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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  June 23, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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5:59. an airline that flies out of a bay area airport is accused of cutting corners on safety. bethty ewe reports from -- betty yu reports from oakland international with pilots who work for allegiant air. >> reporter: their slogan says travel is our deal. but pilots who fly for allegiant air say the company is cutting too many corners. it's an ultra low fare, high fee carrier that uses mostly old planes that can be bought or leased on the cheap. the pilots' union wrote a letter to the airline's board complaining about what it says is allegiant's bare minimum approach to safety and maintenance. the letter points to 38 potentially dangerous incidents in the first three months of this year. they include engine failures, pressurization problems, smoke in the cockpit, and radar issues. earlier this month, a pilot made an emergency landing at the tampa area airport. passengers evacuated using emergency exit slides after smoke was noticed in the cabin. in boise, passengers had to
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stand on the wing of an allegiant airline jet. they evacuated after possibly seeing smoke outside the plane. allegiant opened a hub in oakland in 2012. it now flies to eight cities including bellingham, washington, omaha, and phoenix/mesa. allegiant also flies from stockton and monterey. its mostly one star yelp reviews for the hub warned others of severe delays and one passenger says the airline has sketchy planes -- i worry that the plane is going to crash every time. contract negotiations between the airline and union have stalled and the airline says the union is trying to manipulate the public. it maintains that its safety record is among the best in the aviation industry. at oakland international airport, betty yu, kpix 5. new this morning, one person has critical burn injuries from a house fire in vallejo. kpix 5's da lin is at the scene where firefighters found flames
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that were spreading from the garage to the house. good morning da. >> reporter: good morning frank. very bizarre cause to the fire here. sources tell me that a man started this fire by actually working welding a leaking gas tank in that car. right there. you can see the car is jacked up and that's where the fire started. and it burned down the garage as well. netback a look at the big flames -- now take a look at the big flames shooting through the garage roof. firefighters used a chainsaw to vent the flames and the smoke the fire started after midnight around 12:20 this morning. a source says a man noticed his car was leaking gasoline last night. the man decided to weld a tang to stop the leak but that of course started the car fire can that destroyed the garage. now firefighters say the man is extremely lucky the car didn't employee up. he -- blow up. he did suffer from burns throughout his entire body. >> there were two occupants inside of the building at the
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time. one patient went to a local hospital with second and third degree burns. >> reporter: firefighters say a woman inside the house and some pets got out safely. now aside from the garage the house also has quite a bit of damage mostly smoke and water damage. now they're calling this a two alarm fire. and you can see the damage all the content pretty much in front of the garage destroyed. they took it out here and you can see some stove -- this one stove and some cabinets right there. you can see the heat is pretty intense. the vegetation here is burnt. also this car, you can see the headlight assembly here has also melted. but firefighters are really saying that this is a very bizarre cause by a man who was trying to weld -- trying to fix a leaking gas tank in a car. live in vallejo, i'm da lin, kpix 5. firefighters are trying to gain the upper hand on the wildfire south of lake tahoe.
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it threatens a mountain town in alpine county. people there are on standby for possible evacuations, it's grown to nearly 15 square miles since it was started friday by a lightning strike. strong winds forced some crews to stand down late yesterday pushing containment down to 0%. about 500 firefighters are working on it aided by air tankers and helicopters. 6:04. a check of traffic on this tuesday with liza. >> it's looking pretty good out there. still watching this accident in san jose. it happened in the northbound direction of 101 just before the 880 interchange. no lanes are shut down. traffic is backed up from about the 280 and 680 summer change. you can see all the green there in the kill son valley. -- silicon valley. still very light traffic getting to downtown san jose. no problems for the parkway just outside the airport but highway 4 in the westbound direction, two pockets of slow traffic through antioch and then another one as you head out of the pittsburg area bound for concord. that's going to be a slow
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commute as with the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on now and traffic backed up from about west grand. we do not have any delays as of yet for westbound 80 heading through berkeley and emeryville. if you plan on making the commute -- making the commute along nimitz. no big delays no. problems to report as of yet. that's the good look at your commute. here's roberta. hey, hey frank. and maria. you guys look at this. this is worth waking up early for. this is the live weather camera looking out to the bay bridge from san francisco. altogether now ooh. >> picturesque. >> we have a few low clouds drifting into the area off the coast, otherwise clear skies in concord. 58. it's clear and san jose at 55. good morning santa rosa at 48 degrees, you got clear skies there as well. 8:00 this morning, when many people are heading out the door, we have temperatures in the 50s from the beaches to the bay and into the inland areas, highs today very close to
