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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 19, 2015 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> guns drawn and disguises up, cops say these men were on a mission to kill. tonight, new video of the moments leading to a gruesome murder in an office building. >> betty yu has more information. betty? >> reporter: police haven't figured out a motive for this murder, but they say cops opened fire on these killers under very intense circumstances. tonight, a memorial was held here on the court where one of those men died. the final moments of christopher wren's life ended
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in horror. ambushed by three armed men in an office building on lundy avenue. even with his hands up he had no chance. seconds before he runs into his killers, video shows then creeping around the corner. >> the suspects were running after and intimidating the victim. >> reporter: two of the men in this video are dead. police shot and killed 29-year- old matthew castillo and 40- year-old richard hawkes. he was ready to kill someone yesterday, a woman he had in the car. they followed him until he crashed it and started running toward a house on kirkhaven court. >> the suspect fired at the officers. when he didn't come ply with their commands, he turned around and the officer fired again. >> reporter: tonight, richard's family leaned on each other for
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support in his memorial. >> he meant something to us and the way he died was brutal. it shouldn't have went down like that. he was unarmed. >> reporter: san jose police say they had reason to believe richard was armed with the same tech 9 style gun he used in the office killing. >> the man in the middle, is that your uncle? >> so they released this image of the video they said he is seen in the video killing somebody else. >> he didn't kill anybody. he didn't kill anybody. i know he didn't. he didn't kill anybody. >> you see in the photo, he has a gun. >> okay yeah. but that doesn't mean he killed somebody. he has a gun, so what? it doesn't mean he killed anybody. he is not a freaking dog. >> reporter: police are asking the third person to turn himself in. he is seen in the video wearing all black. he has a heavy build.
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he is about 5' 10" to six feet tall. police say richard was not armed at the time an officer opened fire here yesterday. live in san jose. betty yu, kpix5. >> a daring rescue out in the pacificment this is happening 900 miles off the coast. an elite rescue team is trying to save a man's life. andria borba will look at this group and the amazing things they can do. >> reporter: with a roar, the special forces left moffett field on their latest impossible rescue mission. they are a para rescue group jumps out of planes doing what others can't do. like rescues soldiers from taliban cross fire in afghanistan. and in 2014, they dropped out of the sky with 800-pound packs including an inflatable boat to rescue a sick infant off the broken down sailboat off the
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gulf of mexico. the green ridge, the u.s. ship is 900 miles off the california coast. bound for san francisco. >> our unit does not tiply get calls for every single rescue. we have the most severe situations. >> reporter: this time, it was the coast guard who made the call asking the para rescue group to tackle the cold pacific water with a goal. >> rescue the patient. >> reporter: the rescues are daring and dangerous. >> our combat mission is to save lives in contested areas. that is what we train for. every single day. and in fact, this rescue operation all the way real world scenario where we will be saving a person's life is considered overall training for our federal mission which is combat rescue. breaking news in washington state now. an explosion at a motel 6. half
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the building has been leveled. there was a smell of gas so police evacuated everyone from the building. then, 15 minutes later, it blew. firefighters responding to the gas leak were blown back. one couple had just left the hotel to grab a bite to eat. >> we went to dinner. having dinner and saw this black smoke and we wondered what that is. we came back, looks like part of the motel has blown up. >> a gas company employee suffered severe burns. no other injuries reported. the rip tide is no more. the rip tide bar in san francisco's outer sunset burned down. it was popular with surfers. the great highway market next door was also damaged. firefighters contained the flames in less than an hour and no one was hurt. tonight, traffic across the bay bridge is getting busy. we are not talking about cars. christin ayers tells us why more and more companies are packing up and leaving san
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francisco. >> reporter: patrick's team at the start-up 99 designs is still getting settled into their new oakland digs. they moved here in june. partially a financial decision. >> the fact is this is significantly cheaper than it is in the city. >> reporter: partly a space issue. they are growing and the old san francisco office was 6,000 square feet. >> we are currently at 14,000 square feet. we have an option to take the rest of the floor getting us to 26,000 square feet. >> reporter: the expansive space was the tipping point. >> there is a trend happening with design agencies moving from san francisco to oakland. >> reporter: daniel stein's oakland ad agency in this sweeping office in uptown oakland is one of them. >> there was more opportunity and more momentum on this side of the bridge. >> reporter: most of the moves are money driven. the california institute of regenerative medicine is moving
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to this office in oakland renting at lass the old rent of $1.5 million a year. in the past three years, businesses have leased more than 470,000 square feet of commercial space in oakland creating about 3300 new jobs. the biggest move? brown and tollen medical group which left san francisco to lease 58,000 square feet down down. stein says it has not been all rosy. some workers feared moving to oakland. >> they were afraid to leave the office. it is funny how when you are over here, all of that went away. >> reporter: in oakland, christin ayers, kpix5. >> you probably remember the story. a family of a woman used as a human shield during a wild bank robbery and a shoot-out is now suing the city of stockton and the stockton police department. this happened last summer. police fired more than 600
