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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  July 31, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> i'm in shock. i just don't know. i'm stressed. like i don't know. i don't know what to do. >> sally left as soon as sheriff's came to her door. she says some neighbors wouldn't leave and worried they are putting more property in danger. >> they are endangering other people's structures. they are taking the firemen away from the fires to be able to contain it. and it's just going to make it last even longer and people need to leave. >> reporter: at first alan didn't want to leave his home. but when the wind changed direction, he changed his mind. >> pack up, ready to go. your life is more important than your stuff. >> reporter: i can feel the heat and hear the roar and intensity of this fire just about 150 feet from me. see, the wind is causing this fire to spread faster to the north so once again, firefighters are in a race against time.
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>> it's going to be a matter of following the fire around in kind of a curve and trying to stay ahead of it. >> reporter: white ash falls from the sky like snow. those white specks are a remainder for neighbors that the fire is -- reminder for neighbors that the fire is moving closer to town. >> it's moving and rolling in like fog, the smoke and ash. >> reporter: we have been seeing that ash come down all day but taking a look at this fire, you again can just really see how ferocious, how aggressive it is. again, cal fire told us we will have to be leaving the scene shortly. but we wanted to give you an up- close look at what's been going on. they have a lot of work ahead of them. so we do wish them the best because it's going to be one long day. reporting live in lake county, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> the rocky fire is so big that it could be seen from space. the smoke cloud was captured by one of nasa's satellites. the red outlines show where the satellite detected heat from the flames. the wind is a major factor in
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this fire. chief meteorologist paul deanno joins us now. and paul, how are the conditions looking? >> veronica, it's windy. but it could be a lot windier. that's how dry it is up there is the fact that a 10 or 15- mile-per-hour wind with higher gusts is taking this flame and spreading it in all directions. it's the wind and the fact that a four-year drought has things so incredibly dry out there. slight chance of a thunderstorm this evening overnight tonight. winds tomorrow will once again be around the 10, 15, 20-mile- per-hour range. humidity will be on the increase. it will be another hot day out there in clearlake. we can see the smoke on kpix 5 hi-def doppler. that's not rainf east of the city of clearlake. numerous thunderstorms around the state today including the sierra up toward redding even one thunderstorm earlier today in the south bay. we'll talk about our rain chance coming up in 12 minutes. cal fire can't keep up with all the fires. it's asked the national guard to step in and help. the guard so far sent nine helicopters to help battle the flames. big fire burning in napa and
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solano counties. now 87% contained. the "wragg fire" has burned more than 8,000 acres. evacuations orders are lifted in the area. the fire started 10 days ago. more than 1400 firefighters have been on the lines there. three buildings have been destroyed. residents of a delta mobile home park are surveying the damage today after this fire ripped through their community. seven homes went up in flames and another six were damaged when a brush fire spread to that community on brannan island yesterday. you can see there's almost nothing left of some of the homes just burned-out shells. people who lived there describe a frightening scene as they watched the flames jump from property to property. >> we were on our roof trying to keep the trees and the fence dry and then the fence flared up. and a little fence was putting flames 10 feet above my roof line. >> investigators are still looking for the cause of the fire. but they say they have ruled out arson. the man who went on a
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rampage attacking two cops before dying in custody is now connected to a murder. police say 57-year-old fill money reallah was a caretaker who beat his 97-year-old client to death. and kpix 5's da lin tells us, even that isn't the only twist in the case. >> he got lots of love and attention and would shower him with hugs and kisses and he lived it. >> reporter: there wasn't a dry eye in the cafe when they found out their most beloved customer died reportedly killed by his caretaker. saul cohen was there like clockwork. three weeks ago he was 97. his table is now a shrine full of pictures and messages. >> the shock is not just in how saul died but that his caretaker phil was capable of doing that to him. i think that's kind of an added shocker for us. >> reporter: police say the
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living every live-in caretaker phil went on a rampage thursday morning. they believe he beat saul to death in his occidental home then drove to san francisco threat ends the driver of a car and beat up two responding officers. police say after backup officers finally cuffed him, the caretaker stopped breathing and died. >> we keep thinking he must have snapped. something happened. >> reporter: no one knows why but even hours after the family learned of the murder, they seemed to have forgiven the caretaker. saul's daughter wrote a message that reads, phil, good kind gentleman who had a very bad last day. >> it says a lot about their character they don't even want to hear the negative things about phil because they remember all the positives. >> reporter: i talked to saul's family at his home. they are still grieving and didn't want to talk on camera. in sonoma county, i'm da lin,
