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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  June 16, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. [ screaming ] [ screaming ] [ cheers and applause ]
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>> woo-hoo, how sweet it is! dub nation, you have waited over 40 years for this and the bay area is celebrating tonight and this is the shirt everybody you know will be wearing. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. what a night, the champagne was flowing quenching the warriors' 40 year thirst for another championship. >> the big party is in oakland right now. a live look from chopper 5. they are not going home. this is a scene outside the fox theater right now. it has been a nonstop party since the hours ago. thousands of people have been celebrating the taste of victory. just look at the size of the crowd outside oracle a couple of hours ago. for the most part, things have been peaceful. >> we have team coverage in oakland where christin ayers and 17,000 fans watched the big win in oracle arena tonight. christin? >> reporter: if you couldn't be at the game in cleveland, this is where you came for the party. there is still a party on and
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there is no chance of these people going ohm any time soon. they have been here since the tipoff at 6:00. they celebrated with confetti, screaming, shouting, having a blast waiting 40 years for this. here are some of the sights and sounds from that win. [ cheers and applause ] [ screaming ] [ screaming ] [ cheers and applause ] >> i condition hear anything! [ laughter ] this place is great! warriors! >> we did it baby. >> all right, we did it. >> lebron said he's the best player in the world?
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we're the best team in the world! this is team work. >> i feel great that they won! >> this is unbelievable! unbelievable! >> i waited 40 years for this. [ cheers and applause ] [ screaming ] [ screaming ] [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: another thing the fans out here are excited tonight about is that final championship here, we got the shirt out here as well. we also got the hat. all of this stuff on sale at the team store other at westfield mall. those are on sale for another hour or so until midnight. and the store will open again at 8:00 a.m. so this will be a hot item. everybody wants one of these, guys. >> i'm sure they are selling like hot cakes and tomorrow too i'm sure. all right, thank you christin. >> reporter: absolutely, i got mine. >> looks good on you.
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>> she got the t-shirt and the city of oakland gets a title. the bay area celebration literally exploding over the city of oakland tonight. chopper 5 getting the bird's eye view of fireworks shooting up from the coliseum. some people brought their own. why not? set off in the parking lot. and oakland city hall tonight lit up in blue and gold for the nba champs. feels good to say it doesn't it? dennis o'donnell is in cleveland as we speak. it is late. but, i got a feeling the party there is still going on. dennis, what an amazing finish to this championship season. how do you put words to this one? >> reporter: well, you probably have to go back 40 years ago, ken, i think to put it in proper perspective. at that time, the warriors were supposed to get swept by the washington bullets. instead, the warriors did the sweeping. now 40 years later, i think there were still doubters in the finalling because of lebron james. but oakland is title down
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tonight. in fact, at one point, it seemed like it was 5-1 against lebron james. the cavs took the momentum into halftime when tristan thompson put back lebron's miss. they took a brief lead in the third quarter, but the warriors kicked it into high gear. curry from downtown and a ten point lead in the 4th inning. then draymond green hits andre iguodala in the corner for the 15-point lead. curry had 25 points in the game. iguodala also had 25. the warriors win it 105-97. let the celebration begin. >> i remember coming into oracle as a player year after year. playing against lousy teams, and the fans were there every single year. loud, supportive, passionate, so, i could not be happier for our fan base because they support us through everything. >> your dad never won a championship. can you just talk about how