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seasonal levels. 66 in san francisco. 70 across the bay. low 8 #s santa clara valley. mid 80s to the east and the north. we have the full seven day forecast coming up at 18 minutes after the hour. frank and maria. police officers won't be the only ones handing out fireworks citations if the council approves the ordinance later today. kiet do joins us live from city hall with details of a plan that would involve other city workers and even citizens can hand out tickets. >> reporter: good morning you know over the years people have learned that getting away with lighting fireworks in san jose is easy. but that could all soon change. so the way it works right now is that a police officer or the arson investigator actually has to witness you setting off these fireworks. the da then has to prosecute open many then you must be prosecutor -- and then you must be convicted and sentence today $1,000 fine. but under the a new law all it would take now a simple citation. what's more park rangers and
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code enforcement officers would have citation powers. >> it's often very difficult to be able to have eyewitness identification by an officer. of someone who's actually in the act of lighting off a firework as you can imagine. that's a very difficult thing to be able to get to in advance. >> reporter: so listen up. this is also an important change to the process. no more anonymous reporting. so for this to work, citizens must be listed as a witness on that citation. so if you report your neighbor and your neighbor gets a fine, things could be very awkward between you guys running around the neighborhood especially if he actually does get busted and then has to pay all that money for lighting the fireworks. the city council will take up the vote tonight and it will likely pass and if it does it won't go into effect until after july fourth. >> didn't santa clara county just recently approve a new law nor. >> reporter: if you are a property owner in unincorporated santa clara county, and you have people lighting fireworks on your
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property, then you could get a citation and a fine. so if somebody shows up at your home or business and they light fireworks you're the one that could be in trouble. this is all part of the increasing pressure to do something about all these fireworks in the south bay. we're live in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. tar from the oil spill in santa barbara county washed up hundreds of miles south on los angeles beaches. a new report confirms what many people suspected. after globs of oil began showing up on l. a. county beaches. a busted pipeline dumped up to 101,000 gallons of crude oil last month. academy award-winning composer james horner died in a single engine plane crash in ventura county. ♪ ♪ and horner won two oscars for music in the film "titanic" and did music for other films.
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the small plane went down yesterday inless padres national forest and so far authorities have not released the identity of the person killed but his attorney told the "l.a. times" no one has heard from him and some friends have posted tributes to him online. the governor of south carolina wants to banish the confederate flag from the grounds of the state capitol. this follows last week's deadly shooting at a historic black church in charleston, mark albert tells us any move must go through the legislature. >> it's time to move the flag from the capitol grounds. >> reporter: south carolina governor nikki haley is calling for state lawmakers to move quickly on legislation that would remove the confederate flag from state property. republican state representative doug brannon said he plans to introduce a bill that would do just that. >> i've been in the house five years and i should have filed that bill five years ago. but the time is now. [ chanting ] >> reporter: while brannon acknowledged the move could cost him re-election, many with
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presidential aspirations rushed to embrace the call made by the governor. senator lindsey graham who had expressed a different opinion just days before publicly reversed course. >> put it in a museum. move forward. >> reporter: the flag can only be lowered with a vote by the state legislature. mark albert, cbs news, washington. president obama will go to charleston on friday. he will deliver a eulogy for a victim clementa pinckney a pastor and a state senator. voters in north san jose will hit the polls today to elect a city council member. two men are in a runoff for a seat on the city counsel sill. manh nguyen and tim orszco are competing to fill the seat. at least 60 senators must back a measure for it to clear a procedural hurdle on giving mr. obama enhanced authority to negotiate trade agreements.
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62 senators voted in favor of the fast track back in may and now supporters of president obama's agenda are imploring those senators to stand by their previous votes. opponents are concerned though about the impact on jobs. good morning everyone. time now is 6:1. new developments in the effort to build a new stadium for the raiders and it could signal the team is leaning towards staying in oakland. >> and samsung says it's got a safer way for cars and big rigs to share the road. we're going to share the details on this new transparent truck coming your way. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, it is going to be warmer today than yesterday. but not quite as warm as it will be tomorrow. or thursday. that full forecast is coming up. >> and we've got crowds now overeat the bay bridge toll plaza and -- over at the bay bridge toll plaza where traffic is backed up from the 880 overcrossing, i'll have more on the drive into work in a couple of m
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i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom."
