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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 15, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning, everyone. it's friday, may 15. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. the search for the u.s. marine helicopter in nepal has come to an end. anne makovec has the latest. >> reporter: nepal's defense secretary says that wreckage has been found along with three bodies. no word yet on the other five people on board. six u.s. marines and two nepalese army soldiers were on that helicopter delivering aid to earthquake survivors in remote villages. that chopper disappeared three days ago. the pilot had reported a fuel problem right before it went down. it was among more than a dozen u.s. military aircraft helping nepal recover from its two earthquakes. and there is a nepal native here in the bay area who has been watching the developments very closely. at the same time, becoming a u.s. citizen. he used to be a guide ascending mount everest six times and this week he took the oath of
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u.s. citizenship. he is now a plumber in richmond. the naturalization milestone for him comes six years after he immigrated to the u.s. to join relatives and escape nepal's tense political landscape. but he left a lot of family behind. he is still waiting to hear from his mother and brothers. >> i called them so many times. they haven't called me yet. >> reporter: now that he is a u.s. citizen, he will be able to travel more easily and finally reunite with his wife, who still lives in nepal. he says the career change from sherpa himalaya guide to plumber has been worth it to get american citizenship. anne makevoc, kpix 5. thursday was a day of wild weather in parts of the bay area. thunder and lightning accompanied heavy rain and even hail in the south and east bays. an unusual spring weather system moved in yesterday
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afternoon but only in certain areas. multiple lightning strikes were reported at stanford university and in clayton near mount diablo. road conditions were a little rough for drivers who got caught in one of those downpours. drivers on 101 in redwood city hit the brakes and turned on their windshield wipers. hopefully this video is coming from the passenger. [ laughter ] >> and not the driver. >> i'm glad you said an unusual storm. i heard on a different station yesterday they were saying a surprise spring storm. it wasn't a surprise at all. we had been forecasting this and we had been talking about the lightning bolts off the coast since 9:00 yesterday morning. what is very unusual is we saw half inch of rain in many locations and that's more than we usually see in a month here in the bay area. this was sent to me by sue in clayton lightning that struck the tree. thanks, sue. keep those photos coming to kpix. that is dramatic. temperatures now into the 40s and 50s out the door. and later today, we will realize high temperatures into the 50s and into the high 60s.
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partly cloudy skies. hey, i have your full weekend forecast coming up. >> thank you, roberta. and let's see. here's another live look at the golden gate bridge. we saw the zipper crews a little while ago so now all is quiet out of sausalito. since we have been on the air for a half-hour or so we haven't seen much in the way of incidents. this is still a great time to leave. you have to get to work on time. no delay at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights. you may still hit a little bit of overnight roadwork on the san mateo bridge. it's just westbound today between hayward and foster city boulevard. back to you guys. >> all right, elizabeth. thank you. . there may be a bad batch of bart rails. one was installed in 2011. a contractor that inspects the rails annually identified a section of track as a problem last september. but bart says they didn't report it to back. the broken track is undergoing additional testing. the engineer at the
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controls of the amtrak train that derailed in philadelphia is expected to speak with federal investigators in the next few days. eight people died when the train jumped the tracks going over the speed limit. more now from don champion. >> reporter: the investigation into tuesday's amtrak derailment remains focused on engineer brandon bostian. ntsb investigators want to know why the train accelerated from 70 to more than 100 miles per hour as it approached a curve. >> just before entering the curve is when the engineer applied the engineer-induced braking to put it into emergency braking. >> reporter: bostian's lawyer says his clients doesn't remember the crash and had a concussion and received 14 staples to close a head wound. the engineer has already submitted a blood sample to test for drugs and alcohol and investigators will also look at his cell phone. >> him and me there. >> reporter: his childhood friend spoke with bostian after the accident. >> he is very distraught.