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kpix 5. >> they say the suspect had been the victim's full time caretaker for eight years and never saw any signs of abuse. new fallout over allegations that sheriff's deputies were running and inmate fight club at the san francisco county jail. three former inmates just filed a legal claim accusing the department of cruel and unusual punishment a step towards a formal lawsuit. the public defender says earlier this year, at least four deputies arranged and gambled on gladiator style fights between inmates. the accused deputies have been reassigned. developing news in san francisco now. caltrans service is halted after a fatal train collision near the 22nd street station about an hour ago. a person on the tracks was apparently struck and killed by a train. emergency crews are on the scene. trains are stopped in both directions. the southbound train has 400 people on board. getting around the bay area is going to be more difficult
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this weekend. bart is stopping service under the bay. that means thousands of riders will be driving or using other ground transportation. kpix 5's christin ayers joins us with a look at what to expect. >> reporter: that big transbay tube shut down for the weekend starts at end of service tonight. that's going to mean some major headaches for people trying to get in and out of san francisco. you can, of course, drive across the bridge if you want to but if you can't stomach the thought of driving the bridge during the shutdown, bart officials are saying there are plenty of public transit alternatives if you must cross the bay. there will be more than 90 buses running every 45 seconds if you can believe that. they will be going from oakland's 19th street station over to a temporary transbay terminal two blocks from the embarcadero station and free muni to embarcadero station from there on top of that, ferry service will be increased. but even with all of that, bart officials say you'll still want to add in another hour or more
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to your commute time. their advice is this. >> people should stay at home if they can. >> stay at home. [ laughter ] >> sounds like a good strategy. >> not even going to try it. we'll just let them fix the track and start again. hopefully they can do it quickly though. >> reporter: good advice there. this shutdown will allow bart to make some major repairs to its set of aging crossover tracks and the tube and if this isn't bad enough brace yourself, this is going to happen again. there will be another transbay tube shutdown and it won't come until labor day september 5 and 6. but we'll see how this run goes. and see how the labor day one goes, as well. reporting live at west oakland station, christin ayers, kpix 5. then there's this. starting tonight people who ride muni metro in san francisco get used to taking the bus. rail service between the embarcadero and west portal stations will shut down nightly from 10 p.m. to 5 p.m. shuttle buses will run until
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1:30 a.m. the nightly closure is for the next six months to install new communication systems. muni unveiled a new historic streetcar line in san francisco today. it's called the e line. the open air streetcar will only offer service on the weekends. but it will run from at&t park and the caltrain station to fisherman's wharf. service starts tomorrow. >> that will be nice. >> it will help a little. ♪[ music ]♪ say good-bye to cell phone contracts. a major carrier wants to change how people pay for new phones but there's a catch you won't like. >> this surfer fought off a shark on live tv. just when he thought it was safe to go back, a second scare! >> facebook founder shares big news. the very personal admission he hopes will help others
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breaking news in washington, d.c. a woman jumped the fence at the white house putting the white house on lockdown for a brief time about 30 minutes ago. but we are told the u.s. secret
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service arrested the woman. so the lockdown has now been lifted. no word yet on who she is or why she did it. and earlier this morning police were trying to figure out whether the driver of this nissan intended to ram his car into the south barricade of the capitol building this morning. a witness says the car was going full speed when it crashed. bystanders were not hurt. within an hour, the 50-year-old driver was arrested. the car as you see towed away. and the capitol was back open. within the next two days, airplane debris found in the indian ocean could help unravel the mystery of the missing malaysian jet. the partial wing that washed ashore on reunion island is on its way to france to be examined. sophisticated technology will be testing whether it came from missing mh370. if confirmed investigators may be able to tell if the crash was vertical or horizontal giving authorities some idea of just what happened to the plane. the man charged with killing nine people in the
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charleston church massacre wants to plead guilty to federal charges but didn't do so today. at a brief arraignment, dylann roof's lawyers entered a not guilty plea. he says he first wants to know whether or not prosecutors will seek the death penalty. the 21-year-old faces more than 30 federal charges including hate crimes and weapons charges. he also faces state murder charges for gunning down 9 parishioners at the black church. the hunter becomes the hunted. tonight the world's most wanted lion killer comes out of hiding. how an american dentist could face charges for what has sparked international outrage. >> the days of buying a phone and getting locked into a contract could soon be over. but tonight, why one carrier's new plan may come at a price.
