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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 7, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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morning, it is 4:29. just about 4:30. maybe a little rain in our forecast. roberta will tell us in just a second. good morning, everyone. it's thursday, may 7. i'm michelle griego. >> if you are commuting now is a good time to come in by the way. [ laughter ] >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. rise and shine. it's 4:30. liz has traffic and maybe a wee bit of rain tonight? >> i would say we are going to have a scattered shower or two nothing substantial perhaps less than a tenth of an inch. good morning, heading out we have cloud cover and areas of patchy fog and we do have temperatures this is 40s and 50s out the door. later today numbers from the 50s at the beaches to the mid- 70s inland. we'll pinpoint where the rain will fall but first let's say good morning to elizabeth. >> here's a live look at conditions across the golden gate bridge. it looks okay if you are traveling southbound but we have a lot of overnight roadwork on some other bridges including the san mateo bridge.
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san jose police are concerned about a sexual predator. investigatedders say this man attempted two sexual assaults on the city's west side. the latest happened tuesday afternoon on rio vista avenue. the suspect followed a 13-year- old girl home then barged through the front door. the girl fought back and he ran away. >> actually kind of scary that someone would actually have the guts to go up to someone's house and try and enter it. we have had robberies here. every neighborhood has but this actually is outrageous. it isn't for economic reasons but that he just wants to sexually assault somebody. >> police believe the same man attacked a woman on saratoga avenue on april 22. she fought back and he fled. parts of the plains are reeling after close to 50 tornadoes hit in three states. adriana diaz is in oklahoma city where storms destroyed
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homes, caused critical injuries and left thousands of people without power. reporter: this massive tornado is one of dozens that tore through the country wednesday from kansas to nebraska to oklahoma, homes and buildings leveled. south of oklahoma city, rescue crews searched through piles of debris for anyone missing. this mobile home park took a direct hit. police say at least 10 people were hurt. five of them critically. >> if you live in seminole one to two miles south of seminole you need to go to your safe spot now. if you live in a mobile home, get out. >> reporter: for the first time in oklahoma city history, the national weather service declared a flash flood emergency as unprecedented rainfall turned roads into rivers. this hotel south of oklahoma city tried to prepare. they boarded up windows but stood little chance against a tornado that came through. people here and other parts of the country are not out of the
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woods yet. >> on thursday an and evening we'll be watching kansas, oklahoma, west of 35 and into the texas panhandle. chance for some more tornadoes large hail damaging wind gusts. >> reporter: forecasters say another storm system could bring more bad weather to those states through mother's day weekend. adriana diaz, cbs news, oklahoma city, oklahoma. there are no reports of significant problems from a rash of small earthquakes that rattled the concord area. three quakes hit within a 35 minute span yesterday morning along the concord green valley fault. they were centered near monument boulevard and cowell road. the largest wa 3.5 "evening magazine." researchers say the small quakes are helpful. >> they don't necessarily leave pressure but give -- relieve pressure, but they give us information about the fault. >> there have been at least 11 small quakes in the area since sunday. 4:33. back to the tornadoes. your son is in oklahoma. >> i have such a terrifying
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afternoon yesterday. i was on the phone with the national weather service in oklahoma a good portion of the day. my son was in a basement a good portion of the day and night. one of the tornadoes touched down about four miles outside of the university of oklahoma. it was between moore and norman and moore was the scene of that devastating deadly tornado just two years ago. and they have more activity in the forecast again today all the way through friday. locally we have a chance of some rain showers today. i'm going to say we will have a scattered light rain shower this afternoon and into the evening hours. we are lined in blue and gold in honor of the golden state warriors. when is the game? >> saturday in memphis. >> i'm ready. temperatures out the door into the 50s. winds breezy in concord out of the south at 12. the inside slider is due use. when we see scattered light
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rain showers, it will be inland. it will be stormy over the sierra. we have snow falling there right now. elizabeth any chain requirements? >> not so far. it's probably a good idea to pack them in case you're heading that way. look at that. like roberta said everything is relatively quiet right now weather-wise. you can see pretty good approach to the bay bridge to the toll plaza. no delay on the eastshore freeway but eastbound there is that overnight roadwork approaching the center anchorage and we are also getting reports of a stall eastbound on the lower lower san mateo bridge eastbound and westbound another heads up about the big san mateo bridge closure starting at 10:00 friday continuing through the weekend. nimitz freeway 880 in oakland is moving fine so far not much roadwork in the area. 880 also looking quiet as you head down into hayward.
