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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  May 27, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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hands up. he had a cigarette in his mouth. officers detained him and checked to make sure no one he is was inside that gas station. now, aside from owning the arco gas station, the owner also owns the 76 gas station across the street. so his workers were watching this unfold. the identity of the owner are jack, that's the owner and the manager is identified as tony. >> he's a very nice person, caring person, as you helps as much as he could with anyone he could, very good man. tony is a good boss always good to me. it's a tragedy what happened. but thank god they're out alive and safe. >> reporter: we got some pictures taken shortly after the man barricaded himself in the gas station. witnesses say they heard
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gunfire so people were scared. they were running away. you see a chp officer shielding two people at the gas station. that officer held onto an older woman's hand and escorted them away. we also saw pictures of people hiding behind parked cars. they were simply trying to pump gas at this gas station. wrong place, wrong time. coming back out live now, you can see all those cars, all those cars that were parked there, trying to get gas. those cars are still there as police investigate this case and gather evidence for this case. still a very active scene as we speak. live in antioch, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> a viewer shared with us her cell phone video that showed house the hostage drama at the gas station started. >> he running, he running, he running through the gas station. >> the suspect was apparently looking for anyplace to hide from police, who were hot on
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his trail. he picked the busy arco station. let's go to joe vazquez at police headquarters with mortgage on the suspect's -- with more on the suspect's crime spree. >> the police chief is about to have a briefing to fill us in on the details and there are a lot of details as this suspect apparently spent quite a bit of time committing several crimes starting with a series of carjackings this morning. police say the suspect carjacked a man at a business near west tenth and auto center drive in antioch. he drove that car down to concord where police say stole another car. this car had a tracking device which allowed police to follow him as drove back through east contra costa county. he exited l street off-ramp where he tried but failed to carjack another car from a woman. after the series of carjackings, a chp officer who was close by confronted the suspect. >> it's our understanding that he pointed a handgun at a chp officer at which time, the chp
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officer defended himself and fired back. it's unknown if he hit the individual. >> reporter: really is amazing that nobody got hurt. and all of those crimes that were committed today. they are going to have this briefing now. they are wrapping up a briefing with the police agent says there were involved in this hostage situation today. and they are they are going to fill us in. we'll fill you in as information becomes available. live in antioch, i'm joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> we're also following breaking news out of oakland. these are live picture. chopper 5 over a manhunt right now for the suspect in a home invasion robbery. police are swarming the area off 580 near 98th avenue searching by air and ground. three suspects were caught when their car crashed on the freeway but a fourth man managed to escape and is on the run. robbery happened in castro valley. we'll stay on top of this and bring you updates as they come in. a concord man who called 911 during a wild wrong way chase on the freeway is now
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under arrest. >> this is how the chase ended 10 days go. the suspect crashed into an suv in berkeley at hearst and california. he then took off on foot, got away. well, officers tracked the man down and arrested him this morning at a berkeley hotel. he has been identified as jerome wingard. he faces multiple felony charges. the driver of this mystery suv has come forward. a tolltaker on the bay bridge alerted chp last saturday. we saw a young girl inside struggling and screaming with someone else. since then, authorities have been looking for the car and its occupants to check on the child's welfare. we have learned the driver came forward and explained that he and his female passenger had
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been arguing and the child was trying to break things up. the woman has been arrested for domestic violence and child abuse. but the little girl is okay. small grass fire in gilroy is now out. our tower camera spotted the smoke near the eagle ridge golf course about 7 acres burned just after noon. it took crews about an hour to put it out. no structures were threatened and no evacuations were needed. golden state warriors just one win away from their first nba final in 40 years. fans are scrambling now for their chance to say they were there to watch history. mike sugerman was there and is there at oracle arena. he tells us this is one hot and expensive ticket. mike, what's it going to cost to get in tonight? >> reporter: kenny, i'll take you to the game. i don't have a ticket. you want to go? let's get tickets. come on, let's go. anybody got a ticket for the
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game? warriors game? you got a warriors ticket? >> no. i don't. >> reporter: got tickets for the warriors? you do? >> yeah. >> reporter: how much? >> um, 600. >> reporter: $600. >> yeah. >> reporter: let me see it. $600. how much is it -- $600. how do i know this is real? it's real. [ laughter ] >> $600? >> yes. >> reporter: i'll give you a 50. >> no. >> reporter: you wouldn't take 50. i didn't think so. how about these guys? >> the cheapest ticket on stubhub for the warriors gaming is around $180 and that's for your upper level tickets. >> reporter: nose bleed. >> yeah. pretty high up. >> reporter: that ticket would cost you about 70 if you were able to score one face value. and if you are swimming in cash? >> the most expensive ticket sold so far is around $6,000. we do have a couple of listings on stubhub for $7,000 to $8,000 for the vip courtside. >> reporter: go to the game or buy a pretty nice car.
