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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  May 8, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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thanks for watching, everybody. have a great weekend. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the welcome to "this morning." extreme storms spark an explosion train derailment and new tornados in the plains. tom brady goes on the record about deflategate -- sort of. millions of drivers illegally text and drive. police show us how hard it is to get them to knock it off. we begin with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> flooding and high winds in dallas are to blame for this train derail. >> three tornados confirmed in texas. >> millions in the path of severe storms. >> here in o denton texas, a lightning strike set off a
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natural gas well explosion. >> major flooding issues. >> look at the refrigerator, the force of water tipped it over. >> ana, the first subtropical storm of the season off the carolina coast. >> what do you guys think? neither do i. tom brady made his first public appearance after the wells report. the fbi is warning more than a thousand on-line followers of the terror group isis may be living in the u.s. >> meanwhile, the fbi may have warned police in texas about the two men who attacked the prophet mohammed arcartoon context. >> we're going to dw toertivert to south carolina. >> i said god, i'm with you with, get us down please. >> david cameron is preparing for another term as prime minister. >> i will make sure i do not let you down. thank you. a very brave 13-year-old girl fought off an attacker after he followed her home from school in san jose. >> the bus ended up on railroad tracks in philadelphia. the driver was not wearing her
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seat belt. everyone is expected to be okay. >> all that -- >> see ya! number 661. alex stands alone in fourth place on baseball's all-time home run list. >> and all that matters. >> there's going to be a lot of happy teachers happy students. >> using the proceeds from the auction of my old set we are going to flush fund all 1,000 projects. [ cheers and applause ] >> on cbs "this morning." >> when you retire i'm never going to wear a fancy dress on a talk show again. i want to give you the dress. this is it. [ cheers and applause ] >> this morning's eye eye is presented by: another good-bye for dave. >> tina fey, tastefully done. she's clearly comfortable in her
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skin. >> we love tina fey. >> and without her dress. [ laughter ] welcome to cbs "this morning." the official hurricane season is nearly a month away but the first named storm of the year is already developing as you wake up in the west. the system named ana has led to tropical storm watches in parts of the carolinas. it will create a wet weekend for some areas of the east coast. >> at the same time, the plains could face more violent weather. floodwaters caused a freight train in northern texas to derail overnight. four train workers were hurt. adran >> reporter: residents in bridge creek, oklahoma, are trying to recover from a massive tornado and heavy rains that ripped apart this garage, destroyed more than 1,500 buildings and killed one woman. yesterday, more storms made their way across texas where a lightning strike there is expected to have caused a massive fire. flames burned out of control.
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>> oh my god. a fire. >> reporter: -- and lit up the sky. >> this is an explosion and the gas well is burning behind these houses. >> reporter: after an apparent lightning strike hit a dallas-area gas well thursday night. >> this one means business. >> reporter: violent weather brought tornados and dangerous flooding to texas. pickups struggled alongside police trucks to navigate the mess. here in nearby oklahoma people are cleaning up from wednesday's tornado. >> we lost everything. got nothing. >> reporter: drone footage captured the extensive damage from this southern oklahoma city rv park. >> we had water probably at least about six inches deep running through this entire area. >> keith bryant, the chief of the oklahoma city fire department, gave us a closer look. >> in addition to this area right here city wide we've responded to about 150 water
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rescues. >> reporter: hundreds of homes were damaged in bridge creek. susan and her daughter tina say resilience is the oklahoma standard. >> you just keep going. you just clean up and keep moving on. >> reporter: mark crick agrees. he says it's just stuff that can be replaced. but for him, this american flag was worth saving. >> there will be people from all over the united states just pouring in here to help us and we can count on it. there's no doubt. they'll be here. i've seen it over and over. >> reporter: the red cross and salvation army are here handing out food and helping with shelter. just when residents need a break, they have to prepare for more weather expected through the weekend. >> that's the last thing they need to see or here. thank you adriana. millions in the plains could face a weekend of severe weather after areas got hit by downpours of hail and rain. meteorologist todd padgett of our dallas-fort worth station
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kttv is tracking the threat. >> good morning. if you're going into the southern plains more storms in the forecast. a moderate risk of severe storms southwest of oklahoma and enhanced area from oklahoma too texas for more supercell storms possible damaging tornados maybe baseball-sized hail. in the risk area nearly 16.5 million people possibly dealing with these severe storms today. to the southeast from modesto beach, south carolina, to cape lookout north carolina, there's a tropical storm watch because of subtropical storm ana working its way slowly to the northwest making landfall late sunday into early monday. we'll be seeing possibly two to four inches of rain with that system and dangerous surf. on the west coast, temperatures nice, in the 60s to 70s going into the weekend. >> scott, thanks. new england patriots star quarterback tom brady says "we earned everything on the field." that is part of his first response to the nfl investigation of deflategate. a report says brady probably knew that patriots employees deflated footballs he used in january's afc championship game. elaine quijano of our digital
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network cbsn is at salem state university in massachusetts where brady spoke last night. elaine, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. salem is notorious for its colonial-era witch trials but now this is deep in the heart of patriots country and the reception for tom brady last night was far from a witch-hunt. tom brady was treated like a hero and the reigning super bowl mvp loved every minute of it. >> this is like a patriots pep rally. [ laughter ] >> reporter: but even in this friendly arena -- >> i love you, tom! [ laughter ] >> i love you, too. >> reporter: -- he couldn't avoid the tough questions. >> however there is an elephant in the room. >> where? [ laughter ] >> you may be the only one who doesn't sigh it. >> reporter: when given the chance to respond to the 234
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243-page wells report he declined to react. >> it's only been 30 hours so i haven't had much time to digest it fully but when i do i'll be sure to let you know how i feel about it. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: brady descended in a helicopter for thursday's speaking engagement at salem state university as fans cheered from a distance. the event was scheduled months in advance and the soldout crowd had to navigate a gauntlet of reporters and satellite trucks. a packed auditorium delayed the program by 40 minutes. >> when do you plan to address this publicly? >> hopefully soon. >> reporter: his agent don yi flatly denied he was involved and told cbs news his client had been set up. >> it could be more probable than not that the league did collaborate with the colts in a sting operation. >> reporter: new orleans saints tight end benjamin watson, who was traubdbrady's teammate for six seasons says the allegations have placed a shadow over the nfl.