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[ laughter ] good morning everyone. time check for you now is 6:15. on this tuesday morning. taking a look at some overcast conditions across the bay right now. but it will clear, the sun will shine and we've got that full forecast coming up in just three minutes. a violent storm ripping through central illinois last night. take a look. it touched down 60 miles southwest of chicago. buildings damaged and trees uprooted and a shelter has been set up at a local high school there. seven people though were injured. new england patriots' quarterback tom brady will try get the four game suspension reversed. he is accused of having a role if deflating footballs before the afc championship. today he'll go before the commissioner and the lawyer who led the investigation. brady's attorneys say the evidence doesn't show brady
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righted any rules -- violated any rules and that in any case the punishment is too harsh. now gotten a preliminary financial plan from a new raiders' stadium in oakland. they are not going public with the plan. they got it yesterday from a san diego businessman who was interested in redeveloping the coliseum complex. but they have described it as a make or break moment for a potential coliseum city there at the site. at the same time, no one from the raiders showed up for a town hall meeting last night at carson near l. a. and that of course is where the plan is for a new stadium in the works to be shared by the raiders and the chargers. the no-show could be the indication the raiders are leaning towards oakland but the mayor of carson says that's just not true. all right, listen up drivers who use highways 101 and 1 in san francisco can expect closures overnight. the roads near the golden gate bridge were closed earlier this morning and will be shut down again tomorrow from 1:00 do 3:00 a.m. partial closures begin at 10:00
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p.m. now crews are using the time to install overhead signs and extended closure of 101 will happen from july 9th through the 13th before the full opening of the new parkway. take a look at this. samsung is worning on technology -- working on technology to let people see through giant trucks on the road. the safety truck prototype mounts a wireless camera on the front of the vehicle and live streams the view on to a giant wall of four video screens on the back of the truck. now if you're stuck behind a large truck, you'll have a clear realtime view of on coming traffic. and you can also see any obstacles or traffic that might otherwise catch you off-guard. now this project is still in the early prototype phase. however -- >> i like that. >> would it be a distraction though? >> it could be a distraction and putting a lot of trust in that technology. >> yeah. >> what if it's the one time it -- playing an old recording of -- >> or a football game. whoa! wait a minute.
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anyway. how we doing traffic wise? we're doing okay. >> no big accidents out there and delays in the usual spots. you know we can call it summer light for many areas. except for the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll start off there where the metering lights are on and traffic is backed up from about west grand. you pay your money. you sit at the metering lights. and after you do that, traffic is picking up and moving well across the bridge getting into san francisco. but take a look at 880. that's rolling well still in both directions approaching high street. no big problems there. 580 moving well through the oakland hills. 101 and 280 heading through the peninsula, it is not too late to beat the backups there. that's been looking fine. we have not had any major problems for all of san mateo county. enjoy the light traffic conditions there. it's also summer light for the silicon valley. we had some problems north 101 approaching 880. there was an earlier accident that accident has been cleared now. northbound 101 is moving well with just a brief delay from
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the 280 and 680 interchange. the rest of the drive, highway 4, that's going to be slow in the usual area. westbound 4 jammed up from a. street and it doesn't pick up until you pass pittsburg, now to roberta. so pretty in pink this morning. >> oh thank you very much. >> good morning everyone. i don't get the utilize this camera too often at this time of the morning because it's always socked in but this morning the coast has some overcast conditions. but we have a little bit of break in the cloud cover. we will have some sunshine there today. right now, we do have temperatures spanning from 48 degrees in santa rosa to 60 degrees in oakland. concord has been picking up a south wind up to about 13 miles per hour. satellite and radar imagery, you can see very carefully the coast right there. san mateo coastline a little bit of low clouds and fueling but it's going to wipe away as high pressure continues to build in. temperatures today warm from the bay into our inland areas and then by thursday, we're going to have the expansion of high pressure and the strengthening of the ridge. that's going to result into temperatures in the triple
6:20 am
digits on thursday. not a prolonged heat wave just a one day event. if you're heading to the beaches today, santa cruz one of the pick cities, 71 degrees if northwest breeze to 15. don't forget the sunscreen or your sunglasses. 10 # in redding today -- 3 in redding today. 94 yosemite and 62 along the coastline and 97 in fresno back in through -- merced i should say actually. 71 oakland and 78 degrees in mountain view and temperatures pretty much close to where they should be for this time of the year. mid 80s in throughout the tri- valley with the northwest breeze 10 to 20 miles per hour. additional warming takes place on wednesday. there's the heat on thursday. a modest cooldown on friday. and then keeping a watchful eye on the forecast for the weekend. could see some monsoonal moisture working its way in with some mugginess. hey also going to keep you posted on the news and it will
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well, good morning everybody. before we show you moving pictures, let me just set it up. women's sports as popular as it has ever been and we in the sports department. if we slight women's sports in any way, we get calls. we get e-mails. we pronounce and mispronounce a wrong name, we get calls. so we have the women's world cup team. now -- the day before, a fellow from "sports illustrated" a pro football writer andy benoit came out with a quote on twitter by saying that women's sports is not worth watching. bad timing for that one and i bet you the women's world cup team they saw that quote and they faced colombia yesterday.
