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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  May 30, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. people in a bay area city lose confidence in their police chief after one of his officers gets involved with a prostitute. tonight, that chief is out of a job. good evening, i'm brian hackney. >> i'm juliette goodrich. today is the last day for kensington's police chief after a sex scandal rocked this small east bay police force. kensington is a small enclave between albany and el cerrito. and tonight, telling kehl introduces us to the chief's likely replacement. >> insiders say kevin hart is likely to be named interim top cop early next week. this resident say he is ready to see hart retired from alameda county sheriff's office
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take the helm and chief greg harmon gone once and for all. many in kensington lost trust in harmon after one of his rank- and-file sergeant keith barrow had sex with a prostitute in reno. >> for a small community like ours, it's impactful. >> reporter: the woman stole his badge, handcuffs, pistol and ammo. but the chief did not suspend baro until the media got wind of the scandal. >> he violated the trust of the community in the act of trying to cover this up for nine months. >> it wasn't handled well. >> reporter: tom dean says the chief's job description is partly to blame. here in kensington, the police chief doubles as general manager and, in other words, his own boss. >> it's a conflict to have the chief and the general manager be one and the same. >> reporter: kensington launched a special committee to figure out if it should change the job description. but one thing that hasn't changed a bit sergeant keith barrow. the man who rocked this little police department which led to the chief's firing is still on
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the force. does that floor you? >> yes. >> i think that barrow should go. i think it would be a good fresh start for all the other police officers if he did. >> reporter: in kensington, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> kensington is expected to sign off on kevin hart's contract at monday night's meeting. two powerful earthquakes have hit off the ocean of japan. the first hit saturday evening their time. the u.s. geological survey said it was 7.8 near the remote ogusawar islands. it was fourful enough to be felt on the mainland. businesses swayed in tokyo and train service was shut down for a while. there were no reports of major injuries or damage. a second quake hit a few hours later a 6.4. usgs says that neither quake was close enough to the surface to trigger' tsunami warning. the quakes did however trigger false earthquake alerts in california. the usgs says alerts went out to people in mendocino county and near san simeon that there was a magnitude five quake.
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but the quakes never happened. the usgs says the japan quake was so strong it sent shock waves around the globe and may have caused the false alarm. speaking of earthquakes, hollywood's new movie "san andreas" is rocking the box office. >> everybody down! >> the movie is about a magnitude 9 earthquake on the san andreas fault that levels san francisco and los angeles. the film raked in $18 million in ticket sales on friday alone. it's predicted to bring in 50 million by the end of the weekend. hillary clinton has another challenger for the democratic nomination for president. former maryland governor martin o'malley has thrown his hat in the race. craig boswell on how the recent riots in baltimore could spell trouble for o'malley's white house bid. >> i declare that i am a candidate for president of the united states. >> reporter: former maryland governor martin o'malley made it official announcing that he will seek the democratsic nomination. he will run against hillary clinton as well as vermont
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senator bernie sanders. o'malley's supporters heard a speech that focused on the economy and income end quality. he also talked about last month's riots in baltimore following the death of freddie gray in police custody. >> what took place was not only about race, not only about policing in america, it was about everything it is supposed to mean to be an american. [ screaming ] >> reporter: a small group of demonstrators who blamed the former baltimore mayor for the city's problems briefly disrupted the speech. the protestors say o'malley's zero tolerance policing strategy while he was mayor here in baltimore contributed to tensions that led to the riots. >> he want to come home he is the godfather to all of this. >> somebody put their hands on me. >> reporter: the protestors including the brother-in-law of freddie gray later clashed with pro-police demonstrators outside city hall. a spike in homicides is adding an extra layer of tension.