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we'll take another check of "kcbs traffic" coming up. in the meantime, back to you guys. bart riders hoping for a smooth commute home and to work this morning not the mess they faced yesterday. workers found a 10" gap in a piece of traffic near the civic center in san francisco. crews made repairs. it's not clear whether the broken track was due to old age. bart has been warning about these kinds of problems now for some time. >> we need to replace the entire guts of our system. it's not sexy stuff. we're talking about structures, our communications system, our train control system. >> state audit says the 42-year- old system needs $9.6 billion worth of work but the agency can only afford about half of that price tag. it wasn't the only problem for the bart system. a mylar balloon got caught up in power lines in san leandro yesterday afternoon. pg&e says that knocked out electricity to some bart equipment. it brought service to a halt
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between the bay fair, hayward and castro valley stations for a couple of hours. surveillance cameras captured a burglary in san francisco as it was going down. the video shows the burglar smashing in the front window of a boutique here called art of style on west portal avenue. a man is seen running to the back of the store grabbing an armful of merchandise. seen grabbing more off a table before running out the front door. the break-in happened april 21. now, one surveillance camera recorded this image of the suspect here. san francisco police say he got away with $3,000 worth of clothing and some other items. workers in emeryville can look forward to bigger paychecks starting next month. employees at small companies will make at least $12.25 an hour. businesses with more than 55 workers will pay $14.44 starting in july. and by 2019, all workers earn at least $16 an hour making it one of the highest in the u.s. the city council approved the
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wage hike tuesday night. it is a first for tesla. it's buying one of its michigan based auto suppliers. riviera tool in grand rapids makes parts shipped to tesla's assembly plant in fremont. now the automaker will have a manufacturing presence in the home state of gm, ford and fiat chrysler. the move is expected to boost efficiency as tesla expands production of its luxury car line. zynga cutting 364 positions, that's about 18% of its workforce. the move comes even though the san francisco company reported better-than-expected quarterly earnings. zynga stock jumped 10% in after- hours trading yesterday. the job cuts are part of a cost- reduction program that's expected to generate about $100 million for that company. new statistics show there's a serious glass ceiling in the tech industry. white men have a 260% advantage over asian women when it comes
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to getting promoted to executives. kpix 5's sharon chin takes a closer look at the numbers. >> we call it the bamboo ceiling. i have heard it as the bamboo ceiling. >> reporter: asians may dominate the workforce in silicon valley but you don't find a lot of them at the top. >> it doesn't surprise me. >> reporter: a new report looked at 5 large silicon valley companies and found a startling imbalance. in 2013, asians held 27% of the jobs. whites 62%. but in the executive suite, asians filled 14%, whites 80%. the study's authors concede the dramatic gap stems from a cultural divide. in the west -- >> you want a leader to be which is being assertive, being loud at meetings, asking what they want. >> reporter: but in the east -- >> they are afraid to put their ideas out for fear that the idea will be rejected. >> you have to be a little more vocal. you have to pave your path a little more on your own and step outside the normal bounds.
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>> reporter: even so, silicon valley is under increasing pressure to improve their hiring and promotion records. >> it would be great to have more diversity at all levels in terms of race and [ indiscernible ] >> we'll breakthrough the bamboo ceiling, if there is one, in due time. >> reporter: sharon chin, kpix 5. >> some tech companies like google, intel and linkedin say they are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to increase diversity. they are training employees how to recognize unconscious bias and recruiting from a wider variety of colleges. we are just getting started on this thursday morning. it is 4:40. nfl releases its findings on that "deflate-gate" scandal. why tom brady probably played a role. >> what's cool about your school? email your nominations to us at we may come and feature your school on the show.
