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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  June 16, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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0. a birthday celebration takes a tragic turn when a balcony full of people collapses in berkeley. it happened before 1:00 a.m. this morning.
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seven people in serious condition. six others dead. >> 13 people were standing on the fourth floor balcony when it broke off hitting the balcony below sending victims tumbling to the ground. the sidewalk is littered with pieces of concrete and red solo cups. it happened after 12:30 this morning on kittredge street a couple blocks from uc berkeley. we have coverage from this tragedy. let's get to see sa chan in berkeley. >> reporter: the coroner has confirmed a sixth person has died. as you can see there's a huge kraen behind me. they are trying to remove the balcony so no one else gets hurt.
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>> i hope she's all right. >> reporter: owe one buckly is talking about his classmates in the hospital. he is working at the fisherman's war f for the summer. >> i saw it and i heard screaming. we couldn't really see it. >> reporter: buckly lives on the third floor of the apartment building. around midnight they received a noise complaint. at 12:41 they received multiple calls a balcony collapsed. >> we're looking at the window and we saw police coming around. we thought someone was shot. people were saying the balcony collapsed. >> reporter: a girl he knew from school was involved in the accident. a number of the victims were irish exchange students. they were celebrating a 21st
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birthday. parents in island are panicking. -- -- ireland. >> a lot of the kids don't have shoes because they weren't allowed back in to their apartment so a couple women running around bear foot and a couple had blood on them and they're trying to figure out who was hurt and how bad. >> reporter: some families showed up desperate to find out information on loved ones, a tragedy difficult for veteran officers. >> some officers told me it was quite disturbing. not every day you see loss of life. and particularly so many and so young. tragic and disturbing and not something you forget. >> reporter: as you can see there is a red tag on the door
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leading to the balcony. we have learned all the balconies at this complex have been red tagged and this particular balcony until it's removed kittredge street remains closed. >> reporter: let's check in with the latest on the victims kit? >>reporter: those victims were taken to hospitals all over the east bay including right here at high land. five people were declared dead then a sixth fatality reported hours later. about a dozen of the victim's friends came to high land hospital and stayed up all night long. the hospital is treating three victims, two female and three female. concord is treating two victims both meal. one in seerns condition and one
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is in critical. at eden they have one female and three meal. take a listen to the police and fire dispatch calls that came in shortly after the balcony went down. >> people are saying one of the balconies broke and at least ten people fell from the second or third floor. >> two more ambulances to this event. >> sending an additional engine to 2020 kittredge. >> can you make notification to chief one and two and let them know what's going on. >> reporter: certainly a chaotic scene there. many of the young irish nationals are here on j-one visas which allows them to only work and travel in the u.s. in
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the summer but not to study. berkeley is a popular destination. the building was home to about 50 irish nationals. we have been holding a press conference at berkeley city hall at 1:00 this afternoon. >> any word on the nature of the injuries? >>reporter: they didn't give detail. you can understand there's probably head injuries and broken bones. a lot of people here were distraught and they were told to text and call their loved ones so they did that overnight. but still very emotional here. >> so tragic. inspectors wasting no time to get to the bottom of what happened. they are looking closely at where the balcony broke off. they are inspecting the structure and trying to figure out why it gave way. the building is about 60 square
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feet. not enough room for a dozen of people to stand. it's resting where it was originally bolted. we mentioned the balconies in the apartment complex have been red tagged. ireland's prime minister is in close contact with san francisco and working with those affected. >> obviously in the aftermath of a tragedy like this, this situation is extremely difficult and challenging. >> again investigators are looking closely at the apartment right now. they don't know specifically what caused the balcony to fall. there are street closures near the building on kittredge street. for more on this story head to our website and there will be a news conference at 1:00 this afternoon. you can watch the entire thing on our website and tune in at 5:00 tonight for the latest
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developments. breaking news. firefighters working to contain a brush fire around how well road. part of the hillside completely blackened. they're burning close to several structures. one has been damaged but no reports of injuries. big night for warrior fans. for the first time they take home the nba title. fans paid $50 each to watch on big screens. some tickets being offered for over a thousand dollars. highway 24 in oakland there's a new mural. people are stopping to pose in front of the a work. anything to get close to the
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warrior's star and point guard mvp. >> we were hanging out watching people and every 30 seconds someone was stopping. >> the artist calling themselves the ill luminaries. they say they will modify their work to include a championship trophy if the warriors win tonight. win or lose the oakland police are ready for the aftermath. they have a full duty on tonight. they also have officers on stan by from other law enforcement ago jis all around the bay area -- -- age si agency. up next flirting with the idea for years and now donald
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trump has finally taken the plunge on the white house. dangerous prisoners on the run. the family comes forward. we sure are clearing out sooner today than 24 hours ago. the effect this will have
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0. cue the jazz music but no need to run screaming from the beach. >> there's a new way to tell what's lurking in the water. south california beach is now using a shark monitoring drone. it shows how many are from the shoreline. the drone helps them determine whether the beach is safe for swimmers.
