer's gun. it happened about 3 p.m. yesterday at home on el cerrito way in gilroy. police say the home belongs to a gilroy police officer. it's not clear how they are related. 13-year-old girl is in stable condition. gilroy police are investigating. another small earthquake rattled part of the bay area this morning. the 2.3 magnitude jolt happened about 3:55 a.m. centered near pleasanton on the calaveras fault. it's a different fault than the recent rash of small quakes in concord. the latest there was about 7:00 last night 2.8 on the concord green valley fault. >> it is certainly not dormant and it's capable of producing
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significant activity. >> sunday there were nine small quakes on the fault the strongest a 3.6. state regulators propose unprecedented water cuts when they meet today in sacramento ordering cities to cut use 36% compared to period of time but local water departments say it's unrealistic and unfair. they say the steep cuts could result in higher rates, ripped up planned escaping and more use restrictions. i look at my front lawn and think, eh. why bother? >> but you can find other ways to conserve, right? i sort of do that with the flowers in my front yard. it's so true we were discussing this, you feel guilty when you're out watering. people give you the eye. >> or you're watching another neighbor going all right, enough, okay? >> i do three minute showers. >> you do. >> good morning, everybody. heading out we actually have showers in the seven-day forecast. we'll talk about that but boy, we were able to see the 98%
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waning gibbous moon and you see peeks of it there with the mostly cloudy skies. those clouds are all associated with the very deep marine layer. temperatures santa rosa singing out like a sore thumb in the 40s. outstanding! 50s out the door. 60s bayside, 70s inland. the seven-day forecast is coming up. >> out the door i want to put up a tweet. aaa is offering the service of a tow home up to 10 miles from your house on this cinco de mayo. just call them at aaa if you need to get home. don't drink and drive. so far, so good on the bay bridge toll plaza the sometimes we start to see some delays in the cash lanes at this time of the morning. not the case so far today.
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it is just eastbound when we have the overnight roadwork approaching the center anchorage. should be picked up in the next 55 minutes. today members of the state assembly will present the roadside drug breathalyzer bill. similar to alcohol breathalyzers it would allow officers to use new technology to defect a driver on drugs. some devices already being used can detect marijuana within two to three hours of use as well as cocaine and meth. in the wake of the may day vandalism in the city of oakland the mayor libby schaaf says she wants to boost the city's police force. schaaf is pushing a plan to have 40 new officers over the next two years. that will cost the city about $6.7 million starting next year. that brings the total number of police officers on the force to 762. she hopes to fund five new training academy awards. now, vandals smashed window, set fires on oakland's auto road during friday's protest.
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when protestors made an unexpected turn down broadway, there were a few officers on the ground to help control that crowd. the local business owners, this kind of destruction is common place for them. >> i wasn't surprised. everybody saw it coming. everybody knew something was going to happen. >> now eric is staging his own protest refusing to replace his windows until he is ensured they won't be bashed in again. emeryville could become the latest bay area city to give workers a raise. tonight, the city council will vote on a proposal to raise the minimum wage to $12.25 an hour by july 1. the minimum wage would eventually go up to $16 by 2019. the plan would also offer workers between 6 and 9 paid sick days a year. today former arkansas governor mike huckabee set to announce his presidential run
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again. he made a bid for the republican nomination in 2008. back then he won the iowa caucus and six primaries but eventually ran out of cash. this time support from conservatives and evangelicals could give him the edge. >> coming out this year and running again, with that foundation that i think he feels he can use to build upon and run again and be successful this year. >> huckabee joins a growing field of candidates. ben carson out of detroit and former hp ceo carly fiorina said they are both running, too. president obama is talking about the pressure on police and struggling communities. he appeared last night on late night with david letterman. >> essentially we put the police officers in a tough spot where we say to them, just contain the problem. and so if young black men are being shot but it's not affecting us, um, you know, we'll just kind of paper that
