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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  June 17, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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the sight of a lot of celebrating last night at oracle arena. >> i bet there are still people into there. >> watching the game last night was hilarious because inside oracle you would have thought the game was played there. >> they had 18,000 in there. >> they were going insane. >> good morning, it is wednesday june 17. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. if you didn't catch the newspaper front page, champions at last. >> wahoo! >> who stayed up past 11:00? i know you did. >> 10:45-ish. >> it was a team evident where we all stayed up cheering the warriors on. it was a great team effort last night on the court as it has been all season long not just one great standout but the whole time and a very young team at that so they can stay up late. we're struggling this morning. >> i bet they are still up in cleveland, by the way. >> we have some business to tend to this morning. good morning, 48 degrees at this hour in santa rosa. we have fog at the coast, clear
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skies in livermore currently at 53 degrees. now, later today we are talking about temperatures topping off anywhere from the 50s and 60s at the beaches over 90 degrees in the warmest locations inland but it will be hot they are weekend. we'll pinpoint the father's day forecast but right now, good morning, liza battalones. >> good morning, roberta. hello, everybody. wide open at the bay bridge toll plaza. the bridge crews are dealing with an accident on the san francisco side of the bridge apparently a hit-and-run westbound 80 near fremont street. i'll have details on that and a complete look at "kcbs traffic" but i got to say, i have never had this much energy for so little sleep. >> i know. [ laughter ] >> right in. >> so excited. >> it's fun. >> still going. >> it is. >> uncharted territory for a lot of us. >> and so sweet, right? the golden state warriors champions of the nba. the closing seconds ticked off last night in cleveland. >> and the dream season is now complete. the golden state warriors are the 2015 nba champions! >> there you go.
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the warriors won game 6, 109- 97. steph curry and andre iguodala had 25 points apiece. it's the first title since 1975. best shot here, the champagne. it was flowing. and spring training and drenching the locker room as players celebrated another warriors championship, the first since 1975. >> you have been in locker rooms for these kinds of celebrations. you say the best thing to do wear goggles. >> you have to. the warriors aren't used to it. the baseball players are used to it. if you get that champagne in your eyes it hurts, but in a good way. for dub nation it was a chance to let loose and celebrate. >> thousands packed oracle arena last night to watch the game on giant screens. kpix 5's anne makovec joins us from outside the arena where the party lasted well into the night. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i'm hurting a little bit like you are this morning. it certainly has been a wild
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night here in the bay area. although the team wasn't playing here at oracle, the fans came to represent. "roar-acle" living up to its name last night. the crowd at this sold-out watch party was full of fans who couldn't be in cleveland and found this the next best thing. this crowd in the street near oakland city hall several hundred people gathering for a celebration. >> the people is what counts. that's why we all here today. we love this team. it was amazing. >> we could do this every year, man! warriors, dubs! >> lebron said he is the best player in the world? we're the best team in the world! it's team work that wins chips
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not a single player! >> reporter: yeah. the celebration was fantastic. the $15 tickets for oracle arena sold out quickly and were going for over $100 or third party websites. the team returns to oakland later this afternoon. anne makovec, kpix 5. >> thank you, anne. governor jerry brown tweeted, quote, thanks, warriors, for making oakland a championship city again. and president obama had praise for both squads in the finals saying what a team win for the warriors and epic season for steph. kudo to lebron and the cavs. and the next matter at hand for bay area fans of course is the victory parade. >> got to take care of the men. it will happen friday morning in the city of oakland. the parade starts at 10 a.m. on 11th and broadway, will end right there around lake merritt in oakland. there's a rally at the
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convention center. the team says fans can start lining up at 5:00 in the morning. bart will run extra trains. they handle all the fans that want to get there and you can watch the parade live right here on kpix 5. bring it on. we'll probably sleep until friday. [ laughter ] >> let's try to keep the party going. >> i like it! the wednesday commute, we are looking ahead to parade time now. from you heading for bay area roadways, right now they are in good shape. just keep in mind if you plan on attending the victory parade on friday, take bart if you can and buy a roundtrip ticket ahead of time. there are going to be long lines at the bart station. heading for the bay area roadways this morning, wide open at the toll plaza. 880 in both directions passing
