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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  May 6, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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last for hours. major bart delays right now. track problems bringing trains to a halt and the repairs are expected to last for hours. right now right here in the bay area an issue on bart tracks forcing a major delay on many
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lights. allen martin in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: major delays because of a problem on the tracks with the tracks. it all started at the end of the morning commute. so it's about 9:30. that is when bart crews say they discovered what they are calling a deformity on the tracks. it was between san francisco's civic center and 16th street mission bart. bart trains at this moment are single-tracking through downtown san francisco. there are limited trains coming into the city from the east bay. traffic from east bay bart stations has been slowed down with this interrupted service. the macarthur bart station is what you're looking at. we saw trains stop for some time before slowly starting to run again. trains that normally run from fremont to daly city they are stopping there. the only trains running through downtown san francisco are the ones heading to the airport at
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sfo and this is the bad part. bart says this problem is going to take at least five to six hours to fix. that's what they said at about 11:00 this morning. however, muni and alameda contra costa transit, ac transit, they will honor your bart tickets today to help get passengers where they need to go. bart is asking riders, this is amazing, try to find any other means of transportation. so this is going to -- this repair is going to go well into the evening commute. that commute going to be a real mess if you are relying on bart. but again, a huge problem with bart when they found a deformity on the tracks this morning just after the morning commute. so i'm sure we'll have updates throughout the day and if we get any in this next half-hour, we'll get back to you. frank and michelle? >> allen, thank you. we're following a developing story out of san ramon. a bicyclist was hurt near an elementary school. chopper 5 shows emergency
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vehicles at an intersection near walt disney elementary school. the victim was not a student. eastbound pine valley road was shut down for a short while. the cyclist was flown out by a helicopter. no word on the extent of his injuries. another round of shaking this morning in concord. a new series of small but attention-getting earthquakes. three of them hit within 35 minutes all centered in concord. the largest was 3.5. anne makovec is live in pleasant hill where people reported feeling the earthquake. >> reporter: yeah. the only damage that was reported as far as we know and i say reported. we're not sure if the earthquake actually caused the branch to fall off this tree. but that is what the residents here think. it's a few miles from the epicenter of the largest quake
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of the morning a 3.5. >> kind of freaked out for a little bit. >> reporter: dozens of people record feeling the earthquake swarm in concord and pleasant hill. >> they were just kind of a wavy action. >> reporter: the first quake a magnitude 3.2 was centered near highway 242 in concord. it hit at about 7:01 a.m. the second at 3.5 at 7:32. the third a 2.6 hit at 7:35 a.m. right afterward this man says his mother came to wake him up. >> she said she felt the earthquake this morning and then she heard noise outside and looked out the window right after the earthquake and saw that the tree had fallen on her car. >> reporter: [ no audio ]
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>> take it in stride. >> reporter: back out here live now in pleasant hill, we did speak with some arborists who said it was unlikely an earthquake of 3.5 could cause a tree to fall but it depends on the structure of the tree. geologists say there is a 3.5% chance of a 6.7 magnitude or higher quake striking this same fault, the concord fault, in the next 30 years. live in pleasant hill, anne makovec, kpix 5. there was a damaging 5.4 magnitude quake in 1955. it shows one person property damage was estimated at $1 million. new at noon the whale that washed ashore in pacifica was likely hit by a ship.
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biologistings were able to perform a necropsy. the whale had fractured vertebrae. it was beached yesterday morning. the 32-foot-long whale is the second one to wash ashore at that very same beach in the last three weeks. a new bill in sacramento is designed to prevent bart strikes, the 1-2 years ago caused bay area gridlock. >> reporter: assemblywoman catharine baker out of dublin is pleased on the outcome that took place here at the capital today. here's what you need to know. they are going to make it a two- year bill meaning there was no vote today and assemblyman. the chairman says he is going to help. the bill prohibits employees from going on strike to contract associations if the employees had agreed to a no strike clause in a previous contract. this would only affect the employees who continued to get paid under that specific
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contract even if it had expired. here's assemblywoman catharine baker's reaction to this morning's situation. >> my goal is to do anything we can to prevent future bart strikes. and i was very pleased that there's an opportunity to do that now with the chairman of the committee involved with other stakeholders coming to the table. so this is a good solution. i'm pleased to see the result today. >> reporter: meanwhile, an attorney based out of sacramento barry broad weigh interested in on why this is not a good idea. >> this bill just puts everything to the employer and lets them unilaterally implemented whatever they want. they could implement a 50% wage decrease if they wanted to. there is no guarantee they will do anything. so, um, we don't think there's anything wrong with the current law and we opposed bill.
