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tv   Mosaic  CBS  July 5, 2015 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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♪ [ music ] ♪ ♪ morning my name is chis -- welcome to mosaic. i work for the arch diocese in the communications department. i want to welcome you to the show today. we have a chance to talk and catch this man richard lane, and richard is a lake county evangelist and we're going to be talk about him and his work, very powerful and interesting work. thanks for joining us --. >> they have bay area roots let's talk about that. >> i was born and raised in detroit, michigan, and i kind of went to -- i went to college in
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atlanta, georgia went into the military for a few year, made a stop in alabama indiana and then a year and a half in europe. and then in 1988, i got stationed at the oakland army base, in oakland california and i lived in oakland from 1988 to 1998. so i loved the bay area. my daughter was born in -- >> you were here if the earthquake. >> october 17th, 1989. we're going to talk about very deep sports connections to the bay area in the second and the focus of our show is the fact that you are a contact lick -- a lay catholic evangelist, we're going to break that down and talk about what that means looking forward to it. let's talk about your dad. tell us about your dad. >> dad broke into the nfl in 1952. he was a walk-on kind of
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undrafted free agent. in 1952. he set an nfl record that year of most interceptions in one season. he was traded to the chicago cardinals, played for them from 1953 to 1959 and then from 60-66, he played for the detroit lions, went into the nfl hall of fame in 1974. his name was dick the night train lane. >> and that father of your has raised a wonderful son. we have a great picture of you. >> thats was taken -- that was taken in 1994, the 20th anniversary of the induction at the nfl hall of fame in canton. >> i hear you get to go back there every once in a while. >> yes, my brother and i get a chance to go back to the hall of fame every year and it's a wonderful time of being able to celebrate dad's legacy. >> now, the neat thing is that you go back, not just as a child of someone in that legacy, but
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also as a preacher. people now know you as the preacher. so. >> yes. >> tell us about the john madden story. >> so i'm out here in oakland california preaching i was preaching in san ramone a couple of years ago and i got down the preaching and after mass was over one of the ushers comes up to me and says there's someone that wants to meet you in the back i say okay, fine. i go and it's john madden. and i'm like, it's good to see you. i was there when you guys won the super bowl against the vikings. so about a year later i go to canton ohio, and the first person i see is john madden. and he says, what are you doing here? how come you're not back preaching at church? i said what are you doing here, how come you're not back at church listening? mr. madden is a great catholic guy, goes to church every sunday. he and his wife very devout catholics, a great great guy. >> you've been preaching up
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until today recording this on the 25th of february. but you come back to the san francisco bay area at the invitation of pastors and different churns and you've been at -- churches and you've been at gregorys in san mateo. tell us about the football connection. >> so i go to gregorys -- >> this is last night. >> yes monday night i go to st. gregorys in san mateo and i'm doing what i always do, introduce myself to people as they're coming in and there was a wobderful -- wonderful couple that comes in. my name is tom brady oh, great to meet you mr. brady. did your dad let you wear one of the super bowl rings. no, i left it at home. he says, we're tom brady's parents. i was like, wow don't i feel bad? >> that's wonderful. >> i said your son is going to wind up having one of these in 7 years. this was my father's nfl hall of fame ring. >> when we come back, we're going to talk about your
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ministry the heart of you w.h.o. you are right now -- of who you right now. you're watching mosaic, my guest is richard lane. we'll be right back in just a few minutes. ♪ [ music ] ♪ ♪ did you know kids who play outdoors have healthier lungs? totally. i did. did you know that boys that play with dolls make better husbands? my son has lots of dolls. but did you know terry cloth diapers breathe better? i did. oh, yeah, yeah. did you know that strollers have the right of way on a sidewalk? yes. yup, i did. did you guys know-- did you know that kids who eat breakfast have higher gpas? yeah, i know. yeah. that's actually what i was going to say. did you know babies should never touch silver? it's really bad for them. i knew that. did you guys know that statistically friendly kids have more friends? mm-hmm. that's obvious. did you know most people think they're using the right car seat for their kid,
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but they're not? announcer: parents who really know it all know for sure that their child is in the right seat at the right age and size. visit to make sure your child is protected. i'm putting that on my blog. i just put it in mine. welcome back to mosaic. and we're here with richard lane a lay catholic evangelist and richard, i really want to get right to this. you -- the name, lay catholic evangelist, let's talk about that for a second. break that down for us well lay meaning i'm not a priest or a deacon. catholic evangelist, and some of my baptist and nondenominational friends tease me, and say isn't