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>> i think right now as far as tom is concerned a lot of guys don't know the truth because there's been this doubt cast. >> reporter: brady told the audience he's been appreciative. >> has this detracted from your joy of winning the super bowl. >> absolutely not! [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: brady's agent don yee says a significant amount of testimony is missing from the report. this morning we still don't know if or when the nfl will punish brady and the two patriots employees implicated in the investigation. norah? >> all right, elaine thank you. breaking news this morning from pakistan where a military helicopter packed with foreign dignitaries crashed early today, killing seven people. among the dead ambassadors from norway and the philippines and the wives of two other ambassadors. the taliban says it shot down the chopper. about a dozen others including the dutch and polish ambassadors survived the crash.
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>> the head of the fbi is asking local police for help identifying potential terror suspects. the bureau confirms it alerted texas police about one of the gunmen who opened fire outside a draw mohammed contest. jeff pegues is in washington with how the message did not include crucial information. jeff, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the fbi says it sent a bulletin to garland, texas, police just three hours before the attack. the notice included a license plate number photographs of one of the shooters elton simpson, and said he may have interest in the contest but the fbi acknowledges it did not know simpson and his accomplice nadir soofi were on their way to texas and on thursday garland police said it had no information at all that simpson and soofi were headed their way. simpson had apparently received guidance and inspiration online from an american jihadist and in an off-camera session with reporters yesterday fbi director james comey said isis had harnessed the power of social
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media. media. he said the terror group reaches out through social media sites like twitter identifies followes and sends them to encrypted web sites that are difficult to track. currently the bureau says there are hundreds of ongoing homegrown violent extremist investigations. director comey warned there may be thousands of people inside the u.s. consuming what he calls online poison from isis and said "i know there are more elton simpsons out there. we have not found and cannot see them." today the director will lead a conference call on this issue with police departments across the country. among the things that he will tell them is that the failed attack was not specifically directed by isis and that was also information that was sent out in a classified bulletin yesterday. norah? >> a dramatic assesment from the fbi chief about hundreds, maybe thousands of people across the country who are receiving recruitment overtures. very scary indeed. >> but not directed, that i say. >> yeah. this morning, the bulk collection of americans' phone records by the government is
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deemed illegal. a federal appeals court made that ruling yesterday. the nsa claimed the program was necessary to ensure national security. the agency can still collect data temporarily. a three-judge panel urged congress to clarify the boundaries of what is appropriate. one passenger calls it the scariest flight ever. i think she's right. a delta airlines plane left ft. lauderdale, had to make an emergency landing in south carolina. the plane was heading for new york then the engine problem filled the cabin with smoke about an hour into the flight. "60 minutes" producer catherine davis was on board and shot this video. >> we could hear the beeping of the smoke alarm. the cabin was filling up with smoke pretty quickly so yeah it was a little nerve-wracking. they told all of us to put our heads down in our laps because the air would be fresher. >> very nerve-wracking and you don't know what's going on. delta put passengers on another flight which landed in new york
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last night. all is safe and sound now. the faa is investigating. at this hour attorney general loretta lynch is announcing an investigation into the baltimore police department. the city's mayor asked for an investigation after the riots in protests over the death of freddie gray. it's expected the justice department will look into whether there's been a pattern or practice of excessive force by the baltimore police department. the six police officers who arrested gray are facing charges. an autopsy ruled that gray's death was a homicide. >> a police officer in dover, delaware, is facing assault charges this morning for a violent arrest. newly released dash cam video shows the 2013 encounter. the suspect drops to his hands and knees. the officer is then seen kicking the man in the face, the suspect's hat flies off and he falls to the ground. an attorney says that suspect was not unconscious and -- knocked unconscious and suffered a broken jaw. lumber liquidators said it will stop selling laminate flooring from china but the company insists the material is safe.
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a "60 minutes" report back in march found some of the chinese-made flooring had higher-than-allowed levels of formaldehyde. that chemical is known to cause cancer. in response, lumber liquidators gave air quality test kits to thousands of customers. anna werner is here with some of those results. anna, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, gayle. lumber liquidators said more than 26,000 kits have been given out and of those tests it says the vast majority came back within some health guidelines. but some customers we've spoken to say they're still trying to figure out what to believe and how to know whether their homes are safe. john mutters and his wife installed flooring from lumber liquidators in their lexington, kentucky home two years ago. how do you like it? >> we love it. it's great. >> lumber liquidators is the largest and fastest-growing retailer -- >> reporter: but after seeing the "60 minutes" report mutters orders two of the test kids offered by the company. what are you hoping to find snout. >> i'm hoping to find out the
7:15 am
level of formaldehyde is an acceptable level. >> "60 minutes" sent undercover investigators to three chinese factories that produce laminate flooring for lumber liquidators. they found box after box of floorboards with labels indicating they met strict california standards. in tests later commissioned by "60 minutes," 30 of 31 boxes of the product bought in the u.s. emitted as much as 13 times the amount of formaldehyde allowed by those standards. but lumber liquidators' founder tom sullivan told anderson cooper the flooring was compliance. >> we'll never sell something unsafe. >> reporter: the company now says 15,000 customers got air quality test kits and of 3,400 analyzed analyzed, over 97% had formaldehyde levels within the guidelines set by the world health organization. but in a lawsuit filed yesterday, california attorney alex robertson calls test results given to his clients false and deceptive. >> they've been tricked and
7:16 am
deceived into believing that their results are quote/unquote safe. we coen tend thatntend they're not safe. >> reporter: this man says part of the problem for consumers is that national regulations for formaldehyde aren't updated? >> this is the situation where consumers shouldn't have to ask questions about the safety of the products they should be marked on how the wood looks and costs. >> reporter: john mutters says if his test results come back too high for his comfort the company will be hearing from him. >> i have my family living here. i have an elderly father living here. if this floor is determined unsafe, then yes, i'll have to have a problem with that. >> reporter: lumber liquidators has hired a company run bid former fbi director louis freeh but told investigators last week in an s.e.c. filing that it faces an ongoing investigation by the department of justice.
