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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  May 22, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. breaking news. charred debris scattered across the bay area hillside. authorities are on the scene of a deadly plane crash. good afternoon, i'm michell
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griego. >> frankfrankie -- frank mallicoat. investigators are at the scene of a deadly plane crash near livermore. you can see the debris and wreckage spread across the field. the only identifiable part of the plane is the tail. it is a short distance away from where it looks like the plane hit. it left concord at 8:45 bound for reid-hillview in san jose. when the plane failed to arrive in san jose, the pilot's family alerted emergency crews. the pilot is the only known occupant of the plane. he was killed in the crash. and as we continue to look at these pictures, we are joined now by sergeant jd nelson with the alameda county sheriff's department. this plane was reported missing last night and just found this morning. who was searching for it, can you tell us? >> yes. our search-and-rescue teams
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were out here last night. based on the information we had, the plane wreckage is located between pleasanton, hayward and castro valley. so it's a pretty remote area. and not too easy to see economy you have no light at all. no one reported a crash. there are no homes anywhere close. and we had no reports last night. it started a small fire but put itself out so no report of that either. >> any idea of why it happened? >> no. at this point it's all speculation. the ntsb will do a report. we are waiting for the coroner's office and they will bring it to oakland for an autopsy. >> thank you, jd nelson from the alameda county sheriff's
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office the latest in a plane crash in the livermore area. just a minor aftershock so far after an earthquake shook the bay area last night. the 4.1 magnitude quake was centered 6 miles northeast of yountville and nine miles north of napa. kpix 5's anne makovec tells us last night's jolt rattled some nerves as locals remember the devastation following last year' big quake. >> reporter: there have been several aftershocks since that main quake. 1.9 and 1.6. but no major damage. >> felt a strong jolt. >> reporter: this restaurant owner was one of thousands of people -- one of many people who felt the quake. >> the cats and dog jumped. >> it shocked the whole house. >> it was a little roll. >> reporter: every. >> reporter: everyone was reminded of the north bay's last quake a 6.0 near napa last august. >> that first one i just -- i
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was holding on to my bed. >> reporter: that one caused $1 billion in damage. >> that one we lost hundreds of bottles of wine. >> reporter: the two earthquakes were on different fall lines. last night was the green valley fault. august was on the west napa fault. but since fault lines can exchange stress, usgs researchers say they may have been related. >> it is somewhat interesting that we have this 4.1 because it was larger than any aftershocks we had from the august earthquake. >> he said yesterday we wanted to feel an earthquake while we were here and i was mad about it. >> reporter: these tourists missed it. >> somewhat disappointed but we are over it. >> reporter: and he will get over his losses from the quake only a few wine glasses broke this time around. >> it was quick and easy. >> reporter: the mayor of yountville says crews went out to check the utilities and buildings in town after the
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quake. no damage to report. in yountville, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> 2,000 people went to the usgs website to report the quake. a significant quake in nevada. a 5.4 magnitude hit in a remote area that's nevada county by the way, 60 miles northwest of st. george, utah. i take that back. that's the state of nevada. very big earthquake there. many people in the bay area will be traveling for the holiday weekend. but before you pack your bags, kpix 5's kiet do tell us you about the roads. >> reporter: you know, there's just no sugar-coating t getting around some parts of the bay area this holiday weekend will be a pain in the neck. let's start with where we are right now. this is the san mateo bridge. starting at 10 p.m. tonight, caltrans will shut it down completely again. this is exactly like the last closure that happened just a few weeks aguy. going eastbound it will be shut down from foster city boulevard, westbound will be
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closed from clawiter road. this full closure will allow crews to resurface the span of the bridge and replace extension joints. they will also replace the existing electrical cable system and transformers and do some other minor electrical work. on to some major bart closures now. the line between the fruitvale and coliseum stations will be closed all day saturday and sunday. and then re-open monday at 8 a.m. the line between fremont and daly city will also be closed all day, but only saturday only. a free bus bridge will be available with you bart is warning that you it will add significant travel time so plan for that. this is all for some ongoing rail projects. back out here at the san mateo bridge, highway 92 will re-open monday morning at 5 a.m. in hayward, kiet do, kpix 5. according to a aaa survey more than 4.5 million californians will travel more than 50 miles for the big holiday weekend. another traffic note to tell you about on this friday. the doyle drive closure has been postponed. it was supposed to happen next weekend. final closure before the new road is open but the closure
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has been pushed back. caltrans says the tunnel's fire safety system has to be certified first. memorial day weekend marks the unofficial start of summer. but the drought will change the way many of us celebrate. for swimmers, low water levels can create a false sense of security. rescue workers want to remind people that the current is still very strong and it's not the swimmers who should use caution. low water levels will affect boaters with potential dangers, as well. >> sandbars, rocks, logs like i said, it's just you know -- there's more hazards than usual. >> crews are telling boaters to be aware and swimmers to stay in areas where lifeguards are able to keep an eye on everyone. developing news in santa barbara. gusty winds and strong waves are slowing down clean-up efforts. an estimated 105,000 gallons of crude spilled into the beach and ocean on tuesday after a pipe ruptured. as of this morning, more than 9,000 gallons have been contained since 2006.
