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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  June 19, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> a car plows into a bus stop full of people and keeps going. one woman was dragged more than 100 feet. tonight, what witnesses noticed about the driver right before
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the crash. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. ken has the night off. when our crews got to sonoma boulevard and redwood street in vallejo, it was a scene of carnage. joe vasquez joins us now. >> reporter: liz, according to witnesses, the driver was stopped at a green light. so people were honking him telling him to go. he eventually did. when he did, he climbed up the sidewalk here, plowed into that bus stop hitting a man there. kept going on the sidewalk there and hit five people on the sidewalk as well. willy dixon who is homeless was eating his nachos at the bus stop when the car hit him. >> it just came and swiped both of my feet, the tire did. as the car kept going, people were walking and it just swiped them. they flew in the air and landed. it was like a bowling ball and
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they were pins. >> reporter: the car kept going and hit three women and two children walking on the sidewalk. one of the women was killed. >> at this point, we are trying to determine whether this was a medical emergency the driver had or if he was intoxicated. >> what was up with the man who was driving? could you see anything about him? >> he was intoxicated. >> how could you see that? >> the driver was trying to talk to him and he couldn't even talk. he was just rolling his head all on the car, and, and, he fell.
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>> reporter: reporting live in vallejo, joe vasquez, kpix5. in walnut creek this afternoon, an 85-year-old woman crashed her car into the mariachi mexican grill in the country wood shopping center hitting a 23-year-old woman hitting inside. she has serious injuries. police say the driver confused the brake with the gas pedal. the restaurant is severely damaged and will be closed a few days. it is estimated that a million people pack the streets of oakland today for the parade of champions. >> it is bay area baby! we love you warriors! >> it was an incredible sight there in oakland. a absolute sea of blue and
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gold. andria borba, there is a push to keep them from moving to san francisco. >> reporter: there is a new push to make sure that even if the warriors don't play in oracle, they do play in the city. in the glow of the larry o'brien trophy and the championship parade, a movement broke out today, keep the warriors in oakland. brian parker is a port of oakland commissioner and a former mayoral candidate. will wants to find a way to keep the team. >> i would love to see a waterfront ballpark at some point. the warriors, the as , or both. >> reporter: the launch of the grass roots campaign comes as the new arena in san francisco's mission bay no longer looks like a slam dunk and is facing increasing opposition. >> i want them to stay in oakland. i feel if they go to san
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francisco, it might turn people away from going to the games. i feel like the die-hard fans are here. >> reporter: the issue comes down to cash. arenas aren't cheap and oakland isn't plush. mayor libby schaaf says she won't spend funds on a sports arena. >> i hope they have taken into consideration they can win in oakland. >> the warriors slogan this season has been strength in numbers. and they have that, and the splash brothers need to stay put. >> it means love. and the love that stood by them for 40 years when they weren't winning championships. >> reporter: now parker says he would like to develop a public private partnership. much like the sacramento kings are building their arena in downtown sacramento and to see a complex like la live near the staples center. live in oakland, andria borba, kpix5. >> ed lee and mayor schaaf
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presented a united front posing with the championship trophy. now vern, you were at the parade today. what an incredible morning for dub nation. >> when we are feeling good onset, a lot of times we cheer. steve kerr had this for the crowd with his dry wit. >> i took a look at the roster and i thought i had a job on my hands. not much talent. very little shooting. [ laughter ] everywhere i go, all i hear is how incredible these guys are to watch. how explosive they are and exciting. in nine months, i did all that. so thanks. [ laughter ]
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>> you see a lot of well- deserved love today where oakland stood proud, liz, of the nba champions. that was some day. it was worth getting up at 2:30 in the morning just to get my spot for our live coverage that happened for the rest of the morning. >> you are burning the midnight oil. >> i'm running on reserve fuel now, liz. that's how we do it. see you in a few. >> thanks vern. and riley curry made a few aexperiences today. here she is kicking up her feet helping dad to make his victory speech. she seemed a little relaxed but got nervous when her dad gave her the mic. and this is a mural of steph curry on highway 24. in the last couple of days, the championship trophy was added to the picture. we have tons of highlights including what the celebrations look like from the player's perspective on our website,
11:09 pm switching gears, oakland police say a fight near the rally ended with three people being shot. a viewer sent us this video he took moments after ward on lake shore avenue. witnesses saw the gunmen run away. >> it was three gunshots. they didn't found like a fight or anything was going on abnormally. and then that happened and people dispersed and police were on the scene in minutes. >> well tonight, police tell us there was an argument between two groups of guys. someone heard one of the victims screaming nortenos referring to the street gang. the three victims should survive. tonight, president obama is in san francisco. he is spending the night at the intercontinental hotel south of market after attending a couple of fundraisers. he was at the u.s. conference of mayors at union square. the top of mind, the church massacre in south carolina. >> i refuse to act as if this
