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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  May 24, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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sa >> glor: tonight deadly >> glor: tonight deadly floods sweep through texas and oklahoma. >> oh my god! >> ten inches of rain in less than 24 hours, another round of storms is on the way. the u.s. defense secretary says iraqi troops lack the will to fight isis. the mathematician made famous in "a beautiful mind" dies in a car crash. also a sad loss today for a family of beloved comedians. and a moving remembrance of veterans on this memorial day weekend, the moving wall. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" >> glor: this is our western edition. hi, everyone, i'm jeff glor.
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some of the numbers are staggering. record amounts of rain and it's not over yet. parts of texas have had more than 20 inches of rain this weekend. in wimberly, texas, this is one of the homes washed away. this six flags amusement park looked more like a water park. tonight high winds in houston took the roof off an apartment building and a firefighter in oklahoma was swept away during a rescue and drowned we have a series of the reports tonight beginning with omar villafranca in wimberly. >> torrential downpours have deluged central texas. >> oh my god, oh my god. >> reporter: some areas have seen more than ten inches of rain in the last 24 hours. the storms have toppled trees, knocked out bridges and submerged cars. swollen rivers, streams and creaks are running through communities that have already been pounded by weeks of rainfall. in hays county, the blanco river has risen to record levels causing significant damage to the town's of san marcos and
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wimberly. 1,000 homes have been damaged. 300 are gone. the sheriff's office has issued a 9:00 p.m. curfew in an effort to keep residents safe. there has been at least one death in san marcos and three people have been reported missing. first responders used pontoon boats and helicopters to evacuate residents from several neighborhoods overnight. many of them have been brought to local shelters. terry doyle's family owns a home in wimberly. >> the water got as high as nine inches on the upstairs. we have a vaulted ceiling. it wiped out all the windows on both sides and water came raging through there. >> reporter: scott spencer is looking for his mother. >> she's 91 years old and she lives by herself. >> reporter: in wichita fall the wichita river is at 21 feet above flood level. three feet short of its historic crest of 24 feet in 2007. but mayor glenn barnham says the people in his community should be prepped to leave if there are mandatory evacuations. >> the last thing we need is for somebody not to leave an evacuated area and then
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something happen and you can't get out and the worst could happen. >> reporter: several bridges in the area were wiped out. other rivers from san antonio all the way up to dallas are at or near flood stages. and jeff, this week's forecast calls for more rain. >> glor: omar, thank you very much. there was more severe weather as a tornado hit an apartment complex in houston this morning. it had 100 mile-an-hour winds and damaged rooftops, blew out windows and knocked down trees two people were hurt, dozens of apartments were damaged. and as we mentioned, these storms also turned deadly in oklahoma. here's allison harris of our tulsa affiliate kotv. >> reporter: parts of sapulpa and creek county remain underwater tonight. eastern oklahoma saw up to six inches of rain overnight washing out roads, overflowing homes, and threatening hundreds of residents to evacuate. around the clock rescue operations are under way as first responders help people trapped in their homes.
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captain jason farley, a nearly 20 year veteran with the fire department died while trying to rescue ten residents in claremore. >> one of the firefighters fell into a storm drain. we believe one of the other firefighters attempted to help him out of the storm drain and got taken in as well. we suspect that he drowned. >> reporter: overholser dam was let loose today to prevent the lake from overflowing. but bill cartee is not evacuating his family yet. >> i don't know. it's a long way to go yet. so we'll see. the house is up on a foundation so that is another two to three feet. >> reporter: in cache, oklahoma, just south west of oklahoma city, several cars have been turned overdue to high waters. >> we didn't think it was going to get this bad. we just thought it was going to rain a little bit, go away. and it didn't. >> reporter: 44 counties remain under a state of emergency due to tornadoes, severe storms and flooding.
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parts of the state could get up to three more inches of rain causing problems in low-lying areas. flood warnings will be in effect through wednesday. >> glor: all right, allison harris, thank you. bonnie schneider is with the weather channel. she joins us now, bonnie, what is the forecast? >> jeff, unfortunately the forecast still calls for strong thunderstorms working their way across arkansas, oklahoma and even down into louisiana. but the flood threat that we're watching, that persists as well. this wet pattern that we've seen since may 1 has brought about almost two feet of rain. imagine all that water just piling up into oklahoma, texas. and unfortunately, we still are in that pattern. looking ahead to tuesday. we could still see several more inches of rain into northeast texas, parts of oklahoma, across arkansas and rain working its way to western tennessee as well as southeastern sections of missouri. now tracking incredible rain today, well, the blanco river impacted reaching a record crest at 40.21 feet. that's the highest it's ever been.