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he's very upset. um, and he's very sorry. i don't think there's any foul play or anything like that. he was never one to do drugs. it has to be something else. >> reporter: on thursday, the body of 45-year-old bob gildersleeve was recovered at the crash site. the father of two from maryland is the 8th fatality to be identified. at the naval academy mid happen is man justin zemser was remembered -- midshipman justin zemser was remembered. >> he was relentless. first one in and last one out of the weight room. >> reporter: all the passengers have now been accounted for. don champion, cbs news, philadelphia. >> police have arrested a man they believe is behind a string of car burglaries in san francisco. investigators have been working the case for several months when they finally caught up with the suspect last night. his name hasn't been released. the car the suspect was driving when he was stopped had an uber sticker posted on the windshield but it's unclear if or how he is affiliated with the company. a vigil tonight in gilroy
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for two of the students killed in that crash late tuesday night. the four victims three were 18- year-old women looking forward to graduating from high school. their families will be awarded honorary diplomas. the driver was the only one to survive the crash. he was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and manslaughter. hundreds of police officers in san jose will be wearing body cameras by next summer. city officials reached an agreement with the police union last night after both sides addressed concerns about privacy. a usage policy will prohibit the recording of free speech demonstrations and of private settings like hospitals and doctors' offices. the total cost will be around a million dollars. police are looking into the killing of a vallejo teenager whose body was found on a trail near his high school. kenneth maxwell bush who went by max attended jesse bethel high school. police say they responded to reports of a shooting along
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ascot parkway yesterday morning and found the victim near a trailhead there. there are no suspects so far and investigators say the motive for the killing is still unknown. a major hurdle is cleared for a bill that would require vaccinations for almost all schoolchildren in california. as sharon chin reports, it's much to the chagrin of those who don't trust vaccines. >> it's a personal and spiritual belief. >> reporter: expectant mother nanny diamond says she won't agree to mandatory vaccinations for her child. >> it's about the cleanliness of the vaccinations and the schedule of the vaccinations. >> reporter: but signal bill 277 passed says kindergartners entering school must be vaccinated starting the fall of 2016. marin county's public health officer. >> that would be an effective way to ensure that we're protected against outbreaks of preventable diseases. >> reporter: in a significant compromise, the senate bill
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grandfathers in 26,000 children whose parents already have claimed the personal or religious beliefs exemption. that means that kids who didn't get their shots in kindergarten won't be required to get them until 7th grade and 7th graders without all their shots may not need to get them at all because they are not always required for older children. but when her child is ready for kindergarten? >> i'm not going to against my values for myself, my son, for our family. >> reporter: you don't get vaccinated your only other option would be homeschooling. >> that's right. or if alternatively if they had a medical exemption then those children would be allowed to attend public or private school. >> reporter: are you ready to homeschool? >> if that is what it comes to. >> reporter: sharon chin, kpix 5. >> new this morning, fewer students say they are being bullied at school. the department of education says reports are down 6% from two years ago at its lowest level since 2005. bullying has spread from school
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hallways and bathrooms to social media back home. experts say girls are more likely to be bullied than boys. and bullies are more likely to be white than minorities. time now 5:09. california's drought is forcing mandatory reductions. why thousands of gallons are being wasted at candlestick park. >> i'm kiet do. we are live in mountain view getting ready, another round of new google self-driving cars is getting ready to hit the road in the next couple of months. >> and taking a look at the roads right now, everything looks good. maybe you're catching a flight this weekend over by sfo. all clear on 101 and 280. we'll have some travel times for you coming up. >> we have at least a dozen kpix 5 weather watcher checking in this morning so we can give you all you need to know out the door. the weekend forecast is coming
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good morning. it's 5:12 on this tgif! yes, it is friday. it is currently in san francisco 52 degrees as we take a look at the embarcadero. isn't that great? oh, look at all those 10,000 l.e.d. lights honoring our golden state warriors taking on the grizzlies tonight 6:30 our time. go warriors. the complete forecast is coming
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up at 18 minutes past the hour. a new bus bridge would go against traffic to ease the morning commute. crews would convert an eastbound into a westbound lane. metropolitan transportation commission says four to seven inches would be shaved off for the 12-foot-wide bus. a zipper bus like the golden gate bridge has would go up for the mornings. google's fleet of self- driving cars will be on the move this summer. it's a first-ever road test in the search giant's hometown. kpix 5's kiet do is in mountain view to tell us what google hopes to accomplish. >> reporter: good morning. we're not talking about those lexus suvs that have been on the road for years now. this is about the google cars that were built from scratch. this is a huge step forward for self-driving cars. in about a month 25 of them will be hitting the streets. they will be restricted to the suburban neighborhoods of mountain view. they will go no faster than 25 miles an hour. driving a total of about 10,000 miles a week. they will be programmed to be conservative, for example, they
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will wait for a second and a half after the light turns green before going. what's more they will be testing out the new rules by the dmv for autonomous cars which includes always having a human ready to jump in and help. by the way, all eyes will be on california since we are the first government in the world to create a detailed handbook for robot cars. are they ready for driving in downtown san francisco? the company says they are roughly on track to go main strain in 2017. one expert out of uc-berkeley says we are still decades away from self-driving cars in the hands of consumers. live in mountain view, kiet do, kpix 5. >> you know who can't wait for those cars? elizabeth! make your job all kinds of fun. >> yeah. i know. it's supposed to make it easier. if they could park for me, i'm ready for them to come. thanks, guys. let's hit the roads speaking of roads and cars and actually starting with mass transit, everything is on time so far for bart systemwide no delay.
