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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  May 9, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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anger and frustration as a community bands together in the wake of a tragedy. the mission after a mother and young daughter are killed in a suspected dui crash. >> it was last weekend that the suspected drunk driver hit and killed a mother and her 14-year- old daughter in livermore. the case has ignited heated emotions in the community. and kpix 5's christian hartnet is live in livermore where activists tried to deliver a very loud and a very clear message. christian? >> reporter: it was mothers against drunk driving that put this event together today as a
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chance to remember the lives of the mother and daughter killed. family members out here today say that is very difficult to do, because they still have so much anger and frustration inside. >> we are here to honor these two beautiful people. >> reporter: dozens gathered at carnegie park this afternoon, to remember esperanza rodriguez and her 14-year-old daughter olivia. >> we want to support the family and shed light on the two. >> reporter: the two were killed by a suspected drunk driver last weekend near this apartment complex in livermore. 35-year-old brian jones was arrested. but has since bailed out of jail. earlier this week, he appeared at a pleasanton court. family members of the victims say they made sure that they heard their cries of anger. >> are you a killer. you don't deserve to be living. >> the anger and frustration still showed this afghanistan. family members peppered
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livermore police with questions about the ongoing investigation into the crash. >> i will stay here and answer questions until everybody's questions are answered but the gathering and the reason for being here today is to make sure that the family is the focus of attention. >> we all want answers, you know. and we all want to help. >> it is broken. it is a broken family. >> reporter: jones is scheduled to be back in court later this month. meanwhile, the family says funeral services for them will be held in keyside on monday. life in livermore christian hartnet, kpix 5. >> no criminal charges have been filed yet because prosecutors are still reviewing the case. the weekend closure of the san mateo bridge is creating some traffic troubles around the bay area. caltrans closed the bridge to put on a new road surface. as they have take an lot of wear and tear over the years. and this is the first time since the bridge opened, the
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road bed is getting some care. >> it is the original surface from 1967. so just like with anything, in time, it is 50 years old, it is time for a new resurfacing. and we expect a new polyester concrete to last at least 50 more years, if not longer. >> caltrans says work is right on schedule. the bridge will reopen monday morning at 5:00 a.m. caltrans will close it one more time over memorial day weekend to wrap up all of the work. let's take a live look right now at some of the alternate routes we are getting across the bay. the bay bridge is taking the brunt of it, as you can see there, it has been like this all day long. and heavy at the toll plaza, and slow going across the span. now, not too bad on the golden gate bridge and traffic is a little heavy but this has been pretty typical for a weekend around here. and traffic in san francisco is heavy in a number of places. >> as per usual. it might seem wrong to have a water slide park open during this historic drought, but
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water world in concord is listening to the governor's call to cut back on water. the park added something new this year. and kpix 5 mark kelly shows us how the park can operate without guzzling up so much water. >> water world kicked off the 20th season today with a splash. >> we want to be known as the park that takes the drought seriously. >> al garcia says his water park wants to cut water waste 90% this year. and it is all thanks to this machine. >> filters. >> it sounded like the name of a new water slide. but it is not. >> fender filters. >> the defender recycles the pool water and the 1 million gallons it takes to fill the park, with a few refills along the way lasts the season. >> this is a new thing and we're one of the first to try it out. it is good that they're recycling the water. at least try to save it. >> like golf courses, water parks have been in the spotlight for waste. the city of dublin got a flood
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of grief for planning this aquatic park during the fourth year of drought. but at water world, they're riding a new wave. astro turf replaces grass. the plans are not getting watered and the pool water never wasted, always recycled. >> technically you can drink out of it. however, there is chlorine in our pools so we do advise not to drink the pool water. >> concord, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> water world says it will meet or surpass the governor's 25% water cut back. an emergency water summit in the south bay drew a huge crowd trying to come up with fresh ideas to fight the drought. they brought together politicians and local leaders as they explore the options for saving water. the main idea floated was water recycle but organizers had a much bigger picture in mind at this gathering in santa clara. >> one of the goals is to get everyone in shape for the governor's 30% reduction call. so we are coming up with
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strategies to achieve reduction in water use. >> just a few days ago, state regulators approved a 25% cut for urban areas. republican presidential candidate rand paul is taking his claim deep in the heart of democratic san francisco. the kentucky senator has opened a campaign office in the south market neighborhood and paul announced a technology team for the campaign. he said that in order to have any chance of winning the race for the white house, he has to be able to compete in california, and part of that plan is trying to get the support of techies everywhere. coming up, a shocking image for an airport security officer. what was behind the young boy found curled up in a suitcase. >> also, why it is going to cost you more to park at three bart stations beginning on june 1.
