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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  June 29, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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monday morning after a very busy weekend in san francisco. >> good morning, it's monday, june 29th. i'm maria medina. >> good morning, i'm frank mallicoat. it's 4:30 on the dot. >> and good morning everyone. happy monday morning. >> i think it was such a busy weekend we all had to come back to work to get some rest. >> we know you did. >> good morning everybody heading out the door. we have clear skies in our inland area. we have a layer of clouds right there, as we're taking a peek toward sfo, and current temperatures from the 50s to 60 degrees in livermore. going up in comparison to yesterday. so refreshing, 60s beaches and beaches and 90s inland. >> chp was busy overnight, there was a fatal accident that happened along 880 many milpitas, also very light at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> i was going to step away, and i changed my mind.
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>> what you stand on behind this big desk. >> it is 4:30. a strike could hit santa clara county tomorrow. thousands of critical workers, including 911 dispatchers are threatening to walk off the job. cate cauguiran shows us the county is scrambling to make sure everyone stays safe if they do strike. >> i think almost all areas are going to be affected in one acor the other. >> reporter: county executives walk out of soundings emergency meeting, no closer to a resolution. >> we would look to the state to go to court to seek an injunction, as we believe that the strike is illegal. >> reporter: meanwhile, we are one day closer to what could be a massive strike. >> the county is planning for that possibility and is trying to preserve as much public service to the extent possible. >> reporter: 9000 county workers agreed to walk off the job tuesday if no agreement was
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met. shelters, garbage collection, hospitals and 911 calls. at this rally last week, one worker told kpix 5 she has to live with her parents in order to make ends meet. >> there's no way that i would be able to pay rent on my own, and put food on the table for my daughter. >> reporter: union workers contract are expired and the demands for higher wages and better working conditions are growing. in santa clara, cate cauguiran kpix 5. as much ass will be available in the event of a strike, it's not clear how they plan to provide them. union representatives say negotiations will continue today. three men are recovering today after a brawl broke out in a church parking lot after sunday services. now, it happened near laurel and brown near oakley. two men were shot, and one was beaten with what looked like a crow bar. investigators think the fight may have started over a damaged car.
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all three victims are expected to survive, and no arrests were made. in freemont, police are investigating a suspicious death at a regional park. a man's beau was found -- body was found in some bushes, just off patterson ranch road. investigators believe the victim died of a gunshot wound to the chest, but it's still unclear exactly what happened. the man has not been identified. there are no suspects. authorities are hoping to learn more from a convicted killer who broke out of a maximum security prison in new york three weeks ago. as mark albert reports, david sweat was shot and captured yesterday, two days after fellow escapee was killed. >> law enforcement officials escorted the ambulance carrying decade sweat to albany medical center sunday night where he is listed in critical condition. authorities have placed sweat in a secure place in the hospital while aassess his
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injuries. >> it's he'll need to be here for a series of days. >> reporter: jay cook, who was alone on routine patrol spotted sweat in the town of constable, 2 miles from the canadian border border. the 21 year veteran shot him twice in the torso as we tried to get away. as sweat continues to recover here, authorities have launched a full investigation into how he and richard matt managed to evade capture for three weeks. >> sweat's mother pamela wishes he would have just served out his time. >> i wish he would have just stayed where he was. >> reporter: sweat and matt broke out of the clinton correctional facility using power tools. authority believe the pair were using pepper to throw off dogs who were tracking them. mark albert, cbs news, albany new york. >> a prosecutor says sweat will
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likely be charged with escape, burglary, and other counts. biden stopped by sunday prayer services as a show of support for the congregation. the community is still healing after nine people were shot dead at a bible study there earlier this month. biden's visit came just hours before the funeral services for one of the victims. another shark attack off the north carolina coast this weekend. this time, it was a 17-year-old boy. officials say the teen was swimming off the outer banks late yesterday afternoon when the shark bit him. he was air lifted to a hospital with injuries to his right leg, his butt and hands. now, this is the 6th shark attack in that area in the past two weeks. if you're heading to north carolina to enjoy the beach. >> stay on the beach. >> they understand, definitely. >> what a weekend, huh. >> great weekend. great week ahead. if you want to head to the local beaches, we have nothing but sunny skies, and temperatures in the triple digits for a couple good days.
