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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  August 18, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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course is the police code for homicide, investigators believe the man they shot dead last night was about to kill the woman who was in the car with him, s.w.a.t. officers following that man for some time, a warrant with his arrest in connection with a deadly homicide last week, the man raeltdz he was being followed, led them back to his home in kirkhaven court in san jose and then crashed his car, investigators say he jumped out of the car and took off running. >> the officer's chasing the suspect and the suspect reaches for the waist band area, the officer fires his weapon, shoots the suspect and he was pronounced dead at the scene. >> reporter: now, at last report, police did not find a gun, that was monday night around 7:00 p.m., the day before on supd sunday night, police have shot and killed another suspect, who police say was another suspect on lundy
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avenue, saying they have surveillance video of that incident on lundy avenue, showing three gunman terrorizing the victim before killing him, horrific, tracked down and shot dead by police, still on the loose, police have a warning for him, surrender now. live in east san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. . >> thanks so much for that update, kiet. the wildfire situation in the eastern western u.s. is getting so severe the military stepping in to help. >> kate joins us with more. >> -- cate joins us. >> 100 active large fires in 10 states, so far they've burned nearly 7 million acres, it's gotten so bad for the first time in nearly a decade, u.s. soldier soldiers on a different front line, the fire lines, 200 active duty military troops will be deployed to fight the fires all along the west coast, the jerusalem fire
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nearly contained but there are still 19 active fires burning across the state, one of them in central california, firefighters there still battling the rough fire in kings canyon, that one has burned more than 20,000 acres, that wildfire started because of a lightning strike, fire crews will be keeping an eye on the weather, specifically the wind. >> we have those real dry fuel so, we just get the simplest gust of wind, just carry those embers across the road and start another area. >> and in washington the scene ic lake town in the cascade mountains is surrounded by wildfires already torn through at least three dozen homes and forced about 3,000 people to evacuate, right now firefighters are hoping cooler temperatures this week will help them get an upper hand on the wildfires across the west, as i've seen firsthand, the weather not helping them. >> yeah, a lot of firefighters battling the flames, 13,000, how much is this costing us? >> it's costing a lot, maria, very good question, the u.s.
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service says it's spent half of its budget, it 50% fighting fire fires and just to give you an idea, 10 years ago 15% and the agency right now is projecting to spend 70% of the budget on fire fighting. >> and you spent a lot time up there too, didn't you? >> yes, certainly a lot of time, like i mentioned to you guys, the weather has sort of been the biggest hindrances in trying to fight the fire, they're hoping this turnaround in cooler weather will help them out. >> get out of the 100s, for sure, appreciate it. look at the baig bay bridge where there's a chill, ryan mentioned yesterday, temperature temperatures climbing down, not a butch but bunch but enough to make us happier, let's talk to brian. >> all of the above is correct. >> okay. i had ai a good source. >> very nice, clouds returning that's going to bring thing s
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down, cha what crime view is this? camera view is this? 61 concord, oakland, livermore 62 san francisco 59 degrees, off to a more mild start, temperatures cooler we'll send in the clouds, cool to the upper 80s inland today, and it will continue mild right through the weekend, there's no big changes between now and sunday, forecast highs today, 89 degrees in fairfield and 83 redwood city, 83 mountain view and 70 degrees in san francisco, 85 for san jose, so it looks as if things will continue to be fairly much on the cool side for the rest of the week, all of it is looking pretty good, at least it is in the weather department, as for traffic, here's lisa. >> okay, this problem in the novato area, just beyond the 101 interchange, a truck overturned scattering debris in the lanes, off tolt center
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divider, expect debris, once again pictures of the richmond san jose toll plaza, westbound traffic is fine, a little bit of traffic for the eastbound, and mr. hack mr. hackney, xu identify this bridge? the golden gate bridge, which opened in 1927. >> my goodness, just a wealth of information! the toll plaza moving well this this hour, no delays overall a good start to the tuesday commute. >> traffic with flair, very nice. 5:05 on your tuesday, police are are hoping new video could help solve a high profile murder, san francisco police just released this surveillance footage showing a black pick up making a turn in the bay view area, now this happened back in january, police believe the truck belongs to the suspects in a deadly shooting. 32-year-old mario soto was shot and killed as she stood in front of her home on ingalls
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street she wasn't the target and instead the bullets were for a man sitting in the suv nearby, he was shot but survived. new this morning the california senate approved a bill they hope will discourage frivolous ballot questions by rising filing costs, 200 to $2,000, the fee to file a ballot initiative proposal hasn't been increased since 1943, the bill advocating the killings of gay and lesbian people, now returning to the senate for review. senate leaders in el is he cerrito talk about raising the major to minimumwage to $15 an hour, following the move of other cities, $13 in 2028 2018 with annual adjustments in berkeley, and emeryville and now the el is cerrito council make a bill replicated throughout contra costa count.
