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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  August 12, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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it is nearly 6:00. we begin this hour with some breaking news on the bay bridge. kpix 5's anne makovec joins us live with the latest on the search for someone who may have fallen in the water. >> reporter: a woman. and the chp says it has gotten several reports of a woman who was soaking wet and may have been flagging down traffic. they are trying to review videotape from this area here in the bay bridge to try to figure out if that indeed may be true but a woman fell off of the bike path a couple of hours ago. if this woman is not found, the coast guard is sending up another helicopter at daybreak. in the meantime they have a boat in the water. they have officers posted along the shoreline hoping this woman will turn up on her own. it started with a car crash. only one vehicle involved on the eastbound lanes of the bridge. officers approached the car and they found one passenger there at the car. and they saw two other people walking away.
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they had jumped a railing on to the bike path. when an officer approached them -- >> we believe that the driver jumped over the rail and was holding from the railing and as the officer was about 50 yards way, she began to slip and fall. >> reporter: and it was a drop of about 75 feet into the water which is about 50 to 60 degrees. they have been tracking her likely direction and questioning the other passengers as to her state of mind. we'll let you know if she is found. live at the bay bridge, anne makovec, kpix 5. thank you. let's check traffic with liza. >> it did have an early impact on the morning commute. the bay bridge metering lights were switched on earlier than usual this morning because of this situation we have been following on the bay bridge. now, as it stands right now, the bay bridge backup extends to the foot of the maze.
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and bridge officials are even slowing down those metering lights to try to keep as much traffic off of the bridge right now. all lanes remain open on the span and again, bay bridge delays at the toll plaza extend to the foot of the maze. now, once you got on the bridge, you can see sluggish traffic on the incline section. now, heading towards the dumbarton bridge, out of menlo park, do keep in mind that the police department is asking folks to avoid the eastbound bayfront expressway. there is a grass fire burning right now and one lane of traffic is shut down on the bayfront expressway between willow and university. this will delay some of that traffic normally bound for the dumbarton bridge. it's been a good morning, though, for local transit. still no delays for the bart system, ferries, caltrain and both altamont commuter express trains are on schedule. that's your "kcbs traffic." here's roberta. you know, liza, i'm taking a look at some of my buoys and it looks like the water temperature in the bay right now is between 61 to 64 degrees. good morning, everyone, as you
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head out the door the air temperatures are in the 50s and 60s. later today it looks like our temperatures will be pretty close to seasonal highs anywhere from approaching 70 at the beaches and 74 degrees across the bay, low 80s peninsula and up to about 88 degrees for the warmest spot inland out towards cloverdale. otherwise, it's a dry weather pattern and triple digits by saturday. developing news in the south bay overnight. police in morgan hill arrested a man after a 12-hour standoff. kpix 5's kiet do joins us at a house on manor court where a young man was hold up for about 12 hours. good morning, kiet. >> reporter: good morning. everything back to normal here in the neighborhood in morgan hill after a very long day and night. it all started yesterday when police got a call of a wanted felon here on manor court in morgan hill. now, when officers arrived they saw the man go into the home. we're told that this is the home of a friend. however, since the man was wanted for several violent crimes out of san jose, it was unclear if he was armed. police evacuated the home and
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the neighborhood. then the morgan hill police called the s.w.a.t. team. they used a bull horn to get him out of the house for the next couple of hours. he didn't budge until 1 a.m. when he was arrested. neighbors heard loud bangs, probably concussion grenades. >> sounded like a flash-bang, i don't know tell you the truth. three really loud bangs and then came outside seen a bunch of cops at the house. 24 years old man is booked into the santa clara county jail. we are live in morgan hill, kiet do, kpix 5. there are more evacuations in lake county as the "jerusalem fire" continues to burn out of control. it's burning very close to the "rocky fire" with only a few miles separating the two. the "jerusalem fire" has grown to 14,000 acres. it's just 5% contained.