6:25 am
scoreless in the 53rd minute. and alex morgan, yeah. that's some anger behind that one blew it right on by her first goal of the tournament. 13 minutes later, carli lloyd found the back of the net. the u.s. took care of business, final of 2-0. they're 3-0 lifetime against colombia but more importantly, they advance to quarterfinal play this friday against china. elsewhere segue over to baseball. the a's are at texas later on today and san diego, the padres, they're visiting third and king streets and they will face the san francisco giants. that's sports at this hour, everyone have a tremendous tuesday. i'll see you around. >> thank you vern. play of the day, we've got more women's world cup soccer, the brits taking on norway here and a might by impressive goal. -- mighty impressive goal. england's lucy brawns big goal here. the goalie tries to save it and
6:26 am
in she goes. they also got our may of the day. -- play of the day. all right, it is 6:26. illegal dirt bikes are becoming more and more common on some of the bay area's busiest streets, why police are having such trouble tracking them down. >> i'm da lin at a bizarre vallejo fire. it was started by a man who was welding a leaking gasoline tank in a car. that's coming up in a live report.
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pilots are raising major safety concerns about a discount airliner with a bay area hub. >> reporter: and if a new law passes in san jose, you soon be able to report your neighbor and make them pay a fine for setting off fireworks. i'm kiet do, we've got a live
6:30 am
report coming up. and here we go again, temperatures soar to the triple digits. i'll tell you which day to expect it. traffic is crowded at the altamont pass. westbound 580. i'll have details with kcbs traffic. and good morning everyone, it's tuesday, june 23rd, i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm maria medina. time now is 6:30. a man is in the hospital with second and third degree burns after a fire erupts at a house in vallejo. kpix 5's da lin is at the scene where firefighters found flames spreading fast. good morning da. >> reporter: good morning maria. very bizarre cause to the fire right here. sources are telling us that a man started this fire by welding a leaking gasoline tank in a car. you can see that car right there. it's halfway jacked up right there. that's where the fire started. and that fire actually destroyed the garage as well. now looking at the flames, the big flames shooting through the garage roof. firefighters say the man is very lucky to be alive. he did suffer from second and third degree burns throughout
6:31 am
his upper body. now the fire started right after midnight around 12:20 this morning. sources say the man noticed his car was leaking gasoline sometime last night and say the man decided to weld the tank to stop the leak. but that of course started the car fire. >> upon our arrival, we found a fully involved garage that was on fire. it was threatening a house to the left hand side of the building. >> reporter: firefighters say a woman inside the house and some pets got out safely. now aside from the garage, the house also has quite a bit of damage mostly smoke and water damage. now firefighters say this is -- two alarm fire. you can see the intensity of this fire right here. all those contents, those items right there basically destroyed. the vegetation out here is charred as well. this headlight assembly of this truck also melted. and firefighters say just really bizarre.