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[ no audio ] we apologize for the audio in that last piece. presidential candidate hillary clinton is in san francisco today. no public events. her trip is designed to raise money for her campaign: the events will be held at the homes of environmental tom steyer and businesswoman susie tom kins in san francisco. tomorrow's fundraising swing is through los angeles. clinton is back up here friday for lunch at the home of ebay's ceo. today the city of san jose is honoring local officers to died in the line of duty. the department puts photos of every officer killed on display while bagpipes played in the background. national peace officers memorial day is on may 15. a street vendor was arrested after a brawl at at&t park. two vendors were arguing when
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one pulled out a knife. a man with a knife slashed the other one in the forehead. the suspect ran away but police quickly arrested him. the victim was taken to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. lawmakers stepping in to help students displaced after the abrupt corinthian college closure in san francisco. congresswoman jackie speier headed up a team of representatives from several bay area colleges. people from ccsf, san francisco state and san mateo community college gathered at city hall this morning. they are helping the corinthian college students find other options to pursue their educations. >> i hope the lesson of corinthian college gives those of us in congress the backbone to strengthen the requirements for for profit colleges in this country to operate. >> corinthian abruptly closed last month leaving 16,000 students scrambling. government says the school misled students about job opportunities and loan repayment. new news on the "deflate- gate" scandal.
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in a report released today, the nfl says new england patriots employees likely deflated the footballs and that tom brady was generally aware of it. however, the 243-page report states there's no evidence that patriots coach bill belichick knew about the intentional deflating. patriots owner robert kraft says they accept the findings. new details about the "germanwings" plane crash into the french alps. the copilot practiced controlled descent earlier that day. french investigators say lubitz repeatedly sent the plane into a descent and brought it back up during a flight from germany down to spain. it was during the return trip to désseldorf that the same plane crashed killing all 150 people on board. there is another concern regarding the new eastern span of the bay bridge.
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[ no audio ] kiet do went to find out more on the self-driving big rigs. >> reporter: self-driving cars so last year. we are here at a chp waystation in fremont to talk about self- driving big rigs. the so-called freightliner inspiration truck is the first of its kind in the country to receive an autonomous commercial truck license. there are only two of them. they are only driving in nevada. the truck can drive itself on the freeway staying in its lane, cruising or braking when necessary, and a human driver will still be inside the cab. it can do other duties like paperwork and planning the next trip. the human will also take full control in the city and suburbs. they say this is the next big step. >> the next challenge is to test this vehicle in real life take it out on public roads in
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europe but also in the united states to see about weather conditions, conditions in every temperature, how the vehicle behaves. >> the truck stills has a legal hurdle to clear. for example, who is responsible if there's a crash. we called daimler. they say these trucks could be on the roads in california as soon as they are certified n fremont, kiet do, kpix 5. >> up next, pulling back the veil on the government. the new website helping democracy go digital. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, we have rain back in the forecast. we'll pinpoint the day you should expect it as the news continues right here on kpix 5.