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over. >> the president's comments came after some tense moments again on monday in baltimore. police arrested a man and recovered a loaded handgun at the scene. the arrest drew a crowd which chanted black community control the police. >> bay area teachers in the classroom, more coming up. >> i'm ryan takeo live at oracle arena a lot of excitement for game 2 of the western conference semis here today on the warriors home court. we'll tell you what has never happened before on this court. it's going to happen tonight. an exciting ceremony for the new mvp. >> yeah and ryan is the first one or the court for the day. good morning, everybody. we have your cinco de mayo forecast plus showers, i'll tell you which day to expect it. >> and getting a check of our bridges at 5:09 this morning. here's a live look at the san
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mayo. it is 5:12. we are looking at san jose, mineta international airport. levi's stadium. currently we're at 52 and i'll show you some clear skies there this morning with the southeast breeze at 7. today's high there slightly above average in the low 70s. today the giants will submit a ballot measure to the city attorney a revised planned for mixed use development across from at&t. the new scheme responds to trends in land use politics and will have twice as much affordable housing and shorter buildings in a space currently used for parking. city voters will vote on it in november the warriors take the home floor in oakland tonight hoping to take a two-game lead in the nba western conference semifinals. i'm so excited about it. ryan takeo is getting us ready about the game and joins us live from the court. are you working on your three-
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pointer? >> yeah. oh. it needs work! >> reporter: warriors have a 1- 0 lead in the series. pre-game ceremony going on for the new mvp steph curry. yesterday he got emotional in his press accepting the mvp award and thanking his father former nba player del curry. >> pops, you're the example of what a true professional is on and off the court. i remember a lot of your career. and to be able to follow in your footsteps -- [ pause ] >> -- it means a lot to me. [ applause ] >> it's only the second time a warriors player has won the league's mvp award. the other winner wilt chamberlain who won it when the warriors were in philadelphia. their 67 wins are a franchise record 42-2 at home this weekend and look to win their
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22nd in a row tonight. game time 7:30 against the grizzlies. the nba released some tickets overnight. they usually hold a couple of hundred for vips. they are available through ticketmaster and the warriors website. check this morning. the cheapest i could find standing room only in the rafters $120. if you want a seat you will pay $150, $180. it goes up from there up t $2,500 for the front row. ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> maybe a cold beer, too. >> yeah. maybe. $2,500. by the way, he won a car, too, the mvp and gave it to a charity in oakland. steph curry is okay. >> we love steph curry, elizabeth. >> very sweet. i like it when i see big tough athletic men tear up. very sweet. let's go outside show you what's going on this morning. out the door highway 4 a bottleneck in the usual spot where they are doing the
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roadwork in the area between hillcrest and "a" street and then competing for your top spot for slowest drive times is the drive through the livermore valley and altamont pass. 205 a wreck yesterday at north flynn that caused huge delays out of tracy so this is just the usual commute right now. past that everything is great between pleasanton and the sunol grade. we have a shutdown highway 84 close the right now between canada road and tripp road until about 7:00. they are repairing a pole damaged after a late-night crash last night. so, you know, just a heads up. use some alternates in the area. 101/280 along the peninsula everything looks fine san mateo bridge looks okay as well as the southbound 880 approach all green on all the sensors. we do have a big san mateo bridge closure happening this weekend though the first of two closures going on. in addition to the san mateo bridge closure this weekend we
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also are going to expect some bart delays saturday and sunday no bart service once again between fruitvale and the coliseum. they have been doing that ongoing track work so they will offer some bus shuttles instead. with the forecast, here's roberta. cinco de mayo today. come on over here. i want to show you something. these are our weather watchers and more and more are waking up earlier with us. i'm so excited about that! let's check this one right here. 41 degrees. that is john miller in santa rosa. no wind at this time t he has clear skies. that is good because yesterday at this hour we were totally socked in because of the lack of cloud cover in the north bay. that's why the temperatures are in the low 40s. right now at the embarcadero air temperature 51 degrees compared again where we do not have the clouds it's in the 40s. here's how we're breaking down your san francisco forecast for
