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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  June 3, 2015 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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francisco's south of market area. a car hit a person at 8th and >> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> and we have breaking news from san francisco south of market area. a car hit a person at eighth and mission and kept on driving. now this may be related to a police chase. >> mark kelly rust arrived on scene. what can you tell us? >> reporter: we just got here a few minutes ago, liz. i will step out of the way so you can see all the activity behind me. police have this stretch of mission block off to give you an idea. we are between 8th and 9th avenue of mission street. it is believed that pedestrian was struck along 8th avenue and
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mission street. and also, the mission 8th street headed to market street is also shut down at this point. so it is believed at this hour this started with a police chase. we don't know where that chase started but it did head through the mid market area of san francisco before that car made its way over the bay bridge, headed toward oakland. you should be seeing video of that right now. of that car making its way over the bay bridge toward 580. the last check, we heard that car is in the emeryville area. so right now, we know that here in san francisco's mid market area, a pedestrian has been struck near 8th and mission. the roads are closed in that area. but we do not know this pedestrian's condition at this time. we will keep you updated with the latest. mark kelly, kpix5. also tonight, the city of oakland says enough after so many scenes like this one, it is laying down the law. christin ayers tells us this is the new normal. christin?
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>> reporter: yeah, some big changes tonight here at oakland city hall. essentially, a big security crack down at the door. you notice as soon as you walk in, i would call it the biggest crack down we have seen for years. when protesters chained themselves to a railing shutting down an oakland city council meeting last month, city leaders decided something needed to change. tonight, those changes were in place at city hall. bagged searched at the only entrance. inside the chambers, the upper gallery was closed off completely and people were prohibited from standing along the back wall because of the fire code. instead, they were ushered into overflow rooms while four dozen oakland police officers looked on. chief shawn wint says this is what future council meetings will look like. >> looks like city hall wants to make this a permanent fixture. it is important to be consistent. >> it is kind of intimidating and sort of a crack down on
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free speech and public participation. it discourages the citizen from feeling involved and it is reflective of what we have seen from this administration so far. >> reporter: this meeting is wearing onto night. it could go into the morning. a number of controversial items on the agenda. there are officers on standby prepared to take anyone out of chambers who disrupts the meeting or tries show shut it down again. christin ayers, kpix5. a live look at san francisco's board of supervisor's meeting. tensions are boiling over about the future of the mission district. hundreds jammed city hall. they are asking for them to approve a temporary moratorium on housing. opponents say it would send
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rent more through the roof, but residents say something needs to be done from keeping long time residents getting priced out. >> you guys created a lot of real pain and we deserve amends. we deserve amends. >> the fight we have about housing is about money. out of san francisco. trying to purchase the city of san francisco. that has nothing to do with housing. >> the vote was expected tonight, but so many people are speaking it is unclear if it will happen. tonight, the new median rent in san francisco, gets this, it has hit $4,225 a month. that is to rent an apartment, a condo, and a home. a mini van hit a woman in san rafael tonight. the woman had been on the sidewalk but had to walk out into the street because of a tree. it happened at around 7:00 tonight on point san pedro
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road. andria borba is there now. >> reporter: well liz, we know the woman was taken from the hospital with some pretty severe injuries at this point. take a look behind me at the remnants of that tree. looks like it has been chopped up at this point. you can see markings in the road from the san rafael police department. the woman was transported from the scene. the tree fell across the sidewalk all the way into the street. it is believed the woman had to walk around it. came into traffic here on point san pedro road which is terribly busy. it has a 25 miles an hour speed limit. but we have seen cars whizzing by at a high rate of speed at this point. so, we are still trying the figure out exactly what happened here. it is believed the tree fell some time. the police department here in san rafael doesn't seem to know exactly when that might have been. but they say the tree has been removed at this point. they are still trying to figure out what happened out here. live in san rafael, andria borba, kpix5. >> drunk and ungrateful.
