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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 5, 2015 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> shooting in self-defense. only this time, it's a cell phone camera. not a gun. and the target is a bay area cop. the confrontation was tense, the man who shot the video said he did nothing to provoke the officer. >> betty yu shows us things got ugly when the officer drew his gun. >> reporter: the video starts when a rohnert park officer drives into a residential court and just stops in the middle of it. don mccomas says he was hooking up his boat outside his house when he noticed the cop. he started filming the officer so the officer rolls down his window to do the same.
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>> he thinks he is being funny now. >> reporter: a few seconds later, the officer gets out. talks into his radio and then ... >> put your gun down, really? this one really has a gun on me. no, you don't touch me. you don't touch me. you don't touch me. you don't touch me. >> i tell you to take your hand out. >> i have done nothing. nope. >> you need to relax. >> you go away. >> i don't go away, i stay where i am. you can go in your house if you want or stay out here. but you don't keep your hand in my pocket. >> reporter: the officer says he wants to make sure the man doesn't have a weapon on me. >> you are a police officer trying to intimidate me. >> reporter: don later said on his facebook page, he has dealt with lies and distrust from the rohnert park and petaluma police. the officer said it was just a
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random stop. >> what is wrong with you? >> your station is corrupt. >> okay. are you some kind of constitutionist crazy guy? >> is that where you are going? >> reporter: don tells him he is shooting video to protect himself from the officer. >> you are accusing me of a crime? >> if i did i would arrest you. okay? so have a nice day. put it on youtube. i don't care. >> today, the rohnert park city manager released this statement. we have been made aware of this matter and we are taking it seriously. we will conduct an internal review to verify protocols were followed. in one day t video has been viewed 100,000 times on youtube and shared 15,000 times from his facebook page. betty yu, kpix5. tonight, the rocky fire in lake county is the size of san francisco and washington dc
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combined. it has chewed up 67,000 acres and is becoming expensive. the fire fighting effort has cost about $14 million so far. cal fire expects to a total of $44 million of this fire season alone. andria borba is in lake county where firefighters made a stand against the flames. andria? >> reporter: the firefighters got an assist from mother nature as well and they have the progress to show for it tonight. this fire is 20% contained. the first significant containment since this fire began. for the first time in seven days, lake county is covered not with smoke plumes but coastal clouds. they got a short soaking from much needed rain as well. >> i think we got fortunate as morning. we had a good marine layer come in overnight. we had cloud cover.
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temperatures dropped. humidity went up. >> reporter: evidence of the fear battle between firefighterrings and flames could be seen around the edge of the fire. a blackened field with a house standing unscathed at the center of it an a sobering reminder that all that was standing between disaster and containment was determination and roads. that is the fire line. i'm crossing highway 16 right now. had it jumped the asphalt and hit this canyon, it would have thousands of other acres to chew up. its pattern of flaring up finally stopped allowing water drops to put out the hot spots. the north and eastern edge of the rocky fire, crews from across the state were stationed watches for any smoldering hillsides that could spark back up. >> give the guys a chance to get ahead of the curb and play catchup. >> reporter: now cal fire says the weather in this case is
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important in case it turns hot and dry tomorrow. they say they could be back in for another fight against the rocky fire. live in lake county, andria borba, kpix5. >> there were a few sprinkles today over the fire. paul, will there be more? >> unfortunately no. andria was talking hot and dry not being a good thing. it certainly is not. it will be hotter, drier and sunnier. the wind has been so erratic and the wind direction has changed day by day. tomorrow, it will come from the southwest pushing thing to the north and west. that is the forecast where the local winds will likely be different. the fire is so big it is literally creating its own weather but hot and sunny in the burn area tomorrow. showers throughout the bay area today. most of the rainfall did not hit the ground. lots of cloud cover. looked like rain throughout the day. we can trace this moisture we had today all the way back to a hurricane just east of hawaii. hurricane guillermo feeding california, clouds, and a few showers including in lake
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county today. we will talk about another rain and thunderstorm chance coming up. >> thanks paul. tonight, the search for a missing san francisco teacher has unfortunately ended tragically. ed cavanaugh's family says his body was found off a trail southeast of georgetown just west of slate mountain. cavanaugh went missing over two weeks ago while dirt bike riding in the el dorado national forest. he taught wilderness skills at downtown high school in potrero hill. his family thanked everyone who took part in the search. tonight, a touching memorial for a hayward teenager about to serve our country. 300 people gathered at the spot near mount eden high school where 17-year-old callante murphy was shot and killed. he was getting ready to join the marines. the shooting happened at about 1:00 this morning. police say three teens approached the couple. words were exchanged and shots
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were fired. three suspects took off in a silver suv. they still haven't been found. the girl was not hurt. tonight, we are learning the driver rescued from the path of that speeding cal train had been on a collision course just minutes earlier. this is the video. the police officer pulled 20- year-old nelson gomez to safety. they believe he was involved in two other hit and run incidents moments before the rescue. the officer who saved him says yeah, he would do it again. >> i'm definitely proud of what i did. i'm essentially saving someone's life. that is the greatest thing you can accomplish as a police officer and deputy sheriff. >> gomez is charged with a felony dui, hit and run, driving without a license and probation violation. a driver rammed a cyclist in west marin and the chp says it was road rage. 62-year-old mark raperty has been aused of ramming the back
