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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  June 15, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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blood in the water coming over with the whitewash. the kid was in shock, still coherent. took it clean off. >> a shark attack outbreak in north carolina. two kids suffer life-threatening bites sunday, just miles away from the scene of another attack late last week. jeb bush makes it official today. the former florida governor tries to continue his family's political dynasty when he announces he's running for president in 2016. curry steps back. stephen curry with the magic. >> and on the brink. the golden state warriors are one win away from their first nba title in nearly 40 years, while lebron james and the
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cleveland cavaliers must win two games. captioning funded by cbs captioning funded by cbs this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, june 15th, 2015. good morning. i'm alison harmelin in for anne-marie green. we begin with two shark attacks along north carolina's beach. two young victims badly mauled within hours of each other. it happened yesterday afternoon off the beach in oak island. this follows another attack on a beach last thursday. beachgoers say it looked like a scene from the movie "jaws." >> blood in the water, kids were in shock. took it clean off. >> it was the start of this tiny coastal resort's summer season and then the late afternoon calm was interrupted by screams for help. the first victim was a
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12-year-old girl. she was bleeding heavily. people ran to her aid. she lost part of her arm and was severely bitten on her left leg. about 90 minutes later the same stretch of beach, a 16-year-old boy was attacked. he lost his left arm. authorities moved up and down the beach to warn beachgoers to get out of the water. a helicopter looked for any sign of a shark or sharks. it's unclear if the same shark is to blame. last week in the same county a 13-year-old girl was attacked by a shark. >> definitely surreal. i thought, oh my god, i hope she still has her legs. she was so young. >> she suffered minor cuts to her foot. her boogie board got the worst of it. >> both of yesterday's victims are in fair condition. there were no lifeguards on duty at the time. officials say the beach will be open today but will make a final decision this morning. the oak county mayor said shark attacks are virtually unheard of in this area. this morning a tropical disturbance in the gulf of mexico poses a threat to the
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gulf coast of texas and louisiana. the system is expected to move northwest toward the texas coast and could make landfall tomorrow making landfall where there was a flood weeks ago. the galveston county of emergency management is on alert. >> there is concern because it's fairly large and moving in this direction. we expect it will be a rain event. we expect flooding. we don't know where, how bad, or for how long the flooding will right now. >> the system could raise tide by a couple of feet and trickle a storm surge, but the main concern by gulf coast officials is the potential for flooding. there's also strong weather up in the midwest and along the east coast. there's a potential for flooding. meteorologist nick walker of the weather channel has more on the dangerous conditions. >> we're expecting a widespread area of hail, damaging winds, also the possibility of flash flooding.
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the tornado threat is low, but look how widespread this area is. it goes all the way from detroit and chicago back to st. louis, up through new york and this is also an area that could very well see some flash flooding. this is what we're concerned about, though, as we head through the middle part of the week. the national hurricane center watching this area of low pressure that could become our second named tropical storm of the atlantic hurricane season. it is expected to make its way toward the texas coastline in the coming days, producing herb rain fall and even if it doesn't get a name, flash flooding is going to be a zbik big problem over a widespread area including houston with over 5 inches in rainfall. i'm nick walker, atlanta, the weather channel. a fast growing wildfire in alaska is causing problems.
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plumes of smoke filled the sky over willow about 40 miles north of anchorage. the fire exploded in size from two acres to more than a thousand. this morning the search continues for the escaped convicted. authorities say it wasthe men used tools stored at the prison by contractors to cut their way out and each day they were done they returned the tools to the toolboxes so no one would notice. today the prison worker who is accused of helping them is due in court. don champion haas our report. >> reporter: dozens of law enforcement officers were on the ground and above ground looking for david sweat and richard matt. new york mayor andrew cuomo says they could be anywhere. >> we don't know if they're still in the area or mexico by now. >> reporter: mary vann a gun shop owner, has seen an uptick in sales.