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that is how the chp described a 20-year-old guy they rescued from stinson beach tonight. he fell from rocks and hit his head. when officers got to him, he was drunk and combative until he passed out. tonight, doctors are looking after him in the hospital. police in boston killed a man today. part of what police say was a terrorism investigation. mark kelly found out earlier the suspect's brother leads a bay area mosque. >> reporter: ibrahim rahim is here at the lighthouse mosque in oakland. he says as soon ibrahim found out his brother was shot and killed, he left immediately for boston. >> ibrahim rahim and his family are grieving. >> reporter: devastated by his brother's death, ibrahim took to facebook saying his brother usaama rahim was confronted by three officers and shot in the back three times. >> it is a shock to hear that. >> reporter: boston law enforcement say they have been keeping close surveillance on
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usaama rahim for three weeks accusing isis extremists of radicalizing the 27-year-old muslim online. this morning officers approached him at a bus stop in boston. police say he brandished this knife. >> the individual's proximity came close to the officers in danger. >> reporter: police shot and killed usaama rahim. back in oakland at his brother's mosque during afternoon prayer, there is disbelief. >> it is unfortunate. it peoples like we become a place where we shoot first and ask questions later. >> another black man killed by law enforcement and a muslim killed by law enforcement. >> reporter: worshipers here never met usaama rahim but say his brother ibrahim rahim was well regarded here in oakland and never preached hate. >> the brand of islam hespouses is that of love. >> reporter: ibrahim rahim says his father was on the phone with their father when the shooting happened and his
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brother's last words were i can't breathe. in oakland, mark kelly, kpix5. nsa spies are back in business tonight. sort of. the usa freedom act that the president signed tonight bans the bulk collection of phone records to weed out terrorists. now, the nsa will need to have a court order for every search they do. the bill also restores three key sections of the patriot act that expired on sunday. a racist act of vandalism at a south city high school. take a look at this. someone used these snap together tiles to fashion a massive swastika on the football field of el camino high school after the graduation ceremonies. it was there all weekend. the school got rid of it as soon as they spotted it monday. tonight, new evidence paints a violent picture of former 49er ray mcdonald off the field. devin fehely reports mcdonald's estranged girlfriend describes a pattern of abuse. >> reporter: according to court
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documents obtained by kpix5, his girlfriend says the troubles began after the couple got engaged in february of last year. she accuses him of a pattern of controlling behavior and verbal abuse that escalated into attacks that happened frequently. that behavior was on display when mcdonald showed up at her apartment at 3:00 a.m. and broke down my bedroom door by breaking the knob. she describes the former 49er as drunk. and the alleged attack would get even worse while cradling the couple's infant son in her arms, she says ray cornered us and verbally attacked me and intimidated me and got physical with me. mcdonald was arrested and released after posting bail but two days later he was behind bars yet again for violating a restraining order that required him to stay away from his ex. the documents also shed new light on mcdonald's previous domestic violence arrest alleging that he choked, dragged, and put his knee in
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the stomach of his then pregnant girlfriend. no charges were ever filed because the victim refused to cooperate with the investigation and mcdonald claimed her injuries were the result of restraining her after she attacked him. mcdonald's ex says she was motivated to file the restraining order because she wants to raise their son in a "safe consistent healthy environment without abuse." mcdonald will be back in court june 23 to face those allegations. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix5. tonight, klay can play. six days after suffering a concussion from this knee to the head, golden state warriors guard klay thompson got the green light to take to the court in game one of the nba finals this thursday. cate caugurian shows us there is already plenty of action going on at oracle tonight. >> reporter: oracle arena is getting all gussied up for game one of the finals.