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shots when it was over, misty holtsing was dead. her family has filed a lawsuit claiming negligence, battery, and violation of civil rights. >> we believe the right thing for the city to do is to continue to accept responsibility and get this matter resolved. to not do so is wrong to paul, to ms. hubert. and is a disservice to the police officers involved. and the community. >> the city and the police department have not commented. the police chief has said the robbers posed a risk to the community. and had to be stopped. late today, the fda approved the little pink pill. a pill to help women get in the mood. cbs reporter weijia jiang has details. >> reporter: sheri mike is happily married with children but the 34-year-old says she has no desire to be sexually
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intimate with her husband. >> i have no libido and it has been like that since i was 17. >> reporter: she is eager to try a drug called flibanserin. the little pink pill originally tested as an antidepressant is meant to treat low libido in women. the food and drug administration just approved the medication. unlike viagra, this does not treat physical symptoms of sexual dysfunction. it affects the mind. critics say the benefits do not outweigh the potential side effects. >> it can cause sudden unconsciousness. it can cause nausea and sedation. and excessive sleepiness. >> reporter: sheri has tried sex counseling, hypnotherapy, and supplements but her sex drive is stagnant. >> it is like eating your favorite food and ... not having any taste buds. you can't taste it. and, you can eat it, but, it is
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not enjoyable. there is no satisfaction to it. >> reporter: people who think it is all in her head just don't understand. weijia jiang, cbs news, washington. hackers have released e- mail addresses of people who allegedly used the cheating website ashley madison. it cater to people interested in having affairs. hackers promised they would release information gained from the breach if the site was not shut down. well today, as they promised, they revealed customer names and credit card numbers. reports show as many as 15,000 customers were registered e-mail addresses. hillary clinton is pushing back after getting grilled again for using a private e- mail server during the time she was secretary of state. >> everybody is acting like this is the first time this ever happened. it happens all the time. >> clinton got into it today with a fox news reporter during
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a campaign event in vegas. >> did you hide the server? >> with a cloth or something? >> i don't know how it works digitally at all. i know you want to make a point. and i can just repeat what i can say. >> it is a simple question. >> in order to be as cooperative as possible, we have turned over the server. they can do whatever they want to with the server to figure out what is in and what is not there. >> clinton handed over her private e-mail server to the fbi last week. we heard a lot of speculation that donald trump might be passing political fad. passing political fad. take a look at the new poll numbers tonight. a new cnn poll of republican voters shows him with an 11- point lead over jeb bush. he won't go away. retired neurosurgeon ben carson is in third with 9%. and 44% of republican voters see donald trump as the best
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candidate to handle immigration. jeb bush is a distant second with 12%. american airlines is going to cuba. american announced it will begin flights between la and havana in december. the only nonstop flight from the west coast. technically, these are charter flights. for now, the u.s. doesn't a allow regular commercial flights to and from cuba. the old bay bridge could go out with a big bang. tonight, caltrans wants the okay to blow part of it up. plus ... >> coming up, the push of one east day city to allow more chickens in the backyard. >> and, these two women just broke one of the toughest gender barriers in the military. but tonight, they are ,,,,,,,,,,
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>> police in thailand say they are zeros in on the bangkok bomberment they say this man in the yellow shirt is responsible for the worst terror attack in the country's history. surveillance video shows him leaving a backpack under a bench at a crowded shrine yesterday and walking away. momentums later ... cell phone video shows the force of that blast, 20 people were killed. dozens more were wounded. meanwhile, another explosion sent people running today. police say an unidentified man threw a bomb at a pier. but it went off in the water. luckily, no one was hurt there. investigators are looking into
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the possibility that this may be a politically motivated bombing campaign. they also have not ruled out international terrorism. two women have broken one of the toughest gender barriers in the military for the first time, they have earned the title of elite army ranger. and as reporter david martin shows us, it was anything but easy. >> reporter: this is a little of what it took for captain chris greiss to become one of the first two women to make it through ranger school. lieutenant shaye haver is the other. mental and physical stress on little food and less sleep. ranger school is the make or break proving ground for the army's combat leaders and it breaks more than it makes. 19 women started the course, only gre the st and haver made it to the end. 390 men started and only 84 finished. the army said the women had to
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meet the same levels as the men and there was no sign of going easier on females. when they graduate friday, both men and women will receive the coveted ranger tab. but unlike the men, the women will still not be eligible to serve in elite ranger regiments or other ground combat units. that may not make any difference to haver who is already an apache pilot. gret is in a police unit. >> the military is expected to keep some combat roles male only. part of the old bay bridge could be going out with a bang. caltrans is asking for permits to blow up one of the old span's piers. environmental lists argue that could be bad for wildlife. caltrans has it has a controlled implosion plan that
