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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  June 7, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> the search for two convicted killers expands. new details on the bold escape from a maximum security prison in new york state as questions mount for prison officials. >> at the g-7 summit in ger manny president obama downs beer and sausage and aims to mend relations with an american ally. >> a police officer in texas the women's world cup in canada, u.s. looks to reclaim the championship trophy. >> and what is next for american pharoah, the triple-crown winner's plans this year and beyond. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> glor: hi, everyone, i'm jeff glor. with the western edition of the
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broadcast. new york state offered $100,000 reward for information leading to the capture of two killers on the run. the men broke out of a maximum security prison in dannemora new york, launching a manhunt in the foothills of the adirondack mountains near the canadian border. authorities are looking for richard matt and david sweat. both serving long sentences for two separate brutal murders. check points remain in place near the prison but the search has now expanded to canada and neighboring states. we begin with don dahler in dannemora. >> reporter: armed law enforcement officers are panning checkpoints on every road around the upstate new york town of dannemora hunting area. much of which is heavily wooded. the clinton correctional facility is roughly 20 miles from the canadian border so police in that country have increased their vigilance as well. >> at this point in excess of 150 leads have been developed. >> reporter: sometime before 5:30 a.m. saturday convicted murders richard matt and david sweat escaped their adjoining cells through holes, authorities
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say, were cut by the men using a power tool. they then broke through a brick wall, climbed on to a six story high catwalk and made their way into a steam pipe, weaving through a complex series of tunnels. they left behind a note with a racist caricature and the words, "have a nice day." authorities say the two emerged from a manhole after cutting through its lock and chain hours after they were discovered missing. new york governor andrew cuomo toured the facility. >> encompassed drilling through steel walls and steel pipes. so this was not easily accomplished. >> reporter: francine mitchell lives within sight of the prison. >> so immediately i made sure i locked all the door, made sure the windows were secure. >> reporter: richard matt is 48, serving a 25 years to life sentence for kidnapping and murdering his former boss in 1997. he's described as six feet tall with black hair and hazel eyes and has tattoos including mexico forever on his back and a marine corps insignia on his right shoulder. after a burglary conviction he
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escaped from a different prison and fled to mexico where he was convicted of another murder before being extradited to the u.s. 34-year-old david sweat is 5'11 with brown hair and green eyes and tattoos on his left bicep and right fingers. he was serving a life sentence without parole for the murder of a broom county new york deputy. his escape has stirred up raw emotions in that sheriff's department. >> mr. sweat is a local person. he's from this area. so of course our-- the threat level goes up a little bit. >> reporter: there have been contractors working at the prison. authorities say that may have been how matt and sweat got ahold of a power tool. jeff, the reward is $50,000 for the help in the apprehension of either of the two men. >> glor: don dahler in dannemora, thank you very much. authorities in new york hope history is on their side. in most cases, prisoners who pull off daring escapes end up getting caught. the danger is what happens in between. here's carter evans. >> reporter: they became known as "the texas seven," a group of
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violent convicts who in 2000 escaped from a maximum security prison outside san antonio. they overpowered guards and stole their uniforms to get free. but while on the run for nearly a month, they murdered a police officer and committed numerous robberies. six were eventually recaptured and sentenced to death. the other committed suicide during a standoff with police. one especially notorious prison escapee is richard lee mcnair, a convicted murderer who broke out three times from three separate prisons. the last in 2006 when he hid in a pile of shipping bags and in effect mailed himself out of a federal prison in louisiana. and while he often changed his physical appearance, sometimes he just talked himself out of trouble. >> i promise you i am not no you would have done wrong by now. >> mcnair was eventually recaptured 18 months later in canada. perhaps the most infamous prison
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break is the one still shrouded in mystery. the escape of three inmates from alcatraz more than half a century ago. they used spoons to dig through the walls and just like the escaped inmates in new york, they left decoys in their beds before they fled into san francisco bay using rain coats as makeshift rafts. it is still unclear whether they actually made it or died trying. carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. >> glor: new flooding concerns in the south and severe storms in the midwest. first the red river continues to rise near shreveport, louisiana. here it is just over 34 feet t is expected at 37 feet by tomorrow. eric fisher of our cbs boston station wbz is tracking the situation. eric, what is the latest? >> reporter: jeff, we had tremendous rainfall back in may, across the red river base in that water moving downstream the crest coming to shreveport tomorrow on monday. the highest water seen since the floods of april of 1945. minor flooding expected as the
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water moves down towards alexandria later into the weekend. high pressure late this week sets move toward the florida panhandle, really going to pump up a lot of tropical moisture this is something to watch and certainly heavy rain may be a threat again heading towards next weekend. in the short term watching kansas across parts of the midwest around chicago, detroit, indianapolis, all with the risk of severe weather tonight. that threat will extend eastward heading into monday. could be a busy start to the week. west of new york city and d.c. down towards nashville. we'll be keeping a close eye on it. >> glor: thanks very much. the g7 summit is under way in germany. used to be the g8 but russia sidelined over the flooding ukraine. president obama's day began with a meeting focusing on mending ties with germany. major garrett is traveling with the president. >> reporter: bavaria, land of lederhosen trotted out the green hats for president obama. music played as german chancellor angela merkel escorted the president through well-wishers to a sun splashed picnic of pretzels and beer.