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no homes have burned. dozens are threatened. last night cal fire ordered 10 more homes evacuated bringing the total to about 60. and to the southeast a wildfire in arizona near the border with california is now 40% contained. it broke out on saturday in mojave county and burned 11 homes. evacuation orders are still in effect for 100 more. yesterday crews strengthened fire lines to keep it from spreading. crews have increased containment of the anza fire in southern california. it started when a motorhome went up in flames in rural riverside county. one person in the motorhome had burns and three firefighters had mine more injuries. the fire spread through vegetation near palm desert. it has burned 500 acres and is 50% contained. major wildfires are also burning in three other western states, washington, montana and alaska. the current fire season is now the second largest on record with nearly 8,000 square miles
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burned. it is 6:05. a community group in oakland is pushing for the raiders to stay in the city. today the oakland united coalition will call for an agreement between the city, alameda county and the proposed city developer. the group wants the coliseum city plan to include a set of community benefits including good jobs and accessible transit plans. the developer is expected to reveal details on the proposal on august 21. but meanwhile it seems the raiders are closer toic canning off the 2016 see -- to kicking off the 2016 season in southern california. they made a presentation yesterday in chicago to build a joint city with a rival. a heavy security presence was deployed in mountain view to protect a politician who holds views against islam. snipers were on preschools and police officers patroled. it was a level of security usually seen for presidents but
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this time, the visitor was geert wilders a dutch member of parliament speaking at a conservative forum in silicon valley. >> muslims might be moderates, but islam is evil and nothing else. >> we have thought through a number of scenarios based on our own experiences and recent events. >> that was a shooting in may in texas near where cartoons of the prophet mohammad were shown and where wilders gave a speech. isis claimed responsibility. sheriff mirkarimi of san francisco now has a valid driver's license.earlier this week, we learned he had been driving with a suspend the license since february for not reporting a fender-bender last fall to the dmv. mirkarimi says he called the dmv yesterday and resolved the matter. the "chronicle" says he never reported the minor accident to the please. he said he called police and resolved it.
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andy lopez is standing by her husband. breaking news. the sheriff will be investigated for picking up his child at school wearing the sheriff's uniform. hillary clinton agreed to let federal investigators -- >> hillary clinton agreed to let federal investigators check out her private home email server. as hannah daniels reports, investigators want to know if it was used to transmit top secret information. reporter: hillary clinton has directed her team to hand over her private email server along with a thumb drive to the justice department. the development comes amid an ongoing federal investigation into whether the democratic presidential front-runner sent or received classified information on an unsecured system during her time as secretary of state, something clinton has denied. >> i did not email any, um, classified material. >> reporter: on tuesday a top intelligence official revealed two of the emails that went through the server should have been marked top secret. in a statement, state
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department spokesman john kirby says, quote, department employees circulated the emails on unclassified systems in 2009 and 2011 and ultimately some were forwarded to secretary clinton. they were not marked classified. republican presidential front- runner donald trump pounced on the news during an appearance on fox. >> did she commit a crime? yes. will they prosecute it? perhaps no. >> reporter: a recent cbs poll shows the email controversy may be taking a toll on clinton's campaign. >> nationally, the trustworthiness and honesty numbers for hillary clinton are going down. but let's point out among democrats, they still find her trustworthy and honest. >> reporter: her camp says they will cooperate with the government investigation. hannah daniels, cbs news. ♪[ music ] 6:09 your time. coming up turning restrictions through downtown san francisco. how drivers navigate the market street without breaking the new law. >> and a new tool to help the
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drought. how these plastic balls are preserving water and the cost to taxpayers. >> and from the kpix 5 weather center, good morning to you. we have temperatures pretty close to average today. but wait until you see when we hit triple digits. >> the chp is asking folks to please stay focused on the road at the bay bridge. lots of chp units on scene following an overnight accident. we'll have details on this and more coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] good morning? >> san jose, antioch, san mateo, and south san francisco unified school district. this is what you can expect on your first day back to school. we have sunshine from the coast to our inland areas. we have temperatures from near 70 at the beaches to mid- to