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sun ny vale residents are saying no to some, east california avenue, residents say the area is right in the middle of a historic village and while they're not against giving she shelter to homeless in the area, they don't want it there. >> our neighborhood to deal with issues that we're not ready for, we have children, elderly people retire here and ourselves. >> santa clara county leaders also looking at dozens of other possible sites but insists this space is the best place for it a hearing for the shelter is expected to go before the sunnyvale city council and county board of supervisors on august 25. 5:07, used to teaching life saving lessons during dangerous fires and why some first responders say helmet cams can do more harm than good. plus, a wild ending to a
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traffic stop in seattle, why these officers are being called heroes. and traffic in the novato area beginning to slow down, we have this accident blocking two lanes of traffic now eastbound 37, all the details. clear sailing as far as weather goes, temperatures manage 90 degrees in the warmer spots so time for a cool change in the bay area, the forecast in the bay area, the forecast ,,,, a new sea chance to tryew look. something different. this summer, challenge your preconceptions and experience a cadillac for yourself. ♪
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the 2015 cadillac srx. lease this from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing.
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and viewers standing in treasure eye labd looking -- island looking towards the city, this is what you would see if you could look through a zoom lens for the ferry building, starting out with mostly cloudy skies along the bay area, way out in the east bay, all clear out for sunny skies and cooler weather the forecast coming up in a minute. >> thank you, brian. firefighters up in the state of washington battling several wildfires six in the cascades, at least three dozen homes in the area have been damaged or destroyed, about 3,000 people have been evacuated, the fires have scorched more than 155 square miles near the town of sh shelan. and more fire departments are using helmet cameras as a teaching tool. >> but as kris van cleave reports, this is causing concern concerns. >> reporter: you're seeing this house fire the way firefighters did, thanks to a
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helmet camera. [ indistinct yelling ] >> reporter: fire squad captain adam st. john and brandt russell call the device invaluable. >> i think it makes you a better firefighter >> reporter: this is video from a helmet just days before christmas. that's russell's call for help after he fell through the floor. >> i looked down and i saw this glow of orange and the fire below me and my initial thought was one, i'm in big trouble and two, i was convinced i was going to the burn center. >> reporter: with the house full of smoke you could see how hard it was to spot him. . but the christmas lights onerous he will's decorated helmet pierced the darkness, the voefd his rescue now a teaching tool. >> every time i watch it, i can think of the timeline, what i could've done differently to be able to help him find me even faster than he did. >> reporter: the cameras are becoming increasingly popular, more than 300,000 clips have
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been posted to youtube, but many fire departments have have concerned about privacy and liability. this helmet camera video from the response to the 2013 crash of asiana flight 214 showed a survivor was accidentally run over. the san francisco fire chief later recommended reminded staff all camera s are banned without prior approval, the union does not support the use of helmet camera cameras. >> we're videoing their personal belongings, their entry and exit points, all of those things puts the public at risk, we don't want to compromise that trust. >> reporter: a trust called upon to save lives, increasingly before the cameras unblinking eye, kris van cleave, cbs news. today a hearing in sacramento will look at a pressing issue, the risk versus benefits of using drones in emergency situations, joint over oversight hearing will hear from firefighters, law enforcement and other first
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responders, some lawmakers are concerned drones can pose a danger to those responders, especially pilots fighting fires or flying ambulance helicopters. dash cams sometimes catch the most interesting things, this one in particular caught the birth of a baby, seattle police officers wound up helping with the birth after a routine traffic stop, police pulled over the car after it was speeding and running red lights and once they saw what was happening inside the car, they radioed an ambulance but it didn't get there in time. [ indistinct yelling ] >> well, that's a good sign right there, the police department reports the family is doing very well and they sent long along a note thanking those police officers. >> got to be careful. >> can you imagine the mother, strangers in the middle of her car and -- i guess it doesn't matter. [ laughter ] >> i lisa laughing.