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>> we launched it and knew ten minutes later there were sharks in the surf side area. we will close the water if sharks are aggressive. >> those beaches will stay open but signs warning swimmers will remain posted. tropical storm bill whipping up powerful waves on the texas coast. expected to bring several inches of rain. people still recovering from last month's deadly floods hoping this storm won't bring a repeat performance. >> nothing worse can happen. when nature decides to do its thing it does it and you just watch. a series of storms destroyed businesses and a number of home. record rainfall there. >> we did take up a little bit
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of drizzle associated with the condensation roughly 1500 feet deep earlier this morning according to our weather watchers our conditions now. 59 degrees in san francisco. wow that's a little cool george. let's check out that one -- 85 is with lester. whispering pines. let's look at our live weather camera. we do have partial clearing over sfo and the san mateo coastline. we have all kinds of airport delays not just because of our conditions here but because of thunderstorms around new york and back through philadelphia.
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fog in san diego. we have a north west wind at 17 miles per hour. you can clearly see we're still stuck in there. this is the same from the observatory. we have the june gloom stacked up next to the coast of the bay. the sunshine is inland and summer officially arriving on sunday coinciding with father's day. so the clouds are starting to go away but you see it lining the san mateo coast there. high pressure building in from the eastern pacific. not as windy today as yesterday was but meanwhile we will continue to see warmer temperatures in inland areas due to the dome of high pressure. 102 in ring -- -- redding.
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70s in the peninsula. the outside number 88 degrees in brentwood and clear lake at 93 degrees. we call for summary conditions even summer officially arrives on dad's day. take pops to the beach. 77 at the seashore. >> you could head inland. getting hot. >> thanks. dozens of airport workers unspecified ties with terrorism have been nonthreatening. 73 workers are not terrorists or pose a threat to airport security. that's after terrorism codes found associated in a government database. the tsa is looking into why those workers were connected
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with security concerns. we're now hearing from the mother of one of the escaped prisoners. she hasn't heard from her son david sweat in months. >> we were talking all the time. he never said anything about taking off. then all of the sudden he quit writing for the last two months. >> reporter: she says her son was a violent problem child and by his teenage years she lost contact with him. she hopes he turns himself in. he's one of two convicted killers who escaped from prison 11 days ago. the woman charged with helping the men escape got a jailhouse visit today from her husband. she's being held on charges for smuggling tools for the murders. authorities are looking into whether they intended to kill her after they got out. she's accused of having a sexual relationship with one of the
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escaped convicts. real estate moeg l and tv real estate donald trump is running for president. >> when is the last time anybody saw us beating china in a trade deal? they kill us. i'd beat china all the time. >> he made it official at a rally in new york city. he's the 12th republican to enter the 2016 race. another show down of gun rights in the state today. today the 9th circuit court of appeals takes up the issue. the applicants show good cause before they're allowed to conceal hand guns in public. healthy changes coming to our food. how new regulations make meals a
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little less tasty. send us questions about your pets well being.
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0. welcome back. time to do a little pear shopping. >> on the art of picking the perfect pear. >> reporter: today's tip is with yally pears. kind of like an apple pear. it's like a pear and apple combined. it has the crunchiness of a gala but the shape of a pear and they are delicious. when you buy them make sure there's beautiful color all the way around free from cracking and nice and firm. when you bring them home store them in the fridge right away. shelf life not too long, maybe four to five days. great for dessert and great to cook with and great to eat out of the hand. always remember to eat fresh and
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stay healthy. the fda is about to require food companies to stop using trans fat. it causes a public health concern that can raise levels of bad cholesterol and lower good cholesterol. food manufactures will have three years to remove the main component from all products. let's take a look at the big board right now and you can see the dow is doing better than yesterday. 108 points. stay out of the fast lane or you will get a ticket. starting july 1st indiana will be the first state to pass the slow poke law. 38 states including california have similar laws in place. recent surveys found slow driving in the left lane is the number three cause of road rage. this is not a traffic jam here. cars waited as hundreds of
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goats trotted across the road in the berkeley hills. the herd belongs to the berkeley lab. they bring in the goats to reduce fire danger in the area. a reminder if you have a
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0. coming up tonight at 5:00 the search for answers after the tragic balcony collapse in berkeley. the latest on the victims and the engineering questions about how this could have happened. a little preview too. i think the warriors have a big basketball game tonight. >> just a little one
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>> liam: you okay? >> ivy: yeah, i-i will be. >> liam: listen, we're gonna do this, okay? we're gonna get everything in order, and you're gonna be all right. >> ivy: i just -- i can't believe how terrifying one word could be. deportation? i mean, i don't want to leave my job. i don't want to leave my family and you. >> liam: yeah, yeah, i mean, a marriage certificate keeps you in the country. nothing else has to change. this is good. >> ivy: yeah, liam, we're still dating. and yes, okay, this is just paperwork. >> liam: [ sighs ] >> steffy: everybody told me to give up, let liam go. >> ridge: that's not exactly what i said. >> caroline: he doesn't want you to get your hopes up. i mean, liam and ivy have been


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