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special that is to be able to share with with him? >> he is living through me and my teammates. this is my whole family in this journey. i can't be more proud of him as a father, and a role model example for me. and i'm hoping to make him proud tonight. >> reporter: and ken, elizabeth, andre iguodala becomes the first plainer the nba finals history to have not started every single game in the finals and win the finals mvp. so, that sort of typifies how this team ran all season long. we will have more in sports but it is great to bring the championship home. the warriors will come home tomorrow, the parade on friday. guys? >> fantastic. >> cannot wait. >> thank you dennis. we will check in with you in a few minutes. riley curry stealing hearts yet again. watch her sneak up behind dad
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steph. she's a little sleepy. he picks her up and gives him a kiss before she passes out on his shoulder. pretty cute. steph rushed over to plant a kiss on riley who ducked away and his wife. the trio shared a very sweet family hug. the celebration continues in san francisco tonight. that is where our betty yu is now. hey betty. >> reporter: hey liz. so earlier, i was in selma, moved to the mission district. now we are in front of city hall. all across town, we have heard controlled excitement. people really favoring and enjoying the moment tonight in a very safe way. right now, people are coming by to admire that warriors ground banner and take it all in. it is a moment most fans say they have waited they're whole lives for. >> i have had season tickets my whole life. it is a blessing. i'm so happy. there's no words to explain
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this. >> reporter: warriors fans let their cheers applaud and make out sessions do the talking. >> this season was legendary. >> we come from a city of dynasties. san francisco, we have the niners, the giants, now the warriors. we are champions, we breed champions in the bay area. >> i'm proud the boys get to bring it back to the bay. >> reporter: the night was not without moments of high anxiety when the cavaliers rallied in the fourth quarter. >> i feel like it is the world series. it's the superbowl. i'm feeling all that energy. it is the dubs, baby! golden state! golden state! >> how do you sum up this series? how do you sum it up? >> perfect. >> reporter: a lot of bay area fans came by city hall tonight expecting to see the blue and gold lights in front of city hall, but, looks like they are
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testing the projectors for the mayor's conference friday. a big day for the bay area. i think there is a parade in town. >> yeah, there will be a parade in town and i think the celebration will continue until probably the rest of the week. pretty exciting. glad that it is controlled though. that is always better. all right betty. >> reporter: absolutely. >> thanks betty. all right, here they come. hot off the presses, the to 15 nba champions golden state warriors, the t-shirts, the sweat-shirts, the championship hats. you name it. they will be popping up in stores, street corners, any minute now. this warrior gear is priceless. check it out. a group called better health east bay donated warriors onesies to some lucky bay area newborns. this is at the medical center in berkeley. the governor who used to be the mayor of oakland, remember? jerry brown tweeted thanks
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warriors for letting oakland be a championship series again. from president obama, what a team from the warriors and an epic season for steph. kudos to lebron and the cavs. and the next matter at hand, a victory parade. >> it will be friday morning in oakland. it will start at 11th and broadway and end on oak street. then, there is a rally at the convention center and the team says fans can start lining up at 5:00 a.m. bart will run extra trains. here is a live look outside oracle arena. this party isn't going to be over any time soon. these fans done want the night to end. stay with kpix5 and for all your warriors coverage on air and online. coming up, we are following the latest developments on our other big story tonight. a deadly balcony collapse in berkeley. we have been telling you about this. tonight, we hear from an
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engineer who says that balcony never should have given way. >> and tonight, the civil rights leader accused of lying about her race breaks her silence and she still says she is
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>> a 21st birthday party comes crashing down when a balcony collapses. the heartbreak stretches from the bay area to ireland. the growing memorial in berkeley outside the apartment building where it happened. six irish students were killed. seven others were hurt. two of them critically. tonight, these are the faces of all the victims in their 20s . five were irish citizens in the bay area for the summer. on work study visas.