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>> we can't imagine. >> those that have given birth. [ laughter ] >> exactry! ly! the commute, the eastbound direction, just beyond the 101 chp reporting a sigalert, shut down for at least 30 minutes but fortunately since it's so early, traffic doing okay but two lane s shut down, eastbound 37, just beyond the 101, with that debris scattered across lanes for this commute sxht novato area, meantime if you plan on making the drive towards the richmond bridge, we see more traffic these last couple months approaching this span, this morning the toll plaza commute is okay, so far your bridge drive is moving at the speed limit across 580, heading towards 101 in san ra fael, heading towards the golden gate, moving fast, approaching a san francisco no delays there, as the bay bridge commute still off, early yet, so westbound traffic looking good, leaving oakland bound for san francisco, still a quick 19
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minute drive time between the bridge [ indiscernible ] at oakland, san mateo looks like this, westbound traffic across the span, lots of room in both directions, actually, highway 92, so both the san mateo bridge and the dunbar bridges are good options you need to make the drive out of the east bay heading toward the peninsula, mass transit still in good shape, bart, the altamont commuter express train, that's a look at your kcbs traffic, now to brian. >> starting out with mostly cloudy skies along bait area for the first time in a while, and that's a fact that it will be cooler for much of the bay, that's good news for a lot of us, it's been sweltering out in the east bay, still be warm but cooling down significantly, right now concord 61, livermore 62 you can see that layer low overcast over sfo right now in the background in the city we've got 59. here's what's happening, high pressure that just baked all the pollution in, we have the spare the air days and the temperature temperatures of
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107, easing up finally so that high pressure gets whisked back to the deserts southwest, low pressure replace s it and so cool air will be pouring in to the bay area today, the futurecast too, low clouds to the shoreline much of the day, skies will clear but with the influence of the sea breeze, we whisk out that smoke and haze and replace it with a marine haze, gray instead of the red one and tonight, low clouds move back in, levi stadium and here's the hldz, headlines, send in the clouds, upper 80s and mild through the weekend, city hits 70 down in the south bay, mostly in the mid 80s, except for morgan hill, 92 degrees, san jose though, 85, 83 for santa clara, union city, 82 hayward, 87 degrees, up in the east bay today, temperatures in the upper 80s, 89 degrees at walnut creek, pleasant hill and 84 degrees up in the north bay, 86 santa
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rosa, bodega bay and up ukiah beach 93 degrees, 96 lake port, standard forecast, status quo, the usual low clouds and sun in the afternoon, temperatures cool in the mid 80s by wednesday and we're going to keep them there all wait in to mr. mallicoat's vacation next week. >> oh! >> that's good news. >> yeah, there you go. >> you're not looking forward to that, are you? >> maybe a little! >> i bet you are! >> are you looking forward to it, you get to sit next to me! [ laughter ] >> thanks, brian. in san sacramento a new plan to keep the water flowing during the drought but one they hope they won't have to use, the first pictures floating barge that could be a life saver to the residents of folsom supplying drinking water when the lake gets too low and the water can't flow. >> and it will have temporary pumps s on the barge, those pumps will be able to access the water out of the reservoir
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instead of the end take. >> the bureau of reclamation says it will be open october 1, in the meantime conserving water to get through. google has a new tool to help people cannot vert -- convert to solar energy, commute the costs and savings of installing solar panels, all you need to do is enter your home address, the service is free, google shares the user information with vendor vendors just so you know, there's a link, check it out look under links and numbers. all right, 5:19, i don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, almost time for pumpkin spice lattes but starbucks says they've made some changes to the popular drink. >> oh! hmm. good morning, everybody, why am i laughing? because i'm doing sports not morning time! got all kinds of hits in this segment. just going to have to wait. just, just, just wait. giants and the cardinals from last night, don't move!