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today is national "bike to
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school" day. >> but it's hard to do that when you don't have a bike. so several dozen students from gardner academy in downtown san jose received free bikes from donors. the idea is to encourage more parents to let their children ride to school. some studies say 71% of the previous generations of children used to bike to school but now that number is down to 18%. biking advocates say riding to school instead of driving not only cuts down on traffic but gives you quality time with the kids. >> it's a time saver. healthier for the kids. now they don't have to worry about parking and traffic congestion and always fumes from all the traffic. >> i love it. >> we didn't see anybody biking to school today. but maybe they are holding it for the weekend. >> today is a nice day for a
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ride. >> it is. until those winds pick up out of the west 10 to 20 miles an hour later today then you have the stiff breeze as you pedal along but go for it anyway. how about this weather watcher out here, that would be brian bower reporting 69 degrees in san ramon. full-on sunshine at this hour. the barometric pressure is falling. good call there brian because we have an area of low pressure that's making tracks towards the bay area. this is the scene right now at lunch time in the city by the bay, the city of san francisco where visibility is unlimited at this hour. we can see all the way out to the golden gate bridge. look at santa rosa after dropping down to 40 degrees this morning. it is now 70 degrees there. it's in the mid-60s in livermore. i noticed all the winds are under 10 miles an hour at this particular time. we have this, it's an area of low pressure it's going to take an inside track an easterly direction and then whip around to the west. anden that when the thunderstorm possibility will increase on thursday right here
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in the bay area. until then, we are going to continue to see a little bit of that onshore push with the stratus hanging tight to the san mateo coast. but as that low gets closer we do clear out there. and then by lunchtime tomorrow, we start to see the rain moving in from the central valley. hit-and-miss scattered showers primarily to the south of san jose. working its way to monterey and then friday as the low begins to dig south, the wraparound moist moisture will produce an additional chance of scattered showers. then we clear out for the weekend. 80 in sacramento today. 4" of snow above 6500 feature with the approachment of this area of low pressure. lows tonight 40s and 50s. today's highs very seasonal at average. typically we should be at 63 in san francisco. and bingo, that's what we have in the forecast.
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70s inland. we do have a west wind 10 to 20 today. and then tomorrow, again, we increase that possibility of rain showers through friday. it will be very isolated, very hit and miss and anything that we do see will generally be less than .25", i'd say .10". to become a westchester, weather watcher go to you can report your findings in your microclimates here. >> we are getting more and more weather watchers, that's good. >> especially for the morning show. they are waking up early with us. >> they are. all right, thanks, roberta. well, let's take a look at the big board right now. wow, today not a -- still a bad day. >> very bad dad. >> yesterdatoo -- very bad day. >> yesterday, too. the dow is down over 170. gavin newsom is allowing a platform so you can see what representatives are doing in the capital. it's called digital democracy. the free internet platform uses voice and facial recognition technology to give people a
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virtual access to state legislative hearings. it will also transcribe what is being said. from teaching the abcs to astrophysics, teachers do it all. what it takes to mold young minds. >> and a reminder if you have a consumer problem or question, give our hotline a call at at 888-5-helps-u. volunteers are there right now.
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. time too go shopping. today tony tantillo is looking for citrus. he has great tips on buying the best lemons. >> reporter: well, today's tip of the day is going to be is with sweet lemons. like to try one? what's this? that'slicious. it has a texture of a -- that's delicious. it has the texture of a tangerine. no puckering up here. they are from mexico now, a little more expensive than regular lem amongst but if you never tried them, give them a try, a little more expensive than regular lemons. nice and yellow all the way around. skin nice and free from any shriveling whatsoever and heavy for their size. when you bring them home store them on the counter not in the
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refrigerator. they are great juiced not that great for cooking because you need the acidity but to eat out of hand, believe it or not, sweet lemons, it's worth it! i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. that's so swede. -- that's so sweet. in today's jobs report jill schlesinger looks at a career in teaching. reporter: it's teacher appreciation week, the perfect time to personally thank educators for all the sacrifices they make and support they give to children. it's also a good time to consider a career in teaching. teaching requires dedication, patience and the ability to communicate with students as well as with parents and administrators. requirements include a bachelor's degree, and if you plan to teach at a public school a state-issued license. you can visit for more information. and although the pay is not massive, the benefits are great. high school teachers here in the bay area earn a median annual income of nearly $72,000.
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they also get a summer break, holidays as well as excellent healthcare and pension benefits. many teachers also opt to earn extra income by tutoring, coaching or teaching summer school. before jumping in feet first, talk to teachers in your area and gather as much information as you can. i'm jill schlesinger for kpix 5.
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an update on breaking news now. major delays on bart this afternoon. there's a deformity on the tracks on the tracks. trains being single-tracked through downtown and there's limited service coming from the east bay into the city. >> and repairs are expected to tank five to six hours and bart officials are telling riders to make alternate plans for the evening commute. of course, we are going to have the very latest on kpix
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>> brooke: you'll say anything against rick, won't you? >> ridge: you think i'm making this up? >> eric: i understand you have issues with rick. but you can't do this. you can't be spreading stories about maya. >> ridge: that's not what i'm doing. i'm telling his parents very quietly that the woman that rick trusts and adores... had a boy's name at birth. [ camera shutter clicking ]


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