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fresh stickers make it official. game one is on our home turf. most of us will experience it from home or at a sports bar but if you want to come here, it will cost you. about $81,000 on ticket master for these court side seats. and the view, not too bad. for the fans who can afford it, it is quite a view. being feet away from nba's greatest as this court becomes center stage for a warriors cavalier show down thursday night. in oakland, cate caugurian, kpix5. and we just did a little checking. tonight someone on stub hub bought two vip court side tickets for $35,000.612 each. >> wow. oh. well, tonight, one of the warrior's biggest fans is behind bars in iran. what happened? >> and a little boy gets run over when someone tries to parallel park. and he survives. >> how young is too young to light up? tonight, california is a step close tore changing the smoking
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age to 21. >> and this california city has no shame. tonight, where the average
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in iran tonight. jason radon is a journalist but iran thinking he's a spy. >> reporter: for the ten months since his arrest, jason razion has been a prisoner in taron's jail. finally last week, he made his first appearance in the building just behind the trees, the islamic revolutionary court. it hears cases related to state security and it is so sensitive this is as close as we can get
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without risking arrest. this time last year, he was living here with wife. as the washington post bureau chief, he wrote about a country long closed to most americans. one of his last pieces describes baseball in iran. then with no warning last july, security men raided his apartment in this middle class neighborhood and took him away. today in washington, his brother addressed the house committee. >> this is perfectly legal conduct recognized around the world as practicing journalism. if you were sitting with the iranian foreign minister, what would he see? >> i would have to ask what do they think they are accomplishing? what are they doing to their own image if they want to join the community of nations which is their stated goal? become more normalized? >> reporter: his mom is here in
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teron. jason is tired but cheered up because he gets a little access to tv in jail and he has been able to follow the progress of his beloved basketball team, the golden state warriors. >> as for the trial, the family says they know very little except he is expected to be back in court next monday. kind of hard the believe nobody was seriously hurt after this. watch as an out of control driver tries to park there. flies into the curb. takes out a tree and hits that little boy pinning him under the vehicle. a bunch of good samaritans rushed over to help. they lifted the car off of him and amazingly, the boy is fine. the driver will not face charges because it was all an accident. well, it could soon be illegal for anyone under 21 to buy not just alcohol, but cigarettes, too. betty yu on the plan that sailed through state senate today. >> reporter: well, the lawmaker who came up with this plan says
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that 90% of smokers who pick up the habit do so before they turn 21. smoke shops and liquor store owners say if the smoking age goes up, sales are bound to go down. at uncle neoo smoke shop near san jose state, swisher cigars are their best sellers. that could change as a bill to raise the buying age of tobacco to 21. >> it could hurt quite a bit from a business aspect. >> reporter: jeffrey wilson says up to 70% of his tobacco sales come from peep under 21. >> we are located near campus. our clientele is mostly students. >> reporter: the bill has already gotten unanimous support from democrats and a few republican senators. if it actually does become a law, california would be one of the first states in the country to raise the legal age. >> they should probably raise
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it as high as they can. >> reporter: christian says he picked up the habit at eight years old. by 18, he was going through four packs a day. >> i have been a smoker my whole life. it is not good. >> reporter: this shop isn't getting too worried just yet. >> i think the tobacco companies will continue to dominate the market. >> do you think if this was a law around the time you were 18 if it would a made a difference in your behavior? >> probably not. >> reporter: well, hawaii has already passed a similar bill. it is now sitting before the governor there. also, they passed a bill that would ban e-cigarettes in public places. that will sed to the assembly. live in mountain view. betty yu, kpix5. it looks like a lot of californians are finally getting serious about saving water. we decreased water use by 13.5% in april on average. that is compared to 3.6% in march. but it is still far from the
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governor's goal of 25%. now despite all the calls to conserve, people in the orange county city of villa park are still using a ton of water. tonight, they tell erica knocklin, the governor's goals just aren't realistic. >> reporter: much of villa park still has lush landscapes but the water district expects that to change. new numbers find villa park residents cut back water usage 15% this year compared to 2013. but they are using 345 gallons of water per person per day. the city's mayor says that is due toe larger lots of land. at least half an acre and fewer people per home. she also says there are no parks, so yards are the only place for kids to play. she believes the mandate is unfair and unachievable but residents are trying. >> you will find turf removal every single day coming out of the front yards and the
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backyards. so people are stepping up to do it. >> reporter: norm lester has been working on his drought tolerant lawn all year and says he saved money. >> with the 6,000 square feet of lawn, we had water bills. >> reporter: the water district's new steep financial penalties went into effect this week for those who don't cut back. >> failure to use the same amount of water you did in 2013, your bill would be double. >> reporter: the more water you use, the more in penalties you will pay. >> i think we are all willing to do our part. but 36% is pretty unrealistic. wow. that grass looks really green. >> that little plant looked drowned. all right, let's show you the colors. not green, it was pink in the scheme beautiful sunset from oakland to san francisco. it was a fantastic tuesday evening.
