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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  June 13, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> axelrod: police in dallas ambushed at their ownla headquarters by a gunman in an armored van. a tense standoff in the suburbs then turns deadly. breaking news from cleveland according to the long-awaited report on the tamir rice t shooting, bystanders did not hear any warning from police before shots were fired at them 12-year-old. >> i do consider myself to be black. >> axelrod: a civil rights leader reveals when and how she plans to address her racial identity crises. a rock super star's literal take on the old showbiz saying "break a leg." l and the wedding day 194 years in the making. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news."
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>> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod. and this is the western edition of the broadcast. imagine the scene at police headquarters in dallas, texas early this morning, just after midnight, a man opened fire from his armored van, shooting up the lobby of police headquarters in america's ninth largest city then spraying a stream of bullets at the officers responding to their headquarters coming under attack. what started in front of the dallas p.d. ended with a sniper's bullet in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant. here is vicente arenas. >> reporter: it was just past midnight when an armored van pulled up to the dallas police headquarters and the driver sprayed the building with gunfire from the and you can weapon. the van rammed the patrol unit and sped away under a barrage of police gunfire.sped [gunfire] police later discovered the van's driver left four duffel bag bags around the building and f under a police car. two of the bags had pipe bombs
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which were later detonated by a robot. the chase went on four 14 minutes. the driver tipped to fire from his open door during the pursuit and made an emotion call to 911e operators with an angry list of grievances against the police. david brown is the dallas chief of police. >> first of all, that we had --ha police had caused him to lose custody of his child. secondly, we had accused him of being a terrorist, and that he as a result, was going to blow us up. >> reporter: the pursuit ended in a fast food restaurant in hutchins, texas. officers used a 50 caliber gun to disable the van's engine,er then a sniper then shot and killed the man. police have not confirmed hispo identity, jim boulware says his son james was the shooter. >> i thought oh, my god, what has he done? boulware told us that he recognized the van as his son's.
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>> reporter: there were two loud bombs as the bomb squad tried to set off explosives believed tos be in the van. b police say they found two more bags with pipe bombs inside. and one case, several bullets went through squad car, right where two officers had been sitting. b the police chief said it's a blessing that no one was hurt. >> axelrod: vicente, thank you. also in texas today, governor greg abbott signed two new bills into law. one allows texans to openly carry handguns virtually everywhere.he the other allows concealed handguns on public college campuses! now to the long awaited report on the tamir rice shooting in cleveland. t the sheriff's department in ohiotm conducted the investigation into co what happened when a clevelandpe police officer shot and killed
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the 12-year-old who was holding a toy the report is what the prosecutor will largely use in deciding who to move forward with charges. as dean reynolds tell us, the report contains new accounts about what happened on the playground last november. >> reporter: that's 12-year-old tamir rice waving a toy pellet-o gun at a cleveland park last november.ast witnesses that day said they had seen him and another boy aiming at the tires of parked cars. c and eventually an unidentified bystander called 911 because911 rice was, "acting gangster,"in waving a pistol and scaring people. but then he added this. >> reporter: according to the t sheriff's report separate constance hollinger transmitted information electronically to police dispatcher beth mandl. but mandl said she was not made aware that the officer called
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said the suspect may be a jewel knife or that his weapon could be fake. hollinger, the 911 operator, refused to answer questions about that. in any case, rookie officer tim loehmann and his trainingan partner frank garmback were told there was a man in the park with a the report said as the squad car pulled up, surveillance video showed rice pulling up his outer garment with both hands near the right side of his waist. in less than two seconds and from four to seven feet away loehmann fired. the two policemen said right after the shooting that rice was warned three times t0 show this hands before loehmann shot him. but no bystander heard that or any warning before the shots.rr loehmann and frank garmback declined to talk to investigate evers. another officers who arrived say later described loehmann as distraught and saying "he gave me no choice. he reached for the gun and there was nothing i coul do."