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a shocking sight for an airport security agent when he finds a young boy curled up inside a suitcase. a woman trying to sneak him through customs was arrested. the boy is fine. rafael romo shows us how the boy was found.
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>> police are still not sure how long the young boy spent tucked into the pink medium sized polyester suitcase, pressed against a few personal belongings. the boy was bundled tightly in a fetal position, inside the suitcase. according to the spanish civil guard, he is eight years old and is a native of ivory coast in africa. a spokesman for the spanish civil guard says the border guards became suspicious when a 21-year-old woman, a moroccan national showed signs of nervousness and attempted to cross the board near spain from morocco, wheeling the suitcase down the street. the woman was arrested at the border. a plan who is apparently the boy's -- a man who is apparently the boy's father was arrested a few hours after the boy was foun. meanwhile, the boy has been placed in the custody of spanish authorities, pending confirmation that the man arrested is indeed his father and pending legal action. this is just the latest in a series of high risk incidents where immigrants from africa have tried to sneak their way into europe. big financial goals for san
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francisco-based uber. "the wall street journal" says the wide sharing company plans to raise up to $2 billion. now, how uber is going to do this is being kept secret. the company told "the wall street journal" that they have worked to become more discrete in their fundraising efforts. the money is expected to be used to expand the company. if uber reaches its goal, then the company would be valued at $50 billion, and that would make it the most valuable venture-backed startup in history. the oakland police department is releasing a new app. it is called alert 360. it gives you instant alerts when there is an emergency nearby. and tells you who to call for help. 911 is dialed automatically. the alert 360 app is free. and it is available for android and iphone users. it is going to cost more to park at bart stations, in concord and millbrae. fees are going up at those stations starting june 1. at the two concord stations, it is going to cost $1.50 to park.
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and at millbrae, it will cost $2.50. and bart says the parking lots at the stations regularly fill up, so it is part of their protocol to increase the parking phoebe a cents when this happens -- feeb, by 50 cents when this happens. the money is used to improve bart stations an trains. wicked weather in the midwest, as two tornadoes touch down. and a threat of more tornadoes is not over. >> on the other hand, it is status quo out here. until next week. we will forecast a few changes you will want to hear. after the break. >> and be sure to get this on your calendar. next thursday. it is bike to workday here in the bay area. and we can help you get you
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mitsubishi is recalling more than 100,000 cars because of issues that can affect the driver's ability to see out the windshield. one of the problems? the defroster might fail because of a faulty blower motor. another problem, headlights, taillights, and windshield wipers, they stop working because of a bad electronic control unit. and mitsubishi says it will notify owners and dealers will replace the parts for free. hundreds of protesters filled the streets of our nation's capital for the million moms march. >> we want justice. can we get justice? >> the message this year is a familiar one. marchers called attention to recent high profile deaths at the hands of police. one protester says it is important to keep the issue in the public's eye. >> this is a cause that has
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swept the nation. not by storm. because these things have been happening. but right now, it is just really hit a head, where people really are opening their eyes to the things that is happening. >> the protest ended with a rally at the u.s. justice department. many of the demonstrators held signs with pictures of people killed by law enforcement. first lady michelle obama called upon the past to inspire new graduates at tuskegee university as they embark on their futures. >> you might think about all of the history, all of the heroes ha came before you and you might also feel a little pressure. you know. pressure to live up to the legacy of those who came before you. pressure to meet the expectations of others. >> she encouraged them to chart their own course. and make their mark in the world. this is one. three graduation ceremonies that the first lady is speaking.
