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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  June 27, 2015 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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live, this is kpix 5 news. tonight same sex marijuana is the law of the -- marriage is the law of the land, just in time for what's sure to be san francisco's biggest pride weekend ever. we begin with christian leave tonight. >> reporter: it's always a party here for pride weekend, tonight no exception, but the supreme court has given people here even more reason to celebrate here tonight [ cheering ] >> love wins today! wins forever, wins today. >> we're here to support our
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true friends, make sure that everybody has an equal say. >> reporter: a bustling street, thousands of happy campers. >> there's always people that come to me and say this is one of the memorable events of their entire life. >> reporter: it's the 12th an actual tr -- annual trans march. >> we have a lot of celebrate. >> reporter: she's a transgender woman, and says one of the major victories is the traps formation of caitlyn jenner -- transferor mission of -- transformation of caitlyn jenner. >> people are asking questions. >> reporter: even more reason to celebrate today courtesy of the supreme court. >> i woke up and on every feed i monitor of friend and everything, everything without exception was marriage equality. >> reporter: a historic day and a celebration to match. >> we are america, we're all
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different and that's the beautiful thing. we're the melting pot, and i just want us to all be celebrated. >> reporter: well the formal festivities have wrapped up, but the party continues here. a lot of people enjoying themselves for the first night of what should be a very long and busy pride weekend here in san francisco. >> and reporters cheered on the steps of city hall as the announcement. made, chopper 5 was overhead. inside this couple exchanged vows. it's the same building where then mayor, now lieutenant governor started it all 11 years ago single game record it's -- ago. >> it's profound. lives having affirmed and their family's lived have been affirmed. >> and here's a look at the white house aglow in rainbow
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lights to commemoration the decision. now 14 states will join the rest of the union making same sex marijuanas the law of the -- marriages the law of the land. five justis ruled in favor -- justices ruled in favor, four against. in the end it came down to equal rights and equal dignity. >> reporter: writing for the court justice kennedy said same sex couples seek not to denigrate marriage but live lives joins by its bond. they shouldn't be excluded from one effusive willization -- civilizations oldest right. president obama hailed the decision as a victory for america. >> when all americans are treated as equal, we are all more free. >> reporter: in a scathing
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derented the other -- dissent the other justices say it's profoundly incoherent, saying the issue should be left to the states. they said today's decision ignores the will of the voters to impose the judgment of an elite few. and chief justice john object encourage -- roberts encouraged supporters to celebrate today's decision, celebrate the achievement of a desired goal, but do not celebrate the constitution, it had nothing to do with it. >> legal experts say today's ruling could have bigger implications down the road, not just marriage. >> which means that in other area, housing discrimination, employment discrimination, you'll see very strong claims now that there's a protected status there. it's going to be harder to discriminate on a lot of
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levels. >> california gives gays broad protections in housing and employment, but 29 states still allow lgbt people to be fired or denied housing simply because they are gay. we took a poll to see what the bay area thought of today's ruling. 61 percent agree, 32 percent disagreed, including a dozen or so protesters near berkeley today. they had banners saying marriage should be between a man and a woman. we want to know what it's like in states that have fought gay marriage tooth and nail. what's the reaction now that they have to allow it. i spoke to a reporter tonight in dallas texas. >> reporter: we're in a neighborhood called oak lawn here in dallas that's predominately a gay community, and tonight there was a big march through here, more than 2,000 folks through the
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streets, a lot of excitement, banners, flags, singing. >> here in the bay area, a lot of people supported the ruling today, nut other states like -- but in other states like texas that are conserve tiff and religious -- conservative and religious, they haven't been so supportive. have you seen a transformation? >> reporter: some of the couples i spoke with felt the public has changed their opinion in the last years, in terms of politicians that's a different story. our governor today in fact came out saying that, urging folks actually to fight this on the grounds of religious freedom and states rights. one lawyer here telling us he expects some lawsuits and that maybe in his opinion that this could actually cost some taxpayers money, but again it's day one, so we don't know where it's going. >> jeff paul from dallas. thank you. let's take a step back and look at what's been quite a