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ferries look good. "ace" train number one out of the central valley quiet so far. so the only real delay we are seeing is between the altamont pass and livermore filling in toward vasco. but they did clear that overnight roadwork. it's all picked up. looks great from antioch to willow pass. not even seeing the usual delays. we always see them between hillcrest and "a" street. the delays on the bay bridge. eastbound roadwork approaching the center anchorage. you can see a lot of green on the sensors around the bay area. westbound 92 out of hayward, 13 to 14 minutes to get to the other side. the richmond/san rafael bridge, very quiet. not a lot to talk about traffic- wise. it's been a wild couple of days in weather. let's check your forecast with roberta. >> that's why it's so great to
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have our kpix 5 weather watchers because there are eyes across our microclimates. let's see who is up this morning and checking in. how about this one right here? that's 48 degrees and, of course, that's linda mather in san rafael. this woman never sleeps! she reports in the morning. , the afternoon, the evening. she is all over it. thanks, linda, for checking in with us right here at kpix 5. oh, another very special weather watcher this morning, how about carla duke? she is our technical director right here at kpix 5. she sent in this photograph of she never saw a rainbow at sunset. that's over san francisco yesterday. thanks, carla. and everybody, keep those photos coming. this is a live picture towards the embarcadero blue and gold for our golden state warriors tonight against memphis grizzlies. 6:30. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. this is the area of low pressure that brought us over half inch of rain yesterday in many neighborhoods. it's going to plow into southern california today. be mindful of that traveling
5:17 am
across the southland today. area of low pressure is kicking out as it drives to the south. we are drying out. next up is this area of low pressure that will enhance our marine layer for the weekend. otherwise, all the storm systems will remain well to the north of the bay area. upper 50s in monterey bay today we had some lingering showers in the yosemite area still a few flurries in the high sierra. and 74 in stockton, davis and sacramento. our numbers are coming up in comparison to yesterday. well below average. in fact in concord you should be at 76 degrees. instead 67 degrees there. should be mid-70s in san jose. but instead mid-60s. winds are west that's an onshore wind 10 to 20 miles per hour. here's your extended forecast. it's a dry weekend. in fact, it's a pretty benign weather pattern going with a couple of 80-degree readings on wednesday and thursday in cloverdale. hey, dare to bare. it's the girls women's event to empower women here in the bay area taking place this weekend as they hike around the bay area. 57 degrees.
