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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 14, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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clearing the debris. reporter: crews used heavy machinery to remove the wreckage of amtrak 188 from the derailment site. the train cars are being moved to a secure location for further inspection. two days after the deadly accident, the actions of the engineer operating the train are being scrutinized. cbs news has learned his name is brandon bostian. an initial review of the train's data recorder shows it was traveling at 106 miles per hour along a sharp curve when it should only have been going 50. >> there's no way in the world that he should have been going that fast. >> reporter: all seven of the train's cars went off the rails shortly after leaving philadelphia's 30th street station tuesday night. at least 7 people were killed and hundreds of passengers were hurt. ntsb investigators say they have not interviewed bostian yet. >> we plan to interview the engineer at the first opportunity we can. we want to go back and look at the operation of the train. >> reporter: aside from looking at the actions of the engineer, the ntsb is also taking a close look at the condition of the
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tracks where the derailment happened. investigators also plan to examine video footage from forward-facing cameras attached to the train. tuesday's derailment is amtrak's deadliest accident in 16 years. there are still some passengers unaccounted for. eight others are in the hospital in critica condition. it's not known when service will be returned in the area. a bill in the state senate would eliminate "personal belief" exemptions. kiet do has more on a bill that's been amended to improve senate passage. >> reporter: the vaccine mandate bill is fast-tracking to sacramento and it could come up for a vote in the senate
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today. anti-vaccination parents have been flooding the capital in recent weeks. they say the latest move is cheating the law making system. the authors of senate bill 277 amended it so it won't cost anything. they got rid of the portion that would have required schools to notify parents of vaccination rates. this allows the bill to skip the appropriations committee altogether saving time and if it ultimately becomes law, california would be the third state in the country to eliminate the "personal belief" exemption for vaccine. >> our appropriation to vaccination is it's one size fits all but we all have different genetic makeup and different abilities to accept and withstand the toxins that are inherent in vaccines. >> we'll see. will it protect the number of children that we need? will this bill raise the conversation -- the dialogue in the state of california raise awareness about the importance of vaccinations so that parents start thinking again who are considering opting out maybe this isn't a wise decision for my own child. >> the bill is passed. >> reporter: the state senate
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reconvenes at 9 a.m. we are live in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. arson investigators are looking into a grass fire that threatened homes in sacramento county. the fire burned 15 acres in fair oaks before crews contained it yesterday. strong winds fueled the flames there. investigators say there was suspicious activity in the area before that fire was reported. take a live look outside. beautiful bay bridge toll plaza. i don't know how pretty that is. but if you are commuting it's not so bad because it is moving rather swiftly right now of the but i'm sure that will change. >> i think it's a beautiful thing because you're saying i got a job, i'm going to work. >> there you go. >> should be biking to work today. >> making some money. >> i would have liked to have done that today. but it's too early. 42 miles one way not bad. >> how about you, liz? >> no. >> our buddy joe simmons from oakland to sacramento. >> it would be hard to go over
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the bay bridge. >> am i going first? is everyone looking at me for a reason? >> i'll start because we have light rain in the forecast for today. this is our live hi-def doppler radar looking out at the bay area. a little bit of light green on the screen a lot of that is virga at this particular time where it happens to be evaporating before it hits the land mass. we had light rain right there. the bottom line is today carry an umbrella out the door for the possibility of a widely scattered shower. there is a possibility of a thunderstorm as well during the afternoon hours. we are sitting in the 50s right now and later today we'll have high temperatures in the 50s and a few low to mid-60s. a thunderstorm is possible today. any kind of accumulation perhaps around the santa cruz mountains. partly cloudy friday through sunday. chance of rain monday. >> out the door we have a few issues out there. sounds like a fully engulfed
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car fire. westbound 37 at lakeville road, it may have sparked a small grass fire in the area. both labors may be blocked. southbound 17 at the stadium coming through the santa cruz mountains slow lane is blocked due to a car striking a deer. northbound is not affected. and another wreck all coming in around the same time this one westbound 580 at north flynn. it's already slow through the altamont pass. that accident isn't going help the 205 commute. all lanes are open in the eastern contra costa county. they reopened all lanes of westbound and eastbound 4 by tracy boulevard. this morning, the thieves who smashed their way into a bay area bloomingdale's are still on the loose. the crime happened yesterday before dawn. they used a stolen jeep to crash through a glass door and then use a hammer to shatter jewelry cases.