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what will happen tomorrow morning? lows in the 50s . here we go. vallejo, 53. redwood city, 52. remember, this little fact. hurricanes, no. they do not come here. absolutely not. tropical moisture wrapping around a hurricane though, that is a different story. and we will talk about that right now. there are two hurricanes. the earliest this has ever happened in the east pacific. we have hurricane andres and hurricane blanca. some of that tropical moisture will make its way to california. it will park itself off to our west on thursday. it will kick? a little stronger with a southwest flow knocking down temperatures a bit. every morning it will be cloudy and foggy. now here comes the tropical moisturement the storm stays far away. the moisture works its way up into california. tahoe, yosemite. all up and down the sierra. it will be a very stormy three day stretch starting friday. the jury is still out if some of the moisture makes it here. we have introduced a 10 to 20%
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rain chance away from the water sunday. a tiny chance of rain in june. widespread morning clouds and fog again tomorrow. afternoons will be sunny. it will be mild, but not warm. watch out in the sierra. it will be a very stormy weekend in the afternoon. still below average. san jose, 71. union city, 66. san mateo, 65. morning cloud cover for danville. your high, 75 degrees. 61 in san francisco tomorrow. petaluma, 72. and clear lake, 78 degrees. extended forecast, 70s inland. 60s near the bay. tiny chance of a shower sunday. and we are trending warmer coming up next week. that is your kpix5 forecast. >> all right paul, thank you. well
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>> by now, you know there is no more bruce, tonight, catelyn jenner explains how she came up with her name. >> she watched the miss america pageant and liked the name
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catelyn. she settled on it when her assistant pitched her the name. as far as why she chose c instead of k like the rest of her family, she wanted to break tradition. she would be court side. >> i think it would be a good idea. you think it will be a huge celebrity gathering and she would be at the top of the a list. all right. could it be the making of the on his quest, jack searched the globe for a flavorful spice coveted by kings and sultans. at last, he found it. exotic black pepper. jack knew what he had to do. trade his most beloved possession. and that's how far jack went to bring you the black pepper cheeseburger. black pepper cheese and peppercorn mayo. the black pepper cheeseburger.
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taste it before it's gone.
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>> great news warrior fans, klay thompson has passed the concussion test and he will play. he had some amazing moments in his mvp season. perhaps, a couple of times, poor shot selection has paid off. head coach steve kerr says the
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numbers are steph being arrogant. >> he is a humble human being who has an arrogance about his game. that is what i mean. when you have that kind of confidence and fearlessness to take the shots he does and make them, that's what i call arrogance. but it is a good arrogance. >> the pirates are coming and they want some booty. arrr. pedro alvarez. two runs score today make it 4- 2 pittsburghment bottom of the inning. can you give that to me one more time? >> arr! back of the throat. [ laughter ] >> there is brandon crawford, 36 runs batted in. game tied at 4-4. andrew mccutchen doubles to right. gregory polonco. he's in. the giants lose 7-4. they have lost four straight, ken. you knee what that means right? >> june swoon. >> check out the as in
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detroit. top of the 7th inning, oakland down 3-0. runners at the corner. eric sogard. 3-1. ben zobrist gives the as the lead. watch the kid. he's a tigers fan, but once he realized he caught a grand slam, tears of joy went to tears of sadness. he couldn't believe he caught it but he realized it was an oakland as grand slam. the as win 5-3. they are on a roll looking good now. >> and now k-line reference. very rare. >> what position
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