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luckily the floodwaters there expected to recede over the next couple of days, jeff? >> glor: pretty amazing numbers. bonnie schneider, thank you very much. isis has taken control of key territories in syria and iraq in recent days. seizing palmyra, the al walid border crossing and the iraqi city of ramadi. and today the u.s. defense secretary questioned iraq's will to fight. here's charlie d'agata. >> reporter: the iraqi military's hasty retreat from ramadi was evidenced that iraq's forces lacked the will to fight, u.s. defense secretary ash carter told cnn's "state of the union." >> they were not outnumbered. in fact, they vastly outnumbered the opposing force. that says to me we have an issue with the will of the iraqis to fight isil and defend themselves. >> reporter: although he said the u.s. could train and arm iraqi forces, it was not
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possible to give iraqi soldiers the motivation to stand up to isis. iranian-backed shiite militias have proven more willing and capable heading out to the front lines of ramadi in what may be their fiercest fight against isis militants in iraq. but they also complicate the picture because they face accusations of sectarian violence-- executions and abuse in sunni-dominated areas like ramadi. but the militia fighters have vowed to succeed where iraq's military so badly failed. the iraqi army wants it to be known it's fighting back too. the ministry of defense released this video saying it shows recent but undated air strikes against suspected isis targets in ramadi's anbar province. the fall of ramadi, a strategic city not much more than an hour's drive west of baghdad triggered an exodus of families who fled the fighting by the tens of thousands.
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exhausted and battling dehydration, they're desperate to find safety in capitol but soldiers struggled to cope with the sheer numbers. with not much more than a few belongings they could grab in a hurry, they face an uncertain future. but there's also no telling what horrors they left behind. not only ramadi but the ancient city of palmyra in syria, the most significant back-to-back isis victories in months, and jeff, today the syrian government said isis militants have executed at least 400 people since overrunning palmyra last week. >> glor: charlie d'agata in london, thank you. dramatic pictures out of nepal today weeks after devastating earthquakes. another disaster this landslide, about 90 miles northwest of kathmandu turned a river into a lake. the brief formed a dam, there is concern it may burst causing
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flooding up and down the valley. as a precaution, thousands of villagers have been evacuated. more than 70 protesters were arrested in cleveland overnight after a police officer was acquitted in the shooting deaths of two unarmed african- americans. as jericka duncan reports, this high profile shooting case another one, has the city on edge. >> reporter: hundreds of protestors took to the streets of cleveland last night, but there was no looting, no fires or real violence because of saturday's verdict allowing 31- year-old michael brilo to walk free. >> and therefore find that brilo's entire use of deadly force was a constitutionally reasonable response. >> reporter: he was one of dozens of officers who chased tim knee russell and melissa williams through cleveland in november 2012. when it was over, a total of 13 officers had fired more than 130 rounds into the car. brilo jumped on the hood of the car and fired 15 bullets through the windshield after the couple had stopped moving.
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timothy's sister michelle russell is furious brilo was acquitted. >> you know, it was horrible. i mean, everything, all that evidence that was available. and they still walk, nothing happens to anybody. >> reporter: there is another controversial decision looming in this city. whether to charge an officer in the november 2014 shooting death of 12-year-old tamir rice. >> shots fired, male down. black male. >> reporter: in a recent interview, tamir's mother somalia rice says she's angry with how long her son's case has been under investigation. >> a five-year-old child came up to me and said, "the police killed your son." it is an open and shut case. >> do you think criminal charges should be pursued in that case. >> no, absolutely not. >> steve lomis is the president of the cleveland police patrolman's association. >> you look at that video and you see a five-foot-seven, 191 pound person pulling a gun out of their waistband while a
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cleveland police car is approaching him. what are those guys supposed to do? >> reporter: police officials and community leaders we spoke to say they are preparing for the worst in the form of protests if officer timothy loman is not charged in the shooting death of tamir rice. jeff? >> glor: thank you. a police officer has been shot to death in new orleans. he was found this morning in his cruiser. his driver's-side window broken. the housing authority officer had been fire hired to patrol a construction site overnight. there have been no arrests. actress and comedian anne meara has died. she first gained national fame on the ed sullivan show appearing alongside husband jerry stiller as the comedy duo stiller and meara. for decades shes with a beloved character on rhoda, the king of queens and also the mother of actor ben stiller. anne meara was 85 years old. another notable passing, john nash, the brilliant yet troubled
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mathematician was kill add long with his wife yesterday in a crash on the new jersey turnpike. mark albert has more on this. >> playing touch football. >> reporter: most people have heard of john nash because of the oscar winning movie that told his life story, "a beautiful mind" showed the striking contrast between his genius and his illness. >> ladies and gentlemen, the great john nash. >> because while nash was a nobel prize winning mathematician, he was also a victim of paranoid schizophrenia, which crippled him for decades. he spoke with mike wallace on cbs sunday morning in 2002. >> i wouldn't really be-- to think deeply and effectively as a mathematician if i were taking medicine. >> reporter: just this past