6:32 am
not something that you see very often. a man basically welding a leaking gas tank. that started this fire. live here in vallejo, i'm da lin, i'll send it back to you. >> all right da thank you. funerals are being held today for some of the irish exchange students who died in last week's balcony collapse in berkeley. a plane touching down at -- lynn yesterday carrying the body of olivia burke, this is the final body of the irish students killed to return home to ireland. the bodies of the other four irish students arrived back in dublin on monday. seven irish students who survived remain hospitalized in various states of recovery. nearly a week after that collapse now. all of them reportedly face long physical and mental recoveries and likely will not be going back home to ireland anytime soon. in a social media campaign to raise money for those affected by the berkeley tragedy has now raised more than $200,000. and in response to the collapse, city officials in san francisco are reminding owners
6:33 am
of multiunit apartment buildings to initialuate inspection -- initiate inspections, they should check for possible structural weaknesses because of dry rot and other factors. firefighters battling a wildfire south of lake tahoe. it's threatening the mountain town in alpine county. people there are on standby for possible evacuations. the fire has grown to nearly 15 square miles since it was sparked by a lightning strike on friday. strong winds forcing some crews to stand down late yesterday pushing containment down to 0% again. about 500 firefighters are working on it aided by air tankers and helicopters. six other fires are burning around the state. they include one that has burned about 27 square miles and that's in the san bernardino mountains and cal fire says the long running drought has made conditions much more dangerous. well, a collective sigh of relief in a san joaquin county town that was on the verge of losing its water supply. community leaders in mountain house have reached an agreement that will keep water flowing to
6:34 am
about 15,000 residents. mountain house normally buys all of its water from a single rural irrigation district. but that agency was ordered to stop diverting water because of a drought inspired state order. no relief on its way either. in fact triple digits right? 100 wednesday? thursday? >> thursday. here. i was in barstow for my father's day celebrating my dad and it was 115 degrees, that's even hot for barstow. the winds were blowing up to 25 miles per hour and just felt like somebody cranked up the heater and plus we were getting the smoke from the fire. so it was not really nice in barstow. yeah. now i'm bringing the heat with me because we're going to crank it up on thursday. good morning. today will be warmer than yesterday but not quite as warm as it will be on wednesday. right now we have a deck of low clouds and some patchy fog lining the coast and into the bay. no reports of any local airport delays. temperatures meanwhile 48 degrees in santa rosa to 58 degrees in concord. let's play your numbers out
6:35 am
like this. very close to average today. typically 83 degrees in throughout the tri-valley. 60s lining the seashore and 70s and 8 #s around the peninsula and mid 80s in morgan hill and gilroy. the eastern portion of the bay area, northwest breeze 10 to 20 miles per hour late day 87- degrees in danville. and in throughout livermore and pleasanton and blackhawk and alamo and in danville. 50s, 60s and 70s and 80s common north of the golden gate bridge and up to 90 cloud cover dale. that seven day forecast -- cloverdale. that seven day forecast is coming up at 48 minutes after the hour, we are now seeing show traffic for westbound 80. it rolls through the berkeley and emeryville area, the west 80 backups begin from about the 580 interchange and that's staying slow moving towards the bay bridge toll plaza. where it's sunny at the pay gates and traffic is backed up from the foot of the macarthur maze with the metering lights on. 880 through the oakland area still lots of room out there.
6:36 am
southbound traffic the commute direction looks good approaching hayward and no delays as of yet through fremont heading into milpitas and the peninsula drives are looking fantastic. we haven't had any major problems for both 101 and 280. you're moving at the speed limit between san francisco and silicon valley. do remember north 101 is slow through san jose. the backups begin beyond the 280 and 680 interchange. that's a look at your kcbs traffic. san jose city council expected to decided to whether to give more city workers the power to write citations for people that are setting off fireworks. kiet do is live at city hall now to explain how that plan could pit neighbor fence fellow neighbor. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, you know right now, it is actually hard to get busted for setting off fireworks in the city of san jose. but that could all soon change. so the way it workings right now -- workings right now is that a police officer actually has to witness you setting off the fireworks. and then the da has to prosecute you and then you must be convicted and sentenced to
6:37 am
$1,000 fine. it's a complex and expensive process but under a new proposal all it would take is a simple citation. and what's more, park rangers, code enforcement officers, and community service officers would also get citation powers. >> we couldn't possibly put enough officers out to be able to stop all the fireworks. we've got to be safer by being smarter. >> reporter: this is also an important change to the process. no more anonymous reporting. so for this to work, citizens must be listed as witnesses on that citation and could make things very awkward between you and a neighbor if that neighbor is cited and fined. the city council takes up this issue tonight. it will very like leipoas and if it does, then the -- likely pass and fit does the ban won't be in effect until after july fourth. >> the budget has been tough and not a lot of public displays but i guess the rotary club stepped up and a few in san jose coming occupy on the fourth -- up on the fourth right? >> reporter: economic times are
6:38 am
better and funding is in now so you've got three major ones happening here in san jose. one at the municipal stadium with the giants and then at @ discovery meadow at the children's museum then also at lake almaden in south san jose. we are live in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. all right thanks. rap performer sean "diddy" combs is out on bail after being arrested and police say combs -- to los angeles county jail jed after the assault at an athletic training center. combs' son justin plays football for the ucla bruins and "tmz" reports the elder combs swung a weight room kettle ball at a coach for ucla who had yelled at his son. fans of the rapper gathered outside the ucla police station. >> he was just taking up for his son. and you know, a father is a father to their child no matter who they are. >> combs though is facing three counts of assault with a deadly weapon and one count of making a terrorist threat. and one count of battery. dirt bikers are taking the streets of san francisco.