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high 80s inland and i have your full forecast coming up in four minutes. drivers on san francisco's market street are still trying to figure out what they can do and can't do. it's going to take a while. yesterday some new rules went into effect banning turns between 3rd and 8th streets. signs are up but they didn't really help. the idea is to make the intersection safer for pedestrians. our mike sugerman asked a police chief about the plan. listen closely. >> westbound you can do a straight shot. >> reporter: i think it's the other way around. that's eastbound. that's westbound. >> right. >> reporter: you can't turn coming this way. >> right. so whoever' westbound you get directed off -- so when you're westbound you get directed off between 3rd and 10th -- i'm sorry, 3rd and 8th. >> who's on first! mike tried his hand at directing traffic. he says most drivers were following the new rules. >> you live by there right? >> i do. and it's impossible because once you get on market you can't make a left-hand turn so you have to go all the way
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down. and now you can't make a right- hand turn to get on market. so you have to go way down the second and way down the ninth. all the side streets will be cluttered. walk, if you are around union square just walk. >> a big fine, too. >> that's why i love living in the suburbs. >> people walking today, right? >> crazy day for you today. >> yes. it's been an unusual day. we have had that problem at the bay bridge and now we are just getting word of an overturned big rig accident. i don't have a map of the accident it just came in from the chp. but reportedly all lanes of westbound 580 are shut down at this hour. just beyond isabel and livermore so the chp is on their way to this accident in livermore. it had already been slow any way from beyond the 205 interchange in patches heading to and through the livermore valley. the chp just tweeted a message to the drivers heading toward the bay bridge to place stay focused on the road. you will see lots of chp units near the span this morning
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following an overnight accident and a coast guard search for someone who may have fallen into the water. kpix 5's anne makovec is live on the scene. and we'll have another update from her in just a few minutes. in terms of traffic impact, all lanes remain open at the bay bridge at this hour. we saw earlier backups at the bay. we switched on the metering lights much earlier. near the dumbarton bridge there's a grass fire burning and has shot down at least one lane of the eastbound bayfront expressway between willow and university. expect some delays getting towards the dumbarton bridge as a result of this. not too far from there at the san mateo bridge, westbound traffic still steady so that's a nice drive for the commute out of hayward bound for foster city. smooth on west 580. more delays on the richmond/san rafael bridge and this morning a brief delay approaching the
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toll plaza. when i look at the skyline of san jose, i see a very happy city. i do. the parents are doing the happy dance because kids in san jose going back to school today. across the santa clara valley the upper 50s and low 60s in oakland. meanwhile, yeah, we have other school districts sending kids back to school as well in antioch, san mateo, south san francisco. it is over! summer break, it is over! expect temperatures easily into the 70s by the final bell except antioch temperatures in the mid-80s. meanwhile, this is what we all need to expect today. we have had some very thin overcast at the coast that's getting wiped away. near average temperatures through tomorrow and then warm to hot friday through the weekend. upper level area of low pressure has been there for at least the past couple of days spinning its wheels. it's beautiful. that's the core. that is the front producing some rain but it's offshore. it can't bust through our dry air mace so we will remain on the dry side -- air mass.
6:18 am
so we will remain on the dry side today. as the slow gradually slides northeast, high pressure quickly fills in the from desert southwest. end resulted is our temperatures are going to be very robust by friday. 90 sacramento. mid-90s fresno. merced, modesto and manteca mid- 90s. low 80s in truckee where currently it's 43 degrees. 74 monterey bay. our numbers approaching 70s in pacifica and in san francisco. mid-70s across alameda, el cerrito into oakland and berkeley. low 80s in mountain view. upper 70s to low 80s across the santa clara valley. mid-80s to the east and to the north. and then we have 102 in our hottest spots of our inland areas by saturday. frank? >> roberta, thanks. city of santa clara says it's already lost more than $40,000 because of thieves who are stealing water meters. the city says it's happened 36 times in less than a month. always overnight in front of businesses. investigators believe the meters are being stolen to be sold as scrap metal. they are turning off the
6:19 am
water before they cut the meters off and that requires a special tool. so they either have done this before in other places or they have some knowledge. >> the city is offering a $5,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest and conviction. cupertino-based apple helping a small company that's making a new water conserving showerhead. apple's ceo is one of the first investors in nivea and the small company's showerheads have been installed at apple's corporate campus in cupertino. nivea is based in san francisco. water experts in southern california hope thousands of blackballs will help them deal with the drought. >> the balls were dumped into a los angeles reservoir yesterday. plastic shade balls are supposed to work. they float on the water's surface. and in theory they are going to reduce the amount of water that evaporates. >> this is a blend of how engineering really meets common sense. >> we saved a lot of money.