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the four suspects had pricy items in hand within a minute and ran to the getaway car. that calf was found abandoned about a half mile away -- that car was found abandoned about a half mile away. happening today police brutality and racial profiling are being discussed in san jose. [ yelling ] >> stop, stop! >> video of this arrest from earlier in the month sparked outrage among members of the community. people will be meeting with members of law enforcement and the mayor sam liccardo from 7 to 9 tonight at st. paul's united methodist church. they will discuss police body cameras and officer training on racial profiling. "mercury news" reported last week that blacks and latinos account for nearly two-thirds of traffic stops. they make up a third of the city's population. a bay area hip-hop artist and three other men are suing the san francisco police department. young lot accuses officers of wrongfully detaining the group during a video shot in the bayview in march. the encounter was later posted on social media. many complained it was a sign
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of aggressive police tactics. but police say they were trying to stop a man carrying a gun. this morning governor brown is set to release his revised budget plan. it includes a new earned income tax credit for the state's lowest income families. it would affect about 825,000 families. average qualifying households would gain about $460 a year. that would reduce the state's revenue by about $380 million. but the state could have a surplus of up to $10 billion this time around. today san francisco city hall will get a special green certification and become the oldest building in the country to get it. federal epa administrators gina mccarthy will be on hand to recognize features that save water and energy. it's as a result of a funding partnership between the epa and the city's puc. still to come, an east bay school district announces major changes to student discipline. why schools will start
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suspended fewer children in the future. >> and it is "bike to work" day. if you need some inspiration, we have it for you coming up next. >> it is "bike to work" day and so we'll show you where the roads will be on the slippery side with our live hi-def doppler radar. >> and it sounds like right now they are shutting down the westbound lanes of 37 approaching lakeville road. it's a car fire, even a grass fire now, had that area. we'll have all the latest details and delays. but first, we want to know what drives you crazy during your commute. ask a question or share a gripe by emailing or tweet me at #ewengerkpix and watch to see if your question gets answered on air.
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oakland schools are changing the way they discipline students. the school board voted last night to stop suspending students for minor infractions. the goal is to focus on why students are acting in a certain way instead of punishment. a new policy goes into effect in july 2016. san francisco has adopted a similar policy. it's a surefire way to get kids happier and motivated. all it took was 100 gallons of paint. it's true.
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concord's cambridge elementary is this week's "cool school." ♪[ music ]♪ reporter: if you want to perk up students at school, try a splash of color. >> bright colors cheered me up and it kind of makes me feel kind of jumpy and like happy. >> and happy is good. concord's cambridge elementary got a color makeover. their blacktop is awash with pink, green, yellow and teal. the once drab whitewashed walls have come alive in spectacular colors giving these young students a sense of school pride. and they're here to tell you [ spelling out cambridge ] >> cambridge! >> reporter: how much fun was it to paint your school? >> oh, that was really fun because i got to be a part of something that was like amazing. and it was just an awesome experience. >> reporter: this was a community effort from the kids, the parents, and a berkeley nonprofit called project color corps who helped design and
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create this masterpiece. they believe color can empower our emotions in a positive way and inspire us all. >> i feel happy because sometimes, when you're sad in the morning you could -- you [ indiscernible ] by cheered up by all the bright colors. >> when i came to school, and i'm, like, what happened to the school? it's amazing to be here. >> reporter: months in planning, cambridge got its new look in a weekend of good cheer which has bonded this school. the students are enjoying. how about you teachers? >> we are loving it. it just made everything so much happier and we want to come to school and are super excited to be here. >> it is pretty impressive. you see the before pictures and it's just white and kind of drab and then the color just kind of makes you feel good. >> yeah. i think they have a good point about the color. and they are bright colors, too. so -- >> yeah. and it brought the community together. teachers, parents, that whole thing. and businesses donated the paint. it was a win-win. >> who knew paint could do so much? i know. well, what's cool about your school? email your nominations to us at we may come and feature your school on the show.