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good morning everybody, heads up for this accident now in the novato area, chp gives us a better location, east 37 at harbor this overturned truck blocking two lanes of traffic we do understand there's debris scattered across all lanes now, since it's the noncommute direction and it's so early in the morning, traffic seems to be doing okay, passing the accident scene but if you normally take highway 37, just give yourself some extra time, again this happened eastbound 37 at harbor and they expect to have lanes shut down for at least 30 minute minutes, i'll have more kcbs traffic for you still ahead. good morning, everybody! hey, we got baseball up top, critical series with the giants last night, starting last night in st. louis, had to get by the cardinals, pirates back to back but st. louis is where they needed to be and where they needed to get it going, first game in this ballpark since last season's nlcs, michael
5:24 am
walked until they got him, crawford looking good until this crawford dwot one and threw it away, instead of getting out of the inning, cardinals took the lead, 21 -1, tough one for crawford, pinch hitting in the 9th! needing another foot and a half. giants come up short in st. louis, file it 2-1. bob melvin said the magic words and he was in baltimore! the grill to stop the bleeding looked pretty good until he smashed in to steve's smash, winning the game and the sweep, 4-2, the a's went 4-7 and look what they got later on today, the los angeles dodgers, a chance to help the giants although i'm sure that's the
5:25 am
last thing on the a's mind. that is sports at this hour, don't worry, i'm coming back, later today. >> we're going to see you in an hour, verne, thank you -- vern, for your pod, play of the day, baseball, indians, soks, and a little bit sox and a little bit of this. >> left center he lays it out to make the catch. >> how about that, that's bets out there in center with a nifty dive at fenway, laying the left hand dmrof down and grabbing the ball but the sox are having a tough year, 8-2 your final but they did pick up the play of the day. it is 5:25, a big day for the pill being called the female viagra, when one expert thinks it could appear on store shelves tlus f plus new video captures a deadly mroegs
5:26 am
explosion in tield. thailand. san jose police have shot and killed yet another homicide suspect, the second one this week, a live report straight week, a live report straight ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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pwhat've we got? 5. bp 64/40 sterilize sites. multiple foreign objects in the body. tweezers. (buzz!) (buzz!) if you're the guy from the operation game, you get operated on. it's what you do. (buzz!) if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do.
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5:30 am
clouds won't finish that way, forecast coming up. and the chp has issued a sigalert for highway 37 in novato, i'll have details of kpix kcbs traffic. and i'm frank mallicoat,. . >> i'm maria medina, another shooting in san jose, happened in san jose last night and it wz wz was related to another scene, in the area, good evening, kiet. . >> reporter: good morning, happened here, the past half hour, all the officers cleared the neighborhood this is a complex case, pick it up with dispatch audio recording from the police chase last night. >> shots fired, suspect has a female occupant in the vehicle, per last information he's going to 187 her. i'm at 37 kirkhaven court, shots fired one suspect down. >> reporter: 187 the police code for homicide, investigator s believe the man they shot
5:31 am
dead last night was about to kill the woman who was in the car with him. s.w.a.t. officers had been following the man for some time, he had a warrant for his arrest in connection with the grisly homicide last week. now, police say the man realized he was being followed, led them on a chase back to his home on kirkhaven court where he crashed his car, investigators say he jumed out -- jumped out of the car and took off running, police say the man appeared to be reaching for his waist band, the officer opened fire and killed him. >> yeah, no gun located on the suspect, there we have not, my understanding is our investigators have not gone through the car that he was in, completely searched the area but no there was not. >> i was just in my bedroom, just, you know, relaxing watching tv and i heard two gunshots, coming from, coming from that direction and then when i came out, see what was going on, you know, see someone
5:32 am
laying on the floor. >> reporter: so that was last night around 7:00 p.m., the day before on sunday night police have shot and killed another suspect who police say was an accomplice in last week's homicide on lundy avenue, now police say they have surveillance video of that incident on lundy avenue, that shows three gunmen terrorizing the victim, they say it's horrific before they kill him, go hire a lawyer get friends and relatives to help you, they say to the next sect, do -- suspect, do what it takes to turn yourself in, kiet do, kpix 5. it was an early morning jolt felt by thousands. [ crashing ] >> the quake wake including these dogs who were clearly confused by this thing, a sleeping baby, take a look, leer lower left corner, as the
5:33 am