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may has been the city's deadliest more than in more than 15 years. craig boswell, cbs news baltimore. community organizers say they will continue to press for a change in police tactics. they plan to have a meeting with baltimore's police commissioner in mind next couple of weeks. the republicans field for spread big at least eight candidates have declared so far. three of the big ones are texas senator ted cruz, kentucky senator rand paul, and florida senator marco rubio. jeb bush is likely to enter at some point. only one possible gop candidate has said he is out for 2016. and that's mitt romney. ro khanna says he is ready to make another run at a congress seat. he announced this morning he will take a third short at the house of representatives. he lost a contentious heated battle last year to mike honda. honda today tried to turn the loss into a positive. he said it was a warmup for 2016. honda is 73 years old in his eighth term and vowed to stay
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in office. one of the last men to help build the golden gate bridge has died. he died in the hospital in san jose on tuesday. he was 98 years old. gus was born in italy. his family migrated to san francisco when he was young. during the great depression, he was paid 75 cents an hour to work on building the golden gate. he died one day before the 78th anniversary of the bridge's opening. and still ahead shock for fishermen in hawaii at the loss of one of their own in a freak accident. how a man got impaled while trying to catch a swordfish. >> it is the end of an era for broadcast television news. a look back at bob schieffer's career as he signs off "face the nation" for the last time.
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a funeral fit for a king. 500 people filled a church in mississippi to say good-bye to blues legend bb. king. 200 others who couldn't get in watched in the church's fellowship hall. the lid of king's casket is embroidered with an image of his black guitar, lucille. he died may 14 at a las vegas hospice at the age of 89 and he wanted to be buried in his
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native mississippi. well, after 24 years moderating "face the nation" and more than 50 years in the news business, veteran reporter bob schieffer is hanging up his microphone. at 78 years old he says he is ready to retire and to remember morning he signs off for the last time. tonight, a look back at some of his broadcast highlights. as a little boy, as a young reporter, i always wanted to be a journalist. that raises some issues. >> could a recession beat george bush? >> what in the world were you talking about sir? >> what drew me to is it was so much fun. >> i can because we have been working incessantly. >> getting to talk to these people who are having such an impact on our lives. >> how can so many respected professionals keep pressing along with this? >> i never got over that. >> do you like politicians, do you like politics? do you like this job be? >> to me it never seemed like a
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job. >> i'll let you start, bob. since it's your show, you know. >> exactly. >> the stories that i always remember certainly go back to that day that president kennedy was assassinated. vietnam. >> many of those who do survive must live out their lives with broken bodies. >> and finally 9/11. >> this is a different city tonight, a city that is slowly realizing this nation is at war. >> i never imagined that i would have the kind of experiences that i had in journalism. >> i think i finally found honest work. >> this is the fourth and last debate. >> it's a deal. >> great. >> when i look at my life, i have had so much fun doing the jobs that i have done and being in washington all of this time that, um, i don't think i'd change anything if i had the chance. i like it just the way it was.
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>> and you can see schieffer's final "face the nation" broadcast tomorrow morning at 8:30 right here on kpix 5. >> you know what's interesting they showed a clip of lee harvey oswald's wife and his mother marguerite oswald and bob schieffer in 1963 the day kennedy was assassinated was sitting in his desk at the "star-ledger" in fort worth and the phone rings and he picks it up, it's lee harvey oswald's mother who needs a ride to the dallas jail. [ laughter ] >> and from there, bob schieffer goes on to this enormous career in journalism. he posed as a detective inside the dallas county jail and got a lot of exclusives to the "star-ledger." >> he is one of those that you feel like he could be a friend to anybody or invite him over for dinner. >> that's the key. that's the walter cronkite thing. >> you can be nice but just because you're nice doesn't mean you aren't strong and you aren't, you know, tough and he was tough but he was also nice. >> he was fantastic when he took over for anchoring the "cbs evening news" replacing
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dan rather, an interim anchor. ratings went up and nbc and abc the ratings went down. people flocked to see him. >> i hope he does cameos for other appearances on cbs. we'll miss him. i love that smile. we want to take a moment to remember our weekend colleague. his name is damon gutierrez he was aid video editor here at kpix 5. he died un-- he was a video editor here at kpix 5. he died unexpectedly after abdominal surgery. he will be greatly missed.
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going to miss you, randy.
