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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  May 7, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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linda macdonald is captioning for you in real time. it is shaping up to be a wild weather day! take a look at this. we are the first to report a funnel cloud above the bay area and more rain and thunder and lightning could be on the way, too. hi, everyone. good afternoon. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. let's take you through our exclusive photos of the funnel
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cloud that grew out of a storm cell this morning. it was your weather watcher in sebastopol to saw it taking shape. it is set off against the early- morning sky. you can see the shape of the cloud as it moved over sebastopol. the funnel cloud never touched down so there was no damage. this third picture take a look shows the funnel cloud starting to break up now. our weather watcher knew what to do and contacted our roberta gonzales in the weather center and roberta, pretty amazing photo. >> cathy munch our weather watcher from sebastopol very early this morning. let's walk you through what happened this morning. we were on our morning newscast right here on kpix 5. our live hi-def doppler radar was showing at that particular time
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a light rain shower over sebastopol. kathy munch looked north toward lake sonoma and captured this. the says, i think this is a funnel -- she says, i think this is a funnel cloud. kathy was spot on. what is a funnel cloud? it's basically a tornado that never does touch down. if it does, it becomes a bona fide tornado. this is a wide shot of this funnel cloud as it is beginning to break apart. what was so beneficial and helpful for us is photograph number 3. when i submitted all these photographs to the national weather service, meteorologist charles bell told me you could clearly see some of that rotation right there associated with that funnel cloud. therefore, we classified it as a weak funnel cloud. but indeed, very rare for this area. but very important to note because we have a very significant area of low pressure. look at all the wraparound moisture throughout the central valley. you can see all those lightning bolts. you have there some light to moderate rainfall throughout
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the tri-valley that 580/680 corridor. that caught my eye. we have had some lightning strikes in tracy. these lightning strikes are cloud-to-ground lightning. very dangeous. we have light rain falling around the santa clara valley. that's what's going on right now. we'll continue to see some dicey conditions as the afternoon progresses but we first of all, frank, we got to thank our weather watcher kathy munch from sebastopol who was able to send us these photographs and keep all of us informed here in the bay area. >> absolutely. nice job, kathy. san mateo saw some rain this morning. water droplets fell on a car windshield. you see them here. light showers made the roads slick as people commuted to work. headlights, they were on. windshields wipers working overtime. the weather was a bit more intense in fremont. you don't city this every day.
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here's hail at another viewer's house. looking back at the bay, and the sky is covered in low clouds no sun or sunshine right now. sean bennett reports from the sierra. >> reporter: snow-covered trees, a lot of snow and fresh powder. not to mention it's also helping rivers. take a look at this. this is the south fork of the yuba river, the water rushing to the valley to help us over the summer months. elevation about 7200 feet. when we got there at 4:15 this morning the snow was falling. and it didn't let up. we saw snowplows, there was chain control in effect. once the sun came up the snow didn't even subside. it just kept coming down and coming down and coming down. a welcome sight for the sierra especially for people driving
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through the summit. >> we drove over here in the end of march and didn't hit anything. so coming up in may kind of surprising to actually hit the snow again. >> reporter: with the winter weather advisory we're seeing up here in the sierra we are expected to get anywhere between two to six inches of snow over the next 24 hours. the weather moving through the area another good reason to download kpix 5 weather app. it has live radar photos and the latest weather reports anytime of the day. we have a new look at the man who san jose police say was trying to sexually assault a 13- year-old girl in the middle of the day. as kpix 5's kiet do reports, that young girl fought back. [ indiscernible ] >> the world is not a safe place. >> reporter: the man approached the 13-year-old girl at her doorstep holding his phone like he was recording her pretending
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to be lost. he kept asking her name and age but she refused. >> he asked me inappropriate questions so that's when i decided to run inside the house and i tried to slam the door on him but i couldn't. so he gets inside. then he tries to grab me. so i -- i push him back. i try to get him off of me and then i slam my hand into his face and that's when he decides to get off of me. >> reporter: here's a close-up view again in slow motion. the man is still holding the cell phone. at one point he has both hands around the back of her head pulling her head towards his chest when she smacks him in the face. >> i just see this man on top of me and i'm like, what's going on? how is this happening to me? >> reporter: she slips on the rug and falls to the ground and breaks free. the girl gets up and faces at tacker attention off her backpack and starts looking for a sharp or heavy object to use as a weapon.
