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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 18, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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. happy monday, everyone! rise and shine. it is may 18th. i am frank mallicoat. >> and i am michelle griego. time now is 6:00. >> how about traffic? we kick it off with liz on a monday. >> we have to get to you work on time. here is a look at the slowest travel spot around the bay area. it is kind of brutal right now at the altamonte pass approaching north flynn. the roadway got a clear signal ten minutes ago but it is solid from mount house to north livermore avenue until it finally clears out and a little more slow approaching the dublin interchange. metering lights are on at the bay bridge. 580 looks okay past the 24 interchange. the san mateyo bridge looks good. but caltrans has warning signs up letting you know about the
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full san mateyo bridge closure this weekend beginning friday at 10:00. and no delays on the golden gate bridge. and everything is fine for mass transit. no word of delays. bart has more than 45 trains all on time. roberta, what is the forecast? yes. if you are scurrying around the house, stop and look at this. this is what a winter weather pattern looks like. this is our live weather camera toward san jose, very indicative of what we would be experiencing in the month of january and february with dense fog along the coast. we have the mid and high level clouds. a very robust seabreeze out of the west 10 to 20. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. santa rosa reporting visibility in some neighborhoods down to one mile due to areas of fog. at 8:00 this morning not much change. mostly cloudy and skies and 50s. i would not bank on much sunshine today at all. it will be at a minimum.
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50s at the beaches. 50s and 60s across the bay. 50s in the peninsula and east of the bay. north of the golden gate bridge we have a slight chance of a shower, even the possibility of thunder. we will talk about more of that coming up and rain chances by the end of the week coming up shortly. >> thank you, roberta. a neighborhood search is being called off for a stolen car suspect who led police on a child high speed chase through the east bay before crashing in berkeley. kpix 5 news lisa chan joins live from the site of the crash. lisa? >> reporter: chp found information in the car. they believe they know who the suspect is but they don't leave he is in this berkeley neighborhood anymore. this started at 11:30 last night in concord. the chp had to stop following the suspect in a stolen honda accord when it started going the wrong way on highway 4 and i-80. the suspect went through nine cities before crashing with the
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gmc envoy here in berkeley. >> we ran multiple traffic breaks to attempt to stop the driver at a safe location during all this that was going on. actually called 9-1-1 and made a few statements to our diswatch. we heard he relayed he wasn't going back to jail. >> reporter: the suspect said if the helicopter would stop following him he would stop his car, however the chp continued to follow and record him from their helicopter. the chp checked each house and backyard in the area. unfortunately they weren't able to find the suspect. they believe he is the white young man between 20 to 25 years old with short hair. they have tips that will follow up on that will hopefully lead them to the suspect soon. in berkeley, lisa chan, kpix 5 news. and police in campbell are searching for a man suspected of trying to abduct a pre-teen
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girl. consent consent has more. >> reporter: campbell, police are following up on leads and now they need your help to get the suspect off the streets. investigators say this man tried to grab a pre-teen girl as she was out walking her dog. she fought to get loose. the man took off and the car was seen captured on this camera. he is 5'7", and last seen with a black and whitestoneed beanie and medium build. the girl was not hurt. if you have information, give them a call. a shootout among rival biker gangs has killed fine home if waco, texas. it happened yesterday at a twin
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peaks restaurant where a gun fire shootout had bikers and customers fleeing if safely. >> the fight progressed very rapidly from hands and feet as weapons to chains, a club and knives involved. it even progressed further. at that point our officers were moving to the scene to assist. at which point gone fire broke out on the part of the criminal biker gangs. >> at least 100 bikers were detained but so far police have not released the number of people arrested. they were warned in advance that at least three rival gang was be gathering at the restaurant. state troopers and officers were at the restaurant when the fight began. in hawaii one marine was killed and 21 other service members were hurt at bellows