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this is the 21st annual "bike to work" day in the bay area and for the second straight year bart is allowing bicycles on its trains for the day. also, the morning bart's board of directors is expected to approve additional bike lockers and parking at some stations. on this "bike to work" day we are tracking one our colleagues as he bikes from marin to our kpix 5 studio in san francisco. on the waterfront a live look at our operations manager don sharp. pedaling along as he moves in from marin going across the golden gate. i can hear him puffing and huffing. he is laughing about it! looks pretty good. >> just working it, don. >> he is in great shape. they have a bike rack installed in our downstairs facebook. >> there's no bikes there yet!
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meanwhile we expect to see more people traveling on two wheels like don during this morning's commute. >> anne makovec joins us live from the golden gate bridge with more on what's happening on this "bike to work" day. i think don should be coming by any moment. >> reporter: i'm at vista point near the golden gate bridge. this is where one of several energizer stations are set up here in the bay area. they have snacks, drinks, encouragement for anybody trying to commute on two wheels for this "bike to work" day. the purpose of this event is to encourage commuters to try biking to work and also to celebrate those who do it regularly. last year, this event drew more than 75,000 people and that's just the bikers who actually stopped and registered at these energizer stations. people who do bike regularly say the benefits are obvious. >> i feel better. physically no loss of weight and was able to have better
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report cards from the doctor, too,. >> reporter: bike lanes you may have noticed around the bay area are becoming more prevalent and that's good because new riders get scared or discouraged when riding outside of a bike lane. you can find out a lot more about biking around the bay area specifically on our website, also find out where you can find these energizer stations around the bay area because they are set up not only this morning but also for the evening commute. live at the golden gate bridge, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> let's check in with elizabeth now with a traffic alert. >> we have one now in sonoma county and i want to show you a tweet that we just spotted. this is from "kcbs traffic." they are shutting down the westbound lanes now. this car fire, there was word of explosions in that area, the car actually exploding. that's what chp told us.
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it also sparked a small grass fire in the area so it's in the westbound lanes of 37 at lakeville road. it is fully engulfed. right now they are holding traffic right there by sonoma raceway. so eastbound looks okay. but again, it's a hot spot to avoid right now. they are holding cars. bart has an issue going on. there are downtown oakland delays pretty much in all directions. they sayer in recovery mode. there was an earlier equipment problem on the tracks. that usually means things are going in the right direction. they are going to get better here shortly but they are still saying five- to ten-minute delays in all directions out of downtown. the rest of mass transit is on time. i mentioned that earlier fender- bender. it was westbound 580 approaching north flynn. it's still there. it's in the final clearing stages. we know they are calling out for tow crews now. even if it's on the shoulder it's still a visual hazard. you can see delays from the 205/580 split. past north flynn sluggish to
5:18 am
vasco, then great between hacienda and the dublin interchange. 880 looking good. southbound roadwork approaching 238 should be gone. roberta, i had to use my windshield wiperses today. >> i did, too. i had a little renegade shower in advance of the low pressure offshore that moved into the bay area and we had a couple of scattered showers. any weather watchers up and going? 57 degrees, that would be steve in los altos. he is reporting some mostly cloudy skies. we'll check back with our weather watchers for the possibility of rain showers. this is our live hi-def doppler. can you see the precipitation to the south of the san francisco area? that's where we'll get heavy rainfall. we have a possibility of an isolated thunderstorm
5:19 am
throughout the afternoon. partly cloudy skies at mineta international airport. 58 mild out the door in oakland. the core is still way back here. and it's going to lift you and then you have the circulation of the precipitation around that low lifting up into the bay area. the rain will move out of here early on friday. and then we have another area of low pressure to the north of us enhancing our marine layer through the weekend. let's walk you through our futurecast. here's that band of showers offshore. it wants to move in through the lunch hour. carry an umbrella to be safe. any kind of precipitation totals would generally be from san francisco to the south. so this is not even a north bay event at all. although you could see up to perhaps about .1" in santa rosa over the next 24 hours. maybe a half inch throughout the santa cruz mountains. rain chances in throughout the state capital. we have a winter storm watch in effect for the western slopes of the high sierra above 6,000 feet.