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is the new normal. or to pretend that it is simply sufficient to grieve and that any mention of us doing something to stop it is somehow politicizing the problem. >> tonight, cbs news report it is alleged shooter almost got cold feet. a law enforcement official says dylann roof told investigators when he was sitting in bible study with his victims, he thought about abandoning his plan. but he changed his mind, a source says, because if he thought he didn't do it, no one else would. there was an extraordinary moment in court today. veronica de la cruz has the story. >> reporter: families of the victims came face to face with the accused killer. he made his first appearance via teleconference and they told him about their grief, their pain. and they did something a lot of people would consider unthinkable. they forgave him. >> what is your age? >> 21. >> reporter: dylann roof stood
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emotionless today as he heard the charges against him. nine counts of murder. he heard from the victim's families. they were allowed to speak at his bail hearings and surprised everyone of what he said. the sister of reverend depayne doctor spoke for her family. >> i am so thankful i won't be around when your judgment day comes. >> one of the family members of ethel lance spoke as well. >> i forgive you. >> new details emerge about what happened inside the emanuel church. according to a warrant for his arrest, roof, seen here on surveillance video, arrived just after 8:00 wearing a fanny pack. after attending a bible study
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class, he stood up, pulled out a handgun and started shooting. all nine victims were shot multiple times. before he left, he stood over a witness and uttered a racially inflammatory statement. his family expressed shock and disbelief of what happened and offer sympathy to the victims. veronica de la cruz, kpix5. >> the flags of the united states and south carolina are flying at half staff in charleston, but the confederate flag is still at full height because it is protected by a state law. civil rights leaders are calling for it to be removed but it could be a while before any change actually happens. >> there will be policy discussions and you will hear me come out and talk about it, but right now, i'm not doing that to the people of my state. >> those who want to keep the flag say it is not a racist symbol, but rather, a piece of their southern heritage. coming up tonight, two men stow away, one falls from the
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jumbo jet. the other survives the 11-hour flight clinging to the plane. this northern california suburb is days away from running out of water. we learned it has until tuesday to come up with a plan b. >> reporter: san francisco celebrated its big birthday tonight in high-tech style. we will take you to the
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>> tonight one person is dead and another in critical condition after stowing away on a british airways flight. one stow away plunged from the flight minutes before it was supposed to land in london. he was found dead on a rooftop. they noticed the second guy
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hiding in the plane's undercarriage. he is still alive. they had traveled from johannesburg, south africa to london. that is a 12-hour flight. last year, a 15-year-old boy stowed away in a wheel well on the flight from san jose to hawaii. he also survived. mayors are in san francisco for a conference. tonight, the city of san francisco is showing them it knows how to throw a party. betty yu is at city hall tonight. betty? >> reporter: liz, it was a one of a kind high-tech party. they lid up the facade of city hall behind me and the show did not disappoint. >> happy 100th birthday to the city of san francisco! >> reporter: city hall got dressed up in spectacular fashion tonight. the 100-year-old building turned into a movie screen
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celebrateing the city's history through every decade. it was not just about visual effects. acrobats dangled and pushed themselves up the pillars. >> that was magnificent. it was the best thing the city has done in a listening time. >> being a san francisco native, like, this was amazing. it was very unexpected. it is unbelievable. >> reporter: city hall's big birthday coincided with the official welcoming gala for the u.s. mayor's conference happening inside. 280 mayors from around the country are in town including oakland. >> have you ever checked out this many celebrations in a day? >> no. i think this tops the most celebrations i have had in a single day. but what a great source of pride for the bay area. >> reporter: it was the second party of the day for many warriors fans. >> i have a lot of love in san francisco. born in oakland, a lot of love
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there. two great cities. >> reporter: the free party included circus acts, live music, and entertainment. >> wonderful things going on. weird and wonderful. >> reporter: that's san francisco for you. >> that's very san francisco. that's what i like about it. it is very not british. >> reporter: and the city hit yet another weird and wonderful milestone tonight. now san francisco has also set aside $2 million to make sure that this iconic building stays beautiful, liz, for generations to come. >> yeah, what a cool way to celebrate the centennial and the light show was incredible. >> reporter: it blew everybody away including me and my camera man. it was wonderful. >> i would love to see the whole thing. thank you betty. life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and water. tonight, a new lawsuit filed against the state saying yes, water is a constitutional right. reporter nick james is open the
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other side of the altamont to explain. >> reporter: 86 years old, still as fiery as they come. jim mcleod has seen a lot of droughts come and go. >> i have been on the board 53 years. >> reporter: the board south of tracy argues by cutting off his district's senior water rights, they are breaking the law. they ordered the district to stop taking the water from the san joaquin river immediately. >> the water is there. >> what will that do to your farmers? >> it will kill us. we are halfway through the season. it will destroy those tomatoes out there. it will destroy these walnuts on these trees. >> reporter: he was the first to file suit against the water board. the patterson district filed friday and other districts filed a group lawsuit. the city and county of san francisco, and oakdale included. >> is that a due process hearing from the state agency? that is just wrong.