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>> we won't go looking for anything, but i won't be a hostage either, so it's time to carry a gun. >> reporter: more than 800 federal officers are here on the ground working 12 hour days. some are at checkpoints like this. moste arrivee actively taking part in the search. the clinton county prosecutor says the prison employee joyce mitchell was supposed to pick them up at the clinton power facility and drive them seven hours away, but they would not tell her the location. mitchell is charged with promoting prison contraband. as many are trying to move on with their lives, many can't help but wonder if danger is still lurking nearby. don champion cbs news cadyville, new york. a top al qaeda leader may be dead this morning after the u.s. launched weekend air strikes in north africa. libya's government says u.s. warplanes killed mokhtar belmokhtar and several others in the eastern part of the country. a local islamic disputes that saying the terrorist wasn't there. the pentagon confirms belmokhtar
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was the target known as a one-eyed chic. 2013 siege killed about 35 hostages including three americans. the pack of republicans that 2013 siege killed about 35 hostages including three americans. the pack of republicans pursuing the party's presidential nomination will grow to 11 today. former governor jeb bush will officially announce his candidacy this afternoon in miami. brian webb shows how both parties are busy on the campaign trail. >> reporter: jeb bush will launch off a video to kick off his campaign for nomination. >> reporter: the former florida governor will make his candidacy official in miami today. the 62-year-old joins ten other republicans in the hunt for the nomination, but bush says his life experiences and ability to make tough decisions will set him apart. for the democrats, hillary clinton campaigned sunday in
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iowa dins stancestancing herself from president obama in his battle with congress over a trade agreement. >> the president should listen to and work with his allies in congress starting with nancy pelosi. >> reporter: but independent bernie sanders who is challenging clinton in the democratic race says she needs to take a more definitive stand on trade. >> i would hope very much that secretary clinton will side with every union in this country, virtually every environmental group, many religious groups, and say that this tpp policy is a disaster. >> reporter: sanders says he can beat clinton but he faces an uphill battle at the polls. bush plans to portray himself as a doer with conservative ideas. he'll take his pitch on the road to new hampshire, iowa, and south carolina this week. alison? >> brian webb in new york. thanks, brian. and coming up on the "morning news," racial controversy in the naacp leader
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accused of lying about her race serves up more anger after canceling a chapter meeting. >> and a dozen zoo animals loose after potential flooding. this is the "cbs morning news." dozen zoo animals loose after potential flooding. this is the "cbs morning news." it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla apremilast. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months. and otezla's prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. otezla may increase the risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. side effects may include diarrhea nausea, upper respiratory tract infection, and headache.
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coppertone sport sunscreen puts a breathable layer on your skin to help keep it hydrated by holding in natural moisture while providing protection from harmful uv rays. game on. coppertone sport. this morning they're cleaning up in philadelphia after a major water main burst. it's unclear what brought yesterday's breach. streets were flooded and more than a dozen cars were damaged. there was also significant damage underground which will affect gas, water and communication lines. deadly flooding in a georgia area cause area destroyed enclosures at a zoo. a hippopotamus was among dozens of animals roaming the streets sunday. soldiers subdued it with a tranquilizer gun. a bear was spotted hanging out on top of an air conditioning
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unit. residents in the community are being told to stay indoors until the animals are rounded up. the flooding killed at least 12 people. his family says the man was linked to the violent assault on police had to do with instakt. rammed a police car. a police sniper eventually killed him after a chase. a robot destroyed pipe bombs he had in his armored van on fire. his mother said she recently talked him out of killing himself. >> james had problems so his son could talk reasoning into hymn even though the child is a child and not even a teenager yet. >> boulware apparently blamed the police for loses custody of his son. the funeral for an american killed fighting isis in syria will be buried this week. keith broomfield arrived this week.
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his family said broomfield took up arms to face christians facing persecution. he'll be buried on wednesday. a planned meeting of the naacp in spokane washington, is cancelled this morning amid a rare controversy. the group's president rachel dolezal is accused by her own parents as falsely portraying herself as black. the decision to cancel the meeting upset some members of the chapter. straight away, golden state warriors. back to life putting warriors in grasp of the championship title. and later passengers on a diverted flight are forced to spend the night in cold barracks. o spent the night in cold barracks. well this summer, stay with choice hotels twice and get a $50 gift card you can use for just about anything. go you always have a choice. book now at what if getting ready was this easy? now teeth whitening is! with the colgate optic white toothbrush plus whitening pen. just brush whiten, and go!