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man checks outside closes the door and steps towards her again. but then pauses, seems to have second thoughts and then turns and leaves. the girl asked us not to show her face. >> if she was really, really vicious, he would have came after me and just started doing things inside the house. >> reporter: last month san jose police believe the same man wearing a green shirt followed a woman into a bathroom at a nearby supermarket and tried to sexually assault her. the photo on the far right shows the face of the man who attacked the girl on tuesday. the man in both sets of images have beards and had the same m.o. as for the girl's mother, she says the attack has shattered her sense of security. >> very heartbroken and this kind of thing can happen inside my home. so sick. >> reporter: police are especially concerned because they fear he may attack again. he is become increasingly brazen and bold trying to pull off the sexual assault in broad daylight apparently with no fear of getting caught. in downtown san jose kiet do, kpix 5. alameda county family is
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missing after a camping trip into sierra county. a 41-year-old man along with his 5-year-old son and 3-year- old daughter were supposed to return home earlier this week. family was last seen traveling in their 2015 black toyota tundra pickup. according to reports, they planned to drive through a remote rugged part of the sierra and plumas counties. there are multiple agencies involved in the search effort right now. east bay wine festivals are taking a closer look at protocols to major sure festival-goers don't drink and drive. the review comes in the wake of a deadly drunk driving accident over the weekend. a livermore wine country festival patron crashed his car killing a mother and daughter. organizers are considering limiting the number of drinks a person can have and expanding its valet parking service. one more day before the san mateo hayward bridge shut down for the weekend. kpix 5's anne makovec with a look at how you can avoid a traffic mess as they repave the bridge. >> reporter: this bridge will
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be closed starting at 10 p.m. on friday for the first of two weekend closures this month. the signs have been up for weeks warning drivers that the san mateo bridge will soon be closed. eastbound highway 92 from foster city boulevard and westbound from clawiter road. >> a lot of extra traffic could be along 101 and 880 as people search for alternates. >> reporter: here are your options. the dumbarton bridge on highway 84, the toll-free highway 237, and the bay bridge interstate 80. >> i think the bay bridge is going to take a brunt of this extra traffic especially with several big events happening in san francisco. and giants games all weekend long. >> reporter: the san mateo bridge will re-open by 5:00 monday morning. during the 55 hour closure, caltrans crews will be resurfacing the deck on the 48- year-old bridge and a few other odds and ends. >> anytime we have a full closure like this, we take advantage of it by doing as
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much maintenance as possible and you can get a lot done when you don't have any traffic on the bridge. >> reporter: the bridge will close again on memorial day weekend may 22nd through the 25th. in hayward, anne makevoc, kpix 5. san francisco city leaders say pedestrian safety is a priority but the number of fatalities is still high. the city has lowered speed limits and added more traffic signals. 96 people died or were seriously injured last year which is more than the city projected. the mayor wants to eliminate all traffic deaths by 2024. students interrupted a national summit hosted by uc president janet napolitano on undocumented immigrants this morning. >> you cannot make this decision and create opinions about our lives without knowing our personal struggles. >> right when she got on stage, students stood up and raised their fists in the airport the peaceful protest lasted only a few minutes. napolitano thanked them and continued speaking about her
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plan to help undocumented immigrants. >> our goal at the university of california is to do all we can for undocumented students with undocumented students. however, we recognize that there are limits because of the limits in current federal law. >> the the two day seminar will show colleges and universities how to help students navigate some of those issues. even after a lengthy nfl investigation, questions remain regarding "deflate-gate." the report revealed that star quarterback tom brady was likely aware of the deflated footballs. brady has so far remained silent on the issue. his agent says the report contains significant and tragic flaws. others say it could harm his golden boy reputation. >> a guy who's on top of the world who seems to have everything, great family, legacy, super bowl, still feels so much pressure and the need to achieve. that's what blows everybody away. >> brady is expected to address
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the nfl investigation tonight at a massachusetts university. tornadoes tearing through the midwest! and there are more on the way. the path of destruction next. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, good afternoon, everybody. we have had a reported funnel cloud that's now been confirmed. we have had hail in the fremont area. we have breezy conditions in dublin. we have the full forecast as the news continues right here on kpix 5.