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since january, lumber liquidators' stock is down nearly 60%. charlie? >> anna, thanks. british prime minister david cameron is headed for a second term this morning. his conservative party won a surprise victory in thursday's elections. it sets him up to lead the first majority conservative government in nearly 20 years. mark phillips is outside the houses of parliament in london. mark, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, the people have spoken and david cameron has been reelected, this time with an even stronger mandate. but this was in many ways a really nasty campaign, but it worked. david cameron came back to number 10 downing street today as the leader of a majority government. a small majority but one just big enough to govern. he did that by turning the labour leader ed miliband not just into a political opponent but into the object of ridicule. and he was helped in that cause by an inept labour campaign symbolized by miliband breaking one of the basic rules of
7:18 am
politics -- don't eat a bacon sandwich in front of the cameras. the torrey-supporting press jumped on the image. miliband was not just a free-spending labourite whose policies might jeopardize the economic recovery he just didn't look like a prime minister. now he won't be. if political campaigns were set to music -- ♪ ♪ [ playing "let's get it on" ] >> it might have looked like this. ♪ trying to hold back the feeling for so long ♪ >> reporter: britain's sky news channel might have had fun with the election here but the results were no fun for the losers. nick clegg's liberal democrats who had propped up the conservatives in the last government were virtually wiped out. the scottish nationalists who wanted independent scotland were big wirns. they annihilated labour in what used to be its stronghold. and the other big losers, the pollsters. they got it wrong.
7:19 am
david cameron and his conservatives got it right. norah? >> mark thank you. everybody thought this race was going to be closer than it was and cameron walked away. >> the other victor was the independent party in scotland. won almost all the seats there. >> lesson do not eat a bacon sandwich in public. it lives forever. >> you never want to be ridiculed in politics. >> you can't take it back. >> not that there's anything wrong with bacon. he is a walking symbol of the cold war former kgb fighter tells "60 minutes" how he worked his way into sensitive areas
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>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by deckover. behr's resurfacing product. visit we all know it's dangerous, but many drivers still refuse to put down their phones. >> do you think it's safe to be on your phone? you're looking at pictures on
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good morning. it's 7:26. i'm frank mallicoat. here's what's happening. san mateo bridge will shut down tonight at 10:00 and won't re- open until monday morning at 5:00. so caltrans can make repairs. this is the first of two weekend closures. the next one memorial day weekend. police are asking businesses in west san jose to keep an eye out for a violent predator. the surveillance photos show the suspects at a subway sandwich shot on tuesday. police say 15 minutes later he followed a 13-year-old girl home and attacked her before she fought him off. and an oakland man and two small children missing in the sierra for two days have been found safe. they were on a camping trip in downeyville a remote part of the sierra. an air national guard helicopter crew found them last night after their car broke
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down. they are doing just fine. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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good morning. word of bart delays east bay on the daly city line. 10-minute delay glen park again on the daly city line in the east bay direction so plan for that. rest of mass transit though is checking problem-free. no delays to report. 880 "friday light." both directions. northbound 238 to the maze 15 minutes. metering lights on at the bay bridge. so far not too bad. roberta? >> good morning, everyone. what a difference a day makes. the visibility is unlimited at this hour. the clouds are pretty much out of here. we have some clouds that's lining the immediate seashore but that's about it. this is our live weather camera towards the golden gate bridge. a little sea haze. temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. and later today topping off in the 50s to the mid-70s.
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in japan, a zoo is apologizing for the name it gave to this newborn monkey. the animal was named charlotte after britain's new princess who was born last week the zoo got a lot of complaints saying this is very disrespectful as it is traditionally done, the name was chosen by a public poll. they were trying to do a nice thing but people don't like it. charlotte's a nice name. >> doesn't bother me. >> you say much ado about nothing? >> yes. >> both charlottes are all good. what do you think, charlie? charlotte is okay with you? >> yes. >> i think this is all a bunch of monkey business. >> welcome back to cbs "this morning." coming up steve kroft is the in studio 57 today with a remarkable cold war spy story.
7:31 am
a former kgb agent comes clean about the secrets and lies he told for decades. see how he hid in plain sight. >> plus, stephen colbert turns laughter into learning. we'll show you how the comedian is giving back to education in his home state. you don't want to miss this story. >> about $800,000. >> time to show you some of this morning's headlines. "usa today" said congress will review any nuclear deal with iran. the vote thursday was 98-1. the bill would give lawmakers an opportunity to reject a final agreement. the house is expected to vote on the measure next week. the "washington post" says new figures show u.s. hiring is bouncing back. the labor department reports this morning that 223,000 jobs were added in april. that's more than the total in the first three months of this year combined. the unemployment rate fell one-tenth of a percent to 5.4%. that is good news for the economy to have the employment rate that low.