6:39 am
juliette goodrich shows us they're popping wheelies and doing doughnuts in the middle of traffic. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: this underground dirt bike organization takes to city streets in packs of 20 or more. their bikes aren't street legal. and neither are their wheelies and burnouts. they've hit busy areas along the haight ashbury and put on quite a dangerous show in tourist hot spots like fisherman's wharf. this recent video of the bikers was taken right in front of this store where tourists shop. >> gets really crowded here. a lot of people. so if that happens here? it would be dangerous. >> reporter: so where are the cops? >> our pursuit policy is very reinvestigative. >> reporter: not to chase the bikers through city streets because it's too dangerous. how do you track them down and have you? >> you know by having license plate information if we can obtain it through investigation work, we were able to backtrack and see who these people are and eventually you know make an
6:40 am
arrest or whatever the case is. >> reporter: sfpd says they're reviewing video like this one provided by the bikers themselves posted on youtube. they say it's a matter of time before someone is caught. sfpd tells me tracking down a license plate number is also tricky because many times the bike riders take off their license plates. which is also illegal. in san francisco, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. pilots for an airline with a bay area hub says it's cutting corners with safety. allegiant air is the low fare carrier that used mostly old planes bought or leased at low expense and it has an oakland as a hub. now the union is complaining about a bare minimum approach to safety and maintenance and cite 38 potentially dangerous incidents during the first three months of this year. and good morning everyone. time is 6:40. a california based bottled water company is issuing a recall for more than a dozen of its brands. >> and one of the biggest
6:41 am
trends in the tech world right now. virtual reality. we're going to take a look at some of the new devices hitting the market when we come back. so stay right there.
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good tuesday morning everyone, time check 6:45. take a look at the tv screen, our temperatures pretty close to average for this time of the year. we will have some sunshine along the beaches today into the 60s. good morning san mateo at 74 degrees and 84 in morgan hill. to the eastern portion of the bay, highs topping off all the way up to 87 degrees. and north of the golden gate bridge from the 50s through the 60s into the 70s and even 82 degrees in santa rosa. and hi there cloverdale the high temperature today at 90 degrees. thank you roberta. california based bottled water company has issued a voluntary recall over e. coli concerns.
6:45 am
niagara bottling recalled 14 of its brands idea after the open tray or -- yesterday after the operator failed to report evidence of e. coli. it routinely tests its water. to confirm they stop taking water or they will be fined and now most have missed the deadline. a third of those impacted i the historic cutback to the water resources control board. nearly 300 water rights holders were ordered to stay away from the creeks and streams and waterways, they could face fines of $1,000 a day. drivers can expect closures overnight. the roads near the golden gate bridge were closed earlier this morning and will be shut down again tomorrow from 1:00 to 3:00 a.m. partial closures begin at 10:00 p.m. and crews are using that time to install overhead signs and extended closure of 101 will happen from july 9th to the
6:46 am
13th before the full opening on the new presidio parkway. >> live in marin, take note. going to be a mess there. time for traffic now and liza and see how we're doing. >> another check frank and maria at on the san mateo bridge with an accident in the clearing stages. it happened westbound 92 just beyond the toll plaza. just two cars but that's a busy commute and it doesn't take much to slow it down. you can see the delays now westbound 9 # jam-packed after you pay your money. it stays slow in pockets now to about mid span of the san mateo bridge. we are also seeing delays for i- 80 and that westbound direction. the backups begin from highway 4 stays slow through richmond bound for berkeley and emeryville. as you head to the bay bridge toll plaza you're going to be hitting the brakes from the foot of the maze. metering lights are on. traffic picks up across the bay bridge into san francisco. as we take a live look now at 880, as it rolls through the
6:47 am
oakland area. no problems here especially northbound it's looking fine as you pass high street. heading towards the macarthur maze. there's an accident though in san jose just in from the chp. northbound guadalupe parkway north 87 at taylor on the right hands shoulder new york big delays there. -- no big delays there. that commute direction heavy leaving morgan hill approaching the 880 interchange. that's the kcbs traffic. here's roberta. liza batallones in the house, good morning everyone. thanks. time check for you now what is it 6:47? let's take a look at the weather watchers a lot of them already headed out to work this morning but we have a few with us. oh that would be kathy munch. hi. reporting. current air temperature there is at 47 degrees. let's check in on that one. that's 56-degrees and that could be steve, he has some areas of fog that's been working its way into the los altos area. taking a look out the door right now.