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oracle arena. westbound they big problems on 205. the embarcadero not the only building in the city of san francisco honoring our golden state warriors by donning their blue and gold. many of the buildings this morning as you drive into the city of san francisco all sharing their support for our warriors. well, isn't that pretty? you can see a gray slate behind there. we have overcast conditions. 48 degrees in santa rosa to 55 degrees in livermore. 50s in concord. out the door temperatures in the 50s. we have clear skies inland. here's what you need to know for this wednesday. temperatures above average 50s, 60s beaches 80s across the santa clara valley 80s to the east as well 90 brentwood. north bay upper 50s. at 4:36, new this morning, major traffic changes to san francisco's market street as part of an effort to make it
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safe for pedestrians. municipal transportation agency approved a ban on turning on market from third to eighth street yesterday. the ban only applies to private cars, buses, bikes, commercial vehicles and emergency vehicles would still be allowed to make the turns on market. uber drivers are against the turning ban and have started a petition to repeal it. the investigation is under way in the wake of the balcony collapse that killed 6 people in berkeley. as mark kelly reports, yesterday's tragedy has left many in disbelief. [ bagpipes ] >> reporter: comforting music during a difficult time. >> such a tragedy. it's horrible. >> reporter: this apartment balcony four stories high gave way taking at least 13 people down with it. >> i came out at midnight and i saw all the rubble on the ground. just people crying. >> reporter: many on that balcony just arriving in the bay area for a rite of passage, a summer work program and
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celebrating another rite of passage, a 21st birthday. >> for this to have happened at this time when just as the students are arriving, it touches all of us. >> reporter: building inspectors are piecing together what happened. we showed a structural engineer the photos. >> it should be able to handle it. >> reporter: he owns an engineering company and believes the area where the balcony meets the building was likely rotting for years unnoticed. >> i presume that there might have been some kind of damage after the construction and from the photos, i observed some water damages. >> reporter: before the collapse, someone made a noise complaint to police about the loud partying in that apartment. but tied up with a shooting, police never responded until an hour later. >> it's unbearable. it was one of ours. >> reporter: mark kelly, kpix 5. >> the victim of a dead le fall on mount shasta is identified
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as a san carlos man. 57-year-old michael murphy fell last thursday while climbing in the red banks area near north of lake helen on the mountain. rescuers say murphy may have fallen up to 2,000 feet. he was airlifted off the mountain at the 10,000-foot level by helicopter but died on the way to the hospital. a 4-year-old child was shot during an exchange of gunfire in east oakland. the girl was in her car seat yesterday in her father's car when she was caught in the crossfire. a sheriff's deputy rushed her to the hospital in his cruiser. her wounds are not life- threatening. about a mile from where she was found there was possibly related as activity as officers examined shell casings and other evidence. they found multiple weapons and possible paintball guns. police are speaking only about the wounded child. >> this is a very upsetting scene for us. and we all should be upset about what happened today. >> some people were detained at
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the second city but little information about what happened so far. today police in upstate new york are expanding their search for the two escaped murderers. they will look beyond the 16- square-mile area where the manhunt has been the most intense so far. about 800 officers are trying to find the convicts, who broke out of the maximum security prison near the canadian border 11 days ago. in another development, the woman accused of helping them reportedly told her husband about the plan. a chain of bay area pastry shops is shutting down. coffee giant starbucks bought the la boulange company about three years ago to make baked goods for it stores. but starbucks says it became a distraction to operate the 23 separate la boulange pastry shops so they will close by the end of september. most of those shops are in san francisco. >> too bad. time now is 4:40. california's historic drought forces major cutbacks. so what's up with this picture at the state capital? we'll explain. >> and what's cool about your
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school or summer camp? email your nomination to we may come and feature your school or your summer camp on the show.