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go, girls, go. >> go, girls, go. we like it. >> thank you. thousands of gallons of water being sprayed at a control dust at the candlestick park demolition site going on for about eight weeks now. the water is suitable for drinking even though recycled water could be trucked in for from a nearby sewage treatment plant. lennar corporation the contractor told the newspaper group it was told that recycled water could not be used. they are spraying water to keep the dust down. 5:18. governor brown makes major changes to his budget. the impact it will have on planned tuition hikes at university of california campuses. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the houston rockets stock shot up yesterday. they made the clippers look like penny stock. was angel pagan's glove enough to save tim lincecum and the giant coming up. >> and jill schlesinger explains how an interview can reveal a lot about your future boss. reporter: it's been six years since the end of the recession and job seekers in the bay area are now more confident when applying for new
5:19 am
positions. as a result, candidates are increasingly using interviews to determine whether the company and the potential new boss are the right fit. how could you identify a bad boss? start with the basics. a potential boss who is late for the job interview is not giving you the importance you deserve. is the potential boss enthusiastic during the interview? is she focused on you or distracted and willing to be interrupted by email, calls or texts? avoid accepting a job for a boss who doesn't give you her full attention during the interview. and be wary of the manager who has an excessive sense of self importance. this person may be willing to steal your ideas and take credit for your work. finally, don't be afraid to walk away if the interviewer doesn't have a clear vision for the job and can't communicate what it will take for you to be successful in the position. i'm jill schlesinger for kpix 5.
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new from dreyer's. nestle, good food, good life. welcome back. here's a live look at 880 in oakland where it is smooth sailing right now past the oakland coliseum and airport, where the drive time is 15 minutes between 238 and the maze.
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we'll take a check of the bay bridge. things are heating up there. traffic is coming up. a political heavyweight is taking on a former boxing world champion for charity. last night mitt romney and evander holyfield had their weigh-in. who do you think will win? >> mitt romney looks good. >> all the money raised will go to a nonprofit called charity vision that provides eye care to people in developing nations. >> probably holyfield. [ laughter ] good morning, everyone. 2015 has been a rebirth for tim lincecum. his earned run average got as low as 1.95 and he ran his scoreless streak to 18 innings last night in cincinnati and that's the city where he has never won. but lincecum was on shaky ground from the get-go. two out in the 5th inning when lincecum gave up a two-out bases loaded single to marlin byrd. and that was it for timmy who walked five batters and threw
5:24 am
99 pitches. byrd later homered and the giants lost 4-3. nba james harden tired of being pushed around by the clippers in game 6. l.a. led by 19 in the 3rd quarter but then houston finished the game, are you ready for this, on a 49-18 run to win 119-107. houston has never had liftoff like that. they forced a game 7 after being down three games to one. kyrie irving left last night's game six against the bulls with a knee injury allowing former saint mary's star dellavedova to steal the show to scored 19. cleveland wins 94-73 to advance -- win the series and advance to the eastern conference finals for the first time since 2009! the saint mary's star moves the cavs on. warriors versus memphis tonight. if the warriors win their next game will be tuesday to the coliseum in the westerns conference finals.
5:25 am
i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great weekend. play of the day, more of that saint mary's star. matthew dellavedova is going to dish the ball to tristan thompson who is going to make an acrobatic little whatever! yeah, was kind of an alley-oop with a take a seat kind of thing but it worked. one more time dellavedova right there, kind of going up, see you later, land on your back side. hey, the bulls are done and the cavs are moving on. king james has that team cooking. the play of the day. are servicemen and -women coming home from war and suffering from ptsd, they are calling for backup from k-9s like this. i'm kiet do with a story about how you can help coming up. >> and it is the sad news we have been waiting for in nepal. a u.s. chopper has been found. coming up, we'll hear from the
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' controversial vaccine bill closer to law in california. >> plus the music industry remembers the king of blues this morning. a look back at b.b. king's historic career. >> rain is out of here now the change you need to know about for the weekend. >> and everything looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza even though it is beginning to fill in a little bit if the cash lanes. the status of the metering lights coming up. >> good morning, friday is here. we love that. it's may 15. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. developing news from nepal where searchers have found the wreckage of a u.s. marine helicopter. anne makovec has the latest from the newsroom.
