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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  June 29, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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ffected thus far and the coast guard is not saying exactly what they believe happened at this point because it just happened as we know a few hours ago. as soon as we have more information we'll bring it to you. live from san francisco international airport today, andria borba, kpix 5. a sighting of a school of big sharks, great whites spotted near sea cliff state beach not far from a popular diving and swimming area. kpix 5's devin fehely with the story of one man who has the perfect view of the ocean predators. >> it's an absolutely gorgeous day here at sea cliff state beach. hundreds of people came out today. it's a view from the air which givers -- gives you a very different perspective. we ourselves saw several sharks in the waters offshore. >> reporter: the view from sea cliff state beach was picture postcard perfect. a day to enjoy the sun surf, and sand.
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just offshore and visible to the naked eye were several sharks believed to be great white one of the ocean's most fearsome predators. >> there's a lot more ocean activity out there. a lot more whales fish, dolphins, seals and the great white sharks. >> reporter: chris gallarte has specialized helicopters that conduct tours of the coast every day and says shark sightings have become increasingly common. >> often you'll see sharks cruising the shallow waters, looking for meals or languishing in the warmer waters. >> reporter: during a brief tour this afternoon chris pointed out nearly a dozen sharks patrolling near sea cliff's stone tip pier and says last thursday he saw 15 or more. with shark sightings some beach-goers are nervous about going in to the water. >> i think it's scary. i wouldn't go out there. >> reporter: over the weekend the junior lifeguarding competition was canceled because of the sharks. marine biologists say the public should exercise caution because it's difficult to predict if or when
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the sharks might attack. >> sharks have adapted over their life spans to attack first, and find out what they're eating second. >> it is our goal to inform, not simply to alarm the public. these are shark sightings. thankfully there have not been any shark attacks. the beach does remain open and it will be up to the public to decide whether or not they'd like to go in the water. at sea cliff state beach devin fehely, kpix 5. over the weekend there was another shark attack off the coast. a teenage boy was bitten while swimming. it was the sixth shark attack in the state this month. usually north carolina only gets three shark attacks a year. a brush fire in gilroy stopped short of burning several homes. chopper 5 shows how close those flames got to several structures. firefighters even dropped red
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retardant directly on top of one home and an rv. the fire quickly blackened 20 acres. crews attacked this one from the ground and with water drops from the air. meanwhile in san francisco a home went up in flames, killing two pit bulls inside. six other dogs were safely rescued from the engelside home. a kpix video sent us this instagram video. thick black smoke pouring from the top of the building. flames shooting in to the sky. the fire started in the back of the building just before 9 a.m. crews had a difficult time getting to the flames. >> they were trying to make entry through the garage and there was a lot of material in there. sothey were not able to get through that way. >> three people were hurt including a witness and firefighter, all minor injuries. at least three people were displaced. get ready for some intense
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heat. we're talking temperatures as high as 108 degrees. meteorologist brian hackney on which spots will get the hottest. >> 108 in brentwood about as warm as it will get. this big high pressure begins to move up in to northern california in a repeated pattern we've seen several times now. it will bring very warm temperatures to the bay area. we're up 15 degrees at this hour in some places from where we were sunday it at this time. it will be another 15 degrees warmer for now. by tomorrow afternoon tuesday highs concord hits 105. walnut creek 102. ukiah at 106 and antioch at 101. plenty others in the neighborhood as well. we'll have complete coverage for you a few minutes from now. breaking news from the south bay. a judge has just issued an order blocking a strike by some santa clara
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county workers. kpix 5's mark sayre with more on the labor dispute and judge's ruling a few minutes ago. >> the judge is refusing to block the strike in its entirety but if there's a strike tomorrow the judge says 475 essential workers such as 911 workers, hospital employees those individuals must remain on the job. negotiations are continuing it at this hour between the county and its largest employee union. if there's a strike, there will still be at least 475 workers who must come to work tomorrow. >> reporter: the service employees international union represents 9,000 workers in santa clara county, and last week employees at valley medical center held a rally after the strike was authorized. >> we don't want to go out on strike but we're at a point where our numbers have spoken and they're willing to do that because they just can't take it anymore. >> reporter: as negotiations continue the county is asking the judge for an emergency order to block the strike. if a judge