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tornadoes, large hail, and violent winds are all being reported across a wide area of the central united states. this tornado touched down in frisco, texas. at least one person was killed in the storm. this tornado is one of two that touched down in north texas. tornado watches are in effect in portions of six states, including colorado, kansas, and nebraska. check out la is happening in colorado -- what is happening in colorado springs. so much hail, it looks like snow. the state is also getting battered with high winds. heavy rain. and lightning. and tonight, tropical storm anna is bearing toward the carolinas. beach goers are being warned to stay away, because of dangerous surf and rip tides. ana's top winds are 60 miles an hour right now. and it is heading for myrtle beach. many graduations were held indoors today because of this approaching storm. the storm is early. hurricane season doesn't start until june 1. i was going to say, that is
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a weird time of the year for a tropical storm. but it is a weird year, not just for us but for them. and beautiful weekend. thanks for giving us your saturday. >> and thanks for having me. awesome to be here. >> you have a low awesome threshold. but thank you. [ laughter ] >> and the san mateo bridge. that is an unusual site. nobody out there. the bridge remains closed down. as we reported earlier in the newscast. they repaved the surface. and they have gotten that under way at least partially this weekend. a little hazy out there. low clouds. concord, 72 degrees. oakland 60. and livermore 72 degrees. san francisco, 58. and san jose, 66. and in santa rosa, 69 degrees. we will have another day that is pretty much a repeat performance tomorrow afternoon. inland will be in the mid-70s again. around the bay, in the mid to upper 60s and at the shoreline, fairly persistent low overcast leads to chilly temperatures all the way through the weekend and next week, as a matter of fact, and then some changes coming in next week. we will show you in a minute. first the rain that we had last
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week, has now moved in over the four corners and lifting to the northeast from there. offshore, we have weak high pressure that is built in. in the wake of that little system. and as a result, we have mild temperatures inland as we have a weak high. chilly along the shoreline. and no dramatic changes for tomorrow. and the early part of next week, it finds a low pressure system that is beginning to slide toward california. and that introduces the possibility at least of maybe a shower or two, by thursday night, and friday. we shall see. in the meantime, biggest factor in the weather right now, by the way there is a data gap you will see coming up here, but look at the clouds around the shoreline. and tomorrow night, you can basically see the headline, it is that there is low clouds along the shoreline that really pull in over the peninsula and right up the skyline, and beyond. so we will begin again, on sunday. with overcast skies and sun in the afternoon. for the inland areas. the coastal clouds, cool temperatures, patchy fog by the shoreline as well. next week, relatively cool.
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very pleasant inland. but the numbers are below average. and that's after a fairly above average winter for the bay area. if you're heading out to the old ball yard, vern would be the first to tell you that the giants are playing tomorrow 1:05 p.m. under mostly cloudy skies and 60 degrees. and sunday streets happening tomorrow. mission district and san francisco, 62 degrees. and the extended forecast, we will go with strat-us quo. the usual low clouds in the morning and sunshine in the afternoon. with temperatures beginning to climb into the mid-70s by monday. and then cooling off for the rest of the week. the next chance we get of a sprinkle or two coming in on friday. and next weekend, though, it looks dry. that is the weather. as for what is next, here you go. >> thank you, brian. the wildlife got a little too close for comfort for some tourists in montana. take a look. a family of black bears started chasing them. that's a mama and her three baby cubs. wildlife officials say the tourists got too close to the bears to begin with.