6:48 am
this is the scene looking out from the bay bridge. low clouds and areas of patchy fog at the coast. but not that much. in fact we will see some sunshine all the way back to the beaches today. santa rosa is cool at 48 degrees. otherwise san jose checking in in the mid 50s. picking up a calm wind now in san rafael. and south winds up to 10 in concord. now we have that stratus looking very carefully along the coast. it's been developing and building but that's about it. otherwise, high pressure is nestling in from the eastern pacific. we're going to warm gently today away from the bay into the inland areas. and then high pressure is going to expand and we will top off in the triple digits by thursday. 101 will be that outside number. still thinking of beaches? sunshine today, 71 degrees in santa cruz. otherwise mid 90s in throughout the central valley. 82 degrees in the greater lake tahoe area. it's currently 54 in monterey
6:49 am
going up to the 60s under partly cloudy skies. the numbers banking from the 60s at the beaches to the 70s across the bay today. 78 degrees mountain view. low 80s across the santa clara valley but a little bit warmer than that in throughout the morgan hill and gilroy area. the extended forecast there you have it. 101 by thursday. it is a brief short-lived mini heat wave. modest cooling by friday. temperatures into the 80s by the weekend. but we'll be talking about the chances of mugginess with monsoonal moisture moving into the area by the weekend. we'll keep a watchful eye on that. frank and maria. >> summer is here. okay thanks. a virtual reality is one of the biggest buzz words in the tech world right now. >> cnet senior editor lexi save test is here with more on the up coming devices. >> you can absolutely. and virtual reality is one of the hottest terms in the tech world right now. and pretty much at the moment, we are talking about gaming and video games where virtual reality is really starting to take off. so if you aren't familiar with
6:50 am
what vr is, essentially it is putting on a headset and immersing yourself in a virtual world. so you can see pretty much nick that game redin -- anything that gum designers have made. move your head up and down and you can see all sorts of aspects of this particular virtual world. and because gaming is really hot right now, all of the major gaming companies have a vr solution. so firstly we have something called sony's project more fichus. probably the most futuristic looking and you can see the glowing lights oen the headsets. -- on the headset. using controllers to navigate the virtual world and it's coming for playstation four in the project and it's going to be available in the beginning of 2016. we don't have any pricing yet. but we do know when it's going fob available. next up is the company that really kick started the vr revolution. they are called oculist and they have a product called the oculus rift. they were bought out by
6:51 am
facebook. it tells you how big the vr revolution is becoming. now rift as you can see in the demo here controls it using your hands as the controller. now they announced this thing on the screen now. this is called the oculus touch and it has a little joystick and a couple out of buttons, they found that people were moving their hands around to try to control things in the virtual world. this is how you can interact with it. next we have a project from microsoft. slightly different, it's not technically virtual reality. it's augmented reality. it's displaying the virtual and you can still see the actual world that you're in in front of you. now they displayed a demo of this using their very popular game mine craft and it was showing how you can actually interact with the 3d worlds of mine craft on a real life table in front of you. so the demonstration -- it's
6:52 am
amazing. >> that's nuts. so cool. >> it absolutely is nuts, the 3d world is coming up and emerging from the table in front you. you can use your hands and all sorts of gestures like pinching as well. finally if this all sounds too future gazing for you and you really want to get your hands on google cardboard right now, this is the product that you can grab, it's from google. and it works with any existing smart phone. iphone or android. so it's simply a piece of cardboard as the name describes. it costs around $20 and you can buy it from a number of third party manufacturers. or you can even make your own with some cardboard and two lenses that is pretty much all this consists of. you put it up to your eyes and you can experience the three dimensional world. >> $20 you say? >> there's a whole bunch of different manufacturers. >> i'm in st. tropez right now. >> what do you see there? >> actually it's a sign daughter -- dinosaur museum right? >> you can use the special google cardboard app that has a