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good morning everybody. let's call on our weather camera. this is compliments of birthday boy, brian kiley, taking a look toward treasure island, we have a layer of clouds looking out toward the bay bridge. 57 degrees in santa rosa, 60 degrees in livermore and, oakland 61 and san jose. these numbers are going to be compared to yesterday. 60s along the seashore. 70s to 80s in the peninsula, and as we sweep around to the eastern portion of our bay, this is where we will find warmest numbers, 94 degrees in brent wood. temperatures low pressure span from the 60s to the 70s into the 80s. we'll top off at 81 degrees in san rafael, all the way through mill valley, and 97 degrees in cloverdale. triple digits when to expect it. good morning, everybody. happy monday, we're going to start off with a check on our bridge commutes this morning.
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highway 92 is still in good shape. there was overnight road work in the eastbound direction. that's gone. westbound traffic is now moving well. the san mateo bridge looking good as with your silicone valley freeways. there was an accident that happened overnight along 880 in milpitas. that's gone. all south bay roadways moving well, north 101 moving at the speed limit, approaching 280 and it looks very light, all the way through the south bay approaching the peninsula. you will see slow traffic west 580 will be along the altamont pass. it's slow this hour. b.a.r.t.'s on time. no delays for the ferries, caltrain, and that first altamont commuter express train has left on schedule. northbound highway 880 at milpitas back open after a deadly accident. a driver rear ended on the freeway, got out to check the damage to the car, and that's when the victim was struck. several other cars were involved in the crash but
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nobody else was seriously injured. chp is investigating that accident. the company behind the turbo talk software is cutting hundreds of jobs, laying off 5% of the work force in what it calls a realignment. that's 400 employees. they employ 8000 people worldwide. it's not clear where all the layoffs are happening. i haven't happening -- intui will help laid off workers find jobs: many bay area cities already have their own plastic bag bands. supporters say they reduce litter and protect marine life. they claim the bans only benefit retailers. a set back for spacex and nasa, an unmanned rocket exploded minutes after launch from cape canaveral, carrying
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5000 supplies for the international space station. overpressurization occurred in a liquid ox again tank on board. nasa has lost three unmanned rockets in the last eight months. >> nasa expected a failure every now and then, and i think getting a cluster like this, in one after the other order, is disheartening and it's something that's obviously going to send the engineers back to the drawing board to make sure they figure this out and press ahead. >> nasa says the astronauts on the space station have enough to make it through october. a home burst into flames when a plane crashes into it. it happened in the town overplanville, 40 miles outside f -- plainville, 40 miles outside the town of boston. the ntsb is investigating. in southern california, a man was killed and a woman is in the hospital after their
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home made single engine plane slams into a cell phone tower. it happened yesterday afternoon near ron that, about 50 miles east of la. -- corona, about 50 miles east of la. the greek cabinet has shut down danks for the 6 business days and the athens stock exchange is closed for today. there's a cap on atm withdrawals of $66 a day. at the same time, it's hoping for concessions from the country's creditors. a potential default looms tomorrow, putting greece's continued membership in the euro currency in doubt. a rock 'n' roll veteran has died. basist chris squire lost his battle of leukemia. he was the founding member of the rock band, and the only member to play on every yes album and be on every tour. joane mitchell is on the
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mend, she suffered an aneurysm in march. she's expected to make a full recovery. good monday morning, everyone. time is 4:41 on the dot. it's believed to be one of the biggest celebrations ever. what was different about the pride parade in san francisco. e-mail
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the celebration was one for the ages, a huge crowd packed into the civic center plaza for a day long party following yesterday's 45th annual pride parade. the festival was a birth of rainbow colors and peached a mix -- featured a mix of bands and booths. the party started with a parade down market street. hundreds of thousands turned out. the crowd was ten to fifteen deep in spots along the route,
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as you can see here. john ramos tells us for many this felt like a victory parade following the supreme court's landmark decision. >> reporter: at san francisco's annual pride parade, the motorcycles seemed just a little bit louder, the smiles a little bit wider and thanks to the supreme court, an already happy event just got a lot happier. >> i cried. it was really amazing. i mean, i woke up and i had 7 texts on my phone, i got something really important to tell you. >> we are here today to celebrate love is love, and it's finally happened across the united states. >> reporter: the new national right to marry meant this year's celebration wasn't about pride at all. it was about victory, and how better to come out of the shadows than to march in a parade. jewell lowry and christina limer tied the knot last year, and said meant a lot to be married everywhere. >> is it a greater feeling to
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feel special about being married or to feel like everybody else for a change. >> doesn't everybody feel special about being married. >> i'm an ally. my son is marching in the parade, and he's transgender. it gives me hope that he can live the kind of life and marry the man of his dream, like my wife married the man of her dreams. >> reporter: the hero's welcome was for gavin knewsome, the san francisco mayor who issued the first marriage licenses to same- sex couples in 2004. >> do you feel like you were right all along. >> i know it sounds like a road cliche, but love always triumphs and it's certainly being celebrated, not just tolerated for everybody! in san francisco, john john, kpix 5. get ready to pay more to across the golden gate bridge. tolls are going up again this week. 25-cent increase takes effect on wednesday.