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air force station on the island of oahu in hawaii. a tilt robbers or the osprey made a hard landing before catching fire. those on board are part of the 15th marine unit from camp pendleton in california. a growing award to help find the abuser who tortured a san francisco puppy so bad he could not be saved. now more on that heart wrenching story. >> the kidneys never recovered from the beating. >> reporter: after being found abandoned under a freeway, maximillian could not survive the abuse he endured. >> the dog was stolen from a homeless person earlier in the week. >> reporter: the pickup puppy was found tied to a pole on thursday morning, his teeth, nails and paw pads were found missing and he was burned and
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left blind from being beaten so badly. animal control officers questioned everyone in the area. >> clearly he has cigarette burns on him. >> the word on the street is it is someone local to this area. >> wee need to find this guy so he cannot do it again. >> the officers tracked down the dog's owner who told the vets who named him maximillian that his heal name was max. officers found him just in time to say good-bye to his dog. >> clearly he loved the dog. clearly. it is just really heartbreaking. an extreme athlete is among two men who died at a yosemite park. 43-year-old and his partner
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were base jumping. their bodies were found dead sunday morning after people lost contact with them. potter was known for bold climbs and risky jumps and was the first person to climb all three of yosemite's big wall in a single kay. a rare visit at the vat can yesterday. president castro wanted to thank pope francis for hipping end the embar ga between what ban that than washington, d.c. he said if the pope continues this way i will go back to praying and go back to church. in iraqi city the is released video showing iraqi troops racing out of the amnar province. it ends days of intense fighting there. they fell despite intensifies u.s. led air strikes. military analysts believe it is
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time to consider a change in strategy. >> clearly at this stage the 2,000 or more air strikes has not reversed the tide of isis but slowed it. there must be some ground component if isis is to be defeated and the cities recaptured. >> thousands of people have fled are maddie in the last few days. there are reports of mass executions and several shiite militia are believed to be preparing a counter attack against i.s. and today miracle tile equipment was stopped from not being september to local police departments. this as an action of president obama in response to the actions in ferguson and other cities. the warriors finally know who they are playing in the western conference finals. it is the houston rockets.
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the rocket will be the warrior's next opponents. houston eliminated the los angeles clippers yesterday. it could be a favorable match up for the golden state though. the warriors blew out the rockets in the regular season. >> weldon. a woman had to be rescued from mount diablo over the weekend. it wasn't a easy procedure. why crews had trouble reaching her. >> it is so cloudy we have delays now on some sfo flights. when you should expect the rain, coming up. >> and a stall just cleared from one of the far left lanes heading to the bay bridge toll plaza. we will show you what it did to
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. well, if you are wondering what a winter weather pattern looks like, we will show you. this is it. a 72-year-old woman was air lifted by helicopter midday yesterday from mt. diablo state park. she had been running on a single tractor-trailer in a narrow canyon when she fell. the woman was wearing a helmet but was knocked out for a brief period. her injuries are not considered life-threatening. and the bay to breakers runners took over the san francisco streets yesterday. it is estimated 50,000 people jammed into downtown san
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francisco. there were a few serious runners but the rest could not care less as they made it to the finish line. it is all about fun. is race may be better known for the wild costumes and wild behavior. one group was decked out in what they call authentic turn of the century garb and others prefer to be minimalists and wear nothing at all. >> i live in san francisco. you have to be part of this. >> reporter: you came all the bay from oregon? >> i did. >> reporter: to take your clothes off and run in the street in the. >> that is right! >> well, he didn't get a sunburn. it was cloudy. but with police arrested at least 11 people. not bad out of 50,000 people. at least 10 people were taken to sobering centers. >> only ten? >> i suspect there were more than that. >> i ran five times but the fifth year i got tackled by