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won't go along with that, the county wants 1800 of its workers to be declared essential including 341 workers at valley medical center, allowing those workers to walk off the job would, in the county's words create an imminent and substantial threat to the health of the community. >> the county is planning for that possibility and is trying to preserve as much public service to the extent possible. >> the main issue at play here is salary and wages but also service levels. some employees say they are simply working too many overtime hours. they believe they're being stretched too thin, especially in some emergency positions. a judge late this afternoon has refused to block the strike, but will require some essential employees to stay on the job if a strike is authorized. the deadline is 6 a.m. tomorrow morning. reporting live in downtown san jose, mark sayre kpix 5. new at 5:00, it's now up to
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the governor to decide whether california will have one of the nation's strictest vaccination laws. senate approved the controversial legislation again today. this time approving amendments made in the state assembly. the bill gets rid of the personal belief exemption requiring most public school kids to be vaccinated. >> we have allowed dangerous communicable diseases back in to society that we have the tools to prevent. >> the only exceptions to the law will be children with medical reasons not to be vaccinated. students who currently claim a personal belief exemption will be able to maintain it until their next vaccine checkup. some cal students are going after the university after they say they were sexually assaulted by classmates. they're filing a lawsuit to get the school's attention. joe vazquez with what the students are can manding. >> -- are demanding. >> we are no longer asking for are just -- justice and change.
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we are demanding it. >> reporter: they accuse the university of not taking initial reports seriously enough and being lax in how it decides discipline for those accused of the crimes. >> i know that the university i once loved is more supportive to [ inaudible ] >> reporter: she invited a fellow student over in 2012. what started out as consensual started to change as she told him stop. she reported the sexual assault the next day. he finished 1,000 hours of community service and took domestic violence classes. so his felony assault conviction was reduced to a misdemeanor. i reached nick lu by phone. he said he has no comment. he did confirm he'll be coming back to campus in august as per agreement he made to the university. she says she doesn't know how she'll handle it if she sees him.
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>> if i'm basing on how i felt when i saw him on campus immediately after the assault whenever i saw him i'd just feel sick to my stomach and i would go home, skip classes for the rest of the day. stay in my apartment. it would really ruin my day or my week. >> cal did send us this response saying, quote at uc berkeley we are committed to creating a campus community where sexual assault is not tolerated. the three-week nightmare is finally over. now a captured killer is talking about his daring prison escape and the part of the plan that went wrong. >> it's been called cruel and unusual punishment. the supreme court backs a drug blamed for botched executions. what it could mean for california. >> definitely shocking to see a letter from basically a serial killer. >> words of wisdom from a notorious mobster. whitey bulger's surprising message to
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some hig
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a second convicted killer is now back in custody and slowly revealing details about his escape from a new york prison. david sweat is in the hospital recovering after getting shot by a state trooper. sweat says he and his fellow escapee richard matt were going to drive to mexico with prison employee joyce mitchell. they had plans to kill her husband first. when they didn't show up they decided to go to canada instead. they were on the run for three weeks. people in the area now relieved the whole thing is over. >> it's relief. it's the first good night's sleep i've had. >> a lot of people are going to relax and everybody gets to enjoy the fourth of july next weekend and not look over their shoulder. >> police shot and killed richard matt last friday. two prison employees have been arrested in connection with the escape. a fiercely divided u.s. supreme court ruling today that
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states can use a lethal injection drug blamed for some botched executions. in a 5:4 ruling the court said it is not cruel and unusual punishment to use the sedative midoxalam. the three drug cocktails. the drug was used in three states last year and raised concerns that it failed to put inmates in to a coma-like sleep. the majority of the justices rejected the argument that the drug can cause excruciating pain. but descenting judge sonia sote meyer called it being burned at the stake. the high court ruling could ultimately put executions back on track in california. since 2006 state and federal courts have blocked california from using its three-drug execution method. but officials recently agreed to put a single drug up
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for approval. still, it faces lengthy legal challenges before executions can resume. a bay area teen set on fire on a bus. now a new twist in the case. the surprising reason a judge is showing mercy to the teenaged suspect. >> criminals cashing in on your warriors pride.