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they recommend staying at least 100 feet, and running away only makes things worse. wildlife officials say it triggers a predator response in the animal. >> you did not want to mess with that. >> look at them go. trying to protect her kids. >> what were they thinking? oh, cute cuddly, let's go a little closer. >> they look frightened and fas yated all at the same time. >> until it goes south. >> speaking of fascinating. hold that thought. have i got some game for you folks. here is the ultimate team. this playoff game hung on this shot. did he make it
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okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ nba, the warriors and grizzlies run right now in their game three, highlights and reaction, that will be coming up at 11:00, we got drama from the eastern conference game three. washington wizards star, in the street clothes, broken hand, and wizards hosting atlanta for the lead. and the hawks were creating their own drama. 17-0 run. got atlanta within three late. and they kept attacking. hawks, snappy. and tied the game up at 101. washington, less than 10 seconds left. paul pierce. played the hero. falling away. and he hit it! wizards won the game.
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103-101. taking a 2-1 series lead. cue the blimp shot. >> tpc saw grass florida. players championship. third round. aka, the fifth major. rory mcilroy. world's number one player. negotiating. yeah. 26-foot birdie. two under 70. and four shots off the lead. and this one, sole possession, when he got it to drop at 17. and second round leader, kevin na, a funny one, he didn't like the shot so he dropped the club. no, no, no. yes. it worked out. a par three 17. set himself up for birdie to tie. but na gave it back in the 18th. double bogey hole. dropped him two shots off the lead. curt is one stroke clear of the field. and nfl, rookie mini camps all over the league, including here, the first round pick amari coop ner the first practice yesterday in the
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silver and black. 89 the number. the star attraction on the field. cooper regarded as one of the most pro ready players in the league. his assessment at practice? >> no surprises. it went exactly how i thought it would go. the first day of practice. it went pretty good. i made a couple of plays. we looked good out there as a team. >> are we going to do a daily update on our number one pick? i thought he was fine. he is going to be a good player. >> thanks forbe the insight, coach. the giants defended morris with the world series love. look at the love. and now a miami marlin. one season in san francisco. 20-14. came up big in the post season homerun. game tying homerun in the nlcs clincher. the go-ahead rbi in game seven of the world series. and you know that came up, when we chatted. >> he looked the same.
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the product in his hair is still the same. hey, michael. man, i cannot remember someone getting so much love on a homecoming after being with a team only a year. even you got to be taken back by that, huh? >> yes, i am. it shows what kind of a group of guys those are over there. and we had a special moment last year. and i wasn't expecting all of that. and it was tough. it was tough for me to hold back the tears, i guess. >> it was awesome. and i will always treasure that moment. >> what was it like to place that ring on your finger? >> it was awesome. amazing. just opening that box, it brought back so much memories. last year was a -- we put together a big story book. and that book had some tough times, some struggles, but some great times. and that is what made us so close as a team. and we grew from all of that stuff. and we battled from winning a
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one-game playoff. to winning the world series in game seven. so you know, all of that is put together in that ring and i will cherish until the day i die. and then more. >> people, when they think of you, i mean the vivid memory, or the home game heroics of the nlcs and the game seven, did you get those kind of flashbacks as were you feeling the love when you came in here on thursday? >> i did. i did. from right when we got to the hotel. to right when i got to the ballpark. the fans here are amazing. no better fans in baseball. and for a guy like me, to come in for just one year, and to show, and to get so much love, it is amazing. it is truly an honor. and man, it is tough to say it. >> i will say, you know what impressed us, the tiffany box. >> i knew the color. >> a tiffany box. >> that will do it for us at 5:30.
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we will
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>> tornado. >> yup, tornado. >> tornado. >> axelrod: the plains just can't catch a break. another round of severe weather pounds the region. on the carolina coast, the weather worry is tropical storm ana set to make landfall tomorrow. never mind fines. beverly hills drought dodgers also face shaming. hundreds of employees of zappos, both the online shoe retailer, rather than work at a company without bosses. and it's band camp for baby boomers who won't be quitting their day jobs. >> i could play "smoke on the water" with the best of them. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening.


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