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flying elviss and i said none. >> i ran it once but it is several years ago. when you are going up the hills you are gridlocked there are so many people out there. >> yes. >> and it is hard to none a costume. >> yes! >> well, it was a little chilly this weekend. maybe there weren't as many naked people this time. >> or as drunk! [ laughing ] >> right! well, let's take a look outside. the travel times is 23 minutes right now but it is red. all the red on the sensor is coming past the 205/580 split to the north livermore avenue. that is the heaviest. once you get past that it is fine. a little sluggish to the dublin interchange but the bulk of the traffic is further east. at the bay bridge toll plaza we have been watching a stalled van or truck. it is hard to tell, but it is blocking one of the far left
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lanes. it is now clear off to the toll plaza. everything is moving okay now. you can see the back ups obviously with the metering lights which were switched on before 6:00. 580 the stacking up past the 24 interchange but it is typical for this time of the morning if you are trying to get to work on time into san francisco. here is a live look at the san paterno bridge. everything is looking good. a little slow in the southbound 880 approach but otherwise it looks okay once you hit the span. stay with the bridge closure. this is the second one so far this month happening this weekend, memorial day weekend friday at 10:00. here is a live look at the richmond san rafael bridge. no problems there from morin county to the east bay. golden gate bridge looks great. a drive time of 14 minutes between san rafael and the toll
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plaza. the altamonte pass commute is quiet. mass transit, everything is fine here with the bart systemwide. no delays. let's get a check of the forecast. yes. look at this. we are looking over the skyline of san francisco. if you look carefully there you have at&t park and above mostly cloudy skies. while this looks relatively quiet this morning we have a lot of things going on behind the scenes. right now in santa rosa 47 degrees. visibility down to half a mile in many locations due to pockets of dense fog. otherwise it is cloudy and in the 50s. a west wind at 15 at sfo. delays there at 48 minutes due to the deck of cloudiness. today we will stay socked in and experience below average temperatures again, a good 10 degrees below normal. the winter weather pattern continues. you can see typically something you would experience in january or february but instead it is
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may. behave a series of upper level disturbances rolling through the bay area. today we have a slight chance of a shower in the north bay. if all the dynamics come together, a slight chance of thunder north of the golden gate bridge. the gusty robust winds 10 to 20 will continue. the cool temperatures will continue all week long. this area of low pressure take as nose dive into the bay area prompting a chance of much needed rain on thursday. we will keep an eye on that. meanwhile temperatures across the state are mid 70s, 12 degrees below average. 50s in the greater lake tahoe area. we should be in the mid 70s in the trivalley, but instead only in the 50s. 50s and 60s along the bay. 67 for a high in downtown san jose. while we have the slight chance for a shower today more showers likely for the entire bay area on thursday. as we head into the holiday weekend we are talk average high temperatures. >> thank you.
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happening today california farmers are getting more drought help from the feds. the secretary of agriculture will help farmers hardest hit by the drought. they are expected to help mitigate the affects of the drought in the short and long term. others growers ripping out part of the central orchard to save his business from drying up. he say as normal allotment of water for the irrigation district is about 42 inches per acre and this year he expected 16. there is a two-prong problem in the region. and because there is more money in all this, farmers are planning more to get the biggest return on whatever amount of water they eventually get. >> wow. frightening moments at the world trade center over the weekend. visitors started having trouble
6:21 am
breathing. what officials say caused the health scare. >> and volunteers
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. good morning, everyone. well, the warriors are enjoying another game off. tight howard and the rocket will be coming to oracle tomorrow night. they beat the clippers 113-100 to advance in the western conference finals since the first time since bill clinton was in the oval office. well, not even a little rain can cool off the giant's
6:25 am
offense. 4-8 in a home run in two game, coming all the disabled list. the giants win 9-8 to take 3 out of 4 this cincinnati. and this is not a cheap shot of the as but this sums up how it is growing for the green and gold. the white sox win 7-3 and sweep the series. jim nancs's 56th birthday. and rory mcilroy follow-upped saturday to 69 getting 21 under for the week. a new tournament record. he wins by 7 strokes. and patrick robers finished in second place. folk, get ready for a big week in sports. in the bay area the nfl meetings come to town. that begins tomorrow. will the radars -- or at least -- raider, or at least we will get a glimpse of their future. the western conference finals
6:26 am