6:20 am
we did all the right things. >> bee reducing evaporation these -- by reducing evaporation these shade balls will keep 300 million gallons from evaporating into the sky to fight the drought. >> the millions of balls cost 36 cents apiece and are expected to last about 10 years. 6:20. it may be off season but the 2015 nba champs are still showing off their stuff. an amazing half court shot from klay thompson on a bike coming your way. good morning, everyone. what does baumgarner and jonathan sanchez have in common? other players have in common? and brandon belt had two home runs at at&t all season. wait until you see what he did last night. straight ahead. >> what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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an update on breaking news we're following. a search continues in the waters off the bay bridge. the chp says a woman fell into the water after a car crash on the span. these are live pictures that you're looking at. mac is at the scene and we'll go back to her live shortly. good morning, everyone. for the first time in major league history all 15 home teams were winners last night. that included the giants, who were happy to be home after getting swept out of chicago. irish heritage night at at&t. matt duffy had zero home runs in 501 at-bats in college. this would have been his tenth in the majors if not for carlos gomez. his glove hit the wall at the same time the ball landed in the leather. how about it. brilliant catch.
6:25 am
madison baumgarner joined juan mar shell and jonathan sanchez as the only giants to strike out 7 players in a row. baumgarner had 12 and got a little help from that man! brandon belt, not one but two home runs, seven of his last ten hits are home runs. giants beat the astros 3-1. baumgarner goes the distance. giants 2.5 back of the dodgers. the blue jays are undefeated with troy tulowitski in the line-up. bob melvin called the second inning perhaps the worst the a's played all year. marcus semien made one of two errors allowing two runs to score. that was the difference. the a's lost 4-2. it was toronto's ninth straight win. jets quarterback geno smith was sucker-punched by a teammate ikemefuna enemkpali and will miss six to ten weeks with a broken jaw. the dispute was over a $600 plane ticket. the jets gave enemkpali a one- way ticket out of town. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight.
6:26 am
play of the day, klay thompson on a bike, let it go. and it's good. man, how good is this guy? how good are the warriors? good stuff. that is your play of the day. >> showoff! . >> it is now 6:26. coming up, a texas police officer is fired. what the police chief has to say about the cop who shot and killed an unarmed football player. >> and the search is still on for a woman who fell into the cold bay waters from the bike path of the bay bridge. more coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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fewer spreads in lower lake county. the skyrocketing cost to fight the fires. >> reporter: i'm kiet do live in morgan hill. it was a long day and night after a 12-hour standoff. we have a live report straight ahead. >> from the pictures weather center, good morning. today near normal temperatures but i'll show you when we will top off in the triple digits. >> long delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. increased chp presence, as well. i'll have details with "kcbs traffic." good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, august 12. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm maria medina. time now is 6:30. breaking news this morning at the bay bridge where a person may have fallen into the water. searchers are investigating
6:31 am
now. anne makovec has the latest developments on the bay bridge. >> reporter: good morning. officers got a few reports that a woman who was wet trying to flag down drivers here near the bay bridge. they haven't been able to confirm that. the search continues. this is one of the boats in the water searching for this woman for hours. a live look from chopper 5. this happened around 3 a.m. and the coast guard is about to send up another helicopter to continue the search. they have officers at the shoreline hoping she will turn up on her own. there started with a car crash in the early-morning hours. only one vehicle involved on the eastbound lanes of the bridge. officers approached the car and they found one passenger as well as two others walking
6:32 am
away. they had jump a railing on to the bike path when. when an officer approached them, the woman who they think was the driver was hanging on to the railing and then she fell off into bay. it's adrop of about 75 feet -- it's a drop of about 75 feet. >> the water is cold. it's about 50 to 60 degrees. so the longer you stay in the water, obviously you will suffer hypothermia and the longer it is to locate the person, the survivability is lessened. >> reporter: the coast guard is trying to track her likely direction once she ended up in the bay. they have been questioning the other passengers as to this woman's state of mind. we have also heard that that's people may have been robbery suspect. that's unconfirmed. we'll let you know if and when this woman is found. anne makovec, kpix 5. >> i'm sure there's a back story unraveling as we speak.