7:32 am
and the "wall street journal" says ice cream maker blue bell had evidence of listeria in one of its plants two years before a recall. the company pulled its products last month after discovering listeria contamination. in 2013, traces were found in blue bell's oklahoma plant but it continued to sell the ice cream made there. a spokesman says in hindsight the cleaning was not adequate. >> ♪ blue bell, the best ice cream in the country ♪ and the "new york times" says an ebola survivor had the sigh virus in his eye even though he was cured. the doctor was treated at emory university hospital last year and released but an exam of his left eye found it was teeming with the ebola virus. it turned green. his sight deteriorated but was restored after taking an experimental pill. isn't that amazing? >> amazing what they can find looking at your eye. >> they say the eye is a window into your soul. >> but it turned out okay. sunday on "60 minutes," a
7:33 am
former kgb's story about hiding in plain sight in america. he lived under the alias jack barsky. he graduated from baruch college. his double life included families on both sides of the atlantic. for the first time he opens up about his secrets. here's a preview of steve kroft's report. so who are you? >> who am i? that depends when the question is asked. right now i'm jack barski. i work in the united states i'm a u.s. citizen. but it wasn't always the case. >> how many different identities do you have? >> i have two main identities, a german one and an american one. >> what's your real name? >> my real name is jack barsky. >> what name were you born with? >> ivan dmitri. >> reporter: how albert dietrich became jack barsky is one of the untold stories of the cold war.
7:34 am
an era when the real battles were often fought between the cia and the kgb. barsky was a rarity a soviet spy who posed as an american and became enmeshed in american society. for the ten years he was operational for the kgb, no one in this country knew his real story -- not even his family. did you think you were going to get away with this? >> yeah otherwise i wouldn't have done it. [ laughter ] >> reporter: what barsky did can be traced being to east germany, back to the days when he was albrecht dietrich. a national scholar at a renown university dietrich was on the fast track of becoming a chemistry professor, his dream job. >> it didn't work out because i was recruited by the kgb to do something a little more adventurous adventurous. >> steve kroft is with us. the story is unbelievable. the spy amongst us. [ laughter ] >> gayle, over here. >> hi, norah, high charlie. gayle, no us to meet you.
7:35 am
>> welcome to cbs "this morning." >> she ice's like this everyday. >> it's early for steve kroft. this story is incredible. how did you find him? >> um -- i can't really say that. >> oh, really. >> i don't want to say that. but we found out, we knew that -- we had some people in germany that told us about it. >> i like how you asked him to say his name slowly because when he said it the first time i thought that was very interesting. were you surprised at how easily he was able to fool people? >> he's a very smart guy. he was -- by the time the russians were finished training him he spoke incredibly good english and so not really. i mean the thing that's interesting about it was that they gave him, like $6,000. he ended up here with $6,000 and a birth certificate and that's it. no social security card, nothing like this. he had no handlers and they told him they wanted him to infiltrate the highest levels of american business society and get close to jimmy carter's national security advisor.
7:36 am
and kind of like a very difficult job. >> is zbigniew brzezinski. >> i'll let you pronounce it. >> why is he coming forward now. >> he's getting on in years. i think he wants to sort of resolve -- he has a lot of issues to resolve. he had a family here in the states, he has family in the -- in germany. he said he wanted to meet his maker with a clear conscience. it's also a great tale. i think he wants to maybe write a book. he hasn't written a book yet but i think he's interested in doing that. >> so do we know what information he gave to the russians and if there was any damage done to u.s. national security? >> i don't think that there was any damage done to national security. i think it was mostly commercial information. i think he gave them some very valuable computer codes that the russians needed and i think that was it. but the hard thing about doing espionage stories is they're impossible to fact check. >> yeah. >> this is all a nice neat little package. we talked to the fbi first and
7:37 am
then we talked to jack barsky and we talked to the fbi people that detained him and finally caught him. but the details of the case you don't know really whether -- because they're all classified. it's all classified? >> what's going to happen to him? >> well, he's never spent a day in jail. he was finally detained by the fbi after he stopped working for the russians. and basically by that time the berlin wall had fallen he was sort of trapped here. there was nobody on the other side that was going to bring him back or cared about him. and so they just made a deal with him, he was going to help them and tell them as much as he knew about the kgb and the operations and who the contacts were and who he dealt with and they let him go. and he's still consulting with the bureau. >> he sure seems to want to talk. can't wait to see it. >> any story about spies is a good story. thank you. you can watch steve's full report sunday on "60 minutes." learn how the fbi finally tracked barsky down and how he
7:38 am
befriended an fbi agent. that's sunday night at 7:00 6:00 central here on cbs. floyd mayweather is taking new shots at manny pacquiao after his victory in the ring last weekend. mayweather accuses him of being a sore loser. pacquiao says he fought with an injured shoulder and recovered from surgery. mayweather sat down with showtime's jim gray. >> what is your assessment of manny pacquiao and his shoulder injury? >> he's embarrassed. he was a beat fighter. there's a difference between a great fighter and tbe and i proved that i'm the best. excuses, excuses, excuses. i knew it was coming. i knew it. but i'm not going to buy into the bull [ bleep ]. i'm not going to buy into the bull [ bleep ] and i don't want the public to buy into the bull [ bleep ]. he lost.
7:39 am
he knows he lost. and i lost a lot of respect for him after all of this. you know, you fight, if you lose it's okay. mayweather was the better man. >> well -- >> well that interview with floyd mayweather airs tomorrow night on show time following the premier of the fight. showtime is a division of cbs and floyd is -- i couldn't tell manny's shoulder was bothering him, could you? >> no. >> it makes you 23 times for likely to get in a car crash. >> are you checking your e-mail? >> yeah i was checking my e-mail. i have an assignment due in about 40 minutes. >> why not wait until you're stopped? >> wow. but many drivers are still risking their lives and yours to use their phone. that's next. and if you're heading to take your kids to school or work, set your dvr so you can watch cbs "this morning" any
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oklahoma is the newest state to outlaw texting while oklahoma joins join 14 other states and washington, d.c. they say 660,000 drivers use cell phones or erie electronic devices while behind the wheel. chris van cleaves has seen some of the risky driving. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we know people are going to work driving while texting. when you're driving and texting you take your eyes completely off the road and you can drive as far as the length of a football field. she may not want to talk about it but texting and driving is dangerous. they say it makes driver .65%
7:45 am
more likely to crash. we watched car after carve after car with our camera with people holding, typing on or staring at their phone. >> ma'am, i'm from cbs and i know tisz you were on your phone. >> i'm at a stoplight. >> we saw you on it while you were driving up to the light. >> reporter: he's hard to miss holding his phone right in front of his face for quite a while. >> you had your phone held up to your face. >> he said he doesn'tdidn't get a ticket because he was using his gps. >> it's not illegal now.