begin in game 1 tuesday night at the oracle. >> another look at the clippers- rockets game. waking up with game 7. a little 360 spin. and jumping at 31 and led his rockets to a win. game number 1 at oracle tomorrow night against the warriors. the rockets have him being mr. runner up mvp. coming up san francisco mayor ed lee is expected to revive multiple affordable housing projects today, but more on what needs to happen before the project cans move forward. >> and live in berkeley officers go door-to-door searching for the suspect of a
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kiet,. police in berkeley led on a wild chase this morning. a man steals a car, crashes, then runs away into a north berkeley neighborhood. >> and police in campbell are searching for this man. they say he is the suspect in the attack of a young girl over the weekend. she was out walking her dog when when he struck. >> and we have rain back in the forecast. i will show you which way to expect it. >> and a fender-bender causing big time delays at a local freeway. more on that coming up. good morning. it is monday, may 18th. i am frank mallicoat. >> and i am michelle griego. the time now is 6:30. >> let's kick it off with a little weather on a monday
6:31 am
morning. how are we doing? >> well. it is interesting when you take a look at the weather camera. it appears quiet but we have a lot going on. here is the skyline in san francisco. we are with air temperatures in the 50s across the board except for santa rosa in the 40s. visibility is down to a quarter mile. otherwise at 8:00 a.m. we are talking temperatures pretty much across the board from the beaches to the inland areas in the 50s. minimal sunshine today. temperature-wise topping off 10 degrees below average in many of our inland locations like livermore in the mid 60s. mid 60s across the santa clara valley, 66 in santa rosa. everybody in the bay experiencing a west breeze at 10 to 20 miles per hour. a slight chance of a shower in the north bay today. we will elaborate on that and talk more rain in a bit but here is liz. southbound 880 there has an
6:32 am
accident cleared now, on the right lane shoulder. for a while all three lanes were blocked. but look at the back pain that still extends to -- back up that still extends to highway 238 and then to 92, but after that everything looks clear into free mont. and westbound 80 is still stacked up after an earlier stall at northglenn to tracy. it remains sluggish to the dublin interchange. the southbound 680 corridor is continue that way to pleasanton. that is backing up. at 6:30 the commute is really heating up. even the bay bridge is fully stacked up through the maze. back to you. developing news over the east bay. a neighborhood search ended for a stolen car suspect who led police on a child chase and crashed overnight. police believe the suspect
6:33 am
escaped. kpix 5 news lisa chan joins us live from near the site of the crash in berkeley. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. chp went door-to-door in this neighborhood searching every home and yard in a one block area but didn't find the suspect. this started at 11:30 last night in concord. chp received a call about a suspect in a stolen honda accord driving the wrong way on the freeway. the suspect drove in the slow lane and shoulder of highway 4 and i-80. the suspect went through nine cities before crashing with a gmc envoy here at california and hurst. at one point the suspect called 9-1-1 and told officers he didn't want to go back to jail. >> he related he knew the police were following him and that the helicopter was above and that if the hospital would stop following him he would -- helicopter would stop following, he would then stop his car. but because of the safety of the public our helicopter continued lit up to alert
6:34 am
oncoming motorists of the danger. >> reporter: the driver of the gmc envoy was taken to the hospital for minor injuries. the suspect is a young white man between 20 to 25 years old and short hair. officers found information in the car that the suspect was driving. they think they believe they know who he is and don't believe he is in this area anymore. in berkeley, lisa chan, kpix 5 news. it is a disturbing incident in a low crime city and now police hope a new sketch will generate tips and lead to a suspect. now more live from campbell where a pre-teen girl said she escaped a would-be kidnapper. >> reporter: yes. police got a good look at the suspect. this man tried to grab the young girl described as a pre- teen while she was walking her dog. this happened sunday morning. the man bear hugged a girl from behind. she screamed and fought to get loose. she saw him drive away in this vehicle captured on
6:35 am
surveillance camera. the light colored four-door sedan was seen driving through the neighborhood and came back there and slowly parked. the suspect is a history man in his 30s, a 7'" and seen with a medium build and black and white beanie. people in the northeast are boarding amtrak trains again between new york and philadelphia for the first time since last week's deadly crash. until today no trains could run along the busiest passenger railline. investigators are still trying to figure out why the train was going more than 100 miles per hour when it crashed. a long stalled affordable housing project may be revived if the mayor of san francisco has his way.