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well, until recently getting a discounted smartphone was simple. you signed a two-year contract. but on the consumerwatch, julie watts shows us why cell phone contracts could soon be a thing of the past and so will $200 smartphones. >> when it comes to your cell phone, contract no contract? >> i guess i have a contract. >> but i would say no contract because i just want to get out of it. >> no contract. just super transparent about how much the phone costs. >> reporter: cell phone contracts are not necessarily popular among consumers. so most major cell phone carriers are now offering
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something new. >> so if at&t next to get the new iphone for zero down. >> zilch. >> reporter: at&t is the latest to contract-free with the at&t next carrier financing program. but by getting rid of the contract, they are also getting rid of the perks. you can no longer walk into a third party store like apple and sign a contract in exchange for a discounted phone. you must make equal monthly payments for 12, 18 or 24 months until the full price of the smartphone is paid. >> this is their attempt to recapture the market share. >> reporter: this marketing professor says like at&t, verizon introduced its contract-free edge program because more people are gravitating toward companies like metro pcs and t-mobile who has had no contracts since 2013. >> consumers have shown a preference for these month to month type of contracts. and because of that, at&t and probably verizon also are reacting and they want to
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basically give the consumer what they are asking for. >> reporter: for now, you can still get discounted phones with a contract at apple through sprint and verizon. or by going directly to an at&t store. but analysts suspect not for long. now, as a general rule, experts say the discounted phone with the two-year contract tends to be less expensive in the long run if you're not a data hog but the more data you use, veronica, the more -- [ laughter ] >> -- going contract free makes sense. send us an email at if you have a consumer problem. >> were you saying something? i was tweeting. >> you can pay me now or later. >> i like not having to pay for my phone up front. it's a huge sticker shock -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> over $650. so you can -- [ simultaneous speakers ] >> sign a contract and get it for $200 or you can pay for the whole thing over, you know, 12 to 24 months. >> right. >> but then you're free to leave whenever you want but if you leave you still have to pay off the phone.
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>> yeah. >> they gotcha. >> right. the government of zimbabwe is speaking out for the first time on the killing of cecil the 13-year-old lion. environment minister says zimbabwe will seek the extradition of the american dentist who lured the animal to its death. officials say dr. walter palmer's method of using a crossbow and a gun before beheading the animal violates zimbabwe's hunting rules. the slaughter happened early this month and has since incited global outrage. after days of silence, palmer has now reportedly reached out to the u.s. fish and wildlife service which is investigating. and a saddened to a story of an injured eagle that we told but earlier this year. vets had to euthanize it over the weekend after it broke its wing on a wind turbine at at amount. it was released after several weeks of rehab for a head wound. she was fitted with a tracker. that's how vets knew it was the same bird when a couple of
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power workers brought her in on saturday. for the second time in a month a surfer has punched a shark to escape an attack in australia. craig was surfing with a friend on australia's eastern coast when he spotted what looked like a great white. the shark grabbed his leg and knocked him off his board. the former boxer punched the shark. but it bit his arm in the struggle. beach-goers saved his life by using surf boat ropes as tourniquette. he is now in serious condition. >> my friend craig yelled out, there's a shark, head back in. and second or two later, he went under. and it was basically like watching [ indiscernible ] in replay. >> he is talking about this unforgettable video. earlier this month surfer mick fanning fought off a shark by punching. it was caught on tv. fanning can't catch a break. he was back in the water saturday for the first time since the attack and spotted
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another shark. he got out right away on a jet ski. >> don't blame him. earlier in this newscast we saw just how unpredictable the fire in lake county can be. cate caugiran shows us it's also keeping pg&e crews on their toast. toes -- on their toes. >> reporter: it's day 3 of the rocky fire and we can give you a wider look at the devastating aftermath how expansive the damage was done to this area and this rocky steep terrain. and i know it's going to take a long time to rebuild, but we're already seeing some early signs of that. if you take a look, there is a large amount of pg&e crews here. they tell me that they are in the process of rebuilding power poles so that they can get power back in the area. but now we are learning all of these crews here will have to move pretty quickly because you see the wind is shifting and that means the fire is now heading towards this area. so we are moving from containment now to evacuation. >> the fuel is just so ready
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for this type of fire. >> it's not even that windy. it's 10, 15, 20 miles per hour which is not zero which is not good news for the firefighters. not minimizing the threat there. it's not the offshore wind we get in september. >> which is some good news. >> which is good news and it just goes to show how dry it is. >> this is all because everything in the ground has not received enough water. it burns like that. take outdoors. here's one good change. the humidity is coming back. the low level humidity which will help things out albeit minimally up toward clearlake it is foggy. it is cloudy in san francisco. only 63 degrees. markedly cooler inland. livermore 83. san bruno only 70. did you hear thunder in the south bay around lunchtime? there was a thunderstorm that passed through. moved through very quickly. .02" of rainfall but a few collapse of thunder in and around the diablo range to the east of san jose. nothing on the radar currently. it will be a humid night but not as bad. napa 60. lots of folks heading to tahoe.
