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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 21, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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a police chase ends with a crash in daly city. anne makovec reported. >> reporter: the road is shut down and there's the dump truck here behind me. it has crashed and the driver, the suspect in this case, was taken to the hospital. he has some minor injuries. he will then be sent to jail and here on the other side of the avenue, you can see a minivan full of three innocent bystanders really in this accident. those three people were also taken to the hospital after being hit by the dump truck. they have moderate injuries. they are expected to be okay. this all started about 5 miles way in colma at a housing complex. police officer was pretty astute when he saw the dump truck driving through the neighborhood because he just thought it was odd. it was after midnight. so he ran the plate. he found out about the truck
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was stolen out of san francisco. chase was on for five miles through city streets in el camino. the dump truck crashed with that minivan and we have four people injured. there's a significant december the spill here on the road so they are going to have -- there's a significant diesel spill here on the road so they are going to have to clean that up. a state of emergency declared for the central california coast because of an oil spill. more than 100,000 gallons spilled in santa barbara county with 21, 000 reaching the ocean. workers in protective suits have been trying to clean up refugio beach offshore containment vessels are trying to stop the nine-mile-long slick from spreading. the leak was detected tuesday night. >> we are sorry this happened
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and we are bringing in all the resources at our disposal to respond. >> birds are turning up coated with oil. the cause of the spill is unclear. the santa barbara county district attorney is considering criminal charges and civil liabilities against that pipeline company. a new contract for port workers is likely on the way. a west coast port operators ratified a five-year contract yesterday. this comes after months of negotiations between port operators and workers unions. at one point causing mass delays around the holidays. union members are expected to vote on the contract proposal tomorrow. a big setback for california farmers. last night they were told they are getting cut off from their main water supply. the drought so bad water from the san joaquin river watershed will no longer be available to some of the delta farmers. farmers have had these water rights for centuries. some date back to the gold rush. this is the first time they have ever been cut off. it is devastating for farmers.
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>> we are in the delta. so we have never had a situation where we have had a lack of water. >> farmers use 80% of the water drawn from land in california. it is 4:34 right now. let's check our wet weather. roberta? >> it is wet. this is the third thursday we have started the weathercast with rain. we tweaked the hi-def doppler radar to get lower to the ground level. cells east of the bay right now primarily. let me zoom in to the 580/680 corridor. definitely slippery. you have rain showers across the sunol grade, as well. lifting towards the sunol area. the bottom line is out the door carry the umbrella. you can see by the golden gate bridge we definitely have some wet roads there, as well. temperatures into the 50s. the winds are under 10 miles per hour.
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temperatures again today coming in well below average with the mostly cloudy skies. and an isolated light shower throughout the day. 50s beaches 60s bayside swinging into the santa clara valley. when you look at that temperature today in san ramon at 66, typically 76 degrees. winds will be out of the southwest 10 to 20 miles an hour. 58 stinson beach. mostly cloudy skies, light shower in cloverdale mid-70s. we have that memorial day weekend forecast coming up. right now hey, liz, the wet roads affecting traffic at all? >> i'm surprised so far it really hasn't. usually it is with a little bit of drizzle like this people go too fast for conditions and we see a lot of spinouts. we haven't really seen anything in the last half-hour everything is good on the roads. we are seeing a lot of overnight roadwork especially until about 5:00. that's when it wraps up but you can see a live look at the san mateo bridge how nice conditions are now and once again caltrans warning that the bridge shuts down on friday
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night at 10:00 through the memorial day weekend set to re- open by monday. here's 880 near the oakland coliseum. everything is quiet but farther south following the headlights into san leandro various lanes blocked northbound and southbound on the nimitz freeway between marina and davis. and you can see how wet it is, how slick it is right now at the bay bridge at the toll plaza. looks like cash delays are kind of getting smaller. they are shrinking by the minute which is good. they are still there a little bit in the left lanes. but shouldn't hit any problems into san francisco. it is still clear through the livermore valley on 580. that's "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. san francisco police have tracked down and arrested three men charged in a wild crime spree that left a woman dead last month. she was crossing the street in the financial district when she was hit by a stolen car during a police chase. the men are also suspected in
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several robberies. with the help of the fbi police tracked the three men down yesterday. a 77-year-old woman is in a coma after an attack in san francisco's chinatown. the victim was hit on the head at least twice. she got off a muni bus on mother's day. she was so disoriented she walked past her home twice. she then tried to sleep it off not knowing how serious her injuries were. now she is fighting for her life and her attacker is still on the loose. >> they should be ashamed of themselves for striking an innocent elderly, especially on mother's day. regardless behalf day of the week it is, but there should be no reason why. >> connie says her grandmother had a clipper card that could help police retrace her route that day. they are also looking for the person who helped the woman after she was hit. police have identified a suspect in a quadruple murder after a washington, d.c. mansion.