5:18 am
today. midday mid-50s. hour by hour, topping off in the low 60s. sure, the coast is socked in with low clouds and fog again even a little bit of light drizzle. but the good news is, yesterday at this hour this is roughly about 3,000 feet deep. this morning, it's about 1500 feet deep. that leads me to believe we'll see some burnoff. so as the marine layer does mix out this area of low pressure is going to bypass us and take a nice swipe across the eastern portion of our bay area. we'll see a cloud form here and there. otherwise, 50s monterey bay, 80s sacramento through davis mid-60s in the greater lake tahoe area. our high temperatures today are at or above seasonal readings. 68 mountain view and vallejo. low 70s in the tri-valley. west wind 10 to 20 so breezy during the late afternoon hours. here's a look at the extended forecast because we have a chance of a shower or isolated
5:19 am
thunderstorm on thursday and on friday. and that's basically from another area of low pressure that's going to just skim the bay area. it is cinco de mayo! yes, cool on the coast, mild inland. 54 to 76. i wanted to say like mild on the coast and medium in the inland areas or just say hot. but couldn't do that because it is downright cool along the coast. yeah. definitely have to have the hot salsa. >> where is it? >> i didn't make it. i'm making it today. i'll bring it in tomorrow for you guys. i'm sorry. >> where's yours? [ laughter ] >> i know. i could have made some, too. celebrities turned out for new york's party of the year. it's the annual met gala an over the top display of fashion. reese witherspoon, kerry washington, george clooney and lady gaga were some of the big names. some showed up with the people who designed their outfits. actress sarah jessica parker balanced a chinese jeweled head piece.
5:20 am
>> is it your head piece heavy? >> not at all. never is. weighs nothing. easy. >> there you go. the fashion is not just for fun. the met gala is the biggest fundraiser for the metropolitan museum of art's costume institute. it's always interesting to see what the stars wear. beyonce by the way came nude. [ laughter ] >> hardly any clothes. i think she had more on than rhianna did last year. >> i guess j-lo had quite the outfit, too? >> j-lo, kim kardashian, beyonce and rihanna. >> sorry i missed. it didn't get invited. it's 5:20. manny pacquiao's injury may mean some trouble. why he may face discipline action from boxing officials coming up. >> i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, why del curry never thought his son would play for the golden state warriors. and madison baumgarner flirting with history against the padres. the latest straight ahead. and what is cool about your school? email your nominations to we may come and feature your school on the show.
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feet off of the ground ♪ ♪ head in the sky ♪ ♪ eyes open wide ♪ ♪ happy to look around ♪ life's super scary sounds. and sneaking in without moving the bed. boxer manny pacquiao may face disciplinary by nevada boxing officials for failing to disclose a shoulder injury before his flight with floyd mayweather.
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the state attorney general's office will look at why he checked no on a questionnaire asking if he had a shoulder injury. he could face a fine or suspension. he lost the unanimous decision to mayweather on saturday. good morning, everyone. steph curry said he wouldn't have been the warriors' first mvp since 1960 if it wasn't for his dad del, who played in the league for 16 years. >> a lot of people, um, thought i had it easy with pops playing, you know, in the nba. but it was, um, i'll get to that part down the road but it was a interesting journey. >> both father and son are tears of joy at a press conference. >> honestly we weren't sure this was the right fit for him because of -- he said he really didn't know, you know, anything about the team what was going on but jeff his agent and i we knew it was going on and we didn't think it was the
5:25 am
right fit but they selected him as their choice and turns out to be a good one. >> giants are starting to pop, folks, looking for their fourth straight win. angel pagan drives home aoki. madison baumgarner's early season issues are gone taking a no hit near the 7th struck out 6 and left in the 8th without allowing a run and the giants win 2-0. first year twins manager poll molitor getting a look at a's red-hot catcher steven voting. 1st inning his first career grand slam for stevens vogt. 5-4 two runners on but the bullpen collapsed again. alvarez serves it up a three- run shot to torii hunter and the twins win 8-7 in minneapolis. smores game 2 for the warriors in memphis tonight. our sports cam will come from oracle at 6:00, the sportscast