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love you! >> friends of a fisherman killed in hawaii paid their respects today in traditional hawaiian style. the man died after getting pierced in the chest by a swordfish. it happened yesterday at this harbor outside of kona on the big island. witnesses say the man jumped into the water with a spear gun to try to catch the fish. it impaled the man as it thrashed around in the water. help is coming to flood- ravaged texas. today president obama signed a disaster declaration allowing federal aid for victims and tonight the threat of bad weather is not over. as chris martinez shows us, people are bracing for more flooding as yet another storm moves through. reporter: police are going door to door in dallas urging people to evacuate because of rising floodwaters. >> it's ruining everything. you feel that when you see it, a lot of people worked for this and now it's all going to be destroyed. >> reporter: at least 25 people have died in storms in texas
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since memorial day weekend. nearly a dozen are still unaccounted for. the threat is far from over. rivers and bayous are still rising and there is more rain in the forecast. near downtown dallas one of the area's busiest traffic arteries will stay closed for up to a week so crews can pump out floodwaters. >> all right, let's get it going. >> reporter: and this volunteer crew is spreading sandbags hoping to keep a rising lake from washing out the roadway in a rural suburb. that same lake has already taken over this golf course. >> unbelievable. i mean, at least so much water and, you know, it's just there's nothing we can do. >> and at another nearby golf course rain delayed third round play at the at&t byron nelson pga tournament in irving. the flooding in texas is the worst natural disaster in the u.s. so far this year.
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chris martinez, cbs news, louisville, texas. >> and before today's rain the national weather service says 16 inches have fallen in the dallas area this month alone. what's normal for that area in may? 4 inches. well, this may very well be the largest monopoly board ever. it's the work of the salvation army in suisun city. it covers more than 3200 square feet. and everything about it says big! even the dice as you saw. it certified it would smash the previous record for the largest monopoly board by over 800 square feet if certified. you can play this game. donations go to a scholarship fund that helps children go to summer camp and to pay for back- to-school supplies. >> it's a lot easier to rent something in monopoly than it is anywhere else in the bay area. >> absolutely. we have mostly sunny skies in the bay area today. things warmed up by 2 to 6 degrees. things will be cooling down with low pressure on the way to the bay area. we are looking to see high
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clouds floating in over mount diablo at this hour and in san francisco 57. concord 83. in santa rosa 74. san jose 72. tomorrow afternoon, we're cooling it down just into the warmest spots will be in the upper 70s inland. around the bay we'll be in the mid to slightly upper 60s. drizzle along the coast and just 58 degrees. so a little cooling trend by that little low pressure comma cloud out there abeam the bay area. also the water temperature is cold. 53 degrees offshore. and so the shoreline remains cool. temperatures at the beach no better than the upper 50s. back to cool to mild temperatures. this upcoming week we get a nice marine push coming in so kind of cool weather that we have had with the low clouds in the morning and clearing in the afternoon, will be back with us in the upcoming week. futurecast shows low clouds coming back into the shoreline tonight. we are going to freeze this tomorrow morning just so you can see that tomorrow morning, we have low clouds that are over point reyes and coming into the cotati plain up in sonoma county and then offshore from us we have low clouds over
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the peninsula. inland looks okay but then high clouds up in the north bay for part of the day but then sun comes out and there's that weak front coming down from the north and this could produce some drizzle along the shoreline by early monday morning. tomorrow, clouds, clearing, cooler temperatures though. so in general, mild inland, drizzle at the shoreline, increasing high clouds tomorrow then a warm week after tuesday. giants are playing tonight 7:05 p.m. we are looking for a game time temperature in the upper 50s mid- to upper 50s. 57 degrees. breezy and cool. contra costa county fair tomorrow this weekend in antioch it will be cooler tomorrow but still pretty warm. and walnut creek 77 degrees for the art and wine fest. so a lot going on in the bay area. sunday looks pretty good and the extended forecast, we have partly cloudy skies on sunday with some drizzle at the coastline. warmest spots in the low 80s. most places cooler than that. then as we get into the week ahead mid-70s inland and just
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mid- to upper 60s along the shoreline with clouds from time to time. that, ladies and gentlemen, is weather. for sports, here's the man. >> i got it, i got it! late-breaking news on the warriors. and what in the world is going on here? we'll explain.