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that's a bargain compared to the seats on the floor for the finals. if we make it. >> the most expensive listed for the finals on stubhub is up to $10,000. >> reporter: $10,000. >> yeah. >> reporter: $20,000 for two tickets. >> yeah. and those are for your vip courtside, you know, right behind the bench. you can hear what the coaches are saying. >> reporter: i don't care what i'm hearing or what the coach is saying. i'm not spending $20,000 to see a basketball game but apparently some may. now, tonight they are sold out. they have been sold out 120 times or something in a row but you can buy a ticket 50 bucks gets you into the arena to watch it on a screen. that's as close as you're going to get to this game tonight, kenny. >> not too bad, 180 bucks to get in upstairs. that's reasonable, i think, for a play-off game anyway. >> reporter: i don't make your money. >> stop it, mike. >> reporter: i don't make your money. >> he has a ticket in his back pocket he is not talking about.
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thanks, mike sugerman, at oracle arena. dennis o'donnell is at the arena. he has a preview of tonight's game. >> reporter: i'm not buying sugerman's bid. if he can get in, it will be him. i'll probably see him in the press box tonight. for a moment i thought that moses had parted the red sea when stephen curry walked on the floor for the pre-game warmups. everyone was in his face. he looked really, really good. curry is good to go after monday night's scary fall that had all of w nation holding its breath. his head is okay but the right side of his body i sore. >> he was wearing this yellow shooting sleeve calling it
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allen iverson shootaround. um, he looked fine. no repercussions or anything. and, you know, said his shoulder was a little sore from the fall. but nothing that's, you know, affecting him. >> reporter: did notice that steph was walking around with a sleeve. maybe to cushion some of the shoulder. but he looked great. he shot about 90% from three- point range. i'm guessing a little over 30 points tonight for steph curry and the warriors will win to go on the western conference finals. there's your prediction. >> steph needs a day after, so get a win tonight and take a couple. >> reporter: highlights and post-game at 11:00. >> dennis o'donnell live at the arena, thanks. several top soccer officials have about arrested.
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u.s. prosecutors say fifa executives accepted tens of millions of dollars in exchange for various favors. fifa is soccer's world governing bodies. many bribes were for media deals or securing votes on where major tournament would be played in some highly elaborate schemes. >> they did this over and over year after year tournament after tournament. >> fifa's president has not been accused of any wrongdoing but the investigation is still ongoing and more official may be charged. it's the message no iphone user ever wants to get. the computer bug that can crash an apple device with a single text. >> horrifying glimpse at what could go wrong with self- driving cars. the crucial mistake made in this safety demo. >> i'm meteorologist paul deanno looking live at san jose. forget about average. we're going to head back to the 80s.
