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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  June 29, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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the nightmare is finally over. a killer is captured. david sweat is finally in custody after eluding capture for more than three weeks. >> the latest hit in the country's debt crisis that could end in default. we have no engines. i need help. >> a desperate pilot calls for help moments before his plane crashes into a home. >> it was like thunder that took the house kind of like an earthquake feeling. >> and a huge celebration on gay pride day following the supreme court'
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he was shot and this morning is in critical condition in an albany hospital. mark albert good morning. >> reporter: good morning. david sweat, a 35-year-old managed to conceal himself by hiding in dense woods but he was ultimately caught by walking out in the open on a remote mode in the middle of the day. law enforcement officials escorted the ambulance carrying david sweat to albany medical
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center sunday night where he's listed in critical condition. authorities have placed sweat in a secure section of the hospital as doctors continue to assess his injuries. >> based on the preliminary evaluation of the patient, it's obvious that he would need to be here at least a series of days. >> reporter: hours earlier sergeant jay cook who was on routine patrol alone spotted sweat two miles from the canadian border. this image shows the fugitive covered in blood as the veteran officer shot him twice in the torso as he tried to get away. >> you wish it didn't have to happen in the first place but if it had to happen this is the way you you'd want it to end. >> reporter: they managed to evade capture for three weeks. sweat's mother wishes he would have stayed where he was. >> reporter: sweat and matt
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broke out of the correctional facility in dannemora using power tools. they believe they were using pepper to throw off dogs who were tracking them. the family of the sheriff's deputy killed david sweat 13 years ago say his capture is not the end of the story. they say they want law enforcement to get o the bottom of the story so, quote, no other family has to relive the nightmare the way they have. ail alison? >> thank you, mark. a group of officers posed for a photo outside of the prison. an inmate who escaped from a north carolina prison season back behind bars. christopher mcneill who was serving a sentence for second degreed murder was captured saturday. prison officials thinks he climbed over a fence.
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a prison kitchen worker may have helped in the escape. they say they won't end greece any more money. this morning the greek banking system is shut down. greek citizens are scrambling to grab their money and wondering how they'll make ends meet. good morning, jill. >> good morning, alison. news that greece shut its banking system turning stocks the a three-month low. the banks will remain closed for six business days. on the news that greeks are scrambling to get whatever they could the lines at atm machines stretched for blocks. many ran out of money. tourists can use atms with no
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restriction restrictions. tsipras addressed the public monday urging them their money was safe. yesterday in athens there were protested against the austerity measureses greek creditors want. they want additioional s spending cuts and higherr tataxes. over the weekend the government calllled for a natational referendum set for next monday. many greeks say they've had enough financial pain. >> we're sending a specific message which says no to the agreement, overthrow the european unit and international militarying. >> this morning news that greece had shut sent the asian stocks and oils are down. >> asian stocks are down and oil is down. how will the u.s. be impacted?
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aside on what effects they would have on the global economy, there are political issues to consider. it could mean european nations could cut defense spenldsing just as china and russia ramp up their efforts. probably at a see price. nato probably doesn't want a key military ally strengthening its ties to vladimir putin. >> very interesting. we'll continue to follow this. puerto rico is reportedly unable to pay its $72 being public debt. "the new york times" says the island's governor will seek to defer payments while negotiating with its creditors. the power company alone owns $9 billion. a wildfire in washington state is forces thousands from their homes. the grass fire has destroyed at least nine buildings.