6:36 am
housing projects were put on hold in 2012. ultimately it will be up to state lawmakers whether the plan has a chance of moving forward. they would have to approve a trailer bill riding on governor brown's state spending plan for the next fiscal year. and hundreds are expected to gather at the state capital for the 19th annual immigrant day. activists from across the state will speak up for immigration rights and talk to legislature about a variety of issues. on the list a budget proposal that will help californians apply for both citizenship and deportation release. law enforcements will consider a ban of micro beads in personal care products. the tiny bits of plastic measure less than 5-millimeters in diameter found in toothpaste and facial scrubs. they are so small they get through waste water filters, attract toxic substances and are eaten by fish.
6:37 am
we are expected to find out today how much money came in for the sugary drinks measure d, places a $0.01 per drinks that have sweeteners. we will learn revenue projections based on the first month's collection of the data. a foul smell caused the evacuation of visitors at the 9/11 memorial museum. the odor was so bad people were choking, cuffing and had trouble breathing. the odor turned out to be from algae in the pond. it was drained and replaced overnight. in nepal a search and rescue mission included six rescue jobs. one of the dogs cut his legs on broken glass while searching
6:38 am
for earthquake victims but that didn't stop the chocolate lab from continuing the mission. this was firefighters dennis clark's first international deployment. >> these people are going through a lot of bad times. they need our help. >> l.a. county firefighters helped save this 15-year-old boy buried under debris for five days. firefighters were met with happy and relieved family and relatives after returning back home. they will have a chance to rest for a computer days before getting back to work -- for a few days before getting back to work. wednesday, bay area retailers want to hire people but they say no one is applying. the reason why, coming up. >> and a great way to keep your kids active? a new study is saying hold off. having your kids bust and move may not be the best thing. >> and the market opened up about 10 minutes ago. the dow is
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. good monday morning. it is may 18, 6:42. temperatures in concord are 10 degrees below average. good morning, pacifica. cloud cover in the mid 50s. mostly cloudy around the peninsula and the santa clara valley in the low and mid 60s. east of the bay topping off at 68. pleasanton has mostly cloudy skies. this is interesting. a slight chance of a shower or even thunder in the north bay this afternoon. highs in the 50s and 60s. mostly cloudy in windsor at 68 degrees. san francisco is trying again to ease commute gridlock
6:43 am
on city streets. starting today traffic control officers will target four common causes of congestion. construction project, double parking, delivery trucks and vehicles stranded in the middle of intersections. the enforcement will run weekdays between 7:00 and 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. >> to that i say good luck. >> yes. if it works! [ laughing ] how are we doing on this monday morning? >> we are doing great. we didn't see too many hot spots but now we actually have one. it is in hayward. i mentioned it looked like everything had been cleared in the right shoulder, but chp is saying three lanes are blocked once again at southbound 880 past the wit man avenue exit. it is a crash -- whitman avenue exit. it is involving a motorcycle. it is stacked up on 238.
6:44 am
and northbound in the oakland area everything is moving fine. no delays. at the airport and coliseum and into downtown oakland the drive times are great, only 15 minutes from 238 to the maze but the southbound commute is a completely different story. westbound 580 and 205 another slow spot since early this morning because of an early morning stall at north flynn. traffic never really fully recovered. that is the latest k cbs traffic. roberta is standing by with the forecast. we are seeing mostly cloudy skies, air temperatures in the 50s except for santa rosa at 47 degrees.