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a bird on an electric line apparently started a grass fire in martinez. the fire spread through some dry grass yesterday destroying a mobile home and damaged the back of a house. firefighters contained it to a single acre though. witness saw a large bird walking across the insulators that connect the wires to a tower. >> just saw the giant bird sitting there, it blew up. i looked over and saw the flaming bird falling to the ground. >> the wires are part of a major transmission line. other neighbors say they also saw a turkey vulture walking across the lines. and then it exploded, too. the power grid was unaffected. two young people are recovering from separate shark attacks in the waters off north
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carolina. one of the victims a 16-year- old boy of colorado is going public with his story. he is trying to stay positive despite losing his left arm in sunday's attack. he said he could either let the disability ruin his life or try to keep living as normally as possible. >> out of those two there's only one i would choose, that's to try to fight and live a normal life. >> he said he never saw the shark until it bit him. the other victim a 12-year-old girl was attacked less than two hours earlier. she lost her left arm under the elbow and suffered a leg injury. it's not clear whether it was the same shark in both attacks. tropical storm bill is causing concern for people in rain soaked texas. the eye of the storm about 125 miles southwest of houston. but winds have dropped to 40 miles per hour. bill's path is expected to hit the same region of texas that was hit hard by flooding just last month. >> my biggest concern is for
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everybody that has property here. >> bill is expected to lose steam as it heads to oklahoma and arkansas. there's a drought related controversy in sacramento on the grounds of the state capital. a sprinkler right outside the capitol building had been soaking nearby sidewalks. for months state officials have been urging californians to save water so this has upset people. >> it's frustrating because we're cutting back personally. >> the department of general services handles landscaping around the capital. a spokesman said the sprinkler was broken but has since been repaired. well, the alameda county fair opens later this morning. it runs every day from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. through july 5. alameda county fairgrounds in pleasanton. this year's fair has new attractions, monster trucks, demolition derby, rodeo, tower of power, beach boys. price of admission is $12 or $8
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for seniors and children under 13. kids under 6 get in free. and juliette gets in free, too. >> was she trying crickets? >> you missed the most important part. the ponies are running today! >> that's right. >> big day planned tomorrow. we are going to the a's game and then to the horse races. >> great. >> summer is here, right? we have the summer forecast coming up but out the door with overcast skies, a little drizzle close to the coast. looking towards the embarcadero, 53 degrees. calm winds. 28 degrees with patchy fog in the santa rosa area -- 82 degrees with patchy fog in the santa rosa area. it will be a mild start to your day. by friday, we are going to be talking about mid-90s inland. and as we look ahead towards friday, we are talking about the parade. it's going to be a cool start to the day but no rain on that parade. right now we do have the marine layer hanging very tight to the
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coast from about inverness all the way through the bay into the san mateo coastline. we still have that huge dome of high pressure out over the eastern pacific and as it comes closer to the coast, we'll see the temperatures warming inland. but we have a strong sea breeze out of the west 10 to 20. that will keep the coast in the 60s until about sunday. so let's break it down like this. first, 95 degrees in sacramento today. 84 in the high sierra. extremely dry conditions with the possibility of a red flag warning by the weekend. 103 in fresno and 68 degrees in monterey once the clouds lift. our numbers from the upper 50s and 60s at the beaches. 63 san francisco, which is spot on for this time of the year. mid-70s across the peninsula. then we start to soar into the 80s east and north of the bay. we top off at 92 degrees in brentwood, tracy and antioch. numbers down slightly on thursday then rebounding to the 90s by friday. mid-90s on saturday and by
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father's day, got a little glitch there, we have temperatures pretty seasonal after summer arrives on sunday for your monday and tuesday. that is a look at your wednesday forecast. here's liza. >> good morning, everybody. chp dealing with a hit-and- run accident at 4:00 this morning with this car still out there westbound 80 at fremont street blocking the right-hand lane. so if you plan to head out out right now for the bay bridge keep it in mind as you come off the bridge heading into downtown san francisco. watch out in the right lane westbound 80 approaching fremont street. bus it's still early traffic is okay in both directions of the bay bridge westbound 80 at the toll plaza still moving well with those metering lights off. 880 through oakland, no roadwork from overnight and everything is as it should be for both directions of the nimitz this morning. westbound 580 we are seeing delays now for the altamont
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pass. expect backups this morning leaving the 205 interchange. it's going to stay heavy through the livermore valley already to about vasco. so that would be the worst commute of the bay area. fortunately 580 breaks loose here as you head towards the pleasanton area through the dublin interchange. and the silicon valley is also moving well this morning. no problems to report for 101 or 280. mass transit has also been nice. still no delays for bart, ferries, caltrain or ace. more than a million cars are being recalled for a second time because of potentially faulty airbags. the latest recall involves honda civic model years 2001 to 2005 as well as honda accords from 2003 to 2007. the cars were previously recalled due to concerns about driver's side airbags. this recall involves those on the passenger side. it's all part of the huge recall involving japanese airbag company takata. the naacp leader accused of