5:30 am
>> nepal's defense secretary says the wreckage has been found along with three bodies. there's no word yet on the fate of the five others on board. six u.s. marines and two nepalese army soldiers were on that helicopter. they were on a mission to deliver aid to earthquake survivors in remote villages. that chopper disappeared nearly three days ago. the pilot had reported a fuel problem right before it went down. on board, a marine from phoenix. jake hugs' family says he wanted his life to make a family. >> when somebody reads a book about your life you want somebody interesting. jake had that same mindset. >> that helicopter jake was in was among more than a dozen u.s. military aircraft helping nepal recover from the two earthquakes. there is a foundation in san rafael helping in relief efforts. this is their "go fund me"
5:31 am
page. they have already raised $30,000 for relief efforts. the foundation usually is based on eradicating human trafficking but now it's basic survival. it's difficult to get aid to those who need it. the infrastructure in nepal was already weak before the first quake last month. >> they really need help there. any clue as to how big a financial blow the country has taken? >> reporter: one report says nepal has lost about $5 billion. that's 25% of its gross domestic product. most people there have little to no insurance. live in the newsroom, anne makovec, kpix 5. a flight out of san francisco landed safely in l.a. after reports of smoke inside the cockpit. emergency vehicles trailered the united airline jet as it taxied along the tarmac at l.a.x. last night. an airline spokesman says all 134 passengers who were on board were unharmed. united is only saying that
5:32 am
smoke was caused by some sort of mechanical problem. unseasonable rain and lightning hit parts of the bay area on thursday particularly in the south and east bay. in santa clara, drivers slowed down as they plowed through big puddles. at the same time, san francisco had bright sunlight. >> i'm waiting for my husband who is coming from emeryville and he said it wa -- it was raining there. >> big booms. >> lightning struck two buildings a stanford university. to the east near mount diablo there were more than 20 lightning strikes in just about an hour. >> crazesy. i was in martinez yesterday afternoon. not a drop of rain. not a drop of rain in san francisco. but you got puddles down in pleasanton. >> in pleasanton i received just slightly over half inch of
5:33 am
rain. my phone was blowing up with people reporting thunderstorms and hail. this is lightning that struck a tree outside sue thompson's property in clayton. thank you, sue. joshua in clayton sent in this offensively of hail in his backyard on his porch. keep those photographs coming to kpix 5. this is a live weather camera from mount vaca at the 8% warningsing crescent moon. also visible pretty much from our bayview from san francisco looking towards oakland again you can see the waxing crescent moon. temperatures currently the in the 40s and 50s and under partly cloudy skies today numbers in the 50s and 60s. weekend forecast at 48 minutes after the hour. first here's liz. >> it is "friday light" around the bay area. it's been a great start at least to our morning commute. over at the bay bridge, we are seeing a pretty typical pattern forming for 5:33 in the morning. it's just the cash lanes backed up to the middle pushing to the end of the parking lot.
5:34 am
if you have one of those fastrak passes you're free and clear into san francisco. looks good through hayward. no big delays. sometimes we see them on the approach to the san mateo bridge. not the case this morning. northbound looks great in oakland. once again we have an a's game. they take on the white sox later on this evening at 7:00 at oakland coliseum so there may be traffic in the area for the ride home. out the door at westbound 580 filling in from the livermore live sluggish from the 205 splitted all the way past vasco now and more delays from hacienda out to the dublin interchange. that's "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. newly released numbers point to the possibility that san jose police engage in racial profiling. the "mercury news" reports that in the first nine months of last year blacks made up to 18% of those who were detained
5:35 am
during traffic stops. they are 3% of the population. latinos come in second with 16%. whites were at 9%. we asked the city's mayor why this "problem" keeps coming up. >> they are asking the question about race in policing in every big city in america today. and in every big city as in san jose, we have to continue to look for ways to improve accountability. >> last night the assistant police chief joined religious and community leaders, students and the mayor, to talk about racial bias. he said the department is bringing in an outside "expert" to analyze their data. police busted a pillar of the east bay business community for possession of child porn. 52-year-old jeffrey kasper was taken into custody on may 7. detectives say kasper allegedly downloaded illegal videos at his home in concord. kasper is the former chairman of the greater concord chamber of commerce. kasper has won a number of
5:36 am