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>> reporter: steve knell is the gm of the oakdale district. he says the state water board ignored due process and didn't have the legal right to break the 1914 ironclad water rights. >> they think despite having contributed nothing to the water resource, they can walk in and tell you to stop taking water. >> you are saying the state water board is sticking its nose where it doesn't belong? >> correct. >> reporter: jim says jobs, crops, and farms depend on the reversal of the cut back. >> they didn't follow the procedure or give us a hearing. >> reporter: the state water board was awfully quiet today saying it does not address pending litigation until it files a response with the court. outside tracy, nick janes, kpix5. >> san francisco hasn't had its water rights cut. they are involved in the lawsuit because they belong to
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a consortium that holds rights to several rivers. the water district that supplies drinking to mountainous warned it will stop sending water to the town at 12:01 tuesday morning. that is because the state ordered the water district to pump less water from the san joaquin river. the water district is one of the districts suing the state. speaking of water, paul, probably not a lot of rain in our forecast. >> it's a shame to see these problems so early in the dry season because july, august, september, we don't get much rainfall in the summertime. nor will we never the next six to seven days. clear skies. the final weekend of spring, and father's day weekend. san jose clear skies. nice comfy night. 56 for you and the santa clara valley. vallejo, 55. fairfield, 56. sun is up 12 minutes before 6:00 tomorrow. summer, sunday morning, 9:3 #. maybe you are taking dad out to brunch. you can say happy summer at
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9:39. so tomorrow is the full day of spring. lots of sufficient going on this weekend. the alamedadownty care. the stern drove festival. chillier. the warmest day, the weekend, the week beyond. that will be tomorrow. big strong ridge of high pressure to our south. a minimal on shore flow impacting you along the beach. but the ridge is on the move. it will be moverring as soon as sunday. as it does, something else replaces it. that is this area of low pressure cranking it. ocean temperature 56 degrees. the air above it also chilly. the backyard will be chillier because of the flow from the ocean will be more prominent sunday. fog near the watt tore night. a lot of sunshine in the afternoon. pretty toasty day inland. we will see 90s . but milder or not as warm starting father's day. that will last a few days. oakland tomorrow, 71. concord, 90. san jose, a very comfortable 82. fremont, 79. palo alto, sunshine, 81.
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fairfield, 91. pleasant hill, 90. san francisco, 67. afternoon sunshine for you, petaluma 80. clear lake, 95 degrees. your extended forecast calling for cooler weather sunday. staying cooler monday and tuesday, then we will warm back upstarting wednesday. very dry. very pleasant weather, but with the umbrella of this long term drought, well, it's not the time of year nor will it be the best news moving forward. switching gears, happy father's day. it will be a beautiful day. >> great to get outside. not as hot. very pleasant weather. >> thank you paul. coming up tonight, the trailer for robin williams final movie was just released. a look at his
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on two of our most popular plans. >> tonight, we are getting our first look at robin williams final on screen moment. >> i went down a street one night. a street i didn't know. >> that's the trailer for the movie boulevard. williams plays a middle-aged married man who becomes disconnected with his wife.
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one night, he meets a young gay hustler who helps him live the life he has always wanted. it hits theaters july 10. >> interesting. i will show you another movie. a real life movie. it is called sports. yeah. sports. >> a drama everyday. >> i got more games than just the warriors parade. and ... hey, look at this. looks like a stolen base. but, this is part of something not done by a giants catcher in over 100
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>> baseball up top for the giants. something about the dodgers that can bring out the best or worst. late night, chavez ravine. bam goes buster posey. third career grand slam. 402 feet. for the dodgers? well, they stepped in their home half of the 3rd inning. this is adrian gonzalez. found a hole. he got the dodgers to within a run. it was 4-3. but in that 7th inning, goodnight. giants tacked on four more
11:30 pm
runs, matt duffy. giants within a game-and-a-half of the lead. giants win 9-5. buster posey, first giants catcher in over a history to hit a grand slam and steal a base. what a show, ben zobrist against the angels a. three-run blast. just like that, it is 3-0 in the 1st inning. fast forward to the 7th inning, up seven of three, and look out, albert pujols gets out in a hurry. they get eight runs in the 7th inning, paul. they go onto beat the as 12-7. on fireworks night. u.s. open at chambers bay. tiger woods missed the cut for the fifth time in the major. jason day has been battling vertigo. he would finish his round. no word if he would play the
11:31 pm
weekend. patrick reed. fuego. here he is. well done. earlier in the day, masters champ and world number one jordan spieth with a birdie at 17. they are tied at five under par. that is professional golf's national championship. >> and he is 21. >> 21 years old. >> unbelievable. >> king of the world.
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>> coming up in ♪ ♪ girl: look out! (tires screech) oh, my god! did we hit it? looks okay to me. this is riley. the kealoha's dog. babe, we should go. we can't just leave him. hello?


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