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fast track users will pay 6.25. 7.25 if you pay by plate. the toll increases are necessary to keep up with the maintenance on that aging bridge. time 4:46. good morning, roberta. >> good morning. >> i saw the fog as i was rolling in or were those just clouds. >> clouds and fog. social security simmering there, pushed on shore. most welcome for those of us in the inland areas where it has been warm. we cooled down last night, and going to warm up today the hottest day will be on wednesday. the 7-day forecast is coming u. first send you out the door, compliments photographer greg, under a mostly cloudy sky. another view towards the bay bridge, currently we have air temperature of 57 to 61 degrees. it is now 57 degrees in santa rosa, where we have clear skies. few clouds along the coast and into the bay. everybody will have a few high clouds all from sub tropical moisture, lifting to the high
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sierra, and we're going to heat up today in comparison to yesterday. the cloud cover, associated with that tropical moisture, that may feel muggy over the weekend. the potential for thunderstorms will continue to exist, but mainly east of the bay area, i'll put a slight chance of a thunderstorm in the evening forecast, otherwise a very warm weekend ahead but cooler by the weekend. >> your beach forecast at 78 degrees in santa santa cruz today, sun will go down at 8:36 and make an appearance at 550. 60s, beaches, 70s across the central bay. 70s, 80s coming across the peninsula, and low 90s in the inland areas. an outside number of 94 degrees, in brent wood, tracy and oakley, otherwise, triple digits tomorrow, 104 will peak on wednesday, hot on thursday. gradual cool down over the weekend. 92 degrees to the fair today. make sure you hydrate.
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lisa. hi there roberta, if you plan on heading to the alameda county fair, expect delays, it always gets crowded along 680 leading to the fair. as we start off kcbs traffic, with a look at the east shore freeway, all speeder freeways leading toward the bay bridge toll plaza are wide open at this hour. if you look close at this picture, you can see the car stalled out at the bay bridge toll plaza. it has a big rig behind it. westbound traffic looking okay for the commute out of oakland heading into san francisco. the metering lights are still off. the san mateo bridge holding steady, all road work that they had overnight is now picked up. all lanes are open in both directions at highway 92. a great commute, no matter where you're headed. slow traffic for the altamont pass. westbound 580 is jammed up. from the 205 interchange, not that bad for this hour of the morning. you can see all the green as you roll through the pleasanton area, bound for dublin. the rest of the commute looks
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like this. the south bay, we have live pictures of the los gatos drive. very dark and traffic is quiet. that's a good sign, right that it's so dark out there, that there are no headlights or brake lights either. that's a look at kcbs traffic. another republican plans to enter the race for president. ohio governor john kasich plans to make a formal announcement on july 2 21st. why kasich isn't as well known as other candidates, he has been involved in politics for more than three decades and served in congress for 18 years: more california wildlife poachers are behind bars, thanks to the work of a dedicated investigator who decided to change his sleeping habits it. kpix 5's allen martin spoke with the game warden who became a game changer. on the back roads.