7:46 am
>> that's got to make it hard to try to enforce -- >> sure is. it's not the easiest charge. >> >> reporter: he patrols this area. since the state's current texting ban became law in 2013 county officers have written just 635 excitations. some researchers believe texting relate accidents are the leading cause of deaths for teen drivers. minnesota senator amy klobuchar is introducing a bill next week. >> when people started learning through their school through word of mouth how dangerous it was not to wear a seatbelt, they started to wear a seatbelt. the same can happen with textbooking and facebooking and distracted driving. >> we want to show you.
7:47 am
this camera is the police coming up behind beside us. you see how close they have to get to see what i'm doing. that's why often only the most flagrant violators are getting caught. chris? >> this is such an important story because everyone thinks they can avoid. they say after an accident the last text is usually laugh out loud, i'm on my way. jericka duncan looks at test tube babes. >> he's a new baby born through in vitro fetter zaegs. coming up we'll have the story and the science only on "cbs this morning."
7:48 am
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good morning. it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. this afternoon a public memorial will be held for a 9- year-old boy who was stabbed to death in his sleep in discovery bay. the suspect is now in custody, william schultz. it's calm compared to yesterday when a kpix 5 weather watcher spotted this funnel cloud in sebastopol. funnel clouds are rare for the bay area. and if your tap water tastes strange, don't worry. east bay m.u.d. is telling customers that the water is still completely safe. it just comes from a different part of the reservoir so it may taste different. stay with us. traffic and weather in j
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning. we had delays on the daly city line that's been cleared but i just checked in with bart seconds ago and there is a new delay fruitvale due to police activity. five- to ten-minute delay so give yourself some extra time on bart. 880 northbound starting to see a few brake lights through oakland but so far decent ride sluggish on the southbound side to hayward. metering lights remain on at the bay bridge. but you can see the backup has dissipated not too bad as you work your way towards the east east. extra volume into san francisco on the golden gate bridge. good morning. as you are heading out the door, there's a slight chance of a residual shower but for the most party that's in monterey bay to the south. right now looking towards the city of san francisco where currently the temperatures are a little cooler than yesterday, 24 hours ago, into the 50s. we'll have partly sunny to full sunshine today only partial coastal clearing 50s, 60s there. 60s bayside. 70s peninsula. mid-70s inland.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday may 8, 2015 just two days till mother's day. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there's more real news ahead. only on "cbs this morning," the first baby born using a controversial new method. first here's a look at today's eye opener at 8. >> yesterday more storms made their way across texas. residents here trying to recover from a massive tornado. >> more storms in the forecast today. damaging tornadoes, maybe some baseball-size hail. >> we earned and achieved everything we got this year as a team. >> we still don't know if or
8:01 am
when the nfl will punish brady. >> there may be thousands of people in the u.s. consuming online terrorism. >> a delta airline had to make an emergency landing as the cabin filled with smoke. >> the people have spoken and david cameron has been reelected, this time with an even strong are mandate. >> this story is incredible. how did you find him? >> i can't really say that. >> if you're texting, you take your eyes completely off the road and in just a few seconds you can travel the distance of a football field. >> you appear to be operating your phone behind the wheel. >> there are apparently incriminating texts about deflategate. earlier today hillary announced she would be happy to delete them. >> this morning's "eye opener@8" is presented by walgreens. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. there is no rest this morning
8:02 am
for the southern plains as more severe weather threatens the region. the powerful system has pounded the area the last few days. more the same is expected today and through the weekend. flooding caused a train derailment in northern texas overnight. four workers were hurt when the cars plunged into water. >> a fire destroyed a gas well after an apparent lightning strike. it happened outside dallas last night. several tornadoes have been reported including this one captured on video. adriana diaz is in oklahoma with efforts to clean up and of more potentially damaging weather. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this scene is just a slice of what people here in bridge creek, oklahoma are going through. this was a garage. this metal sheeting was the roof. but now it's mangled and tangled, mixed in with everything that was inside like these set of golf clubs, probably one of the only salvage salvageable things left in this
8:03 am
mess. people are trying to recover as they prepare for more storms possible through the weekend. >> thank you. >> the new england patriots employee accused of deflating footballs for tom brady lashed out at reporters on thursday. jim mcnally told them to get off his property and he refused to answer questions. the super bowl mvp said he and his teammates earned everything. but he waved off questions about a report that said he probably knew team employees let the air out of game balls. >> it's only been 30 hours. i haven't had much time to digest it fully but when i do i'll be sure to let up know how i feel about it. >> are you that slow a reader? >> my athletic career has been better than my academic career. usually i'm used to reading xs and os. this was a little longer. >> investigators say brady ignored important information. >> i'm curious how long he plans
8:04 am
before he reads the report. >> and what he has to say. >> yes. >> stephen colbert is using his comedy success to help out in the classroom. >> we are going to flash fund all 100 projects. >> the south carolina native says he will fund every existing grant request from the state's public school teachers on that requests total $800,000. we spoke with a teacher who has five projects that will be funded. >> what a great example, showing our students what they're capable of and what their potential is and how they can achieve anything that they set their mind to. >> the money will benefit students in hundreds of schools across south carolina. colbert takes over hosting "the late show" in september. >> such a generous guy.