6:33 am
>> the water is about low 60s? >> an officer was 50 to 60 degrees. i looked at some of the buoy reports and about 62 degrees. when i swim in the bay i swim with a wet suit in that kind of temperature. we have people who swim from alcatraz without wet suits things like that. >> we don't know her state, either. >> exactly. very well said. good morning, everybody. as we take a look towards the bay bridge at this particular time, the winds are nonexistent. pretty calm there as of right now. and notice the sky is clear. we have had some thin overcast and that has been wiped away from the immediate seashore. our temperatures are in the 50s to 60 degrees in concord. later today our numbers spanning from the 60s at the beaches approaching nearly 70 degrees in pacifica. 70s and 80s around the peninsula. low 80s to the south and in between, right towards the eastern portion of our bay area, in the mid- to high 80s. triple digits. we'll talk about that next time around at 48 minutes after the
6:34 am
hour. >> reporter: lots of chp units at the bay bridge following an overnight accident. we heard from anne makovec and saw pictures from chopper 5. the chp has requested all drivers heading toward the bay bridge to focus on the road. lots of visual hazards. you will see the coast guard out. westbound traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza backed up into the macarthur maze. and they are slowing down the metering lights for all those folks heading on the bridge. we also have big problems in livermore where all lanes are reportedly shut down fog an overturned big rig accident. so all lanes west 580 shut down near isabel. highway 84, this is right in the middle of that very busy commute. for all those drivers leaving the altamont pass, heading towards pleasanton, very long delays now in fact 205 backed up solid heading towards the altamont pass. i'll have more "kcbs traffic" in a few minutes. developing news now in the south bay a man arrested as a police standoff in morgan hill
6:35 am
comes to an end. kpix 5's kiet do is near the scene where he talked to a neighbor just a short time ago. >> reporter: everything is back to normal after a long day at night. a wanted felon on manor court.pretty much just a mess now. the doors were left open when we arrived. and there's stuff pretty much everywhere. this all began around 1:00 yesterday afternoon when police got a call of a wanted felon here on manor court in morgan hill. when officers arrived they saw the man go into the home. but since the man was wanted for several violent felonies out of san jose, it was unclear if he was armed, police told the homeowners to get out and evacuated the neighborhood. morgan hill police called the s.w.a.t. team and they used a bull horn to try to coax him out over the next couple of hours. he didn't budge. then a neighbor heard bangs probably concussion grenades. >> probably a flash-bang or something. i don't know. tell you the truth.
6:36 am
three really loud bangs and then came outside and saw the cops. the suspect finally arrested at 1 a.m. he didn't appear to be injured. he was booked into the santa clara county jail. we are live in morgan hill, kiet do, kpix 5. new this morning seven people are injured after u.s. army helicopter crashed off the coast of okinawa. it crashed while landing on a navy ship. japanese coast guard says ten other people on board were unharmed. the cause is under investigation. the evacuation continues in lake county as the "jerusalem fire" is out of control. it's 14,000 acres and burning close to the "rocky fire" with only a few miles separating the two. it's going to cost up to $5 million just for county workers to clean up the debris. police made a mistake when they named the man arrested at
6:37 am
the outside lands festival in golden gate park last weekend. that man says he lost his wallet two years ago and the suspect must be using his identification. the suspect is now under arrest on suspicion of two felonies including resisting arrest. he apparently ran through the south entry gate of the festival and led police on a foot chase. the san jose city council is allowing the police department to use a drone. city leaders assured the public the drone will not be used to spy on people. under the policy the drone will be used to support the bomb squad or when there's an active shooter or hostage situation. the plan still needs federal approval. an apartment explosion in oakland left a man dead and wounded two alameda county sheriff's deputies. a man being evicted apparently didn't want to leave. so he set a trap turning on the natural gas and jamming the lock. when a locksmith tried to drill it open yesterday, a spark set off the explosion knocking two deputies against the wall.