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they are looking for 34-year- old daron dillen wint in the kings of a family and housekeeper last week. opposite police say they found his dna on the crust of a pizza delivered to the mansion. the order came to the home as the victims including a 10-year- old boy were being held captive and possibly tortured. >> anytime there's a child involved it's one of those things that shake all of us. >> during the ordeal, an assistant to one of the victims visited the home delivering a package containing $40,000. police are looking into the possibility that the money was an extortion payment. the house was later set on fire with the victims' bodies inside. it is 5:38. three bay area hospitals will have to pay fines for violations that injured patients. california pacific medical center in san francisco will pay $75,000 for leaving a suction bulb inside a woman's body after a hysterectomy. marin general hospital being fined $100,000 for leaving a scalp clip behind following
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head surgery and seton medical center in daly city will pay $50,000 for mishandling the case of a woman who fell and later died. uc students will take a stand today against what they call a rape culture across california college campuses. they will ask board members at the uc regents meeting to take a tougher stance against sexual assault. the students say they want hands-on training against sexual assaults for all students, faculty and staff. after months of heated debate, san francisco's catholic schoolteachers are no closer to a contract deal with the archdiocese. they rallied yesterday afternoon to voice their objections to archbishop salvatore cordileone's latest revision of the teachers handbook. it still requires strict adherence to church teaching on things such as homosexuality and contraception. both in and out of the classroom. protestors say the latest draft of the handbook is a little softer in tone but the substance is the same. >> so the good news here is
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that there has been some changes to this document. so it seems as if the archbishop is willing to listen to a certain degree. we wish he would listen more. >> negotiations between the archdiocese and the union are ongoing. the archdiocese gave a statement, "both sides are hopeful that they are getting closer to resolving the few remaining bargaining issues on which there is a disagreement." time now is 4:40. a man tased as airline passengers duck. what led to a takedown at l.a.x. >> what's cool about your school? email your nominations to us at we may come and feature your school on the show.
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a man who tried to push his way past security screening in l.a.x. didn't get far.
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>> police tased him in front of dozens of people at an airport gate. he was taken to the hospital. he will face charges of trespass and obstructing a peace officer. tonight the warriors take on the houston rockets in game 2 of the western conference finals. the warriors lead the series 1- 0 after winning tuesday night. tip-off is 6:00. ticket prices are from $170 for a seat up high behind the baseline to around $10,000 at courtside or free on your couch. >> exactly. 10 grand, you got to be kidding me. couch. couch. >> some people pay it. a monumental moment in tv history last night as david letterman hosted his final late show. letterman's finale which he had said would be the most important show of his life ended with of course a whole lot of laughs but also a lot of emotion, too. don champion has all the highlights from last night at the ed sullivan theater.
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my fellow americans, our long national nightmare is over. reporter: dave's final show started with the montage of presidents jokingly celebrating the night. >> our long national nightmare is over. letterman is retiring. >> reporter: letterman then took the stage and got a more than two-minute standing ovation. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: the laughs continued from there with a star-studded final top 10 list. the topic, things i have always wanted to say to dave. >> i'm just glad your show is being given to another white guy. >> dave, you are to comedy what i am to comedy. >> reporter: much of the show featured memorable moments from letterman's 33 years on the air. >> can i ask you to get me a little something to eat? >> no. >> reporter: letterman seemed to love the trip down memory lane. he took time to thank his staff and family. >> and really nothing else matters, does it? >> reporter: he also thank his fans.