8:05 am
>> we like steve colbert a lot. this morning george clooney, like him, too, is opening up about why and how he fell in love. george is talking. nancy odell asked the oscar winner about his wife. they got married near live eightly eight months ago in venice. >> she's an amazing human being and she's caring. she also happens to be one of the smartest people i've ever met. >> that will do it. when odell asked about children george clooney said simply "your time is up." guess he didn't want to answer that. >> some things can be private. >> yeah. >> a baby boy makes medical history but the treatment his mother got is causing medical controversy. his parents give us their first tv
8:06 am
8:07 am
a family tragedy >> family tragedy takes an ominous turn. >> i'm susan spencer, "48 hours." a prominent salt lake city cancer researcher is found dead in her bath tub. her son helps make sure he thinks the man is responsible stands trial for murder. that man, his own father coming up on "cbs this morning." ♪ i've been looking so long to see pictures of you ♪ ♪ i almost believe that they're real ♪
8:08 am
8:09 am
8:10 am
8:11 am
because this is my last time wearing a fancy dress on a talk show and conforming to gender norms out of respect for you, my gift to you is i want to give you the dress. you can keep it. if you could get the back. this is it, you know. [ cheers and applause ] [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ]
8:12 am
>> what's it say on the back? >> it says last dress ever. she said she's never going to wear a dress on a late night show. i just love her, number one, and her sense of humor. when tina does it you think that's cute. where do you think she bought it that said "bye dave"? >> my friend sent me a text and said you got to see tina fey on letterman. letterman has been having so much fun. >> tina, i would like the dress after i lose 20 pounds. in our morning rounds, a medical breakthrough is giving hope to those trying to get pregnant. the incredible surprising way to create a baby.
8:13 am
we get floupsnced to the first couple to use this miracle method. >> the couple has been trying to have a child and they tried in vitro. traditional in vitro is 30 to 40% effective but this new procedure is showing promising results. it helped produce a baby the first time. >> she went through so much to produce this incredible bundle of joy. >> we never thought we'd be able to experience this. >> natasha and o'maramar rajani have been trying to conceive for years. >> i knew it was not the time for us to be pregnant so i just stayed positive. >> for women with poor egg
8:14 am
health or quality, there are no al terns -- alternatives. traditional ivf didn't work. and she then suggested they use augmented ivf, using a woman's own cells. >> we previously weren't able to grow precursor egg cells. i had the ability to offer her this potential hope. >> i remember calling omar on the phone in tears saying we won the lottery. >> did you win the lottery? >> i think the proof in the pudding. we ended up with this guy and so i feel like we won the jackpot. >> might owetochondria fuels existing
8:15 am
growth. >> i think it should be taken with caution. >> this doctor at mount sinai hospital says this isn't necessarily the fix. >> the reason the embryo doesn't stick and become a healthy pregnancy is because it doesn't have the right dna. you're not necessarily going to take an unhealthy embryo and turn it into a healthy one. >> the fda says it's a form of gene therapy, needing additional tests before it is deemed safe for patients. it is also considered controversial because it involves the use of relatively unstudied cells for procedure modifying an egg. >> science is involved. it's all within us. it's still natasha's body and my body and our body parts and our
8:16 am
chemistry and everything that's really, you know making the baby. >> alice park is a medical reporter for "time" magazine. >> these stem cells are so new that some researchers are still a little nervous about what they can do and what they might do in the body. these babies will obviously continue to be studied. >> the rajanis aren't concerned and say zane is a healthy baby. any plans on having another child through the same process >> definitely. so we do actually have two embryos that are frozen and hopefully lynn zane willil' zane will have a sister or brother one day. >> doctors say the cost is double the cost of regular in vitro. it is still too early to say how successful this new procedure could be in the future and what effects, if anyone it has on children down the road. >> for older women, this could mean real hope?
8:17 am
>> it could be but one of the things that doctor said is they're really looking at women who have poor egg health. we'll see what happens. it is definitely a step in the right direction for people who are looking to have a child and can't. >> people are looking saying how do i do this? >> thank you so much. >> a son is determined to prove his father killed his mother. but will a jury believe him? "48 hours" is on the case. they investigate. cbs morning rounds sponsor by new flonase allergy relief. life. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over-producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance, flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. so roll down your windows, hug your pet dust off some memories, make new ones. new flonase. six is greather than one. this changes everything.
8:18 am
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8:20 am
8:21 am
murdered. here's a preview of continue susan spencer's report. tomorrow night on "48 hours" -- >> are you ready to call your first witness? work. >> reporter: for three years he's fought for his own father to stand trial for his mother's murder and finally that moment has come. >> i'll be sitting across from him. i'm sure hi doesn't have warm feelings toward me. >> reporter: caught up in the raging custody fight between his parents. the pediatrician dr. johnny wall
8:22 am
and his ex-wife, a prominent research scientists. the prosecution begs to differ. >> the evidence is overwhelming. it was the defendant, donny walsh that killed her. >> but the defense suggests this was suicide. >> look carefully at the injuries. it's reasonable she could have done that to herself. >> reporter: her boyfriend found her lifeless body drowned in her bathtub. >> i tapped on the door said hello, hello, opened the door and there she was under water. >> reporter: she had superficial knife wounds and a high level of the anti-an zit medication xanax in her system. deshid take it or did he force her to take it? >> it's clearly enough to make her drowsy maybe render her unconscious and if she's trying to get into a bathtub, it's not
8:23 am
that hard to drown. >> reporter: dr. wall was questioned by police soon after she was found. >> you're accusing me of something really horrendous. >> it is horrendous. somebody died. >> yeah. and i can't grieve bought you're yelling at me. >> he trails by my three siblings and then he tells me my mother is dead and he was the suspect. >> reporter: his account of his time was sketchy. he had written a xanax injury that night and he blamed it on his dog. >> reporter: by april 2013 prosecutors had enough circumstantial evidence to arrest johnny wall and charge him with murder. >> my dad sate oota's dead and
8:24 am
they think i did it. >> you were at the trial. >> indeed. and i have to say, this is one of the most compelling trials i've ever attended. the attorneys were good. the evidence is bizarre and intriguing and you really can read it as either murder or suicide and against it all is this backdrop of people, these two antagonists who seem to be circling against one another. >> a son testifying against the father over the death of his mother. what's his take? >> his side of the family is just devastated. think they think the son is misguided, likes the attention. the family thinks he was framed. >> does he seem authentic? ? i haven't gotten a chance to talk to him. his attorneys belief he's --