6:38 am
five tenants from some other units ran for their lives. >> it was a traumatic experience. i don't have a phone or shoes. >> we all got out safely. that's important right now. but i'm thinking about what's going to happen next. >> firefighters found a man's body in the back unit. the two deputies and locksmith were hurt. two families left homeless are getting help from the red cross. a texas police trainee is out of a job and could face charges for shooting an unarmed college football player. cbs's hannah daniels with the story. >> reporter: protestors marched outside arlington police headquarters tuesday night demanding fired officer brad miller also face criminal charges for the death of 18- year-old christian taylor. this surveillance video shows the unarmed college football player moments before he was shot dead by the rookie police officer at a car dealership. >> there is a vehicle on that property that has been broken
6:39 am
into where the windshield was smashes. >> reporter: officer miller fired his weapon four times. >> i have found several decisions made on scene to be troubling. >> reporter: the chief laid out a timeline that shows at 1:15 officers found the dealership's gate open. at 1:17, taylor is spotted by the five officers on scene. but at 1:18 when officers discussed setting up a perimeter, officer miller violates policy by separating from his training and more experienced officer and into the showroom. the unarmed teen reportedly charged and cursed at taylor who fired his weapon while thinks train officer fired his taser. >> this feeling of fear and isolation was as a result of his poor decision to enter the building without assistance and without an arrest plan. >> reporter: miller, who joined the department in september, cannot appeal the firing because he was a probationary employee. it will now be up to a grand jury to decide if miller should face criminal charges. hannah daniels for cbs news.
6:40 am
>> the local police union denounced the firing and says officer miller deserves the right to be judged fairly and completely on the facts. time now 6:40. the bay area city with the hottest rental market in the country. what you get for your money coming up next. and you may want to look up into the sky. the special show you may see later tonight. >> and the market just open up about 10 minutes ago. let's take a quick check on the big board. another bad day. the dow down 175 points. coming up, we'll get an update from kcbs radio's fina,,
6:41 am
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6:44 am
always calling people out. love it. [ laughter ] >> just a little joke. just a little inside joke. hi, maria, maria, i just met a girl named maria. hi, frank. >> reporter: we are tracking developments in the investigation of hillary clinton and the email server some of which contained top secret information. we'll talk with republican presidential candidate carly fiorina and we catch up with the 22-year-old who is trying right now to become the first woman to climb one of the world's most dangerous peaks, and guess what, the name of this place is called murder wall. >> oh. >> no thanks. >> wow. >> the news is back in the morning. see you at 7:00. >> thanks for singing to me. >> she is something else this young woman. >> a little "west side story" in the morning goes a long way. >> i always loved "west side story." i love that. >> all right. we love you, too. have a great show, see you at 7:00. it is 6:44. today stocks on wall street and around the world are tanking as
6:45 am
china's currency de valuation continues. kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks reports. >> reporter: another rough day for the stock market as it continues to try to make moves to stall its stumbling stock market and reinvigorate its economy. there are a lot of concerns that perhaps china is not even doing as well as it said. we saw a sell-off on wall street yesterday. that's continuing this morning. and there is a lot of pressure on u.s. firms doing business in china. the currency de valuation means their goods and services will cost more for chinese con sometimers. apple's shares dropped 5%, down 3% today. apple reaped record profits the past couple quarters thanks to its strong iphone sales in china. and speaking of china, e- commerce giant alibaba reported earnings more than ducked its profit but because of the -- more than doubleddists profits but because of the problems in china the stock is diving. it more than double its profits.