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. time is running out for lebron james to deliver a championship to the city of cleveland while the bay area is on the brink of celebrating an nba title for the first time in 40 years. golden state hosted game two five of the finals. james scored 40 points and finishes with a triple-double but it's not enough for cleveland. warriors stefen curry shows why he's the most valuable player.
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golden state wins, 104-91. >> we put ourselves in a good position to go to cleveland and hopefully close it out. we're confident. we're not getting ahead of ourselves. the locker room if you walked in there was the same as after a regular season win. >> we don't want them celebrating at all, whether it's on our home floor or their own home floor. >> the warriors can close out in cleveland tomorrow night. payback for an nhl fan. >> go, go. let me out. >> phoenix coyotes fan rhonda pearson got to use a stun gun on jerry weiers saturday just days before weiers and the city council awarded to end the coyotes' arena lease, throwing the team's future into question. weiers agreed to be tasered if someone posted $10,000 charity so pearson and other fans showed up to the event with a $10,000
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money order. passengers on a diverted flight vent on social media about their unexpected overnight stay at a military base. and later britain's little prince captivates the crowd at a polo match. prince captivates the crowd at a polo match. helping you fall asleep and stay asleep so your body can heal as you rest. advil pm. for a healing night's sleep. hello. our ocean spray cranberry mango juice drinks are a perfect blend of cranberry and mango. tastes like you're in the tropics. [ cracking ] ta-da! i've smoked a lot and quit a lot but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq.
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we're live with how much residents are being asked to cut back... plus-- add one more to the already crowded field of republican presidential candidates. we'll take a look at jeb bush's new campaign video.... and-- one win away.. the dubs win a thriller at oracle.. and now series is headed back to cleveland where they can seal the deal on tuesday. join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:30.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. a scary looking sight, but no one is hurt in south texas when a gas line explodes. it forced the evacuation of several homes. local officials say the gas was rerouted and the fire was out by this morning. and quite a sight on the tarmac at the boise airport. passengers on board an allegiance air flight from los angeles made their way on a
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wing. vapor from a fuel leak had some concerned about a possible fire. some junks from the wing to the tarmac but no one was hurt. an airlines official said they acted without the direction of the flight crew. this morning united is apologizing to frustrated passengers after their flight was diverted to canada. they accuse the airline of not providing adequate accommodations. contessa brewer reports. >> reporter: search google earth and you'll see green wilderness, a place so small the military facilities stand out and that's where 176 passengers from united flight 958 spent friday night. they'd left chicago's o'hare and four hours later were diverted. passengers started tweeting. stuck in canada now. why? because the plane had mechanical problems. this town has two hotels, so i have to sleep in a military bunker. those goose bay has several hotels a clerk says they've been booked.
4:21 am
passengers called it an epic fail. unheated barracks on a 41-degree night. >> it was cold, yes. >> reporter: lois harper said many passengers spent their day in the heated mess hall waiting to hear from the airlines. >> we did not receive any communication from united at all. >> reporter: the 11 crew members apparently had an easier time. a passenger wrote united crew arrived looking fresh from their comfy night in a hotel. outrageous. when bill turner gripes that they were in a hotel while their customers are stranded in the barracks united tweeted back. the crew must rest in order to continue the flight. you can rest onboard the aircraft, knowing that they are in charge. passengers finally boarded a replacement aircraft to newark but waited three more hours in their seats to take off. after a more than 24-hour ordeal the passengers landed in london sunday afternoon. united says in its official statement we apologize to our
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customers for the considerable disruption to their travel plans land be refunding their tickets to london. in new york, contessa brewer, cbs news. one photo shows george sitting on a grassy hillside sunday. he was watching from the sidelines at a polo match. it was mom kate's second public appearance of the weekend after giving birth to princess charlotte last month. george turns 2 in july. and dinosaurs stomp the competition at the box office. "jurassic world" the latest installment became the biggest global opener of all times. "jurassic world" made over $200 million in north american ticket sales and is the first to gross over $500 million worldwide in a single weekend. $44 million of those were at imax theaters. nothing else was close. "spy" came in second at $16 million.