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all of the officers on the scenef told the investigators they thought the toy was a real gun the first time they saw t even the friend who lent it to w tamir rice on that day testified on that he told the boy to be careful with it because itca "looked real." jim? >> axelrod: dean, thank you. the search for two killers that broke out of a maximum security prison in upstate new york to isn up now in its second week. today the prison worker accused of helping the fugitives escapees was moved 200 miles south to a jail cell of her own. here is anna werner. >> reporter: hundreds of police went out to search for richard matt and david sweat and could be scene walking along a trail in field near a large home. the area is about four miles from the prison. officials say police saw a trail through the woods and brought in dogs who picked up the convicts' scent which could indicate the escapees were there recently. food wrappers, a footprint and a bedded down area of leaves were found. but the area is heavily wooded
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and likely swampy since yesterday's heavy rains. residents in the blocked off area like elizabeth poolen are concerned. >> thursday night when the helicopters were right over our house i have to admit i was a little nervous. we locked the doors and turned on the outside lights and we don't do that usually. >> reporter: one person police did arrest yesterday is joyce mitchell, the prison employee who officials say admitted helping the two men escape. she is charged for that and for bringing contraband into the prison. court documents allege she gave richard matt and david sweat hacksaw blades, a chisel, a punch and screwdriver bit. >> and you are joyce mitchell. >> yes. >> reporter: mitchell pled not guilty to a felony charge of promoting prison contraband and a prison misdemeanor. if convicted of the felony she faces seven years in prison. mitchell was moved to another jail two hours away earlier this morning.s officials said to limit the distractions. she has now hired a lawyer and
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has a court appearance, jim, on monday. >> axelrod: anna werner thank you.s hillary clinton held another in a series of campaign kick off events for the 2016 presidential run today.oday this the biggest yet was on roosevelt island between manhattan and the boroughpm queens. b the island may be named after be fdr but today it was all about hrc. here is nancy cordes. >> reporter: it was months in the making and looked it. the podium position just so to capture the view of the world trade center. >> i'm not running for some americans but for all americans. >> reporter: clinton told aon crowd of 5,500 she's a proven fighter who will tackle inequality. >> i believe that success isn't measured by how much the wealthiest americans have but by how many children climb out of poverty. >> reporter: she accused her>> republican opponents of outdatedbl
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views on climate change,ws immigration, and gay >> they're all singing the sameag old song. a song called "yesterday." you know the one? "all our troubles look as though they're here to stay." >> reporter: as for opponentsy's whose say that at 67 she isdate yesterday's news -- >> well i may not be the youngest candidate in this race, but i will be the youngest woman president in the history of the united states. >> reporter: kimberly lattimoreep and jackie weatherspoon were first in line at 6:00 a.m. some people asked why she is running for president.ome do you think she answered that question today? do y >> i think she did, i think she? covered a lot of areas. she's going to be a different type of candidate. first of all she has the experience and here is a woman a first lady, a u.s. senator, a secretary of state. she knows how to handle business.
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>> reporter: that's the kind of enthusiasm that the campaign isam trying to instigate in this next phase where clinton will alternate between big ralliesnt like this one and smaller eventse had in states where she can meet and potentially recruit volunteers. >> axelrod: nancy, thank california's ongoing drought led state regulators to take drastic action. as carter evans reports, newc rules are now in place governing water rights that many had depended on.en >> reporter: with california's rivers running low, the new restrictions are forcing farmers in the state's central valley to make difficult choices. >> it's going to be a devastating thing.we h we have 125 employees that work for us. they're all going to be out of work. we have crops that are in theer ground growing right now that if they cut off the water, they're going to die. >> reporter: paul simone is a vegetable farmer who gets his water from an irrigation district that is one of california's legal rights
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holders with legal claims on water dating back more than a now the senior rights holders s are being told to stop diverting river water immediately. >> this is a day from hell. we have pre-1914 rights that we were told could not be taken away from us. >> reporter: and it's not just farmers. with sprinklers running and new homes under construction, the mountain house community, south of stockton, gets its water from the same irrigation district and could soon see the main watern source cut off. paul is one of 12,000 people that live here. >> i am out of work and i cannot comprehend what to do. >> this is like using a bulldozer when you need is a scalpel. >> reporter: steve manages another district that is being forced to find a new way to supply 2,900 farms without using river water. this year alone california's agriculture industry is expected to lose $1.8 billion and more than 18,000 jobs because of the drought. >> we are hoping they wouldn'tgh get to this level but it has.
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>> reporter: and with resources drying up quickly... >> were not going to sit down and take this. >> reporter: ...lawsuits are already in the works. carter evans, cbs news, los angeles., >> axelrod: a civil rights official in the midst of a racial identity crises reveals her next move. and like father, like son, the british royals in a fashion flashback when the "cbs evening news" continues.
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ethnicity when she applied to be on a police oversight commission. >> yes, i did consider myself to be black. >> reporter: in an interview this week, with our cbs affiliate, krem, rachel dolezal made no apologies. >> i don't feel like i need toie set the record straight in any particular way, except that i know who i am. >> reporter: b biological parents in montana came forward to dispute their daughter's claim. >> i feel like rachel is ill. in terms of reality. >> reporter: the family said rachel grew up as a blond, blue- eyed girl who in her late teens became the big sister to four black children they adopted. it was around that time, hery parents say, she developed an affinity for african-american culture.ev in 2000 she married a black man and they had a son. >> she identified with the african-american community and that was all good until it kind of turned to be a dishonest
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representation of who she was. >> reporter: social media hashe exploded with reactions and conversations about the complex of race. rachel explained her views open that. >> race is the biggest fiction that it's real. it's not thing. there's a human race. right? we're human. >> i agree with her completely open that score but she is right. >> reporter: anne teaches sociology at new york >> i understand it's hard for us to wrap our minds about that because we're so used to lookinge at people and thinking we can see their race, can i see who is black, who is asian. but what we don't realize when we're looking at people is actually pigeonholing them in categories that society has given us. >> reporter: the n.a.a.c.p. continues to support rachel dolezal saying she is going through an unspecified legal issue with her family. >> axelrod: up next, a rock star breaks his leg on stage and barely misses a beat.