6:45 am
temperatures are 46 in santa rosa and limited visibility down to a quarter mile in some neighborhoods. we will continue to see below average temperatures not only today but all week long. mostly cloudy with areas of fog along the seashore and the winter weather pattern will continue as well as a series of upper level disturbances rolls through the northern half of the state, continuing to produce cloud cover and also a slight chance of a north bay shower today. maybe even thunder. otherwise a robust breeze west 10 to 20 will offer up gusty winds and cool temperatures. then this area of low pressure promises to bring a chance of rain by thursday. 70s in the interior section of the state today. the sun goes down at 7:18. 10 degrees below average inland. 67 in san jose. 66 in santa rosa. the possibility of a shower north of the graduates today. a better chance of rain on -- graduation today. a better chance of -- golden gate bridge today.
6:46 am
a better chance of rain on thursday. retailers in san francisco are looking to hire but they say not enough people are applying for the jobs. one manager in the valley says she posted help wanted adds but hardly flynn responds. people like the flexible hours of other jobs like driving for uber, versus retailer. >> they want something flexible. >> workers want a shorter commute. with minimum wage comparable in oakland and san francisco some are opting to stay in the east bay. many never scene send applications to potential employers in san francisco. clothing retailer -- are you listening -- ann taylor is being bought for more than $2 billion. >> that made my ears perk up. here is financial reporter jason brooks. >> good morning. a pretty big deal in the retailer world. more than $2 billion to
6:47 am
purchase ann taylor and the loft. they also own dress barn and lane bryant. the french company that owns fashion brands gucci is suing chinese e-commerce giant alibaba for profiting for counterfeit items told in counterfeit stores, a long running issue for alibaba and other chinese e-commerce sites having such big problems in china. and look at the big board. the dow is up by 4 points, the nasdaq is down 2 and the s&p 500 lower by 1 point. >> thank you, jason. last week congresswoman loretta sanchez announced she is running to represent california in the u.s. senate. >> and already she is getting lots of attention, mostly for a comment she made over the
6:48 am
weekend. political analyst melissa cane is here to explain what happened, right? >> yes. the democratic convention had her making it interesting. political junkies are thrilled, first, with the announcement they will be in this race. start with the understanding that being the senator from california, the biggest economy in the union and biggest state in the union is a big deal. so far the race for the big deal senate seat looks boring. on the republicans side we have two candidates with low name recognition. on the democratic side we have harris scooping up off the money and endorsements. for a while it seemed like she would waltz right in to this important seat and that is why people are excited to see sanchez in the race. her district includes anaheim
6:49 am
and disneyland. she could have used that disney magic to undo something she said this weekend, talking about indians, native americans. >> i am going to his office thinking i will be with [making indian chants sounds] but he was an indian-american. >> she apologized the next day. she is literally run from reporters there. instead of giving a launched speech at the convention she was given an i am sorry speech. that is never a good thing. >> do you think she will be able to recover from this? >> i mean it is a pretty big deal. it will be difficult for her because she is not well known outside her district in southern california. the first thing people will be marrying about her is this and it is -- hearing about her is this and it is hard to undo that first impression. however, if she is very, very kale for the rest of the -- very careful for the rest of
6:50 am
the campaign she may be okay. she is not an interact lightweight. she has a degree in finance. here is a clip of a video she did with interns a couple years ago when the song "call me maybe" was popular. [ laughing ] she is great. she also puts out these christmas cards every year. here is one from 2008. she is on a harley with her cat. there is another one there from 2012 before the government shutdown that says may you dance with joy this holiday season, just not to close to fiscal cliffs. i think we can safely say congresswoman sanchez will be in the headlines again before the end of this came pain. >> in southern california they like her. do you -- campaign. >> in southern california, do
6:51 am
you think they will like her other place in the. >> well, some are fascinated by candidates like sanchez. we elected schwarzenegger an sent george measure infy to the senate in 1984, so, you never know. >> thank you. that goes a long way! in just a few days david letterman will host his final late show and ride into the sunset. >> yes. paul schaefer, letterman's long time band leader, told us what it was like to work with dave for the last 33 years. >> david letterman has been the best boss who left this so loose such that every day you never knew what would happen and what he would do. your job was to react to it.