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week. gay marriage, obamacare, the confederate flag, each one a defining moment in our country, but also three in one week. pretty amazing. >> just the last few days. here's a picture from my facebook feed. the lowering of the confederate flag and some raising of the rainbow. some are saying this is president obama's best week in office. some but not all. >> >. it's awesome for me. >> i now pronounce you spouses for life. >> today is a historic and blessed day. >> reporter: but not everyone is celebrating. >> i'm not going to put up with it. >> reporter: we talked to tourists from all over the country about the major developments just over the last week. today same sex marriage, yesterday obamacare, vendors are racing to yank confederate flags off the shelves. it makes last month's debut of caitlyn jenner seem like years ago. this couple from houston agrees
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with two of the three. >> the obamacare is fine. the confederate flag really has some deep seated stuff. they should come down. >> reporter: same sex marriage? >> not good with it because me religious belief. >> reporter: this couple is 0 for 3. >> america is disintegrating what our founders wanted. >> it's based on god, and this is not what god had in mind. >> it's been bananas. >> reporter: our political and legal analysts say some courts in the south are rejecting the ruling. >> but there is a group where some republican candidates are reliefs. they can just say i oppose it, but the court said that it's okay, so let's move on to another subject i really want
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to talk about. >> for an in depth look at today's ruling and the run down of the pride events into the city they had our website. in other news president obama eulogized the nine black church goers massacred like week. the pastor of the church was among the victims. he is survived by his wife and two young daughters. thousands of mourners packed the auditorium at a charleston college. the president's eulogy brought people to tears several times. >> reporter: president obama suddenly broke into song. he sang amazing grace, and at first no one knew how to react [ singing ]
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>> reporter: they finally rose to their feet and everyone joined in. [ singing ] >> reporter: pretty amazing moment for the president. he spoke about the reverend's faith, his time as a senator, and strength as a religious
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leader. after the funeral he spent time with families of those killed. new jersey governor chris christie apparently meated a decision -- made a decision, he's expected to announce tuesday that he's running for president according to cnn. he'll join a crowded field, he said he's unhappy with today's supreme court decision on same sex marriage today. one down, one to go. how an alert hunter and a liquor bottle brought down one of the escaped new york killers. bacon break in, teens trash a house and raid the fridge, but it's a dumb move they made next that got them caught. >> reporter: grateful dead fans from near and far are already getting the party started ahead of this
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a terrorist attack on tourist in tunisia at a beach resort. 37 people were killed, including europeans. police killed one of the gunmen and arrested another. the third one got away. tonight isis has claimed responsibility. and in france, a man drove a truck into an american owned chemical factory. he hit gas canisters causing an explosion. that man is in custody. later police found the severed head of the man's bottle challenge on a gate at the
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factory. french security services say the man may have been inspired by isis. and police finally caught up with one of the men who escaped prison in new york. thousand police were able to track them down. >> reporter: police caught up with richard matt just before 4:00 friday afternoon in new york, near the canadian border. he was shot and killed after they found him in the woods behind a cabin. >> a tactical team from customs and border protection met up with matt in the woods, challenged him, and he was shot dead by border patrol at that time. >> reporter: state police recovered a 20 game shot gun from -- gauge shot gun from matt's body. police swarmed the area after a man reported he found a misplaced liquor bottle in his
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hunting cabin. roads were immediately blocked after the shooting. police are still searching for sweat. >> we have no actual sighting of sweat by law enforcement, but we have no indication sweat was accompanying -- accompanying matt. >> reporter: investigators say they broke out using power tools before emerging through a manhole near the prison and made a run for it. two prison employees have been arrested in connection with the escape. matt was serving 25 to life for kidnapping, killing, and dismembering his former boss. sweat was serving a life sentence for shooting a police officer to death. >> police brought in flood lights to help in the night time search for sweat. >> reporter: tonight the bay -- tonight the bacon break in. a group of teens broke into the home, through a party at a house while the owners were away, and cooked up and ate
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five pounds of the homeowner's bacon. everity bottles -- empty bottles of liquor show they raided the liquor cabinet. >> the alcohol was probably drank first and bacon cooked second. >> either there was a lot of people or whoever was there liked bacon. >> after the party the kids stole $3,000 worth of jewelry and other stuff, posted pictures on social media, and that's how police caught them. they'll be back in court next week. tonight the stage is set for the grateful dead's final bay area shows. this is where the band will play for two nights beginning tomorrow. this afternoon we saw people working to get the sound system up and running. here's more from the deadhead pre-party in downtown. >> reporter: deadheads rocked out to a tribute band before