6:46 am
let's check the big board. dow down 190. yahoo shares down 6% on the alibaba news. back to you guys. >> thank you. the perseid meteor shower is expected to put on quite a show later tonight and into the early-morning hours tomorrow. the meteor shower will happen during a new moon when the moon is absent from the sky. that way the moonlight won't interfere with the view of the comets. experts say the best time to see the shower will be about 1:00 tomorrow morning. another legal headache for ridesharing company uber. hong kong police raided its local offices and arrested three staff members and five drivers. the drivers are suspected of illegally carrying passengers and driving without proper insurance. uber says it stands by its drivers and welcomes the opportunity to work with investigators on updating
6:47 am
regulations. airline passengers are filing a lot more complaints against carriers. according to the department of transportation, airline complaints are up 20% compared to last year. delays and cancellations were the biggest gripe. spirit airlines earned the worst customer satisfaction rating and southwest the best. state senate bill requiring a 50% cut in gasoline and diesel use by the year 2030 is facing some stiff opposition. san joaquin county business and agriculture leaders say it would hurt people working in the state's ag industry and increase food costs. proponents say the legislation is needed to help the environment and create new jobs. oakland may now be the hottest rental market in the nation. rents have jumped 20% in the past year. it's now nearly $2,000 a month for a one bedroom unit. here's kpix 5's christin ayers with more. reporter: kate miller is lucky. my jaw dropped when she told me how little she is paying for
6:48 am
her rent controlled studio in oakland. >> i pay like $600. >> reporter: $600? that's all? unheard of! >> that's what i'm saying. >> reporter: these days oaklanders are staying put in rent controlled apartments because leaving means paying double, triple or quadruple the rent. some of the hottest locations, lake merritt and adams point, where one bedrooms are going for up to $2,500 a month. >> we have never seen rents this high. we have never seen a higher rent per foot than we are now. >> reporter: brandon geraldo vice president of a real estate company says he has also never seen competition for oakland apartments this stiff. >> many owners that we talk to on a daily basis are saying, we are getting, you know, 20 to 30 to 40 applications on one unit. >> reporter: one of those building owners's his company owns 800 units in oakland. his biggest renters? millennials whose tech salaries are big but not quite big enough to live in san francisco. >> why wouldn't you want to live in oakland?
6:49 am
it's warmer than san francisco. it's more affordable than san francisco. you get more space than you get in san francisco. >> reporter: so how long will the boom last? he has high hopes. >> we are going to see rents collide between san francisco and oakland. >> reporter: but collier's brokers say there's been unprecedented growth. 10 to 15% every year for the last three years. and that has to change. >> i mean, it will have to tap out at some point. >> reporter: in oakland, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> but even with the recent spike, oakland is still less expensive than san jose or san francisco. check of traffic, liza, on another busy day for you. >> it's been a hectic morning for all of the drivers leaving the east bay bound for san francisco. drive times are up to 42 minutes now leaving the maze heading towards fremont street in san francisco. this is part of the reason right here. chopper 5 is up and out over the bay bridge where the coast guard has been looking -- searching the bay waters for
6:50 am
someone who may have fallen off the bridge after an accident were happened overnight. so you will notice lots of helicopters by the bay bridge this morning including chopper 5. we also have the coast guard choppers out there and the chp has tweeted out a request for all of those drivers bound for the bay bridge to try to keep focused on the road this morning. all lanes are open for westbound 80 all the way across the bridge. again, drive times are down to 42 minutes leaving the maze bound for fremont street in san francisco. in fact, the bay bridge meters lights were switched on earlier than usual because of that police action again ongoing at the bay bridge. now, westbound traffic through the livermore area we had that earlier accident involving an overturned big rig at isabel. that's long gone but westbound 580 still very slow leaving the altamont pass bound for the dublin interchange. bart is on time. no delays reported for the altamont commuter express. at 6:50 did you at home
6:51 am
know you can become one of my weather watchers? it's true. you just need a thermometer and some other weather gear and that's about it. right now these are my weather watcher checking in from los altos, pacifica, san francisco and brentwood. temperatures in fact 50s and 60s. darrell yee in alameda reports 60 degrees as well and the skies, they have been clearing except along the immediate seashore. we have a thin deck of low overcast skies. temperatures in the 50s and 60s a little cooler out the door this morning than 24 hours ago. here's what you need to know on this "hump day." the coast is clearing. kind of sort of. and then we will see some near average temperatures through thursday. it's going to be much warmer to downright hot by friday. this is an upper-level area of low pressure. we have been talking about this for the past 48 hours. it's spinning off the coast textbook perfect. that's the core, that's the frontal boundary. you see lots of precipitation associated with it. that rain can't bust through
6:52 am
our dry air mass so it's not raining here but it is pulling down cooler air and that's why the temperatures are pretty close to average. but -- beginning tomorrow afternoon this low is going to begin to march off east to northeast allowing high pressure from the desert southwest to build back into the bay area. and our temperatures are going to soar. wait until you see that seven- day forecast. meanwhile, today, mid- and high 60s, it will cross the northwestern quadrant of the state of california. 90 sacramento. mid-90s fresno. sunrise already happened. by the time it sets tonight at 8:06, temperatures near 70 in pacifica. mid-70s bayside. upper 70s low 80s across the peninsula and up to 86 to 87, 88 degrees in the warmest locations inland, ditto thursday and there you have that robust heat wave over the weekend. thank you. 6:52. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton prepares to hand over her personal email server. what the federal government is looking for coming up.