5:26 am
will come from oracle. astros and rangers play of the day. a ground here. double play. rosales the flip and turn. houston 18-0 in the game. they had a lead lost this one. texas takes it 2-1 in the texas battle. still to come, cameras are rolling during dramatic cliff rescue. why first respond hers to act quickly to save the victim. >> san jose police make an arrest. it goes viral. san jose police say there's a lot more that yo
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police accused of using excessive force after an arrest video goes viral. why they say their actions were justified. >> california's drought may mean strict new rules. why some local waters departments say they are unfair and unrealistic. >> showers or a chance of them back in the forecast i'll share with you what is expected today. >> the latest look at the bay bridge the toll plaza. delays in the cash lanes where the backups again. we'll let you know coming up. good morning. san jose police are trying to explain a scene captured on video where multiple officers beat a suspect. kiet do reports. reporter: good morning. they have begun an internal investigation over this clip that's been seen by nearly
5:31 am
250,000 people on facebook. it is a dark shaky three minute clip that has a lot of yelling in it. take a look. [ sirens ] >> reporter: it begins with two police officers holding a suspect on the ground. and then more officers arrived and appear to kick and beat the suspect with their fists and hit him with batons. in the background witnesses are heard telling the officers in both spanish and english to stop hitting the man. [ yelling ] >> hey, don't hit him, stop, stop! >> reporter: they continue to plead on camera with the officers saying, police are here to protect us. san jose police responded late last night saying the man in the video is 22-year-old juan moreno lopez toesed something into the bushes as officers got closer. they say they chased him on foot into a busy intersection where he turned on them in a combat manner attacking them with a bottle.
5:32 am
officers used physical force to subdue him with no effect. he was placed on a gurney in a four point restraint due to his continuous violent behavior. he was booked on charges including assault with a deadly weapon, possession of meth, destruction of evidence and, of course, resisting arrest. live in san jose police headquarters in downtown san jose, kiet do. kpix 5. a driver set to be arraigned this morning accused of killing a woman and her 14- month-old daughter in livermore. police say brian jones' blood alcohol level was almost twice the legal limit saturday night when he lost control of his corvette and careened on the grounds of an apartment complex. he is free on bail. >> don't want him to be out on the street killing more families. >> investigators say jones admitted to being at the livermore wine country festival which stopped serving alcohol at 5 p.m. investigators are looking into whether jones kept drinking somewhere else in the two hours between the event and that crash. a prayer vigil was held yesterday at the site of that
5:33 am
tragedy. victims a woman and her young daughter were from monterey county in livermore visiting relatives. a "go fund me" account for the family raised over $18,000. another small earthquake rumble through the east bay this morning. the 2.3 magnitude tremor hit about 3:55 near pleasanton on the calaveras fault. a different fault than the recent series of small quakes in the concord area. the latest there was just before 7:00 yesterday evening. a magnitude 2.8 on the concord green valley fault. >> it is not dormant and can produce significant seismic activity. >> sunday there were nine small quakes on the fault smallest 3.6. californians would be forced to restrict water. the state water board plans to order cities to cut use by as much as 36% compared to the
5:34 am
2013 level. some local water departments are criticizing the proposals as being unrealistic and unfair. they say the steep cuts could result in higher rates, ripped upland escaping and even more use restrictions. so we need to find way to cut our water use. you have found many ways. >> i have. now what my newest one yesterday? i was swimming at club sports and walked into the ladies locker room and there was a line for people taking showers. people are taking showers. club sport has been very -- they are trying lots of different things for conservation. i have noticed that the water coming out of the showerhead is slower, lighter and they have signs that say please, less than five-minute showers. so we're all doing our part. watching out for everyone, as well. we have cloud cover at the coast and bay but we have some clear skies inland. where we have the lack of cloud cover it's 43 degrees in santa rosa. clear skies. 51 degrees with the clouds in san francisco.