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that is one spot that will receive thunderstorms. the better chance of storms is sunday but tomorrow will have some scattered thunderstorms. it's raining there now and we'll have highs in the 80s tomorrow pretty stormy on sunday 76 degrees. still dealing with the tropical moisture today. low pressure behind me off to the west. high pressure off to the east. it's funling in this unstable air funneling in. it's raining in july the driest month, throughout the state. tomorrow things change. low pressure goes north and changes the wind direction. it's not coming up out of the southeast. it's southwest. sounds like a minor change. but all the tropical stuff gets pushed off to the east we get back to regular programming and that low spins in the same spot for about a week feeding in the onshore flow, morning clouds, afternoon sunshine but nothing really wacky nothing too hot nothing too humid we are back to normal beginning tomorrow. partly cloudy tonight drizzle along the coast no thunderstorms this weekend. and it will be a mild not hot start to august. 81 in san jose tomorrow.
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much more comfortable than the past couple of days. no rain for you tomorrow, either. union city 75. san mateo 77. pittsburg 82. saturday in danville should be pleasant 81 degrees. beautiful main street there. sonoma 77. berkeley 68. we are back to normal. cloverdale 92. but look at the heat. hottest area will be near the fire mid-90s. 15-mile-per-hour winds tomorrow. kind of set it and forget it for the next week. we have had wacky stuff all month. now we say hello to august back to normal around 70 near the bay and 80s inland. >> all right. it's going to be a nice weekend though,. >> very nice. >> we'll enjoy it. >> thank you. well, we know firefighters are cool under pressure. but this is a whole different kind of cool. how they wanted a bay area mother stay calm in a surprise delivery.
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facebook's ceo taking on a new job, dad. mark zuckerberg posted this photo on the social network along with the news that he and his wife priscilla are expecting a baby girl. zuckerberg didn't say when she is due but he opened up about the couple's struggles starting a family saying that they have already had three miscarriages. zuckerberg writes, you feel so hopeful you learn you're going to have a child, you start imagining who they will become and dreaming of hopes for their future. you start making plans. and then they're gone. it's a lonely experience. but zuckerberg says the couple is hopeful and their daughter is healthy. she apparently even gave a thumbs-up "like" in her ultrasound. a sweet reunion for one bay area firefighter and the baby he delivered in an ambulance. there were hugs and smiles all around at this south san francisco fire station. firefighter jesse lang met the baby he brought into this world for the second time. lang delivered the baby boy on
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the way to the hospital last month. >> one of them said we're going to deliver. and i just thought, oh, gosh, you know, i wanted to get to the hospital first. and they said, okay, push and i pushed twice and -- >> started crying about 30 seconds after that. and you know, happy, healthy. >> awww. he says there was a brief scare during the delivery. the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck. they got the baby breathing before making it to the hospital. >> happy healthy bouncing baby boy. now for what's coming up on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley." >> reporter: here's the "cbs evening news" tonight. this one makes 14. we're on the scene of the latest california wildfire as thousands of acres burn and residents are forced to flee. plus, a report from reunion island. we'll speak to the man who found what may be the break in
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for the 5 million americans living with alzheimer's, and millions more who feel its effects. let's walk together to make an even bigger impact and end alzheimer's for good. find your walk near you at coming up at 6:00, a pastor gives the opening remarks at a city council meeting. but it was much more than just a blessing. his comments that left some people stunned. why they are now putting prayers on hold. >> thank you for watching. the "cbs evening news with
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scott pelley" is next. and remember, the latest news and weather are always on our website, captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: california burning: more than a dozen major wildfires fed by triple-digit temperatures have chased hundreds from their homes. we'll have the forecast. also tonight, a wing, back in flight. we'll speak to the man who found what may be the break in the case of the missing malaysia jetliner. then, a motorist dead, a cop charged with murder. how officers are trained to head off such deadly confrontations. and steve hartman with a first love lost and rediscovered more than 70 years later. >> couldn't believe it. ( laughs ) captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition.


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