awards. city of concord business recognition award, state of california's small business of the year award for the 7th senate district, and he is a member of the rotary club. he also has emceed concord's 4th of july parade for years as well as hosting many other events in the bay area such as weddings and memorial services. california a step closer to requiring vaccinations for almost all schoolkids in an effort to prevent the spread of illnesses. yesterday, the state senate approved a measure which calls for almost all kindergartens entering school to be vaccinated starting in the fall of next year. it would end the exemption for kids whose parents object to vaccinations because of personal beliefs. >> that would be an effective way to ensure that we are protected against outbreaks of preventible diseases. >> in a compromise though the bill would grandfather in 26,000 children whose parents have already claimed the exemption. the measure still needs approval from the state assembly before going to the desk of governor brown. california's coffers are
5:37 am
flush with extra money and that's led the governor to revise the state's budgets. the state has an additional $6.7 billion in revenue. the adjusted numbers mean $2.2 billion for drought relief, $62 million to fight wildfires, and a $380 million earned income tax credit for the state's working poor. there's also an important deal to avoid tuition hikes at the university of california campuses. the uc system will get a $120 million increase plus the governor has agreed that the state will pitch in $436 million to uc's underfunded pension. it's part of a compromise that means in state undergraduate tuition at the ten uc campuses will not go up for two years. the markets are reacting favorably to data showing fewer jobless claims. >> jill wagner of joins us. >> reporter: the markets
5:38 am
snapped a three-day losing streak on news that fewer people are signing up for unemployment benefits. that's good news. the s&p hit a new record high yesterday. the dow was up 192 closing in on its record. the nasdaq was up about 69. seattle is becoming shell's base for arctic drilling. a 400-foot-long arctic oil drilling rig known as the polar pioneer arrived in seattle waters on thursday. but protestors took to the water on kayaks. they oppose the arctic drilling for environmental reasons. ice cream maker blue bell just signs a deal with health officials in texas and oklahoma. it requires that blue bell would notify health officials if its ice cream ever tests positive again for listeria. an outbreak has been linked to 3 deaths which had forced blue bell to pull its entire inventory from store shelves in april. >> i guess you can still get the ice cream, right? >> reporter: this is pretty
5:39 am
unbelievable. but yes, on the internet, believe it or not, there are multiple listings on craigslist. someone is actually selling a half gallon of blue bell ice cream for $499. another person listed a pint of crazy cookie doing for $10,000. eat it at your own risk. frank and michelle? >> or pay for it at your own risk. >> $10,000? are they going to get anyone to buy that? no. >> 10 bucks. and they're going to get sick. >> yes. jill wagner of, thank you. have a great weekend. ♪[ music ]♪ >> listen to that. a huge loss in the music world. blues legend b.b. king died last night at his home in las vegas. the man known as the king of the blues had been in hospice care. king with his gibson guitar named lucille had continued to do live performances until last year. the 15-time grammy winner had battled diabetes and was in declining health in just the
5:40 am
recent months. b.b. king was 89. time now 5:39. dozens of passengers are sick after sailing off to paradise. the battle against an outbreak on a san francisco cruise ship. >> and a live look out at the bay bridge
5:41 am
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i guess we're doing something right. yeah but, come on, humans? humans are weird. [ male announcer ] your car takes care of you care for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. and what's up with the cat? [ laughter ] [ laughter ] got my eye on him. take a look out at 5:42, dramatic mid- and high-level clouds left over from rain showers that dumps .4" rain in san jose yesterday. we have a change in the forecast for the weekend coming
5:43 am
up at 46 minutes after the hour. thanks, roberta. veterans returning from war zones find that well trained dogs can him them cope with post-traumatic stress. >> only on 5, kiet do shows us how a bay area veteran is finding this out firsthand. >> people were not meant to see the things that i have seen. >> reporter: deep in the foothills of east san jose at the cooper house k-9 training center, mike malloy is training his own ptsd therapy dog. he is in search of the old mike, the tough pararescue man who saved lives around the world. the old mike is back for now. >> you seem like this is the mike malloy that we all want around. >> this is the mike malloy i want to see. >> reporter: april 1994, one of the worst friendly fire incidents in u.s. history. two u.s. blackhawk helicopters shot down in iraq by american fighter jets. 26 people died. it was mike's first mission and he was first on scene to recover the charred bloody remains.
