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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  August 13, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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there. >> yeah. >> wow. >> it's thursday, august 13. thursday! i'm maria medina. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. mini friday! >> bravo! [ applause ] >> let's get you out the door at 4:30 with traffic and weather. we have something very special coming up in our 5:00 and our 6:00 hours. it's a little bit of a tease. we'll leave it at that. >> good morning, everybody. many people out in their lawn chairs this morning in the la honda area not so much at the coast or the bay because of that right there. we are saturated in the fog and the reason 'cwhy they are sitti outside, perched precariously and looking up at the sky, the perseid meteor showers are happening right now. inland it's clear, 70s, 80s approaching 90. your full forecast is straight ahead. but first, here's liza battalones. >> good morning. caltrans is busy in oakland. they have shut down the east 580 connector ramp to 980 for roadwork. it will be closed for 30 minutes with detour signs posted and there's a new
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accident in milpitas. 880 northbound approaching 237. we'll have details on that with "kcbs traffic." guys? >> okay, see u> reporter: good morning. the shooting that started the protest is under investigation this morning. there are two very different stories as to how that went down. but the aftermath was just as chaotic. this is what it looked like last night on 980 in oakland. gridlock. chp was nowhere to be scene for some time. it wasn't until about 20 minutes later that we saw officers start to roll up to that area about 10:20 p.m. once the chp got there, they got creative in clearing the logjam. we saw cars being told to drive the wrong direction on a ramp and flipping u-turns to get
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back on the freeway. about 45 demonstrators were marching to the oakland police department. they were protesting a police shooting that happened yesterday afternoon. along the way they blocked the 27th street off-ramps from westbound i-90 and 580. some set small fires long the way. the shooting that sparked the protest happened at 27th and mlk. police shot and killed a 24- year-old wanted in a robbery case. they spotted the suspect's car and think chased it until it crashed. then we heard from a woman who says she saw what happened next. >> then he started running with the gun in his hand. he was running for his life. he was running. they saying drop the gun, drop the gun, drop the gun. he didn't want to drop the gun. so they hit him 6 or 7 times. >> she saying he was lying on the ground at the time he tripped and fell. the police said he was trying to carjack someone after the
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crash and he was walking towards the officers with a pistol in his hand. all three officers had rolling body cameras at the time. that's going to be part of the investigation. live in the newsroom anne makevoc, kpix 5. chp looking for a woman who survived a 70-foot pluck off the bay bridge early yesterday morning after investigators say she crashed a stolen car on the bridge hopped over the bridge rail and either jumped htor fel into the bay as an officer tried to grab her. a coast guard search turned up nothing. >> cold water drowning, not having insulated layers or life vest decreases the amount of time you can be in the water. >> drivers saw a woman in a soaking wet dress trying to flag down a vehicle. a truck driver told the chp he gave a woman a ride. two other woman in the crashed car were questioned and released. the "jerusalem fire" spread into napa valley but firefighters are making progress containing the blaze. the fire burned more than 20,000 acres since it began
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sunday. it's only 16% contained. but that's up from yesterday morning. evacuations remain in effect. 50 structures are considered threatened. but so far no homes have burned. so they're making some progress but mother nature is about to turn up the heat, right? >> absolutely. today we're going to be similar to yesterday's conditions but then we just crank up the heat beginning tomorrow and then triple digits anticipated in many of the locations around the fire. by saturday and on sunday. good morning, everybody. heading on out the door here's what you can anticipate. we have thin overcast over mineta international airport at this time. otherwise we're socked in at the coast and the bay. temperatures in the upper 50s and 60s. it is currently 65 degrees in oakland. and today's temperatures, well, they are going up. in fact, we're talking about nearly 70 in pacifica and #jdñi san francisco. 70s and 80s will be common around the peninsula today low and mid-80s santa clara valley. east of the bay 90 in brentwood tracy oakley mountain house as well as around the low 80s in