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>> the people who watch this show, there's nothing i can do to ever repay you. thank you for everything. you've given me everything. >> reporter: the show then ended with a simple farewell and the foo fighters playing the song, ever long. >> for the last time on a television program, thank you and good night. >> reporter: a humble farewell for a man who all but changed late night tv. thanks, dave. don champion, cbs news, new york. >> last night's show was number 6,0, 28 for letterman counting his work on both nbc and cbs. and, of course, stephen colbert will take over in september. i dv r'ed it and will watch it later. >> i didn't see it. >> when dave was working for nbc i was working in san luis obispo in the '80s and we get off the 11:00 newscast and we wouldn't go home we would just stay and watch. >> i did the same in eureka,
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boom, master control. >> he can make you laugh. girls like men that can make him laugh. that's why we like frank here. >> hey hey! >> good morning, it looks like we have rain in the forecast today. how about that? albeit very light. wet roads and pockets of light rain showers. as soon as i zoom in they are out there was but you're getting the feel for it. definitely slippery when wet. take a look at the golden gate bridge right there. you will need your umbrella today from time to time light showers no real accumulation. temperatures in the 50s. winds under 10 miles per hour. so what you need to know again the showers occasionally throughout the day today. below average temperatures. and a daily chance of rain through tomorrow. this is the upper level disturbance and you can see with the counterclockwise fashion of the rotation of the precipitation swings in from the high sierra and backs up towards the bay area. so we call this instability and that's why we don't have like a firm line moving through the
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bay area just that random hit- and-miss scattered showers. high pressure moves in and we'll have dry weather and sunshine over the holiday weekend. thunderstorms in the forecast through the high sierra and yosemite. otherwise for us cloud cover, southwest wind 10 to 20 miles per hour. temperatures into the 60s up to 69 except in the far reaches of the north bay hitting about 75 today in cloverdale. there you have your friday forecast, as well. over the weekend, we'll call it cloudy along the coast with that marine layer. stagnant weather pattern through thursday. here's liz with traffic. >> out, so still no major hot spots. we will show you a live look now near berkeley near the university avenue exit. thanks to our photojournalist giving us that live look at the
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westbound cars heading towards emeryville and the macarthur maze. everything looks good. about an 18-minute drive time from the carquinez bridge to the maze. 205 and 580 through the altamont pass within the last 10, 15 minutes since our last traffic report suddenly we are seeing delays filling in in the westbound lanes. clears out through livermore. and then you will hit some overnight roadwork likely scheduled until 5:00 between hacienda and san ramon. everything is clear on the sensors all green and remains that way dublin interchange to castro valley y. mass transit no delay including bart systemwide on time. "ace" train number one got a great start out of the central valley no delay there. if you are riding bart this weekend once again we have the oakland station shutdowns. no bart service between fruitvale and the coliseum so between those two stops right there. they are offering bus shuttles instead.