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today protestors are expected at a hearing on the
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state of the troubled city college of san francisco. [ chanting ] they took over an administration building for a few hours yesterday afternoon. the protestors are upset about deep cuts to classes and changes to the tuition payment system. community college has been in a three-year battle to retain its accreditation. a woman who claims former san francisco 49er ray mcdonald sexual assaulted her is now suing a current 49ers player. as betty yu reports, the accuser says it happened during a night of drinking in december at mcdonald's then san jose home. reporter: >> she wants mr. mcdonald to know that she is just not going to live in fear of him. >> reporter: high-powered attorney gloria allred accused ray mcdonald of punishing her client, 22-year-old kiely wolf, for reporting the alleged rape. wolf is now also accusing this man of assault and battery,
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49ers linebacker ahmad brooks. brooks and mcdonald were teammates and wolf claims brooks groped her in a sexual manner when she was unconscious after falling by mcdonald's pool and then hitting her head. wolf believes mcdonald's home surveillance video will show brooks touching her before mcdonald carried her to his bedroom where she claims mcdonald then sexually assaulted her, as well. but prosecutors haven't filed any charges against mcdonald. but the 9ers cut him from the team. so in march, mcdonald sued wolf for defamation saying any sex they had was consensual. >> we will not allow nfl football players or any other rich and famous person to intimidate persons who allege that they are rape victims. >> reporter: legal expert judge ladoris cordell says there are two possible explanations for why wolf is suing in civil court. >> one is explanation is not a good one is that she, you
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know, the gold digger the one who is just out for money. >> reporter: the judge says the other explanation is that because wolf was unconscious, she really didn't know she was a victim and that it will likely come down to whatever is on the surveillance video. the 49ers released a statement saying they are aware of this situation and were disappointed to learn about this matter. ray mcdonald meanwhile has been signed with the chicago bears. in santa clara, betty yu, kpix 5. the nfl isn't buying quarterback tom brady's denials in "deflate-gate." the league says he probably knew the footballs were inflated before the game. the bay area native was likely aware of the game balls being tampered with illegally prior to the game. the patriots owner ripped the report saying he feels offended by some of the comments. starting next month, cities across the state are required to cut water use anywhere from 8 to 36%.
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but as andria borba shows us, a wealthy desert enclave hasn't gotten the message. reporter: with 300 days of sunshine a year, more water features than starbucks and miles of green lawns this is palm springs smack in the heart of the sonoran desert. in the middle of an epic drought the coachella valley is home to the highest water consumption in the state up to 10 times greater than bay area usage. there's a shockingly wide range of water usage among californians from zippers in san francisco who in the month of march averaged 41 gallons a day east bay m.u.d. customers using more at 65.8 gallons. but palm springs residents rate as the king of water guzzlers using over 200 gallons a day. but that number doubles during the summer months. is the "rat pack" era fantasy of free lawns, golf courses, pools, is that sustainable in 2015? >> no. absolutely not. >> reporter: in our first hour on the grounds, we spotted a
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hose at the renaissance hotel flowing, watering the concrete. at the victoria falls development, what looks to be a mini homage to niagra in the desert for decoration. it's not just that. >> it's 5:17 in the afternoon here in rancho mirage and the sprinklers are on spraying and overspraying everything. >> reporter: and driving around, sights like this one. the gas station has a lawn. and at del taco you can get a side of grass. why does the gas station need a lawn? >> not sure. >> reporter: golf courses suck up more than 20% of the water in the valley. public courses like this one are on recycled water but the private courses have their own wells tapping directly into the overtasked aquifer. there have been conservation efforts but the desert water agency says they don't think they can hit 35% demanded by the governor and more importantly say they don't have the method or means to enforce it. in rancho mirage, andria borba,
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kpix 5. >> they have a lot of golf courses down there, 122 in palm springs. there i was a couple of weeks ago and that's all -- it was just the talk. what's going to happen? can we let these brown out? that kind of thing. >> many of our local golf courses castlewood one of the only ones that does not use recycled water so you have to have that come into play. if you see it watering, being water the during the day it could be recycled water. give them the benefit of the doubt because i'm sure everybody is aware that the state of california is in a drought. we have some light rain in our forecast today. we have snow in the high sierra. we are taking you live now to donner summit the elevation just slightly over 7,000 feet. >> look at that. >> that's the mountain pass in the northern sierra about 9 miles west of truckee off 80. elizabeth will be along to tell us if we need chains heading over the donner pass. but look! it is snowing there. and it is cloudy here. that's the scene at the embarcadero at this particular time where we do have mostly