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the sixth victim was from rohnert park. the liberty gardens apartment complex is where it happened a few blocks from uc berkeley. that is where kpix5's mark kelly is now. >> reporter: you can see the memorial behind me is quite large at this point. at this hour, the rubble from that collapsed balcony is all cleaned up. you can see the streets are still blocked off as the investigation gets underway. comforting music during a difficult time. >> it is just a tragedy. it is horrible. >> reporter: early this morning, an apartment balcony four stories high gave way taking at least 13 people down with it. >> i came out and i saw all the rubble on the ground. irish people in tears. >> reporter: many on the balcony just arriveing in the bay area for a right of passage. a summer work program and
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celebrating another right of passage, a 21st birthday. >> for this to have happened at this time when just as the students are arriving, it touches all of us. >> reporter: tonight, bidding inspectors are piecing together what happened. we showed structural engineer yagmore the photos. >> they should be able to handle this kind of weight. >> reporter: he believes the area was rotting for years unnoticed. >> i presented there might be some kind of damage after the construction. from the photos i observed some water damages. >> reporter: before the collapse, someone made a noise complaint to police about the loud partying. but tied up with the shooting, police never responded. about an hour later ... >> it is unthinkable. it sun bearable. it was one of ours. >> reporter: this is a relatively new building. it opened back in 2007. at this hour, all the balconies
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have been red tagged as inspectors do their work. we reached out to the property managers here at greystar, but we have not yet heard back. in berkeley, mark kelly, kpix5. >> to give you a better idea, this is what it looked like before. the upper balcony is the one that collapsed onto the one below it. debris is all that is left. you can see the damage there on the right as it completely dissent rated and fell down. the first 911 call came in at 12:40 a.m. >> i think that one of the balconies broke and 10 people fell from the second or the third floor. >> two more ambulances to this event please. >> kpix5's andria borba is outside highland hospital in oakland where three of the victims are being treated tonight. >> reporter: ken, the victims were taken to hospitals all over the bay area, but some did end up here at highland
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hospital in oakland. it is already tomorrow in ireland where they are waking up with the knowledge that six of their own died in this accident. the combination of crime scene tape and crumbled party cups is always a sign of youthful exuberance that took a terrible turn. >> the alameda county coroner's office had the difficult task of giving six families the most difficult phone call of their life. >> reporter: ashley donaho and olivia burke were cousins. ashley was with olivia last night as the balcony gave way. >> our hearts are breaking. >> reporter: nikolai schuster t, they were all 21-year-old irish students in what has become an irish right of passage, the students were in the bay area on j-1 work visas working and traveling state side for the summer. >> this is normally the high point. it is deeply tragic and it
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touches every single family. >> the sorrow across the atlantic can be seen in the newspaper headlines that will greet irish eyes tomorrow. >> one of the most famous irish poets said it's a dark, dark day. an it is. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix5. >> we have continuing coverage of this tragic event on the naacp leader accused of lying about being black is coming clean. veronica de la cruz says she is not apologizing. >> reporter: rachel dolezal said on nbc's today show this morning she identifies as black. and that she has not been deceptive. >> this goes back to a very early age with my self- identification with the black experience. as a very young child. >> reporter: dolezal resigned yesterday as president of the naacp chapter if spokane, washington. members of a local civil rights
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community demanded an apology. >> she was one of our own marching with us. and yet, we don't know who she is. >> reporter: for nearly a decade, the 37-year-old civil rights advocate represented herself as a black woman. she claimed to be the target of racially motivated incidents. dolezals parents say now is the time for her to seek help. >> i think that she need to step back and regroup. >> reporter: veronica de la cruz, kpix5. well, if we are in a drought, why are they wasting water at the state capital? we saw a sprinkler waters the sidewalk on the capital building. for months now, the message from the state capital has been save, save, save. so you can imagine, this scene is not sitting too well with most people. the department of general services handles the land skipping around the capital grounds.
