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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 3, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. tonight caught on tape a man dragged out of a car in sunnyvale, then seconds later. >> betty yu is at the tracks and has more video of this very close call, betty. >> reporter: ken, the drama started when a black car crashed and got stuck on the tracks you see behind me here on mary street and two men happened to be in the right place at the right time. in this youtube video you can see one deputy pulling the man in the light colored pants out of the car. you can hear the sound of the oncoming train. seconds later the train smashes
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right into the car knocking it off the tracks. the deputy watched it all as he drags the driver to safety. watch again. the driver stumbles to the ground as the deputy pulls him to the curb. >> his deputies it did not hesitate. they acted. had they not acted, who knows what would happen? i believe because of their actions this person is alive today. >> reporter: what you didn't see in the video is that a second deputy ran on the tracks toward the oncoming train to slow it down. you can hear the sound of the horn and then the crash in another youtube video. >> i'm just happy as a result, regardless nobody died. that probably would be the worst outcome of this situation and i'm glad we were here. >> reporter: he says he was just doing his job when he jumped in to help. the two deputies were patrolling the caltrain rail when the driver crashed into the crossing arm and pole around 6:30 tonight. authorities say he appeared drunk. >> these kind of incidents
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around just hard for the families of the victims, they're hard for our engineers and crews on board the train. so we're so grateful that tragedy was averted because these two deputies were in the right place at the right time. >> reporter: at this hour you can see caltrain crews working to replace that broken crossing arm and pole. now the sheriff's department did not give us the driver's name, but he did tell us that that man is in his 20s and he suffered minor injuries. live in sunnyvale betty yu, kpix5. another close call this, time on the front lines of the rocky fire. it's growing so fast this cbs news crew had a hard time outrunning it. reporter carter evans and his photographer had to sit tight for two hours with the cal fire crew. >> reporter: at this point we're in a safe zone. there's no vegetation to burn around us. the best place for us to be is inside the car, but you can see the flames just about 100 yards away from us. >> tonight that fire has grown
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to 62,000 acres, just 12% contained. 13,000 people in three counties are now under orders to evacuate after that fire jumped highway 20. it now covers more than 96 square miles. that's about the size of oakland and berkeley put together. cate cauguiran is in lake county tonight. cate? >> reporter: liz, firefighters here are already calling this rocky fire historic, the fastest growing fire they've ever seen and it is still growing. that's why sheriff's deputies are really trying to get people out of these at risk neighborhoods, but still some people aren't leaving. >> we're just waiting and watching and seeing how close it comes. >> reporter: two neighbors going two different directions. >> i'm just freaked out. >> reporter: janet russell and her family hoping they can wait this 1 out. >> we've got some horses there and we really don't want to pick up and move if we don't have to. >> reporter: while david sherman left right after he interviewed him. >> trying to think the best,
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but it's not working. >> reporter: right now the fire isn't burning in their direction, but as we've seen a lot can change with a swift gust of wind. >> we saw fire consume about 20,000 acres in the span of about five hours at nighttime. so that's pretty incredible, unprecedented, something that we've said earlier on the fire. >> reporter: during the daylight hours we watched as air tankers and helicopters made drop after drop after drop. one of the refueling spots for the air tankers that you see over here, these helicopters can refuel up to 500 gallons of water in less than 45 seconds. but by nightfall the fire grew thousands of more acres and janet's family is getting a front row seat. >> when the smoke rolls up and you stand here and you see those flames, you know, flying up like a hurricane that's behind them, you get really nervous. >> reporter: she says they're ready to go at a moment's notice, but david didn't want
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to wait for that moment to come. >> it's like if it burns, it burns. >> reporter: how does it feel leaving when you might not know what you come back to? >> it's tough thinking i could come back homeless, but once again as long as i'm okay, life goes on and so -- >> reporter: what i can tell you right now is that the conditions are much cooler out here. the wind is picking up and that's what firefighters say worked against them in the past. the wind has changed at least 10 directions while we've been here throughout the day and that's actually been helping the fire grow even more. again that's something they'll be keeping an eye on tonight. reporting live in lake county cate cauguiran, kpix5. >> this is a bad one. cal fire is bringing in all available remeasurings to fight this fire including this one called a heli torch, a -- measures to fight this fire including this one called a heli torch, a tool that helps