5:20 am
6" of snow expected. totals today just shy of 70. looks like we'll clear out by friday and a dry weekend chance of rain monday. as you make vacation plans keep in mind if your airline mistakenly posts a cheap flight they aren't on the hook for an error anymore. the department of transportation recently announced that airlines no longer have to honor mistaken fares. airlines do have to cover any extra out of pocket costs incurred by a ticket purchaser. it is 5:20 right now. the bay area's biggest city takes a stand to make rents more affordable. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell at oracle. coming up, the warriors dug a mighty big hole. could they
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good morning. if you haven't heard, it is "bike to work" day and we have one of our more ambitious and in shape coworkers don sharpe wearing i get a helmet cam and he is biking to work from his home in marin county all the way here to cbs studios in downtown san francisco. so yeah, just a reminder if you aren't biking to work make sure you share the road. there will be extra riders out there. we'll take a full look at your "kcbs" drive to work all coming up. good morning, everybody, from oracle where this basketball series has really
5:24 am
resembled a chess match in some ways between the two head coaches and the winner last night would put the opposing coach in check. memphis was without their key pawn tony allen with an injured hamstrung. marcus from midrange 11-point lead in the 1st quarter. but the warriors closed the first on a 16-two-run thanks to that man, steph curry giving the warriors their first lead as time expires. 3rd quarter, harris son barnes from downtown. he had 14. warriors up 9 in the third. they made 14 three-point shots. klay thompson threw it up to the aussie to make it 11 point advantage. they led by as many as 24 and they win 98-78. now it's back to memphis for game 6 on friday. baseball, astros executive nolan ryan hoping they could avoid the short two-game sweep against the giants. it was tied at 3 in the 8th
5:25 am
inning until affeldt with a solo shot. houston beats the giants 4-3. sonny gray the definition of a hard luck loser against boston. he allowed one run in seven innings but the a's offense 0 for 14 with runners in scoring position against the red sox pitching. they lose 2-0 and they drop two of three in that series. that game was played yesterday prior to the warriors victory last night. we'll say good-bye on this note. 82% of the teams who take a 3-2 series lead win the series. that's not a good omen for memphis or the words of elvis, it's now or never. >> thank you. play of the day, we have some baseball. marlins and dodgers and some great defense here. miami with a diving catch. right fielder at dodger stadium coming in. looks like he slipped but boy, there it is. great catch. miami beat the dodgers in l.a.