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the sprinkler was broken and has since been repaired. speaking of that drought, no rain or any kind of moisture in sight it looks like. >> yeah. the dry season is going to act just like it should which is very dry. we had the rainfall last week. this week, it will be rising temperatures and a lack of rainfall. it was raining three-pointers earlier. that's the good news. san jose, 57. napa, 53. we have to do a forecast for a parade. oakland, 8:00 in the morning as you prepare or arrive for the parade, it will be a cloudy start. 55 degrees. but once all the festivities get going, the dubs are parading through oakland 63 degrees. you may want to think about bringing a light jacket. sunday, father's day. it is also the first day of summer. 9:39 in the morning summer begins. ridge of high pressure offshore hanging out pretty far away from us gave us the strong push of air. today, muff sunnier, much less wind, also, milder and that ridge will scoot by to our
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south. a light on shore flow does two things. keeps chilly near the water which will be the case for pacifica, half-moon bay. but a light on shore flow does not make it inland. you will be hot. it will stay mild. hot inland starting friday and a cool morning friday in oakland for the parade. concord, 85 degrees tomorrow. a couple of degrees above average. should be a comfy day in san jose. mid 80s walnut creek. and san ramon and pleasanton. 64 will be the high in san francisco tomorrow. novato, 80. your extended forecast calling for warmer weather friday through the weekend. we say hello to summer and it will feel like summer and zero rainfall the next seven days.
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>> we are going back to christin ayers at oracle arena. what an incredible night tonight. huh? >> reporter: it was amazing. can't even describe the euphoria the fans have felt. a lot of them have cleared out and probably develop onto the next party, but man, it was a
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party earlier today. inside oracle arena which is where we spent the night with some of the die-hard fans. 17,000 fans packed into the stadium. one kid said it sounded like a stampede in there. backseat out here this evening, it was another party as well. people just packed in front of the arena celebrating, chanting, playing music, just having an amazing time. this is history happening here. a lot of people thought the warriors would never do it. now they have do
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>> dod, live in cleveland with tonight's sports report. dennis? >> reporter: yeah ken. you may recall, you and i have been on the road with the san francisco giants. they won their three world series titles on the other team's field. the warriors followed suit. they took it to lebron and the cavaliers on their home floor. steph curry said he didn't want to return to oakland without
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the trophy and he delivered tonight. the cavs turned the ball over 16 times which proved costly. off the steal, curry whips the pass to harrison barnes. they led by as many as 13 in the first half. but the cavs make their run. tristan thompson cleans it up with the dunk. cleveland down just two at the break. they briefly took the lead in the third quarter. the warriors put a stop to the momentum with a 16-4 run later in the third. the ten-point lead. everyone wondering if they would gag the 15-point lead away in the fourth quarter. cleveland within seven points. now you live with a three and you die with a three. the warriors live by it all year. curry from downtown to push the lead to 11 and green finds iguodala in the corner. they each had 25 points. iguodala saves his best for the
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finals and wins the mvp. warriors win 105-97 and let the celebration begin. >> i think, you know, we definitely are a great team. a team that should go down in history from top to bottom. >> we have competitors. guys who want to win. we all want to win. >> what do you think it means for the bay area? >> i have been around five years ago. we were still selling out games. on the wednesday night against sacramento. they have been with us from day one. that is why it will be so much fun to take this championship back there. >> yeah, okay, draymond is pretty good. he will be out the lead next year. they can never take that away. they can never take this away
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from me. >> you know, they can never take that away. this was such a fun basketball team to cover. such character in the locker room. great group of guys. now we have to get the san jose sharks on board. they are next. hockey is the last team i have uncovered to win a championship. >> next year. >> wishing for it. all right, dennis o'donnell live in clevel
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>> our next newscast tomorrow previously on hawaii five-o... what are you doing in my house? who are you? i'm marco reyes. when your brother disappeared, he was in possession of a significant amount my money. okay. how much money? 18-and-a-half million dollars. you have until monday to bring my money to this address. what happens if i don't bring you the money? you'll get a package with your brother's head in it. danny: three years ago, matt gets on that plane. not a single piece of luggage, but he's supposed to have 18-and-a-half million dollars. if that's the case then it's here on the island. so, what? how you supposed to find it? about a month after he disappeared he sent me a postcard. steve: yeah? what'd it say? did it mention the money? no, he didn't mention the money. he just wrote, “wish you were here.” it was a picture of this remote area on oahu with a rock formation and a couple of palm trees.


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