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a walmart is also in the evacuation area. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. hot, dry, and windy situations have them under control today. the faa says a plane was headed from lancaster pennsylvania, to norwood memorial airport in massachusetts sunday when it plowed into a plainville home. >> reporter: mary o'rourke took this photo from her front porch. this two-story cologne yol caught on fire. the fire was in the back of it. the people at home got out safely. eric who lives two doors down heard a blast and thought it came from a nearby quarry. >> i ran outside and my daughter was in the front yard and i saw a whole fireball. before crashing the pilot
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reported an engine problem, the pilot telling air traffic control we've lost our control. i can't do anything. i can't see anything. air traffic control asks are you able to maintain 2,500 feet there. the pilot said, sir, wee not doing jack. we've got bad vibrations. i need help. we're gliding. mike brown was outside grilling when he heard the engine sputtering. >> came over the neighbor's house. he followed the street shy of that destination. alison t national transportation safety board is due on the scene in the next 24 hours. >> wow thank you, david. tunisians are look. it's believed the gunman acted
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alone but received help before hand. he's a graduate of the university. he opened fire as he walked calmly through a beach resort. at least 38 people were killed. terror alert. an alert from homeland security and the fbi with possible attacks. it mentions potential attacks against law enforcement, military or large gathering such as parades. and coming up on "cbs this morning," former cia director mike morell has more on the terror warning. >> they will have a deal to curb around the nuclear program by tomorrow's deadline. they met with john kerry and negotiators. it remains a key sticking point. negotiators told kerry totnot hell
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thunder on the narrows race. a lightning strike this weekend killed a woman in northern arizona and injured several other people. in colorado lightning injured 15 people when a group on a hike was surprised by a storm. witnesses say the scary storm moved in quickly. some of the victims were knocked out by the lightning. >> some of them were knocked unconscious for a while, up to five minutes, some up to 30 seconds. they were all able to regain consciousness, walk out on their own. >> three people were critically injured by a strike that also killed a dog. this morning nasa is investigating a failure on a supply rocket on its way to the international space station. it exploded and disintegrated sunday about two minutes after blasting off from cape canaveral. nearly 4,000 pounds of supplies were lost. it's the third one this month. straight ahead, shark attacks surge and two people are bitten off the coast of south
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in taiwan a party at a water park turned into a terrifying scene. nearly 500 people were hurt saturday when colored powder was thrown on revelers exploded on scene. the fire started close to the ground burning many people's lower bodies. investors believe a cigarette could be to blame. the organizers could face charges. >> two people are recovering this morning after separate shark attacks out of the water before he was bitten on his right leg and lower back. >> his calf looked all bandaged up and he had a bloody towel
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around his waste. >> there have been six shark attacks along the coast of south carolina over the last two weeks. >> and following the court legalizing same-sex marriage but a different breaks out between police and marchers at a gay pride parade in istanbul. ♪ double the lovin' this summer at mcdonald's with the double combo for just $2.50. ♪ [ jennifer garner ] why can't powerful sunscreen feel great on your skin? actually it can. neutrogena® ultra sheer®. nothing out performs it. nothing feels cleaner. its helioplex formula provides unbeatable uva uvb protection to help prevent early skin aging and skin cancer. and while other sunscreens
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. police in istanbul, turkey, fired water cannons and rubber pellets at the crowd at a gay pride parade. it's not sure what happened.
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two people were hurt. minutes later the rally got going again a few blocks away. the scene was different in the pride parade in san francisco. hundreds took to the streets to celebrate following the supreme court's ruling to legalize same-sex marriage. organizers say it was the largest pride gathering there in 45 years. and new york city was painted in a color of rainbow saturday. at least 2 million people were there. wendy gillette was there. >> reporter: the cheering was louder. the drumming and dancing more joyful as an estimated 2 million people celebrated the supreme court's decision to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide. >> everyone is really happy and excited. you can sense a difference in -- more excitement. >> reporter: the wet pavement reflected the sea of rainbow flags >> it's just the fact that i can
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cannerycan marry my partner and live anywhere and no one can tell me that that's wrong. >> reporter: actor ian mckellen served as the grand marshal. >> it's all the right movement in the right direction. i think people will tame comfort. >> reporter: the first new york city march was in 1970. now there are days of events and it's part of the biggest pride parade in the world. >> i now pronounce you married. >> reporter: new york governor andrew cuomo officiated at a wedding in front of the stonewall inn where the guy rights movement started in 1969. >> any day that love wins is a good day. >> reporter: wendy gillette, cbs news, new york. >> reporter: and caitlyn jenner made her appearance. she was cheered by the crowd. once again the cleveland cavaliers star is opting out of his contract for next season making him an unrestricted free agent. however, he's unlikely to leave cleveland.