6:53 am
>> the search is on for a woman who got know a car accident overnight and then either fell or jumped off the bay bridge. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at hillary clinton has directed her team to hand over her private email server and the thumb drive to the justice department. it housed her email for four years as secretary of state. the federal government wants to know how secure it is. a texas police officer is out of a job. brad miller was fired from the arlington police force after he shot 19-year-old christian taylor multiple times at a car dealership last week. the city's police chief says
6:57 am
miller exercised poor judgment. a police standoff in morgan hill ended overnight. officer surrounded a house on manor court yesterday afternoon. the man detained is a suspect in several crimes. the "jerusalem fire" in lake county continues to send smoke into the air. the fire is 16,000 acres and is 6% contained. southern california officials are hoping shade balls will help them beat the drought. the black plastic floating devices protect water from dust chemicals and wildlife. they are also supposed to help with preventing evaporation. i'm anne makovec live on the bay bridge where the search continues this morning for a woman who apparently fell off the bay bridge. taking a live look right now at the bay waters, one of the rescue boats in the water right now looking for this woman. these are shots from chopper 5. now, there have been reports over the past hour of a woman who may have been soaking wet trying to flag down traffic in
6:58 am
the area. officers haven't been able to confirm that. this all started about 5 hours ago. that was when a car crashed on the bridge on the eastbound lanes at about 2 a.m. officers found one passenger there and two others walking away. they had jumped a railing on to the bike path. >> we believe it's a driver jumped over the rail and was holding from the railing and slipped. >> reporter: it was a drop of 75 feet into the water, which is about 60 degrees. the coast guard has been trying to track her likely direction and questioning the other passengers. we'll let you know when this woman is found. live on the bay bridge, anne makevoc, kpix 5. we are going to start off once again at the bay bridge where they cycled those metering lights slowly this morning. they were on very early and traffic backed up through the
6:59 am
macarthur maze. this has had a ripple effect. so 580 backed up from highway 24. i-80 solid out of albany approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. but we have better news from menlo park. bayfront expressway is now open between menlo and university. we had a couple of lanes shut down because of a grass fire. over at the san mateo bridge, westbound traffic still slow at the pay gates. you can see very heavy all the way across the bridge. roberta? >> you guys, listen carefully. can you hear it? it's parents doing the happy dance all across the bay area because it's over! summer is over! back to school today in san jose, antioch, san mateo. temperatures 50s, 60s today all the way to the 70s by the final school bell. except in antioch in the 80s. san jose right there, they are doing the happy dance, 50s and 60s out the door. later today numbers from nearly 70 at the beaches and all the way to the mid-80s inland. enjoy. >> it's august 12th. summer is not over. >> back to school! >> thanks for joining us. >> so much for summer.
7:00 am
>> all right. folks. hey, enjoy your wednesday. see you at noontime. captions by: capti captioning funded by cbs good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday, august 12th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." did hillary clinton mishandle top-secret e-mails. the democratic front-runner hands over her e-mail server to federal investigators. donald trump tells us what would drive him out of the race. and we'll talk to carly fiorina about her surge in the polls. college students become the first woman to scale the infamous murder wall. first, today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> the inspector general found that two e-mails on clinton's private server should have


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