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of a bike on point reyes petaluma road. the biker is okay. tonight, passengers on a southwest flight headed to san jose are on a different plane because this happened. as their plane left the gate in denver, it knocked over a catering truck. the truck wound up on its side. the driver was taken to the hospital to get checked out. and the plane will need some repairs. but the passengers are fine. they were taken off the plane and transferred to other san jose flights. well, he drank on the job, he ignored a fire call. if any of us did that work, we would probably get fired. tonight, len ramirez asks why does hayward's fife chief still have a job? >> i know the organization is hurting and all that is my fault. >> reporter: hayward fire chief garrett contreras did not try to make any excuses for his behavior. >> there is no excuse. >> reporter: not just drinking
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while on call, but drinking and driving his city vehicle multiple times fighting with a subordinate and ignoring bus patcher calls to respond to a major fire last year. all are grounds that could have gotten him fired. >> his behavior is embarrassing to the city. he has been a great chief. >> reporter: contreras did get a month long unpaid suspension, a 9% pay cut to husband $186,000 a year salary and a second chance. >> i believe the city manager led in this instance and believed it was in the best interest of the department and city that i stay on the job. >> reporter: reaction on the street is not as forgive. >> it is disappointing. we pretty much gave him a slap on the wrist. >> reporter: he says it would have been easier to take the termination to move on. >> i think the more challenging route was to take responsibility. as much as i have embarrassed the department and the city, i'm proud of how i handled it. >> reporter: he denied he has a
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drinking problem and he has no anger management issues but he is undergoing a management coaching program. len ramirez, kpix5. >> the city made the chief sign an agreement. if he violates any of the provisions in it, he can be fired. new details in a walnut creek murder suicide. the man who shot and killed his ex-girlfriend at her walnut creek home before taking his own life built the weapon himself. he purchased the parts through the mail. police say this is legal because guns that people build on their own do not need to be registered. also tonight, this is national night out. every year, neighbors come together with the promise to watch out for each other. but tonight, christin ayers found a gathering in oakland with a new twist. >> reporter: a little music, some food, a speech from a city council member. >> national night out is born from a place of neighbors being and knowing each other. >> reporter: in is what
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neighbors do every summer to fight crime. there are more than 500 anticrime parties like this one happening all over oakland tonight. but one party is doing a twist on national night out. >> revolution, romantic. >> reporter: they call it night out for safety and liberation. here, they are talking about a different type of public safety. >> i think it is important that we have spaces in our community where we can talk about public safety. >> reporter: oakland's center for human rights started this tradition after trayvon martin was killed. a nod to the realty that in tom communities of color, police are not seen as people of safety. >> we believe this has made communities less stay. >> reporter: the parties spread online as well with the twitter hash tag safety is. one tweet, safety is bringing an end to violence and abuse by cops and prison guards. they say they are not
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antipolice and don't object to national night out, but this party is meant to foster tough conversations about police brutality. and to talk about solutions. >> we know that employed people commit less crimes. people that graduate. people that fill a stake in their neighborhoods commit less crimes. >> reporter: in oakland, christin ayers, kpix5. wanted in china. living in northern california. what the man knows and why the chinese government wants him back. >> a rare perk for parents. what one bay area tech company is offering to keep its workers and kids happy. >> and her tweet to break down barriers also broke the internet. the message she sent ♪ hush my darling...
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the ready for you alert, only at laquinta! >> the northern california community of lumos finds its at an international dispute between the u.s. and china. at the heart of it is a chinese national who may have some highly secretive information. >> reporter: the chinese media is seeking out this home. the new york times report says the man who lives here is a rich and powerful chinese national who is possibly defecting to avoid a chinese
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government corruption organization. >> the first you heard of this name is in the new york times? >> yes it is. >> reporter: she says she has never seen her neighbor. >> i'm shocked that here we have something like this going on. but, i don't really want to have an opinion about them because i don't have an opinion. i have never met them. >> reporter: the case of international intrigue starts in the shangzi province of china. lingwongchan is possibly defecting and holding embarrassing chinese secrets. he is wanted in a corruption investigation after his brother was arrested on corruption charges as a top aide to the president. the new york times is reports china is demanding the u.s. extradite him as part of their ongoing corruption investigation. the u.s. attorney issued a statement reading the united states is not a safe haven for fugitives from any nations and
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for these cases to be successful, however, china must provide evidence to the department of justice. a case of high stakes diplomacy bridging two sides of the world, now centers on this home in loomis. >> there is no word if he has asked for asylum. the field is set for this month's republican presidential debate. the ten candidates on your screen will participate in cleveland. those participants were determined by polls. seven candidates didn't make the cut including carly fiorina. donald trump has a big lead on his republican competition. 24% is supporting him right now. jeb bush is in second with 13% and 10% favored wisconsin governor scott walker. 79% of those polled feel that trump is saying what he
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believes, not what people necessarily want to hear. it could be a game changer for tech companies. netflix has upped the ante on leave for new parents. mark kelly is live in los gatos with the new baby benefit. >> reporter: parents can take off an entire year here at netflix when they have kids or adopt. one expert calls this the most liberal leave policy in the valley. this policy has techies dusting off their resumes. >> it is amazing. as new parents, you need to spend time with your kids. >> reporter: niti especially loves that dads get equal time off. her husband got just seven days. >> they need to bond with the kid as well. >> reporter: in that first year, parents can work as much or little as they like and they still get a paycheck. >> i would probably want to take off a couple of mons.