5:35 am
otherwise low 50s in livermore. today's numbers at or slightly below average in many neighborhoods except we are in inland areas like san jose pretty much one degree above. 50s. we'll have clearing at the beaches today. 60s and 70s peninsula. east of the bay 74 in blackhawk and danville. pleasanton at 74. so mid-70s for the most part. lake county in the mid-70s. liz, we have showers back in the forecast. more coming up at 5:48. let's see. let's go out the door show you a look at our sensors. we are waiting for an update from police and caltrans about highway 84. it's been closed since late last night after an accident took out a pole at 84 closed between canada and tripp. they were saying 7 a.m. we'll let you know if that changes. i know they are heading to the scene now. also, warriors versus
5:36 am
grizzlies. we have been talking about this. we got a game going on over in oakland, 7:30 tonight. it should be after the commute. but likely to see a few extra cars honking horns, rowdy fans, you know it, and we have cinco de mayo so be extra careful on the roads. here's a live look, highway 4, 17 miles per hour right now as you pass hillcrest and "a" street but it looks good through pittsburg-bay point and concord. that's "kcbs traffic." frank and michelle, back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. police swarmed a san mateo neighborhood last night believing a burglary suspect was on the loose. officers looked from rooftops and searched backyards on norton street. neighbors who called police about a suspicious man loading a tv into a car with two men inside. when police arrived, the three men sped away, crashed at the kehoe avenue exit and were arrested. police later determined there was no fourth suspect. today a state assembly committee will consider a bill
5:37 am
that would make changes to a long-time ban against businesses secretly recording information on, um, phone calls against the measure -- one moment here. [ pause ] >> okay. well, knowledge of the person on the other end. today a state assembly committee will consider a bill to loosen restrictions on long- time bans against the practice. consumer groups are speaking out against the measure from assemblyman evan low of campbell. a controversial development plan heads to a vote before the oakland city council today. at issue is whether the city should sell a publicly owned piece of land to private developers for a 24 story luxury high-rise apartment tower. opponents plan a rally in frank ogawa plaza before today's city council meeting. they are concerned the project will displace working class residents on the east side of lake merritt. carly fiorina certainly has
5:38 am
ample financial resources but the question is, just how many votes can she get? >> we know the only way to reimagine our government is to reimagine who is leading it. i'm carly fiorina. i'm running for president. >> former ceo at hewlett- packard made that announcement yesterday. she is running as a republican. she has never held public office. and today former arkansas governor mike huckabee set to announce he is running for president again. he made an unsuccessful bid for the republican nomination in 2008. but back then, he won the iowa causing and six primaries but event i every ran out of cash. this time the support he has is already established among conservatives, evangelicals, could give him an edge. people's optimism about their retirement prospects is going up. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger joins us with more on what a recent survey showed. jill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> all right. let's start with confidence
5:39 am
levels. how are people feeling out there? >> reporter: i think a lot better than the last couple of years. 22% of americans are very confident about their retirement. that's up from 13% in 2013. that was a survey low. 36% are somewhat confident. so 58% feeling pretty good. that's also the good news. unfortunately, 24% not at all confident. that's statistically unchanged from the last couple of years. now, the folks who conduct this survey say that confidence is strongly related to whether or not people have retirement plans. >> so how are we doing on savings? >> i think a little better. more people are saving. 67% of all workers or their spouses are saving. 78% of full-time workers have saved. but the problem is, total savings still low. 57% say total value of their savings and investments for retirement is less than $25,000. that includes 28% who have less
5:40 am
than $1,000. now, that includes a lot of people just starting out. as you get older retirement savings increase as income goes up so does your retirement savings. but here's something interesting. as education increases, so too do retirement resources. >> and with retirement savings low, what plan b is there for all of us americans? >> reporter: well, respondents say they are relying on a later retirement date. now, back in 1991, just 11% of workers said they would retire at age 65. this year, that number is more than tripled. 36% of workers. just a word of caution here. working longer always sounds like the great solution. what happens if your boss has not bought into your plan b? or you have a job that's too physically demanding to continue later in life? for more on how to take control of your retirement plan go to >> or buy a lot of lotto tickets and pray. >> yeah. >> see how well that works. >> not too well. jill schlesinger live for us
5:41 am