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james is now free to sign a new maximum contract that will pay him more than the $21.6 million he would have earned if he didn't exercise his option. in baseball the cubs and cardinals playing late after a lengthy rain delay. st. louis outfielder jason heyward throwing his sliding catch. he follows that up by having a go-ahead run in the fourth with one of st. louis's six doubles. they finished off a three-game sweep against the cubs with a three-game win. mats goes three for three and drives in four runs, a record for a pitcher making a first start. the new york native had a number of relatives including his very pumped up grandfather. and coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," find out who's at the top of the "forbes" celebrity 100 list. i'm alison harmelin. this is the "cbs morning news." who's at the top of the "forbes" celebrity 100 list. i'm alison harmelin. this is the "cbs morning news."
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the "solar impulse 2" is taking off into history. it departed japan last night on a five-day flight to hawaii. it's the longest leg of the solar power plane's journey around the world. the plane is expected to travel across the united states, the atlantic ocean, and europe before returning to its departure point, abu dhabi. and here's another look at this morning's top story. the banks will remain shut for six days. greek's european lenders won't lend greece any more money unless greece has a strict austerity plan. greece has a major debt payment due tomorrow and doesn't have the money to pay. the second of two killers who escaped from new york prison is back in custody this morning.
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david sweat was captured yesterday following a three-week manhunt 2 days after richard matt was killed. he was shot twice and is in critical condition. whitey bulger spent 16 years free before his arrest in 2011. now he's the focal point of a high school mission. as jim smith of our boston station wbz reports the former crime boss is taking an active role in the project. >> he took kind of an unconventional route i guess you could say. >> reporter: it all took place and three classmates. they chose whitey bulger as a leader and legacy. >> we didn't choose a president. or a leader in that sort of way. we chose asomeone who was a leader of organized crime and someone that we weren't trying to glorify in any way at all. >> reporter: so they wrote to bulger and he actually responded with a letter from his florida
4:27 am
prison cell. >> it was definitely shocking to see a letter from basically a serial killer in your mailbox, but it was definitely interesting. i was excited to be able to see his input. >> reporter: in the letter the former crime boss tells the three students my life was wasted and spent foolishly, brought shame and suffering on my parents and siblings and will end soon. advice is a cheap commodity. some seek it about crime. i only know one thing for sure. if you want to make crime pay, go to law school. >> it was really shocking because everything you read he's portrayed like a monster and a bad person. he definitely is a bad person. you can't take away from the things that he's done. it was definitely interesting to see him apologizing. >> it definitely doesn't change the fact that he is by no means a good guy. he's a cruel villain that hurt the lives of a lot of people. >> that was jim smith reporting. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," the latest on the capture of escaped
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fugitive david sweat who's recovering in the hospital this morning. plus members of the u.s. women's soccer team are looking for more victories and a way to cash in on their success. and the amazing story of baseball player who was perfect in the only major league game of his career. and that's the "cbs morning news" for this monday, thanks for watching. i'm alison harmelin. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. and there it is, the golden gate bridge, and there's a couple of cars working their way in on a monday morning
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after a very busy weekend in san francisco. >> good morning, it's monday, june 29th. i'm maria medina. >> good morning, i'm frank mallicoat. it's 4:30 on the dot. >> and good morning everyone. happy monday morning. >> i think it was such a busy weekend we all had to come back to work to get some rest. >> we know you did. >> good morning everybody heading out the door. we have clear skies in our inland area. we have a layer of clouds right there, as we're taking a peek toward sfo, and current temperatures from the 50s to 60 degrees in livermore. going up in comparison to yesterday. so refreshing, 60s beaches and beaches and 90s inland. >> chp was busy overnight, there was a fatal accident that happened along 880 many milpitas, also very light at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> i was going to step away, and i changed


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