5:44 am
>> a lot of it was done bare- handed. and without getting into too much, it was complete carnage. and when you see these things they have an effects on you. it's not about if it has an effect, it's when. >> reporter: mike had ptsd, depression, nightmares, paranoia while on the job for 20 years. now he has an unlikely wing man. a 10-month-old german shepherd is training to be his eyes and ears. as a ptsd therapy dog, she tracks and blocks strangers by circling him, watches his back and gives him peace of mind. >> it's hard to explain. you just know that you have a battle buddy. come, come on! >> reporter: at $15,000 each, the highly trained dogs are not cheap. so mike has founded the argos foundation to fundraise for more ptsd dogs for vets who have sacrificed so much. >> it's the best feeling in the world who help somebody who would have died if you weren't there. >> people have the chance to have that feeling by helping you now. >> yes. and i would love for that to
5:45 am
happen. >> good girl. good girl! yeah. reporter: we are live at moffett field where senior master sergeant mike malloy is based. there are a lot of canine groups out there helping vets. this one is locally founded. they say 100% of the proceeds go to these dogs and so here's your chance to help out one local vet hopefully more. you can find out the link on my twitter page #kietdo. kiet do, kpix 5. a norovirus outbreak on another cruise ship this one heading for san francisco. the crew on board the star princess was busy wiping down decks when the ship returned here from a two-week voyage to hawaii and back. it wasn't the dream vacation the passengers had planned, either. >> they stopped letting us get our own food in the buffet lines and they served us
5:46 am
everything. >> 128 passengers and 18 crew got sick. this is the 15th time this happened at a u.s. port this year. last night the ship left for canada hours late after being cleaned up. >> i know. usually it happens on the way to your destination. but this at least they got their vacation in, right? >> wonderful week. >> yeah. >> makes you not want to go on a cruise ship. >> i know. let's see. traffic-wise pointing to the bay bridge it's already crowded. it's our one slow spot out the door. overall we are doing well but that's a live look at the bay bridge at the toll plaza. they activated the metering lights at 5:38 and you are already stacking up toward the foot of the maze. live look heading to the dublin interchange, no accidents or incidents all along that corridor through the livermore valley. it is slow through about north first street from 205 and then it's getting slow as well from
5:47 am
hacienda out to the dublin interchange. you can see what i'm talking about there 19 minutes. your other drive times look great if you are traveling on 880 or the eastshore freeway. and a look at the south bay now. it's just a little bit of slow traffic on northbound 101 past the 280/680 interchange to about julian/mckee and then it looks great. looking at the ride on mass transit, bart systemwide, no delay. and they have 43 trains also "ace" train number one and number three problem-free. what drives you crazy on your commute? for joe in san francisco, it's tailgaters. he writes: >> this is a hot topic one we get a lot of emails about one
5:48 am
of our best drive me crazies. you are supposed to drive a safe distance by law. the distance changes depending on weather and road conditions. following the two second rule between you and the car in front of you is a good rule of thumb as long as the roads are dry and visible. thanks, joe, for your email. we want to know what drives you crazy during your commute. ask a question or share a gripe by emailing or tweet me at #ewengerkpix and watch to see if your question gets answered on air. >> that's your latest "kcbs traffic." here's roberta. >> i don't know, i love tailgating. >> you do? >> like an a's game with your best friends together your barbecuing have a good time. [ laughter ] >> good morning. it's a live weather camera towards the bay bridge. you can see in the foreground right there the 9% waning crescent moon. we are clearing out. temperatures into the 40s and 50s out the door this morning.
5:49 am
the winds are under 10 miles per hour. we have coastal clouds and patchy fog otherwise below average temperatures. a good 9 degrees below average in concord today in the mid- 60s. and then we have a dry weather pattern each day through the weekend and for the seven-day forecast. we'll have that for you shortly. this is our storm system that dumped over a half inch of rain throughout mountain view and pleasanton yesterday. it's slamming southern california at this hour. meanwhile as it continues to sag south it will eject to the east. we dry out under the influence of high pressure. sure there's another area of low pressure upstream but it's going to stay north of the bay area with nothing but a string of consecutive dry days in the forecast. today 74 at sacramento. 50s monterey bay. lingering flowers in truckee. rain showers at half dome at 61 degrees. sun-up at 6 a.m., straight up. today 67 degrees in san jose.