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credit rating down in the dumps. it was downgraded 1 notch today. s&p says it sees a 50% chance of greece leaving the euro zone, the company's international bailout program ends tomorrow. that means greece loses access to more than $8 billion in loans. the country closed its banks in a last ditch effort to protect its finances. world markets tumbled and so did wall street. it was the worst day of the year for u.s. stocks. in fact worst day in several years. they plunged nearly 2%. dow dropped nearly 350 points everything ending in the red. tunisian officials have arrested several accomplices in a deadly terror attack that killed 38 people. dramatic new video has surfaced from friday's ram page.
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a nearby hotel employee shot this video after the gunman ran out of targets on the beach. he ran on to hotel grounds searching for more victims. people chased the suspect back on to the beach where tunisian authorities killed him. checking other bay area headlines tonight the sentence has been reduced for the teen to admitted sending gender teen on fire in oakland. the victim was wearing a skirt on a bus. sasha suffered burns to his legs but recovered. sasha's parents asked the judge to reconsider the seven-year prison sentence handed down. today the judge agreed and reduced the sentence to five years. a man was hit and killed by a car on 880 in milpitas. he had gotten in to a fender bender and was on the side of the road checking the damage. police say an oncoming car didn't see the man and drove in to him. police don't think alcohol or drugs
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were a factor in the crash. homeland security investigators have a warning for warriors fans. they say they've seized thousands of counterfeit nba championship gear. this includes t-shirts, sweatshirts hats sold throughout the bay area in the last month. they say these criminals are buying the items for about $2 to $3 and reselling them for much higher prices. >> we find criminal organizations, this is very lucrative for them. we don't want to fund the criminals. nobody wants to fund the criminals. so take an extra step go to a store go to an nba store go to a licensed retailer. go online. know your seller and purchase it from them. >> how do you know if your championship gear is in fact a knock-off? check the tag. if it's split it's bad. also check for a hologram. all official merchandise will have one. san francisco retail employees are getting a new bill of rights. on our consumer watch, julie watts explains how this may soon be the law of the
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land in every city. >> this law takes effect on friday and goes beyond minimum wage to address the number of hours part-time workers get and what lawmakers call abusive on-call policies. the law could impact nearly half of the city's retail workers and significant number of employees. employers must offer current part-time workers up to 35 hours per week before they can hire a new employee. part-time employees must get equal treatment to full-time employees including starting hourly wage, paid time off and promotions. employers must post schedules at least 14 days in advance. they must pay employees for being on-call or for being sent home early. falling concerns to the impact to businesses, they've recently amended the law to impact only retailers with 40 or more locations. it previously applied to those with 20. >> large retailers were the ones that were really the focus.
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the most abusive on scheduling, lack of workers getting enough hours to feed their families was coming from the large retailers. many of the local medium sized and smaller retails were actually following better practices. we expect this will be probably the law of the land in many other cities in california and maybe even our state very soon. >> he says other cities are looking to san francisco's law when drafting versions of their own and this could prompt some retailers to change policies chain-wide instead of developing one and then the other for the rest of the state. they worry this could prompt retailers to leave the city all together. we reached out to half a dozen of the affected retailers and san francisco chamber of commerce. they all declined to comment. a statewide version of the bill has already been introduced by now assembly member david chu. he introduced this back when he was a supervisor. >> one of the components is you have to pay people if they're on call.