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nba up top and your daily dose of how's klay thompson
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doing? he didn't practice today. but head coach said he believes klay thompson will play game one of the nba finals next thursday. think he will overcome his concussion syndrome in time. >> now, when kerr was hired as warriors head coach he was broadcasting the nba play-offs, he reached out to call every one of the warriors. when he got hold of harrison barnes kerr talk about how he thought golden state could get there. >> great experience man, you know, it's so fun to be in and it might sound crazy but i think we have potential to be there. okay, that's optimistic thinking. it's one thing to say those things and believe and say okay, you know, i'm going to do it but, you know, when you start, you know, believing in it, you see the success early on, here we are, you know, in the finals. it's like, that guy's pretty smart. he knows what he's talking about. >> not really a shock but reportedly warriors assistant
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alvin gentry will be the new head coach of the new orleans pelicans. this will be right after the ws play-off run. this will be gentry's fifth head coaching job. now, who would have thought saint mary's in moraga would be an nba pipeline? but it is. last season patty mills won an nba title with the spurs. now another gaels alum is four wins away from doing the same thing. long before he was doing this -- >> meting the cavs and a crucial -- >> reporter: matthew dellavedova was doing this for the st. mary's gaels. the all-time leader in points, assists, three-pointers, got the australia's number retired and for the second straight year the nba finals tentacles are connected to the moraga campus. head coach randy bennett talks to delli every game day.
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>> he didn't get drafted. towed get some breaks to make it with cleveland and then he had to get some breaks to play even bigger role in, you know, in the eastern conference finals. >> oh, did you see the elbow right there? that's wwe. >> reporter: we call him tough, gritty, aggressive. the hawks they just called him dirty. what's your take on this? >> matt played four years in this league. matt plays very hard. he's very physical, but never dirty. i have never seen him throw a cheap shot. he didn't in the play-offs. >> he works his tail off every, single day. he beats the odds and he comes to play as hard as he can every, single night. >> reporter: when he does come to oracle, you know he is going to leave a ticket for you? >> he better. >> i'm pretty far down on the list. his girlfriend and family are out here. i may have to scrap out another way to get into that place. [ laughter ] all right.
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now, we have the giants and the braves tonight. a's and yankees. they are going tonight, too. hey, three days after making his season debut, a's closer sean doolittle went back to the 15-day dl with a left shoulder strain. that same shoulder cost him two months already. now, steven vogt the a's catcher is a character. last season, he publicly displayed his talents here as a basketball referee. well, yesterday, on the baseball network, he just nailed it when he lampooned the lace chris farley's motivational speaker persona made famous on "saturday night live." >> i am 35 years old! i am divorced and i live in van down by the river. [ laughter ] >> i am 35 years old. i am divorced, and i live in a van down by the river! [ laughter ] >> as you go out there, that you're not going to amount to jack squat!
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[ laughter ] >> end up being a steady diet in government cheese and living in a van down by the river! gonna end up eating a steady diet of government cheese and living in a van down by the river! [ laughter ] >> by the time the a's get done with the yankees tonight hopefully see the yankees in a van down by the river. >> classic. a lot of that stuff that chris farley would do was impromptu. >> i know. just a comedic genius. we miss him. >> warriors going to win or lose? >> warriors in six. >> at least six games. >> i'm giving them both home games one and two then they go to cleveland, they will split. then they will come back here, shockingly, cleveland will win that one. and then the warriors will get it done on the road. that's how i figure it out. >> thank you. thanks for watching. we'll see you back he
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>> axelrod: the death toll climbs again after record floodsl in texas and oklahoma. rivers are still rising and more storms are in the forecast. former house speaker dennis hastert says, "i'm a victim, too." amid allegations of sexual misconduct when he was a teacher. a heat wave overseas claims more than 2,000 lives. new technology to keep u.s. borders safer. talk about a cliffside retreat-- the delicate operation to rescue a lighthouse from its perilousgh >> if enough of the bricks cracked, it would be catastrophic. it could come tumbling down. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod.


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