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that an oxymoron. catholic evangelist. yeah, funny. but, basically, i am one that goes around the world doing parish missions, leading retreats for deacons priests and laity but i specialize in doing parish missions and really teaching catholics to the joys of our faith. to be able to live the faith every single day. not just be the frozen chosen. coming to fulfill our holy day of obligation, but really being that catholic that understands e advantage sags, that e word, to be able to go out and live out our faith and our calling. >> uh-huh. now, this -- this is a fire. now, this fire had to start somewhere in you. how did you get going with this? >> when i was in the army, i got into the army in 1984 and i heard my mother's voice in the back of my head, boy you better
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be in somebody's church. i was raised lutheran. i didn't like the lutheran. they have h catholic services and so i started going to the catholic church. so i just started going. then, when i got out here to the oakland army base i found this wonderful catholic church in oakland, our native lord, pastored by a wonderful irish catholic church. love you to death. starting going there. wonderful church, they welcomed me with open arms and it was just absolutely wonderful. moved to st. louis. got involved with my church there. and then they started talking to me about these things that started with an s and ended with an s, sacraments. i said, i don't have any of those. so i went through the r cia process. right of christian initiation for adults and i learned what god had been calling me to all of my life. i learned the beauties of my faith. i learned that the body and
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blood soul and divinity was in the uk ris. and that set me on fire. and so i became catholic, april 19th, 2003. and then two years later, in 2005 i go out on the street corners of st. louis and pass out bibles. and inviting people into our church. to come in and worship as an e advantageist effort. so i started out with saying a hail mary and our father and i began speaking about what god meant to me in my life to others. i was ministering to dopers, gang bangers and it was wonderful. in the last ten year, the lord has brought me from the streets of st. louis to preach the gop
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stel all around the -- gospel all around the world. >> they go, i've heard about this guy, i'm not sure, what's some of the things they will experience. >> a little bit of joy. and a little bit of -- >> excitement. >> yes. so i try to make -- i try to welcome people. i always go and shake people's hands and make people feel welcome. that's one thing in the catholic church catholics are terrible at welcoming people. >> work on it, guys. >> we really do. if the baptists want to convert you, what do they do? they hug on you and love on you until you convert. lutherans will feed you until you convert. catholics, what do we do? we make you feel guilty until you convert. and it's got to be different. we've got to show that joy. >> uh-huh. >> i love our holy father, he says the joy of the gospel fills the hearts and lives of all who
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encounter jesus so if we have that encounter then we give that same love to everyone. and that's what i try to bring to my parish missions. >> and what would you say to the folks, upon the end of that mission, how their life, their experience of the faith, their participation in the faith will be different the next sunday, what is going to be different about them who have been and heard that message? >> some of the things that i've heard from people is that through some of the parish missions that i have conducted they have found that encounter a true encounter with the -- with the holy spirit. with their faith. they have found a true encounter with the word of god in the bible, the written word of god into where they can understand that word of god and apply it to their lives. and in their daily lives. so i've heard so many people say the next time i come combo turj
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r church, now i -- church, now i can understand the bible a little bit better. i'm able to go and read it and able to understand how it applies to my life. i'm able to be in connection in a better connection with god in prayer. through the holy spirit. asking for all of the blessings and the understanding that comes with our faith. >> now and i bet you the faith of those people -- faces of those people look different. >> they do. >> in coming to the church and that's infectious. the actions, the calling, and i would imagine people get called into ministry, kind of like you are, activated the gifts of the holy spirit, and able to talk about the gifts of the holy spirit next seg m. but -- segment. but then realize i've been missing this guy life of joy of serve -- missing this life of joy of serving. >> it's infectious, everyone starts to yawn and it's infectious. this fire that is given to us by
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the holy spirit is infectious as well. >> uh-huh. >> and other people see that love in you. and this where did that light come from? i want to go through that. chris has gone through so many battles in his life, but yet he's still standing and still smiling, how does they do is that? >> yeah, yeah. >> and it's not me, it's god that is with me it's the lord's strength in me. >> that's it. we're talking with richard lane, lay catholic evangelist. if you want to find out more about richard the website is richard lane >> all one word. >> that would be a great place to start. and maybe make con enact and maybe and him to come to your parish in a parish mission, a couple of day, you can schedule that in advance. come out. and you could be the person that brings that little spark that perhaps lights that fire. you're watching mosaic i'm chris -- that's richard lane, we'll be right back.