6:53 am
whole bunch of different 3d worlds or go on to youtube and experience a whole bunch of different 360-degree content that other people have made as well. >> dramamine. optional. okay thanks so much. and we'll be right back. stay grass fed? mhmm. i'm super into health. bottled tap water? well all bottled water is the same right? you need crystal geyser alpine spring water. made by nature, not by man. crystal geyser alpine spring water. bottled at the mountain source. ♪ ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da...♪ sorry brenda. crystal geyser. bottled at the mountain source. da da da. new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at all right, five things to know at the :55. south carolina's governor is pressuring lawmakers in her state to move quickly on legislation to remove the confederate flag from state house grounds. governor haley says she's prepared to call a special session to force the debate. the move comes in response to criticism following the charleston church massacre. a showdown over the trade bill expected in the u.s. senate later today. the bill would give president obama the power to send congress trade agreements that can be rejected or ratified but
6:57 am
not changed. the house revived the legislation last week after democrats initially derailed the plan. happening right now new england quarterback brady is appealing the suspension in the wake of deflate-gate. brady arrived at the nfl's new york offices about an hour ago, the nfl penalized brady and fined his team $1 million after finding footballs were deflated during the afc championship game. funerals will be held in ireland today for four students killed when a balcony collapsed in berkeley. six people were killed and seven others were injured when that balcony gave way last week. the remains of a fifth irish student arrived in dublin yesterday. a wildfire threatening the mountain town south of lake tahoe. the fire has grown the nearly 15 square miles since friday and strong winds forced crews to stand down late yesterday pushing containment down to 0%. i'm da lin, live at a vallejo garage fire. this fire was started by a man who was welding a leaking
6:58 am
gasoline tank in a car. that's the car you're looking at. started right there and that fire burned down the garage as well. now looking at the big flames shooting through the garage roof, firefighters say the man is very lucky to be alive and that the car did not blow up. he did suffer from second and third degree burns to his upper body. the fire started right after midnight around 12:20 this morning. sources say the man noticed his car was leaking gasoline sometime last wright. they say the man decided to weld the tank to stop the leak and the sparks from the welding started the fire. everything went downhill from there. spread to the other parts of the house as well. now there was a woman and some pets inside the house. they escaped the fire safely. but firefighters say very bizarre fire started by a man welding a leaking gasoline tank. i'm da lin, kpix 5. and we're watching this accident on the san mateo bridge westbound 92 just beyond
6:59 am
the toll plaza. no lanes are shut down but traffic is slowing down checking it out. westbound heavy leaving the pay gates to about mid span. if you plan on making the bay bridge commute, set aside extra time. we do have traffic backed up into the macarthur maze. b.a.r.t. has been on schedule this morning. no delays for the b.a.r.t. system the ferries or caltrain. that's your traffic. here's roberta. fog is in the sfo area but no reports of any local airport delays. good morning everyone. take a look at the numbers, 50s and santa rosa to the mid 50s in san francisco. and it is now 60 degrees in oakland. northwest breeze today late today 10 to 20. otherwise 60 along the beaches and low 70s lining the rim of the bay to the mid 70s around the peninsula. 80s pretty common. temperatures go up on wednesday but not as hot as it will be on thursday and then a cooldown on friday. maybe muggy side over the weekend. >> let's go the hawaii. virtual reality guys? >> okay get the glasses, maui?
7:00 am
>> koa that. we'll do that too. have a good morning to our viewers in the west. welcome to "cbs this morning." the united states is sending weapons into russia's backyard. only on "cbs this morning," ashton carter talks about confronting putin. the governor of south carolina says take down that flag. one giant leap for high heels. a former space ex-executive is here with a new design she claims won't you have limping. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> power line is going down! >> holy.


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