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the company responsible for the spill plains all american pipeline has been cited for 175 federal safety maintenance violations. a bumpy road ahead for takata corporation as it could take as long as five years to fix all the cars affected in the largest auto recall in u.s. history. about 34 million vehicles in the u.s. and 52 million worldwide are included in the recall on takata airbags. they could explode and send shrapnel into the vehicles. at least 6 deaths have been tied to the defect. a ribbon-cutting ceremony this morning marked the completion of the eastridge transit center's reconstruction project. the center has new seats and shelters and new bikeways and walkways -- or bike paths. as one santa clara official said, the project is part of a larger effort to make public transportation more convenient. >> this is a very challenging place to commute from and what we're trying to do is make it easier for people to take the
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bus get cars off the road, do more for the environment. this is beautiful. >> the eastridge transit center renovation cost $68 million and transit officials say more improvements are on the way. another rapid transit project in san jose is currently in the works. an outbreak of salmonella likely linked to raw tuna has sickened 50 people in the united states and 31 are in california. those are in southern california. the california department of health doesn't know the source of the outbreak. but most of the people who got sick reported eating sushi containing raw tuna. the symptoms are nausea, vomiting. 10 people are in the hospital. doctors say don't ignore the symptoms. >> it's very important to get cultures because if we don't have the culture we can't do the outbreak management which public health does so well. >> health officials are working to trace the outbreak back to its source. salmonella is the most common
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type of food poisoning in the u.s. it is a famous world landmark attracting thousands of visitors a day but today there's no one at the eiffel tower. why the monument is actually turning away tourists. and it's a beautiful weekend for a walk. but before you head out, the danger lurking in the bushes! >> and gray skies with scattered showers. the weather story this morning but we have some changes heading into the weekend.
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life's super scary sounds. and sneaking in without moving the bed.
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life's super scary sounds. and sneaking in without moving the bed. all you pet owners and pet lovers, every friday we take your questions about your favorite animals and we put them to veterinarian dr. jill chase and today, we're talking about fox tails and what you need to know before you take your dog on a very nice long walk this weekend and you brought indigo.
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>> yup. >> indigo is beautiful. >> yes. he's gorgeous. >> so what do we need to know? >> so this is what they look like. like kind of tiny. hold on. >> it's a little tough to see. >> there we go. >> it's a little tough to see but we have a picture of what it looks like. >> that's what it looks like when they're actually on the plant. the little pieces get caught in the fur or up their nose or into their ears. so my recommendation to my clients is don't go where there are foxtails like just don't go. >> how do you know? how do you know the areas to avoid? >> foxtails are in season so they are everywhere so the presidio has them, pretty much every park in san francisco. >> so don't take your dog to a park? >> no. what i say is stay on the beaches where there's sand and, you know, stay on grassy areas that are actually like turf grass and cement. i mean, i just -- i feel prevention is the best way to go and i brought indigo in because i wanted to show -- she's very fluffy so vegetation can gut caught in the fur which is an easy way to find it but always after you take them for
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a walk check their paws and like not only look with your eyeballs but look with your fingers because sometimes you'll miss seeing them but you'll feel them and vice versa and i think it's a good idea to flip up their ears, check the area and make sure there are no fox tails there. if they ever sneeze violently and they have been out where there are foxtails, you might want to assume they might have have snuffed one up. >> are they painful? >> they are. the barbs on these, what happens is they only move in one direction so they tend to move and they can't come back out so they can actually in worst case scenarios burrow into the skin and make it into the chest cavity. so i tell people try to avoid foxtails. >> you say they are out now. when is foxtail season? >> through the fall. basically december. it's one of the things if you want to prevent having a financial situation with your
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pet, stay way from the foxtails. >> did you hear that, indigo? stay away from them. there you go [ laughter ] >> so we want to invite all you pet lovers send us your questions about their health and well-being. just email or on our facebook page, and we'll have our pet expert give you an answer every friday right here at noon. too bad indigo can't come every friday, right, julie? >> that's right! >> my allie has had foxtails in the ear before and it's a painful expensive experience so dog moms and dads, listen up. let's take a look outside. it's a great day for a walk to the beach, not too hot. again stay in the sandy gravel areas that we just learned. take a look outside. plenty of clouds out there. gray skies scattered showers the story this morning. right now temperatures hovering around the 60-degree mark for the cooler spots. mid-60s in places like concord and livermore, warmer inland with more breaks in the clouds. for the most part we are