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♪[ music ] ♪ ♪ welcome back to mosaic, my name is chris likert and my guest is richard lane, richard is a lay catholic evangelist. let's look at your shirt there richard, what does that say? richard lane ministries? >> yes it's a logo for richard lane ministries, it's been going on now for ten years and going into 2015, we're celebrating ten years of ministry, and so i kind of rebranded everything. originally the ministry was known as quor ban ministry, dead gaited to god -- dedicated to god. we're dedicated to god everything that we do gives god gloir. >> you know, just upon hearing that statement there, people would say well, i don't know about me and i'm not sure if -- maybe for you you're really
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holy. >> you know, i mean, people say that. >> yeah, i've got holes in my head, holes in my socks. >> he's got a gift, i could listen to this guy for a while. but what does it mean to be everyone is called. >> jesus called everyone, to every baptized christian is called to proclaim the good news. it's not just up to the priests the deacons, and the religious i'm -- i'm not a holy god. i'm far from holy. but can use anyone. a lot of people think well, noah had to be a holy god because god used him to repopulate the world. no, noah was a drunk. they said, well, moses had to be a holy god because god used him to free his people. moses was a murderer. well i'm too hold to do anything well, guess what, a bram was 75 years old and god says i'm going to make you a father of many nations.
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so we're all called. >> a universal call. >> exactly. because we're just regular people, i'm just a regular guy don't have a ph.d. in sacred theology, but what i do have a first peter 3.15 story. what i have is a reason for my belief. if someone ands me why i'm catholic, it's not because my parents were catholic or i was baptized. i'm catholic because i believe in the -- because i believe in the body, blood soul and divinity of jesus christ, that's why i'm contact lick. and i want everyone else to understand that encounter. because i live this and i live this life and i go and minister to so many people that had rurting. i was ministering in richmond california last week, to a 17-year-old young man, in one of the neighborhoods where one of his friends had just been murdered and i said how are you living today brother?
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he said, man, day by day. today is a good day. nobody got killed today. i'm making it to my 18th birthday. i went yesterday and visited with a 5-year-old girl who is visited with cancer, going through kerp 5 -- chemotherapy, 5 years old, she was ashamed because her head was bald. i went and got all of my hair cut off. >> is that right? >> i've not had my hair cut this low since i was in the military in 84 and i went back to her and i said guess what, look, i did this for you. you and i are in this fight together. and i'm going to pray for you every day, and i'm going to -- i don't want to put her name out there, but i'm going to pray for her every day and i'm going to go back and visit her and her family and let her know, we're here. it's a battle out there. god calls us all to get in the battle. >> and you're walking, responding listening to the holy spirit, right where you are, no matter where you are. >> yes. >> now, we haven't gotten to it we're going to talk about what
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that actually means on a practical level, but we're also going to talk about what that means on a spiritual level. how do we know, how do we know jesus is calling us to do something? people say, you know, i hear people say the lord spoke to them. how do they hear that? an ear piece in we're going to talk about that. and i think we're going to talk a little bit more about -- >> the e-mail? you didn't get the tweet? >> no, no tweet. no memo. >> i got the tweet. >> no telegram, no fax. but we're going to talk about how we -- us normal people, everyone hear god speak directly to their heart and to their mind, how to have a ministry in their own lives. you're watching mosaic, my name is chris likert, and we'll be right back. ♪ [ music ] ♪ ♪
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[music] ♪ and i can't change, even if i tried even if i wanted to. my love my love my love she keeps me warm, she keeps me warm,
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she keeps me warm, she keeps me warm, she keeps me warm, she keeps me warm, ♪ we are neighbors and best friends. i love my sister. my heart doesn't see race. love is love. our family is no less than any other family.