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commitment to the idea that thef show must go on.t dave grohl, the foo fighters front man fell and broke his legoo during a concert in sweden. as contessa brewer shows us, he got back up and finished the show. >> reporter: the foo fighters dave grohl tried to catch himself. but watch in slo-mo. he just stumbles right off the stage. >> i think i really broke my leg. >> reporter: he's not a doctor but he was right. foo fighters later tweeted grohl's x-ray, a bad break. the fall was made immediately famous. the man who was called rock's nicest guy apologized for disrupting the show. >> i'm going to fix my leg and then i'm going to come back. >> reporter: medics apparently didn't like that. l >> and the one guy was like, no, no, no, you have to keep your foot in one place, don't move y it, don't move it. and i said ok. i'm going back on stage.
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>> reporter: that really impressed swedish student adam lunde at the concert with his dad. >> everyone would have understood if he wanted to go to the hospital and get a morphine shot and be done but he wantedge to give us a great show. >> reporter: maybe that's why beyonce got back up and justin bieber and lady gaga, again and again. a "cbs news sunday morning" cameras were in vancouver and caught u2's edge going off -- well, off the edge. >> i lost where i was on stage. >> reporter: yet what they do is play on. dave grohl did with his leg immobilized in a chair and then on crutches. >> what they did was, he kept going and did a really great show.d it was amazing that he finished.
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>> reporter: you know jim, even though that show went on, the foo fighters canceled their concert in the netherlands and another one in switzerland because of his injury. >> axelrod: the british actor ron moody has died. you may remember him as fagin as the stage screen adaptations of "oliver." he had a long and eclectic career but never minded being closely associated with one character he called the roll of a lifetime. ron moody was 91. still ahead, a love story with a twist. ahead a love story with a twist ogether can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help. with the tools and the network you need
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must be filed by october 6, 2015. you may have a right to vote on garlock's plan to reorganize and pay claims. call 844-garlock or go to >> axelrod: one perk of wearing the crown, you celebrate your birthday twice. today was queen elizabeth's official birthday marked by theof elaborate ritual known at "trooping the color." even the queen's great grandson george participated. looking remarkably similar to his father william at the same age. the queen's actual birthday was in april.kabl she's 89. the wedding of george kirby and doreen luckie is one for the record books. >> reporter: george and doreenrd will be celebrating tonight, proving you're never too old to
6:27 pm
fall in love. sure, at 103, george kirby'st hearing is not what it used to be. >> i george, take thee. >> what? >> take thee. >> reporter: the vows needed repeating a couple of times. ( laughter ) but his heart beats just as h strong as it ever did. and the blushing bride, 91-year- old doreen luckie was beaming. >> it's a surprise really after >> all of this time getting married again. >> reporter: doreen was bride, v 92-year-old doreen luckie was beaming. >> it's a surprise really after all of this time getting married again. >> reporter: doreen was a widow when they became an item 27 years ago. but last valentine's day george decided it was time to take things further with a little? prodding from his son neal. >> they have been together 27 years, 28 years they have beenai living in whatever you want to call it and i said, why don't you make an honest woman of doreen?t >> reporter: so he popped the abl question but george said he didn't get down on one knee because he didn't think he would be able to get back up. before retirement, doreen worked as a legal secretary.
6:28 pm
george was in the royal air force. a boxer and a good one undefeated in all 60 fights he entered. >> husband and wife. >> reporter: when they made their vows, they broke some records. with a combined age of 194 they're certainly the oldest newlyweds in britain, maybe even the world. they're not sure yet where they will spend their honeymoon. what is the rush? they've made a life long commitment to have and to hold at long last, love. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. >> axelrod: that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight.s later on cbs, "48 hours." for now, i'm jim axelrod in new york. for all of us here at cbs news thank you for joining us. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by b media access group at wgbh
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a popular ride at great america is shut down for a second straight night after a bizarre accident involving a park employee. >> water thieves targeting the shopping center and making off with hundreds of gallons of water. coming up in a live report, we'll tell you how they actually pulled it off. >> and just in time for summer, the new high-tech accessories that can help prevent
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. lock up your taps! that's the warning tonight from police in one bay area city where the drought


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