8:25 am
that this is a miscarriage. >> thank you so much. you can watch good morning. it's 8:25. today a rally planned in san francisco city hall to call attention to the city's affordable housing crisis. hundreds are expected to turn out to call on lawmakers to place a moratorium on evictions and luxury price developments in the mission. today hillary clinton back in the bay area for a fundraiser. portola valley home of eba ceo john donahoe. yesterday she was in hollywood and beverl
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. i'm gianna franco in "kcbs traffic" center. we are winding down the commute with a busy ride out there. couple of trouble spots. mass transit with delays five to 10 minutes in downtown oakland in the sfo and millbrae directions. elsewhere traffic alert westbound 4 near bailey two lanes completely shut down until further notice. traffic is really backed up beyond antioch at this point. give yourself extra time as you work your way there this morning. bay bridge though looking better. not seeing too many brake lights there. metering lights are on slow though off the eastshore freeway. about a 30-minute ride there. checking your drive times through the south bay we are in the red on 101 northbound
8:28 am
through san jose seeing delays northbound 280 also slow out of san jose out the peninsula. guadalupe parkway also seeing a few brake lights. and heading to sfo a little sluggish as you work your way out of burlingame into san bruno. that's a look at your morning drive. here's roberta. i was looking at your traffic cameras and its cloudier than a couple of hours ago. let's take a look at our live weather camera. this one is atop our kpix 5 studios looking out towards let's see, we have the transamerica pyramid there. and we have lots of blue skies there. but as gianna said, we have plenty of clouds over the oakland area. 40s and 50s out the door. got to that quickly, didn't we? 50s beaches with partial clearing there. 60s across the bay. low 70s around the peninsula to mid-70s in our inland areas. a sea breeze west 10 to 20 miles per hour. it's a dry weather pattern pretty benign each day through the weekend including mother's day which will be sunny, bright
8:29 am
8:30 am
. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour before you go to any nail salon this morning, you might want to see what our "new york times" reporter has discovered. she's in our green room with a disturbing look at the secrets that some salon workers are forced to live and work with. >> most shared article ever. >> plus a mom who saw all four of her kids answer the call of duty. >> and time to show you this morning's headlines. "the washington post" said it brought beautiful music to the scene and a deadly car bombing in baghdad.
8:31 am
>> video of his impromptu concert amid the devastation last week received nearly 50,000 views. he said he wanted to reach out to residents that had experienced something grotesque. >> "usa today" said a man accused of robbing a bank in virginia beach posted video of the alleged crime on instagram. they say dominic shared video of the teller putting cash into a bag monday. police arrested him 20 minutes after he left the bank. the 20-year-old was found with his bag of money. he said he didn't really think he was doing anything wrong because he didn't threaten anybody and nobody was hurt. somebody should tell him that's not how it works. >> the ""san francisco chronicle"" shows us how a man fought off an attempted assault. home surveillance cameras show the man forcing his way through the front door. he tries to attack the girl but
8:32 am
she fights back. the man fled before police arrived and he's still on the run. >> and sam smith will have vocal cord surgery. ♪ oh won't you stay with me ♪ >> he suffered a vocal cord hemorrhage during a show in australia last month. he's cancelling shows through july. >> the nail salon business in the united states is on the rise with revenue topping $8.5 billion last year, but an investigation by the "new york times" shows all that luxury is coming at quite a cost. it finds that nail salon workers in the new york area are underpaid, face discrimination and serious health risk. part one is the most viewed e-mailed tweeted and shared article on facebook these days. first on "cbs this morning," we get the true story behind the
8:33 am
popular mani-pedi. >> it started because i was getting a ped cure as women in new york do on my birthday. i said to the woman doing my toes, who works the night shift at this salon? she said, well i work the night shift. i said but it's the day. she said i work the day shift, too. she said i work 24 hours a day, six days a week on the seventh day, i go home to my apartment, sleep for hours and come right back. i thought this woman is enslaved. >> how long did you carry out this investigation of nail salons? >> this investigation took 13 months. i spoke to up to 200 manicurists. >> they even have to pay to start to work at a salon?
8:34 am
>> the man cureicureists have to pay to work their jobs and they have to work to earn around $30 a day. >> how common is it? >> i believe i'm speaking about the majority of the salons in the industry. interviewing all these workers, i found almost no good actors. >> are they individually owned or are they primarily owned by one person or company in. >> they're individually owned and it's about 80% korean immigrant owned, this industry. because of that there's a race-based caste system within the salon. you'll have women in the same salon getting paid different amount of money with hispanic workers at the bottom followed by chinese and beautiful young koreans are most desirable. >> do owners think they're doing anything wrong? >> the owners think they're doing something heroic they
8:35 am
believe they're employing unemployable people and that they're giving people a leg up. >> how is this legal? >> it's not legal. it's completely illegal. they're being robbed of their wages. it took me nine months to get information from the department of labor, and when i got the information, i found they rarely investigate nail salons. hardly any legal actions and almost no investigations. >> why can't the workers complain? are they in the country illegally? >> even if you're in the country illegally, you still have the right to be paid properly according to our laws. a woman told me she does have papers to work. she pretends she doesn't when she tries to get hired because bosses want the most vulnerable workers to hire. >> i'm sitting here with two broken nails. what should we do? what can we do? >> i had a hard time answering
8:36 am
that question. i had a hard time with this. maybe look for a punch card machine at the beginning of a salon so to show workers' hours are clocked. >> why you think there's been such an interest in what you wrote? >> two reasons. one, nails are universalized things. we all want to be rihanna. we can't be but we can all have her nails. so nails have become a totally accessible treat. everybody does. and, number two, think of the experience of getting your nails done. you're holding hands with this woman, you're looking her in the eye and you don't see her. >> i think it's because people secretly think there's something going on and you exposed that labor force and what's happening. >> i've been in these women's homes and they're 12 to a one bedroom. it's a terrifying experience.