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people in the southern plains are assessing destruction from a dozen tornadoes. a suburb of oklahoma city was
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hard hit with more than 1500 buildings damaged or destroyed. tornadoes touched down in kansas, nebraska, and texas. some places had up to 8" of rain. and we have a wild weather day here in the bay area. take a look at this funnel cloud. one of our weather watcher sent us this exclusive photo. the funnel cloud moved over sebastopol this morning. it never touched down though. that's good. >> absolutely. we can thank kathy munch our weather watcher in the north bay. >> yes. sebastopol. if that funnel cloud had touched down it would officially have been a tornado. if it had been been over the water, it would have been officially been a waterspout. we have 10 different spotters, let's look at this here, 57 degrees currently from brian boer with overcast conditions and rain. let's stay with the east bay
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theme and take you to grizzly peak and look at the current conditions there. there's a rain shower out there. at this particular time this is live data and we're picking up lightning in the central valley also looks like precipitation falling around santa clara, san jose, alum rock, campbell in the southern portion of the bay area. east of the bay light to moderate rainfall around the 580/680 corridor in san ramon and dublin. live weather camera from dublin, yeah, you can see in the distance there that little haze, that's some light precipitation. south winds at 12 miles per hour. temperatures currents 50s, 60s. this concerns me 73 degrees atmosphere heating up with this area of low pressure that's now beginning to move into the area with that warmer air mass, it is so unsettled. we could see the possibility of
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a thunderstorm popping at any point. this is the core of the center of the area of low pressure. and it moves in over the sierra nevada area. it's now back up west. that's why we have the greatest potential of thunderstorms inland. futurecast places some light rain throughout the afternoon hours. again, this is just a computer model. so we could still see more development on top of this. tomorrow we'll keep that chance of a light shower in the forecast. it's still snowing in the high sierra. up to 6" expected in the highest elevations above 6500 feet. 8:06 is sunset. by then, we could see some dicey weather with these temperatures all the way up to the mid-70s. we'll keep that chance of an isolated shower in the forecast on friday and dry skies for mother's day. now what you need to get for mother's day? get her a rain gauge to become one of my weather watcher. could you do that by going online -- you could do that by going online to i'm not even exaggerating. i have received so much email today from people going, that funnel cloud was so cool, i
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want to be a weather watcher! how do i do it? >> they have to get up early. >> kathy munch got up early and on the spot. >> that's great. he has helped thousands of kids and is practically a kid himself. one bay area teenager proves you're never too young to make a difference. >> and if you have a consumer problem or question, call our hotline. 888-5-helps-u. volunteers are there right now. we'l
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it's perfect for salad, salsas and here's tony tantillo on the art of picking the perfect roma tomato. >> well, today's tip of the day is going to be is roma tomatoes. i love them year round. they are being imported now. they are not in yet but they will be here locally. when you buy them red all the way around no shriveling, check the top. make sure it's free from any decay. when you bring them home store them on the counter never, ever store them in the refrigerator. they are great for salads, great for sauces, they are great to cook with. they're wonderful! the roma tomato is my favorite tomato because to me, it's the closest thing to the italian tomato. and i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. he teaches science, math and finance, and he collects books and board games for kids. and is only a teenager. kpix 5's sharon chin tells us he is also this week's
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jefferson award winner. >> what is credit? >> reporter: 16-year-old ryan traynor trains teenagers on money matters like how to take out a loan. >> what were the conditions for you to allow so you could borrow the item? >> i had his watch as collateral for my english notebook: >> reporter: ryan leads his money smarts class twice a month at the redwood city library. every year he teaches 1300 students what his parents taught him. >> if you ask, like, half the kids in america, like, what a credit score was, they would be, like, what? i don't know what that means. >> reporter: but to understand how much he does for his community, just look at the back room at his family's san mateo county home. ryan designs and teaches free hands on "stem" classes at the redwood city library for low income students, hosts board game days and gives donated games to local shelters. he has recruited dozens of volunteers but he himself got hooked on community service when he read to preschoolers to earn a boy scout merit badge. after reading to the kids he
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gave each of them a new book that was donated to the library. it was at that time that he realized the value of a single book. >> when you give a kid a book, you see their face light up. many of these kids didn't have any books at all. and that one book was the only book that they had in their entire lives. >> reporter: he created a youth literacy council in 2013 as part of his eagle scout project. nine teenagers from different high schools organized events at the redwood city library to promote reading. the library children's program director jan pedden watched ryan take the helm. >> and that started that amazing book drive where he collected over 20,000 books. >> reporter: library executive director derek wolfgram calls ryan a go getter. >> writes the grants and gets them and organizes the programs. he is just talented beyond his years. >> you get this satisfaction from helping people that you just can't get from anything else in the entire world. perfect. all right. >> reporter: so for leading volunteer projects serving thousands of san mateo county students, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to
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ryan traynor. sharon chin, kpix 5. >> and you can nominate your local hero for a jefferson award online at
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coming up at 5:00 a funnel cloud, hail, it's been a wild weather day. and it's not over yet. we have a team of reporters tracking the chance of more rain and more thunderstorms. >> nobody happier than you. you were busy today. >> very busy but what is most notable also is that it's snowing in the high sierra and that's much-needed water for us. >> a beautiful shot. look at mount diablo. not bad, huh, guys? >> raining there now, too. >> all right. have a great afternoon, everyone. >> see you tomorrow, folks. captions by: caption
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>> ridge: so, rick still doesn't know? >> brooke: no. i want to hear from maya first. i want her to explain why she hasn't told my son. he's moved her into his house. he's going to propose to her. why would she let it go on so long? >> ridge: but i thought you were confronting her last night. wasn't that the plan? >> brooke: i was. i was. i went to the photo studio. she was there looking at pictures of herself, the beautiful lead forrester model. [ sighs ] i just couldn't bring myself to ask her why she hasn't told my son the truth that she is transgender. >> nicole: no ring, i see. i thought rick was close to proposing. guess it didn't happen last night.


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