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afterward the president sounded satisfied. >> how was the beer, mr. president? >> it was a very fine beer. i wish i was staying. >> reporter: the stunning setting for the g-7 could not compensate for a summit noticeably short on ambition. the u.s. is lobbying europe to maintain economic sanctions on russia due to expire next month. but not contemplating new penalties for its incursion in ukraine. the president and merkel agreed and mr. obama took up the issue with british prime minister david cameron. >> i think there can be a peaceful diplomatic resolution to this problem, but it's going to require that europe and the united states and the transatlantic partnership as well as the world stay vigilant. >> reporter: as for debt-racked greece, leaders are exploring ways to shield international markets from potential default. they're also lobbying cameron to keep the united kingdom from leaving the european union. leading up to the summit protesters clashed with police.
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an estimated $8,000 have gathered to decry economic globalization, income inequality and pollution. the president meets on the summit sidelines tomorrow with iraqi prime minister al abadi to discuss coalition efforts to defeat isis, abadi recently complained coalition partners are not doing enough. even so, jeff, the president is not expected to bring new commitments to the fight. >> glor: major garrett, thank you very much. car sales took off in the u.s. last month. new vehicles were moving off the lot at a pace of nearly $18 million a year. here now with more is cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger. americans are not spending overall but they are buying cars, why? >> the average age of a car on the road right now is 11.4 years old. so as the aging vehicles need to be replaced, people have to get to work, they cannot delay this. we've talked to auto experts who say this could be the best year for auto sales in a decade. >> glor: here's the thing.
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wages are not up so how are people buying these cars? >> these low-interest rates are really helping. so all the loans have exploded and specifically auto loans for subprime borrowers credit scores below 640. one in four auto loans is for a subprime borrower and part of that is lenders are more willing to do this because delinquencies are down, the economy is getting better. but there are also ways they can track these drivers. they put something in the car called, get this, starter interrupt devices, that can remotely shut your car off if you are a delinquent borrower. >> glor: truck and suv sales also up big time is this because of low gas prices? >> yes, low gas but also people believing that gas prices will stay low. when you look at large suvs, the biggest guzzlers, up 12.4% last year, hybrids down by 9%. >> glor: jill, thanks very much. >> thank you. >> glor: american pharoah entered the history books this weekend as the first triple- crown winner in 37 years. so what's next? here's michelle miller.
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>> they're off in the belmont stakes. >> reporter: american pharoah lead wire to wire to win by five and a half lengths. >> american pharoah has won the triple crown! >> reporter: for the jockey victor espinoza, his third try was the charm. >> he stepped back but in two jumps i was right in the lead. >> reporter: you were here for all three. >> yes. >> lifelong racing fan ryan riboldi witnessed history. he followed american pharoah from the kentucky derby to the preakness and finally to the belmont stakes, riboldi said he knew even the well rested competitors couldn't beat american pharoah. >> he proved that if you are a great horse, you win the triple crown. if you are a good horse, you win two out of three. >> reporter: and the three-year- old colt may not be done winning. originally racing manager justin zayat said american pharoah would be retired after the triple crown win. >> he is going to the four seasons as soon as he retired.
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>> now his father, owner abed zayat says the family has had a change of heart. >> it's my genuine desire as a fan, somebody who loves horses is to race him as long as i possibly could. >> reporter: ahmed said he's already sold american pharoah breeding rights for an untold sum. sports analysts estimate the superior horse could bring in as much as $100 million, hall of fame trainer bob baffert has three previous horses come up short. >> it is ridiculously insane what he did yesterday. i will never forget the sound of the crowd. >> reporter: with american pharoah not being put out to stud, he may hear that sound again. michelle miller, cbs news, new york. >> glor: the women's world cup soccer tournament kicked off in canada this weekend and team u.s.a. is hoping to win for the first time in 16 years. jericka duncan is in winnipeg.
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>> reporter: team u.s.a. comes to canada with one perfect goal in mind, win the title they narrowly lost against japan four years ago. midfielder megan rapinoe. >> i'm anxious and ready to go and i can't wait to play games. >> reporter: rapinoe was one of the stars of an american roster filled with them. abbey wallback is the all-time goal scorer male or female in international play. fiery goalkeeper hope solo is still one of the best in the net. and 39-year-old countries ini christy rampone playing in her 6th world cup, the last remaining agoative player from that iconic 1999 world cup team that took the title. winning it back won't be easy. today's international field is more competitive than ever. >> the women's game, i think, is growing so much. and you're seeing around the world so much more money and
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just more resources put into the club environment and the professional environment. >> reporter: forward alex morgan is a go-to scorer but she's nursing a bruised knee that forced her to miss almost all the pre-cup warm-up games. >> i'm going to be ready and ready to give everything that my team knows i can give out at the world cup. so nothing is really going to hold me back from playing this tournament. >> reporter: the u.s. team arrives hear with high expectations. but germany, france, sweden and japan all loom large. the u.s. women's team plays their first game tomorrow evening against australia, the stadium seats more than 30,000 people and jeff, officials say they are expecting a near sellout crowd. >> glor: jericka duncan, thank you. the texas police officer on leave after a confrontation with teens at a pool party. and the big upset at the french open when the "cbs evening news" continues.