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walnut creek, danville 88 through blackhawk. 60s, 70s, 80s north of the golden gate bridge. with the sunshine, 80s common from clearlake through lakeport. the full weekend forecast is still coming up but right now, let's say good morning to liza battalones. >> hi there. good morning, everybody. happy thursday. we're going to talk about this accident which just cropped #vñ in milpitas. northbound 880 approaching 237. this accident reported into the chp involving a couple vehicles blocking two lanes of traffic. i'll have more on that in just a moment. you're looking at live pictures of the eastshore freeway. i-80 as it rolls through berkeley emeryville. lots of room still on the east shore no problems as of yet as you make your approach towards the emeryville area. this accident northbound 880 at 237 blocking lanes. i'll have more traffic coming up. it is 4:35 now. alameda police say they have arrested a 17-year-old suspect in a string of crimes on the
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island. detectives say surveillance video that circulated this week helped find this man. he allegedly would get into homes through an open window or unlocked door. investigators say he was more interested in victims than stealing anything. he is accused of sexual assaulting a girl in her bedroom. >> very intrusive when someone comes into your home. like i said, most of the burglaries occur -- most burglars want to burglarize a home for the property in the home and they do that when no one is home so they can take their time in selecting the desired property. this case is the reason it's called a hot prowl is because the occupants are home and it's very frightening to people. >> police say they have no idea how he chose his victims since he is 17 they are not releasing his name. after 14 years on the run a former fremont teacher is now in custody. franquemont negro was charged in 2001 with sexual assaulting two boys. investigators say the 52-year- old montenegro fled to mexico a
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short time later. yesterday, the fbi tracked frank montenegro in l.a. where he had been living for years. he taught at several schools. people are dead and injured after a series of explosions in china. [ explosions ] >> the explosions sent massive fireballs into the night sky over the port city of tianjin. 12 of the dead are among the 1,000 firefighters who were sent to the scene. the explosions originated at a warehouse for hazardous materials. so far there's no word on what caused the disaster. and in iraq, the death toll is rising after a massive truck bomb blast in baghdad this morning. at least 62 people are now confirmed dead. the attack happened in a crowded market in the shiite neighborhood of sadr city. ist"islamic state" militants
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claim responsibility. the boston herald poll shows senator bernie sanders is in the lead among democratic voters in new hampshire. sanders from vermont has a 44-37 edge over mrs. clinton. he gained 36 points since the previous poll back in march. on the republican side, former minnesota governor jesse ventura says he would consider being donald trump's running made if asked. the one time pro wrestler won the governor's seat as an independent back in 1998. then he decided not to run for re-election. >> quite a ticket, huh? former president jimmy carter says he is about to begin treatment for cancer. cbs reporter hannah daniels tells us what's known so far about mr. carter's condition. reporter: former president jimmy carter will soon begin treatment at emory healthcare in atlanta to tackle an undisclosed form of cancer he says is now in other parts of his body. the diagnosis came after recent surgery to remove a small mass from his liver. the statement did not say whether carter's cancer began in the liver or spread there
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from another part of the body. the 90-year-old has a family history of pancreatic cancer. his three siblings and father died from it. >> obviously, we would be concerned about that family history. but each situation has to be taken on its own merits. >> reporter: president obama spoke with president carder on the phone last night -- carter on the phone last night wishing him a full speedy recovery. hannah daniels kpix 5. time now 4:39. gas prices in the bay area are dropping. the good news experts have for drivers feel,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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new this morning a fájf dangerous near miss in fresno. a drone flew into the path of an emergency helicopter. the chopper was transporting a patient from the mountains i]to hospital yesterday afternoon. that drone came within ñifive feet of the chopper. the pilot had to make a sharp turn to avoid it. >> i]definitely take down the helicopter. things as small as birds have taken down helicopters in the
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past. so depending where it strikes i] u#x.ñit could have tragic consequences. >> the çóhelicopter crew is planning on making drone preparations part of their training process now. an inmate who was involved in a bloody escape attempt in 1971 has been é@killed by a lp fellow prisoner. it happened yesterday of ?;71 yesterday w3hugo pinel. it triggered a e1riot in new folsom t(prison. he slashed the throats of fáthr guards. the convicted rapist was in solitary confinement for 45 years. two weeks ago he was mixed xdwi the general prison population. >> there's clear rniundeniable there have been significant threats against him mostly because of his reputation. >> that reputation included killing another prison guard a few months qbefore the san quentin breakout attempt. the attorneys say pinel had no record of violence for the last 30ers. gas prices are falling in the bay area.