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lying about being black is now offering an explanation but as veronica de la cruz tells us, she not apologizing. reporter: rachel doelzal said on nbc's today show this morning that she identifies as black and that has not been deceptive. >> this goes back to a very early age with my self- identification with the black experience. as a very young child. >> reporter: doelzal resigned yesterday as president of the naacp chapter in spokane, washington. >> are you here to make a stand? >> yes!! >> reporter: members of a local civil rights community held a rally last night demanding an apology. >> she was one of our own marching with us and yet we don't know who she is. >> reporter: for nearly a decade, the 37-year-old civil rights advocate represented herself as a black woman despite her white heritage repeatedly claiming to have been the target of racially motivated incidents. her parents, who revealed her true ethnicity last week, say now is the time for her to seek
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help. >> i think that she needs to step back and regroup before she plunges back in. >> reporter: veronica de la cruz, kpix 5. time now 4:51 on this wednesday. popular on the road, now find out how
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good morning. look at your tv screen because our temperatures today pretty near normal for this last wednesday in the season of spring. upper 50s, 60s, beaches with partial clearing. 60s, 70s and low 80s around the peninsula. 87 in morgan hill today. good morning, san ramon, you will top off at 88 degrees. but warmer in danville and also
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hotter in blackhawk. north of the golden gate bridge partial clearing in stinson beach upper 50s to 84 in santa rosa with abundance of sunshine. hot 95 in lakeport. the wednesday commute swimming along at the bay bridge toll plaza. no big delays. the metering lights are off. just keep in mind on the san francisco side, there is a hit- and-run accident overnight right lane shut down westbound 80 at fremont street. more traffic still ahead. the rush is on in the dominican republic for haitian immigrants to secure legal residency. immigrants have until tonight to show documentation to legalize their status. if they are unable to provide that documentation, they face deportation. some migrated to the dominican republic right after the devastating 2010 earthquake. human rights groups fear massive deportations. four men are in custody accused of stealing credit card information and going on a luxury shopping spree in santa
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clara county. d.a.'s office says the men all from southern california stole the credit information by skimming it from gas pumps. investigators say for almost six months the men made purchases at high-end stores from palo alto to gilroy. the transactions totaled more than a half billion dollars. a new tesla factory now under construction is prompting a shift in airline schedules at mineta international airport. the carmaker is building a "giga factory" near reno and hiring how was workers. now -- hiring thousands of workers. right now the only direct flights between reno and san jose are late at night. alaska airlines will change the timetable to get business travelers back and forth to silicon valley before 7 p.m. governor brown and state lawmakers have reached an agreement on $115 billion budget. a large portion will go towards increased funding for schools including preschools and child care. the budget allows for the state's health insurance to cover children in the country
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illegally. it will also pay down billions of dollars in debt. lawmakers will vote on the plan before july 1. a white house fence-jumper will spend 17 months in jail. the army veteran made it all the way to the executive mansion before the secret service nabbed him. lawyers for omar gonzalez said he should get leniency because of his military service. prosecutors wanted him to spend at least two years in prison. his arrest is one of several secret service breaches. the fda is giving food manufacturers three years to remove partially hydrogenated oils from their products. they are commonly used in processed foods to improve shelf life and flavor but it raises bad cholesterol. any company that wants to keep using it will have to petition the fda to allow it.
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and the warriors are the champions of the nba. boy, we have been waiting 40 years to say that. we'll hear from some of their fans up next. >> reporter: i'm kiet do live in berkeley. the memorial continues to grow for the 6 people who died at the scene of the balcony collapse. we have the latest on the investigation straight ahead.
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good morning. it's wednesday, june 17. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 5:00. a lot of red eyed people going to work today, no doubt. 40 years in the making, the golden state warriors are your nba champions. >> as the closing seconds of the finals ticked off last night in cleveland. >> and the dream season is now complete. the golden state warriors are
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the 2015 nba champions! >> the warriors won game 6, 105-9. steph curry and andre iguodala led the way with 25 points each and they are celebrating the first title since 1975. champagne of course that was flowing. and spraying. as the warriors celebrated their big win in the locker room. some of them having goggles on to protect the eye,right? >> got to do it. warriors fans are celebrating all over the bay area. >> that includes thousands who packed oracle arena to the rafters last night. it was nuts there as they watched on the giant screens. the party in that arena extended well into the night with a lot of people celebrating inside and outside and kpix 5's anne makovec is outside the arena now actually you're inside now. you got a key. well done. >> reporter: i'm inside. oh, yes. me and the new merchandise that everybody is going to be trying to get their hands on


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