5:50 am
mid-70s typically for the 15th day of the month in livermore but, instead, 10 degrees below average. 64 in san rafael. back through mill valley into kentfield. here's your extended forecast. dry weekend. with that in mind, we said weekend that means it's looney toon time. 104th bay to breakers taking place this sunday. lots of cloud cover, cool conditions ideal conditions for elite athletes and the rest of the crazy people out there. it's going to be cool in the mid-50s. i say that with tongue in cheek. it's a good time. in health news, the cdc reports illnesses from certain strains. e. coli and salmonella have decreased significantly in recent years. while those infections have declined, other bacteria-driven infections are on the rise. still, the cdc says the drop in e. coli infections could be a sign of success in food safety practices. 5:50 is your time. a big honor for an iconic bay
5:51 am
area building. how san you've tried to forget your hepatitis c. but you shouldn't forget this. hep c is a serious disease. left untreated it can lead to liver damage and potentially liver cancer. but you haven't been forgotten. there's never been a better time to rethink your hep c because people like you may benefit from scientific advances that could help cure your hep c. visit or call a hep c educator to help prepare you for a conversation with your hep c specialist.
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5:53 am
i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
5:54 am
out the door at 5:53, later on tonight perhaps you're heading over to the oakland a's baseball game it's the white sox in town for the good guys. we have jesse hahn on the mound at game time at 7:00. it will be rather cool in the mid-50s with the westerly wind up to 17 miles per hour. >> a's game is just as the commute is winding down at 7:05 so you could see extra traffic on 880 around that time. but for right now, as you can see, it is crystal clear near the oakland coliseum into downtown. full look at your "kcbs" drive to work is coming up. one person is recovering after a two-car accident in san francisco. a dislodged manhole cover is blamed. police say a drive hit the open hole at ninth and kirkham yesterday and in a pack inrear- ended a parked car. construction crew had moved that cover to do some paving. police say a tip led to the arrest of a second teenaged suspects in the case of a home
5:55 am
invasion in san jose's evergreen area. the 16-year-old was arrested yesterday six days after the crime which was recorded by surveillance cameras. the intruders had knives and tried to attack two women who were hiding with a baby upstairs. but they ran off when the women called police. leave your drone at home. that's the message aviation officials are trying to spread after another drone was caught flying a little too close to the white house yesterday. that drone was about a block from the white house when secret service agents arrested the man that was flying it. white house was locked down for an hour to ensure safety. it's not clear why the man was flying the drone. this is the second time though in five months the drone was caught flying near the white house. a big achievement for city hall in san francisco as it turns 100 years old. it's leed platinum certified. it stands for leadership in energy and environmental
5:56 am
design. water efficiency upgrades alone are projected to save 825,000 gallons of water a year. the head of the epa put the rating in perspective. >> because this building right here is more energy-efficient than 90% of similar buildings across the country. so it is just amazing. >> the sfpuc was the main contributor to the efficiency upgrade. the agency thus far has retrofitted 180 city buildings. speaking of water, huge amounts of drinking water down the drain and it could have been avoided! details on the outrageous waste at candlestick park! >> a u.s. marine helicopter is found in nepal and a u.s.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
good morning. it's friday, may 15. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. time now 6:00. the search is over for a u.s. marine helicopter that had been missing in nepal. anne makovec has the latest on the discovery. she joins us in the newsroom. >> reporter: frank, it is the sad news we have been expecting. nepal's defense secretary says the wreckage is found with three bodies. there were five others on board but nepal's secretary of defense says there's no chance of survivors. that wreckage was found in pieces. 6 u.s. marines and two nepalese army soldiers were on the helicopter. they were delivering aid to earthquake survivors in remote villages. the chopper disappeared three days ago. the pilot had reported a fuel problem right before it went down and it was among more than a dozen u.s. military aircraft helping nepal recover from its two big earthquakes. there is a nepal native here in the bay area who has been


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