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the farewell this weekend. >> it's a dream. we closed our store. we have a store in texas and said we're taking a six-week road trip and doing this right. >> reporter: sabrina and paul bought tickets for both night, four original band members are reuniting on stage nearly 20 years after the last grateful dead concert with jerry garcia. >> this is never going to happen again. they've given everything they have to make our hearts happy for 50 years. >> reporter: fans danced and showed love for the band and culture around the park. >> just got this tattoo. >> reporter: jacob williams came from pennsylvania with his mom to celebrate the group's 50th anniversary and his high school graduation. >> i'm very excited. i've never been to california before. >> reporter: shortly after the band first announced their reunion shows in chicago, concert ticket prices surged
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into the thousands on the secondary market, but when shows at he vie were -- levi added, the prices cooled. you can still get tickets. this festival continues into tomorrow. now the grateful dead say they'll play their final three shows in chicago in july. lots of traffic all over the bay area this weekend. the hot spots and help getting around them, head to our website. speaking of hot, it's going to be a nice weekend for some of the events. >> >. thank you so much liz, i appreciate that. i'm coming to keep you company, you're looking lonely. tonight we're looking atfire warnings in the mountain -- at fire warnings in the mountain, we have the possibility of dry
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lightning strikes, and that will be a problem through sunday with thunderstorms the winds could gust up to about 55 miles an hour, 90-degree temperatures, low humidity, and that means a high fire threat. looking over san jose, livermore 66, and in the city 58, it's going to cool down a little, even as the inland stays warm, more high clouds tomorrow amp, and that trough will sweep up tropical moisture producing the thunderstorm threat in the sierra. more humid by tomorrow afternoon. nut general this low pressure trough that's on the way will serve to cool things down inland, and keep it there sunday. high clouds, watch the bottom part of the screen, all these high clouds filter in over the bay area by tomorrow midday and increase in conch by sunset tomorrow -- coverage by sunset tomorrow night. all of that being said it's
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going to be a windy start to tomorrow morning, and partly cloudy skies around the bay area. here's santa clara county. low 60s at the beaches, and if you're aheaded out to the roadwaysway, temperature 75 degrees, and the pride celebration, temperature 64 this weekend. well 64 in the city. 80 in concord, oakland, mostly in the mid-70s. little warmer. 80 at concord. low clouds to start, high clouds to finish, and extended forecast, numbers in the mid- 80s in the warmer spots on saturday. cooler sunday. monday tuesday and wednesday
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though mid-90s again. so we cool, and then liz we warm up a little. overnight lows remain near about 50. >> so back to normal. >> well, back to average, i don't know about normal. >> i guess there is no normal these days. well tonight we want to thank everyone who donated in our kpix domestic violence telethon today. we raised more than $17,000 in the drive, that money will help stop abuse and provide help for domestic violence victims and their family. still to come, a family picks up a dangerous hitchhiker on the
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sfx: engines revving. listen up. ready.
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ready. steady. sfx: engines revving. go! ♪ it's more than a movie. it's now a ride. fast and furious. supercharged. ride it at universal studios hollywood. one family has quite a memory to bring back from vacation, a grizzly bear starts climbing on their car. they were on the way back and saw the bear on the side of the road, but here's their big mistake. the dad got out and started taking pictures, and that's when the bear got curious. >> they were just grazing, not bothering anybody, and then one of the bears decided to check out the car across the street,
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then he dropped down and beelined for our vehicle. >> probably not a good idea. likely for the family they walked away with only a few scratches to their car. and coming up in one hour, the late late show with james corden, tonight guests are halle berry and jeffery dean morgan. >> >. one time resident halle berry. >> did you get to meet here? >> i did not. the us women
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the giant doing anything to stay close to the dodgers in the west, one thing they can't figure, the colorado rockies. sailing, sailing away! down 3-2 in the sixtieth. brandon crawford a timely hit. it's tied up at 3, liz. then 7th inning somehow some way ben got through. it was enough to score two, or did gonzalez touch home plate? what do you think? did he touch it? >> i don't think so. >> i don't know, it was reviewed and counted. down 8-6 giants rallied in the
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nining. is -- ninth s. that fair or fall? it's just foul. and the reid held on -- rockies held on final of 8-6. meantime, 59 degrees in oakland. really? a's hosting the royals where the royals bats were hot in the second. a home run got them nothing. morales' ninth round trip of the year and what happened here. ike davis has issues. that caused two more runs. 27,365, so the a's five game win streak ends. >> usa! world cup, us against china. it's the us moving on to the
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semifinals, 1-0 they
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well if you're looking for something to do this weekend, take your pick. you have grateful dead, pride, nascar. >> yes. >> the only thing you really have to worry about what you're going to wear because the temperatures are so different across the area. >> freezing at the coast, warm inland. >> there you go. well elementary is next. all you
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