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regular unleaded is selling below çó$3 a gallon at some stations. refineries are working at full capacity and switching to the less expensive winter blend. >> it's awesome because it helps a lot of people, especially in my business i'm a realtor so i drive around a lot. so it helps me. >> let's have winter blend all year then! said it could potentially fall to below $2.50 a gallon by the end of the year. >> does your car know? is it a connoisseur? you may need < that gas mon for rented. su almost 47% of their income on housing, nearly half. the penthouse unit in a çóbrand- kigoing cfor $6,500 a month. and +it's only a one bedroom, 981 square fáfeet t(with lpa pr deck. it does have housecleaning
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services. wahoo. security deposit alone will set you back $13,000 but here's a look inside a two-bedroom unit in that very same building. it's a bit bigger t(and fáoffer the same amenities minus the housecleaning ñiçófor a $6,000 month. the san francisco housing market xdis second a-;ymetro areas right behind t:r8 for the worst rental affordability. state regulators jfare abou to take some of the power out of your shower. the energy commission just approved new efficiency standards for showerheads restricting the flow çóto 1.8 gallons ñra minute. the current w3standard is 2.5. the new jflimits take effect in july 2018. a san francisco startup is already ahead of the curve on cutting water use during showers. mike sugerman shows us there appears to have -- th science. fá >> we are building çóçóa totall new shower system. >> reporter: he and others at his company are working in an industry that hasn't changed
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much $xsince the 19th century with 21st century science. >> it's used a lot in the jet engine industry to model combustion as well as in the auto industry to model things a showerhead that these engineers say uses only 30% of what a normal showerhead would. >> so kowe w3have a series of atomizing oknozzles so we can create a very soft sort of new experience of water that gets you wet right away. >> reporter: çóxdan 8-minute sh that t(would use 20 gallons t1oç instead, they çósay, uses six. millions of tiny droplets created increasing the surface area of the spray. >> the last litmus test for us whenever we build a new prototype is always sort of the big hair test. çó >> reporter: how was it? >> great, soft, smooth, a good sound to it. >> reporter: did your hair get as wet as it would in fáa regul shower? >> çóyes. >> reporter: tim cook doesn't have big hair but he is an
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early backer w3on kickstarter. the product went online this e1 week. mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> claudia our teleprompter and weather producer -- no, actually traffic producer. >> excuse me. >> does it get the shampoo out? is that the question? apparently it does. bring a producer on anytime. >> you'll blog about it. mostly cloudy skies. we have areas of dense fog along the coast and into the fá bay even producing some drizzle right now cloud cover and cloud cover at mineta international airport. our wind speeds are increasing out of the southwest at 11 in san xdramon and 16 in fairfield calm winds currently in jñnovat and in san rafael. here's what we need to know on this qthursday. we are starting off with deep marine layer along the seashore and into the bay. near seasonal for at least ñion( more day çóthen the warming tre kick starts tomorrow. you know, all week long, we have been talking about this beautifully well defined upper k level area of low çópressure.
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east. 4il-once this low does mo have high pressure building in that's when our temperatures will return to summer weather here in çóthe bay area. but meanwhile, approaching 90 sacramento, low 70s monterey bay. 83 greater çólake tahoe area. currently it is ñi43 degrees. our temperatures pretty similar to yesterday. 70 in san francisco and pacifica. mid-70s across the bay. 70s and 80s around the peninsula and all the way up to 88 degrees for the warmest location well inland except forr discovery bay. i'm giving [t"an outside number of 89 degrees. tomorrow 93 degrees in the i] nb warmest locations of our inland areas. then we're talking about triple digits koabout 101 degrees well inland towards the tri-valley. hottest locations will be çóeas of the ñrbay. and then we'll xdhold lpsteady monday through wednesday. that's an early look at okyour morning weather. here's liza. >> hi, robert
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good morning, everybody. chp is clearing up an accident in milpitas blocking all nblanes northbound 880 approaching 237. traffic very slow roaching the scene. and traffic is getting by just in that right-hand shoulder. elays. they hope to have this cleared up within the next few minutes or so. that's the only accident that the chp lpis reporting at this time. there is construction that's taking place eastbound 580 on the connector ramp to 980 in oakland. 3 so that ramp will be shut down until 5:00 this morning. so about for the next 10 ill see those detours posted. it's been a good morning so far delays t(for bart, ferry and other mass transit. if you plan to make the san mateo bridge commute drive times still okay 12 minutes make that westbound drive on 92 between hayward and the 101 interchange in san mateo. the t(okbay bridge drive it waso hectic commute yesterday no drama this morning everything fine westbound traffic oklooks d good leaving i]oakland heading into san francisz,5h0@6cj% that's a ñilook at your "kcbs
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traffic." you. attention hackers. tesla would like to xdtalk to you. the 9company wants to hire people to help it find flaws in its software. it also has a bug bounty that's cash for anyone who can find vulnerabilities in çótheir system. tesla wants to beef up security after the e1vehicle hacks. last week two hackers showed how they could turn off lpa tesr model s mvremotely. friends, family and fans gathered last qnight to remembe a hip-hop performer who okwas shot to death in oakland. more now from kpix jf5's mark kelly. ♪[ music ] qjf >> ever since a kid he's always been a star. >lreporter: to ñicelebrate his 38th birthday friends knew what he would have liked to do. >> he would have liked this. he would have loved it. >> reporter: producer tim house a big cconcert with fans and friends is the t(ñiperfect jd.ñ celebration of the jaka's life. >> the love that the bay area got for the jaka is amazing.