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them like backfire. plus crews are dropping plenty of water from the air like cate was showing you there. the weather is finally giving firefighters a little bit of a break tonight. >> he at least a step in the right -- at least a step in the right direction. winds should be calm tomorrow morning, so cooling slightly, winds south, southeast about 5 miles an hour. it's still dry tomorrow with humidity of about 28%, but that's as per usual and the temperatures 10 degrees cooler than they were over the weekend at 84 degrees. all of that is at least somewhat good. there's no strong big wind fields coming into the area, so as far as weather goes, no bad. a bay area woman found dead in a crashed car. that car ended up at benetia road and sperry avenue in unincorporated vallejo. christin ayers tells us it probably wasn't the crash that killed the woman. >> reporter: neighbors startled by a barrage of gunfire at 7:00 this morning
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and the victim was someone they knew. 21-year-old autiera westbrook lived here alone. she was on her way to her waitressing job in walnut creek this morning when someone walked up to the driver's side of her white camry, opened fire and kept shooting. her car crashed and she died at the scene. solano county sheriff's deputies spent the afternoon combing the streets knocking on doors and interviewing neighbors. some witnesses saw the shooting happened but were too afraid to talk on camera. they told authorities they saw a blue or silver sedan leaving the scene. however, no arrests have been made. translator: i was very surprised and worried at the same time because nothing like this has ever happened around here so close. >> reporter: marla av las who works at the market across the street said the young woman was a good person and came in frequently. translator: i hope they get the person that did this because it's so important for the community to feel secure. >> reporter: in solano county
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christin ayers, kpix5. tonight an oakland police sergeant is in the hospital and a sexual assault suspect is dead after when neighbors tell us was a wild shootout. about 1:30 this morning sergeant and his apparently were outside a suspect's house on martin luther king, jr. way near macarthur. police say that's when the suspect suddenly ambushed them and the officers returned fire. >> bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, very fast, very high pitched. >> just like that, continuous round. >> the sergeant who was hit by gunfire has been in surgery today. the suspect is a 49-year-old oakland man. his name has not been released. police say that he was packing some pretty serious firepower. andria borba looks into that tonight. >> reporter: the number of bullet holes in the side of this car looks straight out of the movies, but that's not from a prop department. it's the remnants of today's shootout. >> the suspect ultimately came out of the front door with a rifle and immediately began
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firing. >> reporter: opd chief sean whent said the suspect was armed with an illegal assault rifle with an extended 30 round magazine. >> obviously our officers encounter dangerous situations on a daily basis. any one of those has the potential to go very, very bad. >> reporter: chief whent says his officers are seeing more weapons on the streets and statistics in the past few years seem to point that directions. in the past three years the number of weapons possession arrests have been slowly increasing from 461 in 2012, 487 in 2013 and 556 last year. oaklander angelina tolbert says she doesn't entire agree with the chief. >> i don't think there are any more guns on the street today than there were yesterday because of one crazy dude shooting up a bunch of people. had he that gun yesterday.
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he had -- he had that gun yesterday. he had it last week. elf just used it today. >> reporter: angelina -- he just used it today. >> reporter: angelina says there's too many guns. >> you are on broadway and go 3 blocks over and newer beirut. i think -- and you're in beirut. i think people are getting desensitized here. the danger hasn't changed. it hasn't gotten any worse. it hasn't gotten better either. tonight amy schumer is getting in on the debate over gun control. just two weeks ago two people died when a gunman shot up a louisiana theater that was showing her new movie trainwreck. >> the critics stop and say well, there's no way to stop crazy people from doing crazy things, but they're wrong. there is a way to stop them. preventing dangerous people from getting guns is very possible. we have common sense solutions. >> schumer is teaming up with her cousin new york senator chuck schumer. he's pitching a plan that would
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make it harder for criminals and the mentally ill to get guns. president obama wants to clean up the air and he has ordered unprecedented limits on the amount of carbon pollution u.s. power plants can generate. >> we're the first generation to feel the impact of climate change and the last generation that can do something about it. >> the goal is to cut carbon emissions by 32% by 2030, wind and solar will rise from just 5% of the nation's energy to 28%. the president says it's the equivalent of taking 166 million wars off the road, but opponents are promising -- cars off the road, but opponents are promising to put up a fight. >> because it's such a staple for everything we consume, those bills are going to ripple through the economy, not just your economy bill, but all goods and services you pay for. >> that it's have until 2025 to start the new rules.