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"san andreas" made $11 million at the box office. a paleontologist tells us what the new jurassic movie got wrong. i'm alison harmelin. this is the "cbs morning news." he told me to use pronamel. it's going to help protect the enamel in your teeth. it allows me to continue to drink my coffee and it was a real easy switch to make. quilted northern works so well people can forget their bathroom experience. but sir froggy can never forget. "what's worse", he thinks... "that my arms can never relax or my eyes can never look away?" ♪ bring us your aching and sleep deprived. bring us those who want to feel well rested. aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid... plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. be a morning person again with aleve pm. ♪ the go wrong. power kale chicken caesar salad is rivaled only, by the goodness felt while eating one.
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panera. food as it should be.
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in wrightsville, pennsylvania, a massive swarm of mayflies was so thick it caused accidents on a bridge saturday. the scene was caught on video. it cut down visibility. the flies only live a day, long enough to mate. so piles and piles of dead mayflies were left behind. the bridge reopened on sunday. the first spacecraft to land on a comet finally sent a message home. it came out saturday after months of silence. officials say it's doing well and getting enough sunlight to keep communicating. carter evans reports. >> reporter: when the philae probe awoke after landing on
4:26 am
comet p, it sent a message. hello, earth. can you hear me? >> i'm so overwhelmed. >> reporter: for the british scientist monica grady who helped develop the probe's instruments, it was an unexpected surprise. the last time european space agency heard from philae was back in november after its historic landing on a comet 400 million miles from earth, but it didn't quite go as planned. >> philae should have landed in the middle of a sort of crated area where it would have been in sunlight, but it didn't, so it was in shadow. >> philae was able to capture these first ever images from a comet. it also conducted experiments finding among other things water in the form of ice. but without direct sunlight to power the probe's solar panels, its battery eventually died until now. >> now the comet is much, much closer to the sun, the sunlight is much stronger and it's fallen on the solar panels and has woken philae up.
4:27 am
>> we now have to work on how to continue its mission even though it wasn't supported to be awake now. >> reporter: astro fisphysicist matt taylor says it's opening evolution. it's opening our eyes and giving us a better understanding of how comets work. >> reporter: in the meantime scientists say philae's new life on a comet is nothing less than extraordinary. carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. and finally it was 800 years ago today that england's king john signed the magna carta. the parade was marked by 200 boats on sunday. the magna carta is the basis for america's declaration of independence and the bill of rights. the document limited the powers of the monarchy and laid the foundation for modern freedom. and coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," a preview of jeb bush's formal launch of his president at campaign. plus republican strategist frank luntz looks at whether
4:28 am
voters have clinton/bush fatigue. and a paleontologist looks at what the new jurassic park movie got right and got wrong. that's the "cbs morning news" for this monday. thanks for watching. i'm alison harmelin. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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. oh look at that. inside or kale arena. that's where the warriors won a
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thrilling game last night, game five. give it up for the warriors. game 6 sunday night in cleveland. i think it will still be okay. it is monday june 15. i'm michelle. >> i'm frank and it is a monday. it's 4:30 and we need a little traffic and weather so i introduce lisa to my right and rockingham roberta to my left. >> we've got temperatures currently with patchy fog at the coast in the low 50s. otherwise into our inland areas. highs very seasonal 50s beaches 60s beach side 70s peninsula mid 80s inland. your forecast coming up. >> it was busy overnight. we had problems on the san mateo bridge and the bay bridge but it's giving all clear. westbound traffic looking fine at the bay bridge. just a few minutes guys. >> thank you lisa. >> onto the warriors. one


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