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cloudy conditions. winds up to 12 miles per hour. 40s and 50s out the door. the snow at donner summit and rain chances we have today are due do an inside slider. it came from the north, went east and now back up to the west slightly so our inland areas will be clipped with a scattered shower and even the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm. it will remain quite stormy over the sierra with over 6" of snow above 7,000 feet in elevation. high pressure builds in for the weekend. tonight chance of rain due east. you have to think that something will drift into the eastern portion and the south bay as well as the day progresses. we'll call it unsettled through friday. clearing out by the weekend. around the state today, mid-70s in sacramento. 48 in the greater lake tahoe area. 67 san francisco. 70s way from the bay. here's a look at the extended
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forecast. unsettled for the next 48 hours. and then seasonal highs over the weekend. we just checked. it looks like chains might be needed. no official chain requirements yet on 80 or 50 or 88. but, of course, that could change at any time. if you are planning a trip to the sierra bring them in case. it's really coming down! here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. and we just missed the zipper crews i think. they are continuing farther north. you can see them there in the distance opening another southbound lane. we have a crash in los altos southbound 280 approaching el monte road. it rolled off the freeway on the shoulder so it's not causing a delay on the main lines of the freeway. a tow crew may cause a slowdown approaching the exit. the only thing going on is overnight roadwork southbound 880 between stevens creek and
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280. we are not seeing a lot of yellow on our sensors just yet so it's early enough that hopefully you can avoid any kind of wait. and a live look near the dublin interchange. everything looks great the only slowdowns we are seeing out of tracy to about north livermore avenue. that's "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. a new warning about a common method to polish your fingernails. some dermatologists say getting a gel manicure could cause skin cancer. the polish isn't the problem but the nails are dried using an ultraviolet light similar to what's used in tanning beds. >> anytime you have any sort of light radiation, i think there's some risk. >> in addition, the uv light prevents oxygen from reaching the natural nails making them brittle. one recommendation, find a salon that uses l.e.d. lights. time now 4:51. tech giant intel targets an east bay school district to groom future computer scientists. what it ho
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what do you see in you see temperatures pretty close to where they should be for this time of the year. partly to mostly cloudy conditions along the coast today. into the 50s. 60s and low 70s around the peninsula. there we introduce a chance of a shower to the south and to the east of the bay area. even the possibility of an isolated afternoon thunderstorm. good morning, brentwood at 75 degrees? >> late day 71 in petaluma. cloverdale high of 73. checking mass transit, i hope you didn't get stuck on
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one of those bart delays yesterday. no delay systemwide. all mass transit looks good. we'll hit the roads with travis all coming up. a train hauling bakken crude burst into flames in the dakotas yesterday. 20 people were evacuated. no injuries. trains have derailed in west virginia, north dakota and canada in the past couple of years carry bakken crude. many bay area cities are opposed to the oil by rail shipments. hillary clinton will make a fundraising swing in southern california today. tomorrow she will be in the portola valley for a fundraiser them to of ebay ceo john donahoe. yesterday, clinton was in the bay area enjoying some tea with the mayor. she attended fundraisers at private homes. one time presidential candidate rick santorum says he will make a decision this month on whether he will run again in
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2016. he ran for the republican nomination in 2012. eventually conceding to mitt romney. santorum is a former u.s. senator from pennsylvania. a crucial test vote in the u.s. senate today on a bill that would give congress the final say on a nuclear deal with iran. the bipartisan legislation would take away president obama's authority to lift economic sanctions without congressional approval. that would only apply to sanctions that congress imposed in the first place. maryland's governor has lifted the state of emergency in baltimore. the extra police officers national guard troops were all called off. they have helped enforce the citywide curfew after the protests and riots over the death of freddie gray. he was killed while in police custody. six officers involved have been charged in gray's death. up next, at 4:56, governor brown slamming critics against the delta tunnel project. why he is confident they are moving forward. >> bart is having a midlife
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crisis and yesterday it showed affecting riders all day. the pric
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good morning. nearly 5:00 on this thursday. san jose police are seeking the public's help in finding a man suspected of two attempted sexual assaults. kiet do joins us live now in the south bay with details. san jose police say this man is preying on women and girls. he could do it again. reporter: they have a surveillance photo. investigators say this suspect is suspected of two attempted sexual assaults on the west
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side. first one tuesday on rio vista suspect followed a 13-year-old girl home and barged through the front door. she fought back and he ran away. >> actually scary that someone has the guts to go up to someone's house and enter it. we have had robberies but this is outrageous. it is outrageous that he just wants to sexually assault somebody. >> now a month ago police believed the same man attacked a 28-year-old woman at the mitts sue what marketed on saratoga avenue. he followed her into a public restroom and she fought back and he fled. san jose police believe someone in the bay area knows them and can identify them. >> why are police especially concerned in this case? >> they say that he is getting bold and pulling off these attempted attacks in broad daylight with they concern of getting caught


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