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we'll talk about when and where comi
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there's a mystery text message going around that can crash anyone's iphone. it contains a string of latin and arabic characters that instantly crashes the phone's messaging app and reboots the device. it also disabled i message until you delete the conversation. apple says it is working on a fix for the glitch. we'll have much more on this story tonight at 6:00. >> this is everyone's worst nightmare with self-driving cars. it is not easy to watch. a volvo dealer wanted to show off the new automatic stopping system in a new model. the car backs up then, check this out, it barrels right into a couple of people, the journalists who were working there, without slowing down. much less stopping. the men were only bruised. volvo says the car's features included a collision avoidance
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system. but not the upgraded pedestrian detection system. [ pause ] relentless rain causing new problems in the south. >> you keep hoping you're going to wake um, this nightmare is over, but it's not. >> the frantic search for families swept away in the floodwaters. >> more than just a sweet treat how ben & jerry's and tesla are teaming up to save planet
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two more deaths attributed to the record rainfall that left a river of devastation near houston. 19 people now confirmed dead in texas and oklahoma city. thousands of homes have been destroyed. reporter omar villafranca says adding to the misery, more rain on the way. reporter: crews are searching for from above and on the ground for members of three families missing in hayes county outside austin. >> we are still in search-and- rescue mode. >> reporter: the blanco river overflowed its banks on sunday and swept away their vacation home. floodwaters damaged thousands of homes and businesses. >> keep hoping you're going to wake up, this nightmare is over, but it's not. we're strictly in survival mode now. >> reporter: even with a little bit of rain coming down, people in wimberly are trying to clean up. 20-foot piles of debris like this still litter the
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riverbanks and they will take weeks to clear out. the cortez family had to act fast when water rushed into their homes. >> the plan was hold on for dear life. the water rose up to our necks. so we're basically hanging on to the double doors that lead to the backyard. >> reporter: more rain is falling in houston where as many as 4,000 homes are damaged. about 2500 drivers were forced to abandon their vehicles as floodwaters rose. firefighters also carried out more than 500 water rescues. crews in houston are also dealing with another major clean-up. 100,000 gallons of waste water spilled from a flooded treatment plant. omar villafranca, cbs news, wimberly, texas. >> state disaster declarations have been issued for 46 texas counties. an arrest in a wild hit-and- run in newark. police say this man chased down his ex-girlfriend and intentionally rammed into her
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car. scott o'neill of fremont is facing charges of attempted homicide and violating a restraining order. police say he threatened his ex- girlfriend at a bar. the woman was picked up by two friends. the officers said o'neill chased three of them in his car and then hit them on cedar boulevard. both cars flipped over. o'neill tried to confront his ex again but bystanders intervened. the suspect then took off, officer caught him yesterday and took him into custody. devastating news to hundreds of people on the peninsula. city of palo alto has okayed plans to evict every tenant in the city's last remaining mobile home park. some 400 people living at the buena vista park will have six months to clear out. before the final vote last night, the tenants argued the owner wasn't paying them enough to find other housing in the pricy bay area. >> with the economy at this time, rents are $2,500 and up and we don't know where we're
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going to live. we can get relocation but after that are we going to survive to pay those rents? >> the tenants say they offered to buy the park themselves but the owner would not sell to them. and you'll be seeing more of those bikeshare stations in the next few years. a lot more. the mtc today okayed expanding the program from 700 bikes to 7,000. new sites will be in five cities. the expansion will take two years to complete. ben & jerry's newest ice cream flavor is going toward a cause. the company showed the save our swirled at the tesla factory in fremont. it's an sos for our planet. it wants people to pay attention to climate change while enjoying ic cream. they have a specially designed electric vehicle for a nationwide tour. quite a treat for yosemite
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tourists. you got to see this. two baby black bear cubs wrestling in the middle of the road. the vine video is making the rounds on social media this week. mom mama bear was nearby keeping watch. there they are. oh, my gosh. so cute. >> look at that. >> look at them play. they look like little puppies. i want one. oh, my gosh. they are so cute they don't look real. >> yeah. until they get into your kitchen. [ laughter ] >> eat the refrigerator door off. >> they are cute for right now. they are mini sized. >> my kids wrestle at home they're cute. they are not bear cub cute. they're cute though. >> those little ears. >> yeah. very cute there. yosemite a good spot. finally the thunderstorms have stopped in yosemite after 10 days. the pattern is evolving and changing and it might feel like normal tomorrow. what's normal? we haven't felt it since may 1. but things are changing. sunnier today. mount vaca show you the weather graphics now and the temperatures made it into the 70s. this is not banner heat. we are not back to normal yet