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some say they'll sue the white house and others say they'll just ignore the guidelines. last night pg&e was saying they might have to remove quite a few trees as part of the community pipeline safety initiative to make sure first responders have immediate access to gas pipelines in an emergency. now tonight we want to add pg&e says it will work with customers to "ensure the natural beauty of the area is completely restored." so you ever windshield you could just stop paying your residents -- wish you could just stop paying your rent? tonight one tenant and others are going on strike. >> reporter: the ca
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my name is mark amann. i'm a gas service rep for pg&e in san jose. as a gas service rep we are basically the ambassador of the company. we make the most contact with the customers on a daily basis. i work hand-in-hand with crews to make sure our gas pipes are safe. my wife and i are both from san jose. my kids and their friends live in this community. every time i go to a customer's house, their children could be friends with my children so it's important to me. one of the most rewarding parts of this job is after you help a customer seeing a smile on their face. together, we're building a better california.
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tonight some renters say enough is enough the they are fed up with rising rent prices. mark, what are they doing about it? >> reporter: these attempts here at midtown park apartments are -- these tenants here at midtown park apartments are on a rent price. some say their rent has gone up as much as 300% and they are refusing to cut that check. protesters are calling this the largest rent strike to hit san francisco in 40 years. many here are saying the rent will double, even triple. are people here scared? >> people are terrified. my mom is basically in bed right now with blood pressure through the roof. >> reporter: this afternoon tenants showed up outside the property manager's office, nonprofit mercy housing. mercy vp amy bailey admits rents for some are going up over the next five years, but
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for about 30 tenants rents, believe it or not, are going down. >> the key element is to create a way that everyone is paying the same proportion of their income for their rent. >> reporter: the city and mercy want all tenants paying 30% of their income toward rent. for years some tenants were forking over more than 30% while others were practically getting a steal. >> affordable housing is needed in the city. it's a huge need and to have people paying a tiny fraction of their present in a setting in a city, it's just not fair. >> reporter: but this crowd is scared and says striking is their last resort. if you ever lost this place, where would you be able to afford to live? >> in the street. >> reporter: but mercy says they would not do that to their tenants. >> everyone is on the same page in terms of really not wanting people to have to leave midtown. >> reporter: all right. so what's the penalty for absolutely refusing to not pay your rent or refusing to pay
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your rent? mercy says it will sit down with those tenants, try to figure out a plan with them because mercy and the city both agree they don't want to see anyone here get the boot. live in san francisco mark kelly, kpix5. tonight airbnb is calling what you are about to see very rare. san francisco police say this woman, jana dominguez, made off with about $35,000 in jewelry after she used airbnb to rent an apartment in the sunset. the jewelry was in a locked safe. they say she also stole some electronics including a printer. tonight they is under arrest. >> well, in this case the victim tried to do everything she could by locking the doors, by having video surveillance which actually helped out significantly. >> in a statement airbnb said over 45 million hosts and guests have had positive experiences on airbnb and situations like this are incredibly rare. yaw loo is doing a -- yahoo
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is doing a security check tonight after a big hack attack. the hackers used ads on the websites to send malware. the malware hunted for an outdated version of adobe flash to take control of the computer. yahoo would not say how many were affected, only that the problem has been fixed. also tonight a new way to buy lottery tickets. phil ma dealer shows us you can -- matier shows us you can dream of a fortune while filling up. >> kind of weird. >> reporter: play at the pump, the latest attempts to expand the million dollar lottery market is both convenient and controversial. convenient because it allows credit card users to both fill up and buy up to $20 worth of quick pictures without ever going inside. >> it's pretty enticing for some people, i speech. >> reporter: controversial because it's a sharp change from the lottery's longstanding
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cash only rules, rules that were aimed at cutting down on overspending by poor people and chronic gamblers. >> it's not something i need my kids exposed to right now. >> reporter: lottery tickets are sold in about 21,000 locations across the state and brought in $5.5 billion last year including $1.3 billion for the public schools and getting even more money seems to have trumped concerns about increased gambling. >> a lot of people don't know how to use it yet, but it looks like it will catch up. >> reporter: just insert your credit card, then your driver's license to prove your age. make your pick, pump your gas and out comes the receipt. >> i guess if you had an addiction, it's probably in your face for gambling, so that's probably not a good thing, but it's a free country. so people can market however they choose. >> reporter: phil matier, cbs5. >> right now lottery tickets are only available at about 87 stations in the state including that one in campbell that phil