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>> glor: a police officer from the dallas suburb of mckinney is on leave after pulling his gun on teenagers at a pool party. the confrontation was caught on cell phone video and mark albert has details. >> get on the ground, i told you to stay. >> reporter: officers were responding to a disturbance call at a community pool in the dallas suburb on friday when according to police, they were met by multiple juveniles refusing to leave. this cell phone video posted on youtube appears to show one officer forcing a young woman in a swimsuit to the ground. then pulling his gun on a group trying to intervene. >> oh my god. >> reporter: the officer then tells her to get on her face and later kneels on her back. greg conley is the chief of police. >> it's something we're going to have to look into to determine what we're training as far as the officers and their reaction on the scene. any time you confront a large group of people, it's very dynamic situation.
6:18 pm
and can-- tensions can rise very quickly. >> reporter: the incident is just the latest in a series of conflicts between white police officers and black citizens caught on camera. >> how is this happening? how is this happening? >> reporter: last march images of university of virginia student martese johnson sparked public outcry and in september the california highway patrol reached a $1.5 million settlement with marlene pinnock after video surfaced of the 51- year-old getting punched repeatedly by an officer. but the interactions in the texas video weren't all hostile. >> two young men returned a missing flashlight to one of the officers. who offered this advice. >> i'm just saying, don't take off running when the cops get here. >> reporter: police say they made one arrest and are not aware of any injuries. everyone else was released to a parent or guardian. police did not say how long the investigation into the officer will take. jeff?
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>> glor: an icon of american folk music has died. >> ♪ irene good night ♪ >> glor: ronnie gilbert was the loan female voice in the weavers a group that included pete seeger. their progressive politics got them blacklisted but gilbert said if you sang loud enough and hopefully it would make a difference. ronnie gilbert was 88 years old. a major upset today at the french open. mens file stan wawrinka beat novak djokovic in four sets to take the title it is the second grand slam win of wawrinka's career. djokovic has eight but has never won the french open. an american set off from japan today hoping to become the first woman to row across the pacific by herself. sonia baumstein plans to row 6,000 miles to san francisco by late september. she packed 1,000 pounds of
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>> glor: we close tonight with an update from haiti where two baby girls recently went through a dangerous operation dr. jon lapook was there as surgeons made medical history. >> reporter: there is nothing unusual about twins holding hands. but six month old infants marian and michelle bernard share much more. they are joined at the abdomen. they are minutes away from one of medicine's rarest and riskiest operations. improbably, the 2010 earthquake that brought so much death and destruction to haiti, also helped bring michelle and marian a shot at a normal life. their chance lies in the hands of dr. heni ford. born in haiti, he and his family left this port-au-prince neighborhood in 1972. he became an ivy league trained pediatric surgeon, now chief of surgery at children's hospital los angeles returned to his home country.
6:27 pm
that changed when the earthquake struck. >> i arrived the second day the airport opened and pretty much went to work and spent two absolutely grueling weeks, toughest of my life it wasn't a one and done thing. >> reporter: ford put together a team of more than two dozen volunteer health professionals from the united states and haiti. >> reporter: to avoid confusion, everyone is color coded. a line is drawn to show the surgeons where to cut. >> what we found was pretty much as expected. >> reporter: things go smoothly until michelle's blood pressure suddenly and dangerously drops. she is given a transfusion and i.v. fluids but because the twins still share a liver those fluids go from michelle's bloodstream into marians. the remedy is to complete the separation and to do it quickly. >> we now have two babies. two independent, living organisms. >> reporter: nearly seven hours after marian and michelle
6:28 pm
bernard enter the operating room together, they leave in separate cribs. their parents are overwhelmed. >> i'm very happy. very happy. >> there is something special about coming to haiti to operate on haitian children with haitian physicians, haitian anesthesiologist because i feel that i'm contributing to the future of this country. >> reporter: just this friday, two weeks after the operation, the healthy girls are discharged from the hospital. a homecoming made possible by a native son coming home. dr. jon lapook, cbs news mirebalais haiti. >> that is the "cbs evening news", later on "60 minutes," followed by the tony awards. and first thing tomorrow, cbs this morning. i'm jeff glor in new york. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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tenants to conserve water. tragedy on a bay area interstate -- three people are killed in a more fall out from the record-break drought. the trick many are doing to get people to conserve water. tragedy on the interstate. three people killed in a horrific crash in which two people were thrown from the vehicle. get ready to bake. a heat advisory fo
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good evening to you. misty may, june gloom are gone. for the first time since last fall the bay area is seeing is serious heat. he'd advisory goes into effect tomorrow for most inland locations. it was already heating


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