out in new york, thanks. today a bill that would tax sugary drinks will go before the state assembly health committee. the money goes toward health programs. if the committee approved the bill, it could go to a vote by the full assembly as soon as the first week of june. it is 5:41 on this tuesday morning. more than quiet time. more on how teachers at one school are allowing students to ease pressure this is class. >> and taking a live look out at 880 in oakland, not looking too bad. but, of course, elizabeth is going to be back to let us know what's going on, on the roads and roberta
5:42 am
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5:44 am
warriors hope to get a 2-1 lead against the grizzlies in oakland. they left the lights on for ryan takeo in the oracle arena. good morning. >> reporter: they woke up early, got the lights on for us here at oracle. when have you ever seen the arena that's empty and quiet? sellout crowd will get shirts like always during the play- offs. what they're not used to is having an mvp. an nba mvp that in steph curry just named yesterday, and pre- game just right before the game going to have a ceremony for him and yesterday, he got emotional when thanking his dad. >> i remember a lot of your career and to be able to follow in your footsteps, it means a lot to me. >> reporter: it's only the second time a warriors player has won the league's mvp award. the other win wilt chamber lon won when the warriors were in philadelphia. as part of the award he got a
5:45 am
new suv, a kia sorento. steph curry close to give it aiwa -- it away to the east oakland youth development center that offers programs from basketball to homework clubs to dozens of other plans to young people becoming adults. the group's director told us about the conversation she had with the mvp. >> i hear you guys have a van that needs to be put out of its misery so this may not replace the van but i'm trying to help out. this is major. >> reporter: the new car will transport student to ged testing sites. warriors looking to go up 2 games to 0 in the series. they are 42-2 at home here at the arena. so far they look to win their 22nd home game in a row tonight. game time 7:30. we just heard the nba had a hold on some tickets normally a couple of hundred tickets and they just released those to the public. you can go to the warriors website and ticketmaster and you could be wearing one of these shirts. i checked online and the
5:46 am
cheapest i could find standing room only up in the ralph terse there 120 bucks. so that would get you in the door. if you wanted a seat you will spend hundred dollars for now. live at oracle, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> i predict a 2.6 earthquake in oakland tonight around oracle! all the cheering and stomping. >> they don't play very well against memphis and they still beat them by 15. we'll be watching. >> i will be watching. i like that steph curry, though. he is a good role model for kids. outside show you a live look at the bay bridge. the toll plaza. there are delays in the cash lanes. metering lights were turned over at the bay bridge, on now for 10 minutes and you are already backed up to the overcrossings. yeah, cash and fastrak users.
5:47 am
we have a big night tonight it's cinco de mayo. so aaa is warning you to use their tipsy tow and use them from 6 p.m. tonight until 6 a.m. tomorrow and they will tow you home up to 10 miles away if your house is 10 miles. they will take you there. so that's a great service to know about. don't drink and drive. here's our live look at the san mateo bridge. everything is moving fine right now. i do want to send out another reminder that san mateo bridge closure happens this weekend. it's the first of two weekend closures happening this month. it begins at 10:00 on friday night lasts through monday morning. and yeah, so again, right now, everything looks good but you will need to find alternates for saturday and sunday. that is "kcbs traffic." let's see what's going on with your forecast. here's roberta. >> it's one of my favorite times of the morning time to check in with one of our weather watchers to see what's going on around our microclimates. let's check this one out. 51. i want to just see if we have
5:48 am
the influence of the low clouds and fog inland. jerry wilcox reports from antioch, he says clear skies there. thanks, jerry. needed to know that because we are socked in with the low clouds and the fog. santa rosa clear clouds, 43. we have a deck of clouds. this is right here. this is the marine layer stacked up next to the coast but this morning it's about 1500 feet deep in comparison to yesterday just 24 hours ago when it was 3,000 feet deep. earlier burnoff today. precipitation well to the east of the bay area. but we have a series of these upper level troughs that want to blow through the bay area. chance of thunderstorms thursday into friday. until then we have temperatures remaining cooler for the next
5:49 am
few days. and then the interior valley seasonal into the 80s from sacramento to sacramento to fresno. currently 30 degrees going up to 66 in the greater lake tahoe area, 50s with burnoff in monterey bay. i'm dying today, i'm suffering! i think it's because now we have the mulberry and ash coming into count. lots of allergens in the air even though it's lower. boy, itchy eyes, scratchy throat! sunrise 6:10. temperatures today close to where they should be this cinco de mayo, 60s bayside, around the peninsula 60s. 70s to the south, east and north. west winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. there's the chance of an isolated shower or thunderstorm thursday or friday but today 54 to 76 degrees. michelle? >> all right, roberta. thank you. and today as roberta said is cinco de mayo which marks mexico's victory over france at the battle of puebla in 1862.