5:26 am
5-4 after a great catch right there. your play of the day. it is 5:25 right now. a new vaccine could stop lung cancer from spreading. details this morning on where it's coming from. >> i'm kiet do live in san jose. the so-called antivaccination bill has cleared a major hurdle in sacramento. we have a li
5:27 am
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car. that's a long leash. i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] investigatedders say a derailed amtrak -- investigators say a derailed amtrak train was going twice the speed limit when it crashed in philadelphia. >> and scammers targeting elderly women in the bay area. what police say they have their
5:30 am
eyes on. >> it is fired up. it's ready to go, it's live hi- def doppler radar, we're tracking today's rain. >> and chp is no longer holding cars on westbound 37 in marin county or in sonoma county. they did re-open one lane. we'll have the latest details on this traffic alert coming up. good morning, everyone. it's thursday, may 14. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:30. today a controversial bill that would require all children get vaccinated is up for a vote in the state senate. the bill is already cleared several legislative committees but it has also provoked protest. kiet do is in san jose with more on what the bill would do. kiet? >> reporter: the vaccine mandate bill continues its slow and steady march through sacramento. it's cleared another major hurdle and it could be up for a vote on the senate floor as early as today. anti-vaccination parents have been flooding the capital in recent weeks. they say this latest move is cheating the law making system. the authors of senate bill 277,
5:31 am
however, have amended it so it won't cost anything. they got rid of the portion that would have required schools to notify parents of vaccination rates. now, this allows the bill to skip the appropriations committee altogether saving time and fast-tracking it through. if it ultimately becomes law, california would be the third state in the country to eliminate the "personal belief" exemptions for vaccines. >> as parents we have the right to choose what's best for our children no matter what it is. >> we'll see. will it protect the number of children that we need? will this big raise just the -- the conversation, the dialogue in the state of california, will it raise awareness about the importance of vaccinations so that parents start thinking again who are considering opting out, maybe this isn't a wise decision for my own child. >> 7-2, the bill passed. >> reporter: the senate reconvenes at 9 a.m. live in downtown san jose kiet do, kpix 5. >> opponents of a housing project in contra costa county hope the drought will dry up those plans. the proposed development would
5:32 am
set on a 440-acre site off 680 in san ramon the city already gave developers the green light to move forward but some neighbors hope mandatory water restrictions will stop the project. with 740 units, people would use a lot of water. lawyers with the sierra club will send letters about the drought concerns to the army corps of engineers and the water board. palo alto is establishing new water restrictions. the city has a goal of cutting water use by 24% compared to 2013. to achieve that it is limiting outdoor watering to no more than two days a week for homes and businesses. and watering is banned from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. the city will have to report its water use to the state and could face fines if it misses the target. if you are just climbing out of bed, we have a little bit of rain in the bay area right now. i'm looking at the hi-def doppler radar. that's the core of the center
5:33 am
of the area of low pressure. most of the time they get these storms and they are to the north of us and sag to the south. this one is due west and to the south. most rain will be in the santa cruz mouths and south to the monterey bay area. it is lifting north. any kind of rainfall totals would be from san francisco to the south. at this hour, 54 in san jose, mostly cloudy, winds under 10 miles per hour. the core is trying to lift northeast. all that precipitation is just circling counterclockwise around the core of the center. so we'll get a band of showers in here from time to time. for the most part temperatures in the 50s and 60s. with the daytime heating there is the possibility of an afternoon thunderstorm. we'll talk about that at 48 minutes after the hour. >> we'll go back out to our
5:34 am
traffic alert in sonoma county. westbound lanes of 37, i mentioned that one lane reopened. so they got the car fire under control and the grass fire contained. so they are no longer holding traffic at 121. they were holding cars by the sonoma raceway but now everything is open at least one lane but there's still some slight delays heading into the area. the rest of the bay area is still relatively quiet. bay bridge really within the last few minutes we started to see delays building in the far right cash lanes. the rest of the lanes look okay for now. no metering lights just yet. and here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. i have been watching the sidewalk looking for more bicycle riders. it is "bike to work" day. so right now, southbound traffic if you are on the span itself, everything still looks okay out of sausalito. investigators in philadelphia are trying to figure out why an amtrak train
5:35 am