bedroom began to shake there, quake happened at 6:49 yesterday morning, the u.s. geological survey said it was centered in piedmont, no reports of any major injuries but a lot of us felt it, including us. >> eight after shocks, you asked but most of them were very small. >> it's not that big. yeah, so the main shock was the big shock. >> including the demonstration. >> thank you. it's not what it felt like! >> exactry! [ laughter ] ly. starting out with this, finish with mostly sunny skies but cooler temperatures as we look toward sfo and the number right now in the city, 59 degree degrees, san jose got 60 and santa rosa, 57 degrees, low pressure from the pacific northwest, that will keep the coast line cool, relatively mild, numbers in the upper 80s and by recent standards, that's mild. forecast today, 86 in santa rosa, 70 and san francisco,
5:34 am
livermore, that's good news in the weather department, not so good in traffic, liza. >> and we're looking at brief delays now getting through the end zone zent accident zone, countercommute, just before 101 approaching harbor as you head towards the black point area, there is this accident involving an overturned box truck, filling its load in to the all boats eastbound lane lanes, so now we've got debris across lanes and very heavy traffic again, cars passing by, single file off to the right hand shoulder, no estimated time when they'll clear this, when they do we'll be sure to let you know, guys. >> okay, lisa, thank you very liza thank you very much. never ending fire for firefighters on the west coast, so far burned nearly 7 million acres. >> now calling on the military, cate cauguiran with how they're going to help. >> it's definitely going to help and i was just there alongside some of the firefighters and throughout my
5:35 am
coverage if i thought i was tired all i needed to do was watch them because it's been a grueling summer, some of these firefighters have not been home in weeks because as soon as one fire is contained, another starts and it's been a bit of a revolving door so they really need the help. >> reporter: for the first time in nearly a decade, soldiers will suit up to fight fires, the situation across several states has gotten dire, scores of fire have become deadly, destroying hundreds of homes and forcing thousands to flee. >> they came quick, it came hot and heave sxwri then -- heave why and then the winds kicked up, unstop unstoppable. >> reporter: target from the air, hoping to slow the spread as people wait to find out if the fires left anything behind. >> they're saying that, if our house was [ indiscernible ] we'd be advised. >> reporter: to fight wild fire s says the united states is at the highest alert level, meaning the raging fires could exhaust all fire department resources for the first time the forest service, part of the department of agriculture
5:36 am
spending more than 50% of its budget fighting fires. and the weather isn't helping. >> the fire seasons are getting longer and the fires are getting bigger. >> reporter: this nasa picture shows the outbreak of pacific northwest fires from space, thick plumes of smoke drifting from hotspots, nearly 7 million acres so far this season. >> there wasn't a light on in this town, they blowed from the different fires that were burning the long ways away, it was like the end of the world. >> reporter: the scenic town, the cascade mountains in washington, surrounded by wildfires that have already torn through at least three dozen homes and forced about 3,000 people to evacuate. here in northern california, firefighters will get a little bit of a break on the jerusalem fire, that one is nearing full containment but as soon as those firefighters are cleared, remember there are still 19 other active fires in the state, reporting live in the studio, cate cauguiran, kpix 5. investigators in thailand have images of a man with a yellow shirt and a backpack who they are certain is behind a
5:37 am
deadly explosion, yesterday's blast at a shrine in congress bangkok killed 20 people and wounded hundreds of others a short time later another explosive device blew up in a ferry in bangkok, no one was hurt in today's blast. an internet entrepreneur says he and his family were the targets of racist graffiti in san francisco, surveillance video recorded saturday outside the home of justin cann, tin chan, khan, someone pulling out a marker and spraying it on the garage door. >> something i never would've expected in san francisco, i'm mostly angry about it. >> khan is of chinese descent, known for finding the online platform twitch which is used to broadcast video games and acquired by amazon last year. police in san jose will have to wait another week for the city's final approval on pension reform, yesterday the police union ratified both the
5:38 am
wage agreement and a tentative praim work to -- framework to replace measure b, all parties to read the agreement . and today, supervisors are expected to approve a new high security wing for the west county detention facility in richmond, the $89 million project has some opposition, including some richmond city leaders, they're spending so much on the jail, rather than health services or mental health treatments. business leaders in l.a. huddled up on a possible new stadium for the raiders and the chargers, chamber of commerce and l.a. sports council listened to a pitch from policy, hire ed d by the team toz s to persuade the nfl to let them move, rendering of 78 $7.8 billion stadium, could be ready to go by 2019 with no tax dollars at state care. and business here growth in the housing market having a positive ripple effect. >> here's jill wagner, cbs money, good morning.