6:52 am
i don't know, it doesn't get any better than that. >> tom hanks and musician eddie vetter are the guests for tonight. surprises are promised. >> mr. schaefer would not tell me either. dance moms and dads, take note. a study finds dance classes don't give children enough physical activity. students spent nearly half the class standing, listening or stretching, far less than the 30 minutes of after school activity recommended by the cdc. it is 6:52. more to come. severe weather hitting parts of the u.s. where the wind was so strong it blew a train completely off its tracks. . >> i am lisa chan live in berkeley where officers searched this neighborhood for hours after a suspect crashed a stolen car in
6:53 am
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how many gasolines clean better than chevron with techron? the answer is a big fat zero. chevron with techron. care for your car. . campbell police have released the sketch of a man suspected of trying to arrest a pre-teen girl as she walked her dog over the weekend. the girl screamed and managed to get loose from the man. and in san francisco animal control officials say a puppy belonged to a homeless person and was stolen from him earlier in the week. he had injuries so severe he had to be euthanized. and myrrh d attack on sugary drinks place as $0.01 per ounce on sugary drinks, the first of its kind in the united states. and runners and walkers
6:57 am
took to streets of san francisco sunday for the annual bay to breakers. police say this year there were fewer arrests than in years past. just 11 arrests among an estimated 50,000 people. and the houston rockets will be the warrior's next opponent in the play-offs. they beat the clippers yesterday. they blew out the rockets in all four meetings during the regular season. game one is set for tomorrow night at oracle arena. and i am lisa chan live in berkley where a chance from chp officers and a suspect driving a stolen car ended. officers believe they know who the suspect is and don't believe he is in the berkeley area anymore. chp was following a suspect in a stolen honda accord whether it started going the wrong way on i-80 and went through nine cities before crashing with a gmc envoy here in berkeley.
6:58 am
>> we ran multiple traffic breaks to attempt to stop the driver at a safe location. during all this going on he actually called 9-1-1 and made a few statements to our dispatch and relayed that he going back to jail. >> reporter: the suspect said if the respect would stop following him he would stop his car. however, the chp continued to follow and report him from their respect. the chp checked each house and backyard in this area. unfortunately they weren't able to find the suspect. he is described at a young white man between 20 and 25 years old and short hair. they have tips that will hopefully lead them to the suspect. in berkeley, lisa chan, kpix 5 news. good morning. this is our hot spot right now. it still remains. hayward southbound 880 at whitman avenue. at least we got the all clear. chp confirms all lanes are once again back open. the scene of a motorcycle wreck was reopened eight minutes ago
6:59 am
but it is still heavy from 238. and the san mateyo bridge is okay. and unfortunately at the bay bridge it is business as usual. it is backed up through the maze. and take a look at the clouds out there. we have delays at sfo on some arriving flights up to 43 minutes because of the fog. we are in the 50s. don't count on much sunshine. mostly cloudy today. 50s at the beaches, 50s and 60s bayside and into the inland area. there is a slight chance of a north bay afternoon shower and even a slim chance of thunder but more than likely we will see widespread scattered showers on thursday and temperatures pretty seasonal by the weekend. all right. roberta. huff weather capitols to pelt much of the -- rough weather continues to pelt much of the country in iowa. several train cars derailed
7:00 am
during storms there sunday morning. and a lot of heavy rain continues from texas to minnesota. if you ar good morning to our viewers in the west. it's monday may 18 2015. welcome to cbs "this morning." amtrak restores full service to the busy northeast corridor after last week's deadly derailment. this morning, we are aboard the first train through philadelphia. a military aircraft packed with marines explodes into flames after a crash landing in hawaii. a daring base jump in yosemite claims the lives of two extreme athletes. what went wrong? we begin with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> i saw everything from fives to brass knuckles to chains to clubs to firearms.


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