that derailed was going more than twice the speed limit heading into a sharp curve. the engineer who was at the controls of the train has a bay area connection. brandon bostian was a contract engineer for caltrain in 2010 and 2011. ntsb says the train was going 106 miles per hour when it should have been only going 15 -- excuse me -- >> there's no way not world he should have been going that fast. >> we plan to interview the engineer at the first opportunity that we can. we want to go back and look at the operation of the train. >> speed limit was 50. crews are now using heavy machinery to remove all the wreckage there. police in philly say bostonians -- bostian refused to give a statement and left a precinct office with his attorney. this morning, the thieves who smashed their way into a bay area bloomingdale's are still on the loose. it happened yesterday before dawn. they used a stolen jeep to crash through a glass door then used a hammer to shatter
5:36 am
jewelry cases. the four suspects had pricy items in hand within about a minute. they made a quick exit to the getaway car. customers were shocked. >> it's a really nice neighborhood and i wouldn't think this would happen here. i'm shocked. >> workers covered the broken door and swept up the glass and allowed shoppers back in. this is the second smash-and- grab heist in palo alto since february. police are investigating whether the same burglars are involved in both. san jose police say a 17- year-old boy has surrendered in connection with a home invasion in the evergreen area. friday's incident captured on camera. investigators say the intruders armed themselves with knives and tried to attack two women hiding with a baby upstairs. but they ran off when they heard the women calling 911. police are now looking for at least one other suspect. disturbing surveillance video shows a possible case of
5:37 am
police brutality in southern illinois. two teens in a holding area at the elton police department are handcuffed. an officer enters the room, says something to them, and then takes out what looks like pepper spray and starts dousing them. one of the teens immediately starts twitching and shaking. the incident happened back in january but it's taken months to write up a report. now the department says it's investigating. claims of fraud by wells fargo are now going national. a campbell man has just filed a class action lawsuit for customers across the country. it says bill collectors harassed him for fees that he never agreed to it. last week l.a. city attorney filed a state lawsuit accused the bank of misusing customer data and opening accounts without their knowledge. scammers are stealing thousands of dollars worth of jewelry from women in san francisco. san francisco police say the men pretend to be everything from fencing contractors to
5:38 am
earthquake inspectors to pg&e personnel. they then enter the home and steal the jewelry. it's happened 6 times in the past couple of weeks. police say they are targeting women in their 70s, 80s, even 90s. renters in san jose are asking city leaders for help. several community groups joined together yesterday to demand the city create stronger tenant protection policies similar to those in some other bay area cities. right now, san jose's landlords can increase rent at 8% but they want it capped at 4%. mayor sam liccardo has expressed support to that idea. in san francisco, the median home price has reached another record high. $1.225million in april. that's according to paragon real estate. walmart is making a new bid to compete with amazon. it involves deals with customers on shipping costs. >> let's talk to jill wagner of she joins us live in new york. good morning.
5:39 am
>> reporter: good morning. we'll see if market can turn around today after yesterday was the third down day in a row for the dow. so it fell another 8 points. the nasdaq though is up about 5. walmart is testing a new unlimited shipping service for online shoppers. it costs $50 a year. orders would arrive in three days or less. the new service could compete with amazon prime which costs $99 a year for free shipping. for now walmart service is invitation-only. and starbucks is denying reports that its mobile phone app was hacked. the media outlets pointed to two particular cases. they said cyber criminals were using the starbucks payment system to drain money from accounts and steal card information. starbucks though says that's not true. and they couldn't, though, comment on specific customers. frank and michelle? >> well, jill, ikea's latest marketing ploy is pretty comfy. what's that about? >> reporter: yeah. breakfast in bed an ikea bed of course. so the furniture store is
5:40 am
opening up a pop-up cafe in london. it will be serving a free scandinavian breakfast things like toast, pastries and smoked fish to customers who will be on ikea beds so in the afternoon, customers could actually reserve a bed and take a nap and they could also shop. frank and michelle? >> i love it. >> it's weird. but i like the sweets. >> if they throw in the swedish meatballs, those are pretty good. >> we want one of those in the u.s. >> no kidding. >> someone else is making food for you. that's great. >> jill wagner of, thank you. the rugby become will be at at&t park in san francisco and avaya stadium in san jose in 2018. 105 matches will be played between both venues. rugby will return to summer olympics in rio de janeiro in 2016. it is "bike to work" day. coming up, we are going to give
5:41 am
you some inspiration if you are thinking about that today. and we'll speak live with one of the organizers. >> and some folks are driving to work today. that's why we have elizabeth wenger standing by. she has your traffic. roberta is going to talk about some of the rain that's coming to the bay area too
5:42 am