5:39 am
>> reporter: good morning, improving housing markets, home depot a boost, says its sales up nearly 6% in the last quarter, yesterday the national association of home builders said optimism amongst builders at its highest level in nearly a decade, yesterday the dow finished 68 points higher, the nasdaq rose 43, petco has filed papers to go public, naming for a market value of about 4 $4 billion, this comes as american s have within spending -- opinion been spending more money on their dog dogs and cats even through lt latest recession, people love their pets. >> we love our pets and we love our fruit and a restaurant in new jersey trying out a rather unique pricing plan, tell us about that. >> reporter: yeah, this restaurant will let customers pay whatever they want, the new york times says there are no prices opt menu, the restaurant is called blue, when it's time for the check, the server asks how much the diners want to
5:40 am
pay, some have rortded -- reported by will not generous, writing thank you notes, but not some not so much. >> i thought the $4 rack of lamb was delicious! that is kind of weird, but good luck to them. >> a little pressure, right? it's like, judgment, if you give a lot, are you generous, you're not giving enough, i don't know. >> i don't think it's going to last long. jill wagner, on a tuesday, thank you. the fda could decide as soon as today whether to approve a pill being called "the female viagra" the world's first drug designed to boost a woman's sexual desire. >> it stimulates and increases hormones in the brain that help us with sexual desire. >> in june, an fda advisory panel recommended the drug be approved, failed to get fda approval twice since 2010. it is 5:40 now, coming up a
5:41 am
major milestone for the nation's military, two women earning a elite army ranger earning a elite army ranger status in six ,, a hamelted cheddarger, with crispy hash browns and an egg your way. now that's a burg... (explosion) (groans) you want that to go again sweetie? the thing burger. welcome to denny's.
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time for the uv index, we can't get going in the bay area without knowing ing that today it is going to be very high so protect against sun damage by sla they slathering on the sp 30 plus, we'll have the forecast coming up in 30 minutes. back to school for youngster youngsters in oakland next week but the oakland unified school district is still short on teachers, kpix 5 christin ayers who will have to fill the void? >> reporter: one week until the start of the school district, jamari, number 14, all play on the football field.