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>> or if they get sent home early. people sit around all weekend, waiting for the call and they could be out of town. so much for june gloom. >> no kidding. we got rid of that in a hurry. >> we're not quite to july yet. >> it will be another 15 degrees. pretty good heat on the way. little midweek spike coming for the bay area. i say little but i don't mean little. it's up to 105 106 degrees or so as we head to tuesday wednesday. 91 in concord. oakland has 71 degrees. 67 degrees in san jose. 77. you missed a lot this weekend if you didn't catch up with what was going on. a lot of stuff happened. combining with this low that was offshore, provided
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this perfect avenue. wherever it hits the rocks kind of bubbles up which is what it did over the sierra. it created 800 lightning strikes saturday night, sunday morning. thunderstorms triggered 36 fires. all were put out pretty quickly but nevertheless it represents the threat we've had over the weekend. here's what's happening now. this high pressure now builds in, pushes back in to the bay area. if it does it means we're going to get hot weather coming in tomorrow and wednesday and it's hot enough today too. temperatures right now in novato, 78 degrees. brentwood at 100 degrees right now. paul recorded the high of 102 a few hours ago. san jose, 87 degrees. futurecast shows low clouds, not much in evidence but never the had less they will keep the coastline cool tomorrow. tomorrow morning at 7:00. low clouds out there. good we've got that. by tomorrow afternoon the numbers will be in excess of 100 degrees inland. to sum it up inland to
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105 on tuesday wednesday. coastal bay area remains cool. heat peak is on wednesday. a little bit of cooling thursday. heading out of the bay area, 106 in sacramento. 109 in fresno. and 1 twevl -- 112 in redding. worse there. overnight lows mild. 60 degrees in much of the area. forecast highs at as high as 105. 103 in morgan hill. 91 in fremont. in the east bay 100 degrees or more. over in the north bay closer to the shoreline, not as warm. 91 at san rafael and 94 in novato. extended forecast, it's hot. on tuesday and wednesday we get a bit of a break as we head in to thursday friday, and saturday. but between now and then some of the warmest readings of the year. >> be careful out there. >> daly city, 62. there is hope. [ laughter ] he was one of the fbi's
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most wanted fugitives but a convicted mob boss is showing a much different side. his advice to some high school girls.
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one of the nation's most notorious mobsters writes from prison to young teens. whitey bulger wrote this letter to students in massachusetts. they reached out to him about a history project about research and legacy. he told the students his life was wasted and spent foolishly. he said, quote, if you want to make crime pay, go to law school. >> it was really shocking because everything you read, por -- portrayed as a monster. never thought he was going to say anything like that. >> boulder serving life in prison for 11 murders.
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his federal appeal is set to be heard in july. donald trump is the one being told he's being cut. because of his comments about immigrants during his candidacy speech. nbc will no longer air the miss usa and miss universe pageants which
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with volvo. i'm veronica de la cruz in the kpix 5 news room. new at 6:00 tonight, dry brush heat on the way and fireworks for the fourth of july. it could be a dangerous combination. why some cities are still taking the risk. >> plus, she found herself stranded and alone. a woman gives birth in a northern california forest. how she and her baby survived four days and were finally rescued. join us for those stories and much more tonight at 6:00. >> thank you for watching. cbs evening news with scott pelley is coming up next. >> be careful in this heat. >> i want to revisit quickly the extended forecast to show you we've got tuesday and wednesday, the warmest spots in the bay area are well over 100 degrees. everybody will begin to cool off on thursday, friday, and saturday. heat advisories are already posted. it's going to be hot. >> be careful out there.
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remember the late st news and weather on web web. >> pelley: the second escaped killer tells police where he and his accomplice were headed and whom they intended to kill next. also tonight, the supreme court decides whether states can use an execution drug that some call barbaric. donald trump learns he's fired after his disparaging remarks about immigrants. and tying the knot. how one photographer is capturing the changing face of america. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. the escaped killer caught yesterday in upstate new york has been telling police all about his daring breakout with another prisoner. according to pol


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