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showed us. boy, do i have a headline for you. >> yeah? >> we might get a few showers tomorrow. the models just kind of said there's some subtropical moisture coming up, might interact with the jet stream, could be a few showers and a lot of clouds around. well, we're looking for it to be on the mild side tomorrow to cool. right now temperatures are mostly in the 60s and also just before the mention of drizzle. drizzle could evolve into showers tomorrow midday in the bay area. again wouldn't be a huge amount, but there is a possibility. so i wanted to make sure you got a heads up about that. it's just this moisture you can see well offshore and gets caught up in the jet stream and could be interacting with some subtropical direction coming up in this direction, at least a possibility. after that high pressure comes in and it warms to the mid-80s by midweek. warm wednesday and thursday and then by the weekend it will cool down again. so to sum it up, you can see on
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the futurecast this is tomorrow morning at sunrise. we've got all the clouds coming in and by 1 p.m. which is where we froze this you see widespread clouds around the bay area and again the possibility at least of a sprinkle or two. it all heads out by tomorrow night and then we'll warm it up on wednesday. so just in sum, more clouds, maybe some showers, midweek warming up to the mid-80s, cooling again by the weekend and the numbers tomorrow cooler than we should be this time of year. with all the clouds and low pressure offshore 79 at sunnyvale, 72 milpitas, east bay 72 for antioch and livermore. up in the north bay mid-70s will do it, by ukiah still warm. ex forecast., we're going to be looking for things to turn a little dicey tomorrow and wednesday and thursday it will be warm by the weekend. it will cool off a little bit again, but tomorrow is going to be interesting. >> it would be great if we got
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closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces furniture. tonight there's a dead whale floating off the coast near pacifica. marine biologists tell us it's a humpback about 35 feet long. the carcass is bloated, so it's probably been dead for some time. boaters are being warned by the coastguard now to watch out for it. meantime another humpback that washed ashore on esplanade beach in pacifica likely died after a ship crashed into it. tests on samples taken from the carcass show the whale suffered blunt force trauma consistent with a collision. a daredevil's pipe dream is catching the attention on youtube. no, your eyes aren't deceiving you. robbie madison is riding a dirt bike on the ocean in australia. the bike is tricked out with skis and a waterproof engine. surfers seemed surprise as he took on the swells and get
11:26 pm
this, he never wiped out, takes some skill there. i could see hunter pence riding along the water on the embarcardero to get to at&t park. >> that's great. >> that has hunter pence written all over it. >> we got to watch out nobody steals it. >> that's even better. now speaking of stealing, usually a six-run lead is usually a slam dunk for the giants, but they had to go extra innings again. we're up next. so what i'm saying is, people like options. when you take geico,
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the giants placed all-star second baseman joe panik on the 15 day disabled his. he's got an injured back and check it out. if the season ended today, the giants would not be in the playoffs. thomason getting his first cup of coffee in the big leagues. giants led this game 6-0 up 7-5 in the 9th inning. there's your fan favorite, two outs, two-run home run. stayed tied until the 12th. buster posey put them in front. you know who scored? tomlinson. look at his parent or his mom and his wife going crazy, but then ryan vogelsong gave it up.
11:30 pm
garcia, two blown saves in the game. the braves win 9-8. the giants fall three games back of the dodgers in the west. they're outside of the wildcard right now. coco back in the lineup for the first time since may against baltimore. he was 2-4, but that really didn't help oakland. there goes chris davis. he's got 27 home runs and baltimore cruises to a 9-2 win over your a's. 49ers rookie receiver deandre white is one of two players on the training camp roster that made at alabama. the head coach nicknamed white alabama, but was that nickname stolen from the other alabama player clinton dial? >> you know he gave him the nickname alabama. did he try doing that to you, too, when you were a rookie? >> no. he called me alabama [ bleep ]. this kid in the orange plays the kind of defense that
11:31 pm
the warriors used to play, okay? >> oh, no. >> i think he's just hanging out. he's going to prevent the fast break, but he didn't even do that. i'm told he's a very difficult teammate in the locker room as well. >> chicks love him, though. >> oh, man. >> he's conserving every summer, the best tennis players in the world collide in new york. but that's just the final chapter of a great story. one that's unfolding all summer long right in your backyard.
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and this week, the emirates airline us open series turns to stanford for the bank of the west classic. come experience the action and feel the drama as the best in the sport duke it out in stanford. now through august 9th. don't just watch the action. feel, hear and taste it. for ticket and player information visit
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