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week, nash was honored with the avo prize in norway, one of the highest honors in mathematics problems on the new jersey turnpike with what has become a police investigation of that fatal accident. >> reporter: he was returning from that trip to norway yesterday afternoon with his wife of nearly 60 years, alecia, when their taxi driver lost control and hit a highway guardrail. the nashes were both evicted from the cab. there has been worldwide reaction, ron howard who directed "a beautiful mind" tweeted rest in peace. it was an honor telling part of their story. and russell crowe who played him wrote stunned. my heart goes out to john and alecia and family. >> it was just unimaginable to me. >> louis nuremberg won the nobel prize with nash. they flew back to new jersey together. >> he truly has a remarkable mind. and he was so original as a mathematician. to me, he was incredible. >> the man with the remarkable mind was 86. >> mark albert, cbs news, new york. >> glor: coming up here, a security breach at the french open as a fan makes a run at roger federer. and a scary scene at the indy
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>> glor: it was a fan trying to have a fun in a selfie-obsessed world. but it was also a serious breach of security at a major tennis tournament involving a tennis legend. and given issues the sport has had in the past it had some asking how it could happen again. here's julianna goldman. >> reporter: it was an easy straight set win for 17 time grand slam champion roger federer, ceiling a first round victory against colombia alejandro falla but the real drama came after the watch. >> look at this. >> reporter: when a young man rushed on to center court at roland garros and tried to score a selfie with federer who did not look pleased. it took about ten seconds for a security guard to finally intervene. >> look how long it takes before finally someone grabs the young guy. roger is not happy. >> reporter: and he wasn't. >> i'm not happy about it. but nothing happened so i'm relieved. but clearly it wasn't a nice
6:18 pm
situation to be in. >> it scared roger. >> reporter: federer had a run in with another court crash never 2009. during the french open a man ran up and put a hat on his head and two years ago between nadal and david federer a topless man with a white mask jumped on to the court with flares. but the security breaches aren't always amusing. >> 20 years ago monica selles was knifed in the back by a stephie graph fan at a tournament in germany. the director of the french open has apologized to federer for today's incident but federer says he wants to see what action the organization will take. as for the fan, he has been identified and will be banned from attending any future matches. now obviously security for players is a major concern at these events. and on sunday, the tournament director acknowledged that monica selles was never the same
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>> glor: the 99th running of the indianapolis 500 today and on an eventful day, 15 years after he won the race in his first appearance, juan pablo montoya won a second. >> it was a bizarre start. the wing of montoya's car was damaged following an early caution. but he sliced his way back into the action, traded the lead with two other drivers, the last 12 laps and won by a tenth of a second. serious safety concerns had hovered over the indy 500 all week. at least four bad crashes in practice sessions. there were on-track incidents on race day but the scariest moment involved the pit crew. midway through the race, james davidson's car spun into a separate stall hitting two crew members. one was treated on the infield the other had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance. both are expected to be okay. before the race began, a special tribute to just-retired david letterman, an indianapolis native and long-time race fan. >> this is the highlight of my
6:23 pm
life, honest to god. the caricature notwithstanding but the fact that my name is on this car, i never in my wildest dreams expected anything like that. >> glor: by the way, that car was driven by a driver from team rayhall which letterman co-owns and neither the car nor the paint job made it through the race. the driver wrecked on lap 111. still ahead, the traveling tribute to vietnam war veterans, the moving wall. veterans, the moving wall.
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>> glor: it is a busy weekend at the vietnam veteran's memorial in washington d.c. 4 million visit the site every year. but there is also an exact half size replica traveling the country for the past 30 years and this weekend it's in southern california, here's danielle nottingham. >> it is called simply the moving wall. not just because the 58,000 names travel from city to city but also the moving experience for visitors like pandora classen. >> there is a story attached to every name. >> reporter: her father franklin
6:27 pm
picking was killed in 1969. >> as a child, i felt like i had lost my world. and that my best friend was gone. >> reporter: but his name lives on here, and since 1984 on more than 1300 stops across the u.s., an idea that began when vietnam veteran saw the permanent wall and replicated it far and wide. janette lauridsen's husband is buried at arlington national cemetery but most of her family live in southern california. >> there are a lot of people that can't make it to washington d.c. this brings it to the people. >> it's very close to becoming a forgotten war in american history. >> reporter: ray frew oversees the cemetery near los angeles where the wall is on display this memorial day weekend. he saw combat in vietnam in 1969. >> it's uplifting to see people have the almost a sense of healing, you know, when they
6:28 pm
come here and let their emotions out. >> reporter: pandora classen says the traveling wall allows her to ing were the war home to her family, especially five- year-old shelby. >> it was 46 years ago that shelby's great grandfather died, a name listed on the wall but so much more than that. >> i just tell him he was a great man that gave his life for his country. >> danielle nottingham, cbs news, los angeles. >> that is the "cbs evening news" tonight, i'm jeff glor i'll see you here tomorrow as well. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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bigger cat -- that did it. a popular sandwich store chain is in trouble with the feds. why the u-s-d-a is recalling hundreds of thousands of pounds of meat and for the fourth time in just six weeks.. a dead whale has washed ashore at a bay area beach. kpix 5 news is next. developing news out of the
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