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three to six maybe. come in maybe part time. >> in order for tech to run, you have to have good people. >> reporter: it is all about competition among the tech titans in the valley to recruit and keep quality people. >> if netflix does this, it will put pressure on all the other tech companies who want to keep their engineering staff and their people happy. >> reporter: looks like netflix is onto something. >> would you be interested in working for them some day? >> absolutely. yeah. >> reporter: netflix says the bottom line is people do better at work when their mind is not concerned about home and that allows them to return to work focused. mark kelly, kpix5. it's the latest hash tag to break the internet. a bay area woman became the face of her company's campaign to recruit engineers. but, some suggested she didn't look like an engineer. her twitter picture with the
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#ilooklikeanengineer lit up the internet. >> i think this is something every minority or someone who doesn't fit the cookie cutter has to go through. >> she says her challenges with stereotypes hit a lot of nerves. she heard from nuclear physicists, an astronaut. it has been weird. the weather seems a little like florida. not the bay are . >> we have had six rounds of humidity. there is another one coming up and tonight, we had a fantastic sunset. the cloud cover, we had for much of the day where it looked like it was going to rain. it was like come con on clouds just rain and it didn't. it gave us a glorious sunset. that view from the exploretorium in san francisco. oakland, 61.
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san jose tonight, mainly clear skies, 60. all of this moisture stretches all the way back. you can follow the clouds almost to the big island of hawaii. there is a hurricane out there, guillermo. all of that tropical moisture was steered into california. it was cloudy, sticky. had a humid feel to the air and a few sprinkles north of san francisco. tomorrow, and thursday, high pressure wins the battle in the atmosphere. tropical moisture shoved away. a good 20 to 25-degree temperature spread. friday, here we go again. low pressure, a couple of hundred miles offshore. moves directly overthe bay area. unstable air, especially friday morning. there may be some scattered showers, perhaps even a rumble of thunder. so the morning commute friday in august may be wet. here comes another rain chance. sunny, less humid the next few days. should be pleasant. watch out for the dry lightning which could be new fire
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potential especially in the north bay mountains. do not have that happen. we will watch and see. san jose, 80 degrees tomorrow. sunnyvale, 79. union city, less cloud cover and humidity, 76 for you. concord, a comfortable 84. alameda, 72 tomorrow. san rafael, 79. warmer thursday. friday morning, we may have another round of showers. weekend looks nice. we will stay warm, but not hot into next week. that would be seven rain chances. >> crazy. >> hasn't added up to much. not a drought buster but hopefully it's a sign of what's to come. >> fingers crossed. thanks paul. outrage turns to vandalism. why this florida home was targeted. >> coming up on the late, late show ... josh charles and chef gordon ra,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> let's move from social media mauling to criminal vandalism. >> people taking their anger of the killing of cecil the lion a step further. lion killer was spray painted on dr. walter palmer's summer vacation home. people left behind bloody pigs feet and animal crackers in the driveway. in response to cecil's death, three major u.s. airlines are banning hunts trophies in their baggage. american, delta, and united will no longer transfer the
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africa big five. that would be buffalo, elephants, leopard, lion, or rhino trophies. hunter pence wants another ,
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>> well, a more bizarre managing decision of the year occurred tonight in atlanta. the braves skipper freddie gonzalez decided to walk buster
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posey so he could face hunter strickland. jake peavy getting love from madyson madison bumgarner. he thought there were two outs. that allows a run to score and the giants lead 2-1. 8th inning, game tied. they walked buster posey. hunter pence. way back, way back. pence, a go ahead home run, game set match. giants win 8-3. walking buster posey to face pence? really? they pull within two games of the dodgers in the national league west. as , versus baltimore. there goes marcus semyon. top of the wall gone. his 10th of the year. 5-0 win. 49ers quentin dial has been given the duty of replacing the retired justin smith. he has been given an interesting nickname from the
2:07 am
head coach. >> he called me [bleep] >> now, he may not have the most affectionate nickname from tomsula but they were giddy talking about him. >> he is so kind, soft spoken. when he gets on the field ... [ laughter ] again, it is hard to describe it without using swear words. [ laughter ] >> hey, he's in a good mood these days. the number one play of the night, former pga pro kelly mitchum showing there is such a thing as three put. at pinehurst, sinks three in three consecutive strokes. three consecutive strokes. unfortunately for ke
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. >> the mentalist is next.
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