8:37 am
>> i did not think it was that bad. i didn't. i'm trying to think what should we do? i'm still stumped by that. >> thank you so very much. on this special weekend, we'll look at the parents who raise patriots. >> i'm jordan brye. next, a story about my mom. >> and our mo
8:38 am
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nearly 2.7 million americans have deployed since the september 11th attacks. that means millions of mothers watched their children go into harm's way. one has been a voice for military moms since the democratic national convention in 2012. she has a new book called "be safe, love mom." wyatt andrews has the story. >> there's no training for moms and dads sending off a child. meet a mom who wrote a sort of guide book after sending four sons off into the navy army and marines. elaine says she never told her
8:42 am
children to be in the military. but all four became officers. there's brendan brye jordan brye katrina moon and eric brye. call it coincidence or fate but the family photo looks like a recruitment poster for the pentagon. >> it has the look of being a plan. >> no. and if you knew these kid, there's no way to till them what to do. >> reporter: maybe not but service runs in the family. as the brye children grew up on their farm in rural ohio home movies reveal four future officers dressed in flag-like stars on the 4th of july. >> one, two, three -- >> uncle sam! >> it's one thing to raise a child as a patriot. it's another to watch in a child morph into an officer with orders to go to war. three of the bryes have deployed
8:43 am
into war zone including the middle east and afghanistan and every time elaine says nothing prepares a mother to handle a deployment farewell. >> when you know they are going to a a place where they could be harmed and you don't know if they're coming back there is a fear in that and there is a loss in that that is indescribable. >> do you think it's dawned on most people the moment that you just described what it takes for a parent to see a child off like that? >> i don't really think so. >> the sacrifice asked of american moms led elaine to write this book "be safe love mom." it's a book about comforting military families but with a surprisingly tough edge. she borrows the military frads "embrace" -- phrase "embrace the suck." >> it means don't waste time
8:44 am
complaining about it. do what has to be done. if it's hard too bad, just power through it. >> okay, it's hard? move on? >> it's okay to be uncomfortable uncomfortable, move on. that's what we need to do to support our kids. >> reporter: it's not all about tough love. years before the book elaine brye was well known as a military mom networking machine. she helped to expand the first e-mail list serve and is active on at least six facebook pages and blogs. two of the family members were there, both with a new appreciation of how families experience war and how important their mother has been in the cause. >> my mom is a force of nature. it's more than just a military person. there is a whole network of people and families supporting them that sometimes needs a pat
8:45 am
on the back as well. >> reporter: that's what she does? >> absolutely. >> it's her way to give back to help people where there isn't a life line out there. >> reporter: we also got to watch the only kind of family meeting that's possible. on face time they called brendan, whose army unit is training in the desert. her children may be warriors but elaine is still mom. >> on your whielseels on your wheels. >> dirty side down. >> reporter: as for elaine's photo, it's not this one with all four together it this one taken seconds later when she was the target of a joke. >> this is what i miss these times, when everyone is together. and there are families that are always going to try to be together and that's what we want, right? >> reporter: for mother's day elaine wants a full family reunion but with two of the
8:46 am
bryes on training mission, she's embracing the fact that a phone call will be enough. yet another snapshot of what military families do. >> don't we love her, elaine brye. >> on this mother's day weekend. thanks again, wyatt. that was great. a look at the most unforgettable moments of the week. that's coming up next on "cbs this morning." we'll be right back.
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>>rst first things first, happy mother's day to all of you out there and to all the mothers everywhere. mother's day out there to all the mothers out there. be sure to tune in to the "cbs evening news with scott pelley." for news any time anywhere log on to and watch
8:50 am
cbsn. watch through our app or on let's take a look back. >> this is like a patriots pep rally. >> i think he should be suspended for at least a half a season. >> a massive tornado and storms destroyed 1,500 homes and killed one woman. >> he got out of the car and immediately started shooting. >> an officer has been shot. two suspects have been shot. >> don't blame the police man who shot and killed him. he was just doing his job. >> the driver claim eed he locked them inside because they were disbehaving. >> it's probably difficult to live up to any boxing match. >> it's another back eye for
8:51 am
tsarnaev. >> mexican officials say david goldberg died in an apparent accident. >> by far the biggest loss since steve jobs. >> well royals don't just give their baby a name they give them lists of naples. >> you're part of all of us. for you to -- >> you've given up a great gift. ♪ >> could we run that part again? >> what are you wearing tonight? you look fabulous. >> versace. >> she was so gorgeous i couldn't keep my train of thought. >> slapped and then obviously what happened on sunday. >> when everyone first found about me cheerleading they're like -- my dad's fans were really critical.
8:52 am
>> let them say what they want to believe but he's got to do -- >> her fragrance -- >> there's something about your child's fragrance. >> does it make a profit? >> right now we're investing in youtube. i think we're pretty early in the online market. >> i want to see your -- you want to leave them on your eye? >> a lot of people want to know if there'll ever be a reunion. >> i've go got to be careful. if every wanted to do it for the right reasons. >> what would be the right reasons? >> it's hard. >> is it likely? >> never say never. >> all that -- >> and he confirms in the books, guys, that he did smoke marijuana at the white house. >> on the roof. >> i heard i did.
8:53 am
>> and all that matters. >> how did you get up on the roof?
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good morning, taking your friday roads looks like we are getting a little better news westbound 4 near bailey. that traffic alert has been canceled. the damage is done. still very slow-and-go as you work your way back to antioch and coming off the antioch bridge. so still need a few extra minutes as you work your way through there. trouble spot blocking lanes westbound richmond/san rafael bridge. looks like we are seeing a bit of a backup as a result at the toll plaza. so give yourself some extra time there, as well. and a couple of trouble spots westbound 80 clearing a little slow as you work your way towards the bay bridge but once you hit bay bridge traffic it is free-flowing. no delays into san francisco. 880, stacked up through oakland. san mateo bridge clear.
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