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but we are heading in that direction. livermore 71. santa rosa 70. still the 50s for san bruno and san francisco despite a little sunshine today. as a matter of fact, san francisco nowhere close to average. we know you're chilly. that's normal. normal 65 with the breeze. today 7 degrees cooler than that. the high only 58 degrees. where do we start tomorrow? concord 53. fremont 52. santa rosa 49. the change tomorrow is that away from the water the marine layer, the cloud cover, will not greet you when you wake up. you will be sunny from start to finish. the biggest temperature change will be away from the water which is par for the course this time of year. we get to see the big temperature spread. we'll stay in the 50s at the coast but begin to see the 80s and eventually the 90s and 100s away from the water. big area of low pressure moving away. strong area of low pressure wanting to come closer. in between, there's your source of the warmer weather for the next couple of days. a high pressure ridge wedged between two strong lows. you know that, ridge hangs out for three days tomorrow,
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friday, saturday. limiting the onshore flow. it's still there. but the marine layer will be compressed. it won't push as far inland. so we will be warmer and sunnier through saturday. on sunday, the ridge quickly moves out. we get it for three days. that's it. that moves over the rockies and the ocean will bring lower temperatures on sunday. so the change tomorrow will be inland where the 80s are back for the first time in 27 days. been a long time. still cloudy and foggy near the water to start. but the sun will emerge earlier on those three days giving you milder weather, as well. still not back to average. amazingly concord 77 is below where you should be for this time of the year. santa clara 73 with more sunshine. but san mateo still kind of chilly at 66. san ramon, pleasanton, 77. pittsburg 78. the county fair opens in antioch tomorrow. it will be milder. berkeley 63 tomorrow still with
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fog in the morning earlier sunshine. sonoma 79. lakeport close to 90 tomorrow. the warmest days will be friday and saturday mid-80s inland around 70 near the bay but then temperatures drop as we head toward next week. but they likely will not fall as low as they have been in the past couple of weeks. so the coldest of the cold, the foggiest of the foggy is over for now. >> thank you. ♪[ music ]♪ it's a popular way to get cash for your old electronics. now a growing number of customers say
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with so many people getting new phones every other year, buying old ones is big business. >> as consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains, a lot of sellers say they are getting shortchanged. >> buyer beware. seller beware. >> reporter: that was the warning back in march after cash for iphones offered to buy his phone for $586 and dropped the offer $76 when he sent them his phone. he is not alone.
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>> we went from shocked to surprise and upset. >> i thought they're not looking at my ipad. because my ipad was in perfect condition. >> reporter: they are just two of the hundreds who have recently complained about similar experiences with cash for iphones and its sister site cash for laptops even though the company told us in march that tony's case was a one off. now, the company has the right to change its offers once it receives your phone. it's in the fine print. but they are supposed to give you three days to either accept or reject that new lower price and return your device free of charge. tony, marilyn and steve all say they couldn't reach anyone in the three days following their offers. >> put on hold, dropped, passed to another. consumer rep. >> reporter: nevada's attorney general is investigating the reno-based company stating customers can't get through during that three-day window to reject their final quote. usually for less than 20% of the original offer. >> not going to commented on company practices. >> reporter: the attorney would
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say no one has been criminally charged. while they sent tony a check for the full amount following our story, the company wouldn't do the same for marilyn and steve. >> once you release that phone, you have no leverage. >> it's so disheartening that they treat people like this. >> reporter: the company says steve's phone had a problem with the button but the better business bureau has more than 1700 complaints about this company most within the last 12 months. bottom line, check reviews before you use a company. julie watts, kpix 5. >> now, for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news," charlie rose sitting in for scott pelle tonight in new york. >> reporter: ken and liz here at the "cbs evening news," fifa under fire. we'll have new details on a massive corruption scandal that rocked the governing body of the world's most popular sport. and keeping the blues alive. meet the man bringing america's unique music to the most unlikely places. those stories tonight on the western edition of the "cbs evening news" at 5:30 righ
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female announcer: through sunday it's posturepedic vs. beautyrest with up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years interest-free financing. mattress price wars ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ i'm veronica de la cruz in the kpix 5 newsroom. new at 6:00 tonight, new details in the hostage standoff at an antioch gas station. late word from police about how they got the suspect out. plus, a war over turf. the push to stop using a certain material instead of grass and the hollywood star power getting on board. that and more at 6:00. >> thank you. thanks for watching. "cbs evening news" coming up
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next and remember the latest news and weather are always on our website, captions by: caption colorado >> rose: scenes from a nightmare. the death toll rises in the texas flooding and the search continues for the missing. >> that's what's left of the house. it's the people they can't find. >> rose: also tonight, scandal rocks the world's most popular sport. the u.s. charges world soccer officials with bribery and money laundering. a shocking report on who is getting killed in crashes involving teenage drivers, and teaching school kids the joy of the blues. ♪ send her on home to me ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> rose: good evening, scott is on assignment. i am charlie rose. and this is our western edition. we begin with violent weather late today a tornado was spotted


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