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when brands compete, you save! mattress price wars are on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ good morning. it's thursday, may 14. your time is 5:43 in the morning. rain is on the approach. we'll tell you when to expect it and how much at 48 minutes after the hour. coast guard crews made a dramatic rescue in northern california. they got a call yesterday morning about a hiker stuck on a cliff in the crescent city area. the woman, a tourist from sweden, had been sitting all night on a small rock on the
5:44 am
near vertical cliff. the coast guard rescuer was lowered to the woman and hooked her into a harness and both were lifted to safety. thousands of bicyclists will be pedaling along for "bike to work" day in the bay area. anne makovec reports from the golden gate bridge. >> reporter: good morning. this is the 21st annual "bike to work" day and the weather is holding up no rain here yet this morning. i'm at vista point near the golden gate bridge one of several energizer stations set up around the bay area. one of the organizers of the event, thanks for being here this morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: this is obviously a really easy and spectacular bike lane. some people are afraid of riding their bike to work. >> that's correct. and that's why we have the bay area "bike to work" day. it's a great day for new riders to come out. they get a lot of encouragement on the roads to the energizer
5:45 am
stations. their fellow commuters are there to help them, support them, get them to practice. our hope is if they ride today they will like it so much they will keep on riding. >> reporter: there are a lot of people who just -- this is a way of life do it regularly. do you think there are -- how many people do you think actually come out specifically for this day? >> well, we do count how many people stop at the energizer stations all 400 of them across the bay area today. generally -- last year we have about 100,000 people came out on their bikes. we know those are the people who stopped at the energizer stations. that doesn't counted for those who didn't stop. there may be 200,000 people biking today. >> go to our website, for more. live by the golden gate bridge, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> you know you can get a ticket on your bike. you know that, right? >> yes. >> have you before?
5:46 am
>> i have gotten a speeding ticket on my bike! [ laughter ] >> i'm a slow person but i was actually going 42 in a 35. >> oh, yeah. >> i got a big lecture, too. >> i don't know what that's like. i'm -- [overlapping speakers >> cop with a radar gun. >> if you see roberta in the tri-valley look out! >> speedy gonzales! ! [ laughter ] >> we have been looking for righters out there. we'll check the golden gate bridge in a minute. first the bay bridge. if you are driving to work you will have company. it was slightly lighter traffic at the toll plaza. now it's filling in. metering lights were turned on 10 minutes ago and it's finally delayed to the end of the parking lot. before they switched them on it was okay. the guadalupe parkway continues to be a hot spot. for a while they had to do a traffic break northbound 87 at sky port drive. this is if you are heading to
5:47 am
the air. now just one lane is blocked. delays to tailor street. westbound 37 at lakeville road they cleared a car five they got it under control. it also sparked a small grass fire in the area. it's contained. fire crews are still out there though blocking one of the lanes. you can see there's delays from 121. and here's a live look at the golden gate. there's a bicycle rider on the sidewalk heading into san francisco. so yeah, expect a few more people on two wheels instead of four this morning. so just kind of watch out for that on this "bike to work" day you may see a few more bikes out there. traffic is fine out of sausalito. san mateo looks great in both directions. the drive time is 13 minutes out of hayward. windshield wipers may be necessary, right? >> it's true. it's live hi-def doppler radar. we fired it up and we are picking up precipitation all associated with a core of the low pressure right there. all this is going to lift up
5:48 am
northeast. santa cruz the mountainous areas the san lucia mountains and san benito will have the most rainfall from this system. san francisco and south could get up to .25" of rain. sfo with clouds at this hour so far no reports of local airport delays. we are in the 50s and winds are you understand 10 miles per hour. this is how it looks on our satellite imagery. you see the core is about right here. and we have the echoes forming about 75 miles just off the monterey bay coast. it will lift north and east by friday and in the wake we have a chance of a thunderstorm this afternoon partly sunny through the weekend. let's talk about today. here's the band of showers, scattered showers in the eastern portion of the bay
5:49 am
area. it doesn't look optimistic. it's widely scattered showers throughout the day today. very light. again, up to .25" if we're lucky maybe higher amounts in the santa cruz mountains. we are anticipating the possibility of thunderstorms in throughout sacramento. we do have a winter storm watch in effect for the western slopes of the high sierra. up to 6" of snow. you have today's sun-up and sundown and today's temperatures below average for this 14th day of the month. mid-50s beaches, low 60s bayside, mid-60s peninsula into the santa clara valley up to 67, 68 degrees outside number. dry weather pattern each day. and you know what, michelle? i yanked that chance of rain out of the monday forecast. >> oh, no. all right, roberta. well, thank you. david letterman's guest last night was julia roberts. apparently, dave and julia enjoy kissing. >> we have video. >> videotape. >> of our life together. >> do you want to see it? >> yes. >> let's see it.