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, chris stutes is lying the dream! how much fun to find the baddest of the bad, outlaw of the outlaw. >> his dream anyway. >> california's wildlife officer of the year should have the bad guys shaking in their boots, while theme music of a clint eastwood movie in the background. >> what he found were pigs, poached on private property, along with other illegally hunted animals, including elk. >> i had guys using night vision. >> night is when poachers prowl. chris and his partner quinn became nocturnal. >> and what we can see right in here, i have made well over a dozen nighttime big game hunting activity cases. >> in his biggest case, stutes and quinn spent months tracking and gathering evidence, eventually busting a commercial poaching case involving convicted felonies who were later found guilty of night
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hunting, hunting prohibited species, shooting from vehicles, theft, pot growing and illegal gun possession. >> people leaving their house with intentions of bad things, intentions of committing crimes, breaking the law. >> while poachers might get away with it for a while, stute and quinn may be hot on their trail. >> you know what motivates me, i want a convicted felony, i want him covered in blood up to his elbows, with his gun on his back. a pistol on his side, and arms deep in the cavity of some dead animal he just killed in the middle of the night on somebody else's property where he doesn't belong. >> one last question, did he catch his pablo escobar. >> i found close. i found his juvenile cousins or something, somebody down the ladder from him. >> reporter: in colusa county, allen martin, kpix 5. time is 4:51. a potential roadblock to the warrior's plan to move to the other side of th
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good morning, it's monday, it's 4:54. the temperatures in and around the bay area, 60s at the beaches, partly sunny skies, 70s and 80s will be common around the peninsula to 92 degrees, santa clara valley. east of the bay numbers, 87 degrees. pleasant hill, and good morning walnut creek near 90. 94 for the warm spot in brent wood. beaches, 64, others later tonight, novato, a slight chance of a thunderstorm into the 80s. and good morning cloverdale, you'll top off at 97 degrees. and we're just getting word of a car fire and a closure now
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as a result chp has shut down the east 24 connector ramp to southbound 13, as fire crews deal with a car fire just off the freeway. be prepared for that closure. all other feeder freeways in the commute direction, so west 24, west 580 and north 880 all look good leaving oakland headed toward the bay bridge toll plaza. i'll have a look at kcbs traffic in a few minutes. >> good news for people planning summer road trips. an industry analyst says the decline comes amid a 42-cent jump recorded over the previous weeks. in the bay area, gas reports the average price of a gallon of regular will cost about 3.54 in san francisco. in oakland, drivers will pay 3.39, and san jose, 3.37 a gallon. 4:55, now, the warriors may be basking in the glory of the nba title, but not everyone is behind the new arena proposal.
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nurses at ucsf will rally near the proposed site, planning to outline the impact the 18,000 seat arena would have on the neighborhood. big concern an increase in traffic prevents health care workers ability to get to the hospital. and the long awaited plan for a new raiders stadium is being called a lousy trade for the deal. the tribune had financial experts look over the plan, submit it by san diego investor floyd ken heart, it calls for the raiders and the nfl to finance a $900 million facility. he also wants the raiders to sell off a portion of the club to his company. the raiders are wanting to move to carson where they would share a brand new stadium with the san diego chargers. jurassic world took the top spot at the box office for the third week in a row.
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>> jurassic world is the 6th 6th highest grossing domestic release of all times. pixar's inside out came in second. and teddy bear, ted two came in third, with 33 million, max and spy round out the top five. it is 4:57 on your monday morning, coming up in the next hour, another big wildfire in its early stages, hot dry summer coming up. i'm lisa chan in the newsroom, the state is expected
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live, from the cbs bay area studio, this is kpix 5 news. and we start off this monday morning with a shot of
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the bay bridge from the embarcadero. very pretty. does it look like the sun is coming up, trying to at least. >> maybe a little, we hope. good morning, i'm maria medina. >> i'm frank mallicoat. hope you had a good weekend. a little traffic and weather, and roberta is going to tell you all about the weekend. >> and up and under the bay bridge. that's beautiful. we were looking at a layer of low clouds and area of patchy fog. we will see that dissipating and partly sunny skies today. a bit on the sunny side. you can see that layer of clouds. temperature wise into the 50s and low 60s. currently 60 in liver administer, that's a -- livermore. that's a very mild start to the day. muggy today, 79 degrees in redwood city. 84 san jose. 82 degrees in vallejo. pretty much a summery


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