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but then on top of that you also have the san mateo bridge closure. so i think it was two weekends ago a little tough traveling conditions. we have bart station closure and the san mateo bridge shuts down friday night at 10 opening on monday morning by 5:00. san francisco police department new station in mission bay cost over $240 million to build but it came with a problem. initially it there were only a couple of ways in and out of the building. a major problem when games let out at neighboring at&t park. >> when we first opened up, as everyone is leaving all these parking lots, bumper-to-bumper, and right in front of where our garage is, there aren't any keep clear lanes. so people were blocking the exit and entrance and our cars weren't able to go to where they needed to be. >> so the department has come up with a work-around. when games are nearly done, the
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barriers on china basin go up giving a clear lane out. bart service is back to normal after an equipment failure caused major delays yesterday afternoon. phil matier talked to the transit agency as it struggles to keep up with maintenance. >> i get text alerts from bart and every day something is broken or wrong. >> reporter: today it was a damaged control switch in downtown oakland that set off 30-minute delays throughout the system. two weeks ago it was a broken rail that delayed the evening commute for hours. >> it's frustrating to be a bart rider when it's one thing after another. >> reporter: and in bart's case frustrating could be the new normal. aging tracks already have the system slowing trains down in 37 locations and closing down other entire sections for repairs on weekends. at the same time, bart ridership is hitting record highs of over 400,000 trips a day. >> we have 86.5% of our entire fleet out during the peak
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commute. no other large transit system has that a. >> when something goes wrong, it's likely to be in one of five hot spots. like today's troubles. >> so look at, every, single line that's going to the city is impacted and that's why you get delays up to 60 minutes. the other really horrible hot spot would be right outside there's an interlocking right here. anything in downtown san francisco as we know impacts the entire system. >> it's awful. i'm stuck there on the platform for, like, 10, 15 minutes at a time and everyone is getting frustrated. >> reporter: are we putting enough money into maintenance? >> we have millions in the budget towards maintenance. >> reporter: is it enough? >> no. >> decided to take the train an hour earlier. >> reporter: were you just checking to see if there's a delay? >> yes. it's sometimes mixed signal. >> reporter: it seems that even bart's delay app can have a delay. >> other outlets are more accurate than what your getting on the bart app. they give you misinformation. >> reporter: phil matier, kpix
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5. time now 4:51. surprising new revelations inside the bin laden compound. what w
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ated shower, too. 50s at the coast, 60s at the peninsula. southwest wind 10 to 20 miles per hour east of the bay. we'll top off at 66 in san ramon and 69 degrees in antioch. north of the golden gate bridge, you, too with an isolated scattered shower. 50s and 60s across the north bay. these numbers average 10 degrees below normal. clearlake in the low 70s with
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cloud cover and a passing shower. a dramatic rescue in the country of colombia. you can see that dog struggling against the strong currents and muddy river. rescuers run alongside the riverbank eventually grabbing hold of the wet dog. and tired dog. and by the way, he is safe and sound. but after quite a struggle there. the gyrocopter pilot who landed on the lawn of the u.s. capitol could spend a long time in prison. a grand jury indicted douglas hughes on six charges that carry up to 9 1/2 years in prison. the florida postal worker flew through miles of restricted airspace and landed on the capital lawn last month protesting the influence of big money in politics. cia giving us an of a look at the final years of osama bin laden. the cia declassified more than 200 documents seized in the 2011 raid on his pakistan compound. they confirm bin laden was still obsessed with attack the u.s. until the end.
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the al qaeda leader had a massive digital library filled with american books and how-to terrorism guides. there's also an al qaeda job application asking questions such as, do you wish to execute a suicide operation? it has a place for contact information in case the recruit became a martyr. a jury found a career criminal guilty of murdering his former girlfriend and dumping her body in vacaville. randy alana was also found guilty of robbing sandra coke on the day she went missing. she was an investigator for the federal public defender's office when she disappeared in august 2013. her body was found a few days later. alana and coke had an on and off again relationship over two decades. prosecutors say it went sour when coke tried to end things and she accused him of kidnapping her dog. prosecutors say alana murdered coke in the back of a north oakland motel before dumping
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her body. he faces up to 90 years to life in prison. it is 4:56 right now. it's day 3 of clean-up after a massive oil spill along the central coast. who we're learning may face charges. >> reporter: a stolen dump truck and chase through city streets. coming up we'll tell you how it all ended in daly city with four people being injured.
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taking a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, right now, looking good. it's early. there's rain out there. >> i know. >> it is thursday, may 21. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. 5:00 on this thursday. a huge mess this morning when a police chase involving a
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stolen dump truck ends with a crash. kpix 5's anne makovec is in daly city where it came to a sudden end. >> reporter: you can see the mess behind me starting with a stolen dump truck here on san jose avenue. that is the truck that the suspect was driving overnight. he hit a pole. the suspect was injured and in the hospital and will soon be in jail. he also hit this minivan that you can see on the other side of the road that injured three people inside. it started after midnight about 5 miles away from here in colma and officers saw the dump truck driving through a housing complex and thought it was weird late at night. so he ran the plates and found it was stolen out of san francisco. when he tried to stop the truck, he says it tried to ram his patrol car. the chase was on ending in daly city.


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