5:50 am
>> you can stick around if you like. >> i'm so glad you feel that way. >> yes, very much. they do enjoy it. we are counting down dave's final shows. only 5 left until he says good- bye. tonight's guest george clooney and tom waite. >> maybe i will kiss george, too. >> who knows. in health news a lung cancer vaccine may be coming to the united states courtesy of cuba. the vaccine called [ indiscernible ] stops the growth of lung tumors. it's been available free for cubans since 2011. now doctors are working are havana researchers. clinical trials in the u.s. will start in a year. time now is 5:50. a massive airbag recall expands
5:51 am
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good morning. stop and take a look at your tv screener because, yes, we have rain in the forecast today. this is our live hi-def doppler radar. see all that precipitation off the coast? i'll tell you when to expect raindrops on your rooftops as the news continues. >> we have just learned they need three flatbed tow crews for this crash in order to clear it on the guadalupe parkway near the airport approaching skyport drive. big delays already from taylor street. the rest of your morning commute is all coming up. a gilroy driver is expected to face charges after he was the only one to survive a crash that killed four friends. yesterday friend of the victims gathered at the scene of the wreck along leavesley road east of gilroy. three victims of tuesday night's crash and an 18-year- old woman -- were three 18-year- old women looking forward to graduating high school. >> i was hoping they were still alive. i knew them. >> the other victim was a 24- year-old gilroy man.
5:55 am
the driver was airlifted to regional medical center in san jose. he was then arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and manslaughter. new this morning, honda is recalling nearly 58 million vehicles from around the world. the automaker says there's a new type of problem with takata's airbag inflaters. toyota and nissan have ordered similar recalls. honda is also recalling nearly 50,000 acuras and other cars. there's a defect in a radar system used to prevent crashes. people at a northern california apple store got sick from a fedex package covered in acid. workers picked it up yesterday afternoon at monterey and started to feel dizzy and nauseated. four people had to be taken to the hospital. police evacuated that store. >> it's a corrosive acid and so it can certainly lead to corrosion and also can lead to burns on your skin and anytime there's a liquid acid as it vaporizes inhalation can cause
5:56 am
a burning and damage to your lungs. so clearly we're taking all the appropriate precautions. >> package came from san bernardino. it looks like the fluid came from a spill at the fedex facility there. the owner of a san francisco mcdonald's says she had no idea people were doing drugs there. san francisco city attorney calls the haight-ashbury restaurant a magnet for crime and is threatening to shut it down. the owner claims the city never told her about the drug problem, but the city and police department say they have tried for some time to get her to clean it up. 5:56 on this thursday. new water restrictions at another bay area city and residents aren't the only ones facing punishment for breaking the rules. >> and the vaccine mandate bill has cleared another major hurdle in sacramento. i'm kiet do with all the details coming up in a live ♪ at kaiser permanente
5:57 am
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good morning. it's thursday, may 14. i'm frank mallicoat. >> mannheim michelle griego. data from a derailed amtrak train shows it was going double the speed limit on a sharp curve in philadelphia. we now know the engineer at the controls of the train has a bay area connection. brandon bostian was a contract engineer for caltrain in 2010 and 2011. ntsb says the train was going 106 miles per hour when it should have been going 50. >> there's no way in the world that he should have been going that fast. >> we plan to interview the engineer at the first opportunity that we can. we want to go back and look at the operation of the train. >> crews are now using heavy machinery to remove the wreckage. police in philadelphia say bostian refused to give a statement and left a precinct office with a lawyer.


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