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looking at hi-def doppler and not tracking any showers. we have seen scattered showers throughout the day. 20% chance of showers in the forecast today. mostly cloudy staying cool today 20% chance of showers. more sun however as we head into the weekend. milder conditions for this holiday weekend. here's the low with moisture around this low that's bringing us those showers. but the low will push east as we head into the weekend and that means fewer showers for us at least fewer shower chances. high sierra today travel forecast a chance of some scattered thundershowers. throughout the valley today cloudy, cool, scattered showers there as well as along the coast. take a look at sunset, 8:18 tonight, and tomorrow morning sunrise 5:54. temperatures today again mild and cool scattered showers in the forecast. 58 pacifica. 60 san francisco. 68 san jose. 68 fairfield. 65 your high temperature today
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in vallejo. your extended forecast showing that we'll keep those showers -- by scattered showers, i mean heavy drizzle. we're not talking a lot of rain here, folks, certainly not going to do anything to our drought issue. but we are going to see the possibility of a little moisture out there. taking a look at your extended forecast you can see that we are around 70 for the warmest spots today inland staying cool by coast. this weekend we warm up with a little more sunshine inland. but if you are planning those beach barbecues, bring a jacket. it will stay cool. it will stay gray along the coast. now, next week, by midweek, that when is we start to see a transition and getting closer to normal for this time of year. >> so we call in sick on wednesday, thursday? >> i would say wednesday, thursday. ironically i'm filling for roberta wednesday morning so i'm going to get off early that day and might go to the beach. >> great idea. >> thank you. hey, final day of trading on wall street. let's take a look at the big board see how the stocks did on this day. they are down a little over 14 points. new at noon, the state
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department released the first batch of emails from hillary clinton's time as secretary of state. nearly 300 emails all dealing with the deadly attack on the u.s. diplomatic compound in benghazi, libya in 2012. u.s. ambassador christopher stevens three others were killed there. some of the emails were sent from a personal account and private server she kept at her home. she is under fire for deleting thousands of emails. trending in paris the eiffel tower was close the this morning. the workers were on strike because of aggressive pickpockets in the area. staff members are trying to reach a solution with police who say crime in paris is down. thousands of tourists visit the landmark daily. no word on whether there will be any more closures. it has since reopened. they made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and coming home is a hard transition. helping veterans find success on the homefront coming up. if you have a consumer problem
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or question, call our hotline at 888-5-helps-u. volunteers are there right now.
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how about something good to eat over the holiday weekend? here's tony tantillo with today's fresh grocer. >> well, today's tip of the day is going to be is going to be
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with d'anjou pears. selection and storage is very important. and these pears are lovely. the texture is incredible. let's talk about selection. nice color all the way around. very important. free from any shriveling whatsoever. and make sure it has just a slight give to the touch. not too much. when you bring them home, store them, here's the key now, you have to store these pears on the counter not in the refrigerator. when they are ready to enjoy, you will have a nice give to them and a beautiful aroma and a beautiful color. more of a yellow color. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. in honor of memorial day, jill schlesinger looks at the hottest jobs for veterans. reporter: the roots of memorial day go back to the aftermath of the civil war. it has since been expanded to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. it's also an opportunity to consider those veterans who are trying to transition into a civilian life.
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about one out of two post-9/11 veterans will face a period of unemployment as they seek new jobs outside of the military. identified the hottest jobs this year for veterans. they surveyed nearly 200 military-friendly employers who invest time, money and personnel to build military recruiting and retention programs. among these companies, the hottest jobs for veterans are i.t. specialists, operations managers and logisticians. logisticians see how products are acquired, distributed, allocated and delivered. logisticians earn a median wage of nearly $87,000. military experience is prized in the field of logistics because, as gi jobs says, who has more experience moving stuff than the military? i'm jill schlesinger for kpix 5
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i love my sister. my heart doesn't see race. love is love. back to our breaking news this noon. investigators are at the scene of a deadly plane crash in alameda county near livermore. you can see the debris and wreckage. a small plane was going from concord to reid-hillview in san jose. the pilot was the only one on the plane. he died in the crash. the simplified way to land
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a new career with a swipe of your finger. that story and more at 5:00. >> a big shoutout to cub pack 950 out of livermore. they are sitting out there. say hi, guys. >> hi! >> there you go. >> they're there. >> all good. >> that's great. big holiday, too. >> do we have some good weather? >> sunshine inland. >> thank you. that's it for kpix 5 news at noon. captions by: caption colorado
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>> ridge: i still can't believe you didn't tell me. >> caroline: i -- mm, i didn't want you to worry. >> ridge: well, of course i'm gonna be worried. you got hit by a car. >> caroline: yes. i did. and... and it was...really scary, but my moms were taking such good care of me, and i knew that you would freak out and you would jump on the next plane. >> ridge: yes! i told you i would come and play doctor. >> caroline: [ laughs ] and as much as i really, really did want you there, i just... you're under so much stress, and i -- i didn't want to add to it. >> ridge: how long you gonna be in this thing? >> caroline: [ sighs ] i-i don't know. who knew that walking could be so hard? >> ridge: i'm so glad you're home. >> carolin


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