5:44 am
for his mother, shanay, this is no game, fighting to get jamari out of his oakland public school because of overcrowding. >> i actually went and sat in his classroom for a couple hour s one day and i feltd the teacher could not control the kids, way too many kids for one teacher. >> reporter: when school starts next week, things may get worse. with seven days left, there are still 60 teaching positions left to fill, and oakland unified says low income schools like the one where shanay's son goes will be impacted the most. >> our talent office is working around the clock to make sure our schools are fully staffed on the first day. >> reporter: but ousd spokesman troy flint says it's unlikely there will be hires by monday, some administrators qualified to teach will have to step away from their offices and in to classrooms until enough teachers have been hired. >> the ideal of course is to have the same teacher on the first day that you do on the last day and everyday in
5:45 am
between, that's not the reality for us necessarily and not the reality for the districts throughout the country. >> reporter: flint says there's a teacher pipeline problem statewide, due to the lasting effects of the recession and severe budget cuts. it's enough to make shanay think very seriously about moving jamari to an entirely drif different school district. >> we want our kids to be the best they can be to to be whatever they want to be, to be a doctor or nurse or fireman, whatever they want to do, lawyer and right now the education they're getting i don't think they'll be able to do that. >> reporter: in oakland, christin ayers, kpix 5. and the district will hold one last job fair, tomorrow in its central office downtown. it tushs out -- turns out there really could be no such thing as a free lunch, right now tech companies offer employees gourmet meals at no charge, the current tax code exempts free lunches but only if it benefits the employer, for employee, it's considered income and there's a push to tax them on it, tax attorneys say even if the irs revises the rules it would likely face challenges in court.
5:46 am
for the first time in the 60 year history of the army rangers, two women given the elite ranger tab, among 19 women two pook part took part in the first ever coed training session,. . >> carrying the rucksack, which is pretty heavy, running mission missions, learning how to do patrolling and different types of environment, none of that is aided by the fact that students averaged between two and four hours of sleep a night sxwroo those women whose napes not made public just yet started the grilling journey back in april with hundreds of other sold yefr yefrs. yefr iers. coffee giant starbucks changing the recipe of its popular pumpkin spice latte, when the beverage returns this fall, it will contain real pumpkin and no carmel coloring flt the company says the change is in response to customers' demands for more wholesome in ingredients. >> are you a fan? >> i am a fan. >> you are a fan! >> real pumpkin will be good.
5:47 am
>> yeah, i like it too. it just means fall's coming. >> yeah! >> it used to be the stores have halloween stuff. >> some christmas stuff is already up. >> christmas is not far away. talking about this, yeah, let's talk about today first, and we do have this sigalert in place, highway 37 fortunately it's not delaying traffic much, but do keep in mind if you plan on driving 37, approaching harbor, so this is as you leave 101 this overturned box truck blocking eastbound lanes, cars are passing the accident scene, single file and the right hand shoulder, lots of debris across lanes as well, and chp doesn't know when they're going to have this box truck cleared out so this is eastbound 37 approaching harbor in the novato area, but you see, our sensors are picking up very light traffic still, for both directions of highway 37, we'll it be continue to keep an eye on this one in the berkeley area, just before claremont an accident blocking the left hand lane, so those are a couple of
5:48 am
hotspots you need to watch out for this morning, head towards the highway, that westbound drive already slow, leaving ant antioch from about a street, stays heavy as you drive through the pittsburgh area but no delay delays as of yet for highway 4, moving down the willow pass in fact highway 4 is looking good through the concord area at this hour, the bay bridge commute it is slow from the 888 overcrossing, that's your traffic, here's brian. >> all righty, liza, cloudy skies, clearing inland and temperatures right now as we look live towards this tuesday morning, sfo, 71 degrees in concord, 69, santa rosa 57, cooler start to the day and a cooler finish too as high pressure that gave us all those record setting temperatures of saturday and sunday, finally begin to ease up, and low pressure replaces it so cooler air pours in to the bay area today, so fog and low clouds along the shoreline, futurecast shows that we have plenty of that all the way from -- actually from point rino all
5:49 am
the way to carmel and you can see that tomorrow, plenty of low clouds to start the day with, so this cooling trend for the area, san francisco today, 70 degrees and concord 87, san jose 75 -- 85 degrees and oakland 76, still plenty, 87 campbell, sunnyvale and 83 degrees over by the shoreline at the 30 cafe at the half moon bay airport, great place tore breakfast, 67 degree degrees, hayward, and union city, over in the east bay the numbers in the upper 80s, the creek, 80 brentwood and liver hero, still warm in the east bay, not as warm as we've seen it lately, north bay santa rosa, 86, for petaluma, bodega bay, the clear lake region going to be warm again, 96 lake port, 88 clover dale and 85 degrees windsor, extended forecast, that continues right in to the weekend and in to early next week, just the mid 80s inland
5:50 am
and the mid to low 70s around the bay, so finally a return to what we used to think of as normal, frank, maria? >> normalcy, we'll take it. 5:50, tracy morgan is going home to snl the former cast member who has been recuperating since a bad crash in june of last year will guest host snl in october, months ago since his first accident saying he's still healing but cannot wait to get back to comedy, miley cyrus will host for a third time to kick off the 44th season of saturday night ght live on october 3. and stevie wonder popping up in random places and giving free concerts, yesterday performing two songs at the washington dc armory mall and also an appearance in new york's central park on monday night for fans who missed his appearances his tours will stop in warkz, washington,
5:51 am
philadelphia and new york. >> but not california! a data breach braech far far worse than originally thought how the irs is help,,,,,
5:52 am
♪ to the dodge ball bruisers, to the team rally cruisers, to the touchdown dancers, and the long distance chancers, ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah be yourself. kohl's
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find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh!