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could minimize the impact. if the feds say it is okay, it could happen in november. another health scare at yosemite. state health officials have confirmed a second person got the plague. two plague infected squirrels were found. the campground will be closed until at least friday as crews treat the area with a flea killing insecticide. earlier this month, a child contracted the plague after visiting yosemite. that child has recovered. the talk at hayward city council tonight is about chickens. backyard chickens. mark kelly says the city may want to follow its neighbor's lead. >> reporter: forget the grocery store. at this san leandro home, fresh eggs get plucked straight from the backyard. that is for san leandro. but for backyard chickens to fly here in hayward, there is some concern. >> i am concerned about sanitation. when it comings to livestock. >> reporter: also a concern, the noise. chickens have a tendency to get
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a little talkative from time to time. >> they do make a mess, they do make noise and they have to be responsible for that. >> reporter: negatives aside, marian sanchez is all for allowing more backyard chickens in hayward like they do in san leandro, pleasant hill and a few other bay area cities. he just thinking the permit should be cheaper. now it's a whopping $500. >> is that too expensive? >> maybe half that much. $250. that's a lot. $500, yeah. >> reporter: the city agrees that if the rules change, hayward could be chicken friendly by the fall. >> trying to look at ways to simplify that process. fresh eggs are really great- tasting. i think people like to have fresh eggs and have that at their disposal. >> reporter: in hayward, mark kelly, kpix5. >> the planning commission took it up this week. well, a stockton woman went fishing in the delta and caught something she had never seen
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before. she says that she hooked not one, but two of these guys. these are pacus. it is related to the pihrana. hins the teeth. >> i thought this looks like a pirhana sort of. >> these fish are native to south america and illegal to own unless you have a special permit. pac us are not considered dangerous. officials think someone dumped the pacu into the delta. there have been plenty of shark sightings this summer. but none quite like this one. a great white jumping out of the water after a sea lion. that's right. this happened off cape cod. and the sea lion got away. >> i am rooting for that sea lion. i hope it made it. i have heard different versions. >> lucky there wasn't a pacu chasing it. >> that is all kinds of crazy.
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watch out for them. all right looking at the low fog cover returning tonight. wake up tomorrow morning, it will be prevalent. vallejo, 59. napa, 55. we are getting chilly in the north bay, but chilly has not been the operative word this month. it has been warm. five degrees warmer than average in san francisco. look at this, 18 days, that is significant. three degrees above average in san jose and livermore. i'm here to tell you why it is will cooler than average the next several days. high pressure is going to giveus the cooler weather. it teams up with this guy here. low pressure to the north and westment not rainfall for us. but increasing the on shore flow. this low pressure area offshore, all of those enhancing the flow from the ocean though the ocean water is running warmer than normal. it is still relatively cool.
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we get the sunshine. we don't get the heat. the heat wave is done for a while. ended today, done for a while. sunny skies by the afternoon for the next several afternoons. temperatures will be very close to average. concord, cooler. 83 degrees. san jose, a very comfortable 80 tomorrow. palo alto, you hit 78. fremont, 78. san mateo, 73. danville, 85 your high tomorrow. pittsburgh, 85. it about 68 degrees in san francisco. two degrees cooler than today. san rafael, 79. sonoma, 78. the hot of the, mendocino county. as we head toward the weekend, the comfortable weather continues an not much of a change into next week. cloudy mornings, sunny afternoons. really, really comfortable. >> looking good. >> really good. yeah. >> all right,. till to come, the plan to shuttle bay area passengers across the pacific aboard r2- d2. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> well, the force is growing stronger with one japanese airline. >> check out this boeing 787 painted as r2-d2 to make the castle run in four par sects. the beloved star wars character will be flying into san jose. they plan to add two more star wars themes planes to the fleet. why were the giants caring enough to watch local baseball from saint louis? well, here is why. well, here is why. happy, sweaty men in and then, he made the shot. and when jaws dropped ... he had something for that, too.
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the new spicy nacho chicken sandwich. with two tacos, halfsies, and a drink for 6 bucks. all in a munchie meal.
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baseball up top. the giants and tonight the as were playing relevant baseball. saint louis first. giants had to wait out the ceremonial first pitch. down three games of the dodgers. they had to get past the
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cardinals tonight. and ryan vogelsong was vogel- strong. brandon belt got plunked. madison bumgarner, common down. the giants win and have a chance to gain a game on la. mark mcguire bobble head night in oakland. they outlasted clayton kershaw and marcus semyon tied the game. 10th, billy butler, hero time. a walk-off. 33,067 saw a thriller. the giants trail la by two games in the west. you got to do it. 49er wide receiver jerome simpson has been suspended six games for violating the
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substance abuse policy. head coach jim tomsula spoke about the suspension with simpson standing right by him. >> the nfl suspension is, we accept it. it is right. it is absolutely correct. so sometimes, people have to hit rock bottom before they grow up. that is where the guy is. >> top this. top this. you didn't see it. we will show it again. [ laughter ] well, the western kentucky lawn snapper snapped the ball out and into a trash can. that, you know what? it ain't bragging if you can back it up. that is some trick snapping right there. >> hence the term long snapper. yeah. >> you know what? ken? we are at the beginning of it now. this whole division race now. everything is really tight. >> yeah. giants have the as to thank as giants have the as to thank as
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