5:50 am
it is not mexican independence day. there are official observances in mexico, but it's much bigger in the u.s. >> there will be events in parts of the bay area today but most of the cinco de mayo festivities were last weekend. >> i imagine there will be a few revelers out there today. at one bay area high school, students are learning to focus less on getting as and more on finding inner peace. they are turning to transcendental meditation. the practice is offered at palo alto high school where expectations are very high and tragically an alarming number of students there have killed themselves. >> this is a five-minute period at the beginning of class where you meditate or whatever you want silently and that excludes reading or doing homework. you're not thinking of all your work. you're not thinking of, like, all the stuff you have to do or all your problems. you just try to clear your mind of all thoughts.
5:51 am
>> school doesn't require students to meditate only to put aside their work and you've tried to forget your hepatitis c. but you shouldn't forget this. hep c is a serious disease. left untreated it can lead to liver damage and potentially liver cancer. but you haven't been forgotten. there's never been a better time to rethink your hep c because people like you may benefit from scientific advances that could help cure your hep c. visit or call a hep c educator to help prepare you for a conversation with your hep c specialist.
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on his quest, jack ventured far and wide. through dust, fog and rain. until he smelled something legendary.
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clocking ticking to find survivors of the nepal earthquake who may still be in the rubble. rescuers think about 180 people are buried in a village hilt by a mud slide triggered by the quake. on april 25, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck near nepal's capital killing more than 7500 people. a dramatic rescue of a woman who got stuck on the base of a cliff in marin county. a chp helicopter team was called in to rescue the woman at tennessee cove. she got caught in the strong surf managed to make it back to the cliff area. that water by the way is 52 degrees. rescue crews say she was extremely cold and mighty tired but otherwise okay. tense moments for passengers aboard a jetblue flight at sfo. the pilot had to aboard a landing at the last minute. >> it was scary. >> flight 15 was approaching the runway yesterday morning
5:55 am
when passengers felt the plane quickly gain altitude. the faa says the pilot reported to the tower he was doing a go- around and, in other words, an aborted landing. but passengers say the captain said he was avoiding another plane landing at the same time. the sharp climb knocked one flight attendant to the floor. >> she was i think walking toward the back so that she could go sit down to prepare for the landing. and she just completely fell. and we all kind of looked over and people are kind of gasping a little alarmed. >> the faa and jetblue both say there was no other aircraft on the runway. they claim the plane executed a routine maneuver used when pilots think a landing could be less than safe. another player for the 49ers was in court pleading not guilty to misdemeanor vandalism. bruce miller made the appearance in san jose in a courtroom yesterday. he is free on bail. a march argument between miller and his fiancee. he is accused of throwing her
5:56 am
phone against the wall in a santa clara parking garage. investigators say he pushed her to the ground but she denied it. 49ers general manager said, "the 49ers organization is aware of the developments involving bruce miller and will continue to monitor these legal proceedings closely." it is 5:56 right now. more details are emerging on the freak accident that killed a well-known silicon valley ceo. >> and an arrest by san jose police has gone viral after being captured on video but the police department says there's a lot more that you don't see. we have a li
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning. it's tuesday, may 5. i'm frank mallicoat.
6:00 am
>> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:00. a viral video shows san jose police officers using physical force to subdue a suspect and now questions are being asked whether it was excessive. kiet do is at san jose police headquarters where the officers' actions are defended. >> reporter: good morning. at one point 25,000 people an hour were watching this video on facebook. it is now up to nearly a quarter million views. san jose police have begun an internal investigation over this clip. the clip is dark and shaky lasts 3 minutes and has a lot of yelling in it. take a look. [ sirens ] >> reporter: it begins with two police officers holding a suspect on the ground. then more officers arrive and appear to kick and beat the suspect with their fists. and then hit him with batons. in the background witnesses are heard telling the officers in spanish and english to stop hitting the man.


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