5:54 am
good morning, everybody, we do still have a traffic advisory, a sigalert in place for highway 37 at harbor, now fortunately the chp telling us the traffic still moving well in both directions of highway 37 despite this accident which happened in the eastbound direction approaching harbor a truck overturned spilling its cargo across lanes of traffic at this point, eastbound 37 we do have traffic moving by single file in the right hand shoulder, chp doesn't know when they'll have lanes are reopen but again, traffic moving well in both directions, we do have a photographer on his way there, and hopefully we'll have some pictures for you momentarily in the meantime, expect to see this accident there again, east 37 at harbor, guys? >> okay, thanks, liza. california lawmakers are considering raising the gas tax for the very first time in 20 years, the state says it needs billions of dollars to repair crumbling roads and revenues are down in the increase for the number of hybrids and
5:55 am
electric cars since drivers are using less gas, that means the state is not collecting as much money. >> all these teslas are being sold, they don't pay gas tax, we need money to maintain the roads. >> the voters have confidence na that money will be going and not borrowed with the euphemism when the budget crunch comes. >> $.12 a gallon and electric cars would not be expect those would cover their share with higher rej gistration fees. the crash, the driver now under arrest for dui, officers say justin gardner was speeding when he side swiped another car, his camaro smashed in to the tree, burst in to flames, gardner was thrown from his car, his three passengers all in their 20s died at the scene, police say gardner could face some other charges. a warning for taxpayers this morning, the irs says a security breach is much worse than they thought and thieves
5:56 am
may use a tool on the irs website to steal the tax forms of more than 100 100,000 people well now that, they've revised that number to 220,000, the irs is sending letters to warn the victims and will offer free credit protection to those involved. 5:56 in the next half hour, the west coast is on fire and burned 7 million acres, cate kau cauguiran on the fight and why the military is getting involved. >> and i'm kiet do, live in san jose, where police have shot can killed yet another homicide suspect overnight, second is there an elk in your bed? with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. only at a sleep number store. right now, save up to $1000 on select mattress and adjustable base sets. know better sleep with sleep number. you're a parent. we're both busy people. so pick up my new hand prepared $20 family fill up meal. eight pieces of original recipe chicken, two large mashed potatoes and gravy, a large coleslaw,
5:57 am
and 4 biscuits. i'll get back to ya. (door squeaking) it's finger lickin' good.
5:58 am
5:59 am
live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> good morning everyone, thank you so much for joining us, tuesday august 18, i'm maria med medina.
6:00 am
>> i'm frank mallicoat. for the second time, police have shot and killed a suspect, kiet do at the scene. >> reporter: we're watching a complex homicide investigation unfold before our eyes with deadly results, we begin with a dispatch recording made last night. >> we have shots fired, the suspect has a female occupant in the vehicle, per last information, he's going to 187 her, i'm that at 37 kirkhaven court. >> reporter: 187 fng of course is the police code for homicide, believe the man they shot dead last night was about to kill the woman who was in the car with them, s.w.a.t. officers following the man for some time, had a warrant for his arrest in connection with the grisly homicide last week, the man realized he was being followed and led them back to his home on kirkhaven court and crashed


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