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0001♪ [ music ] ♪ ♪ welcome back to mosaic, my name is chris likert, i'm here with richard lane. lay catholic evangelist. we're talking about how to know that god is speaking to you. many contact licks have received the sackments of confirmations. the spiritual bomb of having fruit in your life. when we receive the sacrament of confirmation that's the holy spirit being poured over us. many people forget to open that up n. the catholic church since 196, there's been the charismatic renewal which is the outpouring, the baptism of the holy spirit, talk a little bit about what that really means and how people can open that up.
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>> it is a big topic. >> exactly. and that's exact willly where i was going it started 2000 years ago with this 120 catholic saints, locked in an upper room, and the holy spirit came down, dekrended upon them and gave them the fire to run out and start proclaiming the gospel. they were speaking in tongues they were prof sighing laying on hands and heal heing and somehow, chris we lost that way. in 2000 years. i don't know why. >> so when we go to confirmation, what we really should be seeing in our 8th graders and sophomores in high school, we should not be surprised, in other words. >> well, it goes back to -- it goes back to katakesis. we have to do a better job with our young people so they understand and that they have an encounter with the holy spirit. >> this is not an emotional
5:25 am
psychological thing. this is actually meeting jesus. >> exactly. and many people, catholics, have never had that themselves. and that's why a lot of churches have the ministries outside of the tradition, christ renews the parish and other 8 other ways to be able to come into contact with the holy spirit. >> a simple way is to simply and, holy spirit come into my heart. we're going to do that in a second. but you reminded me, pope francis is talking about this encounter, encounter jesus christ. when you encounter him, you can't help but talk to people. before we close i want to have you say just a little word about your ministry, and how important it is that you have to raise your own finances, and folks pray for this man because he's got a family. and it's not like it's taken care of once you say yes. in fact, it might be a little
5:26 am
bit harder. but lou can people support -- how can people support you? >> they can go to the website richard lane you can reach us on the website. there is a link on how you can go to or actually if you want to go go fund, and then put in go fund lane. you can go there and do a search on go fund me. but most importantly what i and is if you're looking for a parish mission invite me, go to the website, i'd be more than happy to come out to your parish do a par rigs rishi mission and -- parish mission and help any evangelist at your church. >> close out with a prayer and maybe somebody is watching this, and they say, you know, would like to -- i'd like to actually and the holy spirit, i don't know how to do it, maybe you can lead us. >> this the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit,
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lord we thank you for this time and thank you for all that you have done. and father, god, i pray if there is someone within the sound of my voice that's looking at me on the television, that is looking for a change in their life, that's looking for something greater than themselvess i pray holy spirit that you would touch that spern right now -- person right now, send your spirit of understanding, your divine spirit of fortitude, strength and counsel to that person, there's someone right now that needs your strength, lord. and i pray that you would give it to that person, right now. open someone's eyes and their years and give them that new -- ears and give them that new encounter with you right now. and we and this in the most precious name of jesus the christ, who lives and reigns with you in the holy spirit, one god, forever and ever. if you believe in the prayer that you've just said, i invite you right now to say the one
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word amen. >> amen. amen richard lane. catholic evangelist. you thought you were watching something different. this is catholic evangelist. richard lane, if you want him to come to your check, check him out. >> look us up on facebook, twitter, at richard lane, jr. >> you've been watching mosaic, i'm chris likert. thanks for joining us. ♪ [ music ] ♪ ♪
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. welcome to bay sunday, everybody. i'm your host, frank mallicoat. if you have a show idea, we would love to hear from you. go to our facebook page, comment to the page and hopefully we can hook up. showtime now, more focus and less stress, a sense of calm. how would you like to incorporate that into your life? the next guest has a plan by educating mindfulness, the benefits are limitless. he's the program director of mindful schools, giving children a better compass to better guide them through life. let's say i had to chris mckenna good to have you here. >> thank you. >> tell bus the mindfulness.


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