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>> reporter: h5r1 regency ballroom in san ok francisco 40 artists performing his songs into the night./s has a deep personal connection to him not just his music fábut also to the man. >> reporter: the jaka was his stage name. the man was dominic newton. his shooting death in east oakland in february left a ñiba area rap community speechless. especially his close friend and manager. ca somewhere else like ]/t3working a project or he will be back. t)á:udand hour fans were drawn to his rhymes. >> i want them to remember that and to keep that alive. >> reporter: rapping about the tough neighborhoods, the same rough and tumble streets that in the end killed him. çó >> you know, he was very melodic. he had a message behind what he talked about, you know, he was original. >> reporter: in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix 5. xy÷ñso far police have ,,,,,,,,,
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good morning qam time chec for 3we1ko2ou now, 3wit is 4:53 these are +ymthe numbers you ca anticipate. sunshine xdtoday at the coast approaching 70. 70s and 80s at the peninsula, 80s across the santa clara valley to the east of the ñibay 89 degrees. 88 throughout the xdtri-valley. 78 today in san rafael. stinson beach will clear but a robust sea breeze west 10 to 15 miles per hour and cloverdale ng to you, you will see a high of 88 degrees. and we're i]fáçówatching th accident in milpitas. northbound 880 at 237 the right
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lane is t(reopened. down so traffic is only getting by fáon the right lane and cent divider. delays now forthe northbound commute. i'll have more "kcbs traffic" xd coming up. today epa administrator gina mccarthy will visit a new mexico town a little downstream from the massive toxic mine spill. yesterday she was in colorado where millions of gallons of çó the river below. 7ve ñis7pa supervising clea crew accidentally unleashed 3 million gallons of waste water from an old mine. >> data from t(ñrthis point on be continuing to come +out and decisions. over time, about the uses in this river. >> the waste water was metals including arsenic cand lead. the fairmont hotel in san jose fáp,has some rather unusua guests. bees. the hotel has 4 hives on the roof. each colony is home to about
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from a three-mile radius. -qs!e executive chef says the bees produce honey that will be used at the hotel's jfrestauran and bakery. to make sure the bees survive year round the hotel will heat the roof during the winter. a former fremont teacher is now in custody after q14 @nyear on the run. back okin 2001, alameda county d.a.'s office charged frank montenegro xdfor sexual assaulting two boys. 9hto mexico. the feds çócaught him t(in l.a. yesterday. montenegro taught at two elementary school çóschools. investigators say a massive fire that tore through a san leandro business was arson. the fire destroyed the marina market at doolittle and marina 7 early monday. so far, no arrests have been made. well, the olympcc$ come to the united states in 2024, if they come they will be qheld here in california. inargr0@6cj% the u.s. olympic committee said yesterday it is moving forward with talks to make l.a.
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the host city. boston was originally selected to bid cbut 3wthey pulled out because of finances. the =-!olympic committee will m a final decision at the end of the month. the u.s. has not held a summer olympics since atlanta in 1996. a judge nbrilled nfl executives over the suspension of new england kopatriots quarterback tom br?ibj brady a san mateo native did the evidence that directly links him to the deflation of xd footballs during a play-off game but the judge ñralso questioned why brady destroyed his cell phone during the investigation. the judge wants the two sides to settle qbefore labor day. cameras t(were not allowed court. and her sinister image of tom brady has generated many comments on okthe internet. people are w3even creating spoo of it. >> not very flattering. >> his cheeks çóare a little
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sunken in. this xdone depicts one spoofing "the scream" and "et." doesn't look like him. courtroom sketch artist has since apologized. >> they had him up on mount rushmore, too, ióthink. moving along, it is 4:57. the road to the democratic hillary clinton. look out! the rival gome momentum. bernie sanders. >> protestors take to the streets and we'll hear fáboth streets ju;hrg oakland. áboth bp 64/40 sterilize sites. multiple foreign objects in the body. tweezers. (buzz!) (buzz!) if you're the guy from the operation game, you get operated on. it's what you do.
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(buzz!) if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do.
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good morning. it's thursday, august 13. i'm maria t(medina. >> hi, everyone. i'm lpfrank mallicoat. it is nearly 5:00. oakland police out in force
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late last night to keep a lid on protests after a deadly police xdshooting. people blocked a freeway in one direction downtowv/b 5 reporter anne makovec joins us in the newsroom with stests and what triggered it. t started the protest is still under investigation this t( there are two very different stories as to how that went ékppas chaotic. ermath was just this is what it looked like last jfçóñinight on 980 in oakl gridlock. the chp was nowhere to be seen for some time. it t(wasn't until about 20 minutes later>49pá we saw officers start to e1roll up and deal with this at about 10:20 p.m. once the chp got there, fáe1the logjam. we saw cars being to)to t(drive the wrong direction on a ramp back ñion the t(freeway. between 50 and 100 demonstrators were marching to the oakland police department r to protest a police shooting that happened yesterday afternoon. and along the way, they blocked


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